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  • Title: Andy Irvine - Official Site
    Descriptive info: .. Andy s EPK.. (electronic press kit).. For promoters:.. downloadable media files.. for print and web use.. Contact Andy.. Abocurragh.. Get this album here!!.. THE album.. is available!.. MOZAIK.. latest album.. Changing Trains.. Read more about Mozaik.. Patrick Street.. On The Fly.. Now on.. Loftus Records.. Read more about the CD.. NEWS.. !.. New Album is out now!.. PARACHILNA.. Andy Irvine with Rens van der Zalm.. To be released on 13th Nov.. 2013.. Order from.. HERE.. The Romance of the Swag Diary.. Sweeney s Men.. w/Johnny Moynihan Terry Woods.. 15th Nov.. Town Hall Theatre, Galway.. 16th Nov.. The Set Theatre, Kilkenny.. 22nd Nov.. Vicar Street, Dublin.. 23rd Nov.. Triskel Arts Centre, Cork.. 29th Nov.. Dolan s,  ...   ABC South East NSW.. Andy Interviewed by Tim Holt.. Andy had a tour with Rens van der Zalm.. last March April in OZ NZ.. Here is a interview and their play.. at Candelo Hall, NSW.. 1st Apr 2011.. Site content is owned by Andy Irvine and is protected under international copyright law.. Photos of Andy Irvine are copyrighted to the photographers and are used with permission.. Photos may not be reproduced digitally or physically without authorization, except where promotional privilege is granted for media and presenters.. If you are uncertain whether this applies to you, contact us.. Social history photos gratefully gathered from the US Library of Congress American Memory Project.. Last update: 15 November, 2013..

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  • Title: About Andy Irvine
    Descriptive info: AndyIrvine.. com.. About Andy.. Calendar.. Recordings.. Booking.. Links.. ANDY IRVINE.. is one of the great Irish singers, his voice one of a handful of truly great ones that gets to the very soul of Ireland.. He has been hailed as a tradition in himself.. Musician, singer, songwriter, Andy has maintained his highly individual performing skills throughout his 45 year career.. From.. Sweeney's Men.. in the mid 60s, to the enormous success of.. Planxty.. in the 70s and then from.. to.. Andy Irvine Dónal Lunny's Mozaik.. , Andy has been a world music pioneer and an icon for traditional music and musicians.. As a soloist, Andy fills the role of the archetypal troubadour with a show and a travelling lifestyle that reflect his lifelong influence, Woody Guthrie.. To quote the Irish Times, Often copied, never equalled , his repertoire consists of Irish traditional songs, dexterous Balkan dances and a compelling cannon of his own self-penned songs.. Andy's History :.. Chapter 1: 21 Years A-growin.. Chapter 2: Dublin in the Early 1960s.. Chapter 3: Sweeney's Men.. Chapter 4: The Balkans to Planxty.. Chapter 5: End of Planxty, De Dannan, Paul Brady, Mick Hanly.. Chapter 6: Planxty Reforms.. Chapter 7: Planxty Postscript; Mosaic.. Chapter 8: Birth of Patrick Street, Solo Tours.. Chapter 9: East Wind, Australia to Present Day.. Andy's Instruments :.. My main instruments have been made for some years by.. Stefan Sobell.. in Northumberland in the North of England.. After playing bouzoukis, mandolas and mandolins made by him, about twenty five years ago, I decided I wanted a rounder, warmer sound for my bouzouki and we came to the conclusion that a bigger body was the answer.. Rather than have a very large tear drop shaped body, I opted for the guitar shape which is easier to hold.. A lot of people who do not know me think it's a guitar, unfortunately!.. Well, I suppose it could be called an eight string guitar! (Maybe if I called it that, I might get booked at Guitar Festivals.. ?).. Very little remains of the original Greek bouzouki but it has four courses of double strings - like the modern Greek bouzouki and was originally based on the Greek bouzouki, so we still call them bouzoukis (except when Greeks are present.. !).. I tune it GDAD.. I also play a mandola made for me by Stefan about thirty years ago (tuned DAEA).. It has recently undergone a re-building programme.. Namely, a new top.. Any instrument takes a while to recover from such interference, especially having a whole new sounding board.. It has made a pretty quick recovery though and is back at the head of the queue!.. While I was waiting for it's repair which took nearly a year, I played another Sobell mandola that I had traded  ...   who built it, spared no effort to make it a brilliant instrument.. It is so beautiful to look at, I hardly can believe my eyes when I take it out of it's case.. It sounds great too and I am practicing hard to get used to its slightly thinner neck.. I get my harmonicas specially built by.. Antony Dannecker.. of Lincolnshire, UK.. He uses Hohner parts and his own ingenuity and I am currently using his Dannecker Blues harp, though I have to ask him to put different cover plates on, so that it will fit into a harmonica holder.. I use a harmonica holder that I have had for over 50 years! God knows how I never lost it! It was given to me by Rambling Jack Elliot at the time I was learning how to play.. He also gave me the crucial information that Woody Guthrie used to play the harp upside down!!.. Apparently so did the southern blues players of that period.. There is no dis/advantage in this but I'm glad I learned to play it upside down like Woody! Jack played it the normal way.. I also have a few old favourites like the Suzuki Pro Master 350V harmonica in G.. I am currently using Highlander pick ups in my Sobell bouzouki and mandola.. The new Yairi has a Fishman Matrix.. I have no idea which is better.. -.. Andy writes in October 2012.. Andy's journal :.. June 2012 - The Woody 100 Concert.. June 2012 - Andy's 70th Birthday gig at Vicar St.. November 2011 - Andy Irvine Paul Brady.. November 2007.. April - May 2005 -.. December 2003 - Travel diary - Andy in Australia.. November 2003 - Travel diary of Andy and Rens' trip to South America.. March 2002 - Notes from a scrubby hotel: Mozaik in Australia.. From the archives :.. November 2009 Dónal Lunny's interview.. The Irish Times interview with Dónal Lunny about Mozaik tour.. June 2008 ZoukFest follow-up.. Interview with Roger Landes, director of ZoukFest.. Blog entries from Chris Smith, a ZoukFest participant.. January 2008 Classic Album Concert : Andy Irvine and Paul Brady.. Photos, review and set list from Celtic Connections.. February 2004 Planxty re-union concert at Vicar Street, Dublin.. Photos by Paul O'Grady and by Kate Akers.. Audio archives :.. Video segment.. (8 MB) -- Planxty performing Yarmouth Town from a late 1970s BBC broadcast (thanks to Anselm Gaynor!).. Audio.. (MP3 1.. 2MB) -- Andy performs Arthur McBride with bouzouki and harmonica -- pulled from a video of a PBS broadcast.. 6MB) -- Andy performs Nancy's Whiskey with hurdy gurdy and harmonica (same PBS broadcast).. Want to contact Andy directly? You can use this form to send a note straight to him.. www.. andyirvine.. com © 2000-2012.. Page last updated: 14 October 2012..

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  • Title: Andy Irvine: Calendar
    Descriptive info: J.. DECEMBER 2013.. Fri 6.. The Spirit Store.. , Dundalk.. George s Quay, Dundalk, Co.. Louth.. Booking info : 042 935 2697.. email:.. info@spiritstore.. ie.. Sat 7.. An Cultúrlann.. , Belfast.. - Concert for.. Workers Party Northern Ireland.. 216 Falls Road, Belfast BT12 6AH.. Booking info : +44 28 9096 4180.. Book Tickets Online.. DECEMBER 2013 - MARCH 2014.. SOLO TOUR in Australia New Zealand.. Dec 28 - Jan 1.. Woodford Folk Festival, Woodford, QLD.. Jan 3.. Petersham Bowling Club, 77 Brighton St.. , Petersham, NSW.. Jan 4.. Fairlight Folk Lounge, Fairlight, NSW.. Jan 5.. Clarendon Hotel, Katoomba, Blue Mountains, NSW.. Jan 9.. Cadgee House Concert.. Jan 10.. The Merry Muse at The Old Bowling Club, 54 McCaughey St.. , Turner, Canberra, ACT.. Jan 11.. Moruya House Concert.. Jan 12..  ...   NT.. Feb 8.. Katherine Arts Centre, Katherine, NT.. Feb 9.. House Concert, Darwin, NT.. Feb 20.. Spotted Mallard, Brunswick, VIC.. Feb 21.. House Concert, Melbourne, VIC.. Feb 24.. Bunker, Devonport, Auckland.. Feb 25.. Hamilton Gardens Festival, Hamilton.. Feb 26.. Folk House, Taranaki, New Plymouth.. Feb 27.. Wellington Folk Club at Meow, Wellington.. Feb 28.. House Concert, Hasting.. Mar 2.. Fairfield House, Nelson.. Mar 5.. Cardrona Hall, Cardrona.. Mar 9.. Dunedin Folk Club, Dunedin.. Details TBA.. JUNE 2014.. SOLO TOUR in USA.. Check details.. !!.. JULY 2014.. PATRICK STREET Tour in UK.. w/ Kevin Burke, John Carty and Arty McGlynn.. OCTOBER 2014.. MOZAIK Tour in IRELAND.. w/ Dónal Lunny, Bruce Molsky, Rens van der Zalm and Nikola Parov.. NOVEMBER 2014.. SOLO Tour in EUROPE.. com 2000-2013.. Page last updated: 15 November 2013..

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  • Title: Andy Irvine Select Discography
    Descriptive info: The pages below contain Andy's (almost) complete discography.. Some of these titles can be purchased through the web site!!.. Andy Irvine.. (solo and collaborative projects).. Through all the years of playing with various bands, Andy has maintained his individualism and singular passion for songs and music that stretch the boundaries of traditional music.. Whether it be blending Eastern and Western European traditional music together; carrying the immigrant and exile songs of the Irish diaspora back to Ireland and around the world; or being a persistent voice for social justice and a reminder of the joys and sorrows throughout our human experience, Andy has always stood apart.. Often called a tradition all his own, he defies classification and categorization other than as a musician strongly rooted in the traditional music of all people.. MOZAIK is Andy's baby, and it's blossomed into one precocious toddler in the past five years.. It's the multicultural equivalent of Planxty.. Bronx fiddler and banjo  ...   mandolin and guitar - and a quintessential Dutch attention to forensic detail in his melody lines.. On the front end of the folk revival movement in Ireland, Sweeney's Men helped shape a generation of music that was defining a new identity and pride for traditional music.. Sweeney's Men is considered a seminal band for it's unique presentation of traditional ballads, pub songs and tunes, juxtaposed with American folk songs of hard times and social justice.. After laying the foundation with Sweeney's Men, Planxty was the next natural progression.. Considered the great Irish-folk group of the 70's and early 80's, Planxty helped popularize Irish traditional music in Europe and America.. What can be said about Patrick Street except that they are some of the best of the best in Irish traditional music.. It started as a grand project to bring four masters together for a single tour, but that was over twenty years, many tours and ten albums ago..

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  • Title: Andy Irvine -- Booking Information
    Descriptive info: In Ireland:.. Solo, Mozaik and Sweeney's Men bookings:.. Madeleine Seiler.. The Headline Agency.. 39 Churchfields, Milltown, Dublin 14.. Tel: +353 1 260 2560 Fax: +353 1 261 1879.. Mobile: +353 87 247 5791.. e-mail:.. madeleine@theheadlineagency.. LAPD bookings:.. Fachtna Ó Ceallaigh.. Tel: +353 (87) 680 3101 e-mail:.. foc187@me.. In the UK:.. Solo bookings:.. Frank Bechhofer.. The Bechhofer Agency.. 51 Barnton Park View, Edinburgh EH4 6HH Scotland.. Tel: +44 131 339 4083 e-mail:.. agency@bechhofer.. demon.. co.. uk.. Mozaik and Patrick Street:..  ...   +49 5552 7201 email:.. gabi.. nendel@web.. de.. In Italy:.. Gigi Bresciani.. GEOMUSIC.. Tel: +39 35 732005 Mobile: +39 348 4466307.. info@geomusic.. it.. In Austria:.. Birgit Gabler.. Tel: +43 (1) 9254229 Mobile: +43 (0) 699 1264 3290.. birgit@bigathing.. In the United States:.. For solo bookings, interviews, promotional materials:.. Ruby Hoy.. rubyhoy.. com/.. Tel: +1 540 487 0382 e-mail:.. rubyhoy@hotmail.. Andy's press kit for promoters and media.. Downloadable media files for print and web promotional use.. Page last updated: 30 November 2012..

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  • Title: Andy Irvine: Web Links
    Descriptive info: just go surf around.. you'll find it.. out there.. Here are some places to start.. Videos of interest on YouTube:.. Ireland A.. M.. interview.. --.. Andy Irvine and Leagues O'Toole talk The Humours of Planxty, a book about the history of Planxty and their impact on traditional music.. No Disco.. -.. TV documentary about Planxty that was the catalyst for the 2004 reunion concerts.. (divided into 6 segments).. Part 1.. |.. Part 2.. Part 3.. Part 4.. Part 5.. Part 6.. YouTube playlists.. :.. (.. Note: these videos are great fun to watch, especially the old Planxty and AI/PB footage.. Linking to them is not an endorsement of the legality of posting them int he first place.. In particular, the segments of 2004 Planxty reunion concerts come directly from  ...   videos of those.. Planxty playlist.. -- Planxty videos, some from 70s 80s, and some from 2004.. Un-official Andy Irvine web sites and related stuff.. September 2002 article in Folkworld -- Andy Irvine at 60.. May 25, 1999 - Review: Andy Irvine at Whelan's, Dublin.. 1982 interview with Paul Magnusson.. Musical Things and People.. Woody Guthrie Foundation and Archives.. Christy Moore.. Kevin Burke.. Paul Brady.. Gerry O'Beirne.. Lillebjørn Nilsen.. Nikola Parov.. Bruce Molsky.. Rens van der Zalm.. Annbjørg Lien.. George Papavgeris.. John Doyle.. Lindsey Horner.. Kate Burke Ruth Hazleton.. Nancy Kerr James Fagan.. Round Mountain.. Claddagh Records.. Compass Records.. Han's Irish Bouzouki home page.. Cantaria song archive.. Trad Music.. deight records / breast Music Publishing.. Social History.. Voices from the Dustbowl (Library of Congress recordings).. Images from the Dustbowl (LOC photographs)..

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  • Title: Andy Irvine Select Discography
    Descriptive info: MP3 sound clips:.. Way Out Yonder.. Gladiators.. Moreton Bay.. They'll Never Believe It's True.. Rain on the Roof.. Prince Among Men.. Come With Me Over the Mountain.. Compendium.. , Patrick Street.. Stewball And The Monaghan.. Grey Mare.. William Taylor.. Videos on YouTube:.. QUOTES.. Andy Irvine's live solo performance was informative, witty, intense, full of a love for the music, which he transmitted to the audience with an honesty that only the truly committed can attain.. Auckland Festival-.. His forte, his genius is playing his mandolin, mandola and bouzouki.. I have never heard such clarity of sound, such perfect and precise rhythmic variations or such brilliant melodic figures from this family of instruments.. San Francisco Examiner-.. The concert was an unqualified success, Irvine delivering a wonderfully diverse set that included traditional and contemporary Irish songs, American songs and Bulgarian dance tunes.. Toronto Star-.. Irvine turned in a dazzling display of one-man-bandsmanship.. The Scotsman-.. Andy Irvine has been one of Ireland's most creative talents for over 20 years.. Boston Globe-.. Andy Irvine is Woody Guthrie's representative on earth.. Hot Press-.. For more information, see Andy's autobiography in the.. section of this web site.. Bio for Rens van der Zalm.. , who often accompanies Andy on tour.. Promotional bio.. Andy Irvine is one of the great Irish singers, his voice one of a handful of truly great ones that gets to the very soul of Ireland.. He has been hailed as a tradition in himself.. Musician, singer and songwriter, Andy has maintained his highly individual performing skills throughout his 45-year career.. As a soloist, Andy fills the role of the archetypal troubadour with a show and a travelling lifestyle that reflect his lifelong influence,.. Woody Guthrie.. To quote The Irish Times, Often copied, never equalled , his repertoire consists of Irish traditional songs, dexterous Balkan dances and a compelling canon of his own self-penned songs.. Andy Irvine first made his mark with the seminal band -.. in the mid 1960s but after two years he left and travelled 'way out yonder' by 'the sunburnt thumb' to Bulgaria, Romania and Yugoslavia, earning his living as a street musician and absorbing the musical traditions of the Balkans.. Returning to Ireland in 1970, Andy united with.. ,.. Dónal Lunny.. and.. Liam O'Flynn.. to form.. , fanning the flames of Irish traditional music well into the next and future generations.. broke up - for the first time - in late 1975 and Andy performed and recorded with.. , making the classic album.. Andy Irvine Paul Brady.. in 1976.. He also worked and recorded brieefly with.. De Dannan.. before re-uniting with.. in 1979 until it's second break up in 1983.. Andy's first solo album.. Rainy Sundays.. Windy Dreams.. followed  ...   for a one off tour of Australia.. Calling themselves.. Mozaik.. , reminiscent of the earlier cross-genre group, Andy was joined by.. , Dutch multi-instrumentalist.. , American Old Time fiddler and 5 string banjo player,.. and Hungarian multi-instrumentalist.. They have since released two albums,.. Live from the Powerhouse.. (2003) and.. Changing Trains.. (2007) and have toured Australia, Europe, USA and Japan with great musical success.. 2004 saw, after a break of 21 years, the return of the great group.. , The band played a small gig in Lisdoonvarna, largely to family and close friends - it was not advertised as.. - and then opened at Glór in Ennis to a fantastic reception.. went on to play 10 sold out nights in Vicar Street in Dublin and record a live CD and DVD.. The following year 2005, they played 6 sold out gigs at The Point Depot in Dublin, as well as shows in Galway, Belfast and The Barbican in London.. It was generally reckoned that the band was better than ever and those who experienced it will never forget it.. In January 2008, Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow featured a special reunion of.. at the Royal Concert Hall for their Classic Album Showcase concert, honouring the duo's album first released in 1976.. September 2009 saw andy collaborating with the fine guitarist and singer,.. for three highly successful concerts at the Irish arts Center in New York City.. They hope to play concerts in the future if touring schedules permit.. Ever the man for new pastures, in the last decade, Andy has played concerts in Moscow, Mexico City, Newfoundland, Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua as well as undertaking extensive tours of Japan, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Argentina and Chile.. Although an integral part of the finest Irish bands of our time, Andy Irvine continues along the path he set for himself so long ago - a vibrant career as a solo artist in the old style, a teller of tales and maker of music.. More quotes.. Woody would have been proud.. Denver Post-.. Andy Irvine's solo stage show is a musical travelogue through time and space.. His right hand dexterity on bouzouki was nothing short of amazing.. Frets Magazine-.. Andy is one of the most creative and talented people it has ever been my privilege to work with.. Great company, superb singer, genius of a musician, truly original songwriter and an inspiration to all of us - what more could anyone ask?.. -Dick Gaughan-.. Andy Irvine is Ireland’s Woody Guthrie, with a philosopher’s ear and a prophet’s passionate voice.. He is also a stunning singer and instrumentalist who weaves melody and texture, harmony and rhythm, into a rich tapestry of present and past.. -Si Kahn-..

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  • Title: Andy and Rens - tech specs, May 2003
    Descriptive info: PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS FOR DOWNLOADING.. (updated 21/08/10).. If you have any problem saving or using these files, contact to us:.. irvine@andyirvine.. CONDITIONS OF USE - PLEASE READ.. Promotional materials below are provided only for use by media and presenters for the specific purpose of promoting Andy Irvine s live performances.. Where indicated, please use photos with the photographer s credit.. View Andy s electronic press kit.. Technical specs.. -- Sound requirements for Andy solo, or Andy with Rens van der Zalm.. Online reviews, articles, interviews:.. Folkworld article:.. Andy Irvine at 60.. Interview with Fiona Ritche.. Article:.. Heart Afire, Chico News and Review.. Review:.. Mozaik live in New York.. Whelan s show (Dublin) 1999.. Review  ...   sites:.. Promotional Photos.. Download hi-res JPG.. (2.. 3MB).. Download Poster Adobe PDF file.. (1.. 5MB).. Photo by.. Brian Hartigan.. brian@bigirishgit.. Please credit this photo as Brian Hartigan.. Color JPG.. 4MB).. Black and Whiten JPG.. 3MB).. Andy Irvine and Rens van der Zalm.. (459KB).. photo Brian Hartigan.. 96MB).. Black White JPG.. 84MB).. photo Shigeru Suzuki.. Sound files for linking on web sites:.. You may link to these files right where they are (preferred) or copy them to your site if necessary.. Way Out Yonder (AK-2).. Gladiators:.. com/mp3/gladiators.. mp3.. Moreton Bay:.. com/mp3/moreton.. They ll Never Believe It s True:.. com/mp3/never-believe-x.. Rain on the Roof (AK-1).. Prince Among Men:.. com/mp3/prince-among-men-high-x.. Over the Mountain:.. com/mp3/over-mountain-high-x.. com 2000-2012..

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  • Title: Andy Irvine: Send Email
    Descriptive info: Send e-mail to Andy via this form.. Many apologies to all who have written to my website in the last few months and got no reply.. I have to say that emails I receive, of length, are inclined to go on the long finger as I just don t have time to answer all queries and requests.. Please, if you keep it as short as possible, you are more likely to get a response!.. Please also note that I - almost never - use support and if I do, it is because the promoter has  ...   spend money on the postage as some of them seem almost like SPAM.. If you want a signed photo, that can be done but only with a CD purchase!.. Requests for me to play sessions with individuals are unlikely to be fulfilled.. Don t tale it ill, I just don t have time.. Be sure to give your e-mail address accurately if you want a reply.. Andy will have no way to respond to you otherwise.. We will not use this information for any other purpose.. Name:.. Email address:.. Comments.. Page last updated: 29 November 2013..

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  • Title: Abocurragh album
    Descriptive info: Now you can get this new album online by Paypal or credit card.. Click Add to Cart.. However, we can accept personal cheques from Ireland, UK, USA, Canada, Australia and NZ.. We do not accept euro cheques except Rep.. of Ireland.. Contact us if you would like to send your cheque to us.. Contact us.. Price 17.. 00.. (including shipping costs).. AK-3.. 2010.. Album of the century!.. Well.. my first solo album since 1999.. Recorded in Dublin, Norway, Australia,.. Hungary and Brittany between February 2009 and April 2010.. Thanks to all my friends who helped me record it.. Especially Dónal Lunny who worked  ...   album of the century!!.. Produced by.. Musicians are :.. Dónal Lunny, Liam O'Flynn, Máirtín O'Connor, Annbjørg Lien, Lillebjørn Nilsen,.. Nikola Parov, Jacky Molard, Bruce Molsky, Rens van der Zalm, Rick Epping,.. Graham Henderson, Paul Moore, Liam Bradley, Kate Burke and Ruth Hazleton.. Track list: (click titles for 30-sec samples).. 1.. Three Huntsmen.. MP3.. 2.. Willy of Winsbury.. 3.. Emptyhanded.. 4.. The Close Shave / East at Glendart.. 5.. James Magee.. 6.. The Girl from Cushendun / The Love of my Life.. 7.. The Spirit of Mother Jones.. 8.. Victory at Lawrence.. 9.. The Demon Lover.. Encores:.. Banks of Newfoundland.. Oslo / Norwegian Mazurka..

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  • Title: Andy&Paul album
    Descriptive info: Now you can get this album online by Paypal or credit card.. Price €17.. (including shipping costs).. 1976.. There was a great sense of relief among the band members when Planxty broke up in November 1975.. We were tired out and had no inspiration left.. After a short period, the relief began to turn into a slight fear as to what we would do without Planxty!.. Paul Brady --- who had been in the band for about 16 months - and I had formed a very good working relationship and we decided to continue as a duo.. We started slowly.. On February 7th 1976 we played our first gig in The merriman Tavern in Scarriff, Co.. Clare where Planxty had been a huge sell out over the years.. We had a very small crowd and earned £80! However, things improved quite rapidly.. We rehearsed long and hard, usually in the house I was living in, in Donnybrook, Dublin.. After a pretty good gig in Liberty Hall, Dublin, we never looked back!.. Mulligan Records had started a few months before and approached us to make an LP at Rockfield Studios in Wales where The Bothy Band had recorded their first album.. Dónal Lunny was to produce it and he and I got stranded on Shirkin Island off  ...   together in the studio.. I recorded three different drones on the hurdy gurdy and we cross faded them on the mix to fit the chords.. It's very subtle and you may not hear it but I thought it gave it a great feeling.. The another memory I have is of Paul spending a morning trying to get Arthur McBride and the Sergeant recorded to his liking.. He recorded one nearly perfect take but when we listned back to it, we heard him sing.. Says Arthur we wouldn't be.. froud.. of your clothes.. ! Nowadays that could easily be corrected but not in those far off days and he had to do the whole song again!.. The album was released, quite near Christmas in 1976 as far as I remember.. It has been regarded as a classic ever since and Paul and myself played through our entire duo repertoire at a special concert in Glasgow Royal Concert Hall to commemorate this album in January 2008.. Andy wrote in September 2010.. Donal Lunny.. Special guest:.. Track list: (click titles for 30-sec sample).. Plains of Kildare.. Lough Erne Shore.. Fred Finn's Reel/Sailing into Walpole's Marsh.. Bonny Woodhall.. Arthur Mcbride.. The Jolly Soldier/Blarney Pilgrim.. Autumn Gold.. Mary and the Soldier.. Streets of Derry.. 10.. Martinmas Time/The Little Stack of Wheat..

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