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  • Title: Bacs Approved Software, Bacstel-IP and Direct Credit and Direct Debits - Fundtech FSC Ltd. :: bacsactiveip.com
    Descriptive info: .. Bacsactive IP.. Get the best from Bacs.. Products.. Overview.. Web Professional.. Business.. Enterprise.. Total Bacs.. Bacsactive-IP.. Flexible, user-friendly software that makes Bacs payment processing hassle-free.. Whether you are using Bacs for the first time, switching suppliers or planning on reselling your own Bacstel-IP solution, the Bacsactive-IP range has a service to suit your needs.. A cost-effective and easy to use product that can be set-up in minutes.. Use Bacsactive-IP to control and perform all you Bacs payments online via Internet Explorer with no need to run any servers, software, or provide connectivity to Bacs.. A feature-rich product for organisations wishing to manage their own Bacstel-IP application.. Run Bacsactive-IP on one workstation to sign and create submissions and retrieve reports back from Bacs.. Then access Bacsactive-IP from any number of workstations using Internet Explorer.. A powerful, flexible product for high volume processors who require enhanced automation and central control across multiple sites.. Connect to Bacs and maintain your payment data on one server whilst providing access to create, authorise and submit payments from any  ...   want to do.. ?.. Need a Quick Quote?.. If you already know what you want and just need a price, call us now on.. 0845 120 8050.. or click on the link below to chat to one of our sales team.. Direct Debits 1 Day Training Courses.. Learn more about Direct Debits 1 Day Training Courses.. Sage Direct Module.. Learn more about Sage Direct Module.. HMRC RTI.. We re Ready, Are You?.. HMRC are soon to be introducing a change to the way payroll payments are made via bacs.. Learn more about HMRC RTI.. We re Ready, Are You?.. Navigation.. Home.. modules.. E-Invoicing.. Online Expenses.. Professional Services.. Customers.. Resources.. News.. Task based navigation.. About Fundtech.. Contact Us.. Solution Quick Finder.. Direct Debits.. Complex workflow automation.. High volume signing.. Account validation.. Automated remittance.. Bacs Workshop.. Bacs Training.. Unattended submissions.. Faster Payments.. Sage 50 Accounts integration.. Outsource my Bacstel-IP payments.. Integrate Bacs with an application.. Disaster Recovery services.. Support contact numbers.. Sitemap.. Site information.. Fundtech FSC Ltd 2012.. Privacy Cookies.. |.. Contact.. | 0845 120 8050..

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  • Title: Direct Debit Manager Module :: bacsactiveip.com
    Descriptive info: Direct Debit Manager Module.. Manage your collections more efficiently to save time and eliminate errors.. Integrate with existing systems.. Direct Debit Manager is the most advanced Direct Debit management solution available today and the only fully automated solution in the Bacs market.. It enables you to manage all aspects of your Direct Debit process reducing the risk to business and releasing staff to focus on more productive activities.. The system provides a high level of control, visibility and reporting whilst automating most tasks and keeping administration expenses to a minimum.. Direct Debit Manager enables collection details to be submitted to Bacs and reports retrieved with minimal effort.. It incorporates the latest security standards of digital signature and smart card technology.. With Direct Debit Manager you can define Direct Debit plans, maintain accounts and transaction histories for accounts, create Direct Debit submissions and much, much more.. Key Features of Direct Debit Manager:.. Multiple Direct Debit Plans.. Define a range of Direct Debit options to match your customers requirements.. Place customers on multiple plans.. Change Direct Debit Plans.. Easily move customers between plans and easily update payment schedules with a single click.. Customer History.. Effortlessly deal with customer enquiries with immediate access to their transaction details and account history.. Automatic Notifications.. Generate letters, faxes and emails overnight.. Automatically notify customers of new instructions or of any changes to their Direct Debit set-up.. Account Validation.. Automatically validate account details collected at source.. Submission Creation.. The daily payment file is created automatically just authorise and send the file to Bacs.. Status Updates.. Quickly retrieve  ...   preparing payment data by validating bank account details quickly and simply.. Integrate Module.. Increase revenue and improve customer service by adding Bacstel-IP functionality to your application.. Direct Debit Web Collect.. Replace your slow, manual Direct Debit sign-up process with easy to use, company branded web screens.. All businesses can immediately benefit from making electronic payments in near real-time with Faster Payments.. Bureau Module.. Enjoy efficiency savings and improve customer service by choosing secure, flexible Bacs Bureau software you can trust.. Sage Direct.. Save time and eliminate errors by sending payment files to Bacs directly from Sage 50, 200 and Payroll.. Simply plug-in and connect to Bacs in minutes.. Remittance.. Automatically generate and deliver remittance notifications from any format to simplify processes.. HSM Module.. Reliable and secure, the HSM offers fully automated, unattended Bacs transactions for large organisations.. Bank Grade Module.. A scaleable, secure and reliable Bacs service that you and your banking customers can trust.. View All Modules.. request a call.. view a demo.. Case Study.. Scottish and Southern Energy.. Bacsactive-IP Enterprise with HSM, Workflow and Direct Debit Manager is used to process customer direct debits, payroll, supplier payments and company expenses throughout the Scottish and Southern Energy group.. The Fundtech web-based system was chosen because it was easy to customise, could be rolled out across all group companies and accessed securely by employees all over the UK.. Why Bacsactive-IP?.. DD Manager Datasheet.. Direct Debit Training Courses Banner.. Newsletter Signup.. Bacstell.. Subscribe to our e-zine for Bacs news updates.. Your details.. First Name.. Last Name.. Email.. More about bacstell.. Privacy..

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  • Title: Overview of Bacs, Bacstel-IP and Direct Credit and Direct Debit Solutions :: bacsactiveip.com
    Descriptive info: Used as a stand-alone Bacs service or integrated with your back-office system, Bacsactive-IP can be as simple or as comprehensive as you like.. Businesses of all sizes and industry sectors, such as Three Valleys PLC, Scottish Southern, and T-mobile are using our Bacs payment services to optimise Bacs direct debit and direct credit processes, minimise manual work, and reduce the cost of Bacs payment processing.. The Bacsactive-IP range has the flexibility to provide exactly the right level of functionality for your business needs.. Choose your product:.. Web Enterprise.. Connect a smart card reader to you PC and you are ready to process Bacstel-ip transactions.. Fully scalable and supports most modules automated remittance  ...   Module:.. Workflow Module:.. Bank Grade.. Bank Grade:.. An easy to use, feature rich product that offers seamless integration, multiuser access and unlimited transactions.. Faster Payments Module.. Faster Payments Module:.. Integrate Module - Increase revenue and improve customer service by adding Bacstel-IP functionality.. Integrate Module - Increase revenue and improve customer service by adding Bacstel-IP functionality:.. A sophisticated, modular product that offers seamless integration, complex automation and central control across multiple sites.. Web Collect Module.. Web Collect Module:.. Total Bacs Bureau.. No fuss, low cost Bacstel-IP payments that make life easier.. Use Total Bacs Bureau as your main payments service or as a Disaster Recovery to your in-house operations.. Getting Started Guide.. Case Studies..

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  • Title: Account Validation Module :: bacsactiveip.com
    Descriptive info: Reduce overheads by eliminating errors at source.. Account Validate ensures that the bank account details you capture are valid.. It can be easily embedded into any of your applications to allow users to check the validity of bank sort codes and account numbers before they are saved, thus avoiding subsequent problems when preparing payment data.. Up-to-date with no maintenance.. Account Validate meets all requirements of AUDDIS, paperless direct debit (PDD) and Web PDD users.. You can relax in the knowledge that Account Validate will contain the very latest updates and data.. There is no need to manually load new databases as updates are performed automatically and securely from the Fundtech central e-payments database.. Applications for manual or automatic processing.. Use as a stand-alone web-based service  ...   scan files and databases to ascertain the accuracy of data.. Key Features of Account Validate:.. Full validation of sort codes.. Full checking of account numbers.. Seamless integration with any application.. Readily integrated with Internet technologies.. Automatic handling of non-standard details.. Powerful Application Programming Interface.. File and Database scanning facilities.. Additional simple stand-alone GUI.. With.. Account Validate.. you can reduce administration costs and improve customer service.. Jersey Telecom.. Jersey Telecom provide cutting-edge telephone, broadband, mobile and network services.. Account Validate works alongside back-office payment systems to verify customer bank account details before direct debit instructions are set up.. Call centre advisors use the Account Validate web-based service to manually enter customer details such as sort codes and account numbers for validation.. Read the Case Study.. Validate Datasheet..

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  • Title: Bureau Module :: bacsactiveip.com
    Descriptive info: Our Bureau module is designed to support the demanding requirements of commercial and internal Bureau operations.. It provides extensions specifically tailored to reduce the administration overheads of bureau operators.. Bureau is fully accredited by Bacs and is a drop-in replacement for your existing systems.. It provides superior levels of support for managing Bureau operations within Bacstel-IP environments.. Bureau is suitable for Bacsactive-IP.. Enterprise products.. Main features of Bureau:.. Optimised for bureaus.. Supports all Bacs bureau models.. Multi-sponsor configuration.. Handles any number of files in any format.. Multiple  ...   distribution.. Report presentation and integration.. The fast and efficient.. Bureau.. module can reduce your administration costs and help minimise processing problems.. Bidwells Accounting Services.. Bidwells Accounting Services provide a comprehensive range of bookkeeping and accounting, payroll, taxation and rent collection services for small to medium-sized businesses.. Bacsactive-IP Business with Bureau Module is used to process and manage business payments for customers, including direct debits and direct credits.. They chose Bacsactive-IP Business specifically for the easy to use and flexible Bureau module.. Bureau Module Datasheet.. Direct debit manager banner..

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  • Title: Demo :: bacsactiveip.com
    Descriptive info: Demo.. Click the image above to view the demo.. For more information.. or we can.. give you a call.. Datasheets and Brochures.. Glossary of Direct Debit Terms..

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  • Title: Direct Debit Training :: bacsactiveip.com
    Descriptive info: Direct Debit Training Courses.. 'Excellence in Direct Debits'.. Bacs Accredited Training Courses for Finance Professionals.. The number Direct Debit transactions in the UK exceeded 3.. 2 billion in 2010 (Source:Bacs) and is continuing to grow.. Finance professionals across the country are increasingly being tasked with introducing Direct Debit payment schemes to speed up collections and improve cash flow.. Those involved in setting up Direct Debits will need sufficient knowledge of the scheme to make it successful.. When introduced correctly Direct Debits can reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase customer loyalty.. However, if introduced poorly, it can be expensive, time-consuming and you may even end up losing customers.. Our one day Bacs approved training courses are designed to provide finance professionals at all levels with the knowledge, tools and advice they need to confidently implement and manage a Direct Debit Scheme.. At the end of the day all course attendees will:.. Understand how Direct Debits work.. Know the rules and latest scheme requirements.. Understand the terminology and acronyms of the scheme.. Know the impact poor compliance can have on business.. Be able to build a confident Direct Debit team.. Know  ...   or who are considering it for the first time.. Managers, supervisors and staff who are experiencing high levels of unpaid items, indemnity claims cancellations of Direct Debit Instructions.. Course Dates.. We are currently taking booking for the onsite training.. Click here to book online.. For a course agenda please.. email us.. or call 0845 120 8050.. Excellence in Direct Debits.. If you would like the Centre of Excellence in Payments to come to a town near you.. or call 0845 120 8050 today.. Onsite Training.. If you wish to send more than 5 people on our course you may prefer to hold a training session at your place of work.. Prices for Onsite training courses start at 995 + VAT for 5 people.. Please.. or call 0845 120 8050 for more information.. Centre of Excellence in Payments (CEP).. The Centre of Excellence in Payments has been set up by Fundtech to promote innovation and thought-leadership in payments.. All course attendees automatically become CEP affiliates and join a community of like-minded individuals who share knowledge and ideas on all aspects of payments.. Direct Debit Training.. Customer Support.. Support FAQ.. Workshops/Consultancy..

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  • Title: Sage Direct Module :: bacsactiveip.com
    Descriptive info: The Bacs approved.. module has been designed to ensure that installation is simple and hassle free, without you having to change a thing.. Simply plug-in Sage Direct and start processing Bacstel-IP remittance and collection files.. Manage your Bacs transactions online in real-time using the Bacsactive-IP web screens.. Sage Direct is suitable for businesses of any size and enables access to our complete range of secure, flexible Bacstel -IP services.. Main features of Sage Direct:.. Upload, create, sign and send payment files to Bacs from Sage 50, 200 and Payroll.. Supports  ...   details.. Add, amend, delete bank details.. Bacs calendar and ISCD updates.. View transaction history and search archives.. Multiple user access.. The.. module gives you easy access to our complete range of Bacstel-IP payment services from Sage 50, 200 and Payroll.. G4S Cash Services.. We are very pleased with our decision to use Bacsactive-IP from Fundtech.. They listened to our needs and requirements and worked hard to deliver the right solution.. The system has performed exceptionally well, enabling G4S staff to process payments quickly and more efficiently.. Total bacs bureau DR banner..

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  • Title: HMRC RTI :: bacsactiveip.com
    Descriptive info: HMRC RTI Latest Information.. As you may be aware, Her Majesty s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) are soon to be introducing a change to the way payroll payments are made via Bacs.. Under the new legislation companies submitting payroll payments to Bacs will need to include additional information with each transaction; in the form of a unique identification code, which will be submitted to both Bacs and HMRC.. This allows Bacs and HMRC to identify and substantiate the transaction details.. These new requirements have been named RTI or Real Time Information by HMRC.. Migration started in April 2012 with an aim to have all companies migrated by the end of 2013.. Register your interest form.. HMRC and Bacs aim to have all companies submitting payroll payments via Bacs submitting the additional information under the new rules by the end of 2013.. Our Bacs software development teams are currently working on additional functionality to be made available to all customers.. This functionality will enable customers to continue to submit their payroll payments via Bacs while also including the additional information and complying with the new rules.. The functionality will be available all customers on our.. platform.. Migration Timetable.. Stage 1.. From 11th April 12 - there has been a Controlled Go live (CGL) of 10 employers.. Those employers and software providers participating have been informed.. This will be very closely monitored in order to assist the employer experience.. From May 12  ...   this period.. Stage 3.. November 12 to March 13 up to 250,000 employers will join RTI to test the capacity of both HMRC systems and the pilot commercial software using products tested in the earlier pilot stages.. We are not allowing any new products to join the pilot during this period.. We will also be asking developers to provide appropriate support mechanisms for their volunteer employers during this stage.. Please note that we will not be migrating employers in the months of January February 13 due to other key business events e.. g.. the annual coding review.. For the purpose of pilot stages 2 and 3, HMRC cannot accept submissions from employers operating multiple payrolls on a single Employer Reference unless they are able to submit a single EAS or first FPS that covers all employees in the Employer s PAYE Reference.. Stage 4.. April 13 We are currently finalising our approach and will provide further information as soon as possible.. For more information about how the new RTI information fits in with the government s plans for payroll processing please refer to the following link:.. White Paper on Universal Credit:.. http://www.. publications.. parliament.. uk/pa/cm201011/cmselect/cmworpen/writev/whitepap/uc37.. htm.. Also please visit the.. HMRC Website.. Register Your Interest Now.. If you want to know more about this subject and would like to keep informed of the latest developments, please fill in the following form or call us now on 0845 120 8050.. Name..

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  • Title: Approved Bacs software for Direct Credit, Direct Debits, Faster Payments, Account Validation :: bacsactiveip.com
    Descriptive info: {heading}.. From fully automated Direct Debit management to account validation our extensive range of Bacs modules has everything you need to get the most out of your Bacs payments process.. For example, we provide wide range of additional modules integrating into specific accounting packages, such as Sage, and modules are available for Bureaus, HSM operation and for accessing the Faster Payments Service.. Modules work alongside and complement the Bacsactive-IP Product range (..  ...   stand alone modules.. Learn more about the modules.. Mears Group.. Bacsactive-IP Enterprise with Workflow Module enables Mears to automatically collect payment data from multiple finance packages and create Bacs submission files a process that was previously done manually.. Authorised Mears users from any UK office can now access this payment data via Bacsactive-IP to view, seal, sign and send payment files to Bacs.. Payments include payroll, subcontractor payments and large key suppliers..

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  • Title: Accountis Electronic Invoicing Presentment and Payment (EIPP) :: bacsactiveip.com
    Descriptive info: Accountis EIPP.. Now is the time to replace slow and expensive manual processes with a faster, more efficient and environmentally friendly technology.. Fundtech's Accountis EIPP (Electronic Invoicing Presentment and Payment) makes the switch to e-invoicing a quick, hassle free process for everyone involved in the financial supply chain.. It is a sophisticated yet easy to use solution, with many unique features and benefits.. Accountis EIPP provides fully integrated.. Accounts Payable (AP).. Accounts Receivable (AR).. functionality.. The entire supply chain is supported from purchase requisition all the way through to payment.. Accountis EIPP provides complex workflow handling for all documents and a suite of integrated international payment solutions (Credit Cards, Direct Debit, SWIFT, CHAPS).. We specialise in delivering bespoke solutions for large organisations with complex processes and high transaction volumes.. Accountis EIPP can be deployed as a complete end-to-end solution or a modular approach can be taken to support phased project rollouts.. Fundtech genuinely provides the most flexible electronic invoicing solution on the market.. Please click on the  ...   into your financial systems.. An ideal service for automating complex billing processes that require additional workflow functionality and bespoke work.. Paper To Data.. Use Accountis Paper to Data to eliminate paper from day one.. We receive all your inbound paper invoices, scan them and then output the data directly into your ERP or finance system for electronic processing.. Paper to Data is a cost-effective stepping stone to full e-invoicing.. EIPP for Banks.. We are experienced in delivering white labelled EIPP solutions to banks and financial institutions.. With Fundtech you can combine e-invoicing with existing payment services to deepen customer relationships and maintain competitive advantage.. You find out more about our E-Invoicing services at our sister site.. www.. Online Expenses allows organisations of any size to make the transition from paper-based expenses, to online, saving valuable time and money both in the form of reduced staff costs and lower travel and entertainment spending.. Online Expenses is easy to use and can be implemented at an affordable price.. Visit Accountis..

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