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  • Title: Babelway | Integration as a Service | B2B Integration | E-Invoice
    Descriptive info: .. Contact Us.. Login.. Phone.. +32 10 39 0013.. Follow Us on:.. Solutions.. For Business.. For Integration Service Providers.. For Application Vendors.. Our Platform.. Uses of Our Platform.. Platform Features.. Industries Served.. Food and Beverage Distribution.. Automotive.. DIY and FMCG Distribution.. Logistics and Transportation.. Services.. Prices.. Prices in USD.. Prices in EUR.. Pricing FAQs.. Customers.. Partners.. Partner Charter.. Current Partners.. Apply Now.. About Us.. About Our Company.. Company Timeline.. Meet the Founders.. News.. Resources.. Take Control.. The world’s leading platform as a service for B2B integration: no software, yet full control.. Watch Intro.. Integrate Easily.. Easy and intuitive interfaces plus hundreds of ready-to-use connectors get you there - quickly and simply.. Impress Customers Suppliers.. Leverage Babelway's extensive capabilities to solve the integration problems unique to your industry.. Cut Costs.. Try our integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) and join the movement toward a more efficient supply chain.. Free Trial.. click here to start TODAY!.. Babelway automates B2B data and document exchange for.. p.. Business.. Want to integrate business processes with partners, customers and suppliers? Our integration platform-as-a-service enables you to build a more efficient supply chain and a tighter multi-enterprise ecosystem.. Learn More.. u.. Integration Service Providers.. Deliver greater customer value with the most  ...   switch away from our historic EDI provider.. I can say today that it probably was one of my best decisions.. IT Director, Chembo Bevil.. News Events.. The Babelway Integration platform is the natural partner of ERP applications that need to integrate into multi-company supply chains.. PMIGEST understood it back in 2008, at the time of the very first Babelway partner program.. June 10, 2013.. Like 'unwrapping' an incoming message from a ZIP, PDF or S/MIME envelope, adding a background image, an appendix, signing your outgoing PDF documents, converting them into PDF/A, changing end-of-line delimiters, and other special processing operations.. May 30, 2013.. Browse Our Catalogue.. Babelway maintains an extensive catalogue of ready-to-use connectors across all businesses, applications, processes and technologies, thereby reducing the time it takes to build a new channel.. Explore our templates and connectors for simple B2B integration.. Open catalogue.. Pricing FAQS.. Enter your email to receive exciting offers and updates from Babelway:.. Subscribe.. Disclaimer.. Security Policy.. Copyright © Babelway.. We've offset our carbon emission with.. With the help.. Babelway Newsletter - Additional Info.. * All fields are required.. Full Name.. Email Address.. Preferred Language.. English.. French.. Dutch.. German.. Danish.. Swedish.. Norwegian.. Italian.. Spanish.. Russian.. Arabic.. Chinese.. Portuguese.. Polish.. Greek.. Tcheq.. Finnish.. Japanese..

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  • Title: Babelway » Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. Babelway Belgium.. 6, Rue Louis de Geer.. 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve.. Belgium.. Google Maps Directions.. T : +32 (0)10 390 013.. F : +32 (0)10 390 001.. info@babelway.. com.. 0887.. 442.. 805.. Babelway USA.. 1901 South Bascom Avenue Suite 900.. Campbell, CA 95008 USA.. T : (408) 46-BABEL.. Contact Form.. Thank you for your interest in Babelway.. If you have  ...   I have to say how helpful Babelway support is.. It was amazing how quickly I was getting answers to my questions.. Sometimes even at all hours of day and night.. IT Department, Vandeputte.. Read more testimonials.. Want to Learn More?.. Click here.. to read about the many uses of our platform.. to explore Babelway’s platform and extensive catalogue of connectors..

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  • Title: Babelway » Business Solutions
    Descriptive info: Business Solutions.. B2B Integration Made Easy.. More and more organizations today are involved in ever tighter multi-enterprise ecosystems and supply chains.. As these companies move their applications to the cloud, however, they’re finding a common roadblock for success – seamless integration.. Babelway is an iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) platform that allows you to integrate disparate information sources, databases and software applications with ease, both within your enterprise and across your customers, vendors and business partners.. It also enables you to conveniently and centrally manage all of your integration interfaces from one web-based application.. With our simple integration platform, you can start enjoying all the benefits of application and B2B integration without the hassle of installing  ...   using industry-specific standards such as AS2, OFTP, FTP(s), SFTP, SOAP, REST, HTTP(s), SMTP, X400, ISDN.. We support message transformations in EDI standards such as EDIFACT, X12, VDA and Tradacom, XML, CSV, HTML, PDF and any other custom flat-file formats.. Finally, we provide only the highest quality support including contextual documentation, a community users forum, and a responsive and knowledgeable helpdesk.. We have also developed partnerships with software vendors and IT integrators to assist you when necessary.. We designed and built Babelway with constant availability and reliability in mind, giving you full control over your integration needs with our cost-effective and easy-to-use web-based platform.. Want to learn more?.. to see how Babelway’s solution is tailored to your industry..

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  • Title: Babelway » Integration Service Providers
    Descriptive info: Integration Service Providers.. Increase customer satisfaction by Offering a Superior B2B Integration Platform.. For integration service providers (ISPs), we help eliminate the most time-consuming and repetitive part of almost any client implementation – integration with other systems.. By using our iPaaS platform, you can create immediate competitive advantages for your business by being able to offer your customers quicker integration deployment.. This will allow you to focus on delivering true business value and deepening your customer relationships.. With Babelway, you can generate revenues  ...   designed Babelway with you and your customers in mind.. With our easy-to-use platform, you can service your customers more while providing faster implementation times and added value to your customers.. See other Integration Providers who have partnered with Babelway, supporting their customers through our platform:.. I recommended Babelway to one of my clients because it is a iPaaS cloud-based solution and offers the best cost and functionality value compared to other solutions on the market.. Partner Manager, Delaware Consulting.. Want to learn More?..

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  • Title: Babelway » Application Vendor Solutions
    Descriptive info: Application Vendor Solutions.. Create Your Custom Connectors on Our Powerful Integration Platform.. Babelway provides a perfect platform for developers to build packaged integration connectors, enabling you to offer highly customized and more effective integration solutions for your applications.. In addition to being simple and fast to implement, Babelway will also help you deliver the scalability, flexibility, and reliability that your enterprise clients demand.. Babelway offers a wide range of plug-and-play connectors to numerous applications.. We designed and built Babelway with constant availability and reliability in mind,  ...   would benefit from improved connectivity, we are happy to partner with you and build specific plug-and-play connectors, making them available to all users through our catalogue.. See a few of the many applications currently supported by Babelway:.. “.. “Taulia’s integration with Babelway has enabled us to add to the many electronic invoice formats we already support.. The integration between our systems has been fast and painless due to Babelway’s excellent support and to the ease of connecting to their cloud-based architecture.. ”.. VP of Partner Integrations, Taulia..

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  • Title: Babelway » Our Platform
    Descriptive info: Our Platform.. Babelway is a B2B integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) which allows you to automate the transfer of documents between 2 endpoints.. Using our platform, you’ll have greater control over the deployment, maintenance and monitoring of B2B exchanges.. Babelway Uses.. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).. Babelway helps you establish EDI connectivity with each of your partners whatever they require among the multiple Internet and non-Internet-based communication protocols.. E-invoicing.. With Babelway, you can quickly and easily automate your invoicing process, saving time, money, and duplicate or manual effort.. Exchange of Microsoft Excel or Custom Text Files.. Babelway helps automate recurrent B2B transactions by transforming any format and deploying  ...   Compatibility.. Babelway supports any communication protocol and any message format to ensure customized solutions for your integration needs.. Governance.. Babelway includes the necessary management and collaboration features to enable you and your company to monitor and administer your data flows.. Scalability and Cost-Effectiveness.. Our pricing structure and open architecture allows for quick and cost-effective scalability, so Babelway can grow with your company and your needs.. Security and Reliability.. To protect your business, Babelway maintains the highest quality and strictest security management processes as recommended by ISO27001.. Availability and Support.. Babelway offers complete support for your company, and we have provided over 99.. 99% service available over the last year..

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  • Title: Babelway » Uses of Our Platform
    Descriptive info: Uses of Our Platform.. Babelway is a cloud-based platform used to automate the transfer of documents and translate disparate data structures and communication protocols between 2 endpoints, improving business processes in multiple areas:.. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is automated exchange of recurrent documents such as purchase orders, invoices, and delivery notes, structured according to a standard format between 2 business partners in an integrated supply chain.. Babelway is a unique platform that enables any company involved in an EDI exchange to transform documents from their native data structure of its IT environment into an EDI standard, and vice versa.. Supported EDI Standards include EDIFACT (mainly used in continental Europe), X12 (mainly used in North America), Tradacom (mainly used in the UK), Odette, VDA (mainly used in automotive) , HL7 (mainly used in healthcare).. Babelway also enables you to establish EDI connectivity with each of your partners whatever they require among the multiple Internet and non-Internet-based communication protocols.. Like any other B2B processes, electronic invoices can be automatically integrated into buyer or seller systems, regardless of the communication protocols or file formats your vendors, partners, suppliers, or distributors use.. Whether you are sending or receiving invoices, you’ll be leveraging a solution that not only suits  ...   that are vital to the daily workflow of your company.. Often, these exchanges lead to heavy rework by the receiving party to acknowledge receipt, validate the content, manually reformat the structure and then upload the data into another application for further processing.. Babelway helps automate these recurrent B2B transactions by instantly manipulating any format and deploying any communication protocol during the transmission process.. In fact, because Babelway is so efficient at reducing integration complexities, we’ve often witnessed some of our clients using it for internal file exchanges.. Babelway encrypts, signs and saves in multiple places each document to guarantee 100% recovery.. Through the chaining of all messages and the timestamping of the chain by an external timestamping authority, Babelway also offers a guarantee of authenticity and integrity that can be used in a court of law in case of litigation about the validity of a message.. This technology has been audited and accredited as compliant with the EU regulations regarding the archiving of electronic invoices.. The very attractive business model of Babelway – 60% less expensive than a competitive service – plus the innovative and natural way of implementing EDI in our organization have immediately convinced me to partner with these guys.. Managing Director, D’Arta..

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  • Title: Babelway » Platform Features
    Descriptive info: Platform Features.. Babelway integrates different information sources, processes and software applications, enabling you to centrally manage all of your integration interfaces from one web-based application.. Data flows are quick and easy to deploy and the platform is simple to use, with intuitive drag and drop mapping interfaces and pre-built connectors, communication protocols, message formats and templates contained in our online catalogue.. Read more about specific protocols and formats.. Babelway comes with the management and collaboration features to enable you to allocate the the tasks, whether creating or monitoring data flows, to the right person.. In many organizations, it has led to faster deployment and intervention lead times as well to increased satisfaction in operations staff.. We deliver a cost-effective, subscription-based platform so you can have full control of your integration processes with minimal expense, and no software.. Our pricing structure and open architecture also allow for quick and cost-effective scalability, so Babelway can grow with your company and your needs.. Our platform is hosted in two  ...   and helpdesk support to ensure that you can optimize our iPaaS solution for your needs.. Our customers also have access to our IT integrator and software vendor partners who are on hand to provide additional support when required.. Visit our.. Support Policy.. or the.. BabelAcademy.. for more information on our support and regular training sessions.. You can also browse the.. Babelway Help Guide.. , which documents how to best use our platform.. Babelway:.. Supports multiple communication protocols, e-commerce platforms, and file formats.. Comprehensive security and administration functionalities.. Scalable, reliable infrastructure.. Catalogue of templates, company communication gateways and message definitions.. World class support.. Drag and drop mapping interfaces.. Message tracking and validation.. Electronic signature.. Look-up tables.. Test environment.. Routing.. Email notifications.. Issue management.. Access and privilege management.. Capacity and performance management.. Storage management.. I really like the idea of a single solution for both communication and mapping.. For us, Babelway replaced three pieces of software.. Load-balancing as provided by Babelway clearly adds value.. IT and EDI Managers, Lactalis..

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  • Title: Babelway » Industries Served
    Descriptive info: Industries Served.. Because we have B2B integration experience across a wide array of industries, we offer not only deep domain knowledge, but also an extensive catalog of industry-specific connectors for your convenience.. Food Beverage Distribution.. Babelway supports the connectivity and format standards used by large and small retail distribution chains around the world.. As customer demands increase for ever tighter integration, our platform will quickly become your competitive advantage and the differentiator that impresses your business partners with its flexibility and speed.. The demands for security along the complex automotive supply chain require a robust and comprehensive integration platform.. At the same time, cost pressures and globalization require automotive companies to respond quickly.. Babelway meets needs of even the most demanding companies and provides them with the next level of agility in a fast-moving world.. As competition across DIY and FMCG retail chains increases, they introduce and extend more efficient supply chains as a response.. As a supplier to the retail distribution chain, you need to build flexible and cost-effective electronic business  ...   your agenda, for some time, but remains uncompleted because of the complexity and structural costs it creates.. Rest assured, our platform is already used by many companies just like yours who found Babelway to be the ideal solution to streamlining processes in the most cost-effective and efficient way.. You know there is ample room for improvement in your B2B processes, whether it’s for the exchange of invoices or other recurrent documents that create useless manual and error-handling activities.. But you’re not IT experts after all it’s not your core business – so it’s difficult to assess the ROI of a traditional solution.. Babelway has been deployed by many service companies to automate the exchange of outgoing or incoming invoices and to integrate the transmission of result reports, service orders, customer forms, daily statistics, and more with immediate tangible results to the bottom line.. We’ve now almost forgotten that before, any new partner to interface with meant buying services from an EDI supplier.. That’s behind us now, it’s a given.. IT Systems Director, Delfood..

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  • Title: Babelway » Food and Beverage Distribution
    Descriptive info: Food and Beverage Distribution.. Since the Food and Beverage distribution industry was an early adopter of B2B integration, you’re no doubt used to leveraging its benefits as a way to streamline and control your day-to-day manufacturing and logistics processes.. The challenge for you today however, is keeping pace with the requests: Requests to extend integration to new processes; to upgrade to new Internet-based standards; or to comply with new regulations for traceability or food safety.. With our flexible and open architecture and industry-specific, out-of-the-box-ready connectors, Babelway paves the way to seamless B2B integration for trading partners, suppliers, and retailers of all sizes.. We make it easier for organizations like yours to manage the complexities of the Food and Beverage supply chain with full traceability and control.. Babelway was designed specifically to simplify operations and on-boarding while maintaining complete transparency in the value chain.. Integrate end-to-end via Babelway and you’ll be better able to:.. Better meet quality, safety and compliance requirements.. Reduce operating expenses.. Improve production planning.. More closely manage inventory.. Enhance customer service levels.. Babelway supports all the connectivity and EDI standards used in food and beverage distribution and provides industry-specific connectors for many retailers and suppliers, simplifying the vendor and partner on-boarding process..  ...   conserve.. Continental.. Cookie Creation.. Coop Atlantique.. Cora.. Corman.. D7V.. Debaenst.. Delhaize.. DeliFrance.. Delpeyrat.. Dew Valley.. Distribution gastronome.. Ditta Graceffa.. Divine Cuisine.. Duni.. East Balt.. Ebrex.. Ecolab.. Edeka.. Elivia.. Entremont.. Erteco.. Espuna.. Farmor.. Ferrero.. Food Impact.. Fresh Meals.. Freshconcept.. Friesland Campina.. Friesland Foods.. Fruité.. Fruity Line.. Gedesco.. Gelmer.. Grupossos.. Guyenne Gascogne.. Harry s Restauration.. Heinz.. Huygebaert.. Iceland food.. Inex.. Intermarché.. IPI.. ISFI.. Jemaco.. Jonhson Diversy.. Juicy Line.. JuicyGroup.. Kay.. Kepac.. Keroler.. Kerry Foods.. Kraft.. La case aux épices.. La Toque Angevine.. Lactalis.. LambWeston.. Lantmannen.. Legumex.. Les Crudettes.. Lessieur.. Lidl.. Linpac.. Lodewijckx.. Lotus.. Lovenfosse.. Lutosa.. Maiski.. Maitre Prunille.. Makro Be.. Makro CZ.. Makro Fr.. Makro IT.. Makro PL.. Manissez.. Marmo.. Match.. Materne.. Mc Cormick.. McCain.. Meica.. Mifroma.. Milioni.. Monin.. Moy Park.. Negroni.. Nestlé.. P G.. PAB.. Prodisfrais.. Quick.. Remia.. SantaMaria.. Savoie Yaourt.. Schisler.. Schuitema.. Select Product.. smuckers.. Sobreval.. Socodis.. Socopa.. Sodexo.. Sodiaal.. Sodial.. Soleco.. Spadel.. Teisseire.. Ter Beke.. Texaco.. Total.. Unilever.. Valia.. Valio Vache Bleue.. Vandermaesen.. Vandermoortele.. Verstegen.. Veviba.. Viangro.. Vleminckx.. Vondelmolen.. Yoplait.. Ysco.. We exchange messages with around a hundred partners.. As well as purely EANCOM EDI messages, we now plan to maintain Babelway as a platform for communication with partners of all shapes and sizes, including local grocers who just want the simplest solution..

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  • Title: Babelway » Automotive
    Descriptive info: Automotive.. The automotive industry was a pioneer in B2B integration as companies strived for just-in-time supply chains and improved product quality.. The key challenge for the automotive electronic supply chain has always been and remains to be how to collaborate securely while being flexible and cost-effective?.. Over time and as new technologies emerged, the industry started introducing innovative communication protocols, more powerful networks, and varying message standards.. As a result, companies today are finding they must support multiple integration methods within their partner communities.. Fortunately, the Babelway Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) is particularly adapted to the needs of the automotive industry.. We ensure seamless communication and connectivity to any of your trading partners in your industry’s complex supply chain, regardless of their data structures, file formats, or communication protocols.. Our platform enables automation and end-to-end integration of business processes without the need to deploy and maintain on-premise software and hardware.. Yet, we provide absolute security and control.. Our platform delivers several key benefits for businesses like yours, including:.. Support of all automotive B2B standards and protocols.. Offers ready-to-use connectors/templates for many automotive companies.. Provides full visibility over the integrated supply chain to your staff, for instant reactivity.. Enables the fast and painless on-boarding of new partners, whatever their requirements.. Provides compliance with regulatory obligations of electronic invoicing.. Enables you to easily extend B2B integration to new processes or new  ...   Elring.. Epcos.. Eralmetall.. Fal Automotive.. Federal-Mogul.. Fimek.. Flexix.. Flight Systems.. Ford.. F.. R.. A.. Frauenthal.. Frenzelit.. Freudenberg.. Friedberg.. Frima.. Fritz Winter.. N.. FTE.. Fuba.. Fujitsu.. G.. Cartier Technologies.. Gama Automotive.. Gaudlitz.. Georg Fischer.. Gillhuber.. Valfond.. GM.. Goodyear.. Greiner.. Grieshaber.. Gruber.. Haas.. Hahn.. Hal.. Hecker.. Hella.. Helvoet.. Henkel.. Honeywell.. HTP Automotive.. Icor.. Imtec.. Industrias GES.. Infineon.. Inoforges.. ISRI.. Iveco.. Jaguar.. John Deere.. Johnson Electric.. Kiekert Nieland.. Knigge.. Kolbenschmidt.. Kongsberg Automotive.. Kostal.. Kovolis.. Krone.. Kroschu.. Kuhnke.. Land Rover.. Le Joint Français.. Legris.. LIM automotive.. Mahle.. Man.. Manz.. Mecaplast.. Meritor.. Metal Usti.. Mfb.. MGI Coutier.. Nacco Industries.. Nedschroef.. Neoplan.. Neumayer Tekfor.. Nexans.. Neyr Plastiques.. Norm Civata.. Paccar.. Pb Elektro.. Plasmet.. Plast Moul.. Poeppelmann.. Progress.. PSA.. Pwo Unitools.. Rafi.. Raufoss.. Reiff.. Reinz.. Rexroth.. Ribe.. Rolls Royce.. Rutronik.. Renault.. Saf-Holland.. SAG Alutech.. Scania.. Schaeffler.. Schenker.. Schlemmer.. Schlote.. Schoett.. SFS intec.. Shark Industries.. Siemens.. Sifco.. Skoda.. Sogaplast.. Solectron.. Steyr Motors.. Tarkon.. TCG Unitech.. TEB.. Tec plastiques.. Tekno Kaucuk.. Teleflex Automotive.. Temsa.. Tenneco.. Theysohn.. TMD Friction.. Tonfunk.. Trost.. TRW.. TT electronics.. TTE.. Tyco Electronics.. TyssenKrupp.. vcst.. Vibracoustic.. Vishay.. Volkswagen.. Volvo.. Voss.. Winkler.. Woco.. WSW.. Zf.. Babelway has worked with a Fortune1000 company in the automotive industry to transfer all B2B connections to our integration platform, covering B2B flows of around 750 customers and suppliers.. It certainly confirms that the cloud delivers more flexible and scalable IT solutions and brings agility throughout the organization.. Managing Director, Babelway..

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