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  • Title: CFO Jobs and Part Time CFO Services | B2B CFO
    Descriptive info: .. Download.. The B2B CFO GamePlan brochure.. Download our FREE 75-page ebook:.. The Ultimate Small Business Playbook.. Find out how.. The Exit Strategy Handbook.. along with its companion Dashboard software can put you ahead of the game in selling your business -- so you can start the next chapter of your life.. 216 Partners in 45 States.. View All Partners.. Gracious Gifts, LLC, dba FunkyChunky.. Marlo, Inc.. Hudson Sharp Machine Co.. Altair Holdings, LLC.. CE Convergence, LLC.. Testimonial For Joanie Gable.. BIAR Sampling Systems.. Sun Farm Network.. Wisconsin Early Childhood Association.. AZUL Bar Y Cantina.. Testimonial from McKee-Pownall Equine Services.. Testimonial - Kelvin Yan.. Soleil Tans.. Roswell Capital Securities, LLC.. Architectural Integrated Metals, Inc.. Read All Testimonials >>.. Success Stories Rick Perrin B2B CFO Partner.. Get Professional Help Before You Must Get Professional Help.. Click On The Link Below To Read My Article In The Renfro Valley Bugle.. Business Lexington Kentucky Article Part Time CFO.. Manufacturing Is Coming Home.. A Solution For Very Large Quickbooks Company Files.. Solution For Warehouse Control And Inventory Management Fishbowl Inventory.. Georgia Manufacturer Goes For Gold.. The Banks Are Lending.. A Rewarding Engagement.. Helping Another Company Grow And Meet Their Goals.. Read All Success Stories >>.. Read more of our B2B CFO articles and keep up to date on small business financial management.. 07/17/13 -.. Employer health care mandate is delayed until 2015.. 04/01/13 -.. Core Competency.. Outsource the rest.. 01/21/13 -.. Does Your Banker Trust Your Financials?.. 12/07/12 -.. What does a B2B CFO do?.. 10/20/12 -.. How to Implement a Business Plan.. 10/01/12 -.. If the ashtrays are full, they think we don t know how to service the engines!.. 09/22/12 -.. The Game Plan.. 08/07/12 -.. Is it a good time to Sell your Business?.. 08/02/12 -.. Service Businesses can do Better - How to add value.. 07/24/12 -.. Growing Through Acquisition - Is it a Buyer's Market?.. Read All Articles >>.. On October 15, 2009 B2B CFO filed a copyright infringement/theft of trade secrets lawsuit against.. CFOwise.. and.. Kenneth Kaufman.. in order to protect our intellectual property.. 5/14/12 -.. Kaufman admits copying, violates federal law and pays $220,000 to B2B CFO.. 12/15/11 -.. Kaufman trial starts 5/15/12.. 11/21/11 -.. Contempt Hearing vs.. Kaufman.. 3/8/11 -.. Salt Lake Tribune - B2B CFO Injunction.. 3/5/11 -.. NY Daily News on Victories vs.. 2/8/11 -.. Two More Victories vs.. 2/3/11 -.. Kaufman Concedes to Entry of Injunction.. Our Core Values: Honesty, Integrity Objectivity.. We pioneered this industry in 1987.. We are unique and unlike companies that provide.. Part-Time CFO Services.. Additionally, we are unlike a full-time chief financial officer or.. Part-Time CFO.. (e.. g.. ,.. interim CFO.. , temporary CFO, Fractional CFO, Contract CFO, or other companies that provide CFO services).. We create a long-term, professional relationship with a handshake on an affordable basis.. Our services are provided objectively by seasoned partners who average 25 years of experience using the.. B2B CFO.. GamePlan.. , our state-of-the-art process for this industry.. With our more than 6,000 years of collective experience, it will be very difficult for you to ask a question that we can't answer.. NOTICE: B2B CFO Partners, LLC, dba B2B CFO is an Arizona limited liability company that provides advisory and consulting services.. partners are independent contractors and are not officers, employees or agents of, or partners or joint ventures with, the companies they serve, nor are they independent CPAs.. Sitemap.. About Us.. CFO Services.. Find A B2B CFO.. TV.. PR.. FAQ.. B2B.. CFO Directory.. Office Locations.. CFO Careers.. Why B2B CFO?.. B2B CFO Blog.. Privacy Policy.. Refund Policy.. Copyright© 2002 - 2013.. B2B CFO Partners, LLC dba B2B CFO.. (480) 397-0590.. info@b2bcfo.. com.. 3850 E.. Baseline Rd.. #105.. Mesa, AZ 85206.. Public Notice.. January 21, 2013.. B2B CFO, LLC owns certain trademarks granted to it by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the services identified in the respective trademark registrations.. B2B CFO, LLC has exclusively licensed this intellectual property to B2B CFO Partners, LLC dba B2B CFO®.. No other individual or company may use the following trademarks in any manner, including on websites, brochures or promotional materials.. Any use of these trademarks other than by B2B CFO® for the category of services protected and identified in the trademark registrations likely to cause confusion, mistake or deception of consumers and the public as to the source or origin of the services sold under the mark, constitutes infringement under Section 1114 of the United States Code, Title 15 (15 U.. S.. C.. § 1114).. Any person who uses a word, term, name, symbol, device or any other false designation of origin, false or misleading description of fact, or false or misleading representation of fact which in commercial advertising or promotion, misrepresents the nature, characteristics, qualities or geographic origin of goods or services shall be liable for damages in a civil action under §43(a) of the Lanham Act, 15 U.. §1125(a) ("Lanham Act").. Further, use of a trademark with an intent to deceive consumers is prohibited by state and federal consumer fraud statutes.. Only B2B CFO® is authorized to use the following trademarks:.. Part-Time CFO (Reg.. No.. 4,152,663), Interim CFO (Reg.. 4,266,462), Every company, regardless of its size, needs a Chief Financial Officer (Reg.. 3,824,944), B2B CFO (Reg.. 2,576,655), Business-to-Business CFO (Reg.. 2,526,102), First Direction, Then Velocity (Reg.. 4,216,280), Cash.. We Help You Get It.. (Reg.. 3,824,955), Finding The Exit (Reg.. 3,883,069) and Entrepreneurial CFO (Reg.. 4,159,937).. Questions can be directed to our law firm: Yvonne Tagart, Ronan & Tagart, PLC, Scottsdale, AZ, (480) 305-5150.. [x] Close.. Book Details.. Hardback:.. 194 pages.. Publisher:.. B2B CFO, LLC; 1st edition (June 1, 2006).. Language:.. English.. Product Dimensions:.. 9.. 4 x 6.. 3 x.. 7 inches.. Shipping Weight:.. 14.. 88 ounces.. Table of Contents.. A Letter to business owners.. Chapter 1.. The Unofficial Organization of Your Company.. Chapter 2.. Entrepreneurs are Finders.. Chapter 3.. Finders Live in the Future.. Chapter 4.. Minders Live in the Past.. Chapter 5.. Grinders - Today is All that Matters.. Chapter 6.. Tempting a Good Person.. Chapter 7.. Who Is Watching the Controller or IT Manager?.. Chapter 8.. Infrastructure Creation.. Chapter 9.. Infrastructure Peak.. Chapter 10.. Outgrowth of Infrastructure.. Chapter 11.. The Danger Zone.. Chapter 12.. Escaping the Danger Zone.. Chapter 13.. Moore's Law and the Finder.. Chapter 14.. Bankers - Friends or Foes?.. Chapter 15.. Current and Future Different Customers.. Chapter 16.. The Black Clouds that Haunt.. Chapter 17.. Triangular Relationships.. Chapter 18.. An Exit Strategy.. Chapter 19.. B2B truisms: A Summary.. Chapter 20.. My Favorite Quote for Finders.. Lost in the Growth Transition.. Dear Business Owner:.. This is an open letter to the risk-takers of our society - the owners of closely held growth companies.. You are the reason our economic society works.. You employ the largest number of salaried employees in our country.. You feel the truthfulness of the adage, "It is lonely at the top.. " You sometimes wonder if anyone will ever understand you, your goals, your business wishes and ambitions.. You also have frustrations that cause you to worry about your business.. Some of these worries are with you 24/7, 365.. Many of your peers have expressed sentiments to me such as, "I do not understand why I had more cash when my company was much smaller than it is today;", "I do not understand why bankers will not give me the money I need;", "I used to love my business when I first started, but now I feel trapped;", "I don't have time to leave the office to spend time with customers or my family;" and so forth.. Expressions similar to the above are symptoms of a larger problem, a phenomenon I call The Danger Zone.. The purpose of this book is to help you understand this phenomenon and to give you some suggestions to avoid or get out of this situation.. The goal of this book will have been accomplished if it helps one business owner avoid or escape from The Danger Zone.. Hopefully, it will help many.. Jerry L.. Mills.. Read the first Chapter.. Enter in your email address and the first chapter of.. will be emailed to you.. Your email address will  ...   is accessible by applications (apps) from certain mobile devices.. You will have dashboards, calculations of the current value of your business and other tools to help manage those to whom you will delegate important tasks.. We wish for your future success.. Sincerely,.. The partners of B2B CFO®.. This book is now available!.. Benefits of B2B CFO.. Increased Personal Wealth.. Reduced Stress.. Peace of Mind.. Reduced Cash Flow Worries.. Solid Retirement Plan.. Security for Loved Ones.. More Free Time.. Increased Company Value.. What is B2B CFO.. With over 216 partners and 6,386 cumulative years of experience, B2B CFO.. provides CFO services.. Each B2B CFO.. partner works with multiple companies therefore you don't have the cost of a full time CFO.. What does B2B CFO.. do? We use our six step process, the B2B CFO.. GamePlan to take you to a higher level of success.. Our experienced CFOs work with you to analyze and review your financial systems and then work with you to get more cash into your business.. Read more about the B2B CFO.. GamePlan to see how we do this.. Download our Brochure.. Read the 1st chapter of The Danger Zone.. Get Your Free Discovery Analysis ($1,600 value).. Please click on the tabs below for more information about the B2B CFO® GamePlan™.. The B2B CFO.. GamePlan™.. Print this page.. The people we serve.. We serve owners of companies with revenues up to $75 million that want to increase cash, profitability, sales and company value.. Our attitude of respect.. We recognize the wisdom of the adage,.. "The world consists of two types of people, those who act and those who are acted upon.. ".. We realize you are of the former group.. Entrepreneurs are the geniuses of our generation.. With approximately 330 million Americans in the United States, your group, entrepreneurs and business owners, consists of about 8% of the population of our great country.. Yet despite that small percentage, you and your peers employ 70% to 75% of the W-2 employees of our nation! As such, we understand that the future economic recovery of our country rests upon your shoulders.. We recognize the complexity of that burden and want to help you, even if it is, seemingly, in a small way.. For it is often from small things that great things derive.. The acorn seed is smaller than a quarter, but it can give birth to the Oak tree which can grow more than 60 feet in height and live for centuries.. And so it is with business owners.. Are you familiar with the story of Hewlett-Packard? Today, it's one of the world's largest information technology companies.. But what you might not know is that the company was created with just $900 in a one-car garage by two entrepreneurs, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard.. They were entrepreneurs with a seed of an idea.. They risked all they had on their idea and achieved great success.. Why did you start your business?.. We often ask business owners the question,.. "Why did you start or buy your business?".. This is a fun question to ask because of the diverse reasons owners give.. Some of the responses are:.. "I had an idea about how to make things work better.. "I wanted to make a difference.. "So I could be my own boss.. "I was better than anyone at my old job and could do things better.. We refer to you as a 'Finder'.. Our firm has its own distinctive terminology, which refers to you and your peers as 'Finders'.. We've even written about your characteristics in our book, The Danger Zone:.. Finders are the leaders of the company.. They are not necessarily the people who lead all company employees on a daily basis.. Finders demonstrate the type of leadership that "pulls" people into the future - employees, current customers and future customers.. Finders demonstrate some specific attributes that are essential to this success.. There are numerous terms that can describe the leadership of a Finder; the following few will give you the main idea.. Visionary.. Idea generator.. Innovator or dreamer.. Catalyst for future change.. Relationship builder or creator.. You will notice that all of the above attributes or future functions require action.. Hence, Finders are all about the future.. They do not live in the past.. They view the past as a tool from which to learn, not as a place in which to dwell (The Danger Zone, Lost In The Growth Transition, pp.. 25- 26).. Finders often become frustrated.. It is our experience that Finders often become frustrated with the day-to-day grind of running a business, which often takes them away from their original goals of starting the business.. The B2B CFO GamePlan™.. The purpose of the.. B2B CFO GamePlan™.. is to help Finders either get on track or keep them on track with their original goals and objectives of starting and/or purchasing their company.. The.. consists of six separate steps:.. The Discovery Analysis.. Confidentially meet with the business owner(s), then interview company staff.. Look at the company's financial information and computer systems.. Benchmark financial information against industry averages.. Create a confidential report of our findings in.. The Strategy GamePlan™.. The Strategy Process.. Confidentially discuss the key findings from The Discovery Analysis™.. Review.. Discuss a preliminary timeline for.. Agree on the proposed costs for.. Initiate a preliminary discussion about.. Finders, Minders & Grinders.. The Strategy Implementation.. Begin the implementation of the items agreed upon in.. Identify and train staff/others that will assist with.. The Strategy Implementation™.. Meet with the owner(s) to discuss the progress made.. Continue discussions about.. The Results Solution™.. Report the results of.. Discuss any non-numerical benefits achieved (less stress, more free time, etc.. ).. Plan the next step, either.. The Excel Experience™.. , or.. The Exit Strategy™.. The Excel Experience™.. (Excel – to do extremely well, surpass, outclass, outrival).. Create an ongoing relationship with your company as a trusted long-term business advisor.. Assist your company with its goals to surpass, outclass and outrival key competitors.. Identify efficiencies and processes to increase profit and cash.. Help with financial and goal clarity.. The Exit Strategy™.. Start.. , using.. Finding the Exit®.. We recommend that you read our book,.. Avoiding The Danger Zone, Business Illusions.. , to gain more knowledge about exit strategies.. What's the next step?.. We invite you to call upon one of our professionals to deliver a complimentary.. Discovery Analysis™.. of your company.. The process is confidential and will not take much of your time.. Something about our professionals.. B2B CFO® is unique.. Unlike a full-time chief financial officer or part-time CFO (interim CFO, temporary CFO, fractional CFO, contract CFO, or other companies that provide CFO services), we create a long-term, professional relationship with a handshake on an affordable as-needed basis.. Services are provided objectively by seasoned partners who average 25 years of experience.. We can help with the simple things, such as helping to improve cash flow, or the more complicated matters, such as a business exit.. As you'll discover, with more than 6,000 years of collective experience and a multitude of national partnership resources, there isn't much we can't do for you.. Article Source:.. The B2B CFO GamePlan.. Partner Name.. State.. Alabama.. Alaska.. Arizona.. Arkansas.. California.. Colorado.. Connecticut.. Delaware.. Dist of Columbia.. Florida.. Georgia.. Hawaii.. Idaho.. Illinois.. Indiana.. Iowa.. Kansas.. Kentucky.. Louisiana.. Maine.. Maryland.. Massachusetts.. Michigan.. Minnesota.. Mississippi.. Missouri.. Montana.. Nebraska.. Nevada.. New Hampshire.. New Jersey.. New Mexico.. New York.. North Carolina.. North Dakota.. Ohio.. Oklahoma.. Oregon.. Pennsylvania.. Rhode Island.. South Carolina.. South Dakota.. Tennessee.. Texas.. Utah.. Vermont.. Virginia.. Washington.. West Virginia.. Wisconsin.. Wyoming.. 216 Partners.. 45 States.. Over 6,386.. Years of Experience.. Contact.. [name].. and receive a free.. Discovery Analysis.. A confidential meeting with the business owner(s), then interview company staff.. The Strategy Gameplan.. Email (.. privacy policy.. ).. - Select One -.. CEO.. Owner.. President.. CEO's Assistant.. Marketing Rep.. Sales Rep.. Position in Company.. Volume of Sales.. Find Another CFO.. Thank you for submitting your request for a Free Discovery.. Analysis.. A B2B CFO partner will contact you within.. 2 business days.. Please take this opportunity to share the Free Discovery.. Analysis with others that you feel could benefit from working.. with an experienced, as-needed CFO..

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  • Title: Gamepage Landing Page 2
    Descriptive info: Find a CFO.. Get Your Free Discovery Analysis.. With our latest tool,.. The Discovery Analysis™.. , get a resource that benchmarks your business vs.. your competition and prepares a thorough plan to get ahead.. Built by CFOs with 6,386 years of combined experience, this resource is a must-have for any CEO.. (a $1,600 value).. includes:.. The Strategy Gameplan™.. Go back to the Gameplan.. Zoom in using the +/- tools on the left.. Click on each photo for more details..

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  • Title: 2013 Sponsors | B2B CFO
    Descriptive info: 216.. partners in.. 45.. states.. 6,386.. years experience.. Find a CFO.. by zip code.. by name.. Fill out the form and receive for FREE The Discovery Analysis (a $1600 value).. Name:.. Email:.. Position:.. Volume.. of Sales:.. Zip:.. Privacy policy.. Please click on the logos below.. You will see a brief description of the services these companies provide as well as their contact information.. SAP.. (Business Software).. ERP Logic.. (SAP Business ByDesign).. I-BN.. (SAP Business  ...   Alternatives, LLC.. First Capital.. (Factoring).. Pilot Hill Advisors.. Profit Point Tax Technologies.. xTuple.. Cost Segregation Services.. (Cost Segregation Services).. Entrepreneur Growth Capital.. (Asset-Based Lending).. Farnam Street Financial.. (Technology/Equipment Leasing).. State Tax Advisors.. (State and Local Tax Consulting).. TermSync, Inc.. Woodbridge International.. (Mergers & Acquisitions).. |.. About Us.. Find A B2B CFO.. TV.. PR.. FAQ.. CFO Directory.. Office Locations.. CFO Careers.. Part Time CFO.. CFO Wise vs B2B CFO.. B2B CFO® Blog.. Copyright 2013.. #105..

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  • Title: Gracious Gifts, LLC, dba FunkyChunky
    Descriptive info: Home.. Why B2B CFO.. About B2B CFO.. Contact Us.. Tweet.. Gracious Gifts, LLC, dba FunkyChunky.. Jun 11, 2013.. My wife, Ronni, and I met Ken while reaching out for a well qualified B2B CFO in the Twin Cities about 3 years ago to assist us in the preparation of selling our artisan gourmet snacks business.. We were truly grateful to have selected him based upon his extensive background in manufacturing, accounting expertise and experience, and excellent communication skills.. Within a few months after implementing better accounting practices and overseeing a 3rd party annual financial review, we asked Ken to become the quarterback of our subject matter experts team (M & A Executive, Attorney and CPA), as we moved forward in seeking a potential qualified buyer.. It took 3 years for us to reach our goal.. Ken was very instrumental in keeping the team very focused and our financials in excellent shape, which shortened the due diligence time spent by the buyer.. In addition, his valued input and feedback and business leadership were instrumental throughout the entire process.. Over the past years Ken has become a valued confidant and close friend.. I would recommend him to any company large or  ...   Testimonial - From Washburn Computer Group Allen Wentland Owner.. Testimonial - From Universal Transportation Services Brent Bois President.. Testimonial - From Internal Control And Anti Fraud Experts LLC.. About the Author.. Ken continues to build on his many years of progressive, wide-ranging financial and business leadership experience.. While operating in a variety of large manufacturing and consumer products concerns, he successfully built and led exemplary financial and IT organizations with four different corporations over the course of his twenty year career prior to joining B2B CFO.. During his corporate career, Ken held positions ranging from entry level Financial Analyst, to SVP of Finance, IT and Business Insights and Global Director of Finance and Planning while encompassing both domestic and international responsibilities.. Ken has twelve years experience in the CFO role at different companies ranging in size from $1M to $1.. 7B.. His career has spanned numerous cities including Dallas and Pittsburgh with Midwest stints in Chicago, St.. Louis, Milwaukee, and, currently, Minneapolis.. View Ken s Personal Website.. Books.. A collection of books from B2B CFO to help any business succeed.. Read the first chapter from books, including the Wall Street Journal s book, for free.. View Books.. Purchase Books..

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  • Title: Marlo, Inc.
    Descriptive info: Jun 09, 2013.. To All Concerned: I highly recommend Mr.. Rick Perrin as a qualified, experienced B2B CFO.. Rick is currently consulting with our company as a B2B CFO.. Rick was, and is, responsible for modifying, streamlining and refining all our internal company; accounting, costing, and financial activities.. Rick has excellent communication skills.. In addition, he is extremely organized, reliable and very computer literate.. Rick can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job(s) gets done.. He is flexible and willing to work on any project that is assigned within the scope of what could be expected of a CFO.. Rick was quick to volunteer to assist in other  ...   finance requirements, please do not hesitate to call me.. Mike Glines President & CEO Marlo, Inc.. 2227 South St.. Racine, WI.. 53404 Web Site: www.. Marlo-Inc.. com.. More from Rick Perrin.. Financial Strategies To Increase Sales.. Profitability And Your Finance Staff.. Gross Profit Optimization.. Success Stories Rick Perrin B2B CFO Partner.. Wisconsin Early Childhood Association.. Diamond Nexus.. Testimonial - Chamberlain Research Consultants Madison Wisconsin.. Rick has over 30 years of broad-based financial and operations experience in manufacturing, retail, construction, consulting and service firms, and as a CPA and consultant.. He has extensive experience leading companies through high growth, and is particularly adept at driving increased sales, operational improvement and profitability.. View Rick s Personal Website..

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  • Title: Hudson Sharp Machine Co.
    Descriptive info: Jun 07, 2013.. Don served as interim CFO at The Hudson-Sharp Machine Company.. We were in a sale process with significant financial due diligence work required especially in the area of tax, including international tax, working capital, and insurance issues.. Don did an exceptional job and has great M A experience.. More from Don Noskowiak.. Don is a CPA and an accomplished senior financial executive with over 30 years of broad based financial and operational experience, including oversight of finance, accounting,  ...   Finance/Business Development, Controller, President, and as a CPA and Consultant.. Don has experience in a wide array of small to large sized private and public companies and industries, including manufacturing, distribution, direct mail marketing, construction, retail, automotive, software and services.. This experience, coupled with an eye on ethical business practices and moral thought has given Don the ability to bring world-class leadership to small to medium-sized businesses for a fraction of the cost of an employee.. View Don s Personal Website..

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  • Title: Altair Holdings, LLC.
    Descriptive info: May 01, 2013.. I met with Jim shortly after he joined B2B CFO.. I knew Jim as a professional Chief Financial Officer and a CPA.. As he explained the B2B CFO business model, the Game Plan -- I thought there may be value for Altair.. I asked him to complete the first step of the process: a Discovery Analysis.. At the presentation of the Discovery Analysis results, I was extremely impressed with the quality of information and the level of detail.. Jim presented both financial operational analysis in a current situation versus desired situation gap model.. The Discovery Analysis as well the interview process underscored both operating challenges I was aware of, but also brought to light issues that I had not seen.. There was real value for Altair and for me.. I know that I can count on Jim.. He has significant expertise in  ...   B2B CFO process and plan to continue to consult with Jim as Altair s CFO on an on-going basis.. Chuck Peters, Managing Partner Altair Holdings, LLC.. Jim is an accomplished CFO and Financial Administrator (MBA/CPA/CFE: Certified Fraud Examiner) with a 30 year track record of enhancing the financial stability of companies with revenues from $10 to $80 million.. His focus is to improve financial and operating process and procedures while adhering to sound financial accounting principles and effectively communicating these results to management, board of directors, bankers, outside investors, bond rating agencies, regulators and other financial stakeholders.. Jim has managed the financial affairs of complex entities in highly regulated industries.. He has also helped guide growth-orientated companies to adapt to the ever-changing business environments.. Industry experience includes health and human services, transportation and logistics, real estate, non-profits and financial services.. View Jim s Personal Website..

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  • Title: CE Convergence, LLC.
    Descriptive info: Apr 24, 2013.. CE Convergence is an emerging accounting-software technology company.. CEC is relying on Jim to help with a range of CFO services including: Implementing our strategic plan; reviewing and updating cash flow and financial projections; and developing and disseminating financial operating reporting to CEC's lender and other  ...   he brings extensive financial expertise and a depth of business experience and practical knowledge from 30+ years in financial management in small business.. He has hit the ground running and has already made a positive impact on the development of the CEC business model.. Steve Overholt, Chief Operating Officer..

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  • Title: Testimonial For Joanie Gable
    Descriptive info: Testimonial For Joanie Gable.. Mar 19, 2013.. As our part time CFO, Joanie had the ability to make us more efficient which saved us money.. She is well liked and able to communicate from the clerical to the CEO, thus having everyone s trust.. She  ...   and experience in a multitude of differing businesses and situations.. Her ethics are above reproach.. She and I have forged a friendship, and business relationship that will stand the test of time.. Peggy Clarke.. President and Owner.. Dunhill of South Birmingham.. View Andrew s Personal Website..

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  • Title: BIAR Sampling Systems
    Descriptive info: BIAR Sampling Systems.. Mar 06, 2013.. Having John on board not only gave me confidence, but I have also seen a dramatic improvement of our processes as well as an incredible boost in our cash flow.. My only regret is not having found John sooner!.. Contact John for a complimentary analysis of your business.. View John s Personal Website..

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