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  • Title: Business Magazine | Baby Shop Magazine
    Descriptive info: .. The Business Magazine for Independent Juvenile Product Retailers.. Since.. 1992.. Search:.. Home.. Manufacturers.. By Name.. By Category.. Articles.. Opening a Baby Product or Maternity Store.. Marketing Management.. Retailer to Retailer.. Technology Retailing.. Current Issue.. Baby Shop.. eBabyShop.. Maternity Boutique.. Welcome to Baby Shop Magazine!.. Be sure to check out the articles above for great tips and advice when it comes to all aspects of improving your store from the latest in social media marketing to our popular.. What Goes into Making.. sections,  ...   using the following list or.. sort by category.. You'll be able to find new items you'll want to be sure and include in your inventory planning!.. 7 A.. M.. Enfant.. ABC Kids Expo.. Balboa Baby.. BasicGrey.. BreathableBaby.. Bummis.. Dutailier.. ERGObaby.. Expectant Mother's Guide.. FirstBabyMall.. com.. HALO Innovations, Inc.. It's You Babe.. Karibu Baby.. Lansinoh.. Mommy's Helper, Inc.. Oh, That Baby! Ltd.. PINXAV.. PRIMO.. Rump a rooz.. Smart Mom Jewelry.. Tots in Mind.. Universal Leads, Inc.. |.. Contact Us.. 1992-2011.. Spindle Publishing Company, Inc..

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  • Title: Product Directory | Baby Shop Magazine
    Descriptive info: Baby.. Pregnancy Product Manufacturers.. Suppliers.. Universal Leads Inc..

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  • Title: Opening a Store Business | How to Start | Baby Shop
    Descriptive info: Baby Carriers / Travel.. Baby Furniture.. Child Safety Infant Travel Products.. Cloth Diapers.. Crib Bedding Nursery Decor.. Ecofriendly / Green Products.. Infant Accessories, Toys Gifts.. Infant Clothing / Layette.. Infant Feeding Products.. Marketing Advertising Opportunities.. Maternity Clothing Pregnancy Products.. Sleep Products.. Trade Shows Industry Associations..

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  • Title: Articles - Baby Shop
    Descriptive info: Marketing.. Management.. Creating a Satisfied Customer: Living Up to Their Expectations.. There is a great deal said about the importance of retailers delivering on their service promise, and how that impacts ongoing customer retention, engagement, loyalty and spending.. It’s obvious really.. Taking Baby Steps in Goal Setting.. As the owner of a small boutique store, allow me to be your “goals” virtual coach for next 30 minutes.. Let me help you set some goals in key areas of your business so that your employees and you have some agreement around what matters most to all of you: the success of the business.. But, first let me explain a little about why you would want to set goals and how to set them.. Successfully Managing Employees.. Organizations face environments of rapid change, economic uncertainty and increasing competition, making it difficult for organizations to survive and prosper, so managers are challenged to find ways to make their organizations prosper.. A major way, and possibly the only sustainable way, for organizations to gain a competitive advantage is by efficiently managing their employees.. Shopping for Shopper Insights: Get Smart About Evolving Consumer Lifestyle Trends to Better Reach Shoppers.. Retail prognosticators touted a slew of trends as being critical to retail success in 2012: From leveraging social media, growing mobile commerce, the Boomer opportunity and rising numbers of male shoppers to the new American family, niche brand opportunities, big stores building small and reinventing the customer experience.. Independents: Impact, Connect, and Engage.. Independent Retail is vital to the world’s economy.. Not only does it create numerous jobs for each country, but it also helps to keep individual ‘boutique’ brands circulating in villages, towns and cities, and gives customer service the greatest opportunity to shine.. How To Increase Sales with Baby Gear Test Drives!.. Be it free samples, test drives or even money-back guarantees, the try-before-you-buy merchandising model is very much alive and well in many retail sectors.. More and more, baby gear retailers are joining the ranks of beyond-the-store demonstration providers and seeing big benefits.. Ready, Set, Listen!.. I have a colorful word on my desk as a reminder to do something that is  ...   community seems dismal and a last priority.. I understand completely as a small business owner and single mom myself.. Investing time in a community when you rarely have time to spend with your family can seem unreasonable; however, it can be amazingly rewarding in more ways than one.. Relating to Your Customers.. We have been in business for six years now and the number one lesson I have learned is to relate to your customer.. You cannot sell your product to your customer if you do not understand it or cannot relate to it.. Q A on Helping Mom and Dad-to-Be Decorate Their Nursery.. What color combinations or print/color combinations are in for 2012? Gray and yellow is a very hot color combination right now.. Gray has been popular for a few years and is still holding strong.. More articles in Retailer to Retailer.. Technology.. Retailing.. Your Online Store: Why Not Having One is No Longer an Option.. Since starting my blog in 2004, I have seen a number of retail stores come and go, and seeing them go is always hard.. The reasons vary.. Baby Steps: Creating an Effective Home Page.. For new parents, everything seems overwhelming—from trying to find matching pairs of tiny socks at any given time, to attempting to remember what day (or month) it is.. Being overwhelmed also extends to buying all the necessities (and some ridiculous extras) for your little one.. Shopping online can be a great way to get the things you need without leaving the house.. The problem is most baby e-commerce sites are as cluttered, confusing and overwhelming as their brick and mortar counterparts.. Social Media Strategy, Expand Your Professional Network.. In today’s digital age, it is easier than ever to connect with clients, customers and other industry professionals.. Twitter creates a great web log of short messages to share with your following but lacks any genuine interaction with other users.. Facebook is much more social and fun, but not everyone wants to share pictures of their children with their clients or customers.. When it comes to selecting a professional social network, LinkedIn means business!.. More articles in Technology Retailing..

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  • Title: Opening a Store Business | How to Start | Baby Shop - Baby Shop
    Descriptive info: Small Business Tips for Start-up Retailers in the Juvenile Pregnancy Product Industry.. Let me state at the very outset that unless you have extensive retail experience, it will take you 12 to 18 months of planning and execution before you will be opening your doors to the public with a sign that says Open For Business.. Store Character.. The first step in setting up a store is to define the character of the store.. This is a tougher proposition than it seems.. To help you in determining the character of your store, I suggest visiting stores similar to the one you have in mind, especially those in other cities.. Study their layout, product mix, lighting, floor coverings, pricing, use of wall space, window displays, and promotions.. Make a list of what appeals to you and what does not.. Visit well, make your visit worthwhile.. Study them with an observe learn attitude.. If you are thorough in defining the character of the store you envision, you will come up with a good idea about the product mix you would like to carry.. Determine whether to carry juvenile and/ or youth furniture, maternity, toys, and clothing, as well as the percentage of each category you wish to include in your inventory.. Size and Location.. Size and location are two very significant factors that will determine many other aspects of your store.. A store of under 2000 sq.. ft would be considered small (one crib and case goods display alone will take up 60/80 sq.. ft.. of space).. Remember you will need to allocate approximately 20% to 30% of the total space for aisles, common areas, etc.. ; otherwise, you will end up with a very cluttered look.. Most baby product stores are 2000 to 7000 sq.. In terms of location, your three basic choices are to be mall based, within a strip plaza or in an independent building.. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.. As baby product stores are considered destination stores, you do not have to rely on mall traffic for your survival.. Have you ever noticed how shoe stores are located close to each other? An independent retailer I know says that the main reason for his success is that his specialty baby furniture store is located in a strip plaza about 100 yards away from a Babies 'R' Us.. He has adjusted his inventory to offer specialty products, but at prices that are not significantly higher than those of his mass merchant competitor.. He also relies on Babies 'R' Us marketing and promotions to get customers to his store.. If you are not savvy in adjusting your product mix however, a move like this will destroy you.. You also want to locate your store in an area of town where young people live.. Do not open a store in an area just because it is close to where you live; open the store where your prospective clients are.. Leasing Suggestions.. Unless you already own a store property that is ideal for a Baby Products store - we highly recommend that you initially RENT the space.. Sign the lease for as short a period as possible, but make sure you have multiple options to renew the lease for predetermined periods and rates of rental.. Besides the basic rent and utilities, find out if there are any other charges that you would be responsible for.. It is not uncommon for business tenants to have to pay certain common fees or for garbage disposal.. If you are considering purchasing an existing store, I suggest that you find the reason or reasons why the owner is selling the store.. Verify the reasons he/she gives you by checking with neighboring store owners or others in the community.. Any decision to purchase an existing store MUST be accompanied by a complete audit of accounts for the past 5 years.. A competent accountant will be able to guide you to determine an adequate purchase price based upon the cost of inventory and the profitability of the store.. The success of any small business startup rises significantly when its owner has good standing and a relationship with a banker, accountant, and handyman.. Purchasing a Franchise.. There are definite advantages to purchasing a franchise but.. like anything else in life.. there are no free lunches.. The  ...   additional help as sales increase.. What ever monthly expenses you project, the real outlay will be 25 to 50% more.. it's like when building a house, unforeseen expenses will pop up!.. The most overlooked expense is health insurance cost for yourself and your family.. One of the best investments is to buy a quality accounting and inventory control software.. Negotiate with banks to get the best rates for processing credit card payments.. Remember, they are vying for YOUR business.. Do not be intimidated.. Let them know you're shopping for the best deal.. Identify slow moving inventory and try to sell it at cost or even slightly below cost.. The capital tied into such items is not earning you anything.. As a matter of fact, If you have borrowed to purchase some inventory.. this is costing you!.. Consider advertising an investment, not an overhead.. Allocate a certain percentage of your total sales for advertising and marketing.. Do not let a smooth talking sales person exceed your preset limits.. Deal with reputable vendors.. If they dont' return your call for potential business, they certainly won't return your call when there's a problem.. Take advantage of prepayment discounts or other special offers any such savings go directly towards your bottom line.. Incentivize your sales staff with commissions and bonuses.. When they put out extra effort in servicing the customers it will create good will, customer loyalty and positive word of mouth advertising.. Sell excess and slow moving inventory on the internet through eBay and other such sites.. One tip that a friend of mine gave me in running my business was to maintain two bank accounts.. ALL sales deposits to go into one account.. All payments to go out of the second account after transferring funds into the payables account.. His wisdom was to get the banks to assist you in keeping broad stroke tabs on the income and expenses.. Important Addendum.. There is this dynamic Interior Designer from Denver who is a business colleague of mine.. She also recently started a high-end baby business (design, manufacturing and print).. I sent her this article for review and input.. Besides editing it, she brought to my attention the benefits of creating a business plan after doing the initial investigation.. She explained, taking the time to work through the business plan helped me focus in order to stay on the right path.. Even though it's not much fun and I fought it every step of the way, it truly helped me focus on what I wanted and didn't want my business and passion to become.. The research alone will help you sell your vision to a banker or investor if necessary.. It will also help you establish your story and know everything about the business inside out.. She added,.. encourage your readers to locate a reliable free source who can help review the plan and offer valuable input, specifically a professional individual who isn't partial (i.. e.. family or friends).. Besides the SBA being an option, the Small Business Development Center in Denver was easier to reach and meet with.. I found the latter source able to provide sound advice without the sugar-coating that one would receive from a friend or family member, and at the same time give it to me straight without intimidation that other sources offer too freely.. Yes, we all need to know the perils, but those of us who are serious, need a source that is on our side - one who is willing to back you when the commitment is there to make it happen no matter the day or situation.. I can not over stress the need to have as detailed a business plan as possible.. In each city there are business resource centers at the Chambers of Commerce, Colleges/ Universities or Small Business Associations that can help you in refining your plan.. Many of these services are available to you at no cost.. Utilize such resources and you won't be disappointed.. Naresh Dewan, Publisher of Baby Shop magazine.. www.. BabyShopMagazine.. Is there something you would like to add or comment on?.. [.. FEEDBACK.. ].. Would you like to start looking for products?.. FIND BABY AND PREGNANCY PRODUCT MANUFACTURERS.. Share.. |.. Featured Articles.. What Goes Into Making.. A Good Safety Gate.. A Good Nursing Bra.. A Cloth Diaper..

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  • Title: Marketing & Management - Baby Shop
    Descriptive info: Take the Next Step for Your Store!.. Taking the right steps to better market yourself to drive more traffic to your store and to better manage your staff to achieve satisfactory customer service can be hard to figure out on your own.. Baby Shop is your go-to resource for answers on new marketing strategies and some tips for making your employees pro-active in helping with customers.. Marketing gurus and consultants lend their advice to give you new ideas and insight into the newest trends and strategies for both of these important business tools.. Archive.. Can You Afford Not to Use the Right Project Management Method?.. 5 Ways to Drive Customer Conversion Rates in Your Stores.. Is Your Office an Information Toxic Dump?.. Are You Struggling to Merchandise: Because You Don’t Know the Pinwheel Concept?.. Growth Ideas for Tough Economic Times.. How to Prevent Shrinkage and Increase Your Profit.. Effective Questioning Combats Centuries Old Selling Problem.. 4 Strategies to Boost Assortment Planning Effectiveness.. Reinventing Rebates: How They Can Drive ROI and Market Research.. Have You Considered Cloth?.. Developing a Marketing Plan.. How to  ...   Delight.. 40 Easy Ways to Improve Retail Profit.. Basic Tips for Better Visual Merchandising.. Maximizing Your Small Store Space.. Marketing Children's Furniture.. Customer Loyalty.. Know Your Market and Learn.. Your Potential!.. Marketing with Music.. Retail Window Displays.. Gender-Based Communication Styles.. Trends in the Young Children's Market.. Children's Fashion Trends in Europe.. Effective Store Signage.. Marketing to Generation X Parents.. The Advantages of Being a Small Retailer.. How Effective is My Advertising?.. Big-Time Marketing On a Small-Time Budget.. Marketing to Multiples.. Profitable Impact: How to Make Powerful, Positive Impressions.. Creating a Safety Product Section in Your Store.. Who Are Baby Planners? And How Can They Benefit My Business?.. Guiding Customers Through Your Store.. Top Ten Secrets of Motivation.. Marketing Your Store to Grandparents.. In-Store Events Can Drive Your Sales.. Selling Seasonal Baby Items.. Planning to Relocate? Marketing Musts.. Marketing to Dad.. 5 Marketing Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make.. Why Effective Self-Promotion is Critical to Your Success.. Television Advertising Strategies for Small Businesses.. Modern Day Postcard Marketing.. Questions to Ask Before You Advertise.. The Building Blocks of Branding.. How to Calculate Return On Investment..

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  • Title: Retailer to Retailer - Baby Shop
    Descriptive info: Having Problems With Your Store?.. Ever wonder if other stores have had similar issues or problems that you seem to be having when it comes to moving merchandise more quickly, staying up to date on what's new in the industry, or making the move to a new location? Our Retailer to Retailer articles feature experiences from others in the juvenile and maternity product industry and their solutions to everyday retail problems and obstacles.. Get Creative: How to Set Your Retail Business Apart in a Competitive Industry.. Stopping the Deal and Low Price Mentality.. Using Barter to Boost Baby and Kids’ Product Sales.. OH, BABY! What’s Hot for Tots.. It's More than Just a Trade Show.. Personalizing Customer Service.. Organics: To Sell or Not to Sell?.. Competitive Shopping – Are You Doing It?.. The Role of the Independent Sales Rep.. Approaching Customers Based on Their Shopping Plans.. Toys for Blind or Visually Impaired Children.. When You Need a Merchandising Consultant.. Purchasing Store Fixtures.. Joining a Buying Group: Good or Bad Idea?.. Understanding Your Target Market.. Attending International Trade Shows.. Interviewing  ...   Plans: SEP-IRAs and Simple IRAs.. It's All About The Customer.. Creating a Positive Customer Environment.. Managing Cash Flow: How to Make Your Business Financially Fit.. New Employee Orientation Programs.. Selling Clother Diapers to Today's Consumer.. Store Design and Construction.. Growing Your Boutique.. Time Management for Juvenile Product Retailers.. Creating a Child Friendly Environment for Your Store.. Licensed Products Are They Profitable for Me?.. What to Do With Slow-Moving Merchandise.. Gift Baskets Sets.. Common Mistakes Made by Businesses in Financial Crisis.. The 10 Mistakes Retailers Make.. Toys for Babies On-The-Go.. Challenges of a Youth Furniture Store.. Consider Carrying Preemie Clothing.. Organizing Your Store's Baby Shower Gift Registry.. Creating a Layaway Plan.. What a Trade Show Can Do For You.. Advantages of Joining a Franchise System.. Should I Trademark My Logo?.. Marketing to Boomer Grandmas.. Add a Spark to Your Store with Holiday Decor.. Practicing Core Values Will Improve Your Bottom Line.. Green Products Equal Greenbacks.. How To Survive as a Couple in Business.. Hello/Goodbye: Two Crucial Moments With a Customer.. Debit or Credit?.. Local Artisans Craftsman: Business Opportunities for Your Store..

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  • Title: Technology & Retailing - Baby Shop
    Descriptive info: Stay in Touch with Your Customers!.. Whether you are an independent brick and mortar store, or a big box company like Target, it is nearly impossible to move your business forward now days without at least trying to utilize the new aspects of social media marketing and technology.. Industry experts provide you with tips and advice on how to be technologically savvy for your sake, and your customers'.. Even if you are a hunt and peck Heather on the keyboard, these articles will help you advance your knowledge of the virtual realm of the World Wide Web  ...   Presence.. Elevating Your Brand with Photography: How Shooting on Film Can Set You Apart.. Questions to Ask a Potential eCommerce Merchant Account Provider.. Free Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website.. Real-time Retailing.. Implementing a Baby Shower Registry.. Keys to Search Engine Marketing Success.. Beat the Big Box Stores with a Better Gift Registry.. A Three-Step Internet Plan for Improving Profits.. Growing Your Retail Store With the Right Technology.. Online Presence Imperative.. Go Ahead, Get a Blog.. Social Networks That Boost Your Business.. How to Reach Mothers With Social Media.. Using Social Media to Get More Business..

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  • Title: Have You Considered Cloth? - Marketing & Management - Baby Shop
    Descriptive info: By Jennifer Labit.. In a time when the economy and environment are all over the news, selling cloth diapers just keeps getting easier.. Consider these.. facts from the Real Diaper Association.. :.. Americans spend about $7 billion on disposable diapers every year.. Over 27 billion disposable diapers are sold and then put into landfills in the U.. S.. annually.. Each of those diapers could take up to 500 years to decompose.. Disposable diapers are the third most common consumer product in landfills today.. As you know, parents are faced with so many choices as they prepare for their little one to arrive.. As retailers, it is our job to educate parents on all of their options so they can make the best decision for their little one.. Think Green, Save Green.. With the growing awareness to make green choices, new parents are inherently raising a greener generation.. When parents choose to cloth diaper their baby, they are not only choosing to make the green choice, but they will save money in the long run.. According to a Consumer Reports article, a parent using disposable diapers can spend $1,500-$2,000 on diapers.. That price tag just keeps getting higher while the landfills just keep getting bigger.. When parents choose cloth diapers, they can spend just a couple hundred dollars to diaper their baby from birth through potty training.. Cloth diapers, when cared for properly, can also be used for more than child, which means the couple hundred dollar initial investment can last years.. Many cloth diaper retailers have buyback programs where cloth diapering families can sell their diapers back to the retailer (if kept in good condition) for up to the same price they initially paid.. Have you considered a buyback program?.. Be Armed with Answers.. When a customer comes to you inquiring about cloth diapers, be prepared to educate, educate, educate.. With increasing interest in modern cloth diapers, there are sure to be a lot of questions! Everything from Do people really still use cloth diapers? to What do I do with the poop?.. Here are some answers to help you with a few of the most common cloth diapering questions.. Do people really still use cloth diapers?.. Yes! As a matter of fact, cloth diapering has become quite the vogue thing to do, especially  ...   be removed (as much as possible) from the diapers prior to washing.. Formula fed and older babies typically have firmer stools.. This should also be removed from diapers prior to washing.. Here are some of the top recommended solutions for the yuck :.. Flushable diaper liners laid inside the diaper allow the poop to be easily removed from the diaper.. Just peel the biodegradable liner out of the diaper and flush the mess away.. Diaper sprayers are another fantastic solution.. This handy little device attaches to the plumbing behind the toilet and allows parents to easily spray the mess off.. It is easy to shake firmer stools off of the diaper into the toilet (no spray or liner required).. In a pinch, good old fashioned dunking will get the job done.. My child will be in daycare.. Will I be able to cloth diaper?.. More and more daycare centers are open to the idea of using cloth diapers.. In general, daycares that allow cloth diapers will only allow all-in-one cloth diapers.. They will require that parents provide a place to store used diapers and that the parents take the diapers home each night for washing.. Be aware that the daycare center may be governed by state regulations related to diapering.. An initial discussion with the daycare may be more successful if the parents are educated about laws in their state first.. Home-based or private daycare providers are probably going to be more willing to use cloth diapers.. Remember that ease of use is going to be an essential bargaining chip! Because public perception of cloth diapering still revolves primarily around flat diapers, vinyl diaper covers and pins, it may help to have one diaper from the system of their choice on hand to demonstrate the ease of use.. Adding an assortment of cloth diapers to your store's selection will prove even more beneficial when you are prepared with the resources to help your customers make an educated choice.. Cloth diapering can seem very daunting to a parent at first, but with the right information, you can show them how easy, economical and environmentally-friendly the choice to use cloth diapers really is.. Jennifer Labit is a Chairperson of the Real Diaper Industry Association; CEO of Cotton Babies, Inc.. ; and creator of bumGenius product lines..

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  • Title: Growing Your Boutique - Retailer to Retailer - Baby Shop
    Descriptive info: By Sid Kemp.. As a boutique owner or manager, you have both your own unique, special flair, and also the routine skills and responsibilities of a business manager.. To grow your boutique, you can either work on what makes it special, or work on the business.. To understand this, picture your boutique as a float in a big parade.. On top, every float is different – with its own theme, colors, and sense of wonder.. Underneath, each float is just a big flatbed truck.. Your boutique is like the top of the float.. Your business is like the truck underneath that keeps you rolling along in the parade.. A successful business is a beautiful float with a solid truck underneath!.. Making Your Boutique Even More Special.. Let's start with the fun stuff, first.. Give yourself a half an hour to go shopping – in your own store! Take a notepad, and write down ideas as you go.. Picture yourself as your own best customer.. Get out of the store and walk around the block.. Look in your window.. What do you like? What would you change? Come in and browse.. What do you like? What would make it even more wonderful? What has got to go?.. Take notes, and now you have your plan for making your boutique special at the physical level.. But there's more than that.. When we talk about what makes a business unique, we look at three levels:.. Physical:.. What's in stock? What is the color scheme and style? Is it too crowded, or too empty? Is anything unappealing?.. Emotional:.. How does the store make you feel? How does it smell? Is there anything especially beautiful? Relaxing? Exciting?.. Mental:.. How do you greet and help your customers? What expertise can you share with them so that they get what they want?.. You don't have to do this alone.. Sit down with your team, and even with your best customers.. Over tea or coffee, ask them what makes the shop special, and what would make it even better.. Most likely, they will be polite or nervous.. Tell them you want to improve, and want their ideas.. Then say something like, I already know I need to ditch that big ugly rack in front.. I'm just wondering if there's anything else.. Once they hear that you are ready for change and want specifics, their ideas will flow!.. Once you know your strengths, you're ready to make your shop even more special for your customers.. Small Changes, Big Changes, and Special Changes.. Make each change in three steps: Prepare, do, follow-through.. To prepare, draw a picture and write a plan of what it will  ...   There are three keys to success:.. Style: Make sure your event enhances your strengths.. If you offer a relaxing, lavender-scented, candle-lit shop, then make an arrangement for a massage therapist to bring her chair in for massages once a week, and have a drawing so that one is free.. On the other hand, if you like to excite your customers, then give them a drawing for a free getaway weekend!.. Timing: Plan and prepare well in advance.. Be ready to market a special 3 months ahead.. It may sound crazy to plan Christmas in September, but it works!.. Details: Pay attention to detail.. Imagine every step from the customer's perspective.. One great moment makes a wonderful day.. But one bad moment – one frustration – means losing a customer, probably forever.. Pamper and delight your customers, or make it free and easy for them.. But make sure that absolutely nothing is a hassle.. And this brings us to our final point: Let's improve the business side of your boutique.. Fix Your Business.. Now it is time to turn our attention to the flatbed truck under the float – to the mechanics of the business under your boutique.. Every retail business has these elements:.. Selection and stock:.. Make sure you have what your customers want, and it is ready for them to walk in and buy.. Marketing:.. Let the world know you are here, and bring in the right ladies!.. Sales:.. Help them shop and choose, with a flawless fun experience!.. Customer service:.. Prevent problems.. When you can't prevent problems, apologize, fix the problem, and be generous without giving away the store.. Finances:.. Plan your income, expenses, and cash flow, and fix any glitches.. Then don't forget to pay your taxes!.. Staffing:.. Build your team, and help them get better and better.. Continuous improvement:.. Taking care of yourself and your business, and making things better and better.. If your business isn't working, think like a doctor.. You wouldn't be happy if a doctor gave you pills before asking what was wrong.. So be sure to diagnose before you fix.. If sales are low, don't blame your salespeople.. Maybe they're doing fine, but your marketing isn't reaching the right people, or you don't have the stock your customers are looking for.. Listen to your team.. Listen to yourself.. Then fix what's broken.. How do you fix it: Prepare, do, follow through.. With many small steps or a few big steps, you can boost your boutique to be the best!.. Editorial provided by Sid Kemp.. Sid is CEO of Sid Kemp Enterprises, a best-selling author and consultant on business success.. To learn more, please visit us at www.. SidKemp..

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  • Title: Go Ahead, Get a Blog - Technology & Retailing - Baby Shop
    Descriptive info: How to Use Your Company's Blog in a Strategic.. and Meaningful Way.. By Jenny Finke.. Most marketing experts will tell you that you need to be blogging.. That's because blogging has become one of the most popular ways to promote and grow your business.. In the past, to reach mass audiences, companies would have to pay for expensive advertising or work with a publicist to help them get featured in newspapers and magazines.. But today, companies can use their blogs to distribute information at no cost except for time.. While blogging can be an effective marketing strategy, too often companies fail to write blogs that properly engage their target audience.. Plus, too often they give up on the strategy after a few months because of the time commitment.. Rather than waste your time or give up altogether, let's talk about how you can use your company's blog to effectively market your business and yourself.. Write For Your Customers, Not Your Friends.. A blog, by definition, is an online journal.. It's an opportunity for you to write whenever you want about whatever you want.. However, if your blog is for the purpose of driving traffic to your company's website or storefront, it should not be used as a personal journal but rather as a marketing tool.. Focus on writing about things that are meaningful to your customers.. To do this, first pick a theme that is related to your business.. For example, if you sell maternity products, dedicate your blog to discussing all the aches and joys of pregnancy.. If you sell strollers and accessories, use your blog to discuss how moms and babies can enjoy the great outdoors together.. If you sell high-end children's clothes, dedicate your blog to writing about celebrity children and fashion.. Remember, products you sell are sidebars to your blog, not the main focus.. Having a theme will help you generate interesting, informative and educational editorial content that will keep your readers engaged.. If you give readers a reason to come back, they will.. Plus, one benefit of writing about a focused topic is that you become the expert on that topic.. Your readers will turn to you when they are looking for information on that topic.. Get Customers and Manufacturers Involved.. Now that your blog has a focus, you will want to engage and interact with your target audience as much as possible.. To do this, consider hiring one of your loyal customers to write a weekly post  ...   searched topics is to write concise headlines.. Skip the fluff and write as if someone was typing that headline into Google.. For example, a headline might be, The Top Five Nursing Bra Brands.. The way it's worded resembles what someone might type into Google.. It is stronger than, Nursing Bras Fit for a Queen.. The latter might be more catchy, but the first is Google-tastic!.. Advertise on Your Blog.. A blog isn't just about building good content; you can advertise on your blog too! Rather than pack the editorial content with great things about your company and products, instead use the sidebar space to promote the products you carry on your website.. Put together a few 125x125 button ads featuring your company and products.. You can even rotate the advertisements with your new promotions each week.. As a side benefit, ads can also give your blog credibility as a legitimate editorial source on a specific topic.. Remember, most editorial-based blogs have great advertisers too!.. Stick With It.. Many owners start a blog with the best intentions but they never see it through beyond a few months.. That's because a blog doesn't bear fruit until you've been blogging for generally 3-4 months or more.. Blogs are easy to give up when life gets in the way.. If you have the patience and desire to use your blog to help you market your business, then keep your eye on the prize.. It takes time to get noticed in a world where blogs are plentiful.. One of my clients reported that around the four month mark, traffic from her blog to her online store grew to significant levels.. These levels grew so much that she hired a full time blog manager and writer – it has been over two years and she has never looked back on her decision to use her blog as a prime marketing tool for doing business on the Web.. The point is that sticking with a blog – and having a blog that contains educational and meaningful content – can help lead traffic to your website, give you loads of credibility as an expert, create lasting relationships with customers, and best of all, help you grow your company.. Editorial provided by Jenny Finke.. Jenny is the founder of two media companies: Red Jeweled Media (www.. RedJeweledMedia.. com), a full service PR and marketing firm for small businesses, and The PRepared Publicist (www.. ThePReparedPublicist.. com), a DIY PR site for busy mom entrepreneurs..

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