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  • Title: Back to Iraq | Being a recounting of my journalistic ventures in Iraq
    Descriptive info: .. Back to Iraq.. Being a recounting of my journalistic ventures in Iraq.. Search.. Main menu.. Skip to primary content.. Skip to secondary content.. Home.. Posts.. Looking for me? I ve moved on.. Hi there! Thanks for stopping in.. I m Christopher Allbritton.. In 2002, I went stumbling around.. Iraqi Kurdistan.. , the northern part of Iraq outside Saddam s direct control, looking for stories.. (Some might call it looking for trouble.. ) In March 2003, I made it back in time for the war, becoming the Web s first fully reader-funded journalist-blogger.. With the support of thousands of readers, we raised almost $15,000.. You can read.. my dispatches here.. It was one of the moments in journalism when everything worked.. It was a grand  ...   m freelance again, and traveling the world, blogging over at.. truly, nomadly, deeply.. If you re looking for more of my writings, you can check them out there.. Over the years, you ve been incredibly supportive and I m equally grateful.. This site will stay up as an historical record of the time and the blogging, but it s not actively maintained.. Feel free to join me in.. my new online home.. , however.. Thanks again, and best wishes,.. Share this:.. Like this:.. Like.. Loading.. Proudly powered by WordPress.. Send to Email Address.. Your Name.. Your Email Address.. Cancel.. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!.. Email check failed, please try again.. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.. %d.. bloggers like this:..

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  • Title: Posts | Back to Iraq | Being a recounting of my journalistic ventures in Iraq
    Descriptive info: Post navigation.. Older posts.. The latest silly article on Iran.. Aside.. Possibly one of the most ridiculous articles I ve read in a while:.. Why Iran s Top Leaders Believe That The End Of Days Has Come | Fox News.. Yeah, I know.. Fox News , right? But one of the reasons Iran is so mysterious is because US and other western leaders.. don t know.. what the regime s leadership is thinking, much less that they re obsessed with the end times.. Posted on.. November 14, 2011.. by.. Christopher Allbritton.. I m still not a blogger.. Just a reminder:.. November 10, 2011.. The End of an Era, and the Beginning of a New One.. March 1, 2009.. Greetings all.. It s been a while.. I wanted to take a small post and update you all on what s happening here.. As many of you know, for the past few months, I ve been at Stanford as a.. Knight Fellow.. , researching foreign news and online content.. This fellowship ends in June.. I have decided to depart the Middle East then and head for Pakistan, where I will be working on a new blog project,.. InsurgencyWatch.. You can read more about the idea behind the new site.. here.. You can also catch its latest posts via the.. RSS feed.. to the right.. Back to Iraq will continue to exist, but mainly as an archive and republishing site for the new content on InsurgencyWatch.. I hope you ll all join me over at the new site, and we can make interesting things happen again in the field of foreign correspondence.. Posted in.. Blog.. Official Numbers on Iraqi Casualties from U.. S.. Government?.. February 3, 2009.. Is this a first? The.. latest from the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction.. (big pdf) gives a casualty number of almost 100,000 Iraqi civilians to date, which may be the first time a U.. government body has released this information.. You can read the entire report, Hard Lessons: The Iraq Reconstruction Experience (and order a printed copy).. Uncategorized.. Congratulations, Mr.. POTUS.. January 20, 2009.. So, Inauguration Day.. It s here and I still can t quite believe it.. Eight years of arguably the worst presidency in the history of the country are over and a new one begins with President Barack Obama.. Like many Americans I am hopeful, anxious, enthusiastic and ready to move on.. But I can t help feeling a bit nostalgic for President George W.. Bush.. I mean, he provided me and my colleagues in the war covering business with lots of work.. I mean, *a lot of work*.. I made a career covering Bush s catastrophes across the Middle East, and that wasn t the only region he royally screwed up.. THese include Afghanistan/Pakistan, Russia, the Caucuses and lest we forget New Orleans right close to home.. Any one of these would be a blight on a presidency and a boon for journalistic careers, but damn.. Anyway, welcome to the Big Game, President Obama.. Time to get to work.. Pirates, ahoy!.. January 8, 2009.. OK.. I m going  ...   now is whether this rocket attack is the first salvo, or if this is an isolated attack.. If the rocket attacks continue, it is far more likely to be Hezbollah than some Sunni militants acting independently.. (Emphasis mine CA).. Regardless of who fired those rockets, the risks of a new war on Israel s northern front has just gone up dramatically and I suspect that Israel won t make the same mistakes in 2006.. UPDATE 0649 PST:.. Well, maybe not, as it turns out.. Both Lebanon and Israel seem to be downplaying the event, with Palestinians in Lebanon getting the blame and being accused of trying to widen the conflict.. Israel has opened the northern bomb shelters amid signs of de-escalation.. Still, this bears watching.. December 2013.. S.. M.. T.. W.. F.. Nov.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. 31.. Archives.. Select Month.. November 2011.. March 2009.. 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December 2002.. November 2002.. October 2002.. September 2002.. Categories.. Select Category.. Civil War.. Commentary.. Dispatches.. European Union.. Fund Raising.. Insurgency.. Iran.. Iraq.. Israel.. Journalism.. Kurds.. Lebanon.. oil.. Other.. Persian Gulf.. Personal.. Podcast.. Politics.. Post-War.. Saddam Hussein Tribunal.. Shi a.. Sunni.. Terrorism.. Turkey.. United Nations.. War Planning.. Washington.. WMD.. Tags.. ballot.. blog issues.. bush.. Ceylan.. congress.. constantinople.. constitutin.. constitution.. coup.. Daschle.. discriminatin.. ecevit.. election.. federal republic of iraq.. fremont.. HADEP.. house.. instanbul.. Internet Explorer 6.. Istanbul.. KDP.. Microsoft.. Nationalist Movement Party.. Pete Stark.. PUK.. Qatar.. resolution.. saddam.. saudi arabia.. sham.. snyder.. spratt.. stylesheets.. support.. travel.. Turgut Ozal.. vietnam.. vote.. war.. Kudos.. "Is he good or what?" --.. Salam Pax of "Where is Raed?".. "We'll take his frankly personal account of the situation over any would-be network 'Scud Stud.. '" -- Time Out New York.. "Christopher Allbritton rocks.. Let's get him - our first professional weblog war-journalist - a ticket to Baghdad.. " --.. Lisa English of Ruminate This!.. "Just read it.. The Agonist.. "Whether you think invading Iraq is a good idea or not, I'm sure one thing we can all agree on is that the more independent reporting of the matter, the better.. Tim Dunlop of The Road to Surfdom.. Back to Iraq.. Theme: Twenty Eleven..

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  • Title: Search | Back to Iraq
    Descriptive info: Leave a Reply.. Cancel reply.. You must be.. logged in.. to post a comment..

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  • Title: Posts | Back to Iraq | Being a recounting of my journalistic ventures in Iraq | Page 2
    Descriptive info: Newer posts.. New administration, fewer reporters.. December 18, 2008.. Another day, another bout of bad news for the journalism industry.. The New York Times.. has a story today about.. how newspapers are cutting back on Washington coverage.. at a time when a new administration is coming in, two wars are still going on and the economy is teetering on the brink of collapse.. From an informed public standpoint, it s alarming, said Representative Kevin Brady, a Republican from the Houston area, who has seen The Houston Chronicle s team in Washington drop to three people, from nine, in two years.. They re letting go those with the most institutional knowledge, which helps reporters hold elected officials accountable.. The papers are focusing on local news rather than on events far away in Washington, D.. C.. Look, I can almost understand the desire to cut back on foreign news.. I don t agree with it, but I can understand the thinking.. But Washington? On a recent trip to Louisiana, family members were discussing Congressional legislation that might affect them and their mortgages.. That was direct paycheck stuff and they definitely wanted to know about it.. So for newspapers to cut back on Washington coverage at such a time Well, it just shows the desperate straits the industry is in.. I m here at Stanford giving some thought to how the industry can be triaged and transitioned to the new media future, but for the moment, we need to save what we can.. Do your part.. I know you re mad at the media but letting newspapers go under won t help.. It will be much, much worse.. So here s a radical thought: if you want to hold the government accountable, buy a newspaper an actual, printed copy.. Subscribe to a paper, read it.. Take some time and actually peruse the paper.. Think of these small steps as a democracy bond purchase in a time of crisis.. As Joseph Pulitzer once said, Our Republic and its press will rise or fall together.. Remember that Arab-Kurdish Feud?.. October 28, 2008.. It s hard to say whether things are heating up in Mosul between the Kurds and the Iraqi government or whether it s the latest outbreak of a festering sore,.. but either way, it doesn t look good.. :.. The Shiite-led government of Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki is squeezing out Kurdish units of the Iraqi Army from Mosul, sending the national police and army from Baghdad and trying to forge alliances with Sunni Arab hard-liners in the province, who have deep-seated feuds with the Kurdistan Regional Government led by Massoud Barzani.. The Kurds are resisting, underscoring yet again the depth of ethnic and sectarian divisions here and the difficulty of creating a united Iraq even when overall violence is down.. Tension has risen to the point that last week American commanders held a series of emergency meetings with the Iraqi government and Kurdish officials, seeking to head off violence essentially between factions of the Iraqi government.. It s the perfect storm against the old festering background, warned Brig.. Gen.. Raymond A.. Thomas III, who oversees Nineveh and Kirkuk Provinces and the Kurdish region.. Worry is so high that the American military has already settled on a policy that may set a precedent, as the United States slowly withdraws to allow Iraqis to settle their own problems.. If the Kurds and Iraqi government forces fight, the American military will step aside, General Thomas said, rather than have United States servicemen get killed trying to play peacemaker.. Many observers have assumed the flashpoint for an Arab-Kurdish war over Iraq s northern regions would be sparked by unrest in Kirkurk.. But perhaps Mosul is the real problem.. Actually, it seems the entire border zone of the Kurdish region is a problem, with intense personal animosity between Barzani and Maliki.. There have been armed stand-offs between the Kurdish.. pesh merga.. and Iraqi Army units in Diyala, and Barzani has referred to the Iraqi prime minister as a new Saddam Hussein.. It doesn t help that Maliki is allying himself with Arabs from Mosul who have deep ties to the former regime, including the former general who led the invasion of Kuwait.. He s  ...   s eastward expansion has now finished, and American promises of friendship are not worth the paper they re written on.. As the Georgians have complained, why did the help the U.. in Iraq if Washington turns its back on them when they come under attack? (That it appears that Saakashvili walked into a trap set by Russia is almost beside the point.. ) And could President Bush have appeared less concerned as he yukked it up with volleyball players in Beijing?.. The world has entered a both a new period, but one that looks very familiar to those of us who remember the Cold War.. Sorry for the site problems.. August 9, 2008.. Greetings all Sorry for the site problems.. I upgraded MovableType and the site went all sideways.. I m thinking of switching over to WordPress, but I m worried that the old content would then be unavailable (as happened with a WP experiment I m running right now.. Does anyone have any suggestions?.. Not so fast, Wall Street Journal.. August 6, 2008.. A.. Journal.. editorial picks up on Gina Chon s non-scoop front-page story yesterday to crow that Moqtada packs it in.. Well, as I pointed out yesterday, there was little in that story that was new, as.. Moqtada al-Sadr.. seemed to be more clarifying earlier instructions to his people than issuing new ones.. He will still maintain secret cells to attack U.. troops, for instance.. And does the.. really want a kinder, gentler al-Sadr? Paradoxically, keeping him an angry, violent outsider will go a lot further toward advancing the.. s goals in Iraq than having him as a peaceful political player.. Because if he s on the outside, his unruly.. Mahdi Army.. will continue to act like thugs, causing Iraqis to resent them and cling to the Maliki government (which the neo-cons at the.. like.. Having him inside the process, while decreasing the violence, gives him a chance to win at Maliki s own game of politics, however.. And if al-Sadr wins, does the.. think an Iraq dominated by Shi ite nationalists will be very friendly to U.. interests? Perhaps it does, but I certainly don t.. Like most.. editorials, this is a grunt from the reptilian cortex, in line with the triumphalist bullying so common to that page.. So, three Sumerians walk into a bar.. This is great, and a welcome respite from politics.. [Researchers have found the world's oldest joke.. ](http://afp.. google.. com/article/ALeqM5h_OczNQMGiWXoiyi7apguhKSQXWw).. Something which has never occurred since time immemorial; a young woman did not fart in her husband s lap, goes the joke, which dates from 1900 B.. and which originated in what is now southern Iraq.. Now, I like a good fart joke as much as the next guy, but WTF? Does anyone actually get that?.. No matter.. Iraqi humor even today doesn t quite translate into English, a fact that often left me feeling damn confused over gruesome tales that my Iraqi friends found hilarious.. Many of modern day Iraqi jokes deal with the Dulaimi tribe from Anbar and tend to focus on their perceived backwardness and sheer yokelry.. One I remembered went something like, A Dulaimi drove his cousin to Baghdad.. His cousin sat behind the driver so he could take over the wheel after he killed the first guy.. Much laughter would then ensue, and no, I still don t get it.. But the real genius of Iraqi humor was poking fun at Saddam and making word plays.. (Too bad puns don t translate well.. ).. Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri.. , the sickly vice chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council who today may or may not be part of the neo-Ba athist insurgency (what s left of it) often came in for humiliating jokes.. The craven yes-man was often pictured impersonating a woman, for some reason.. Ancient humor was no different, and megalomaniacal rulers have always been good for a laugh.. Some of the ancient jokes the researchers found poked fun at Egyptian pharaohs.. How do you entertain a bored pharaoh? goes one.. Sail a boatload of young women dressed only in fishing nets down the Nile and urge the pharaoh to go fishing.. Put your favorite Iraqi joke not jokes *about* Iraqis, mind you in the comments..

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  • Title: The latest silly article on Iran… | Back to Iraq
    Descriptive info: Previous.. This entry was posted in.. ,.. Shi'a.. and tagged.. Jihad.. Mahdi.. Media.. Shi'ite.. War planning.. Bookmark the.. permalink.. One thought on.. nile.. on.. March 16, 2012 at 1:58 pm.. said:.. Life grants nothing to us mortals without hard work.. Comments are closed..

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  • Title: Christopher Allbritton | Back to Iraq
    Descriptive info: Author Archives:..

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  • Title: I’m still not a blogger | Back to Iraq
    Descriptive info: Next.. patsy clark.. January 14, 2012 at 12:48 pm.. Pick up the book The King s Counsel.. It is an amazing book.. The War from the true beginning as told by CIA Chief, Jack O Connell in Jordan in the 60 s and 70 s.. Then O Connell became President Hussein s of Jordan s personal attorney.. Crazy good book people..

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  • Title: The End of an Era, and the Beginning of a New One | Back to Iraq
    Descriptive info: 4 thoughts on.. Iraqi Dinar.. November 9, 2009 at 5:20 am.. Thanks for the post and look forward to following you on insurgency watch.. Hopefully Iraq can become a prosperous place that is truly free and safe.. Jenny Smaoi.. January 11, 2010 at 6:44 pm.. Glad to  ...   x.. gnorimies.. September 8, 2011 at 3:32 pm.. Iraq alone has to find a path to democracy.. kataskevi istoselidon.. April 18, 2012 at 7:43 pm.. Iraq is great country and he find his way to freedom and democracy.. Iraq don t have support from Americans to do that..

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  • Title: Blog | Back to Iraq
    Descriptive info: Category Archives:.. New look coming.. August 5, 2007.. There s a new batch of software in town: [MovableType 4](http://www.. movabletype.. org).. So far, it s very nice and in honor of the cleaned up code and new functionality, I ll be changing Back to Iraq s look and feel.. This will be the third or fourth iteration of B2I through the years and it s become a bit of a tradition for me to shake things up and try to make reading the site a pleasant and useful experience for you.. So please bear with me while the work continues.. Thank you,.. The Management.. Inaugural Column on Spot-on.. June 29, 2007.. My first column.. for Spot-on.. com, a syndication site, is available.. I ll be writing about what else? Beirut and the wider Middle East.. I hope you guys enjoy it!.. IraqSlogger duties.. June 24, 2007.. Hello all I just wanted to remind y all that I now do the.. U.. media roundup/critique for IraqSlogger.. Today s offering has reports on Marines spin from Haditha and a depressing/charming story about a rooftop pool in Baghdad.. Please check it out :http://www.. iraqslogger.. com/index.. php/post/3311/US_Papers_Sun_Keeping_Cool_in_Baghdad.. There s Competence and Then There s Competence.. June 19, 2007.. I m coming a bit late to this because of server problems, but it s something that s been bugging me about the whole.. Reid-Pace competence imbroglio.. The question nagging at me is not who called whom incompetent or whether Reid was wrong or right to do so.. I mean, Pace had just been fired, so Reid s not that far off calling the former chair of the joint chief s abilities into question.. No, what I wonder is why Reid s comments didn t get picked up by the bloggers in the conference call.. Why did the almost all of the liberal bloggers deny he said that Pace was incompetent when from the transcript posted on Talking Points Memo :http://electioncentral.. tpmcafe.. com/blog/electioncentral/2007/jun/14/obtained_a_tape_of_reids_conference_call_with_bloggers_reid_did_blast_pace, he did, and it appears pretty clear he s talking about Pace? Did they  ...   Any reporter who missed that would be tarred and feathered by editors.. (And it s significant that mainstream reporters in were the ones who broke this story, even though bloggers had every opportunity to break it.. ) So, why are the bloggers given a free pass on this lapse?.. Indeed, it was Talking Points Memo itself that in 2002 was.. instrumental in bringing down another Senate majority leader.. The mainstream press was heckled and criticized for missing Lott s noxious comments.. (And rightly so, in my opinion.. But shouldn t bloggers in a friggin conference call with the current Senate majority Leader, for crissakes need to be held to the same standards of accountability and, dare I say it, competence, that they hold the MSM to? Why the double standard?.. Back Up and Running.. BEIRUT Hello all.. Here at Back-to-Iraq.. com, we re back up and running at our new, zippy servers at LivingDot.. com (who have been lovely, really.. ) Yahoo has been left in the dust, which was a long time coming.. The domain may take a little while to propagate out, but within a couple of days, things should be back to normal.. This downtime came at a terrible time, what with things hotting up up north at Nahr el-Bared and Iraq always on fire.. I ve also got a nasty eye problem at the moment that prevents me using the computer for long, but that also should be cleared up in a couple of days.. In other news,.. I m due to start a column for Spot-on.. com soon.. , which will in theory put me on the Op-Ed pages of the.. Washington Post.. Look for that to happen this week or next.. I m also the new US media roundup writer for.. IraqSlogger.. , Eason Jordan s amazing all-Iraq news site.. Please be sure and check it out.. So, as soon as the eye gets better, I ll see you all (heh) then.. In the mean time, I ll bug Johannes to write some more posts..

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  • Title: Official Numbers on Iraqi Casualties from U.S. Government? | Back to Iraq
    Descriptive info: rashard.. September 22, 2009 at 9:42 am.. I feel that it does not make much sense to keep fighting the war in Iraq.. Everything that we mess up we have to re-build it so why keep fighting if we don t have to.. The casualties that are shown in this blog are deaths that could have been well avoided.. Alot of money problems should not be blamed on Obama but Bush..

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