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  • Title: Home | Hygiene Services | Cannon Hygiene | Hygiene Supplies
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Washroom Services.. Feminine Hygiene.. Compact Unit.. Concept Unit.. Auto Lid Concept.. Disposal bag holder.. Air Fresheners.. T Cell Fragrance.. Seasons Spray Fragrance.. Prozone.. Sanitisers.. Auto Sanitiser.. Water Management System.. Toilet Seat Cleaner.. Hand Cleansing.. Manual Soap Dispenser.. Auto Soap Dispenser.. Hand Sanitiser.. Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser.. Deb 3 Step Hand Care System.. Hand Drying.. Cannon Air Jet.. Cannon Air Rapide.. Roller Towels.. Paper Products.. Zig Zag Hand Towels.. Premium Hand Towel Roll.. Centrefeed.. Twin Auto Shift Toilet Rolls.. Multi Flat Toilet Tissue.. Jumbo Toilet Rolls.. Mini-Jumbo Toilet Rolls.. Couch Rolls.. Vending Machines.. 6 Column.. 2 Column.. Nappy Vendor.. Washroom Management.. Washroom Facilities Monitor.. Infant Care.. Infant Changing Tables.. Baby Seat.. Nappy Disposal Units.. Nappy Vending.. Infant Care Spray Fragrance.. Hand and Changing Table Sanitiser.. International Opportunities.. Legislation.. Healthcare Services.. First Response.. First Aid Station.. Eye Wash Kit.. Premier First Aid Kit Bag.. Offensive Waste.. Offensive Waste Disposal Units.. Offensive Waste Tiger Bag Service.. Offensive Waste External Trolleys.. Clinical Waste.. Sharps Bins.. Body Fluid Spill Kits.. Hard Clinical Waste Bins.. Soft Clinical Waste Disposal Units.. Soft Clinical Waste Bag Service.. Soft Clinical Waste External Trolleys.. Pharmi-Sharps Bins.. Sharps.. Sharps Bins.. Sharps Injury Prevention Spill Kit.. Pharmaceutical.. Cytotoxic  ...   First comes to UK.. Read more.. 26/04/2013.. Roll out the red carpet!.. Welcome to Cannon.. We provide a range of services designed to support your business and facilities.. Whether you are searching for hygiene services, healthcare, pest control or confidential waste services you can be assured that everything we do is compliant with all relevant legislation and regulations – so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.. Over 40,000 customers trust us to support their business and are confident in our service quality.. Cannon is part of.. OCS.. the international facilities services provider and a partner of.. Euroliance.. Your Opinion Matters - Take Part in Our Poll.. Do you know the difference between a deodoriser and a germicide within a feminine hygiene unit?.. Yes.. No.. Vote.. View results.. Washroom Services.. Janitorial Products.. International Opportunity.. Healthcare Services.. Pest Control.. Pest Prevention and Management.. Rodent Control.. Insect Control.. Bird Control.. Wildlife Management.. Products and Auditing Specialists.. Confidential Waste.. Our Services Explained.. Service Options.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Container Range.. Textile Care.. mat rental Service.. Roller Towel Services.. Textile Care.. Privacy Policy.. Terms & Conditions.. Cannon Hygiene |.. enquiries@cannonhygiene.. com.. Website Design.. and.. Content Management System.. by.. Fat Media..

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  • Title: Washroom Services | Washroom Supplies | Hygiene Product Suppliers
    Descriptive info: You are here:.. /.. These days, people have come to expect the same level of cleanliness in public washrooms as they do in their own bathrooms at home.. Perhaps even more so! But for any busy organisation, no matter how large or how small, operating pressures can often push washroom hygiene management way down the list  ...   services is our business and whilst perhaps a low priority for you, it's our number one focus.. We work hard to ensure that washroom standards are the highest they can possibly be.. We offer national coverage for any type of business operation and continue to develop new services and products to meet today's hygiene demands.. Enquire Now..

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  • Title: Feminine Hygiene | Feminine Hygiene Disposal | Sanitary Disposal
    Descriptive info: Disposal Bag Holder.. Feminine hygiene disposal.. As innovators in our industry, feminine hygiene disposal products and services is where Cannon’s business began over 50 years ago.. Our feminine hygiene waste disposal service fully meets the need for something other than simply flushing waste down the toilet or placing it in a waste bin.. For you it provides the safeguard of knowing that health, social and environmental concerns have been  ...   clean, safe, hands-free system for feminine hygiene disposal.. All our feminine hygiene disposal units contain Activap , a unique chemical free germicide to render the waste harmless to individuals and safe for our environment.. “Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a soluble towel or tampon.. ”.. “Flushing sanitary waste down the toilet pollutes rivers and coastlines and can result in blocked drains.. ”.. | Website by..

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  • Title: Compact Unit | Feminine Hygiene Disposal | Sanitary Disposal
    Descriptive info: Cannon Compact Unit.. The Cannon Compact makes feminine hygiene waste disposal more hygienic and more convenient than ever.. Featuring a slim, low profile design, it will fit discreetly into even the smallest cubicle.. Discreet, slim design.. Polygiene silver ion technology in the lid prevents cross contamination by killing feminine hygiene waste bacteria on impact.. Contains Activap Germicide - natural, non toxic, kills 99.. 999% of bacteria and  ...   for ease of disposal.. Discreet unit exchange service - fresh, clean unit replaced every time.. Available in 2 colours to complement any washroom decor.. Chrome metal sleeve now available.. Enquire about this product now.. View Enquiry List.. Dimensions (mm).. Height: 414.. Width: 149.. Depth: 432.. Available Colours.. White Base / Charcoal Lid.. or Charcoal Base / Silver Lid.. or Chrome metal sleeve available.. Capacity (L).. 11.. 5..

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  • Title: Concept Unit | Sanitary Disposal | Feminine Hygiene Disposal
    Descriptive info: Concept Feminine Hygiene Unit.. Promoting a safe and hygienic washroom environment.. Exclusive Activap germicide - unit contains our unique, environmentally friendly germicide certified against Hep B + C and HIV to render waste harmless.. Discreet feminine hygiene unit exchange service - fresh, clean unit replaced every  ...   steel modesty tray - conceals the unit contents and minimises bacteria growth.. Integral foot pedal - allows for hands free operation, minimising cross infection.. Feminine hygiene units are lockable for secure areas.. Height: 490.. Width: 160.. Depth: 530.. Blue or Grey Lid / Grey Base.. 17..

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  • Title: Auto Lid Concept | Sanitary Disposal | Feminine Hygiene Disposal
    Descriptive info: Auto Lid Concept Feminine Hygiene Unit.. Promotes a modern hands-free washroom for a safer and more hygienic environment.. Exclusive Activap germicide - unit contains a unique, environmentally friendly germicide certified against Hep B + C and HIV to render waste harmless.. Touch free operation - the infra-red sensor detects the hand to operate the lid automatically.. Modesty tray - conceals the unit contents and minimises bacteria growth.. Units are lockable for secure areas.. Grey Lid / Grey Base..

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  • Title: Disposal Bag Holder | Sanitary Disposal | Feminine Hygiene Disposal
    Descriptive info: Femine Hygiene Disposal Bag Holder.. Sanitary disposal.. Discreet - allows the end user a discreet method to dispose of sanitary waste before placing it into the Feminine Hygiene Unit.. Kind to environment - promotes the 'Bag It and Bin It, Don't Flush It' campaign to encourage users not to flush feminine hygiene waste.. This also reduces the chance of pipe work blockages from sanitary waste.. Promotes a hygienic image within the washroom.. Ultra compact - requires minimum space in the toilet cubicle.. Capacity: holds up to 50 paper bags.. Height: 175.. Width: 122.. Depth: 33.. White or metallic..

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  • Title: Air Fresheners | Fragrance Units | Washroom Service
    Descriptive info: Seasons Spray Air Freshener Fragrance.. Prozone Air Freshener.. Air Freshener Products and Services.. Using a washroom shouldn't be an unpleasant experience for the user, but often because of strong odours it can be.. Cannon provide a range of air freshener products that are perfect for washrooms but versatile enough to use in receptions and meeting rooms..

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  • Title: T Cell Fragrance | Fragrance Units | Air Fresheners | Washroom Service
    Descriptive info: T Cell Fragrance Air Fresheners.. Continuous odour control 24 hours a day creating a pleasant washroom environment.. Less waste - made from natural fragrance oils and no batteries.. Innovative - uses revolutionary fuel cell technology.. Choice of 2 designer fragrances - Atlantis (Male) Luna (Female).. Contemporary, compact and discreet to match any décor.. Recommended in areas of up to 170m and positioned 180cm from the floor and doorways.. Dimensions.. Height: 142.. Width: 62.. Depth: 75.. Info bit 3.. Atlantis (Gents) / Luna (Female)..

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  • Title: Seasons Spray Air Freshener Fragrance | Air Fresheners
    Descriptive info: The Seasons Spray Air Freshener Fragrance changes with the seasons.. It is the most effective odour neutralising system through its sophisticated fragrancing technology.. Contains 'Microtrans' sophisticated fragrancing technology to eliminate odours.. Creating a pleasant environment - improved washroom experience.. Businesses that invest in providing high quality and well maintained washrooms are rewarded with improved employee morale and higher levels of customer satisfaction.. Programmable to suit customer needs.. Height: 192.. Width: 89.. Depth: 68.. Fragrances.. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter..

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  • Title: Prozone Air Freshener | Fragrance Units | Air Fresheners
    Descriptive info: Destroys harmful micro-organisms and viruses - kills both airborne and surface bacteria and neutralises bad odours.. Ozone is released in gas form (O3) to penetrate into even the most inaccessible locations.. No harmful chemicals or waste - any ozone not used reverts back to oxygen, leaving no residue.. Flexible operation - suitable for non occupied rooms/ areas 15 -100 m3.. Programmable  ...   sensor detects for day/night/ 24 hour operation.. Minimal maintenance - As part of the rental, Cannon Hygiene will replace the ceramic plates annually.. Choice of colour - contemporary and discreet to match any décor.. Energy efficient - fixed installation uses only 12 watts.. (fused spur required).. Visible LED confirms operation of unit and confirmation of unit function.. Locked for added security.. White..

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    Archived pages: 186