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  • Title: Crooks and Liars
    Descriptive info: .. Login.. |.. Register.. | Connect with.. Username:.. *.. Password:.. Remember me.. Create new account.. Request new password.. Crooks and Liars.. Late Nite Music Club.. Occupy America.. Video Cafe.. Blue America.. Home.. Contact.. Help.. December 07, 2013 06:30 AM.. Rick Santorum Compares Obamacare to Apartheid.. By Diane Sweet.. During an appearance on Fox News Thursday night, Former Senator, and failed Republican presidential hopeful, Rick Santorum discussed the death of Nelson Mandela, saying the former South African president fought "great injustice" just like Republicans who are battling Obamacare.. "Nelson Mandela stood up against a great injustice and was willing to pay a huge price for that.. That's the reason he's mourned today, because of that struggle that he performed," Santorum said.. "But you're right, I mean, what he was advocating for was not necessarily the right answer, but he was fighting against some great injustice, and I would make the argument that we have a great injustice going on right now in this country with an ever-increasing size of government that is taking over and controlling people's lives, and Obamacare is front and center in that.. ".. Not to be outdone by the crazy shit Santorum says, Bill O'Reilly claimed Mandela "was a great man, but he was a communist.. "I would never attack Nelson Mandela," O'Reilly said next.. Right.. Mandela was South Africa’s first black president and fought apartheid rule.. He passed away on Thursday at the age of 95.. Tags.. :.. Apartheid.. ,.. Bill O Reilly.. communist.. death.. Nelson Mandela.. Obamacare.. Republicans.. Rick Santorum.. South Africa.. Comments.. Print.. December 07, 2013 05:00 AM.. Mike s Blog Round Up.. By Infidel753.. Mario Piperni.. : Don't call it a do-nothing Congress -- they expanded a parking lot in South Dakota!.. The Reaction.. : Trust Rick Santorum to come up with the stupidest comment yet on the death of Mandela.. Ehrensteinland.. : In California, scandalously late, there's finally some justice for clerical molesters.. Booman Tribune.. : There's a problem with Republicans' plan to avoid more Akin/Mourdock-style rape gaffes --.. those weren't gaffes.. Blog round-up by.. Infidel753.. Tips to mbru [at] crooksandliars [dot] com.. Mike s Blog round up.. December 06, 2013 08:30 PM.. Open Thread.. By Bluegal aka Fran.. So what are YOUR plans for the weekend?.. Open thread below.. December 06, 2013 08:00 PM.. C L s Late Nite Music Club with Henry Cow.. By Ryan Pressman.. Crossposted from.. Song Title:.. Gloria Gloom.. Artist:.. Henry Cow.. Genre:.. Progressive Rock.. Formed in Cambridge in the late '60s, Henry Cow performed a blend of progressive, humorous, and avant-garde music that has always put them ahead of their time.. This particular tune is actually a cover, but I feel that it more than does justice to the original.. Matching Mole, another English art rock group, wrote the tune and released it on the second of their two records.. However, this live version by Henry Cow showcases the virtuosic abilities of the band members as well as the energy that they brought to their live performances.. Concerts.. Price:.. $16.. 16.. (As of 12/06/13 02:45 pm.. details.. ).. Gloria Gloom.. Live.. LNMC.. Matching Mole.. Ryan Pressman.. December 06, 2013 07:00 PM.. Obama Lights National Christmas Tree.. President Barack Obama has thrown the switch, bathing the National Christmas Tree in lights and giving an otherwise dreary day in the nation's capital a festive and seasonal spirit.. As he and his family flipped the switch to light the National Christmas Tree Thursday night, President Barack Obama said he hopes the tree lasts longer than its predecessor, which died after just a year.. "Our tree has been having a hard time recently.. This is our third one in as many years," Obama said, noting that a tree that stood near the White House for more than three decades was lost in a storm early last year.. Its replacement didn't take hold.. "It just goes to show, nobody's job is safe here in Washington," Obama joked.. One month after winning re-election, Obama said he is optimistic about the latest tree, a 28-foot blue spruce that was transplanted just days before Hurricane Sandy and made it through the storm seemingly unharmed.. As soon as the tree burst into color, singing diva Aretha Franklin took to the stage for a spirited version of "Joy to the World.. The first lady read "'Twas the Night Before Christmas," taking turns with a Sesame Street Muppet named Abby.. The National Christmas Tree ablaze with white lights and stars, Obama joined the singers on stage in a singalong version of "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" before heading home, a short motorcade ride away.. "War on Christmas," indeed.. With wire reports.. Aretha Franklin.. First Lady Michelle Obama.. Malia Obama.. national christmas tree.. President Barack Obama.. Sasha Obama.. White House.. December 06, 2013 06:00 PM.. What s the Best Way to Remember Nelson Mandela?.. By Richard RJ Eskow.. After democracy came, they tore down the prison where freedom fighters were held and used the bricks to build the nation's first Constitutional Court.. Visitors to South Africa are often struck by the depth and breadth of that country's affection for Nelson Mandela.. I still have the newspaper I bought at a supermarket checkout counter there on the day of Mandela's planned release from the hospital.. The headline uses Mandela's clan name and reads, "Madiba expected to return home today.. 20 years ago it would have been unthinkable to imagine kind words about an ANC leader, much less the use of an African clan name, in a supermarket tabloid.. Times change.. But Nelson Mandela wasn't a "personality" politician.. He was the leader of a movement and a model for the world.. We'll be learning from his example long after the  ...   the tank assembly where the Okinawa crew was employed.. The sanction is a written order to improve business practice.. At Fukushima, the workers from Okinawa were told by a Tec supervisor to lie to the plant's operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co, and say they were employed by Tec, according to Uechi, three other workers, employment documents and a recording of a workplace briefing reviewed by Reuters.. Fukushima.. illegal labor.. leaky tanks.. nuclear disaster.. December 06, 2013 03:00 PM.. Maine s Wingnut Governor Sees Bright Side of Global Warming.. By scarce.. DOWNLOADS: (95).. PLAYS: (441).. Embed.. One of the most embarrassing governors in the country is at it again, this time over the benefits of global warming.. via the.. Bangor Daily News.. AUGUSTA, Maine — Speaking to a conference assembled to discuss the transportation trends of the future, Gov.. Paul LePage said Thursday that global climate change could have an upside for Maine.. “Everybody looks at the negative effects of global warming, but with the ice melting, the Northern Passage has opened up,” he said.. “So maybe, instead of being at the end of the pipeline, we’re now at the beginning of a new pipeline.. ”.. The Northeast Passage, also known as the northern sea route, is a maritime route through the Arctic Circle that connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, providing a shortcut from the U.. East Coast to Asia — and all the markets therein — that shaves 40 percent off the distance of the traditional route through the Mediterranean Sea and the Suez Canal.. Not surprisingly, the Sierra Club was quick to call out this short-sighted idiocy.. “Gov.. LePage’s statement that there is an upside to global climate disruption reflects an embarrassing ignorance of the alarming harmful environmental and economic ramifications of carbon pollution,” said Glen Brand, the environmental group’s director.. “Maine is already suffering from numerous problems from climate change, including threats to the state’s fisheries, forests, coasts and tourist industries.. Arctic Circle.. Global Warming.. Maine.. Paul LePage.. Sierra Club.. December 06, 2013 02:00 PM.. Jon Stewart to Stuart Varney: You re Telling the Pope How to Do His Job?.. By Heather.. DOWNLOADS: (311).. PLAYS: (4050).. After first taking on Fox "news" and one of their worst offenders for bashing the poor and attacking those making minimum wage,.. Stuart Varney.. , The Daily Show's Jon Stewart let Varney have it for.. his recent remarks admonishing Pope Francis.. STEWART: You're going up against the Pope? You're going up against the Pope on how to help the poor? Helping the poor is in this man's wheelhouse.. This pope helps the poor! But you're telling him how to do his job?.. The Pope doesn't come over to where you work and slap Jamie Dimon's d**k out of your mouth!.. [.. ].. I do think we've got some common ground here.. I think we both actually agree that some people are being paid too much money to shovel unappetizing, unhealthy sh*t to the American public.. We just disagree about who those people are and where they work.. Comedy Central.. Fox News.. income disparity.. Jon Stewart.. Larry Kudlow.. living wage.. Minimum Wage.. Pope Francis.. The Daily Show.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. ….. next ›.. last ».. Advertise Here.. Trending.. Donations.. Crooks and Liars accepts donations via PayPal:.. Or by snail mail:.. CrooksandLiars.. com.. PO BOX 66310.. Los Angeles, CA 90066.. Now Playing.. Violence at immigrants' march in Connecticut suburb as white nationalists turn out to harass.. Gingrich defends Palin claim reform will cause 'euthanasia'.. Rachel Maddow Show: Will Republicans Try to Block Infrastructure Projects?.. Route 66.. Stewart Tears Into the 'Denizens of Bullsh*t Mountain' for Benghazi Fearmongering.. Top Media.. Year.. Jon Stewart Takes Wingnuts Apart for Cries of Tyranny Over Gun Control.. Plays:.. 4617.. Downloads:.. 289.. 3376.. 208.. One Year Ago.. Stupidest Right-Wing Tweet of 2012: Number 4.. Visit the archives.. Crooks and Liars's Latest Posts.. Sat, 12/07/2013 - 06:30.. Sat, 12/07/2013 - 05:00.. Fri, 12/06/2013 - 20:30.. Fri, 12/06/2013 - 19:00.. Fri, 12/06/2013 - 18:00.. Fri, 12/06/2013 - 16:00.. Koch Networks Fueled 2012 Dark Money Machine.. Fri, 12/06/2013 - 13:00.. Fox Columnist: Pope Francis A Disaster for Catholic Church.. Fri, 12/06/2013 - 12:00.. Tea Party Mania!.. Fri, 12/06/2013 - 11:00.. Jeb Bush Questions Obama s Motives on Vatican Embassy Move.. Fri, 12/06/2013 - 10:00.. Mandela: Prisoner, President and Father of Rainbow Nation.. Fri, 12/06/2013 - 07:00.. Here s ALEC s Plan To Bring Right Wing Policies To States Near You.. Fri, 12/06/2013 - 06:00.. Fri, 12/06/2013 - 05:00.. Thu, 12/05/2013 - 20:30.. Shattered by Oil: Exxon Arkansas Spill and the People Left Behind, Part 2.. Thu, 12/05/2013 - 19:00.. Blogroll.. feministing.. Emptywheel.. Shakesville.. pharyngula.. Fafblog.. Juan Cole/Informed Comment.. Intoxination.. bart cop.. first-draft.. Kung Fu Monkey.. driftglass.. echidne of the snakes.. Raw Story.. Nicole Sandler - Radio or Not.. Jesus General.. AOL Hot Seat.. 43 Ideas Per Minute.. Firedoglake.. truthdig.. Vagabond Scholar.. more.. Awards.. Happening Now.. C L s Late Nite Music Club with Beethoven.. C L s Late Nite Music Club with Steely Dan.. C L s Late Nite Music Club with Jelly Roll Morton.. C L s Late Nite Music Club with Minus the Bear.. Robert Reich on why Fast Food Workers are Striking.. Solidarity with all hacktivists: Free Jeremy Hammond.. Holiday Firesale of the Occupy Wall Street Poster to Fund the Next Social Wave.. Join #AllofUs in the #NYC Streets on Thursday at 4pm.. Cantor Office Calls Cops to Threaten Immigrant Children with Arrest.. Pat Robertson Tells Woman: Something in Your Character Makes Your Husbands Abusive.. Palin: People Might Be Afraid to Start a Business Because of Bashir s Unprovoked Attack on Me.. Terms of Service.. Privacy.. Advertising Information.. 2013 Crooks and Liars.. View My Stats..

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    Descriptive info: Username or e-mail address:.. Love in the Air as Washingtonians Line Up for Same-Sex Marriage Licenses..

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  • Title: Apartheid | Crooks and Liars
    Descriptive info: 5 documents found in 0.. 001 seconds.. Drilldown.. Abramoff.. Dan Froomkin.. Mike's Blog Round Up.. Mike's Blog roundup.. Movies.. Obama.. Salon.. Segregation.. Sunday Morning Talk Shows.. Sunday shows.. Uncategorized.. benn.. boycott.. bush.. college.. film.. lead.. markey.. movie.. nobel peace prize.. palestine.. scandal.. truth.. waxman.. white supremacist.. December 06, 2013 07:00 AM.. By Anonymous.. Mandela: prisoner, president and father of 'Rainbow Nation'.. (via.. AFP.. Nelson Mandela's long walk from apartheid prisoner to South African president remade a country and inspired the world.. Mandela died peacefully at home in Johannesburg aged 95 after spending months in critical condition following treatment for a lung.. June 30, 2013 07:30 PM.. Obama stands in the cell where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years.. Open Thread below.. October 11, 2009 04:00 AM.. Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread.. By Nicole Belle.. Sally Field's 1985 Oscar acceptance speech.. Wouldn't it have been great to live in a country that celebrates the achievements of its members? One where we could all tear up at realizing that the world likes us, right now, it likes us again?.. Alas, 'tis not to be.. We're too busy tearing people down--Obama doesn't deserve the NPP, there are still people dying in Afghanistan (never mind that there are still people dying in Israel and Palestine, some 15 years after Arafat, Peres and Rabin jointly won; or that people were still dying in Vietnam when Kissinger won 1973; or that South Africa still had 10 more years of apartheid after Tutu won in 1984.. ) I'm not sure why our collective memories are so short that we have forgotten (or maybe the media just doesn't want us to remember) that the Nobel Peace Prize is rarely awarded for results, but to congratulate a person who has suggested a new path towards world peace and strengthen international diplomacy.. Those paths don't always come to fruition--see Arafat, et al.. , above.. or.. Wilson's award for creating the League of Nations,.. but it is the intent, the choice not to do business the same old way that gets credit with the Nobel committee.. Obama's Nobel is sure to be a major topic on all the shows.. As is foreign policy, which makes sense,.. given the reasoning behind Obama's award.. We also have a brand new Sunday show debuting on CNN:.. Amanpour.. , with Christiane Amanpour (2:00 pm Eastern/11:00 am Pacific).. She's  ...   Chiefs of Staff.. NBC's "The Chris Matthews Show" - Panel: Clarence Page, Gloria Borger, Andrea Mitchell and David Ignatius.. Topics: Has Obama stalled in his ability to achieve major accomplishments this year? What does the David Letterman case say about what is scandalous nowadays? Meter Question: Is concern that President Obama has stalled more perception than reality? YES: 8 NO: 4.. CNN's "State of the Union" - Sens.. John McCain, R-Ariz.. , Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich.. , and Bob Casey, D-Pa.. ; Anita Dunn, White House communications director; Dr.. Anne Schuchat, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases.. CNN's "Fareed Zakaria GPS" - 8 years of war in Afghanistan - what are President Obama's options? Fareed speaks with an expert panel and the Pakistani ambassador to the U-S.. Plus, does the diamond business deserve its dirty reputation?.. CNN's "Amanpour" - "Power Persuasion" U.. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and U.. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates join Christiane Amanpour for an exclusive roundtable discussion, looking at global challenges.. "Fox News Sunday" - Wynn Resorts Ltd.. CEO Steve Wynn; Govs.. Jennifer Granholm, D-Mich.. , and Mitch Daniels, R-Ind.. So, what's catching your eye this morning?.. June 27, 2009 07:00 AM.. Mike s Blog Roundup.. By Mike Finnigan.. : Facts.. Schmacts.. but Waxman-Markey.. passes.. the House.. anyway.. Scott Horton.. : Did a Bush.. Justice Department.. official obstruct the Renzi investigation?.. FAIR Blog.. : Why I couldn't say what.. said reporters should do.. Mondoweiss.. : Naomi Klein in Bil'in: Boycott.. Israel.. Iraq Today.. : War News.. It aint good.. Alien Truth.. : Ayatolla tweets can't be beat.. Many thanks to.. Batocchio.. for filling in so ably for the past ten days.. Mike s Blog roundup.. January 02, 2006 06:30 PM.. Scorpion Jack: Abramoff in Hollywood.. By John Amato.. Let us not forget.. "Abramoff spent ten years in.. Hollywood.. , producing such movies as.. Red Scorpion.. , an.. anti-communist.. film made just after his term with the College Republicans ended.. This movie was filmed in territory controlled by South Africa's white supremacist government, and it's been alleged to have been funded by the South African army; which lead to protests from anti-apartheid groups.. has much more on this story.. Meanwhile, was Scanlon implicated in the Abramoff scandal by his former thirtysomething fiancee, Emily J.. Miller?.. read on..

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  • Title: Bill O'Reilly | Crooks and Liars
    Descriptive info: 927 documents found in 0.. 003 seconds.. Absurdity Today.. Afghanistan.. Bad News.. Congress.. Dick Cheney.. George W.. Bush.. George Zimmerman Trial.. Glenn Beck.. Gun Control.. Howard Kurtz.. Iraq War.. James Rosen.. Julianna Forlano.. Karl Rove.. Media Criticism.. Middle East.. Monsanto.. Navy Yard shooting.. Peter Boyer.. Politico.. Preemptive war.. Republican Party.. Revisionist History.. SNAP.. Syria.. Talking Points Memo.. The O'Reilly Factor.. Trayvon Martin.. WMDs.. aca.. comedy.. embolden our enemies.. food stamps.. healthcare law.. motorcycle gangs.. propaganda.. racism.. rewriting history.. right wing lies.. right wing lunacy.. social safety nets.. the poors.. December 05, 2013 06:00 AM.. Bill O Reilly Tries to Sell His Roots as Working Class - Again.. Bill O'Reilly has been revving up the insanity during the implementation of Obamacare and Tuesday's Factor was no different.. Heather beat me.. to his outrageous claims that millions and millions of people who need food stamps are druggies and drunks, and he had a Catholic priest on to say Jesus definitely wouldn't want a national health care plan.. He actually had guests on to debate that issue.. It's crazy, I know, but that's the state of Fox News.. Another fallacy Bill O.. brought to the table was that his parents were poor indeed when he was growing up.. Over the years Bill O'Reilly has always tried to characterize his upbringing as that of a typical-poor working-class stiff, but nothing could be farther from the truth.. While debating the stupid question of 'would Jesus support a nanny state,' he attacked poor people who needed government.. assistance like food stamps.. while saying his parents were poor too, but always managed to put food on the table.. O'Reilly: Some of the people who don't have enough to eat, it's their fault particularly with their children and this is where it really becomes dicey.. If you’re an addict or a drug addict and you can’t hold a job, and you can’t support your children, […] then it's your fault you’re bringing the havoc.. You’re asking people who may be struggling themselves to put food on the table to give their tax money to you, […] and then you’re going to buy booze and drugs with it.. because there's no government regulation with it and that's my problem.. Duboise : most of the food goes to working families.. O'Reilly: My parents didn't make a lot of money and they were able to put food on the table and I'm just seeing a system that's creating dependence.. November 27, 2013 11:00 AM.. Glenn Beck Pulls Out Rifle and Abraham Lincoln s Bed Sheet On Bill O Reilly.. Glenn Beck keeps getting weirder and freakier as time goes on and yet, he still gets a platform on Fox News.. I'm sure Bill O'Reilly was glad to have him, but I wonder if he even expected this.. sort of loopy behavior from the King of Vicks Vapor Rub.. Glenn Beck's recent interview on Fox News saw the host pulling out a rifle and showing off a piece of Abraham Lincoln's bedsheet.. Nothing too surprising, we guess! On Monday night, Beck spoke to Bill O'Reilly about.. his new book "Miracles and Massacres".. via satellite — and offered up his take on the untold stories of American history.. Beck went on about how much he "hates" Thomas Edison, who he called a "dirtbag.. " At one point, he pulled out a rifle that he said was taken from the Wounded Knee Massacre, which he called a "buried" historical event.. The pièce de résistance, however, may have been Lincoln's bed sheet.. Beck pulled it out at the end of the interview, telling O'Reilly, “You may have the book, I have the bed sheet.. Not only is he zonked out on his ego, but now he's attempting to rewrite history to sell some more merchandise to his rubes.. He must worship that old P.. T.. Barnum adage which says,.. 'there's a sucker born every minute.. '.. Oh, and why was BillO so mute to this ridiculous routine on his own show? Well, here's what he.. had to say:.. O’Reilly had no reaction to Beck holding the gun, instead praising him for his work.. “So Beck is now the watchdog of history, along with me and [Brian] Kilmeade.. We’re rolling, Beck!” O’Reilly said.. These two deserve each other.. July 23, 2013 05:00 AM.. Bill O Reilly s Message to African Americans: Young Black Girls Should Stop Having Babies.. DOWNLOADS: (205).. PLAYS: (1120).. O'Reilly: When was the last time you saw a public service ad telling young black girls to avoid becoming pregnant? Has President Obama done such an ad?.. Bill O'Reilly was off the air Friday, so I knew he would bring double-barrel action to his Monday night's Talking Points Memo to respond to.. President Obama's Trayvon Martin race comments.. , and did he ever.. Bill believes he's some sort of race whisperer, and only he will will furnish you with the unvarnished truth on how to solve these difficult problems in African American communities today.. I was surprised that he didn't take the Hannity approach and make asinine remarks about his presser, but he actually agreed that Obama should have broached the topic of race and framed it with the Martin case.. Many conservatives have been trying to say that blacks should have no beef with the Zimmerman case because racism was never an issue (which is ludicrous), but Bill came from a different angle.. He admitted that the black community has pent-up resentments against white oppression, but then basically said it was a cop-out.. The past has nothing to do with anything anymore.. No, really he said that.. O'Reilly: Many black Americans harbor at least some resentment for past injury.. August 13, 2013 03:00 PM.. Absurdity Today: This is What Monsanto Considers Good News.. By Julianna Forlano.. Here's some 'good' news according to Monsanto, followed up with some actual good news, and a tip for how to deal with all the bad news.. Brought you to by Absurdity Today!, the independent news parody series hosted by political satirist Julianna Forlano.. Enjoy!.. August 14, 2013 05:00 AM.. Bill O Reilly Smears Food Stamps: Encourages Parasites To ‘Take As Much As They Want’.. DOWNLOADS: (111).. PLAYS: (705).. Bill O'Reilly has been going off the deep end even more than usual.. , ever since the Trayvon Martin trial ended.. and since he's not beating up all black youths for wearing hoodies, he's turned to serious business: disparaging those in need of food stamps.. It's obviously aimed at promoting Bret Baier's.. Great Food Stamp Binge.. special on FOX.. With the economy still not helping the 98% of Americans and the need for assistance to eat has grown, you might think that conservative hard liners would at least ease up on the needy when it comes to food (since bankers and mortgage lenders with the aid of many conservatives helped destroy the world economy).. You might think that, but you'd  ...   but can you come up with some more original lies? You know, something flashy like.. if we don't bomb Syria we'll lose our internet access for a minimum of three months.. Now that will get Americans behind striking out against Syria.. September 19, 2013 11:00 AM.. Howard Kurtz Rakes Bill O Reilly Over Anti-Gun Media Conspiracy.. DOWNLOADS: (171).. PLAYS: (1741).. Bill O'Reilly opened his show by with the usual Talking Points memo, which is his top segment of the evening.. His take was that the cable TV media complex coordinated with each other to promote the AR-15 as a weapon used in the Navy Yard shooting.. Early reports had surfaced saying that Aaron Alexis had used an A-15 in his kill spree, but those proved to be erroneous.. Bill went on to show a highlight reel of the media as well as stories from print media to highlight the conspiracy, but he forgot one media entity in his clips.. O'Reilly: Some in the liberal press used the murders to advance their anti-gun agenda.. Awful.. But not only that, they were wrong in what they reported.. Many of us watched the coverage and we know that the media were reporting bogus information all day.. Jon Stewart spent a lot of.. time destroying CNN and the media for their coverage.. (see video).. Did Bill use TDS's segment to write his own talking points? Me wonders.. But he also took it much farther than that as he usually does.. Now everybody makes mistakes, but this was a coordinated effort.. Kind of a hysterical reaction.. There's no question the American media is opposing the majority of Americans over the second amendment and the reason is, most journalists live in secure places.. October 04, 2013 04:00 PM.. Fox News Reporter Refutes Bill O Reilly s Claim That Obamacare Has Failed.. DOWNLOADS: (272).. PLAYS: (2365).. Bill O'Reilly has been on an Obamacare jihad the last few days and he's been promising the "facts" as to why the ACA is a complete failure.. Well, he had on both of Fox's press reporters, Carl Cameron and James Rosen, to discuss the shutdown and Obamacare.. When Billie tried to make his erroneous claim that Obamacare is a complete disaster, James Rosen refused to play along.. Carl Cameron joined the fray as well when he seemed to be criticizing the GOP for shutting down the government over their attempts to defund it, and didn't let Bill interrupt him before he finished speaking.. Cameron: Their policies, their proposals, even if they are legitimate from their own perspectives doesn't necessarily mean that shutting down the government is the solution to reach them.. Bill: But Cameron look, look, look, look.. Cameron: that's where the debate is because there are constitutional ways to readdress Obamacare.. You can pass a law, override a veto, win an election, take over -- those are the prescribed ways for undoing things like this.. Bill: But the problem is now is you have a law that has been passed, legitimately passed, upheld by the Supreme Court that's falling apart.. Cameron: Sure.. Bill: It's falling apart.. Rosen: That's not clear, Bill.. October 05, 2013 05:30 AM.. Bill O Reilly Compares Obamacare To A Vicious Motorcycle Gang.. DOWNLOADS: (149).. PLAYS: (721).. BillO is losing his mind on the government shutdown caused by Republicans because of their hatred for anything that has to do with the black guy in the White House.. O'Reilly has been pitching his ridiculous idea that Obama should give the folks the option that they don't have to buy into the ACA for a year.. Bill knows that the price structure hinges on the individual mandate so his proposal is moot, but hey, in Billie's world, it's all good.. Kirsten made him look foolish the other day and shot down his.. proposal, calling it 'a terrible idea.. But that hasn't stopped him from vehemently attacking Obamacare and calling it a complete failure since the shut down began a few days ago even though Obamacare hasn't really started yet.. Since his proposal is being ignored by everybody (including his GOP pals), he's resorting to the tricks of AM hate talk radio.. O'REILLY:.. Now, Mr.. Obama didn't answer the question.. As you just saw he walked away from ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl.. But later on he did meet with the congressional leaders and nothing was accomplished.. That's because the President is in a corner.. The Syria deal made him look weak and he cannot afford to look weak again by compromising his signature issue Obamacare.. The Republicans are in a bad place as well.. Another new poll out today says the Americans blame the government shutdown on Republicans by a 44 to 35 margin.. But there is so much anger on the right over Obamacare that Republicans in Congress can't back down or their careers may be ruined.. The RINO charge "Republican in name only" is not an easy thing for GOP politicians to deal with.. October 30, 2013 05:00 AM.. Dick Cheney: Iraq War Worth It Cause Saddam Might Get WMDs.. DOWNLOADS: (137).. PLAYS: (455).. Dick Cheney will never admit that he screwed the pooch with his push for war with Iraq.. He now says that since we blew the shit out of Iraq, as well as.. eliminated.. Saddam as a WMD threat, spending a trillion dollars with 100,000 civilians killed and almost 4500 US soldiers dead made it worth the cost in blood and treasure to America.. Huh? 'Potential' is his new benchmark for invading and destroying anybody he sees fit.. O’REILLY: But what — right now, what do we — what do we get of Iraq for all of that blood and treasure? What do we get out of it?.. CHENEY: What we gain and my concern was then and it remains today is that the biggest threat we face is the possibility of terrorist groups like al Qaeda equipped with weapons of mass destruction, with nukes, bugs or gas.. That was the threat after 9/11 and when we took down Saddam Hussein.. we eliminated Iraq as a potential source of that.. After O'Reilly tells him that Al-Qaeda is back, he blames Obama administration for not following his policies.. What an evil man.. He also cites Moammar Gadhafi giving up his nuke capabilities and catching AQ Khan as the other great achievements for invading Iraq.. He's an evil man because he knows.. this was the real reason for his call to invade Iraq.. Clueless Malkin: Richard Trumka and Andy Stern are "Kings of Astroturf".. AARP Repeatedly Boos Ryan for Vowing to Repeal 'Obamacare'.. Coal Miners Say They Were Forced to Attend Romney Event and Donate.. South Park Mocks Glenn Beck.. Southern Beale.. Steve Benen at MaddowBlog.. Average Bro.. steve audio.. Liberal Catnip.. Balloon Juice.. Politics TV.. Down with tyranny.. Sadly, No!.. TBogg.. daily howler.. Yikes!.. Bob Costas Tells O’Reilly: I Don’t Back Up On Anything I’ve Said..

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    Descriptive info: 11 documents found in 0.. 2005.. 2006.. ACORN.. America.. Chicago.. Communists.. Coverage.. Dennis Prager.. Extremism.. Fidel Castro.. Free Speech.. Freedom.. Government.. Guest blog.. Guns.. HOUSE.. Hannity.. Hitler.. Iraq.. Italian.. Jeff Gannon.. Jews.. Jim Gibbons.. Joseph McCarthy.. Kansas.. Lawrence O'Donnell.. Love.. McCarthyism.. Media coverage.. Miami.. Michele Bachmann.. Michelle Malkin.. Military.. Moderates.. Murder.. Nazis.. Oath Keepers.. Patriot movement.. Police.. Politics.. President.. President Bush.. Prime Minister.. Pundits.. Really.. Republican.. Republican Hypocrisy.. Review.. Right Wing Pundits.. Right Wing Stupidity.. Right-wing extremism.. Scott McClellan.. Sick.. Speech.. Subpoena.. Telephone.. Time.. Wingnuts.. Word.. american.. andrea.. anger.. beck.. brain.. communist party.. cover.. disgrace.. durbin.. ears.. election.. friday.. fringe.. future.. gibbons.. gover.. governor.. greenwald.. health care bill.. ignorance.. ilk.. interview.. keyes.. las vegas.. liberal.. malkin.. mcclellan.. militias.. neocons.. nevada.. news.. public relations.. pundit.. punish.. radio.. regime.. right wing.. talk show.. tea party.. teabagger.. television.. troops.. u.. s.. vietnam.. violence.. April 24, 2010 07:00 AM.. Bachmann stirs the pot while angry tea partier assaults and threatens videographer.. By karoli.. It's people like this who I most fear, because they are completely irrational, own guns, and embrace violence.. It's also why I loathe Michele Bachmann and her ilk.. They actually encourage this type of behavior.. Watch this exchange.. This man starts out angry, but controlled.. He's got a problem with our new "socialist-communist" health care bill, and he'll tell anyone within 50 feet about it.. When pressed on specifics, he just rolls out of control, first shouting for death to the communists, then death to the videographer.. "Get out of here before I run you up with this flag and throw you to the river," he cries.. "I fought for this country, you sonofabitch.. What did you do?".. With all due respect for his service to our country, he seems to have a disconnect when it comes to Constitutional rights.. Evidently free speech, which he is exercising liberally in this clip, is only acceptable when it's right wing free speech.. Part of me really dislikes giving any attention to these people.. At the same time, ignoring them also ignores the fact that when mentally unstable people are stirred up and their anger ignited,.. it will not end well.. September 16, 2009 09:00 AM.. Glenn Beck s facade starts cracking: How dare they compare me to McCarthy? I compare me to Murrow!.. By David Neiwert.. DOWNLOADS: (1905).. PLAYS: (11970).. OK, looks like the pressure is finally getting to Glenn Beck.. You can't watch this rant, from his show yesterday, without concluding that the big implosion is on its way.. Beck: Does sacred honor even exist in Washington anymore? Because I ratted out a self-avowed Communist in the administration in Van Jones, the same organizations, the same politicians, the same progressive media that are ignoring or standing for ACORN now, have called me Joseph McCarthy.. They have such little regard for your intelligence that they don't think you're going to figure out that Joseph McCarthy was a powerful senator! Surrounded by the trappings of power of the United States government.. With the power of subpoena and the power of Congress! The guy who stood against that was alone.. While everybody else wet their pants and cowered in fear!.. You'd think the members of the media might remember his name.. It was Edward R.. Murrow.. And while I am nowhere near an Edward R.. Murrow, never claimed to be, let me use the words of, finally, somebody that stood up to the power, and these senators, and said, Senator, have you no shame? Have you no shame?.. Indeed, his critics have been.. making the all-too-accurate comparison to McCarthy,.. most notably.. Media Matters,.. who put together a handy side-by-side comparison that's devastating.. Looks like Beck watched it and it made him cry.. Or maybe he saw.. the tallies from the latest set of advertisers to flee his sinking rat's nest of a show.. : over.. 50 percent of his ad dollars have now gone elsewhere.. Bet that makes him cry too.. But really, Beck did make at least one accurate statement here: He's no Edward R.. Hell, he's not even a Krusty the Klown.. March 05, 2009 05:50 PM.. Will ex-military Patriots form a more dangerous kind of militias?.. One of the more disturbing trends.. we've been observing.. is the return of far-right "Patriot" rhetoric about government oppression with the election of President Obama.. Fueled in no small part by mainstream right-wing talkers proclaiming we're headed into "socialism" -- not to mention.. a "radical communist" who must be "stopped".. or else America will "cease to exist" -- the overheated rhetoric has been gradually getting higher in volume, intensity, and frequency with each passing week.. The initial concern that this raises is the possibility of a new wave of citizen militias, particularly when you have mainstream pundits like.. Glenn Beck out there.. helping to promote the concept.. As.. Glenn Greenwald observed,.. the "Patriots" are back with a vengeance.. At least for the time being, however, there isn't any evidence of new militias forming, though we may see numbers growing within the coming months within existing units, particularly as Fox News and radio pundits start fueling right-wing anxieties.. However, we are starting to see a trend that's even more disturbing: Military veterans voicing Patriot-movement beliefs, including threats of violent resistance to  ...   Miami Herald story reported that several journalists, including El Nuevo staffers, had taken pay from the broadcasters.. It sparked an outcry in the Cuban exile community -- and dominated discussion on Miami s Spanish-language radio talk shows.. Fiedler referred to radio critics of the report as Chihuahuas nipping at the newspaper s heels.. He later apologized for the remark.. Exactly what pushed Varela over the edge Friday was unclear.. More paid propaganda hitting our airwaves.. It s just getting worse.. And---what s up with such a low bail to get him released?.. June 20, 2005 07:47 PM.. LINK.. Obviously, It'll Be His First Time There.. Hoffmania.. - President Bush, speaking after an historic meeting with Vietnamese Prime Minister Phan Van Khai at the White House today, announced he will visit Vietnam in 2006 on the invitation of the communist leader.. Daley Wankery.. arch pundit.. Nice.. On Tuesday, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley-- a fellow Democrat-- added his voice to the chorus of criticism, saying, I think it's a disgrace to say that any man or woman in the military would act like that.. Yeah, like it was a disgrace when anyone said that about a certain Police Commander?.. Of course, Durbin didn't say it was the fault of the military, he said it was the fault of the administration.. Then again, one might see why the Mayor wouldn't like that reasoning either.. Hoffmania:.. -.. President Bush, speaking after an historic meeting with Vietnamese Prime Minister Phan Van Khai at the White House today, announced he will visit Vietnam in 2006 on the invitation of the communist leader.. There's nothing more to add.. March 14, 2005 11:51 AM.. More nbsp;Payola: Jim Gibbons paid Reno nbsp;journlist $8,000 for consulting work last year.. It looks like Gibbons has taken another page out of Bush s playbook by trying to buy positive media coverage.. The.. Las Vegas Review Journal.. is reporting this morning that Jim Gibbons paid $8,000 to a Reno radio reporter on November 30 for post election analysis.. Just like they did when Gibbons was exposed for plagiarizing a speech two weeks ago, Gibbons office is, once again, pleading ignorance by claiming they didn t know Andrea Engleman was reporting while being paid by the Congressman.. Gibbons is planning to run for Governor in 2006.. Engleman defended the payoff as a favor, saying that Gibbons gave her the $8,000 to get through Christmas after she was fired from her political reporting job at KRNV as co-host of Nevada Newsmakers.. Engleman is still covering Gibbons and other Nevada politics for KKOH radio, including a speech delivered by Gibbons at the Nevada Legislature last month.. While Engleman describes the $8,000 as a one-time favor, Gibbons office says they are considering Engleman for future work.. You will remember GIbbon's for his communist.. remark.. , and his.. plagerized speech.. , and of course.. Hannity getting nailed, trying to bail him out.. March 17, 2005 12:24 AM.. The Friday Fisking of Michelle Malkin You Crave.. Mykeru.. Oh, thank you very, very,.. very fucking much.. people for bringing my attention to.. this little goodie.. from.. Well, it's only appropriate, I guess, to end a truly Malkin'd week with the sort of really busy fisking of a wing nut that you.. craaave.. Especially since.. Auguste.. is off somewhere on hiatus and someone's got to take out the trash.. I'm not sure why it has to be.. me.. though.. What about the.. Liberal Avenger.. ? Can't he avenge this cold blooded murder of brain cells and bandwidth that Malkin saw fit to shove in our faces like we were Scott McClellan and her column was Jeff Gannon's cock?.. No, seems he's got his.. own problems.. Oh, OK.. (pinches nose shut).. Damn, you know I'm going to boof.. The Ransom Of The Red Reporter.. By Michelle Malkin.. March 9, 2005.. International furor over Giuliana Sgrena, an Italian communist writer who claims American troops in Iraq may have deliberately shot at her car after she was released by kidnappers, misses the bigger scandal.. Yeah, yeah, we get it: She's a communist or, rather, she writes for a communist newspaper, a difference there that seems entirely lost on Malkin, like so much else.. Commie! Commie! Neener-neener-neener!.. Go ahead, Michelle, get it out of your system.. We'll wait.. Forever.. In Praise Of.. Flavia Colgan and Lawrence O'DonnellLiberal Avenger? Can't he avenge this cold blooded murder of brain cells and bandwidth that Malkin saw fit to shove in our faces like we were Scott McClellan and her column was Jeff Gannon's cock?.. Lawrence O Donnell.. March 29, 2005 02:11 AM.. The nbsp; Great Unraveling part II.. thinks that we really only want to die.. "One of the greatest insights of Sigmund Freud, who, his atheism notwithstanding, was perhaps the greatest mind of the 20th century, was that human beings have a Death Instinct, a death wish that is as strong as the Life Instinct.. He wrote this decades before Nazism and the Communist genocides of the 20th century proved his point.. Taking a theory of Freud's and using it to validate the extermination of Jews as nothing more than Hitler exercising his death instinct is sick and twisted.. More from.. Sadly, No.. Obama Announces Opposition to MI Right to Work Legislation..

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    Descriptive info: 198 documents found in 0.. 002 seconds.. 2004.. Al Jazeera.. Alabama.. Amnesty International.. Andrew Sullivan.. Annals of Journalism.. Barack Obama.. Bloomberg.. California.. Civil Liberties.. Clinton.. Constitution.. Credit.. Dearborn.. Demerol.. Detroit.. During.. Failure.. Gun.. Harry Smith.. Hillary Clinton.. Holy Crap.. Hussein.. Incompetence.. Jobs.. John.. John McCain.. June.. McCain.. Michigan.. Mike's Blog round up.. Missouri.. Money.. NOLA.. Off the Beaten Path.. Palin.. Polls.. Reading.. Renisha McBride.. Rick Warren.. Rifle.. Robert Gibbs.. Running Mate.. Sarah Palin.. Science.. Spending.. Supporters.. Susie Bright.. TASERs.. The View.. United States.. Verdict.. Women.. abstinence.. annals.. beaten.. beaten path.. cars.. cartoon.. churches.. conservatism.. credit card.. deaths.. dems.. earth.. email.. enforcement.. features.. gibbs.. gun death.. gun violence.. harry.. hillary.. history.. hypocrite.. law enforcement.. legal.. michael jackson.. national c.. oil companies.. parents.. photo.. police officer.. presidential speech.. press.. recycling.. release.. risk.. shock.. stand your ground law.. susie.. swift.. swift boat.. taser.. thrown.. thugs.. united state.. van susteren.. veepstakes.. vetting.. voter.. world.. November 07, 2013 03:00 PM.. Update: Homeowner Stands His Ground, Accidentally Shoots Teen in the Face.. UPDATE.. : According.. to a new report.. , police have stated that Renisha McBride was.. not shot in the back of the head.. Lt.. James Serwatowski, chief detective of the Dearborn Heights police stated that “This girl was not shot in the back of the head while leaving the porch.. I don’t know where the family is getting this.. She was shot in the front of the face, near the mouth.. “This man’s claiming – believed the girl was breaking into the home.. And he’s also saying the gun discharged accidentally,” Lt.. James Serwatowski, chief detective, said.. An investigation is continuing.. _________________________________________________________________.. Less than two months after Charlotte police.. shot and killed an unarmed man.. who was looking for help after having a car accident, a Michigan teen is dead under similar circumstances, shot in the back of the head as she was walking off the porch of a home where she reportedly sought help late at night.. Renisha McBride, a 19-year-old from Detroit, is presumed to have been asking for help when she knocked on the door of a Dearborn Heights home at 2:30 A.. M.. on Saturday.. McBride's family says the teen had been in a car accident and her cellphone wasn't working.. Rather than asking McBride what she wanted, or even simply dialing "911," the homeowner came outside and shot her in the head with a shotgun.. According to Renisha's aunt.. , she had already turned to walk or run away from the home, as the bullet entered the back of her head.. Police reports say the teenager was found dead on the home's front porch.. While the initial reports of McBride's death labeled it a "possible case of.. self-defense gone wrong.. ," police sent a request to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office asking for charges to be filed against the unnamed resident who shot McBride.. But late Wednesday, the office said it sent back the request, seeking more information.. McBride’s aunt Bernita Spinks.. said she believes.. the senseless tragedy was a case of racial profiling.. "He shot her in the head.. for what? For knocking on his door," McBride's aunt told the Detroit News.. "If he felt scared or threatened, he should have called 911.. “I just want justice,” Spinks said Wednesday.. “I’m not going to stop until we get it.. Michigan.. currently has a version.. of a "Stand Your Ground" law, which allows individuals to use deadly force without first retreating if they believe it's necessary to prevent imminent harm or death.. State Democratic lawmakers have.. submitted a bill.. to repeal the self-defense law, however it seems to have stagnated since its submission in May 2012.. June 26, 2009 10:00 AM.. Demerol Shot Probable Cause of Death; Cops Want To Talk To Michael Jackson s Doctor.. Just one more example of the.. best healthcare system in the world.. Police want to interview Michael Jackson's doctor after the star's family suggested he died because of a drug overdose, according to reports.. The King of Pop suffered a cardiac arrest at his home in Holmby Hills and was taken to the UCLA medical centre where he was pronounced dead.. Tmz.. com said Jackson received a daily injection of Demerol, a synthetic narcotic similar to morphine, but was given "too much" on Thursday.. Los Angeles police  ...   you noticed how Republicans love the idea of a Republican, like.. , going after the major American oil companies so she could tax them?.. Oliver Willis.. : John McCain and his roommates.. Ken Silverstein.. : Since Obama's pastor was vetted more carefully than McCain's.. running mate.. , now seems like a good time to examine.. the viewpoints.. of Sarah Palin's two most recent pastors.. Economist's View.. : The Death of the Credit Card Economy.. Politics in the Zeros.. : In Minneapolis, Federal and local.. with badges are.. violating the law.. August 07, 2008 10:00 AM.. The Left Coaster.. : The days of BUSHCO dictating to the Iraqis are over.. Halfway There.. : Why polling is volatile even if voter's aren't.. Beggars Can Be Choosers.. : No president in history has ever handed off a bigger mess to his successor.. The Strange Death of Liberal America.. : 'Hillary Trojans' are McCain people masking themselves as disgruntled supporters of Hillary Clinton.. They are the new Swift Boaters.. The Brad Blog.. : A Missouri voter refused an illegal demand to show a photo ID at the polls and got thrown in jail.. November should be.. interesting.. No More Mr.. Nice Blog.. : Get the smelling salts.. Obama said America is not always great!!!.. July 30, 2008 10:00 AM.. Rising Hegemon.. : Another endorsement.. Steve Audio.. : More Rethuglican '.. broken government.. ' negligence.. People, it's not mere incompetence, it's.. their ideology.. the field negro.. : Toby, I think you have a hit on your hands.. You probably remember that fringe-dweller's favorite,.. The Clinton Body Count.. And if you're on the wingnuttiest email lists, you've been warned about the.. Obama Death List.. Now comes the.. McCain - Obama Death List.. , a partial list of deaths of persons connected to both John NMA McCain and Barack HUSSEIN Obama during their time as presidential hopefuls in the United States.. Susie Bright's Journal.. : Going Off The Rails.. OFF THE BEATEN PATH:.. 2 Political Junkies.. Rustbelt Intellectual.. Cagle's Cartoon BLog.. Guys From Area 51.. July 13, 2008 10:00 AM.. Cynics' Party.. has recovered McCain's press release (recently scrubbed from the Psychogeezer's website) announcing disgraced AG.. Troy King.. as Alabama State Campaign Chair.. The Agonist.. : Our long national obsession with.. naked capitalism.. : The death of globalisation consensus.. Fafblog!.. Veepstakes 2008: Turgid For Change Edition.. NotionsCapital.. : Turdblossom found.. BlondeSense.. : Over There.. June 08, 2008 03:00 PM.. Taser Inc.. Loses First Product-Liability Suit.. June 7 (Bloomberg) -- Taser International Inc.. , the largest stun-gun maker, lost a $6.. 2 million jury verdict over the death of a California man who died after police shot him multiple times with the weapon.. The defeat is the first for Taser in a product- liability claim.. A San Jose, California, jury yesterday said Taser had failed to warn police in Salinas, California, that prolonged exposure to electric shock from the device could cause a risk of cardiac arrest.. The jury awarded $1 million in compensatory damages and $5.. 2 million in punitive damages to the estate of Robert Heston, 40, and his parents.. The jury cleared the police officers of any liability.. His parents sued Taser, alleging failure to warn of the dangers of the weapon, and Salinas police officers, claiming excessive force.. The jury ``exonerated the police because they said the police didn't know repeated exposures could kill someone,'' Burton said.. Read on.. I understand that law enforcement officials have difficult jobs and often find themselves in life or death situations.. There are times where the use of these alternative weapons can save lives, but it seems, as in this case,.. as with.. others.. , if improperly used or in the wrong circumstances, they are deadly.. Amnesty International has laid out some recommendations.. for the use of tasers, which I quite agree with; law enforcement agencies should treat them as deadly weapons:.. Amnesty International calls on all governments and law enforcement agencies to either cease using TASERs and similar devices pending the results of thorough, independent studies, or restrict their use to situations where officers would otherwise be justified in resorting to deadly force where no lesser alternatives are available.. The Aristocrats.. Eschaton.. Digby.. The Moderate Voice.. Mock, Paper, Scissors.. AmericaBlog.. A Tiny Revolution.. Lawyers, Guns & Money.. The Black Snob.. MyDD..

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  • Title: Nelson Mandela | Crooks and Liars
    Descriptive info: 7 documents found in 0.. Associated Press.. Blogs.. Canada.. Chairman.. Cold War.. Colorofchange.. Country.. Democracy for America.. Feminists.. Fields.. Foreign Policy.. Glen Beck.. Harlem Gospel Choir.. Lies.. Reconciliation.. Saddam Hussein.. administration.. afghani.. cheney.. contraception.. corrupt.. democracy.. dick.. iraqi.. marijuana.. rating.. recovery.. saddam.. soldiers.. December 03, 2009 07:00 AM.. After Learning More About Glenn Beck, Harlem Gospel Choir Says No To His Christmas Special.. Via Afro Netizen.. , the news that ColorofChange (the same group which so successfully organized a pullout of Glenn Beck's advertising by informing sponsor's of Beck's racist remarks) has apparently persuaded the Harlem Gospel Choir not to perform with Beck on his Christmas special.. (They're saying it didn't pay enough):.. The Harlem Gospel Choir just.. canceled their performance as part of Glenn Beck's "The Christmas Sweater,".. a live performance that's scheduled to be broadcast in movie theaters across the country this Thursday.. The Harlem Gospel Choir has backed out of a holiday performance with controversial conservative talk-show host Glenn Beck, the Daily News has learned.. The famous choir, which has performed for Nelson Mandela and Pope John Paul II, was set to appear in the simulcast film of Beck's novel "The Christmas Sweater - A Return to Redemption," which opens Thursday in theaters nationwide.. The choir canceled the appearance Monday, citing financial reasons.. James Rucker, executive director of Color for Change - which has helped persuade more than 80 advertisers to ditch Beck's show - said the group did an about-face after he called the choir.. "We wanted to make sure they understood who Beck was," Rucker said.. "We believe their mission is about spreading the Gospel and and promoting harmony, and we thought Beck was the antithesis of that.. Before we contacted the Harlem Gospel Choir about Beck, they didn't know much about him.. After learning more about Beck and his history of race-baiting, the choir quickly came to the right decision and cancelled their appearance with him.. The choir told the Daily News that their reasons for canceling with Beck were financial, and it's understandable that they would want to avoid getting involved in what could be seen as a political fight -- the choir is about faith and music, not politics.. And it's hard to blame them for wanting to avoid starting a fight with Glenn Beck -- he is a powerful man with a large megaphone and a large audience that includes some very hateful people (based on some of the email we've received after launching our campaign against Beck, we know this first-hand at ColorOfChange).. "The Christmas Sweater" is part of Beck's  ...   recovering from Saddam Hussein's brutal rule.. I thought an interesting comment was made when somebody said to me,.. I heard somebody say, where's Mandela? Well, Mandela is dead, because Saddam Hussein killed all the Mandelas.. He was a brutal tyrant that divided people up and split families, and people are recovering from this.. So there's a psychological recovery that is taking place.. And it's hard work for them.. And I understand it's hard work for them.. Having said that, I'm not going the give them a pass when it comes to the central government's reconciliation efforts.. Um, WTF??? Not only is Nelson Mandela very much alive, but he's also been.. very vocally critical of the Bush Adminstration.. "What I am condemning is that one power, with a president who has no foresight, who cannot think properly, is now wanting to plunge the world into a holocaust.. "[.. "If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America.. They don't care.. Maybe it was a bit of strange projection on the part of Bush to.. want.. another critic gone.. something.. others in this administration have some experience with as well.. : Obviously not everyone understands mangled metaphors:.. After Bush remark, Mandela Foundation issues statement that former President is still alive.. June 05, 2007 10:15 AM.. : Bush trys to re-ignite the Cold War.. Rising Hegemon:.. Like a "Smokeless" Klan rally.. TPMCafe.. : The Associated Press' crappy reporting makes Obama's remarks sound.. really.. threatening Here's.. some more shoddy newspaper work.. The New Editor.. : Winnie Mandela, Nelson Mandela's wife, is barred from Canada.. Feministing.. : Feminists want to have sex without getting pregnant and therefore are murdering whores.. Scott.. has more.. Boozhy:.. American soldiers patrol Afghani marijuana fields (sound track gets an X rating).. If, like me, you're having trouble keeping track, go over to.. Lies from the Bush-Cheney administration.. August 27, 2006 10:27 AM.. Bitch Ph.. D.. Anti-contraception zealots move to their own Plan B.. The Existentialist Cowboy:.. Americans are paying for Bush's war of aggression at the bank, the store, the pump, and at the.. graveside.. The Osterley Times:.. Remember when Nelson Mandela was a 'terrorist' and.. voted to keep him in prison? Obviously,.. Steve Biko.. must've been a.. terrorist.. , too.. Lassiter Space.. : Jim Dean, chairman of Democracy For America, talks about the impact of blogs on American politics.. The Aristocrats:.. Catchy little ditty, brought to you in part by the man who single-handedly put the = sign between conservative and incompetent, corrupt, dumbass.. Newsie8200's Penndit:.. Campaign News Update..

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  • Title: Obamacare | Crooks and Liars
    Descriptive info: 171 documents found in 0.. #WalMartStrikers.. ALEC.. Affordable Care Act.. Betsy McCaughey.. Black Friday.. Congressional hearings.. Darrell Issa.. GOP.. GOP attack.. Groundswell.. Immigration Reform.. Iran.. NRCC.. Obamacare Implementation: Sticker Shock of Increased Premiums for Health Care Coverage.. Pat Robertson.. Pizza Hut.. SNAP funding.. Security.. Social Security.. Talking Points.. Ted Cruz.. The Affordable Care Act.. complicit media.. contraception debate.. corporations.. dark money.. defund.. financial stability.. health care.. health care benefits.. health care coverage.. healthcare.. gov.. lifetime caps.. poll.. pre-existing conditions.. repeal.. state health exchanges.. subprime auto loans.. transcript.. union busters.. war on Christmas.. December 05, 2013 07:00 AM.. No Medicaid In Your State? Thank ALEC!.. Another day,.. another document drop.. over at.. The Guardian.. This time, we get to see their brag sheets about the progress they've made thwarting progress.. Reports from eight of ALEC's "task forces" shed light on just how much influence they really have over state legislators, and how much of the blame they bear for impeding implementation of the ACA.. In their Health and Human Services Task Force document, they boast that based upon their resolution to oppose state exchanges and Medicaid expansion, "just 17 states plan to operate an exchange for plan year 2014, placing the federal government in a position it had not anticipated.. Thanks, ALEC!.. They're also proud of their Resolution against Medicaid Expansion, bragging that "just 23 states have plans to move forward with expansion at this time.. ".. Thanks for that, too, ALEC! Every uninsured working poor person has you to thank when they get sick and have no access to health care.. I'll bet it makes you all warm and fuzzy to know that corporations like UPS, Altria, Peabody Energy and PhRMA are busily working alongside corrupt lawmakers to see to it that you die, and die quickly.. December 04, 2013 03:00 PM.. Obama to Republicans: We re Not Repealing Affordable Care Act.. Hoping to move past the website woes, President Obama went on the offensive Tuesday, insisting his signature health care law "is working and will work into the future.. The change in strategy was evident on Tuesday as President Obama publicly defended his law at an event the White House openly acknowledged was designed to reboot the narrative.. “Our poor execution in the first couple months on the website clouded the fact that there are a whole bunch of people who stand to benefit,” Obama told supporters gathered at the White House.. “Now that the website’s working for the vast majority of people, we need to make sure that folks refocus on what’s at stake here,” said Obama, who spoke days after the administration said it had largely fixed HealthCare.. gov, which has clearly boosted the administration’s confidence:.. "And today, the website is working well for the vast majority of users.. More problems may pop up, as they always do when you’re launching something new.. And when they do, we’ll fix those, too.. But what we also know is that after just the first month, despite all the problems in the rollout, about half a million people across the country are poised to gain health care coverage through marketplaces and Medicaid beginning on January 1st -- some for the very first time.. We know that -- half a million people.. (Applause.. ) And that number is increasing every day and it is going to keep growing and growing and growing, because we know that there are 41 million people out there without health insurance.. And we know there are a whole bunch of folks out there who are underinsured or don’t have a good deal.. And we know the demand is there and we know that the product on these marketplaces is good and it provides choice and competition for people that allow them, in some cases for the very first time, to have the security that health insurance can provide.. The bottom line is this law is working and will work into the future.. People want the financial stability of health insurance.. And we’re going to keep on working to fix whatever problems come up in any startup, any launch of a project this big that has an impact on one-sixth of our economy, whatever comes up we’re going to just fix it because we know that the ultimate goal, the ultimate aim, is to make sure that people have basic security and the foundation for the good health that they need.. Now, we may never satisfy the law’s opponents.. I think that’s fair to say.. Some of them are rooting for this law to fail -- that’s not my opinion, by the way, they say it pretty explicitly.. (Laughter.. ) Some have already convinced themselves that the law has failed, regardless of the evidence.. But I would advise them to check with the people who are here today and the people that they represent all across the country whose lives have been changed for the better by the Affordable Care Act.. The President took a much sharper tone with the media while chastising Republicans as wanting to revert to the troubled policies of the past:.. "Just the other day, the Republican Leader in the Senate was asked what benefits people without health care might see from this law.. And he refused to answer, even though there are dozens in this room and tens of thousands in his own state who are already on track to benefit from it.. He just repeated “repeal” over and over and over again.. And obviously we’ve heard that from a lot of folks on that side of the aisle.. Look, I’ve always said I will work with anybody to implement and improve this law effectively.. If you’ve got good ideas, bring them to me.. Let’s go.. But.. we’re not repealing it as long as I’m President and I want everybody to be clear about that.. ).. We will make it work for all Americans.. If you don’t like this law -- (applause) -- so, if despite all the millions of people who are benefitting from it, you still think this law is a bad idea then you’ve got to tell us specifically what you’d do differently to cut costs, cover more people, make insurance more secure.. You can’t just say that the system was working with 41 million people without health insurance.. You can’t just say that the system is working when you’ve got a whole bunch of folks who thought they had decent insurance and then when they got sick, it turned out it wasn’t there for them or they were left with tens of thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs that were impossible for them to pay..  ...   the insurance markets in the next two years.. Coming soon: a push to highlight people losing access to their longtime physicians and changes in Medicare Advantage programs for older people.. The effort has its roots in a strategy developed last spring, when House Republican leaders — plagued by party divisions that were thwarting legislative accomplishments — refocused the House’s committees on oversight rather than on the development of new policies.. And so the group known as.. was born to pull all the players and factions into one room in order to carry their message into social, mainstream, broadcast, print and online media.. Chaos and dysfunction.. By their fruit, you shall know them.. November 21, 2013 10:00 AM.. Ted Cruz Whines About Being Lectured To On CNN.. DOWNLOADS: (161).. PLAYS: (1832).. Senator Ted Cruz went on CNN and probably expected a lightweight interview from Chris Cuomo, but instead became the lightweight when he was challenged over his dogged attempts at defunding Obamacare without offering up a viable solution as a U.. Senator.. Cruz didn't like that very much.. Sen.. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and CNN "New Day" co-host Chris Cuomo got in a testy exchange over Obamacare on Wednesday.. Cuomo pressed Cruz to offer concrete solutions to Obamacare, rather than just criticize it.. Cuomo: You don't think that you have a responsibility as a U.. Senator to do better than that in terms of offering a solution for what to do next?.. Cruz.. Well, I - I appreciate your trying to lecture me in the morning, thank you for that.. Cuomo: Not at all, Senator.. I'm worried, the same as you.. Anybody who looks at the situation has worries.. Families need health insurance.. November 21, 2013 09:00 AM.. Pat Robertson Needs His Meds Adjusted.. DOWNLOADS: (120).. PLAYS: (994).. Someone needs to pull Pat Robertson aside and get his meds checked.. This segment with tobacco shill Betsy McCaughey is just ridiculous babbling nonsense.. RightWingWatch.. Betsy McCaughey, who has built a career around disseminating misinformation about the health care reform law — even launching the “death panels” smear — joined Pat Robertson on the 700 Club today, where she was inaccurately labeled as a “health policy expert.. McCaughey agreed with Robertson when he warned that “people will die” as a result of the Affordabe Care Act.. “Some people may even die,” she added.. The televangelist, in turn, was awestruck by the “amazing” McCaughey, who he said “knows what she is talking about.. ” Co-host Wendy Griffith agreed, saying, “She was amazing, that was the best interview I’ve heard on Obamacare.. McCaughey playing the concern troll is simply laughable.. The only people in danger of dying are those poor people in red states where Medicaid wasn't expanded, but I'm sure she doesn't give a damn about them.. So who exactly will die from lack of insurance here? We'll have to wait for the next installment of "Right Wing Hallucinations with Pat Robertson" to find out, I'm afraid.. November 21, 2013 06:00 AM.. GOP Obamacare Attack Will Only Work With A Complicit Media.. It's happening, right before our eyes.. The GOP assault will suck all the oxygen out of the room with their narrative on Obamacare, and a complicit media makes it possible.. You would think the term "professional" journalism would imply some kind of standards, something more than the stenographic repetition of GOP talking points -- but you would of course be wrong.. The same people with the "he said, she said" fetish are seemingly incapable of applying that same approach to the Affordable Care Act.. I was never happy about Obamacare, as you know.. I wanted single payer.. I figured this would be a clusterf*ck, and I was right.. But in a time of widespread economic despair,.. Obamacare is an improvement.. and I'll take it.. So I find myself in the odd position of fighting to protect something I never actually wanted in the first place.. It infuriates me that the journalism profession to which I devoted two decades of my life brings neither perspective nor proportionate response to this important public discussion.. They are mere purveyors of right-wing propaganda, and their heads should hang in shame.. Because the Republican goal is not to stop the act.. They know it's.. already too late.. Their goal is to destroy the Democratic brand in the 2014 mid-terms.. Maybe Republicans should just start issuing paychecks to the news networks.. Finally, I will note (for the benefit of any "journalist" who might be reading) that Obamacare saved my life.. Literally.. You want to talk to a success story? Drop me a line:.. WASHINGTON — The memo distributed to House Republicans this week was concise and blunt, listing talking points and marching orders: “Because of Obamacare, I Lost My Insurance.. ” “Obamacare Increases Health Care Costs.. ” “The Exchanges May Not Be Secure, Putting Personal Information at Risk.. ” “Continue Collecting Constituent Stories.. November 19, 2013 05:00 PM.. Poll: Majority Oppose Obamacare Repeal Despite Rollout Troubles.. Why are the majority of Americans still against the GOP call to repeal Obamacare? Despite the MSM's best efforts at obfuscating, by now the benefits should be clear.. The Affordable Care Act will help millions of Americans who've been locked out of the insurance market.. We can’t go back on a law that stops insurance companies from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, that prevents the bankruptcy of cancer survivors by ending lifetime caps on coverage, and that no longer forces women to pay double for the same care men get.. No one is saying our work on the healthcare front is done.. Far from it.. Medicare for All or a Public Option is a must if we want real fundamental change, but if Republicans and for-profit insurance companies succeed at destroying the gains we've made, it will be a huge step backwards that could kill chances to move reform forward for decades.. Most importantly, what does the GOP have to replace the AFA with? Absolutely nothing.. National Journal.. "Despite sharp divisions over the long-term impact of President Obama's health-reform law, fewer than two in five Americans say it should be repealed, virtually unchanged since last summer, the latest United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll has found.. Amid all the tumult over the law's troubled implementation, the survey found that public opinion about it largely follows familiar political tracks and has changed remarkably little since the summer on the critical question of what Congress should do next.. On that measure, support for repeal has not significantly increased among any major group except Republicans and working-class whites since the Congressional Connection Poll last tested opinion on the question in July..

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    Descriptive info: 1324 documents found in 0.. 004 seconds.. 14th Amendment.. Anthony Weiner.. Appointments.. Bigotry.. Campaign.. Cliff Schecter.. Cornelia Pillard.. Court.. DC Circuit Court of Appeal.. Dean Obeidallah.. Frank Luntz.. Healthcare.. Hostage taking.. Hostage-Taking Threat To Shut Down Government.. Islamophobia.. John Cornyn.. Justin Bieber.. Ken Cuccinelli.. Medicare.. Muslims.. Nominees.. Patricia Millett.. Patriotism.. Rape Caucus.. Robert Wilkins.. Terry McAuliffe.. The House.. The Muslims Are Coming!.. Trent Franks.. Virginia.. amendments.. breast.. debt ceiling.. exit polls.. filibuster rules.. governor's race.. louie gohmert.. negin farsad.. nonsense.. obstruction.. pals.. referendum.. selfies.. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell.. senator harry reid.. survivors.. vacant court seats.. war on Women.. website.. July 30, 2010 09:00 AM.. Republicans to 9/11 Responders: Die, and Die Quickly.. DOWNLOADS: (4254).. PLAYS: (6554).. (h/t.. Heather.. This clip of Anthony Weiner going ballistic on the House floor is one for the ages -- it should be watched again and again and again, and not only because he was angry and frustrated, but because he spoke a truth that all of us expect from our representatives.. It's really quite simple: "If you believe that it's right, you vote yes.. You don't hide behind procedure and give cover to your pals.. It's really that simple, but here's the backstory.. The House has been trying to re-open the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund through 2031 for 9/11 responders whose health has been affected.. When it became apparent that the Republicans were going to attach "poison pill" amendments to the bill that had nothing to do with 9/11 and everything to do with their political agenda, Democrats shut down the possibility of amending the bill by moving it to the suspension calendar, where a minimum 2/3rds vote is needed for it to pass.. Republicans applied the same old talking points, calling it a "massive new entitlement program".. Actually, that's not quite right.. They called it a "massive job-killing new entitlement program", because that's the Frank Luntz mantra of the week.. (I was monitoring the Senate at the same time, and somehow the Small Business Jobs bill also became another "massive job-killing new entitlement program.. ") Of course, that's nonsense too, given that it had been structured to be paid for by closing a tax loophole for foreign corporations.. If you believe it's right, you vote yes.. November 21, 2013 11:00 AM.. McConnell: Senate Republicans Have Been Very, Very Fair To Obama.. H/T.. Joan McCarter.. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell proved himself to be the most fundamentally dishonest politician in the whole of Washington, D.. this morning, in response to Senator Harry Reid's announcement that he would move to change Senate filibuster rules.. The video clip above is McConnell telling the floor that Republicans have been "very, very fair" to President Obama.. McConnell also called this a.. "fake fight" over judges.. , to try and “distract the public” from the problems of ObamaCare, a fight that he failed to mention Republicans picked.. “It only reinforces the narrative of a party willing to do or say just about anything to get its way,” said McConnell.. “Once again, Democrats are threatening to break the rules of the Senate.. in order to change the rules of the Senate,” he said.. “And over what? Over a court that doesn’t have enough work to do.. "He may as well said if you like the rules of the Senate, you can keep them!" he quipped, then was so pleased with himself that he got a laugh, he repeated it.. Reid wants to confirm three of President Obama’s nominees to the D.. Circuit Court of Appeals, the second most powerful court in the nation.. The GOP has blocked the nominations of Patricia Millett, an appellate litigator; Cornelia Pillard, a Georgetown Law School professor; and Robert Wilkins, a judge on the District Court for the District of Columbia.. McConnell essentially argued that Republican obstruction was all the Democrats fault, that they were responsible for the filibusters because they kept trying to.. do things.. -- as opposed to the.. do nothing.. GOP -- like allow the president to appoint people to vacant court seats.. McConnell's lies and the conviction with which he expressed them was indeed a disturbing thing to behold.. November 07, 2013 05:00 PM.. Cuccinelli s Referendum on Obamacare Bites Him in the Ass.. Ken Cuccinelli and the rest of the Republican party said that the Virginia Governor's race was a referendum on Obamacare.. They made the claim so often that the media started to echo "A referendum on Obamacare" throughout the campaigning.. Now that Cuccinelli has lost, the "referendum" meme.. doesn't sound so great after all.. "After Cuccinelli’s closer-than-expected loss, the defiant candidate and his supporters said the election  ...   the often unreachable, the film.. "The Muslims Are Coming!".. is pitch perfect in its voyage through the heartland to de-mystify a group of oh, a billion and a half different people, who are all at this moment plotting to kill us.. Oops, was mainlining Pat Robertson's meds there for a moment.. On a serious note, this film, co-directed by Muslim comedians Dean Obeidallah and Negin Farsad is a hilarious must-see which I had the pleasure of just seeing.. So I felt a need to share.. Besides being funny, there are some really poignant parts of the film, and some great interviews with personalities you know--nobody from Fox though, they don't do Muslim (Even talking about them.. makes Sean Hannity and Bozell The Clown feel a bit bloated and irritable.. So take a break from right-wing government shutdowns, debt-ceiling near debacles and Louie Gohmert's shiny dome, and switch over to a whole other area of politics and policy often governed by.. right-wing lunacy.. With jokes!.. It is your perfect watch for the weekend! Which you can get.. or.. October 27, 2013 03:00 PM.. Obama, Justin Bieber Duck Face? - Week in Review!.. By Susie Sampson.. It's been a busy week so I thought I'd touch on some important, and not-so-important, stories to help you pass the time;) Would love to hear your feedback and hopefully you'll join me for these week in review vids!.. June 13, 2013 06:00 AM.. Trent Franks (R-AZ) is the Latest Republican Rape Pundit.. By Blue Texan.. They just can't.. help themselves.. Another Republican congressman ventured into the realm of rape and pregnancy Wednesday, saying at a committee hearing that incidences of pregnancy from rape are “very low.. Rep.. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.. ), whose measure banning abortions after 20 weeks was being considered in the House Judiciary Committee, argued against a Democratic amendment to make exceptions for rape and incest by suggesting that pregnancy from rape is rare.. “Before, when my friends on the left side of the aisle here tried to make rape and incest the subject — because, you know, the incidence of rape resulting in pregnancy are very low,” Franks said.. Very low compared to what, Trent? To consensual intercourse? Wrong.. As the Post’s Sarah Kliff noted at the time of Akin’s comments, a 2003 study from St.. Lawrence University actually found that pregnancy results from rape significantly more often it does in other cases.. A 2011 study from San Francisco State University found that, in Colombia, “female youth who have experienced sexual violence report significantly higher levels of unintended pregnancy and unmet need for contraception and lower levels of current modern contraceptive use compared to those who have not experienced sexual violence.. I'm sure that big GOP rebrand plan will kick in any day now.. June 06, 2013 03:00 PM.. Hypocritical Republicans Have An Obamacare Problem.. Senator John Cornyn would have you believe he would repeal Obamacare in an instant to keep the size of government 'small'.. There he is, right there in that video from 2012, telling all who would hear about it.. But Cornyn, like other colleagues, is a secret admirer of Obamacare.. Lee Fang has.. unearthed their appeals for grants.. to bolster health care services in their states, and there are many, from all those loyal GOP Obamacare haters.. Texas Senator.. , the Republican whip, wrote to the Centers for Disease Control to recommend a grant for Houston and Harris County.. Congressman.. Michael McCaul.. , a Republican and the chair of the Homeland Security Committee, wrote a letter praising the same grant request, calling the effort a “crucial initiative to achieve a healthier Houston/Harris County.. ” Senators.. Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, Mark Kirk of Illinois and Thad Cochran of Mississippi.. also recommended grant request approval for public health or health clinic funding.. House Republicans and the Senate Republican Policy Committee have trashed the ACA’s Community Transformation grants as an Obamacare “slush fund.. ” In the letters seeking these grants, however, GOP lawmakers have heaped praise on their potential.. Cornyn writes in his letter that the grant would help “improve the health and quality of life of area residents.. ” Congressman.. Aaron Schock.. , a Republican from Illinois, congratulated a local nonprofit for winning a Community Transformation grant, noting that the program will give “people the tools to live healthier and longer lives.. Wait, what? It will give people tools to live healthier and longer lives? This is a Republican talking?.. Yes, yes it is.. Go read the whole article and be sure to look at all those letters written by Republicans who pound their chests over Obamacare..

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