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  • Title: Enkel ärendehantering med ärendehanteringssystem från Easit AB
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to main content.. Search form.. Search.. Main menu.. Products.. Services.. About.. Book a demo.. Web based appliactions for service and case management.. Contact us.. Read more: Easit Deviation.. Easit in several systems out at Crosskey.. Easit ServiceDesk certified on seven ITIL v3 processes at OGC.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. Easit products.. For IT-Support.. Easit ServiceDesk is an ITIL-certified software tool for case management that facilitates the work of IT-support.. Read more.. For Customer Service.. Easit HelpDesk is a complete software tool designed for customer service and case management.. For Deviation.. Easit Deviation is a complete web based tool for  ...   Ambea Sweden has chosen Easit.. Ambea Sweden has chosen Easit as provider of case.. 23 November 2012.. ABB expands.. ABB IS (Information Systems) has been using Easit.. 30 October 2012.. TOOLS Norway introduces Easit Service Desk.. TOOLS Norway introduces Easit Service Desk to hand.. NEWSLETTER.. Name.. *.. Company.. E-mail.. Contact Easit.. Phone: +46(0)771 - 25 00 00.. E-mail:.. info@easit.. se.. Stockholm.. Sundbybergsvägen 9.. 171 73 Solna, Sweden.. Sundsvall.. Trädgårdsgatan 7.. 852 31 Sundsvall, Sweden.. More information.. Cookies.. About Easit.. Product demo.. News.. Follow us on Facebook.. Follow us on LinkedIn.. Share this.. Languages.. English.. Norsk.. Svenska.. Copyright © Easit AB 2013..

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  • Title: Easit's product portfolio | Easit AB
    Descriptive info: For IT Support.. For Quality Mangement.. Add-On Modules.. Integration.. System Requirements.. Easit s product portfolio.. Easit’s web based tools have many applications.. Case management may consist of complex flows of information as well as simple incidents.. Regardless of complexity, you want to have good control over the process and make sure that cases are closed in due time.. Below are a few examples of typical cases, but of course any number of types can be defined.. IT related: support, error reports, or request for service and/or equipment.. Customer support to service external customer.. Error reports regarding properties, to a property manager.. Work order for organizations engaged in field service.. Suggestions for improvements from employees, customers and partners.. Easit has developed a modular and highly configurable  ...   Easit's Product Philosophy.. Easy to use.. All Easit software is simple to implement and use.. As a customer, you can configure many of the functions yourself.. Simple to administer.. Easit provides all customers with an efficient system training.. Customers can then manage, administer and configure the software themselves.. Flexible license forms.. The product is licensed per company or user.. The number of end users is unlimited.. You can choose to rent Easit HelpDesk as a full-service, in which case Easit will take care of server, software, operations and maintenance.. You can also choose to rent or buy the software and manage the operation yourself.. Try our product for free and discover how easy it can be to handle a case using Easit’s tools.. Try now..

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  • Title: Services | Easit AB
    Descriptive info: Implementation model.. Other Services.. We have our own project managers, product specialists and trainers at Easit.. Our staff is ITIL certified and has extensive experience of working and different schemes for support departments, services sales organizations and other customer-focused businesses.. Easit have a philosophy that our customers should be independent of our consultants after completing the introduction.. The system manager you appoint will be able to administer the system on their own.. For more information about our services, please see the left menu..

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  • Title: About | Easit AB
    Descriptive info: Board management.. About.. History and ownership.. Easit was founded in 1999 by two Swedish entrepreneurs, Ola Holm and Åke Lindblom.. The business concept and vision was to create easy and flexible tools for maintenance and service organizations: case management, time reporting, and project management.. By using web technology, our product is accessible to anyone with a browser, and customers can be offered a flexible business model for both the licensing and operation.. Easit employees have extensive experience of large development projects, methods and change management.. More than 50 percent of the employees own shares in the company.. Our business idea.. Easit develops programs and processes for orderliness.. Our customers  ...   training.. All development is done in Sweden.. Easit’s applications are based on Internet standards, which provides transparency and low costs for both introduction and operation.. Easit customers and references.. Easit has more than three hundred customers in all segments of the economy.. Easit’s products are used in IT departments, customer service, project teams, HR and quality management.. Easit has customers in branches such as:.. • IT telecom.. • Finance.. • Consumer goods.. • Energy and environment.. • Governments, municipalities, counties.. • Industrial manufacturing.. • Consultancy.. • Medical and health.. The Swirl logo™ is a trade mark of the Cabinet Office.. ITIL® is a registered trade mark of the Cabinet Office..

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  • Title: Product demo | Easit AB
    Descriptive info: Please specify which products you are interested in, and your contact information.. Remote demonstration.. Yes, i would like to book a demonstration and try the product.. I'm interested in following products:.. Easit ServiceDesk for IT.. More information about Easit’s ITIL certified processes.. Easit HelpDesk for customer support.. Easit Deviation Management for quality improvement work.. Easit Agreement Management.. Easit Project Management.. Other services.. Phone.. Message..

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  • Title: Customer Case | Easit AB
    Descriptive info: About ITIL.. About Pink Elephant.. Functionality.. Customer Case.. After a six-month test, Crosskey has chosen Easit ServiceDesk for managing incidents, change requests, and project management.. A deciding factor was Easit’s many standardized but customizable modules that supported many of Crosskey’s critical processes..

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  • Title: Easit BPS supports authentication via SAML2 | Easit AB
    Descriptive info: News archive.. 2013.. 2012.. 2011.. 2010.. Published on 22 February 2013.. Easit expands its support for Single Sign On and in Easit BPS 4 release 11.. 1, you can also use SAML2.. For users, it means that you do not need to keep track of different logins and passwords for different programs.. Easit solves this problem by allowing you to seamlessly integrate Easit with existing authentication systems.. This allows users who already have been authenticated in the company's domain directly are logged in Easit systems.. SAML 2.. 0 is widely used and supported by many software vendors..

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  • Title: Ambea Sweden has chosen Easit | Easit AB
    Descriptive info: Published on 23 November 2012.. We welcome Ambea Sweden to our family of customers!.. Ambea Sweden has chosen Easit as provider of case management within Finance Service to handle requests relating to financial and administrative functions within the group.. About Ambea.. Ambea is a leader in healthcare and care in the Nordic countries.. The group operates in Sweden and Finland.. Ambea currently operates through three strong brands; Mehiläinen, Carema Care and Carema Healthcare..

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  • Title: ABB expands | Easit AB
    Descriptive info: Published on 30 October 2012.. ABB IS (Information Systems) has been using Easit for many years to handle all support for their SAP system.. Now the technical department of their IT operations are also beginning to use Easit.. The first part of the introduction will include support processes for telephony,  ...   business.. ABB in Norway has operations across the country and more than 2100 employees.. ABB Power develops cost effective, reliable and environmentally friendly solutions for the power industry.. ABB Automation is a leading global provider of automation to the industry, especially for the car, gas, shipbuilding, paper and metal industries..

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  • Title: TOOLS Norway introduces Easit Service Desk | Easit AB
    Descriptive info: TOOLS Norway introduces Easit Service Desk to handle all of their IT support both within the organization and for their dealers throughout Norway.. TOOLS is a nationwide chain that supplies the industry with tools and industrial supplies.. TOOLS is represented in nearly 60 locations, spread across the country.. If Sweden and Finland are included, TOOLS is represented at over 200 locations..

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  • Title: About Cookies - security policy | Easit AB
    Descriptive info: About Cookies - security policy.. This web site uses cookies to identify visitors as unique but anonymous individuals.. It helps us to collect user statistics like numbers of visitors, pages visited and origin.. In some cases, we use cookies to remember settings made by the user, such as screen  ...   to identify the company of a visitor, but never an individual.. Most web browsers can be configured to block cookies, delete cookies from your hard-drive or inform you that a web site is trying to store a cookie.. For more information about this, refer to your web browser’s manual..

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