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  • Title: Welcome to How to Draw Manga — Manga University
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Learn Japanese.. Bento Cooking.. How to Draw Manga.. Videos.. Campus Store.. About.. Contact.. Home Study Course.. Search.. 0 items.. Check out.. Browse Our Award-Winning Products!.. Bargain Bundles.. 8 items.. Manga Art Supplies.. 7 items.. Apps and eBooks.. 24 items.. Kendama.. 2 items.. Show More Categories.. Welcome to Manga University — Celebrating Our 15th Anniversary!.. 04/05/2013.. Manga University’s founding company, Japanime, marks its 15th anniversary this year.. For the past decade and a half, we have given manga-and-anime fans throughout the world access to the resources and tools they need to create their own works of art.. Today, “Manga University” is synonymous with “How to Draw Manga.. ".. What began as a small toy store in Kawaguchi City, Japan, on February 26, 1998, has evolved into the world’s leading publisher of English-language educational manga.. The Manga University publishing imprint was up and running within two years of our company’s launch.. We published our first book,.. How to Draw Manga: Getting Started.. , in October 2000.. Four years later, the first books in our award-winning.. Kanji de Manga.. series — now nine volumes strong — were released.. By the end of our 10th year in business, we had published more than three-dozen critically acclaimed  ...   How to Draw Manga books and other Japanese-themed learning materials.. We're certain the next 15 years to be just as exciting as the previous 15 years!.. Thanks to everyone who has supported us over these years.. You’ve always been there for us, and Manga University will continue to be here for you!.. How to Draw Manga Books.. $39.. 99.. (was $77.. 95).. How to Draw Manga Bundle.. $21.. How To Draw Manga: Colorful Costumes.. $19.. How To Draw Manga: Giant Robots.. How To Draw Manga: Guns And Military Vol.. 1.. 2.. How To Draw Manga: Maids and Miko.. $4.. (was $7.. 99).. Manga University Background Collection #2.. Manga University Background Collection #3.. Show More How to Draw Manga Books.. Welcome to Manga U!.. Manga University is the world's leading publisher of English-language educational manga.. Our award-winning publications include the "Kanji de Manga" language-learning series, "The Manga Cookbook" and "Manga Moods.. ".. Products.. Apparel.. Apps and eBooks.. Bargain Bundles.. Books.. Books eBooks.. Books for Learning Japanese.. Gift Books, Art Books Original Manga.. Gifts Apparel.. Kendama.. Manga Art Supplies.. Pokemon Cards.. eBooks.. homestudy20.. About Us.. Forums.. 2013.. Manga University Campus Store.. All Rights Reserved.. Ecommerce Software by Shopify.. YouTube.. Twitter.. Facebook.. Pinterest.. Payment methods we accept..

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  • Title: Learn Japanese | Welcome to How to Draw Manga — Manga University
    Descriptive info: Learning Japanese is easy with a little help from Manga University!.. If you're a fan of manga and anime, you probably have had this thought at least once: "I wonder if I can learn Japanese?".. And why wouldn't you? Japanese comics and cartoons are taking the world by storm, and you want to learn everything you can about the language and culture of the cool place they come from.. So you pick up a textbook at your favorite store but quickly lose interest; while the book seems to be informative, it's certainly no fun compared with a good manga.. So wouldn't it be great if there were a manga to teach you Japanese? Well, there is — it's called.. Kanji de Manga!.. Where do I begin?.. Kana de Manga sample.. Click to enlarge.. Kanji de Manga.. is an award-winning Manga University series created to make learning how to read and write Japanese as fun and easy as picking up your favorite comic.. We start you out with.. Kana de Manga.. , which uses cute and easy-to-understand manga illustrations to teach you hiragana and katakana, the "ABCs of Japanese.. " The book also introduces you to loads of helpful vocabulary, and  ...   kana you're ready to take on the meat of the Japanese writing system: kanji.. You may have heard that kanji are tough to learn, but with.. you'll learn new words and characters by reading cute and funny Japanese manga.. That's right; after mastering the basics in.. you can start reading authentic manga written entirely in Japanese in.. !.. "A brilliant idea!" says retired UCLA Japan studies Professor Ronald A.. Morse.. "Japanese kanji—the written symbols adapted from Chinese—were originally drawings of images from real life.. Japanese comic books and cartoons now provide fresh images to help us learn.. uses today's manga images to make the kanji learning process fun and easy for otaku of all ages.. This is a brilliant approach to learning the language.. But wait, there's more!.. Sound FX sample.. Manga University has worked hard to craft both.. and.. to teach you the same material you would learn in a traditional Japanese-language classroom.. But we also know there's more to Japanese than what you can learn in class.. That's where the.. Kanji de Manga Special Editions.. come into play.. Featuring everything from sound effects to popular phrases and timeless proverbs, there's no limit to what you can learn from.. !..

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  • Title: Bento & Cooking | Welcome to How to Draw Manga — Manga University
    Descriptive info: Bento & Cooking.. Sold Out.. Mini Sushi Roll Set.. (was $9.. MU Chopsticks (10-pack).. $14.. (was $19.. Red Bento Box with Chopsticks.. 95.. $49.. Japan Deluxe Snack Pack.. (was $99.. Manga University Varsity Pack..

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  • Title: Tutorials | Welcome to How to Draw Manga — Manga University
    Descriptive info: Free Tutorial: How to Draw Clothing.. by Julie Dillon.. Free Tutorial: How to Draw Eyes (Female).. Free Tutorial: How to Draw Eyes (Male).. Free Tutorial: How to Draw Facial Expressions.. Free Tutorial: How to Draw Female Bodies.. Free Tutorial: How to Draw Hair.. Free Tutorial: How to Draw Noses and Mouths.. Premium Tutorial: How to Draw Ears.. by Koda Tadashi.. Premium Tutorial: How to Draw Eyes.. Premium Tutorial: How to Draw Hands.. Free Character Tutorial: D (from.. Vampire Hunter D.. ).. Free Character Tutorial: Elly (from.. Xenogears.. Free Character Tutorial: Goku (from..  ...   Genesis Evangelion.. Free Character Tutorial: Rowen (from.. Ronin Warriors.. Free Character Tutorial: Shampoo (from.. Ranma 1/2.. Free Character Tutorial: Tokiko (from.. Key: The Metal Idol.. Free Character Tutorial: Trunks (from.. Free Character Tutorial: Tsunami (from.. Tenchi Muyo.. Free Character Tutorial: Vegeta (from.. Free Tutorial: Techniques for Coloring in Adobe Photoshop.. Free Tutorial: Using Paint Shop Pro.. by Aleksey Kashtelyan (with Julie Dillon).. Video Tutorial: How to Draw Backgrounds.. featuring Atsuhisa Okura.. Video Tutorial: How to Draw Females.. Video Tutorial: How to Draw Males.. featuring Ryuu Yakuta.. Video Tutorial: How to Apply Screen Tone..

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  • Title: Videos | Welcome to How to Draw Manga — Manga University
    Descriptive info: NOW PLAYING: Interview with Atsuhisa Okura, creator of.. Twelve.. Manga University instructor Atsuhisa Okura (of.. Moe USA.. ,.. 50 Things We Love About Japan.. and WIRED magazine fame), discusses the inspiration behind his all-new, ongoing manga series.. To play another video, select from the categories below.. How to Apply.. Screen Tones.. by Atsuhisa Okura.. How to Draw.. Male Characters.. by Ryuu Yakuta.. How to Draw Backgrounds.. How to Draw Female Faces.. Yu Shinozaki.. Ryuu Yakuta.. Atsuhisa Okura.. Kamakura Temples.. Osaka Takoyaki Stand.. Tokyo's Meiji Shrine.. Song  ...   of Yakitori Fame.. MU's Official Mascot.. MU Unboxes the Windows 7 Whopper.. Dancing Ramen!.. New Years 2010 Shishimai Marathon.. Japanese Fire Drill.. Singing Japanese Delivery Truck.. Narrow Tunnel Near the MU Campus.. Yakiniku Night at Manga University.. Tokyo 2011 Daibutsu Visit.. Tokyo Construction Zone.. Duck Pond at Ueno Park.. Christmas Eve 2011.. Remembering 3.. 11.. Thunderstorm in Tokyo.. Teriyaki and Yakitori Part 1.. Teriyaki and Yakitori Part 2.. What is this Bunny Doing at MU?.. StepMania:.. The Manga.. How to Draw Manga iPhone App.. Episode 1: Introductions..

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  • Title: Manga University Campus Store | Welcome to How to Draw Manga — Manga University
    Descriptive info: Show All How to Draw Manga Books.. from.. Kanji de Manga Volume 1.. Kanji de Manga Volume 2.. (was $74.. 92).. Kanji De Manga Complete Set.. Kana de Manga Special Edition: Japanese Sound FX!.. Kanji de Manga Special Edition: Yojijukugo.. Kanji de Manga Volume 3.. Kanji de Manga Volume 4.. Show All Books For Learning Japanese.. Gift Books, Art Books & Original Manga.. $9.. Harvey & Etsuko's Manga Guide to Japan.. Manga  ...   All Gift Books, Art Books & Original Manga.. (was $10.. Tachikawa All-In-One Manga Pen.. (was $16.. MU Sketchbook & Manga Pen Set.. (was $24.. MU Pro Pen Set.. $24.. (was $29.. Ultimate Manga Pen Set.. Show All Manga Art Supplies.. Gifts & Apparel.. Bookmarks Set.. Manga University Tokyo Campus T-Shirt.. MU USA Tour Headband.. $99.. Final Fantasy Chocobo Santa Christmas Figurine.. Show All Gifts & Apparel.. Show All Bento & Cooking Items..

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  • Title: About Us | Welcome to How to Draw Manga — Manga University
    Descriptive info: Welcome to Manga University!.. Manga University is the educational imprint of Japanime Company Ltd.. , a publishing company based in Kawaguchi, Japan, with offices in California.. Our company motto, " Educating With Art," reflects our commitment to creating products that are wholesome, informative and fun.. We love manga, and believe it can — and should — be used for more than just great entertainment.. In fact, we know it can! In Japan, educational and lifestyle manga are quite common.. Studying for your driver's license test? Visit your neighborhood.. koban.. (police box) and the officer will provide you with a manga explaining traffic laws.. Trying to get back into shape? Your Japanese doctor will give you a manga with exercise and diet tips.. Applying for a part-time job at the local.. konbini.. (convenience store)? Don't be surprised if the application is filled with little cartoon characters explaining the hiring process!.. Those fantastic manga images can simplify things that might be otherwise very difficult to understand.. (Admit it — you looked at the pictures on this page before reading this far, right?) More importantly, it makes learning more fun! No one understands this better than a manga fan, and that' s why we want to make books that teach you about the things you want to learn!.. Our Location:.. Our offices are in Kawaguchi City, 20 minutes north of Tokyo, in a renovated building that once was a traditional Japanese restaurant and watering hole.. While the kitchen and dishwashing areas have been taken over by desks and computers, we left the private tatami dining rooms untouched, and now use them for meetings with our Japanese colleagues to make them feel completely at home.. Pay us a visit!.. Download this file.. to fly to Manga University in Google Earth, and make sure to turn on the photorealistic 3D buildings layer to take the campus tour in full 3D.. Who We Are and What We Do:.. We are a small company that has enjoyed big success.. We work with  ...   also enjoys watching Oakland A's baseball games (but only when they win).. He loves living in Japan, but really misses California's taco trucks.. Want to find out what's going on in the mind of a manga publisher 24/7? You can follow him on his Twitter page here:.. @mangauniversity.. Mari Oyama.. is Japanime's director of domestic logistics.. She coordinates artist publishing schedules, handles meeting and travel arrangements, and works closely with the company's foreign employees.. Mari also holds a Japan national travel adviser's license, and is our go-to person for those Japanese culture questions that only a real Nihonjin can explain.. None of the Manga University publications would have been possible without her invaluable guidance.. Mari enjoys kids, cats and gardening, and maintains a dizzying array of potted plants on the rooftop patio just above our offices.. Judy and Ron Hibbard.. live in Sacramento, California, and keep watch over the Japanime warehouse.. We depend on them to make sure all of our Campus Store and wholesale orders are shipped out quickly and safely every day, and they never fail to get the job done.. Since our launch more than a decade ago, we've released more than 40 titles, including several editions of the renowned.. series; the Japanese government award-winning.. series; the runaway bestseller.. (and its equally delightful sequel,.. ); and the yummy.. Manga Cookbook.. , an American Library Association Top 10 Paperback selection.. Are We a Real School?.. Yes, and no.. We get e-mails every day asking about enrollment in Manga University, but we simply call ourselves a "university" to emphasize the educational nature of our products and services.. However, Glenn and our artists have conducted lectures and seminars at Temple University's Tokyo campus, and we do offer an.. online drawing class.. for students of all ages who want to get better at drawing manga.. We also regularly arrange workshops, private lessons and Japan homestay programs with professional manga artists here in Japan.. If you are interested in any of these learning opportunities,.. please contact us..

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  • Title: Contact Us | Welcome to How to Draw Manga — Manga University
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. Here at Manga University, we love hearing from our friends throughout the world!.. If you have a question about one of our products or services, leave us a short note and we'll get back to you quickly!.. Be sure to enter your email address correctly, though.. Otherwise, you'll never receive our reply.. You might also want to check out the.. page, where we provide information about Manga University and the great people who work here!.. Name.. Email.. Message..

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  • Title: Home Study Course | Welcome to How to Draw Manga — Manga University
    Descriptive info: Click on the thumbnails below to view actual examples of student art-critiques.. Show your work to a professional Japanese manga artist!.. The Manga University Home Study Course is designed for students of.. all.. ages who want to learn the fundamentals of drawing manga, and have their artwork critiqued by a professional Japanese manga artist! This six-week class is done on an individual basis, and can be taken any time, anywhere.. Best of all, it starts at only $39.. 99!.. Once a week for six weeks, students will complete a multipage, printable PDF featuring a lesson plan developed by Manga University instructors to teach the basics of manga drawing techniques and character design.. Midway through the course, each student will be invited to submit one of their drawings to have it reviewed — and redrawn — by one of Manga University's professional manga artists! You will learn not only what you are doing right, but what you can do to improve your drawing and take it to the next level!.. There are two great ways to take the Manga University Home Study Course!.. Home Delivery or Download!.. Our world-famous Home Study Course Bundle includes all the tools you need to get started drawing manga, along with six weekly lessons on a USB memory stick.. The full bundle includes:.. A USB memory stick loaded with 6 fun, easy-to-follow weekly manga drawing lessons — 21  ...   all!.. You will receive a download link via email immediately after making your payment.. No waiting for materials to arrive in the mail, and no shipping fees!.. Default Title - $39.. Our teaching staff includes award-winning artists Saori Takarai (.. ); Chihiro Hattori (.. ); Atsuhisa Okura (.. ); Yakuta Ryuu (MU How to Draw Manga video series); and several more.. All of our artists work in a variety of manga styles, and enjoy teaching aspiring artists of all ages and skill levels.. Students must have the following to participate in this course:.. A computer on which you can read the PDF lessons.. An email account.. The ability to scan and send your drawing to us via email.. A desire to draw manga and have fun!.. Please note that the Home Study Course enrollment fee is nonrefundable.. Also, the course is designed for students who have never taken a Manga University course before.. If you were enrolled in one of our previous courses, and wish to continue your studies with us, please contact us for advanced-learning opportunities.. We look forward to having you as a student!.. Home Study Course.. Original Bundle.. USB stick with 6 weekly lessons; Tachikawa all-in-one manga pen; MU sketchbook; MU sticker; Personalized critique and redrawing; Detailed report card; Printable diploma.. Digital Download.. 6 weekly lessons downloaded to your computer; Personalized critique and redrawing; Detailed report card; Printable diploma..

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  • Title: Bargain Bundles | Welcome to How to Draw Manga — Manga University
    Descriptive info: Save up to 70% on our best-selling books! Whether you want to learn Japanese or how to draw manga, you'll get more for your money by picking up one of our special bundles!..

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  • Title: Manga Art Supplies | Welcome to How to Draw Manga — Manga University
    Descriptive info: Manga Studio Debut 4 (With Two Free Books).. $7.. Hiragana Stencil..

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