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  • Title: Novus Auto Glass
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About Novus.. Services.. Ask The Experts.. Newsroom.. Franchise Opportunities.. Job Opportunities.. Contact Novus.. Show Menu.. CALL (800) 77-NOVUS.. Locate My Dealer.. Get Instant Quote.. home.. about novus.. services.. ask the experts.. newsroom.. franchise opportunities.. job opportunities.. contact novus.. 1.. We Will Do It Right The First Time - Guaranteed!.. All NOVUS repairs have a nationwide lifetime warranty for as long as you own your vehicle.. If the repair fails, we will refund the charge of the repair - no hassle - GUARANTEED!.. No Hassle - Nationwide Lifetime Guarantee.. Our Guarantee.. Save The Environment While Saving Your Windshield.. For decades broken windshields have been filling our landfills unable to decompose and harming our natural environment.. With alternative windshield services like windshield repair we are able to save your windshield and in turn do our part in saving the environment.. Learn more about how NOVUS is working towards saving the environment.. One Stop Shop.. NOVUS focuses on fully satisfying consumers  ...   when the windshield can not be repaired that it is replaced properly and safely.. Have more questions on how properly cared for windshields can protect you and the passengers in your vehicle?.. Ask the Experts.. Inventor of Windshield Repair.. NOVUS Glass is reputably known as the "Repair First, Replace When Necessary" company and is best known around the world as the inventor of windshield repair.. Repairing over 23 million windshields since 1972, NOVUS repairs restore the strength and clarity to the glass and prevents the further spread of damage.. Learn more about the NOVUS story.. NOVUS News.. 11.. 18.. 2013.. IS YOUR VEHICLE READY FOR WINTER?.. 9.. 26.. SUCCESSFUL MADD EVENT FOR NOVUS GLASS OF SHERIDAN AND GILLETTE WYOMING.. Find Your Local Dealer.. Click here to select your state or province.. Enter Your ZIP/Postal Code.. International.. Feature.. Google+.. Novus Franchising Inc.. Copyright 2012.. All Right Reserved.. Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy.. NOVUS Franchise Network Member.. NOVUS Online University.. Relentless Web Insights..

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  • Title: Novus Auto Glass: About NOVUS
    Descriptive info: About NOVUS.. How NOVUS Got its Start.. It was during the early 1970s when Dr.. Frank Werner (who at the time owned and operated an aircraft instrumentation engineering company, called Rosemount Engineering) decided to exit the corporate world to focus solely on his strong passion for creating inventions.. Werner, who had invented and patented the first Rosemount fitted buckle ski boots, founded Origin, Inc.. a testing laboratory and commercial-physical research company in Wyoming.. After having three windshields replaced due to small breaks caused from the rough terrain of the Wyoming landscape, Werner felt he needed to find a solution to fix breaks without having to dispose of the entire windshield.. The combination of his curiosity, driven determination and help from chemical engineer Bill Wiele led to the discovery of windshield repair.. In 1972, Dr.. Werner partnered with Gerald Keinath and they aquired the patent rights for windshield repair.. Together they strategically designed the business plan that would bring windshield repair to the general market for the first time.. It started as a business called Keinath Incorporated and it was located in the basement of his home.. The name of the business was soon changed to NOVUS  ...   diversified services, NOVUS is able to support all consumer glass service needs.. Our Goal.. At NOVUS, we believe that it is our responsibility to consistently provide the highest quality of service and products in the market.. This is going beyond customer expectations and doing what is right.. It includes being a good neighbor in the community, holding oneself accountable to fellow franchisees and the entire NOVUS organization and integrating social and environmental priorities within our service.. Vision.. To be the customer s choice as the windshield repair expert offering the highest quality auto glass repair and replacement service in the franchisees area of primary responsibility.. Brand Promise.. By choosing NOVUS Glass, you are being serviced by NOVUS, The Windshield Repair Experts who offer uncompromising quality and value in NOVUS products and service delivered by people who care.. Fleets Insurance Information.. Acknowledgements.. National Guarantee.. Association Links.. Dr.. Frank Werner, inventor of Windshield Repair.. Corporate lore suggests that the windshield repair concept was born when Dr.. Frank Werner broke his windshield on a family vacation to Winnipeg, Manitoba.. Having recently retired, he was looking for a new challenge.. Werner put a team together to find an alternative to replacement..

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  • Title: Novus Auto Glass: Windshield Repair & Replacement
    Descriptive info: Windshield Repair.. No one knows more about windshield repair than NOVUS.. We got our start back in 1972 when we pioneered the industry by introducing our MethodMan1 Windshield Repair System.. A lot has changed since then (we re on our 5th generation system now called Millennium ), but a lot has stayed the same too.. We are still committed to providing the best quality windshield repair in the world, just like we always have been.. A NOVUS Windshield Repair will restore between 75% and 95% of the optical clarity back to the damaged area while at the same time restoring the windshields structural integrity back to nearly what it was before the damage occurred.. Windshield Replacement.. While we endeavor to repair as many windshields as possible, there are of course instances where a windshield is just too severely damaged and will have to be replaced.. While no one wants to replace their windshield unnecessarily, you can count on NOVUS to get the job done right! At NOVUS, we are concerned about your safety, and only use urethane adhesives that meet or exceed all government and OEM safety standards.. All windshields used by NOVUS meet stringent US Department of Transportation Standards for crash worthiness.. Leaks and wind noise? Not a problem! At  ...   coating available and provide a tough, slide resistant surface in your truck bed.. Superliner has a high degree of UV stability, high-gloss retention, and is available in custom colors and with custom graphics to match any style.. SRP Scratch Removal.. For over 20 years, glass professionals have been using the SRP Glass Scratch Restoration System to restore the surfaces of scratched and damaged automotive, home, and architectural glass.. Plastic Polish.. Since 1973, NOVUS Plastic Polishes have been used around the world to restore the shine and brilliance to many types of plastic/acrylic surfaces.. It is truly a product that once you use it, you will wonder how you ever got along without it!.. Headlight Saver Program.. Today s modern vehicles use integrated polycarbonate plastic headlamp/turn signal assemblies can be expensive to replace, with many costing as much as $200 to $300.. Why replace it when NOVUS can restore the surface of your headlamp to a like new brilliance?.. Wiper Blade Replacement.. Wiper blade replacement is one of the most neglected areas of common vehicle maintenance.. NOVUS offers a wide range of Trico Wiper Products for all models of vehicles.. A Worldwide Leader in Wiper Products Trico has been an industry leader and global innovator of wiper products for the last 90 years..

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  • Title: Novus Auto Glass: Ask the Experts
    Descriptive info: Question:.. Can you replace my windshield right at my home or work?.. Answer:.. Most certainly! In fact, the majority of windshield replacements are done on a mobile basis the world over.. Mobile windshield replacements can be done conveniently, quickly, and safely right in the parking lot or driveway of your office or home.. Modern portable tools and fast curing windshield adhesives are tailor made just for this application.. How long will it take to replace my windshield? Can I drive my car right away when it is done?.. It usually takes about an hour to an hour and a half to replace the windshield, and about another hour for the adhesive to cure to a point where it is safe to drive your vehicle.. In  ...   75% and 95% of the optical clarity to the damaged area.. This depends on several factors including the severity, age, and the amount of contamination in the damage.. In most cases the completed repair will look like a small water spot or bug splat, however, it will not be completely invisible.. Aren t all windshield replacement companies the same?.. No! NOVUS Glass technicians undergo a rigorous factory training process and have been certified by NOVUS on the latest repair and replacement techniques.. Tips for Preserving the Safety Features of Your Windshield.. Tips for Summer Driving.. Tips for Vision Clarity.. General Automotive Tips.. Holiday Travel Windshield Safety Tips.. A NOVUS employee is an auto glass expert.. NOVUS employees are trained professionals who are here to help..

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  • Title: Novus Auto Glass: Newsroom
    Descriptive info: November 18, 2013.. IS YOUR VEHICLE READY FOR WINTER?.. With winter right around the corner, we re preparing our closets and homes for the upcoming winter weather, but have you prepared your vehicle? Now is the time to get your vehicle ready for the cold months ahead.. As more Americans are expected to hit the roads over the holidays this year, you will want to make sure your car is in prime condition to handle all road conditions.. If you live where it snows, you know what snow, ice, loose gravel and salt can do to your car.. To ensure that your vehicle is properly prepared for winter travel please review the following car maintenance check list.. Windshield Maintenance.. Minor scratches and nicks turn to rust, your heater gets a workout it may not be prepared for, and your windshield must deal with the temperature stress of a warm interior and a freezing exterior.. Engineers call this temperature stress thermal shock, and if you have a small ding in your windshield, thermal shock can cause your minor ding to turn into a major crack.. Repairing a windshield break right away is very cost effective.. Replacing a cracked windshield can cost hundreds of dollars; on some cars, the cost may be even higher.. Once a ding or star (star-shaped with points spreading out) expands, windshield replacement is often the only option, said Jay Bickford NOVUS Director of Training Development.. If the damage is reported quickly, the odds are much improved that NOVUS can save the windshield , says Bickford.. It is important to perform the repair before dirt infiltrates into the break.. If you can t get to NOVUS right away, call your local NOVUS for a windshield saver patch.. These patches cover the break until it can be repaired but do not obscure your vision.. NOVUS, with more than 25 million repaired windshields under its belt, follows a repair first replace when necessary philosophy.. The company invented windshield repair in 1972 and continues to pioneer numerous innovations in the field.. Fluids.. As any mechanic will tell you, checking fluids is the least expensive and easiest preventive maintenance you can do.. Change your oil frequently (about every 3,000 miles), and don t forget to change your engine coolant (diluted with 50 percent water) and transmission fluid, about every two years.. Pure engine coolants can freeze at zero degrees, but mixing with water prevents freezing and provides great protection for the cold weather.. Though fluids like oil and transmission are commonly checked, other fluids integral to your vehicle s performance may go unnoticed.. Power steering, brake, radiator and battery fluids also should be filled to recommended  ...   splits.. Rust, Minor Scratches and Nicks.. Road salt can turn a slight scratch or nick to an ugly rust spot that s impossible to avoid.. And it can spread.. Avoid costly body work by restoring spots before they turn into larger problems.. Boots.. Front-wheel drive vehicles equipped with CV (constant velocity) joints should have the boots checked for rips and cracks.. Boots protect CV joints, but when the joints are exposed to salt, ice and snow, they can damage the joint.. Replacing a joint can costs hundreds of dollars, but replacing a boot costs a small fraction of that.. Spark Plugs.. Worn or misfiring spark plugs can affect how efficiently a vehicle burns the fuel/air mixture, ultimately affecting engine performance.. Worn spark plugs waste gas and increase exhaust emissions, so have them checked and replaced often.. Brakes.. Don t postpone needed brake work.. It s dangerous to drive with poorly performing brakes, especially in snowy weather.. Postponing brake service also can cause the cost of overhauling your brake system to skyrocket.. Lights.. Last, but not least, check your lights.. Accidents can occur if you can t see where you re driving, or if other drivers can t see you, especially as we approach winter s short days and long nights.. Make sure your head lamps are clean.. If you headlamps are yellow or clouded schedule to have your head lamps restored.. NOVUS Glass offers headlamp restoration and head lamp savers to ensure a clearer vision when driving at night.. If you maintain your vehicle regularly it will provide you many years of safe service and better performance.. NOVUS invented windshield repair in 1972.. For over 40 years, NOVUS has been and remains the industry s research development pioneer.. NOVUS has been awarded more U.. For more information visit us at www.. novuglass.. com or call 800-77NOVUS (800-776-6887) for a NOVUS location near you.. For franchise development information, contact Jim Olson at 800-944-6811 or jimo@novusglass.. com.. Article Index.. SUCCESSFUL MADD EVENT FOR NOVUS GLASS OF SHERIDAN AND GILLETTE WYOMING.. September 26, 2013.. NOVUS GLASS WELCOMES NEW MARYLAND FRANCHISEE DEREK AND MALIKA COVINGTON.. September 17, 2013.. NOVUS Franchisee to Hold Special MADD Fundraiser.. September 13, 2013.. NOVUS GLASS WELCOMES NEW FRANCHISEES DAVID DAYNE NORMAN TO THE FRONT RANGE AREA OF COLORADO.. August 14, 2013.. Eagle County s Steve Moore: Chipping Away at Success with NOVUS.. August 9, 2013.. Seeing Being Seen is Critical to Safe Driving.. July 31, 2013.. NOVUS GLASS WELCOMES NEW CARSON VALLEY AREA FRANCHISEE LUIS ZEPEDA AND COLEEN THRAN-ZEPEDA.. May 6, 2013.. NOVUS Offers Spring Driving Safety Tips.. May 3, 2013.. NOVUS GLASS ANNOUNCES DATE LOCATION OF THEIR 2014 FRANCHISEE CONVENTION.. April 12, 2013..

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  • Title: Novus Auto Glass: Job Opportunities
    Descriptive info: NOVUS Auto Glass Repair and Replacement a division of privately owned TCG International Inc.. is the world s largest and most respected automotive glass repair network.. NOVUS has over 2,000 operations in 36 countries across North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East  ...   a rewarding working environment with an atmosphere of personal growth.. NOVUS is an equal opportunity employer.. Job opportunities are available at franchise locations as well as the NOVUS corporate office.. Please choose a location and contact them as to what type of position you are looking for..

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  • Title: Novus Auto Glass: Contact
    Descriptive info: Contact NOVUS.. You are contacting the corporate offices of NOVUS.. If you would like to contact your local NOVUS location, please.. click here.. *.. Name.. Email.. Phone Number.. Questions or Comments.. Please Respond Via:.. email.. phone.. Type the two words:.. Refresh Captcha.. * Captcha code does not match.. NOVUS WORLD HEADQUARTERS.. 12800 Highway 13 South, Suite 500.. Savage, MN 55378.. Phone: 952-944-8000.. Toll-Free: 800-328-1117.. Fax: 952-944-2542.. To reach your local NOVUS Glass dealer call: 800-77-NOVUS..

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  • Title: Novus Auto Glass: States Map
    Descriptive info: Alabama.. Georgia.. Maryland.. New Jersey.. South Carolina.. Alaska.. Hawaii.. Massachusetts.. New Mexico.. South Dakota.. Arkansas.. Idaho.. Michigan.. New York.. Texas.. Arizona.. Iowa.. Mississippi.. North Carolina.. Tennessee.. California.. Illinois.. Missouri.. North Dakota.. Utah.. Colorado.. Indiana.. Minnesota.. Ohio.. Vermont.. Connecticut.. Kansas.. Montana.. Oklahoma.. Virginia.. Delaware.. Kentucky.. Nebraska.. Oregon.. Washington.. District of Columbia.. Louisiana.. Nevada.. Pennsylvania.. West Virginia.. Florida.. Maine.. New Hampshire.. Rhode Island.. Wisconsin.. Wyoming..

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  • Title: Glass Repair Estimate - Request a Quote - Glass Repair Cost
    Descriptive info: Request a Glass Quote.. Enter your ZIP code.. Choose your car year.. (Select Year).. 2014.. 2013.. 2012.. 2011.. 2010.. 2009.. 2008.. 2007.. 2006.. 2005.. 2004.. 2003.. 2002.. 2001.. 2000.. 1999.. 1998.. 1997.. 1996.. 1995.. 1994.. 1993.. 1992.. 1991.. 1990.. 1989.. 1988.. 1987.. 1986.. 1985.. 1984.. 1983.. 1982.. 1981.. 1980.. 1979.. 1978.. 1977.. 1976.. 1975.. 1974.. 1973.. 1972.. 1971.. 1970.. 1969.. 1968.. 1967.. 1966.. 1965.. 1964.. 1963.. 1962.. 1961.. 1960.. 1959.. 1958.. 1957.. 1956.. 1955.. 1954.. 1953.. 1952.. 1951.. 1950.. 1949..  ...   piece.. Windshield.. Rear Window.. Side Window.. Please choose the service you want:.. Repair.. Replace.. Please select upto a maxiumum of four cracks on your windshield.. Half Bullseye Break.. Bullseye Break.. Star Break.. Combin -ation Break.. Crack less than 6.. Other/Not sure.. Please choose which side of the window is damaged:.. Driver Side Window.. Passenger Side Window.. Vent.. Front Side.. Rear Side.. Rear Quarter.. Side Paneling.. If you experience any problems using this form, please email us at:.. support@novusglass.. Copyright 2013..

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  • Title: Novus Auto Glass: National Guarantee
    Descriptive info: LIFETIME WARRANTY.. WINDSHIELD REPAIR.. NOVUS guarantees its windshield repair will not crack further and will pass vehicle inspection in all states, for as long as you own your vehicle, or we will refund the price of the original repair.. Or, a complete refund will be given as credit toward the purchase of a new windshield from the NOVUS facility that repaired the windshield.. In the event that a NOVUS facility is not able to replace the windshield, the price of the original repair will be refunded.. AUTO GLASS PRODUCTS.. Your  ...   warranty expires when you sell your vehicle.. This warranty will become void should breakage or damage occur due to vandalism, theft, Acts Of God, or self-inflicted damages.. NOVUS Auto Glass Repair Replacement will not be liable for consequential damages in states which allow this exclusion.. Should any defect occur (other than due to owner negligence) we will supply and install all necessary parts free of charge.. The sealing of any unit is guaranteed with the exception of leaking due to body deterioration.. No need to worry - Novus guarantees its work..

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  • Title: Novus Auto Glass: News: IS YOUR VEHICLE READY FOR WINTER?
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