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    Archived pages: 584 . Archive date: 2013-12.

    Descriptive info: .. it is their right, it is.. their duty.. PEOPLE For.. Mathematically Perfected Economy (PFMPE ).. :.. mathematically perfected economy (MPE ) is the.. singular.. integral solution to.. 1).. inflation and deflation,.. 2).. systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money or property, and.. 3).. inherent, irreversible multiplication of debt in proportion to a vital circulation, engendering inevitable systemic failure at a finite system lifespan defined by an inevitable, terminal sum of insoluble debt.. Mathematically Perfected Economy is every prospective debtor's right to issue their promise to pay, free of extrinsic manipulation, adulteration, or exploitation of that promise, or the natural opportunity to make good on it.. HOME SOLUTION, PURPORTED MONETARY REFORM, OR INHERENT FAILURE BY INTEREST?.. March 17, 2008 San Jose Mercury News: ".. Flour, milk, eggs up 24%-plus in 1 year.. " Presidente Bush claims he doesn't want to "over-curreck.. " Photo courtesy of Mario Sikorski, Poland.. Mario has spent almost a year now in the United States promoting the Ron Paul campaign every day, hoping Mr.. Paul would advocate mathematically perfected economy.. Ron Paul will not answer.. Whenever destroyers appear among men, they start by destroying money, for money is men's protection, and the base of a moral existence.. Ayn Rand.. The end of democracy and defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of the lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.. The Bank of the United States is one of the most deadly hostilities existing against the principles and form of our Constitution.. The system of banking is a blot.. [defect].. left in.. [unsolved by, and unfortunately tolerated by].. all our Constitutions.. [state and federal].. , which if not covered.. [eventually solved and revoked].. will end in their destruction.. I sincerely believe that banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity is but swindling futurity.. [on the greatest possible scale].. Thomas Jefferson.. If the American people.. ever.. allow banks to issue their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation.. [by having to maintain a vital circulation by.. perpetually.. re.. -borrowing principal and interest.. as subsequent sums of debt, increased perpetually so much as periodic interest.. ].. , the banks and.. [bank owned].. corporations which.. will.. grow up around them.. deprive the people of.. all.. property,.. until their children wake.. homeless.. on the continent their fathers conquered.. SIR JOSIAH STAMP, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE BANK OF ENGLAND.. "Banking was conceived in iniquity, and born in sin.. Bankers own the earth.. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of a pen, they will create enough money to buy it back again.. Take this great power away from them, and all great fortunes like mine will disappear.. And, they ought to disappear, for then this would be a better and happier world to live in.. But if you want to continue to be the slaves of the bankers, and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let bankers continue to create money, and control credit.. ".. ABRAHAM LINCOLN.. "The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace, and conspire against it in times of adversity.. The banking powers are more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy.. They denounce as public enemies, all who question their methods or throw light upon their crimes.. I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the bankers in the rear.. Of the two, the one at my rear is my greatest foe.. [As a further undesirable consequence of the war.. ].. Corporations have been enthroned, and an era of corruption in high places will follow.. The money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in the hands of a few, and the Republic is destroyed.. ".. The Government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credits needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of consumers.. By the adoption of these principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest.. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity.. ".. mike montagne.. WHY SO MANY CANDIDATES EVADE MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY.. As none of the present players will commit to the arguments which ostensibly justify usury, we must decipher why; and the answer to this question hinges on another:.. If the purposes of evasion were legitimate, why not.. justify.. in absolute terms how we can even maintain a vital circulation without suffering perpetual multiplication of debt to ever greater detriment?.. If the central banking system were not imposed, this question would have been answered in 1913.. It is because this obvious and crucial question cannot be answered that evasion is consistent instead with.. recognizing.. alternative arguments can only be defeated by the foundations of mathematically perfected economy.. This makes all evaders culpable for our oppression, for nothing less than mathematically perfected economy can serve us.. Until we settle for nothing less than full accountability then, we will have neither accountability, representation, or solution.. Wednesday, March 26, 2008.. FOREWORD.. Welcome.. Being denied the progress we can easily achieve by practically all sides of the issue, some few of us hold out much hope for the emergence of a real, veritable monetary science, preserving a representative value of money and property, incapable of maldistribution of wealth, and sustaining all of the desirable forms of prosperity toward which we make ourselves capable and deserving.. While the anticipation of never transitioning into that seeming frontier can never be validated by simply failing to raise a few vital truths, most of us realize too that the vast pretensions of purported economics are responsible for great, extensive wrong in the world.. Yet this very moment you have your finger on proof of singular solution; and while indeed we can deliver rice so that millions of producers of rice will not be starved for the sake of enmities such as commodities trading, even the whole of the lie which pretenders call "economics" is a mere pseudo science, bereft even of a fundamental proof which necessarily would ascertain that its practice.. is.. economic, just, or even sustainable.. Within itself then, the pseudo science can only be comprised of naysay versus unqualifiable assertion, because what cannot work cannot be qualified.. Thus, the unqualifiable assertions of purported economics are left to be sustained by testaments of the very things which cannot work, do not engender justice, are not economy, and are not even sustainable.. Its study is not even a study as much as it is a broad, concerted, conspiratorial evasion, because the most useful questions are purposely not asked, and because its obvious faults and solution are ignored to use what they call economy as a tool to deprive the many of all these things.. The only way beyond the lies and all their consequences therefore is the very monetary paradigm before you, because mathematically perfected economy is the singular solution of all possible monetary irregularities.. Three major religions have outlawed usury for thousands of years; and yet imposed across the world are currencies by which, if we merely maintain a vital circulation, can only perpetually multiply principal into ever greater, ever more usurious sums of debt.. But worse, the pretended principles of purported modern "economics" are even inherently and inevitably terminal, because it is impossible to fulfill the obligation to service debt if we do not maintain a circulation, and because we can only maintain a circulation by re-borrowing principal and interest as subsequent sums of debt, perpetually increased in proportion to the circulation so much as periodic interest.. Ultimately and inevitably then, every circulation subject to usury engenders a sum of debt which is terminal.. In our joined understanding of only these present facts then is the people's greatest possible strength concentrated, because we can prove without equivocation not only that we are denied representation, but that there is a singular fact thereof.. Granted this proof of a singular, integral monetary solution nonetheless, a people who will not see through the transparent facades everywhere to unite for nothing less than that single fact of representation, doom all of us to all the consequences mounting before us.. In this too then exists a critical obligation to bring this understanding of monetary rectitude and singular fact of representation to all others, for as surely as inherently terminal systems are terminal, and as surely as the evidence of a near term end has amassed everywhere about you, soon enough the facts we have so far not learned from will once again demonstrate the inevitable maximum possible lifespan of usury is predicated by a moment when the costs of servicing its irreversible multiplication of debt exceed our finite capacity to do so.. Obviously, our evolution for the real better, and even our very sustenance hinge upon realizing solution soon.. Likewise, humanity will never stand as one until we understand as one, the one possible monetary paradigm by which unity, harmony, justice, prosperity, and even sustainability truly exist.. In the interest of disinforming you of the cause and consequences of irreversible multiplication of debt, we are not just lied to regularly.. We are deceived without exception, for a purpose; and the purpose not only of all the pervasive, concerted disinformation, but the vast usurpation which must come with it, is preservation of an imposed currency for the sake of unearned accumulation of vast, undeserved wealth, by inherent, irreversible multiplication of debt by usury.. Because the known improprieties of the currency are the very intended tools to do this, modern "economists" and the pretended representatives before us will never rectify purported economics of its obvious faults.. In turn, true economic solution can and will only be established by a knowledgeable people, demanding together not only the one monetary paradigm that can serve them, but thus unseating the vast usurpation presently working to secure usury forever.. We absolutely can solve the few simple issues imposed upon us by "modern economies.. " We can readily perfect economy by mathematic processes, in fact of the most elementary kind.. Ancient scripture even tells us we will do so.. Moreover, the responsible and vigilant citizen who breathes can only smell the sulphur of purported modern economics.. They thus turn to discover at least the smoking history everywhere by which, without mandate, and converse to representation, today's central banking systems were imposed upon the world.. But the smell and dark, corrupt history of the thing are not enough, even if they lead us to the beginnings of the crime.. Contemplating that dark history or perceiving any of the many adverse consequences everywhere about us only incline the responsible citizen to find and eradicate them.. Yet there is no way to eradication but solution; and so, given resistance to a proof of singular solution, a struggle must ensue, and history must indeed boil up the vital paradigm.. The material of these pages represents an effort of some 40 years.. The few classes of effort to refute or alternate this long-standing proposition of a singular solution, or the proposition of inherent multiplication of debt which mathematically perfected economy addresses, are documented within these very pages.. To expedite our progress, those few efforts are explicitly invalidated by this material as well.. The dedication of this material to solution was the first of its kind to appear in the present arena, even before the official emergence of the web.. Original proofs and prescriptions for mathematically perfected economy appeared in public bulletin boards for instance, from which academia could access the very computer models and documentation I provided the Reagan Administration.. In the early 1980s, by a process no less accurate or abstract than calculating succeeding periodic interest for any debt, said models accurately projected not only the unanticipated multiplication of debt accumulated under Mr.. Reagan's two terms of office, but the accumulation of debt to now.. But their principal purpose was to conservatively calculate from the same time, a maximum practical lifespan for the present cycle of usury.. In serving that purpose according to administered rates of interest and circulatory growth, they indicated a maximum practical lifespan to approximately 2010 AD.. From the material presented by these pages, it may be understood quite definitively in fact that we are in the midst of the beginning of the projected failure, because in fact we are unable even to service mounting public debt which of course is responsible for its accumulation.. I have spoken more and more formally about mathematically perfected economy since high school.. In 1979 I published a formal proof that.. a).. a any purported economy subject to interest ultimately terminates itself under insoluble debt; and.. b).. that there is one.. only.. solution to the breadth of present monetary irregularities, which categorically are,.. inherent, irreversible multiplication of debt in proportion to the circulation by interest.. Years before I published these proofs, the thinking was so well received by such distinguished persons as Will McPhee of the math staff of the University of Colorado, that he engaged scores (if not hundreds) of other professors, and several hundred people altogether, to give immediate audience to the proposition; and there was not a dissenting opinion.. Many web sites and documentaries have been patterned after the background material which was first introduced to the web by these pages.. Some introduce further research into history which neither attests to nor denies mathematically perfected economy , because this is the origin of its authorship.. The present page sufficiently presents the underlying rationale.. The many further pages expand upon intrinsic and related concepts as necessary to close the many surrounding issues, often raised only in evasion or indifference.. SOLUTION, OR ANY ONE OF ALL THESE OTHER THINGS?.. Contradictory promises are circulating before the unfolding economic catastrophe at hand.. On the one hand, we have a handful of recently emerging threads of purported monetary reform, all of which can readily be shown to embody critical faults.. On another we have the purported rectitude of the incongruous and plausibly catastrophic system which has been imposed upon us, and which now, as it can only multiply debt all the further, threatens inevitable failure under a mountain of debt which is not only artificial and unjustified, but wholly avoidable by proper, true economy.. On the side of the latter then, we have a populace which largely understands nothing of the imposed system's purported economics, but asserts in one way or another its perpetuation.. Buoyed by a shameless propensity for dogma and a remarkable irreverence for the long term lack of accountable explanation, they are spurred by a mainstream media owned by the very people intending to dupe enough of us to persist in a mass dispossession of our country.. This faction is our greatest shame, our whole sufficient vulnerability, our mere weakness.. Even wearing its neglect for the criminal and ever more crippling debt it intends itself to simply evade and to pass on to its own progeny, this faction stands faithfully with the many monetary facades and iniquities which in the respiration of history imposed the world's First Great Depression upon them just a few breaths ago.. They stand even arrogantly by their many incongruities, even as none have the least understanding of either the first catastrophic failure's cause, or its possible prevention.. In a queer counter-intellectual stupor meant to defend positions which can only truly be defended otherwise, they defend the indefensible system they themselves never assented to, even as we can readily demonstrate the underlying cause of its first catastrophic failure persists in the very terminal sums of debt presently accumulating everywhere about us.. Thus for nothing better than confusion and worse, they perpetually commit all of us to a process which in fact is.. meant.. to multiply debt for unearned gain for we can readily solve that process and avoid systemic collapse under terminal artificial sums of debt.. According to this faction, while we can no longer even afford to service the debt their apathy has already accumulated, and while artificial sums of debt continue to multiply even at inherently escalating rates, they willfully and daily absorb the unqualified proposition that we enjoyed "growth" while all but the last of our industry was driven from our country.. But as surely as this irreversible amounting of debt will impose systemic collapse, their unqualified denial ensures the near term event of a Second Great Depression,.. because it is a sum of debt increasing.. in proportion.. to our means to service it.. Just such irreverence and ineptitude in fact set the table for the.. First.. Great Depression.. On another hand, we have a small faction which understands at least that we require monetary reform.. But what reform will serve us?.. If you don't mind (and I'm not sure I don't mind), I'd like to put the present stance of this faction into perspective by citing my response to a recent letter from a friend who passes on a post advocating that it is.. "Time to listen to Texas Congressman Ron Paul, the lone voice of reason in Congress today who's got to feel like he s shouting into a field of cotton with his repeated warnings about the dangers of a collapsing dollar, while the administration goes AWOL on the problem.. Indeed, just today or yesterday or so, as some prices have escalated 20 or 25 percent in just the last few months, Presidente Bush said "we" want to be careful not to "over-curreck.. Mario Sikorski is a good friend who has followed, participated, and promoted this effort for I don't know how long.. His email updates me of developments circulating among a broad scope of teachers, economists, and students of the effort to perfect economy.. Hopefully my answer to his recent letter will bring the reader up to speed on the question of veritable monetary reform:.. Thursday, March 27, 2008.. The trouble is, Ron Paul doesn't have the answer.. We can readily prove that; and we can readily prove what the answer.. Most of us thought that Ron Paul's long term integrity would find the answer, or be open to the answer, or would receive the answer laid on his doorstep.. But in the true mold of Austrian "economists," evidently he disdains math and mathematic solution, even as they are indispensable both to finding and to demonstrating our way.. People have been jumping up and down for more than 200 years in this country over the controversy between usury and free enterprise.. Those two mutually exclusive things are what we're really dealing with here.. The founders hoped to perfect economy, and.. tried.. to perfect economy.. Jefferson particularly realized that they had fallen short of that vital goal, and so he pointed to the monetary defects of the Constitution in such a way that we were to realize the answer to monetary perfection laid not in the Constitution, but in our responsibility to achieve a future perfection before it was too late.. To his great credit, and like many others, Jefferson realized that usury comprised the most dangerous power to usurp the country.. What Ron Paul and his followers do not understand is that a process which multiplies debt *in proportion* to our means or capacity to service debt, inherently imposes the culminating events we now face.. Thus to jump up and down and shout "inflation," or a return to Constitutionality is not even to engage in fruitful dialog regarding real solution.. The *only* thing which.. can.. truly save us is a proof of solution.. If we can't deal with simple mathematic problems by proof of solution, there isn't even any reason to take encouragement then from Fox News' prospective awakening.. [regarding the forwarded material's urging that Fox revisit Ron Paul's advocations].. Few Americans understand what caused the first Great Depression.. Fewer still can put their finger on a singular prescription which would have avoided not.. just.. the ultimate consequence of the First Great Depression, but even every minute.. degree.. of inequity which, having inevitably.. accumulated.. over the first mere 15 years of the so called Federal Reserve System, could *only* result in an event which again we are approaching at a like, inherently escalating rate.. There are nonetheless the most concrete reasons these things happen as they do; and if we are not ready ourselves to face those reasons, there is no hope for us.. It is easy now to predict another world-wide Depression, for it.. almost.. seems that no one can answer for the sums of artificial debt which continue to multiply at inherently escalating rates.. But someone has answered; and who has heard them?.. It is easy too to look at our fellow citizens and see that they and their run amuck government haven't the least disposition to solve their problems, for the answers are simple, and sitting right in front of their faces.. It is for their own iniquities that we are not solving the simple issues which threaten or even ensure our destruction.. But let's face it.. So it is too for a candidate who only jumped up and down shouting about *some* of the consequences of this mal-designed system.. and who never once has burrowed for us into the necessarily exhaustive, mechanical explanation which would convey to us a *true* understanding of solution.. How do I know?.. Because I have attempted since even before Mr.. Paul's first campaign for the presidency to engage him on these issues.. Because my own work disproved Mr.. Paul's notions before even the mid 1970s when Mr.. Paul claims he took an interest in "Austrian Economics".. a purported discipline which itself does not even claim to solve the problems before us, and which in fact advocates the very things which are the cause of our problems.. namely, "interest," and unearned gain.. Mr.. Paul uses the words of Mullins and others to shout to us that money is created out of thin air; that our issue is fiat currency; that government over-spending (my term) is destroying us.. These things indeed speak of vast, run amuck corruption; and have a ring which has appealed to a few of the jeopardized masses.. But they are not even meaningful expressions which deliver terms on which we can build solution.. Paul claims nonetheless that we need therefore to reduce the circulation.. But he hasn't even proven that what we suffer from is truly inflation.. Let me ask everyone something:.. "Inflation" and "deflation" are defined respectively as increases or decreases in circulation per related production.. That is, the proper/traditional definition of inflation is an increase in circulation per the very things for which so much currency was introduced to circulation.. It has *always* *only been.. theoretical.. * that "inflation" *caused* increasing prices.. In all the pseudo sciences of purported "economics," there is no proof and no formal theorem which establishes that "inflation" engenders increasing costs.. So, before I ask my question, let me say first that I can and have proved this unqualified proposition wrong;.. and that the story of my first spewing forth of the inadvertent contrarian proposition best puts the questions at hand in their deserved context, because they are the very questions every student, the teacher, and their teacher before and so forth should have asked.. I enjoyed the benefits of an advanced mathematics education as a young child college algebra at age 7, calculus as I turned 10.. Years down the road, in high school actually, I was required to take a course which exposed forever to me the falsifications which are presently leading us down the road to disaster.. I of course have reservations about asserting this childhood qualification; but I have greater reservation about its plausible omission, because otherwise this high school event circa 1968 might be stripped of the weight it deserves.. Having moved from the place of my earlier, discontinued education, in effect I retraced much of my earlier education in high school, where I enjoyed certain respect for a gift of seeing the answers to problems.. I will not dwell on that long.. But as a generic understanding of mathematics does not generally suffice in its observation of formal proof and theorem, it is important at least to some degree to build a case that the style and stature of the teaching we received even so early in our lives was substantially disciplined.. As a consequence of that early discipline, I was the only student my two difficult high school math teachers ever gave an A+; and I was the only student in either of their careers to take them up on an offer to forego turning in homework.. I did mine according to my own schedule and habits, forfeiting a throw out test and never missing a single mathematic problem on a test in my high school career.. I considered myself very fortunate to have both these teachers, Jane Luks and Richard Herman, because they were both exceedingly astute, and taught solely by formal proofs of the theorems which distinguish and comprise a true discipline.. It is this distinguishing aspect of mathematics and geometry which I feel compelled to concentrate on briefly, because it is an appreciation for proof and theorem alone which can put the weight of a.. proposition of mathematically perfected economy into perspective.. That is, there is one "and one only solution" (as Jane Luks used to say) to our present problems, and we are about to demonstrate so much in general, literal terms.. Thus our small, seemingly insignificant story is actually a.. case.. of the pseudo science, "economics," versus the bona fide science of mathematics;.. and really it is important for you to be delivered it in those terms to weigh its full meaning.. The math of it, as you will see, is simple as elementary and incontrovertible as elementary and incontrovertible can be.. In high school actually I did not know it at the time of the present story, but my gifts for problem solving were privately celebrated by a number of the faculty.. One day for instance, as my Trig/Geometry teacher Jane Luks was about to teach the  ...   so much escalating deflation?.. Of course, we would suffer instant deflation of the circulation; and an instant Second Great Depression.. The same thing that happened before would simply happen again.. We will get that Second Great Depression anyway, so what are we going to do about it?.. Is it a product of Ron Paul's [.. potentially non-existent.. ] "inflation?".. Or is it a product of the inherent, irreversible multiplication of debt which mathematically perfected economy alone solves?.. *If* in fact it *is* impossible or impractical to maintain a circulation subject to interest without multiplying debt in proportion to the circulation; and if there is one and one only solution to real inflation and deflation.. (as no one has proven otherwise for either case).. , then we know at least this:.. Unless Ron Paul advocates eradicating interest,.. he.. cannot.. solve inherent multiplication of debt all the further;.. therefore.. neither.. can he avert inevitable collapse under an eventual sum of insoluble debt.. Unless Ron Paul *.. also.. * advocates paying our debts at a schedule equivalent to their consumption or depreciation,.. neither can he solve *real* inflation and deflation.. Notably then, not only does he advocate.. ; his precious "Austrian Economics" actually.. advocates.. *interest*, and even.. itself.. argues.. against.. a constant value of money!!!.. All this of course means we will never solve our problems under Mr.. Paul or his precious Austrian pseudo-science.. Alternatively then, what would mathematically perfected economy entail?.. In the case of a $100,000 home with a hundred year lifespan, we would pay for the home/debt at the overall rate of $1,000 per year or $83.. 33 per month a mere fraction of present costs.. Simply by re-financing all debt under mathematically perfected economy, we would immediately achieve full employment and *multiples* of our present "prosperity," because so much *existent* cash could be devoted to commerce, versus its present dedication to servicing debt.. By financing all further possible prosperity under mathematically perfected economy , we would leave the consequences of usury in the dust.. The problem is not ".. the strength.. " of ".. the dollar.. ",.. because the present dollar is not only a facade, it is a process which can only multiply debt to collapse.. It is not that the dollar is ".. weak.. ;".. it is that the dollar.. *inherently* weakens.. ,.. as ever more of every dollar is inherently dedicated to servicing an ever greater sum of debt, versus sustaining the commerce which must pay for that debt.. The problem is.. the nature.. of the dollar,.. that it is a.. purposed.. method of dispossessing us in a system where.. unearned.. gain is championed at the inevitable cost and destruction of.. gain.. The problem is the nature of the dollar is mutually exclusive to true free enterprise; that usury is an inherent tragedy involving a role where the principles of real prosperity are inherently slain.. The problem is no purported provision or reparation can change or avert the consequences of that, so long as "the dollar" or any other currency remains subject to "interest.. The problem thus is there is no solution to the (orchestrated) failure of the dollar but to perfect the dollar of inflation, deflation, and inherent multiplication of debt by interest.. No.. then; it's.. time to listen to Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who at least to my knowledge, and as well seemingly to that of any of his supporters, has never even tried to present a full qualification of his now disqualified propositions.. It's time to conduct the dialog Mr.. Paul has avoided.. It's time to hear.. THE.. solution.. mike montagne founder, PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy and author of mathematically perfected economy (formally published in 1979 after speaking on mathematically perfected economy for the preceding decade).. This basic history may give political context to the material of these pages.. This is the story of a simple thing humanity can and will some day achieve, and a government and people disposed instead to their own destruction.. Even as terminal sums of artificial debt now tower above us, a controversy brews amongst us in which nothing short of solution will be good enough.. I didn't trust Richard Nixon, or I might have approached him.. But I have furnished many of the candidates for the highest office of our country and every president since and including Gerald Ford a proposition of mathematically perfected economy.. Quite remarkably I would say, every one of them but Ronald Reagan evaded even answering.. But why?.. Contemplate that question for just a moment.. Do.. you.. suppose for instance, that it is possible to maintain a circulation subject to interest without multiplying debt in proportion to the circulation until our commerce caves in under the weight of an eventual sum of debt it can no longer afford to service?.. Would you, as President of the United States, or would you as a candidate for the highest office of an ostensibly representative government,.. in genuine faithfulness to that office.. , refuse even to engage in dialog on this issue?.. Would you deny the fact is evident even in the insoluble debt amassed everywhere about us?.. In substantial intercourse with the Reagan Administration, I offered and provided his staff with substantial material over his first term in office.. Some or all of that material may at least have contributed to the resignation of David Stockman:.. mathematic proof that any purported economy subject to interest ultimately terminates itself under insoluble debt;.. mathematic proof there is one and one only integral solution to.. inherent, irreversible multiplication of debt in proportion to a circulation;.. * mathematic proof it was impossible for his proposed 3 years of 10% reductions in federal taxation.. to balance the federal budget (as he claimed) or.. offset price inflation exceeding 10%, or much less,.. solve price inflation's cause.. (as.. the costs of federal operations would be driven further upward by the unsolved causes of price inflation [those costs therefore were not even sufficiently offset];.. as 10% of federal taxes are far less than 10% of the cost of all things; and as.. the cause of price inflation is inherent, irreversible multiplication of debt by interest).. ;.. and computer models capable of calculating the maximum possible lifespan of any purported economy subject to interest.. As our next page,.. "PROBABILITY AND TIMELINE FOR WORLD-WIDE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE AS A CONSEQUENCE OF INTEREST".. , more substantially addresses the projections of said models, I will only inject the proposition here that the models have accurately projected from the early 1980s the very accumulation of debt to this moment; that they projected that national debt would triple under Reagan;.. and that they project a general practical lifespan for the present system of usury to approximately 2010 AD.. So as my models projected.. as Reagan's programs inherently tripled the debt of the entire previous history of our nation and the United States descended from "the greatest creditor nation" in the world to its lowliest debtor, Reagan required Stockman to revise the formulas which formerly expressed the vitality we could no longer sustain in an obvious attempt to disguise the failure.. Stockman evidently wasn't entirely pleased with that duty; it's said that Reagan then took Stockman "to the wood shed"; but Ronald Reagan never tried me on for size.. You know the rest of the story.. My certified delivery receipt from Jimmy Carter was not returned for 6 months.. Every year for 8 years I got a Christmas card from the Clinton family; but not a word in reply to mathematically perfected economy except indirectly in a state of the union address where Mr.. Clinton falsely claimed to have balanced the federal budget (as Mrs.. Clinton continues to falsely claim), "something which before had even been thought to be mathematically impossible.. (Except to pathological liars.. ).. There was no such significant increase in federal revenues or tax rates; there was hardly a penny of real profit generated by his false technology boom; there was no such accountable reduction in federal spending.. How then did he actually "balance" the federal budget?.. We.. do.. know.. I've seen the YouTube videos regarding the Clinton's controversy with Peter Paul.. I've received plenty enough Christmas cards from the Clinton family; in fact if I recall, I only opened the first of them.. Hillary will never give you solution.. Ask her.. Ask her if she can either refute or deliver mathematically perfected economy ; even ask her.. why not?.. Or perhaps ask her why in fact is it that mathematically perfected economy is not made a cause of her Bilderberg meetings?.. John McCain stands for perpetuation of the things which are against us.. In Greek, that happens to be the definition of the word, "evil.. " Enough said.. But ask McCain too, if you really believe there's a chance he represents the people.. Barack Obama will probably be our next president; and I would gladly salute him if he would commit to establishing mathematically perfected economy ; so if you have the chance, ask him for us, because I've yet to receive a yea or nay to the calls I've made or all the questions I've sent.. I tried Michelle too.. My concern about the Ron Paul campaign therefore is hardly new or casual.. I don't call out Ron Paul in animosity.. I even like the man immensely, except that I think he dangerously over-simplifies serious issues, and in so doing, effectively opposes mathematically perfected economy.. In the eve of March 27, 2008 (last night), I watched part of a CSPAN program in which HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson asserted to his audience that hundreds of thousands of mortgages were being saved *temporarily* by reducing or restraining interest rates.. Reducing or restraining interest rates.. A great cheer rose when he cited just one case of reducing an interest rate from 10.. 8 to 6.. 5 percent.. Just one case.. From 10.. He said, ".. The problem is these reductions are temporary.. Every day that we delay, thousands of home owners are at risk.. Families must have a true mortgage, not a suicide loan.. Well a country and the world as well must have a true mortgage, not a suicide loan.. In meaning well I'm sure, Mr.. Jackson said there is a solution; but he asserted that it was not just one thing, and that it would be complicated and difficult to achieve it.. As he spoke, it seemed he thought no one realized what that solution, however complex, might be; and yet it seemed as well that his office was bent moreso on moving a known direction, but only so much as might temporarily stave collapse.. I would ask him instead to consider going so far as would allow his people to prosper to the full extent.. possible.. Respectfully, I submit also that no, it.. one thing; and even as he said without realizing it, that one thing.. interest.. Alphonso Jackson is an optimist; and I certainly don't criticize him for that.. Nor do I criticize him for not realizing that the answer, as most true solutions are, is simple so simple that he did not even realize he had just uttered it in his very sentence.. His perception of difficulty a difficulty which to his credit he appears wholly dedicated to overcome stems from.. impossible.. ,.. artificial.. conditions,.. imposed.. by an.. unassented.. system.. which was never justified in the first place.. Thus his perception of difficulty is just so disproportionate to the mere costs of carefully re-examining his very sentence.. But imagine just the same, the cheer Mr.. Jackson would have received if he had announced that we had reduced interest rates not to 6.. 5 percent, but to zero percent; and that we were re-scheduling all payments against all debts to be refinanced in this way at the rate of depreciation of the related property.. What person and what country then would be threatened with losing their home? Who then would not line up for the only possible genre of mortgage which is not a suicide loan?.. Perhaps I'm just a teenager who 40 years later still knows no better than trying however vainly to save his country.. But obviously, I lean irreversibly to the contrary proposition, that mathematically perfected economy justifies a commitment not only to my own country and the representation it once represented, but to preserving both for the world.. RELATED MATERIAL.. [ NEW ].. 2009 [WORLD] AMENDMENT FOR MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY AND GOVERNMENT INTEGRITY.. "To find the players in all the corruption of the world, 'Follow the money.. ' To find the captains of world corruption, follow the money all the way.. mike montagne founder, PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy , author/engineer of mathematically perfected economy (1979).. NEXT PAGE.. PROBABILITY AND TIMELINE FOR WORLD-WIDE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE AS A CONSEQUENCE OF INTEREST.. PFMPE DIRECTORIES.. MAIN PFMPE SITE.. mike montagne's mathematically perfected economy.. BLOG.. mathematically perfected economy.. FORUMS, DISCUSSION.. MAIN SITE DIRECTORY.. SUPPLEMENTARY.. JOIN PEOPLE FOR MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.. PFMPE VIDEOS MASTER THE ISSUES WITH PEOPLE FOR MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY VIDEOS.. HOW TO NEGOTIATE THIS MATERIAL FOR DIFFERENT PURPOSES.. [ INTRODUCTORY ].. SYNOPSIS.. MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY REDUCED TO ITS BAREST THREAD.. TESTIMONIALS.. [ KEY ].. IF I WERE PRESIDENT.. HOW TO ARREST WORLD WIDE MONETARY COLLAPSE IN A DAY.. CONTACT PFMPE.. mike montagne INTERVIEWS, CONSULTATION.. SUBSCRIBE TO FREE PFMPE NEWSLETTERS.. PRIMARY ARTICLES.. [ OVERALL SUMMARY ].. ABOUT INTEREST, KEY TO THE CYCLE OF USURY: 'IT'S THE INTEREST, STUPID, IT'S THE INTEREST'.. ARTIFICIAL SUSTENTION RELEVANCE OF PROJECTION AND CAPACITIES TO ARTIFICIALLY EXTEND THE LIFESPAN OF USURY.. INHERENT PATTERN OF FAILURE OF ANY PURPORTED ECONOMY SUBJECT TO INTEREST.. CURRENT SHAPING OF THE FAILURE PRELUDE TO A SECOND GREAT DEPRESSION, OR TO MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY ?.. WHY AND HOW PRECIOUS METAL MONETARY STANDARDS [THE GOLD STANDARD] CAN ONLY FAIL.. WHAT IS SOUND MONEY?.. THE PURPORTED QUESTION OF WHO SHOULD ISSUE THE CURRENCY WHO WOULD LOAN MONEY IF IT WERE NOT SUBJECT TO INTEREST?.. DOES RISK JUSTIFY SUBJECTING THE FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE TO INTEREST (USURY)?.. PURPOSES OF THE DECEPTION THAT INFLATION IS CONTROLLED BY INTEREST (USURY).. WHY INFLATION ITSELF IS A LIE; WHY IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO SOLVE THE REAL CONSEQUENCES OF A CURRENCY SUBJECT TO INTEREST.. WHAT IS USURY?.. WHAT IS FREE ENTERPRISE?.. DETERMINING THE VALUE OF MONEY, PROPERTY, AND PRODUCTION.. WHAT IS Mathematically Perfected Economy ?.. 'MPE 101' BASIC IMPLEMENTATION OF Mathematically Perfected Economy.. 'MPE 102' 'FIAT CURRENCY.. ' WHAT ABOUT IT?.. 'MPE 103' HOW MUCH MONEY TO CIRCULATE 'OUT OF THIN AIR'?.. 'MPE 104' TAXATION UNDER MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY.. 'MPE 105' DEBT ONLY EQUIVALENT TO THE PROPERTY WE HAVE POSSESSED AND NOT PAID FOR, OR THE COSTS OF SERVICING DEBT PERPETUALLY MULTIPLYING IN PROPORTION TO OUR MEANS; WHAT IS THE REAL ENEMY?.. 'MPE 106' 'MONEY OUT OF THIN AIR': IT IS NEITHER AN OFFENSE OR DISADVANTAGE THAT TOKENS OF WEALTH COST NOTHING.. 'MPE 107' PARASITIC 'MARKETS' CAN ONLY MAKE KILLINGS AT *OUR* EXPENSE 'INVESTMENT' IN Mathematically Perfected Economy.. 'MPE 108' CIRCULATORY INFLATION AND PRICE INFLATION EXPLAINED.. 'MPE 109' CIRCULATORY DEFLATION AND THE CONSEQUENCES OF DEFICIENT CIRCULATION.. 'MPE 110' DEPRECIATION AND EQUITY IN MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY.. 'MPE 111' UNINTRODUCED CIRCULATION AND EQUITY IN MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY.. 'MPE 112' NATURE OF MONEY IN MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY.. 'MPE 113' UNEARNED GAIN PROFIT WITHOUT REAL, COMMENSURABLE CONTRIBUTION TO THE POOL OF WEALTH.. 'MPE 114' LAND.. 'MPE 115' RETIREMENT.. 'MPE 116' PURPORTED SUPPLY AND DEMAND.. 'MPE 117' MATHEMATICALLY? PERFECTED? ECONOMY? WHY TERMINOLOGY TO WHICH SOME OBJECT?.. 'MPE 118' HOW WE READILY COMPUTE FUTURE ACCUMULATION OF DEBT WITH GREAT PRECISION (TO THE NAYSAYERS OF PROJECTION).. 'MPE 119' WHY NOT NATIONALIZE THE PRIVATE FEDERAL RESERVE?.. 'MPE 120' BASIC EFFECT OF MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY ON STOCK MARKETS.. 'MPE 121' MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY AND GLOBAL WARMING.. 'MPE 122' MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY AND AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE.. 'MPE 299' WHY FOLLOWING BILL CLINTON WILL BE OBAMA'S ROAD TO FAILURE (TOO).. 'MPE 777' MERE 'OPINIONS' ARE DIVISION.. WHY AND HOW USURY HAS BEEN IMPOSED ACROSS THE WORLD.. [ VITAL MODEL ].. PARABLE OF PERFECT ECONOMY HOW USURY COMPELLED THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION.. HOW MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED CURRENCY EXTENDS THE INDIVIDUALISM OF THE PARABLE.. POST REVOLUTION ATTEMPTS TO IMPOSE USURY SUCCEED IN THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL DECEPTIONS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT.. [ CRITICAL HISTORY ].. Congressman Louis T.. McFadden before the House of Representatives, June 10, 1932, in the midst of the first Great Depression.. RELATED ACCOUNTS OF THE FIRST GREAT DEPRESSION.. [ CRITICAL LACK AND VIOLATION OF AUTHORITY ].. EVALUATION OF JEFFERSON'S OPINION ON THE CONSTITUTIONALITY OF A NATIONAL BANK.. PUTTING WASHINGTON, HAMILTON, JEFFERSON, FRANKLIN, JACKSON, AND LINCOLN INTO MONETARY PERSPECTIVE.. EVERY PRESIDENT SINCE GERALD FORD EVADES MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY.. WHO ARE THE BILDERBERGS, THE SECRET SOCIETIES REARING CANDIDATES AND SHAPING GOVERNMENT? WHAT IS GLOBALISM?.. IMMEDIATE CONVERSION OF A CENTRAL BANKING SYSTEM TO MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY.. WHY ACCOUNTABILITY IS CRITICAL THROUGHOUT A REPUBLIC.. OPEN LETTERS TO THE CANDIDATES AND PURPORTED REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT INTRODUCTION.. OPEN LETTER TO THE CONGRESS, SENATE AND SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES.. OPEN LETTER TO JOHN MCCAIN.. OPEN LETTER TO HILLARY CLINTON.. OPEN LETTER TO RON PAUL.. OPEN LETTER TO BARACK OBAMA.. OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT BUSH.. THE PEOPLE'S RESPONSIBILITY.. THANKS FOR VISITING PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy.. REFUTATION OF CONTROVERSIAL MONETARY PROPOSITIONS, REVIEW OF OTHER MATERIAL.. Why Invalidate All Contending Monetary Propositions?.. Why Pre-MPE Austrian School Dogma Can Never Solve Our Issues.. FATAL FLAW OF AUSTRIAN SCHOOL ECONOMICS COMPLETE REJECTION OF MATHEMATICS?.. REGARDING INTEREST THEN, DOES AUSTRIAN SCHOOL ECONOMICS NOT HAVE TITLE TO LIBERTY AND RIGHT REVERSED?.. [ POPULAR EXAMPLE ].. William B.. Ryan Kent State University Capital Ownership Group Forum Ad Hominems Disprove Mathematically Perfected Economy ?.. Or Academia Inadvertently Validates Mathematically Perfected Economy ?.. Example Austrian School Rejections of Mathematically Perfected Economy.. VICIOUSNESS AND EVASION AS THE REGULAR DEFENSE OF THE AUSTRIAN SCHOOL.. What's Wrong With Ron Paul and Milton Friedman's Idea To Stop Expanding The Money Supply?.. Friedman Never Solved the Cause of the First Great Depression.. Calling Out Ron Paul Supporters to Qualify the Gold Standard.. What's Wrong With Social Credit and Douglas' A + B Theorem?.. Why Have Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Ron Paul, Edwin Vieira and So Many Others Failed to Deliver Solution?.. WHY RON PAUL AND EDWIN VIEIRA HAVE FAILED TO DELIVER SOLUTION.. H.. R.. 1148 RON PAUL'S ATTEMPT TO RESCIND THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT?.. EDWIN VIEIRA DISCLAIMS AUTHORSHIP OF THE FANTASIES IN THE ORIGINAL DRAFT OF NEW HAMPSHIRE HB 1342, PURPORTEDLY TO ENDORSE CONSTITUTIONAL MONEY.. HR 2779 RON PAUL AND EDWIN VIEIRA'S SO CALLED HONEST MONEY ACT.. BANAL FAULTS OF THE SO CALLED AMERICAN MONETARY ACT OF THE SO CALLED AMERICAN MONETARY INSTITUTE.. Invalidation of G.. Edward Griffin's Creature From Jekyll Island Obfuscation Of The Need To Re-borrow Interest To Maintain A Circulation.. USURY OR MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY WHICH PRESERVES 'COLLECTIVISM' OR 'INDIVIDUALISM'?.. GARY NORTH PRETENDS THE ORIGINS AND FAULTS OF MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY.. The Broken Ideology: Monetary Narcissism Condemns Its Own Progeny To Destruction.. THE COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE FANTASY OF A DEBT FREE MONETARY SYSTEM.. AXIOMATIC ECONOMICS? VICTOR AGUILAR'S PURPORTED REVIEW OF MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY.. Margrit Kennedy's Essays On Interest and Inflation Free Money.. OPINION ON THE PENNSYLVANIA CURRENCY ADVOCATED BY ELLEN HODGSON BROWN IN 'WEB OF DEBT'.. NO, ELLEN.. 'IT'S NOT THE DERIVATIVES, STUPID'.. EDWARD FLAHERTY'S PURPORTED DEBUNKING OF JAIKARAN'S STOLEN DEBT VIRUS THESIS.. REAL OPTIONS OF 'TRADERS,' TRAITORS AND LOOTERS IN THE LAST DAYS OF THE REPUBLIC.. Has Anyone Ever Disproven Mathematically Perfected Economy ?.. How Mathematically Perfected Economy Solves The Faults Of All Alternate Propositions.. FREE DOWNLOADS.. DO THE MATH.. CHALLENGE THE MATH.. CALCULATE INHERENT MULTIPLICATION OF DEBT TO SYSTEMIC COLLAPSE YOURSELF.. CLICK HERE to download our free Excel Maximum Possible Lifespan Mockups as a conventional ZIP file (76 Kb).. ALSO OPENS IN APPLE Numbers.. WALKING THROUGH THE ELEMENTARY MATH OF OUR SPREADSHEET DEBT PROJECTION MODELS.. PFMPE FREE DOWNLOADS PAGE.. OTHER.. RELEVANT HISTORIC QUOTES.. EXTERIOR LINKS.. GLOSSARY OF TERMS.. IMPORTANT PFMPE BLOG TOPICS.. REVERSE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER.. THE PROBLEM IS NOT DEBT!.. RESPONSE TO ELLEN HODGSON BROWN S CLAIM TO ANSWER TO THE CONTROVERSY.. OPEN LETTER TO THE OBAMA TRANSITION TEAM, RE: MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY.. MSNBC, WSJ, USUAL TALKING HEADS GET INTEREST, GREENSPAN WRONG AGAIN.. THROWING DOWN THE GAUNTLET ON THE GOLD STANDARD (AGAIN).. PAUL KRUGMAN, NOBEL LAUREATE, IRRESPONSIBLY CALLS FOR CONTINUED FISCAL IRRESPONSIBILITY.. MORE ON THE CONTROVERSY OF ELLEN HODGSON BROWN'S GLOBAL RESEARCH ARTICLE PRETENDING WORLD-WIDE MONETARY SOLUTION.. OPEN LETTER TO GLOBAL RESEARCH ON THE CONTROVERSY WITH ELLEN HODGSON BROWN.. OBAMA MONETARY PROPOSAL UPDATE.. PFMPE RESPONSE TO PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS' ARTICLE, "A SOLUTION?".. THE OCTOBER 7th DEBATE: ABSOLUTE FAILING GRADES TO BOTH CANDIDATES.. RON PAUL CORRECTS HIMSELF REGARDING THE CAUSE OF MONETARY FAILURE.. THAT WAS A DEBATE?.. OPEN (ONLINE) COPY OF MIKE MONTAGNE'S PROPOSITION OF SINGULAR MONETARY SOLUTION, AS REQUESTED BY OBAMA CAMPAIGN.. No, Ellen.. It's NOT the Derivatives, STUPID.. ONCE AGAIN, GREENSPAN PROVES HE'S JUST A SHILL.. HOW GREAT THE LIES AN "UNPRECEDENTED" POLITICAL RESPONSE?.. WIKIPEDIA DELETES MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY TOPIC.. THE SHAPING OF A DEPRESSION.. WHERE DID OUR INDUSTRY GO? WHY CAN'T WAGES KEEP PACE WITH PRICE INFLATION?.. DOES EXECUTIVE ORDER 11110 ABOLISH THE FEDERAL RESERVE?.. ANSWER TO A QUESTION FROM NEW YORK HOW TO DETERMINE THE VALUE OF MONEY "EXACTLY".. States Suing Banksters LINKS.. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE FIRST AND SECOND GREAT DEPRESSIONS? (July 11th, 2008).. WHY YOU CAN'T RAISE INTEREST IN THE LATE STAGES OF USURY.. NewsMax, "President Obama and the Coming Stock Market Crash".. HOW I WOULD HAVE PAID THE DEBTS OF THE REVOLUTION.. HOW TO FIGHT FORECLOSURE (July 4th, 2008 ).. GERMANY, INDIA LEAD AGAINST UNEARNED PROFIT'S IMPACT ON OIL, COMMODITIES.. [ CRITICAL ].. DID ROOSEVELT FIX THE CAUSES OF THE GREAT DEPRESSION?.. OBAMA SUPPORTERS ASKING HOW A CANDIDATE CAN SHED THE ALLEGED INEXPERIENCE DEMERIT.. Response to Jim Quinn's Nolan Chart Article, "Ron Paul, the only one telling the Truth".. AS THE STOCK MARKETS VACILLATE, AUSTRIAN "ECONOMISTS" CONTINUE TO ADVOCATE UNEARNED GAIN.. WHY DON'T THE DEMOCRATS REVERSE WILSON'S ERROR, AND REPEAL THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT?.. McCAIN CAUGHT IN OUTRIGHT LIE, FLIP-FLOPPING ON "PRIVATIZATION" OF "SOCIAL SECURITY".. MAIN BLOG DIRECTORY.. CONTACT PFMPE (GENERAL).. pfmpe[ at ]perfecteconomy[ dot ]com.. Gross National Public Debt Clock.. "National debt," perhaps better said to be "federal debt," refers only to public debt accumulated by the federal government.. National debt does not include the even greater sum of private debt, or further public debt accumulated by state and local governments.. PER CAPITA, THE CURRENT FEDERAL PUBLIC DEBT COMES TO APPROXIMATELY THIRTY-THOUSAND DOLLARS.. FIGURED AT THE ROUGH SCALE USED BELOW TO DETERMINE RESPONSIBILITY FOR PRIVATE DEBT, THE AVERAGE FEDERAL DEBT WOULD BE ROUGHLY $93,750 PER ELDER ADULT MOST RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACCUMULATION OF FEDERAL DEBT.. BUT LIKE PRIVATE DEBT, THE UNDUE BURDENS OF THIS SHARE WILL SIMPLY BE SADDLED UPON YOUNGER GENERATIONS.. Javascript must be enabled for zfacts.. com to display the clock's real time gross national public debt data.. zFacts.. com.. PER CAPITA U.. S.. PUBLIC AND PRIVATE DEBT.. Estimates of the sum of private and public U.. debt together, accounting for potential Social Security and Medicare liabilities as of November, 2007, run as much as more than $96 trillion; or $320,000 per capita even for infants; OR AN AVERAGE OF ROUGHLY HALF A MILLION DOLLARS PER ADULT.. THIS EQUATES TO ROUGHLY $1 MILLION PER ELDER ADULT, MOST RESPONSIBLE FOR ENGENDERING THIS DEBT.. Hodges' America's Total Debt Report.. PROMOTE MPE.. !.. BROWSER INSTRUCTIONS.. TO ADD THIS PAGE TO YOUR BOOKMARKS OR FAVORITES.. 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PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy is the original and only bona fide solution to the world's imposed, falsified economic systems.. On November 7, 1998, tens of thousands of voters designated PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy a Starting Point HOT SITE.. Since the early 1990s, even while subject to extensive imitation and plagiarism, we have served up to hundreds of thousands of visitors per month, from all parts of the world.. DONATIONS FROM JANUARY 1979 TO APRIL 2008, $0.. 00!!! My great appreciation to Max Demarzi and I Young, who have since donated $100 and $50 respectively.. You know, $1, $2, $3 is cool.. If everybody did that, we wouldn't have any trouble at all maintaining this effort.. While 12,000 homes a day continue to go into foreclosure, mathematically perfected economy would re-finance a $100,000 home with a hundred-year lifespan at the overall rate of $1,000 per year or $83.. 33 per month.. Without costing us anything, we would immediately become as much as 12 times as liquid on present revenue.. Transitioning to MPE would apply all payments already made against existent debt toward principal.. Many of us would be debt free.. There would be no housing crisis, no credit crisis.. Unlimited funding would immediately be available to sustain all the industry we are capable of.. There is no other solution.. Regulation can only temper an inherently terminal process.. If you are not promoting mathematically perfected economy , then you condemn us to monetary failure.. Copyright 1979-2008 by mike montagne and PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy.. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.. PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy , Mathematically Perfected Economy , Mathematically Perfected Currency , MPE , and PFMPE are trademarks of mike montagne and PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy , perfecteconomy.. 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    Descriptive info: FIG.. 1.. TYPICAL MAXIMUM POSSIBLE LIFESPAN OF ANY PURPORTED ECONOMY SUBJECT TO INTEREST.. In the charted calculations,.. period ending debt.. (6).. is determined by re-borrowing.. principal.. (1).. and.. interest.. (2).. paid out of the.. general circulation.. (4).. As re-borrowed principal comprises new debt equal to the former debt it counted against,.. thus equals.. period beginning debt.. (5).. plus periodic.. In the chart, element.. 3.. represents the sum of periodic interest and principal paid in servicing debt.. Thus if at any time.. the costs of servicing debt.. (3).. exceed the circulation (as every such chart of a monetary system subject to interest inherently depicts), it becomes impossible to service debt with the given circulation.. A.. Maximum POSSIBLE Lifespan.. is reached therefore when.. (.. principal and interest obligations,.. exceed.. the circulation.. ; and a.. General PRACTICAL Lifespan.. of the system, or real world systemic collapse, occurs therefore when the costs of sustaining commerce preclude servicing debt.. CLICK HERE to visit our DOWNLOADS PAGE to download our free Apple Numbers/Excel Maximum Possible Lifespan Mockups, which generate these charts.. PRESIDENT JAMES MADISON.. History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible.. to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance.. The nation which reposes on the pillow of political confidence will sooner or later end its political existence in deadly lethargy.. It is proper to take alarm at the.. first.. experiment on our liberties.. We hold this prudent jealousy to be the first duty of citizens, and one of the noblest characteristics of the late Revolution.. The free men of America did not wait until usurped power had strengthened itself by exercise and entangled the question in precedents.. They saw all the consequences in the principle, and they avoided the consequences by denying the principle.. Samuel Adams.. Speech at the Philadelphia State House, August 1, 1776.. "If you love.. [the promise of dispossessed].. wealth better than liberty, the tranquillity of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace.. We ask not your counsels or arms.. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.. Monday, March 31, 2008.. The familiar pattern, contorted by disruption, vacillating interest rates, data collection methods, vacillating maintenance of the circulation, and world events.. Here we see the first two lifespans of the so-called Federal Reserve System: A first lifespan to collapse (1913 to 1930); and a second lifespan to subsequent collapse (1945/50 to present).. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the protective paper covers we used to put on our school books projected that owing to further advances in industrial productivity, by 1980 people would have so much free time on their hands that one of the greatest "problems" we would face would be finding good things to do with it.. What happened?.. Before we knew it, the costs of homes were "appreciating" 5 percent per year.. No sooner were we "accustomed" to that pace and it was 10 percent; then 20.. As the costs of all things accelerated at ever faster rates than potential income, two "bread winners" were required to financially sustain a household yet "inflation" was practically always said to be a rosy less-than 5%.. Children were raised for the first time, not by their parents, but by teachers and day care centers, suddenly appearing everywhere.. We took ever more medications for stress that never existed before.. To an ever greater degree we chased "the dollar"; how, how effectively, and for what, mattered all the less.. Catching it was the issue, the one ever more absorbing quest.. Hundreds of thousands, then millions barely kept pace with the interest on their credit cards something we neither used nor required before.. Whole industries disappeared.. Industry after industry.. The fabric of our society unraveled.. Instead of becoming easier, life became ever more impossible; and as we chased our tails in an ever faster circle, ever the less did the most of us understand what was going on around and underneath us.. PROBABILITY.. FOR WORLD-WIDE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE AS A CONSEQUENCE OF INTEREST.. Any purported economy subject to interest ultimately terminates itself under insoluble debt, because to maintain a vital circulation, we must perpetually re-borrow periodic principal and interest payments as subsequent debts, increased so much as periodic interest.. Re-borrowed principal equals and thus retains the former debt its payment would otherwise resolve.. Thus the sum of debt increases so much as periodic interest, which is re-borrowed as new debt, above the retained sum of debt.. As ever more of the circulation is inherently devoted to servicing debt, ever less of the circulation can be devoted to sustaining commerce, and yet the costs of all things are perpetually driven upward.. Surviving industry increase prices to sustain itself, while margins and the purchasing powers of consumers erode.. Industry is driven from free countries to slave societies.. In its wake and beyond its bow, representation across the world suffers.. And the perpetrators, who come to own everything, must disinform us so ever more aggressively that so many of us, dispossessed to such a degree by so few of them, never or barely realize the stench of it all.. To outgrow this process is impossible, because it requires growth and consumption both, escalating at ever greater rates even exceeding the multiplication of debt itself.. Yet just because the world is finite, such growth is impossible, even if the necessary rates of growth, and even the necessary rates of consumption were not.. We do this eventually without even asking what is the ostensibly justifying principle of requiring such growth?.. Yet there can't be such a justifying principle, unless one man is to be endowed with a right or privilege which inherently not only subjugates all others, but inherently dispossesses them even to a terminal state, for if we give such a man the privilege to create money at no cost, and yet this is to impose such cost on the rest of us for delivering no real service whatever, then it is just for him to dispossess the rest of humanity for nothing.. Nonetheless, the probability for world-wide collapse as a consequence of interest therefore is 100 percent.. Certain.. That is, irreversible multiplication of debt.. in proportion to a circulation.. by interest.. can only.. produce a.. terminal.. sum of debt which the subject commerce can no longer afford to service, because to do so would require more even than the whole circulation;.. thus to borrow even further enough to do so would comprise a debt beyond  ...   off the cliff?.. In answering this simple riddle, we determine.. with certainty.. that Johnny will step well off the cliff in his third day:.. His first step takes him 3 feet; his second another 4.. 5 feet, or 7.. 5 feet altogether; and his third step takes him another 6.. 75 feet, or 14.. 25 feet altogether a full 4.. 25 feet beyond the edge of the cliff.. Of course, in regard to the "Austrian Economist's" regular assertion that "mathematics cannot account for human behavior" (as if.. "human behavior" is inherently indeterminable), we.. are not.. accounting for indeterminate human behavior, because (as our problem stipulates) little Johnny *.. * take.. defined step forward each day, as in the case of servicing debt and typical pattern of maintaining a circulation with which to do so.. Thus we can readily write a computer process to service debt and maintain any conceivable circulation, accounting furthermore for processes such as bankruptcy acting.. [negligibly in any desirable, healthy system].. to diminish debt, until the costs of servicing debt exceed the circulation.. Along with the technical analysis I provided the Reagan Administration in the early 1980s, I offered to produce such models as thus were capable of.. accurately.. calculating the maximum possible lifespan of any purported economy subject to interest.. Quite contrary to his own unqualified assertions, not only did those models and related analyses accurately project that Reagan would triple the national debt in two terms, they accurately projected our overall accumulation of debt to now.. We ran a great breadth of numbers (interest, circulation growth, bankruptcy, etc.. ) through those models in the early 1980s.. Given the double-digit interest and price inflation we suffered as Reagan took office, I was mildly surprised how far into the future it was possible to extend the lifespan by aggressive de-escalation of interest rates.. To interpret the projections of the models nonetheless, it is necessary to understand two related terms:.. maximum.. lifespan :.. The maximum "possible" lifespan is actually theoretically impossible to reach, because we define it as a moment where the costs of servicing debt equal or exceed the circulation.. That is, it is "possible" to reach if.. and only if.. there are no costs to sustaining commerce whatever.. This seeming irregularity does not make the calculation impertinent; it means the lifespan cannot exceed such a term; everything beyond it is theoretically impossible because it breaks all the rules for credit-worthiness and further sustainability.. The relevance of the maximum possible lifespan is that it can be calculated with exceeding accuracy for the prescribed circulation and rates of interest.. Its ultimate importance is that it sets the end point,.. and that a thing we can less accurately determine, the general.. practical.. lifespan, is roughly determined as falling somewhere short of the maximum.. lifespan.. general.. Necessarily, we define a general "practical" lifespan to be a.. general.. moment where the.. overall.. costs of servicing debt infringe on.. the overall possibility.. of sustaining commerce.. In other words, if there is $100 in circulation and the overall periodic costs of sustaining commerce are $10, then the general.. lifespan of the system is reached when the periodic costs of servicing the overall debt reach $90.. After this point, it is.. generally.. impractical to sustain commerce, as the costs of servicing debt continue to increase.. Thus the general.. lifespan marks the.. beginning point of the final breakdown of the system.. Of course then, because the costs of sustaining various commerce and the debts thereof differ,.. some commerce begins to fail.. ahead.. of the.. practical failure point indicated by the general.. ; and thus it is.. even probable.. that sectors will topple ahead of the general.. lifespan, with this potentially triggering the whole collapse as the fall of over-marginalized sectors takes down less marginalized sectors and escalating deflation seals the end, even for areas which might have been sound prior to mass deflation.. The point of the general.. lifespan can less accurately be determined, only because no real data is kept from which to determine it.. Thus the overall process is to determine the maximum possible lifespan, and to more roughly deduce how far before the maximum possible lifespan the general practical lifespan will fall.. Actual collapse then will manifest at or about the approximate general practical lifespan.. When I originally ran the numbers, today seemed like a long way down the road.. Interest was well into double digits, but with aggressively de-escalated (reduced) interest rates nonetheless it would have been possible in 1980 to 1983-4 to extend the maximum possible lifespan even to 2040 AD, although effectively, this would have meant skidding along the edge of catastrophic failure for decades.. Rates sustained far above the necessary marks make that lifespan impossible now, because of the accelerated multiplication of debt engendered by higher interest.. The pattern of interest policy we decided to expect of policy makers itself turns out to have maintained substantially lower rates than have been deployed, and so today our projection has to be adjusted for that.. Conservatively, we can expect the deployed rates to have shortened our projected maximum possible lifespan of approximately 2020 AD by some 5 years, making the adjusted maximum "possible" lifespan approximately 2015.. Accounting for a general practical lifespan falling some 5 years shy of that then would make the general practical lifespan approximately.. 2010.. AD.. At the same time, good arguments can be made that artificial provisions have falsely extended the lifespan, while we may already be in that place where little Johnny's last step has just not quite come down.. Clinton's 90s were a false boom possibly even intended only to artificially extend the lifespan, as Mr.. Clinton was provided the same information as Mr.. Reagan.. Similarly, during the present Bush Administration, wholesale refinancing of equity, reverse mortgages and so forth signal the last dying efforts to borrow time against a clock beating down to its last ticks.. All the while, debt continues to multiply in proportion to the circulation, or the commerce which can be sustained by it; and there is but one and one only solution.. Humpty Dumpty will fall, despite whatever shenanigans try to keep him on the wall.. But the egg itself is already so rotten, that to re-use.. it.. in lieu of a new carton laying by would certainly comprise one of those greatest possible insults to the ostensible intelligence, integrity, and even promise of humanity.. com/pg-probability-of-worldwide-economic-collapse.. html" title="PROBABILITY AND TIMELINE FOR WORLD-WIDE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE AS A CONSEQUENCE OF INTEREST (PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy ).. " target="PFMPE" PROBABILITY AND TIMELINE FOR WORLD-WIDE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE AS A CONSEQUENCE OF INTEREST (PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy ) /a..

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    Descriptive info: HOME, FOREWORD, SITE DIRECTORY.. AMENDMENT.. FORUM.. GLOSSARY.. TESTIMONIALS.. FREE NEWSLETTER.. CONTACT.. JOIN PFMPE.. mathematically perfected economy (MPE ).. 1 :.. the.. integral solution of.. inherent, artificial multiplication of debt into terminal systemic failure;.. 2 :.. every prospective debtor's right to issue legitimate promises to pay, free of extrinsic manipulation, adulteration, or exploitation of those promises, or the natural opportunity to make good on them;.. 3 :.. our right to certify, to enforce, and to monetize industry and commerce by this.. one.. sustaining and truly economic process.. Whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power,.. they put themselves into a state of war with the people,.. who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience.. John Locke, 1690.. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism,.. , to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.. Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government.. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.. Thomas Jefferson Declaration of Independence.. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively,.. OR TO THE PEOPLE.. Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution Bill of Rights.. Tuesday, May 5, 2009.. THIS INITIAL DRAFT/PAGE "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" FOR PEER REVIEW AND CONTRIBUTION.. Until this notice is removed, the present version of this document is posted ONLY for peer review and input, until we are ready to man its circulation.. In preparation for this, our site is undergoing substantial revision of material and format.. As this page is posted in the evolving format, in order to navigate away from this page to the remainder of the site, click the link to the HOME page (top left, above black PFMPE bar).. CONTEXT / INTRODUCTION.. The present constitutional amendment necessarily exercises the most fundamental power of a republican government as established under the United States Constitution the primary right of the people to establish law, to govern themselves, to restrain government to the absolute bounds of representation, and to remove and to repair the damages of usurpations.. A further qualified object of this petition is to prescribe mathematically perfected economy as a formal and indispensable means of diverse further rights.. Provided arguments submit this appeal as the only plausible instrument of its vital purposes, which are no less than to avert world-wide monetary failure and to establish a lawful basis for true monetary and political justice.. That we succeed in this effort, we are soliciting voluntary funding for legal, promotional and administrative costs.. This is an international movement: We further ask for competent persons to translate and to proof this document and related content into further national implementations; or we offer that other countries may alternatively adopt the petition in its present language.. Citizens may sign electronic petitions or download this and related files to circulate physical copies in signature campaigns.. When the final draft is ready, electronic signature and download links will be available at the bottom of this page.. Cooperation from further organizations is welcome so long as origin, immutability, and the character of further efforts remain subject to official approval of PFMPE : while further organizations may link to this page, PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy shall remain the sole official distributor and collector of the subject petitions.. Because numerous independent email campaigns are poised and expected to promote this effort, we warn that to black list or to filter any URL, relay or IP vital to this effort is a severe criminal transgression of this act.. No permission, right or authority exists to derive or to campaign independent derivations of this copyright petition.. Please email.. amendment.. [at].. perfecteconomy.. for correspondence on these purposes.. The suggested process is to read this document casually for a general understanding of its parts and strategy before giving it serious study.. FORMATIVE DISCUSSION.. We have still just one formative debate regarding this petition.. One party believes this material should be reduced to the simple form of the second amendment the right to mathematically perfected economy shall not be infringed.. Being as the ground work of proving mathematically perfected economy is behind us, it is possible to do this.. But there are three principal reasons why I am resistant to conforming to the precedent.. First, by eliminating an explicit prescription from our law, we open the way to revision and conflict which may arise without any authority whatever.. Regardless of its faults, this was the unlawful fate of the gold standard.. Secondly, one of the most important objects of this amendment is to protect us from injustice and incompetence by imposing a higher standard upon law by requiring even that its principles, objects and means not only be declared, but subject even to popular invalidation outside of the previous, ostensible means of representation which time has proven are so subvertable.. This ability of even a single citizen to invalidate all law failing to meet the standards of this amendment, would not only itself have defeated the so called Federal Reserve Act long ago; it largely makes all abuse of power impractical, because it makes any and every detail of abuse so subject to rejection.. Of course, the very law which establishes this necessary innovation must itself be subject to the standard, because the purpose of the standard is to open the way to perfection by the subject populace, and to give them the greatest possible power to hold their representatives accountable for popularly defined representation all of which authorities are likewise established by this amendment, and all of which objects would readily be defeated if the amendment were reduced to just such a mere expression of intent.. Finally, if an ostensibly self ruling populace will not make itself master of the prescription, it knows not even to what it consents.. Nothing in my opinion could be more careless or undeserving.. Yes then, this proposal, in applying not only to further amendments, but to all existent law, and even prescribing the perfection of economy, comprises some actually, relatively small measure of material beyond the sums to which we may be accustomed.. But even as one of its purposes is to require a higher standard than misleading nomenclature, we can hardly just say that the right to mathematically perfected economy shall not be infringed.. AMENDMENT XXVIII [U.. CONSTITUTION].. RIGHTS, PRINCIPLES AND MEANS OF TRUE ECONOMY AND GOVERNMENT INTEGRITY.. SECTION 1.. COMMON AUTHORITY, PURPOSES, AND MEANS.. In the wake of such neglect of authority and abuse of power as has subjected us for most of our history to unassented systems of exploitation which can only multiply artificial indebtedness into terminal artificial debt, WE The People hereby exercise our foremost power.. to prescribe the absolute bounds to which we may be known subject, and to criminalize all purposes against ours.. 2.. by so restricting all authority:.. SECTION 2.. NECESSARY TERMS, SCOPE, AND VERIFICATION OF LAWFUL AUTHORITY.. In our right and duty to ourselves to ensure representation, no authority shall exist without meeting.. every.. demonstrable standard necessary to representation, including:.. In both its entire body and distinct expressions, all law must be distilled to the fewest necessary principles; and no body or case of law shall persist but as most simply and unambiguously represents and realizes its principle.. All law shall set forth its purpose; shall be of no force or legitimacy whatever otherwise; and shall neither stand nor be exercised from the moment it is demonstrated not to serve that purpose, or that the purpose does not serve, without exception, the common and equal rights of.. citizens.. All law shall set forth the most effective and just means of achieving its purpose; and that means shall neither stand nor be exercised from the moment it is demonstrated not to most effectively or justly achieve that purpose.. No law, bill, or act shall combine unrelated purposes; and neither proposal, passage or enforceability shall be decided but by exceeding merits of distinct means to a common, supreme purpose.. No quorum, regardless of ostensible authority, shall be deemed to have passed any government act; and no legislative passage shall exist without a lawful majority of no less than half of the total possible legislative vote, with unexercised votes always counting against election or passage.. No law or resultant process or power shall be exercised without final public affirmation by a lawful majority, and no law or resultant process or power shall remain in force without periodic public re-affirmation by no less than a lawful majority.. which in no case shall be less than half of the affected or lawfully deciding public, whichever is greater, and which re-affirmation shall transpire both regularly and upon incident as will in all cases protect the people from transgression.. No power to pardon abuse of power or breach of legal authority shall exist; any agent of abuse of power or breach of authority shall be liable for damages inflicted; and the supporters of any cause or obstruction of necessary cause shall be held responsible and liable for their influence in resultant incongruities, damages and defects, as documented in obligatory public voting records.. 4.. Voting is an absolute obligation in representative government by the consent of the governed; no right to vote carelessly or to evade responsibility for voting carelessly exists; voting is a duty and a responsibility to all.. SECTION 3.. CONFIRMABILITY OF ELECTION PROCESSES AND OF RESPONSIBILITIES FOR CONSEQUENCES THEREOF.. To ensure enforceable integrity of elections and responsibility for the effects thereof:.. Voting records shall be public, readily accessible, verifiable by all participants and affected parties, and permanent for no less than 100 years and no less than whatever extent any ramification may remain of concern.. No act shall be given or passed by a title expressing, claiming, or aspiring to deliver anything beyond the demonstrated bounds and capabilities declared in its purpose and absolutely achieved by its declared means.. No vote shall be effective until fully verified; and unverified elections shall count against all subject actions and elections.. The wholly public method of verification shall be personal confirmation by each voter of public data reporting the ballot and confirmations of each voter, with the collective vote of groups of no more than 5 voters verified by personal interaction between each and every voter of each such base voter group, with each and every base group being a further member of however many necessary outer tier groups of no more than 5 groups, with so many outer tier groups as necessary accounting for the whole vote, with a randomly and alternately appointed captain of each and no more than one group confirming the collective vote of the outer group to which their group belongs from the total counts of each of the five comprising groups, with all affirmations being permanently recorded within the same body of a collective record, with exemplary technological tools capable of readily verifying the count being available to all, with the processing algorithm of a singular, universal method of so doing being available to all, with any fault or inconsistency thereof invalidating the election and reversing any exercise of power or reward thereby, and with invalidation necessitating immediate rectification of all faults and immediate reperformance of the election or validation processes as will reflect public intent without error or omission.. Intentional destruction or alteration of veritable records or counts, or subversion of necessary processes, is a severe criminal transgression against the people and a severe criminal transgression of this act.. SECTION 4.. ELECTION, EXPULSION, AND CRIMES OF OFFICE.. Enforceability of the integrity of the appeals and actions of candidates, elected officers, agents, acts, and proposed acts shall never be denied:.. The purposes and means of any advocated action shall be fully qualified by sufficiently comprehensive, formal contractual documentation; and the promises of candidates, elected officers, agents, and official author-advocates of an act shall be inviolable, lawful obligations for the officer, agent, and related subordinates or act to fulfill:.. Shall the further perfection of advocated purposes or means be sufficiently demonstrated, differing advocates must immediately withdraw contest or formally and officially concur in the more accountable proposition; and any such officer or enactment, having advocated a demonstrated imperfect proposition, must survive an immediate vote of confidence by a lawful majority, the failure of which shall immediately expel responsible officers and their administrators from office.. Demonstration of violated promise or failed duty shall immediately expel officers, agents, and their administrators from office or agency; all related actions shall be null, void, and rectified; and all resistance, delay or attempt to evade expulsion on the part of affected officers or agents and their subordinates are severe criminal transgressions against the people and severe criminal transgressions of this act.. No officer, agent or subordinate so expelled from office, except subordinates who willfully signaled the fact of transgression, may seek or occupy office or agency in any capacity of government again; and all further benefits or compensation for ostensibly serving their former government duties shall be forfeited.. The office of President shall be filled only by a candidate eventually winning both a national majority of the entire national populace of lawful voting age, including unexercised votes, and a majority of states by majorities of the entire state populace of lawful voting age, including unexercised votes.. Official administrative positions of the executive office shall be publicly confirmed and periodically re-affirmed at intervals of no more than 4 years by both a national majority of the entire national populace of lawful voting age, including unexercised votes, and a majority of states by majorities of the entire state populace of lawful voting age, including unexercised votes.. Failure to pass affirmation or re-affirmation shall expel them from office.. Supreme Court appointments shall be publicly confirmed and periodically re-affirmed at intervals of no more than 4 years by both a national majority of the entire national populace of lawful voting age, including unexercised votes, and a majority of states by majorities of the entire state populace of lawful voting age, including unexercised votes.. Failure to pass affirmation or re-affirmation shall constitute impeachment.. The legislatures of related authority shall determine procedures for unmet election standards and for replacement or non-replacement of expelled officers sufficing to fulfill government responsibilities in all cases of necessity, all of which procedures and eventual consequences of either filling or vacating offices shall be subject to effective and timely means of public affirmation and re-affirmation by no less than a majority of the entire affected populace, including unexercised votes.. The duties, powers, and purposes of all offices, of all administrators thereof, and of all agencies, shall be strictly confined to their defined bounds; and to offer, negotiate, or accept permission, reward, promise, or future award in regard to exercise or potential exercise of power, influence, or ostensible authority of office beyond official lawful salaries, or to serve any cause beyond the common and formally established purposes of the people are severe criminal transgressions against the people and severe criminal transgressions of this act.. To obstruct, impede or deny any legitimate attempt to enforce election or administrative integrity are severe criminal transgressions against the people and severe criminal transgressions of this act.. SECTION 5.. REPARATION OF LAW.. All ostensible law and regulations beyond the existing Constitution as affected by this act shall be subject to public affirmation and periodic re-affirmation, to all further conditions established by this amendment, and particularly to an ever implicit obligation to eradicate all possibility of injustice, however assumed to be isolated, improbable, or minute; any and every case of failure of the government to provide a full and legitimate accounting to legitimate petitions for redress of grievance or further perfection of the law are severe criminal transgressions against the people and severe criminal transgressions of this act.. SECTION 6.. JUDICIAL OBLIGATION.. In no court or other body may relevant application of the Constitution be denied; and for any authority, person, court or body, however ostensibly empowered or otherwise committed, and whether prevailing or not,.. to have sought.. to deny relevant application of the Constitution is a severe criminal transgression against the people and a severe criminal transgression of this act.. SECTION 7.. ECONOMY, TAXATION, AND REPARATION OF EXPLOITATION.. It shall be the perpetual and inviolable obligation  ...   multiple (Lin X) of the.. :.. Column heading key:.. Q.. : "quarter" of the lifespan (0.. 4);.. TO YR (END).. : year (of the 100-year lifespan) in which the specified period/rate of payment ends;.. Lin X.. : specifies the rate of payment as a multiple of the linear rate ("Lin") times "x", with the linear rate for this example being our familiar $1,000 per year or $83.. 33 per month;.. ANNUAL.. : expresses the resultant annual rate of payment for the period;.. MONTHLY.. : expresses the resultant monthly rate of payment for the period;.. ACTUAL RED FROM PREV.. : expresses how many dollars per month the rate is reduced from the previous rate per month;.. PERCENT REDUCTION.. : expresses what percentage the previous rate was reduced for the subsequent period;.. BAL, END.. : is the balance at the end of the period (graphed);.. PCT PAID.. : expresses the percentage of the balance paid at the end of the period.. The following chart graphs the remaining balances or values of these schemes together:.. Being that original credit-worthiness certifies abilities to save as needed, further merits of de-escalated depreciation therefore are that it substantially insulates the general society from both the causes and effects of potential downstream defaults, and that it extends the potential ability to save and sanctity of savings by reducing the weight of obligations in later years of consumption.. Reductions of initial and downstream costs achieved by mathematically perfected economy are simply consequences of eliminating exploitation imposed by the present obfuscated currency.. Discuss de-escalated rates of payment in the PFMPE FORUM, and cast your opinion for a generally preferred rate of de-escalation.. E.. TAXATION AND MONETIZATION OF COMMON SERVICES AND INFRASTRUCTURES.. The sole purpose and authority of taxation shall be to impose commensurable payment upon those who agree to.. willfully incur actual, indispensable and minimal intrinsic costs by voluntary consumption of an actual and necessary service provided by existing, explicit consent of the people:.. Creation of the commonly owned assets of the people ("government") shall be monetized by the Common Monetary Foundry in strict observation of its binding principles.. No generation shall pass its debts on to another:.. ; and all determinations of credit worthiness shall take the obligation to repay incurred debts into account.. Taxation shall exist only to fulfill resultant obligations, and shall be levied proportionate to and solely for consensual consumption of services or assets:.. Taxation shall be applied as directly as practical to the point of consumption with regard to these obligations, and with minimal practical overhead:.. For example, as consumption of fuel is proportionate to consumption of transportation infrastructures and their costs of maintenance, to tax the consumption of fuel at its distribution points to the consumers of transportation infrastructures is to minimize overhead.. Willful participation in public insurance programs shall be consensual consumption of service, with the methods of duly distributing costs being subject to public affirmation.. Any expenditure or responsibility for cost obligated by law shall ensure elimination of unnecessary cost, and shall provide for breach of this duty to be refunded.. No taxation whatever therefore shall be exercised as a regulatory device, or against property, production, inheritance, gift or income; and all claims of obligation to pay such taxations, however delinquent or otherwise ostensibly extended, are hereby rendered null and void.. All ostensible crimes against any such laws therefore, however purportedly outstanding, are hereby forgiven and resolved.. F.. CEASURE OF FURTHER OFFENSES.. Without explicit prior approval of a lawful majority, government may neither dissolve or seek to dissolve serviceable assets of the people:.. all attempts to do so are hereby null and void;.. any attempts to make any such ostensibly previous sales stand without distribution of the proceeds of the sale back to the people, and without succeeding in affirmation by a lawful majority, are severe criminal transgressions against the people and severe criminal transgressions of this act.. Any breach of the principle of consent or imposition of redundant or unreasonable expense is non-enforceable and a severe criminal transgression of this act.. G.. AVERTING NEAR TERM MONETARY FAILURE, RECONSTITUTION OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE DEBT, REPARATION, AND ESTABLISHMENT OF A SUSTAINABLE STATE.. AVERTING NEAR TERM MONETARY FAILURE.. In a system of exploitation depending upon a currency subject to the obfuscation of interest:.. as a consequence of a necessity to maintain a vital circulation by perpetually re-borrowing principal and interest paid out of the general circulation to service an initial sum of debt:.. because principal is re-borrowed as new debt,.. equal.. to the former debt which it would otherwise resolve, and because interest can only be re-borrowed into the vital circulation as.. further.. debt, above the sum of debt which is perpetually renewed by the re-borrowing of principal, the obfuscation of interest inherently and irreversibly increases the sum of debt in proportion to a vital circulation, and at an inherently escalating rate of ever greater volumes of periodic interest related to each successive, greater sum of debt;.. thus ever more and eventually.. of the vital circulation is dedicated to servicing the artificially escalating sum of debt:.. while ever less of the vital circulation therefore remains to sustain the industry which is obligated to do so;.. while the costs of servicing this artificial escalation of debt thus erode industrial solubility at a.. resultant.. escalating rate;.. and while this irreversible erosion artificially drives up the costs of production and of government, to subjects of the same escalating erosion.. Such a system therefore inevitably enters a terminal phase in which:.. the artificial escalation of debt infringes upon the capacity to sustain industry, leaving any remaining industry altogether:.. all the less potent to service the existent sum of debt (formerly saddled across further industry, thus destroyed by irreversible further multiplication of artificial debt);.. and all the less credit worthy yet to borrow ever further, as remains necessary to perpetually.. reflate.. the circulation of the perpetual deflation suffered in continuing to service the artificial sum of debt.. Thus as the escalated sum of artificial debt marginalizes industry:.. industry inherently collapses;.. and as the system is thus made incapable of qualifying to borrow further, the circulation inherently deflates as a consequence of the obligation to service the artificial sum of debt, making collapse of the system inevitable.. Thus this pattern and consequence of failure are inevitable so long as a vital circulation can only be maintained by re-borrowing interest, as is itself a consequence of the obfuscated currency:.. therefore any attempt to.. artificially sustend.. the finite lifespan of such an imposed system is no more than the naked further abuse of perpetuating an intended and terminal system of exploitation;.. all attempts to do so are severe criminal transgressions against the people and severe criminal transgressions of this act;.. and because the certainty of present monetary failure exists in the inevitable deflation of the circulation caused by servicing the artificially escalated, insoluble sum of debt:.. all payments against debts arising from this unwarranted, unassented and terminal obfuscation of the currency are hereby necessarily suspended;.. and all such debts shall hereby be reconstituted as actual and rightful obligations of debtors, free of extrinsic manipulation, adulteration, or exploitation of their obligations, or the natural opportunity to make good on them:.. RECONSTITUTION OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE DEBT.. All public and private debt therefore shall be refinanced under the Common Monetary Foundry, whereas:.. in the case of.. each.. private debt, the sum of all payments toward principal, interest and penalties not exceeding the original principal shall be counted against the original principal, with the remaining balance or equity and schedule of payment to be determined by the approved pattern of depreciation;.. the sum.. of public debt, all payments toward principal and interest shall count toward the sum of original principal, with the proportional balances of each category (if any) to be paid by taxation as prescribed herein;.. the resultant circulation, in resolving all further affairs, shall not exceed the remaining value of the sum of represented wealth:.. with currency held by private citizens converted into Common Monetary Foundry Notes;.. and where in no case shall possessions or obligations arising from the unassented obfuscation of the currency be redeemable in or interchangeable with Common Monetary Foundry Notes, which shall hereafter be the only legal tender.. Any attempt to provide Common Monetary Foundry Notes in exchange for property or currency held by any central banking system as a consequence of its obfuscation of the currency is a severe criminal transgression of this act.. The failed gold/silver standard shall hereby be rescinded, because it only imposes an expensive circulation without actual merit in its expense, and because it is impossible for a circulation honoring finite monetary reserves existing in any volume less than whatever property a circulation is to represent to both represent consistent value in the property and in the circulation and to sustain industry and commerce depending upon circulations exceeding available gold/silver reserves.. REPARATION AND ESTABLISHMENT OF A SUSTAINABLE STATE.. To repair the consequences of the previous system of exploitation so much as practical, and to establish a perpetually sustainable monetary state:.. savings which would typically have transpired and remained under mathematically perfected economy are to be restored by crediting the accounts of the people;.. all outstanding ostensible debts or obligations to the former central banking systems are to be resolved by issuing equivalent irredeemable promises to pay.. SECTION 8.. DISINFORMATION.. It is a severe criminal transgression against the people and a severe criminal transgression of this act:.. to disinform the people of potential or pretended success or failure of any existent or advocated government program or act;.. to withhold vital information from the public, or to know of such disinformation without making reasonably immediate and practical attempts to expose evident government crimes, disinformation, or withholding of vital information, and perpetrators thereof;.. for any public law or action to stand beyond reasonable demonstration of its faults, miscarriages, or basis in disinformation;.. to knowingly promote disinformation for the purpose of passing any public act;.. to spend public funds to do so; for the government.. to fail.. , at any time or to any degree by intention or by reasonably foreseeable, rectifiable and.. expressed.. potentials for neglect of these responsibilities, to provide and maintain readily accessible and navigable conduits for immediate public registry and dissemination of alleged government offenses, for government accountability to claims made, and for public organization to preserve inviolable interests;.. for any officer, subordinate or agent of government to knowingly fail to raise such potential neglects of responsibility;.. for any officer or agent of government to refuse to document or respond to any reasonable potential case of neglected responsibilities raised by the public.. In its unwarranted consumption of responsible activities of the people, to.. falsely.. accuse officers or agents of the government of transgression is a criminal offense against the people and a criminal transgression of this act; no accusation shall be prosecuted against the government without either wholly convincing and plausible argument, or actual material evidence of transgression.. SECTION 9.. OBLIGATION TO TEACH AND TO REINFORCE CRITICAL, ACCOUNTABLE, AND INDEPENDENT THINKING AS ABSOLUTE RESPONSIBILITIES OF SELF RULE.. As the inherent purposes and obligations of all responsible and deserving citizens and entities under joint self rule include teaching and reinforcing critical, accountable, and independent thinking, restraining and perfecting assertion, and advocating no less than ideals, therefore all attempts to obstruct or deny these purposes and obligations from any person or entity are criminal transgressions against the people and this act.. SECTION 10.. UNLAWFUL TRANSGRESSION.. Perpetrators of.. severe.. criminal transgressions of this act shall be liable for no less than the sum of all damages caused and accrued by their acts.. Further punitive actions against criminal transgressions of this act are to be decided by courts of law in respect and in proportion to damages caused and accrued by convicted acts.. This act shall be passed solely by the approval of no less than two thirds of the citizens of voting age of no less than two thirds of the states; no congressional or other extrinsic affirmation shall apply; no authority shall exist for any officer or agent of government to obstruct, resist, or deny ratification or enforcement of this amendment by the people; from this act's inception, all attempts to do so are severe criminal transgressions against all people this act would defend from transgression, and therefore are severe criminal transgressions against this act; and all severe criminal transgressions against the spirit or explicit purposes or means of this act for a purpose of exploitation, evasion of accountability, or to deceive the public in any vital matter of government, therefore are unpardonable acts of treason.. SECTION 11.. PERPETUITY.. As the necessities of this act arise from transgressions against the people, thus its potential successors, reinforcements, or extensions shall be passed, rescinded or amended only at the behest of the people and by no less than two thirds of the citizens of voting age of no less than two thirds of the states; no branch or agent of government, and no eventual government or power, however remote or conceivably separate or supreme in ostensible authority,.. any power but to comply.. FOOTNOTES.. The Declaration of Independence expresses this authority; the principle of consent of the governed conveys this right; and the tenth Amendment of the Constitution explicitly preserves the power of the people to author their law, particularly beyond and impervious to potential usurpation, disservice, or abuse of power: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, OR TO THE PEOPLE.. The overall, common purpose of.. this.. amendment is cited in its first paragraph.. Further purposes are cited as necessary in respective sections, and officially by appendices authored by PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy (perfecteconomy.. com).. No lawful majority of the people shall therefore be less than half the potentially affected populace; and no lawful majority of a legislative body shall be less than half the membership of the legislative body.. In other words, a person so careless as to be swayed by promises that a nuclear reactor is perfectly safe and clean shall be responsible for their supportive voting share of the damages/costs suffered in cleaning spillage/contamination, however promised falsely to be impossible or improbable.. Those who voted against the false promise are not to be saddled with the costs/crimes permitted by the ineptitude of a prevailing act: no right to vote carelessly or to evade responsibility for voting carelessly exists; voting is a duty and a responsibility to all and, owing to its responsibilities, never essentially secretively so.. Regularly these minute costs return many fold over to the publisher in just the first payment against conventional debts subject to interest.. For instance, at an overstated cost of ten cents per $1,000 bill to issue $100,000 for purchasing a home, the costs of producing the currency are returned and all risk to the issuer is dissolved in payment of the first $10.. Typically, by far the greatest portion of any such circulation exists not in actual physical currency, but only in records of account.. The only necessary form of impediment being restriction of undesirable activity, not by imposing cost, but strictly and simply by lawful limitation.. which is equivalent to government acting strictly on behalf and by perpetually affirmed consent of resultant debtors.. who give up the related assets.. thus ensuring no risk of loss or nonpayment to the creditor(s) so long as the value of remaining circulation and respective property are preserved by an effective commitment of the remaining circulation to the remaining value of all represented property.. for no more than what they acquire.. true economy, without extrinsic cost, inflation, deflation, manipulation of the cost or value of money or property, or multiplication of debt into terminal debt.. PETITION DOWNLOADABLES.. DOWNLOAD THIS U.. CONSTITUTION AMENDMENT XXVIII PETITION AS A ZIPPED TEXT FILE MANUALLY CIRCULATE FOR SIGNATURES (INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED).. COPYRIGHT TUESDAY, MAY 5, 2009, by mike montagne and PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy.. PERMISSION TO REPRINT *OUR FINAL EDITION OF THIS AMENDMENT ONLY* FOR ONLY THE PURPOSE OF CIRCULATING THIS PETITION FOR SIGNATURE IS FREELY GRANTED (PLEASE SEE DOWNLOAD LINK ABOVE FOR THIS PURPOSE).. ALL OTHER RIGHTS STRICTLY RESERVED.. PERMALINK SEND VISITORS TO THIS URL:.. http://perfecteconomy.. com/pg-amendment.. html.. DISCUSS THIS ARTICLE IN THE PFMPE FORUM.. com/f/viewforum.. php?f=104.. mike montagne founder, PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy , author/engineer of mathematically perfected economy (1968-1979).. COPYRIGHT 1979-2009 by mike montagne and PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy.. TRADEMARKS: PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy , Mathematically Perfected Economy , Mathematically Perfected Currency , MPE , and PFMPE are trademarks of mike montagne and PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy , perfecteconomy.. BEST VIEWED WITH MOZILLA FIREFOX..

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    Descriptive info: Although the present story relates to a particular model, obviously there were diverse manifestations of colonial commerce spanning a substantial period.. Assistance and vital supplies were volunteered by Native Americans; there were communes; and there were different styles of barter.. Independent currencies were issued and regulated by various policies which might or might not have concurred with the principles of this story.. In the remoteness of the colonies nonetheless, a refined system was bound to emerge.. It matters not however whether this story ever happened, that its characters lived, or what they thought or did, except for the sake of the principles.. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN.. "We would have gladly borne the little tax on tea and other matters, had it not been that they took from us our money, which created great unemployment and dissatisfaction.. Within a year, the poor houses were filled.. The hungry and homeless walked the streets everywhere.. WINSTON CHURCHILL.. "Men occasionally stumble across the truth.. But most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.. "Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, and still yet if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not so costly,.. you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you, and only a precarious chance for survival.. There may be a worse case.. You may have to fight when there is no chance of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.. EXAMPLES OF COLONIAL SCRIP.. Boston, Massachusetts colonial scrip, 1690.. Rhode Island colonial scrip, 1743.. 1737 New Hampshire colonial scrip bears the remarkable marking, "An Angel.. EXAMPLE GOVERNMENT PROJECT.. Example notice of a government-managed community project.. THOMAS JEFFERSON.. "If we run into such debts as that we must be taxed in our meat and in our drink, in our necessaries and our comforts, in our labors and our amusements, for our callings and our creeds, as the people of England are, our people, like them, must come to labor sixteen hours in the twenty-four, and give the earnings of fifteen of these to the government for their debts and daily expenses.. "And the sixteenth being insufficient to afford us bread, we must live, as they do now, on oatmeal and potatoes, have no time to think, no means of calling the mismanagers to account; but be glad to obtain subsistence by hiring ourselves to rivet their chains around the necks of our fellow sufferers.. "And this is the tendency of all human governments.. A departure from principle in one instance becomes a precedent for a second, that second for a third, and so on 'til the bulk of the society is reduced to be mere automations of misery, to have no sensibilities left but for sinning and suffering.. "And the forehorse of this frightful team is public debt.. Taxation follows that, and in its train wretchedness and oppression.. "Yes, we did produce a near-perfect republic.. But will they keep it? Or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom?.. Material abundance without character is the path of destruction.. IF WE FAIL, WHY WILL WE FAIL? (2003).. As the world of the capitalist untouchables crushes ours, it is vital to understand that it is not the collapse of a thousand Enrons which brought us down.. It is the very adversity to understanding which has allowed the destruction of our commerce, for if the people of the world merely endeavored to understand true economy, no usurer could prevail for a moment; no political pretender could deploy their office to serve usury; and no media would be owned by the very usury system itself, that you may never understand usury.. It is the nature of their adverse system which your usurers would never have you understand.. Your very understanding is their greatest fear, for they spend a great portion of their stealings from you to generate and to perpetuate a great, expensive facade that no problem exists.. Knowing even this, many say mathematically perfected economy 'will never be allowed.. ' No, mathematically perfected economy is inevitable, because usury can only fail; because usury only sows injustice; and because there is only one solution to usury.. When soldiers return from foreign wars raised under guises so that even the victims of usurers will fight to establish yet another compliant central bank, and when those unwitting victims lose their own home to bankruptcy, they shall wish with all their constitution they had listened sooner and acted together to dissolve usury forever.. And when that day comes, under every rock you will find hiding usurers, advocates of usury, phony "economists".. all the seekers of unearned profit who knew not even how to limit their great crime against us.. Wednesday, July 4, 2007.. PARABLE OF PERFECT ECONOMY.. Amongst the injustices leading to the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin was sent to England in part to demand a relaxation of taxes.. While the colonists' prosperity fell under the recent injustices, they had already become prominent manufacturers and traders.. They were skillful and innovative ship builders, and now the vessels they had built even enabled them to become equally skillful evaders of the many excessive duties levied upon them without the familiar requisite they were about to demand representation.. Presently they rose perhaps as no colony had before, to demand a return toward justice.. Franklin was a renown author, publisher, scientist, philosopher and statesman; and there was tremendous anticipation of his arrival in the mother country.. The subjects of each environment grew in opposite directions.. The colonists expected independence; their English cousins and their ruling class expected subjugation.. In England, the little news from the colonies was passed largely  ...   but of the very opportunity to produce.. In fact, this very audience enjoyed undeserved advantages which they presumed would disappear if the people were allowed to prosper in rectitude.. The transparent facts of their existence could prove no match for the arguments of demonstrable solution.. They even.. intended.. to remain a cause of the very problems the colonists' solution addressed.. Lacking any basis whatever for refutation, and wanting yet to denounce Franklin, they were at first relieved when finally the same angry man shouted above the murmuring everywhere.. "That's preposterous!".. he yelled,.. "How could you levy taxes or fund government with this mere.. scrip.. ?".. Laughter and sarcasm erupted.. Franklin was now openly ridiculed.. TAXATION BY INFLATION FUNDING GOVERNMENT WITHOUT TAXATION.. Franklin simply waited again to explain.. "That's quite simple as well,".. he said finally.. He stood, letting the next while pass that they could ruminate their repeated mistake of presuming he might not answer capably.. "Suppose we have a township on one side of a river which is unnavigable and unfordable, and an opposing township on the other.. "One of these townships might build a lumber mill.. The other builds a grist mill.. Foreseeing the eventual need to support activity above initial demands, each builds their mill to greater capacities than first required.. "As each township needs the services of the other township's mills, eventually it is proposed to build a bridge across the river.. "A group of men then agree to build the bridge to agreed standards; and when we agree on a fee to pay them for this service, likewise we simply create the necessary notes, and pay them.. "As the increased commerce requires the increased circulation to sustain it, there is no inflation; and therefore we have provided in all ways to sustain the desired commerce.. "To fund the proper services of government such as the creation of this bridge we have no need to levy taxes or to subject our people to eternal multiplication of debt.. We have provided the real service of government without cost.. Blood would be shed for his excellent explanation.. ENSUING IMPOSITION OF USURY.. Franklin's heckler was an officer of the Bank of England seated with several officers of Parliament.. Common sense tells the rest of the story.. The very following day, the Bank "of" England's Parliament passed a resolution outlawing "colonial scrip" as currency.. In a mere guise of propriety, the future Americans were required to turn in their vital scrip for bonds issued by the Bank "of" England.. Although they were to be paid some menial interest for the bonds however, the bonds too were outlawed as circulation.. "Lawful" trade was impossible.. To no surprise then, the provision allowed the colonists to turn in the bonds for notes issued by the Bank "of" England.. These notes alone could they use as currency; and to their further disadvantage, they were required to pay some thirty-percent annual interest for the usurped circulation.. Thus for explaining the wisdom of true economy, Franklin was forced to take the news of perpetual multiplication of debt back to his people.. FRANKLIN EXPLAINS THE REAL CAUSE OF THE REVOLUTION.. As we know today, the colonists rejected this crime against them and prevailed in the ensuing military conflict.. The House of Rothschild, under the guise of.. Bank "of" England, would pay for Hessian mercenaries to subdue the colonists.. Washington's famous crossing of the Delaware would thus defeat Hessians encamped at Trenton, hired to enforce a plutocracy.. Yet even the real nature of the conflict would disappear from history.. Hessian mercenaries surrendering to Washington after the battle of Trenton.. These crimes against the colonists would fail at great cost of life.. But the banks which had been established here would succeed.. With interest perpetually multiplying debt upon the new land, political subversion would readily be purchased with illimitable unearned profit.. Attempts to eternalize usury would fail under the illuminated leaders of the young nation, but would finally succeed in 1913 under corruption and ineptitude which prevails to this day; and in the style of all banks which are named what they are not, the eventual private central bank "of" America would be called "The Federal Reserve," even as it is neither federal, nor a reserve of anything.. But these are later chapters of our story, and we are only at its beginning.. The governments of Europe of course were threatened by the infectious ideas and courage of the revolution.. Few Europeans therefore dared openly support the colonial efforts.. Mere contact put lives in danger.. Friendships, however deep, were at least temporarily cut off.. In restoring one such relationship after the war, Franklin explained the real cause of the American Revolution in a conciliatory letter to a friend in France:.. "We would have gladly borne the little tax on tea and other matters, had it not been that they took from us.. our money.. which.. created great unemployment and dissatisfaction.. Within a year.. , the poor houses were filled.. The hungry and homeless walked the streets.. everywhere.. ADDENDUM.. Franklin's explanation of what I have called.. taxation by inflation.. suffers an important imperfection.. It engenders inflation, because no means withdraws the currency that finances the bridge whenever and if ever the respective commerce subsides.. To eliminate this imperfection over its lifespan, the bridge must be paid for at the rate of depreciation or consumption of the bridge.. Whatever further circulation sustains the commerce made possible by the bridge is borrowed and paid likewise.. With that sufficiently significant correction, this then is a parable of mathematically perfected economy.. com/pg-parable-of-perfect-economy.. html" title="PARABLE OF PERFECT ECONOMY HOW USURY COMPELLED THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION (PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy ).. " target="PFMPE" PARABLE OF PERFECT ECONOMY HOW USURY COMPELLED THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION (PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy ) /a..

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  • Title: mathematically perfected economy™ FORUMS, DISCUSSION — Index page
    Descriptive info: HOME, SYNOPSIS, SITE DIRECTORIES.. Mathematically Perfected Economy.. BOARD INDEX.. FAQ.. Search.. Register.. Login.. All times are UTC - 8 hours [.. DST.. View unanswered posts.. |.. View active topics.. Username.. Password.. Log me on automatically each visit.. Delete all board cookies.. The team.. Forum.. Topics.. Posts.. Last post.. 2009 [WORLD] AMENDMENT FOR MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY™ AND GOVERNMENT INTEGRITY.. Discussion of PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy™'s 2009 constitutional/world amendment for mathematically perfected economy™ and government integrity.. Moderator:.. Mario Sikorski.. 12 Jan 2013, 12:44 pm.. Hermes33.. NEWBIE QUESTIONS, DISCUSSION (NEWBIE TOPICS AND QUESTIONS HERE).. Typical questions, answers, and discussion for newcomers to mathematically perfected economy™.. Visit here first for answers to the kinds of questions you will tend to ask, yourself.. 114.. 222.. 22 Sep 2012, 11:27 am.. muttley.. 1.. GENERAL ALERTS, EVENTS, DISCUSSION (MOST USER CREATED TOPICS HERE).. USER DEFINED/INITIATED FORUM TOPICS.. Whatever doesn't fit in specialized categories (PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING BUT NEWBIE TOPICS).. 379.. 811.. 10 Feb 2012, 6:53 am.. XRumerTest.. 2.. CONTEMPORARY, PURPORTED ECONOMICS.. Discussion of ethics, morality, integrity of so called modern economics.. Subforums:.. ARE CONTEMPORARY, PURPORTED ECONOMICS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY?.. PARASITES? OR TRUE BENEFACTORS?.. ABOLISH THE FED.. 189.. 03 Mar 2011, 8:59 pm.. Terry Hnanicek.. 3.. CONTENDING WITH ECONOMIC/MONETARY COLLAPSE.. How should we deal with foreclosure, bankruptcy, the bailout? What political efforts must we initiate to achieve/restore representation? Ask and network here.. 13.. 54.. 02 Mar 2010, 4:03 pm.. mike montagne.. 4.. DEBATE MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY.. Discuss or dispute the thesis.. DISPROVE THAT MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY IS THE SINGULAR SOLUTION (montagne, 1979).. INTRODUCE/DEBATE ALTERNATE MONETARY REFORM.. WHAT CANDIDATE CAN FIX THE ECONOMY?.. 24.. 119.. 03 Oct 2010, 7:59 pm.. 5.. INTERNATIONAL MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY.. Sound, free monetary systems for the world serve the people, versus international usurers.. Subforum:.. ASK HOW TO ESTABLISH MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY™ IN YOUR COUNTRY.. 12 Feb 2012, 1:32 am.. 6.. POLITICS, ABUSE OF POWER.. General discussion of abuse of power.. 77.. 251.. 01 Feb 2011, 2:08 pm.. ARTICLES OR BLOG TOPICS.. EVALUATION OF JEFFERSON'S OPINION ON THE CONSTITUTIONALITY OF A NATIONAL BANK.. 21 Sep 2008, 12:25 pm.. OPINION ON THE PENNSYLVANIA CURRENCY ADVOCATED BY ELLEN HODGSON BROWN IN 'WEB OF DEBT'.. 21 Sep 2008, 1:03 pm.. IT'S NOT THE DERIVATIVES, STUPID.. Discuss responses to Ellen Hodgson Brown's article, in which she blames derivatives for the current crisis.. 18 Mar 2010, 8:43 pm.. olrailbird.. Discussion of the recent vice presidential candidate debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin.. 06 Oct 2008, 11:49 am.. In the wake of the meaningless and useless idea our problems have been engendered by “printing money out of thin air,” Ron Paul may evidently be correcting himself.. No fact of course has sustained his long term claim that we have suffered [circulatory] “inflation.. ” In fact, all the while he has attributed our precipitous decline and devaluation of the dollar to an inflation he has never shown exists or can be such a cause, we have only suffered from severe, perpetual deflation.. We have of course nonetheless, suffered price inflation.. Yet the price inflation we suffer therefore can only be caused not by the inexpensiveness of the currency (for crying out loud) or excessive circulation (which doesn’t exist), but instead by inherent multiplication of debt by the nature of the currency: As the costs of servicing perpetually escalated sums of debt erode margins of solubility, of course industry has to increase its prices or move to countries which permit slave labor forces — both of which are manifestations of inherent multiplication of debt by interest.. Perhaps we can all be encouraged then that in a recent interview with Alex Jones over the proposed bailout, Mr.. Paul appears at least hypothetically to agree we need more money in “the economy.. ”.. 01 Mar 2010, 11:21 am.. ABSOLUTE FAILING GRADES TO BOTH CANDIDATES.. When Mr.. Obama says, “The middle-class need a rescue package,” the very evasion of this pretended answer tells us he will not even touch the fundamental iniquity of the system which is causing the failure.. You will expire while the inherent multiplication of debt of a currency you never assented to gives all the life juices of our country to the unmentionable parasite at a faster rate than Mr.. Obama’s short-sighted “package” can make up for.. In the end, usury wins.. Even worse, when Mr.. McCain says, “Let’s not raise taxes on anybody today,” what he’s telling us is, to get elected, he will promise to leave you in no worse a squeeze play than you are already in, so that you can lose while he tries to soften the blow to the more important constituents of the plutocracy he has always served.. In the end then, usury can only win; and usury alone can win.. Nothing has been rescued; and particularly, none of you have been rescued.. The fox, the puppet, the money changer… all get a free pass.. 08 Oct 2008, 12:38 pm.. CITIZENS WEIGH THE MEAT OF THE SELECTION.. So of course while we may never hear from Mr.. Obama, the question of usury is not off the table; and Americans do recognize what we have to do about it.. You're probably going to be our next President, sir.. You need to hear your people — the ones not who report the consequences you should already understand, but who instead can make the vital difference.. If you would just *lead us*, they would follow you; and so would I.. 10 Oct 2008, 2:35 pm.. PFMPE™ RESPONSE TO PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS' ARTICLE, A SOLUTION?.. Now he’s hot on the trail of the cause here; he can’t just stop there.. Yes, an inadequate money supply will itself bring an “economy” to ruin, because we won’t be able to service our obligations, and particularly therefore, whatever our debt.. But it is not only an inadequate money supply (circulation) which can render ruin.. Ever greater dedication of the money supply to servicing debt leave ever less of the circulation to sustain the industry which (directly or indirectly) is obliged to service the sum of debt.. Thus we must ask at least how ever more of the circulation is dedicated to servicing a sum of debt; and the only immediate observation to be made in regard to that matter is that given any consistent rate of interest, the sum of debt must be increasing in relation to our finite capacity (or the circulation), with which we can service the debt so long as the escalating sum of debt does not exceed us.. 10 Oct 2008, 8:17 pm.. How I would arrest world wide monetary collapse in a day, and establish real economy in little longer.. 13 Oct 2009, 4:59 am.. barbara789.. SHOWDOWN OR LETDOWN BETWEEN LOSERS? NOT FIT TO RULE! NOT EVEN FIT TO PRETEND TO BE FIT.. Worst election ever… at the most critical time in most of our lifetimes — that is of course, unless you failed to right the country’s path in and around the first Great Depression.. Or maybe ever after.. The clown and the joker are not fit to rule.. They’re not even fit to pretend to be fit.. Wake up, America.. You’re a wreck already happening.. Thomas Jefferson, here we come.. 16 Oct 2008, 8:59 am.. Even the very title of Ellen Hodgson Brown's October 17 Global Research article, Financial Meltdown: The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History — How to Reverse the Tide and Democratize the US Monetary System , states 2 blatant mistruths (which is the total of its statements):.. In truth, by the nature of the monetary obligations which have been imposed upon us, the central banking system *already* makes itself the real owners of all indebted production until the whole of an eventually impossible monetary obligation comprised of interest plus principal is completely fulfilled.. The dispossession we are presently suffering and about to suffer are actually therefore, merely a finalization of the original misappropriation of justice.. Her proposition of solution has already been invalidated by my cited articles.. But moreover, no element of her proposal actually reverses damages suffered so far to now (and potentially beyond), as prescribed by my article, If I Were President.. Once again then, Ellen Hodgson Brown leads us astray from solution.. Worse, she does so knowingly, because she has already been apprised in the discourse of the cited articles that her assertions were not solution.. It is she in fact who failed to respond with any defense whatever for her disproven assertions, but for retracting certain invalidated elements.. Yet she persists in the very same effort to retain concepts of a central bank and obfuscated interest/taxation upon posterity, which only obstructs us from real solution.. If the reader will digest my cited articles then, I suggest it will be obvious that Ms.. Brown has never constructed a reasonable working model of her thesis; and that you will know this from any of the many critical questions which she fails here as well still to answer.. 18 Oct 2008, 12:55 pm.. Three days after I published my 30-year-old prescription (“If I Were President…”) for c) how to arrest world wide monetary collapse in a day; and d) how to establish real, sustainable economy in little longer, Global Research, a self described adversary to unassented globalization,  ...   course condemns us to.. So how do we get there from here?.. The answer has been here for 30 years; and in fact the powers that have been have only worked to keep it from you: mathematically perfected economy™ makes all these things possible immediately, and without cost, simply by eliminating the unearned takings which the people Mr.. Obama is installing in his cabinet are so accustomed to.. 12 Nov 2008, 4:35 pm.. MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY™ AND GLOBAL WARMING.. So, Mr.. [politician’s name], I tell you that if you are not ready to advocate mathematically perfected economy™, the fact of what we cannot afford to do already demonstrates you are neglecting a key piece.. Promote mathematically perfected economy™ on the other hand, and we *will* succeed in everything we can and should succeed in, because only mathematically perfected economy™ can and will sustain our capabilities.. After all, we are faced with the artificial specter of world-wide monetary failure, while we *will* remain as capable and willing to render production from available resources as we were the day before the curtain fell — and you’re the very people dropping the curtain.. 13 Nov 2008, 2:16 pm.. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2008 APPEAL TO OBAMA TRANSITION TEAM.. I am afraid your Economic Policy Team “may be” purposely obstructing my efforts to propose absolute, immediate monetary solution directly to you; and to establish a record indicating whether you yourself concur in evading that proposition, I write you once again, still actually hoping for a genuine answer.. I hope then that whomever receives this attempt on your behalf, will be so thoughtful as to submit it directly to your evaluation.. The people you are appointing, ostensibly to right an inherently flawed fundamental process, will never do so, because they are the very principals of a system which not only exploits our country (as we certainly see), but because in perpetuation their intended graft, they perpetuate a process which inherently exploits its subjects to an ever escalating, inherently terminal degree (as we also see).. 17 Nov 2008, 2:42 pm.. RE: REUTERS — OBAMA SAYS AIDING ECONOMY TRUMPS BUDGET DEFECIT.. Thus it is in these final stages of the finite lifespan of every such system that the replenishing aspect cannot be performed to the equivalent of the deflationary aspect.. Why not? Because, to maintain the circulation to that point in the lifespan, we have borrowed so much that the sum of debt already taxes us to our limits.. Obama and his “consensus” of exploitation are hoping instead that imposing further debt upon you will serve you.. But at the brink of failure under already terminal sums of debt, you either rectify the system, or you suffer collapse.. Transforming the present system into mathematically perfected economy™ on the other hand will a) cost us nothing; b) apply interest paid so far against principal (vastly reducing the sum of debt); c) refinance all debt without interest and to a schedule of payment equal to the rate of depreciation/consumption (reducing payments against existent debt approximately 12 fold, and eliminating inflation/deflation); and d) make illimitable funding available to sustain further industry, versus continuing the expatriation and destruction of existing industry.. The only question is rhetorical: whether our true power to rectify Washington still exists.. 17 Nov 2008, 5:35 pm.. ARE AMERICANS LEGALLY LIABLE TO PAY FOR THIS CRIME AGAINST THEM?.. Are Americans legally liable then to pay for this crime against us?.. Absolutely not.. Look around you.. The criminals are now forced to work in plain view; they regularly are apprised of their crime; fifty or a hundred copies of the solution are sitting in the President-elect’s databases; and so, only by evasion in broad daylight, do the perpetrators hope to perpetuate their exploitation of the people, even as the crime is terminal.. But not only are Americans and the rest of the world *not* legally or rightfully liable to pay for the crimes against them; it is mathematically impossible for them to service the further costs of the crime, because the whole event of failure is engender by the crime having already multiplied artificial debts beyond their possible means.. The reason the perpetrators greet mathematically perfected economy™ with evasion, is they already know the fact of their crime.. It is “the banks” who have dispossessed us of so much wealth that we have produced and paid for, who should have to be paying the people of the world for all the damages they have inflicted upon us.. 18 Nov 2008, 6:59 pm.. PAULSON INADVERTENTLY CONFESSES FATAL FAULT OF MONETARY SYSTEM.. What kind of people so negligently lay idle, while the very prospect of sustainable industry is artificially destroyed, leaving them jobless, homeless, and saddled with vast, insoluble sums of debt, heaped upon them so that they might only hope to own their own production?.. What great people particularly, would allow themselves to be dispossessed of their own industrial means, to suffer a wholly artificial, potential world-wide monetary failure, while they remain capable and willing as ever to incorporate resources into production?.. Paulson himself is about to tell us.. He says, “The key to turning around the housing situation and avoiding foreclosures is going to be to keep lending going.. Now why would that be, Mr.. Paulson?.. Do you mean to tell us that your brand of “lending” necessarily ever greater quantities of *our* promises to pay *each other* to us, is what’s going to save us?.. Only if the people of the world will never wake, Paulson.. You just exposed the crux of the lie.. Here, all these people of the world falling under you wee hammer, are expected *by you* to survive by assuming yet further debt; and you yourself point out that’s the only way you can conceive *the system* can be extended.. But your system is the very thing which has already multiplied the sum of debt beyond us; and so too, your system is the very thing which, just as you have said, can only multiply debt further.. 18 Nov 2008, 5:58 pm.. RESPONSE TO CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS' FINE BLOG ON THE G-20 SUMMIT.. But the missing link I raise is solution.. In other words, unless we ascertain cause, we cannot resolve whatever process is responsible for effect.. These models or their related thesis therefore comprise the real, underlying cause (versus myriad consequences).. 20 Nov 2008, 1:50 pm.. CURSORY RESPONSE TO ZEITGEIST ADDENDUM.. The pseudo-scientific Zeitgeist drama of course is no more than an eleventh-hour, pretended entry into the monetary reform arena.. 05 Dec 2008, 2:05 pm.. NYT — FED CUTS KEY RATE TO RECORD LOW, VALIDATES MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY™.. Why then does the so called Federal Reserve, which is not even an authorized branch of government, not save the economy to the full degree that is possible?.. The so called federal reserve does not save the economy to the full degree that is possible, because it is strictly a parasite, the purpose of which has always been and will always be to prey upon the economy to the fullest degree possible.. As surely as its recent actions validate mathematically perfected economy™ then, nonetheless, the parasite will resume its taking as soon as its subject shows sufficient signs of life — marginalizing the host as it always has and always will.. 15 Apr 2009, 12:50 pm.. MIKE MONTAGNE REBUTS HYPERINFLATION AS A CAUSE OF AN INEVITABLE, SECOND GREAT DEPRESSION.. The idea of national or world-wide monetary failure as a consequence of some ostensible, dramatic manifestation of inflation, conflicts with an eleventh hour, ever growing array of further assertions, submitted likewise without conclusive argument.. The conditions we are presently combating, and which are the cause of the mounting failure, on the contrary embody a scarcity of circulation respective to a growing sum of debt, with the resultant collapse being a consequence of a resultant inability to service debt.. 21 Dec 2008, 4:24 pm.. RESPONSE TO ELLEN HODGSON BROWN'S CLAIM TO ANSWER TO THE CONTROVERSY.. Not only have you not answered the questions then.. the injustices of your system impose greater complication than mathematically perfected economy™.. The difference is not that your proposition is less complicated.. The difference is, you don't account for the further complications, by the simplest answer to all the requisites of a just implementation.. The difference is, you don't provide accountable arguments.. You just fire off your idea, without ever establishing even to yourself, that it solves the things you pretend to solve.. 23 Dec 2008, 10:14 am.. mike montagne RESPONDS TO OpEd NEWS ARTICLE APPEALING FOR UNQUALIFIED REGULATION.. So mathematically perfected economy™ requires no regulation whatever.. 20 Jan 2009, 1:20 pm.. Board index.. Who is online.. In total there are.. users online :: 1 registered, 0 hidden and 8 guests (based on users active over the past 30 minutes).. Most users ever online was.. 802.. on 06 Feb 2012, 1:41 am.. Registered users:.. Google [Bot].. Legend ::.. Administrators.. Global moderators.. Birthdays.. No birthdays today.. Statistics.. Total posts.. 1723.. | Total topics.. 951.. | Total members.. 248.. | Our newest member.. New posts.. No new posts.. Forum locked.. If you are not promoting mathematically perfected economy , then.. condemn us to monetary failure.. Powered by phpBB3 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007 phpBB Group..

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    Descriptive info: JOIN PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy.. UNDER CONSTRUCTION.. This page to soon handle official membership to this cause..

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  • Title: PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy™ [PFMPE™] | PFMPE™ VIDEOS
    Descriptive info: PFMPE VIDEOS.. MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY VERSUS USURY, Wednesday, March 18, 2009.. Our first video (beta released), rolls all the material people have been asking for into a 2 1/2 hour program, graphically illustrating the categoric and fatal faults of purported banking systems, and the fact of singular solution in mathematically perfected economy.. We are working on bringing this out as a dual DVD for HD TV as soon as possible.. This "must see" program walks us through inherent multiplication of debt by various rates of interest; inevitable failure of every such system; and inevitable failure under purported stimulus programs ultimately demonstrating singular solution in mathematically perfected economy and beckoning the people to respond to our petition for constitutional amendments establishing government accountability and mathematically perfected economy.. FREE ONLINE VERSION AT PFMPE.. The following YouTube viewer strings the 10 topics of this presentation into 20 segments (necessitated by YouTube rules) the same play list  ...   Enjoy.. OTHER FREE ONLINE VERSIONS.. CLICK HERE.. to view at YouTube in full HDTV 720P, 1280 x 720 resolution (YouTube Play List).. We're also working on a downloadable version, smaller in size, retaining full chapters.. Please note that free online hosting entities re-process our original 720P output, which blurs eventual output.. Likewise, an intermediate re-sizing step necessary to get file sizes under free hosting limits results in free versions being substantially less legible than purchasable/rentable versions.. It will be at least 3 weeks before a purchasable 720P final release hits the streets, together with a political program for achieving our common goals.. THANKS FOR WATCHING!.. Please don't forget to send your friends:.. com/pg-videos.. html#MPEvsUSURY.. COPYRIGHT 2009, by mike montagne and PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy.. DISCUSS THIS MATERIAL IN THE PFMPE FORUM:.. php?f=22.. html" title="PFMPE VIDEOS (PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy ).. " target="PFMPE" PFMPE VIDEOS (PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy ) /a..

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    Descriptive info: I'm neither a mathematician nor an economist, two disciplines in which I fared rather poorly, to be truthful, but I am good enough with logic and number to see that you're quite brilliant at economic theory and that you're on to something big.. Very big.. I wouldn't let the "theft" of some of your foundation work bother you; it's a big kudo to you that they've borrowed from you,.. though their conclusions or motivations be false.. Ron Boyer.. They who are against us, dipped of course always as deeply as we tolerated, while they obstructed us in every possible way from stopping them.. Cries of excess were hardly heeded.. And yet, even if none of them dipped ever so deeply from the well which could only drain all other wells dry, this day was always the inevitable culmination of.. that.. underlying well.. These pages generally support three means of negotiating content the same instance of which may be asked to stand alone in some cases, may play a role in topic sequences in other cases, or may serve as separate, supporting reference in other cases yet.. Many people study this whole site, and generally burrow through the material sequentially.. The overall order is suggestive, but not compulsory.. For separate purposes such as a brief overview, the gist of the site may be gleaned from dedicated material such as our Synopsis page.. Visitors looking first for particular issues on the other hand should easily locate relevant material in the main site directory.. The blog directory and forum will often contain similar material, usually of a more timely nature, and therefore on a case by  ...   generally open in separate tabs or windows, so that material can be studied without leaving your place in the original page.. Related material directories on the other hand expect you to leave a page after finishing it.. So, if you want to open these in separate tabs, you may right-click their links as required by your browser.. So that you can readily see where you are within any group of topics, links to the current page in either the site or related material directories are indicated by a pink indented background.. Finally, if you are negotiating material sequentially, you may use the next page link at the bottom of each article.. PAGES OF SPECIAL IMPORTANCE.. Links to pages of special interest or importance are often indicated by suggestive notations in square brackets in the link title.. Among the special pages of the site are:.. A SINGLE PAGE WHICH TAKES YOU ACROSS THE ISSUES AND HISTORY OF THIS INITIATIVE.. A POPULAR, MUST READ PAGE TO GET YOUR HANDS AROUND WHY AND HOW TO IMPLEMENT MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY.. A VITAL PAGE.. One of our most important sections is the additional articles under the main directory subheading,.. "REFUTATION OF CONTROVERSIAL MONETARY PROPOSITIONS, REVIEW OF OTHER MATERIAL.. These articles invalidate contending propositions of alternate solution, attempts to disprove mathematically perfected economy , or attempts to disprove faults solved by mathematically perfected economy.. These pointers should get you started.. com/pg-about.. html" title="ABOUT br / HOW TO NEGOTIATE THIS MATERIAL FOR DIFFERENT PURPOSES (PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy ).. " target="PFMPE" ABOUT br / HOW TO NEGOTIATE THIS MATERIAL FOR DIFFERENT PURPOSES (PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy ) /a..

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    Descriptive info: SYNOPSIS MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY REDUCED TO ITS BAREST THREAD.. In economics, the majority are always wrong.. [Less protectively, contemporary "economists" lie because the whole, purposed lie of usury and unearned taking is unsustainable in any practical implementation, and because therefore, no intelligent public would ever assent to the dispossession and usurpation which the lies are designed to impose upon them.. Thus.. ].. The study of "money," above all other fields, is one in which complexity is used to disguise truth or to evade truth, not to reveal it.. John Kenneth Galbraith.. The solution is in numbers of people aware of possibilities.. Once PFMPE has a critical number of advocates, then the impossible becomes possible.. Mario Sikorski, Poland.. PLAUSIBILITY OF REGULATION.. Those who claim regulation is the issue have no leg to stand on.. There is of course no reasonable dream of regulating away the iniquities of inherently multiplying debt, without eradicating the very thing we might regulate.. So long as the primary process takes unearned profit, terminal culmination of the process is ensured by the fact that either by greater increments or by lesser, irreversible multiplication of debt in proportion to the obligated circulation eventually exceeds the finite potential of the circulation to service debt.. These pages derive from two simple mathematic proofs, dating back formally to 1979, and less formally to some ten years prior.. Critical world events have long hinged on their few principles, formally which, since 1979, offered a choice between the one monetary solution which will deliver and sustain unimpeded prosperity, or world wide monetary failure.. The first of these proofs identifies a cause of inevitable "financial" failure on a world wide scale, with the failure being avertible only by solution of a process which inherently and irreversibly multiplies debt in proportion to vital circulations.. Essentially, this proof thus recognizes how monetary systems subject to interest are obligated to maintain vital circulations comprised of principal, and perpetually deflated by servicing obligations comprised of principal and interest.. The vital circulations of such systems therefore are ultimately sustained only by perpetually re-borrowing principal and interest as subsequent sums of debt with this process perpetually and irreversibly increasing the sum of debt so much as periodic interest.. So long as a vital circulation is necessarily maintained in this way, the process is irreversible; the rate of accumulation itself escalates at an inherently increasing rate of ever greater sums of periodic interest on an ever greater sum of debt; and all the while, ever more of the circulation is dedicated to servicing debt driving up the cost of all subject production and leaving ever less of the circulation to sustain whatever surviving industry is obligated to the escalating sum of debt.. Thus ultimately and inevitably, by irreversible multiplication of debt in proportion to a vital circulation; by inherent escalation of that multiplication; by inherently escalating dedication of the circulation to servicing debt; and by an inverse, ever more preclusive reduction of whatever portion of the circulation remains available to sustain the subject industry.. by all this together, the costs of servicing debt eventually exceed surviving industry, with the sum of debt itself destroying credit-worthiness so as it becomes impossible thereafter either to sustain industry, or to service the further, obligatory escalation of the debt which yet is necessary to continue replenishing/maintaining the circulation.. Under these ultimate conditions of every such system then, with the obligation to existent debts yet persisting, and with the final cycles of servicing existent debts deflating a circulation which has become impossible to replenish because industry can service no further debt, every such system therefore inherently collapses no later than a determinable, maximum possible lifespan.. While this first proof establishes that such purported "economies" are neither economic nor sustainable, our second proof establishes a fact of singular absolute solution not only of this inevitable cause of failure, but of an integral scope of categoric faults which are inherent to the pretended monetary systems which have been imposed upon the world not for rectitude, or by assent, but instead for the obvious sake of world wide exploitation.. While I spoke of this mathematic perfection of economy for some seven years prior, since the spring of 1975 this work has formally referred to the latter proof's singular implementation as "mathematically perfected economy.. While the purposed systems of exploitation inherently preclude prosperity to ever greater degrees, and while present events are the explicit manifestation of the artificial failure projected by our first proof, immediate adoption of mathematically perfected economy therefore comprises the only course which will immediately, both avert failure, and sustain full prosperity.. The test of our day therefore subjects us to a litmus paper not just of casual justice, but of vital, incisive reason and foresight as well, for the three in this case are inseparable and equivalent expressions of the same thing.. The duty of all people then to hold every continent, every country, and every other person accountable is now incumbent upon us, because whatever color the paper turns for the whole can dispose the rest of us to either of two forks.. The pathological alternative, on the one hand, has no power but to prove destructive even to itself.. So in fact it has prevailed to now, not by excellence, but only by refusing to recognize what is so wrong that it suffers its own destruction.. This mortal, self destructive faction hopes ignominously to prevail by preserving exploitation, while only perpetuating a greater force of exploitation than itself.. History itself culls all such things, together with their adherents.. The present oppression, lies and subversion will fall together, because they too are one thing, and because veritable solution alone spares both hands.. The present pattern is temporary, no matter how many times the unlearned commit to it.. It is their feigned learning alone which makes every country as a plane in a final holding pattern, where flight is exploitation, and the tanks of either are running dry.. On every plane which can stay aloft only for some while then, elder passengers who have never learned better, prey upon their own progeny, hoping only to preserve themselves against a greater, perpetually escalated exploitation, to which they too owe first and foremost.. Thus among us, the very passengers of a first Great Depression can neither cite nor solve its causes.. Yet referring only to time aloft, which was the fatal shortcoming of the previous fatal incident, and as the tanks run dry yet again in what is no more than a further life cycle, granted again for the sake of exploitation, they particularly refuse to land on the one runway which can sustain us all.. Even then as the engines suck the last vapors from the tanks, no pilot,  ...   or property therefore is solved only by integration of solutions for inflation and deflation, and multiplication of debt by interest.. Multiplication of debt by interest is solved only by eradicating interest.. Thus by abiding by only the few relevant, incontrovertible principles, we have a singular prescription for true economy in which the value of money is preserved perpetually, in all cases, by maintaining a constant 1:1 relationship between the circulation and remaining value of the represented wealth.. Only by this one explicit cycle of circulation does the value of the circulation always equal the remaining value of the wealth.. Only by this one explicit cycle of circulation is all the circulation at all times redeemable in exactly the wealth it is intended to represent.. Only by this one explicit cycle of circulation do we pay for each other's production with an equal measure of our own.. Only by this one explicit cycle of circulation are further "monetary standards" or "reserves" wholly redundant, even as those purported monetary standards or reserves are wholly incapable of protecting us from inflation and deflation, systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money or property, and inherent, terminal multiplication of debt by interest.. Only by eradicating the combined evils of the present exploitation in fact then, can we sustain all naturally possible prosperity, without redundant, extrinsic cost even in one single case and thus, only so do we achieve true economy in every case, without inflation or deflation; without systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money or property; and without fatal, irreversible multiplication of debt by interest.. And so as opposed to the present exploitation, and in understanding the present magnitude of escalating, terminal oppression we would universally understand that under mathematically perfected economy instead, in the case of a $100,000 home with a 100-year lifespan, we would pay for the home at the overall rate of $1,000 per year, or $83.. 33 per month, simply for eliminating exploitation and its accompanying irregularities from an imposed, falsified, and purposely destructive equation.. This incumbent understanding of course would leave little question how much further we would prosper in all related ways under mathematically perfected economy.. LIFTINGS, AND FURTHER MISCONCEPTIONS.. The original proofs of this work have been emulated countless times remarkably and disgracefully without credit or attribution, and regularly involving substantial, blatant error which would never characterize the work of its original perceiver.. But if it is important to trace origin among thieves, it is only because the liftings and careless mutations are altogether inaccurate, divisive, and begging of both skepticism and disproof.. It is for these and their extended reasons that these pages provide invalidations of all contending theories/solutions.. If of course we are ever to achieve solution of the present, anomalous systems of exploitation, it will only be by understanding together that indeed, there is one fact/cause of such injustice as can only engender the present impending failure; and it will only be by understanding furthermore that there is one fact of solution for the categoric faults of the imposed facades of rectitude.. As I explain elsewhere in these pages, long before the present proliferation of contending works, and long before but a few of us could conceive that the present impositions are inherently catastrophic and terminal, I provided the Reagan Administration with computer models capable of calculating the maximum possible lifespan of any purported economy subject to "interest.. " You can still download those models, complete with source code, from our pages; and their fact itself predates all recent adulterations of the vital thesis.. But by simply calculating periodic interest as any bank statement must, by re-borrowing interest and principal to replenish the circulation and even allowing for the accumulating sum of debt to be (usually) negligibly diminished by factors such as bankruptcy and consumption of usually little of our production in the course of exploitation those models not only forecast the Reagan Administration's tripling of previous national debt,.. but further projected ultimate world wide monetary failure at approximately 2010 AD.. Remarkably then, not only do the recent, competing appeals to abolish these systems of exploitation admonish us to adopt invalid purported solutions, they regularly fail either to recognize exactly how debt is inherently and irreversibly multiplied into terminal debt.. Some give the problem to be debt itself.. Some even argue that debt is.. inherently multiplied in proportion to the sustaining/obligated circulation at all.. Either assertion thus should compel us to ask why yet they too have taken an interest in terminating the "central banking" systems which have been imposed upon the world.. In so many manifestations of this see-through "author" zeal, the process which this work originally exposed and solved has variously been described as a Ponzi scheme, as compound interest, or as "creating money out of thin air.. " While 10,000 homes a day go into foreclosure, in fact the responsible process is none of these things; no one recognized the critical importance of solution in such pathetic terms; and no one who purports to understand the fatal process in such unuseful terms can possibly truly grasp solution, for both the problem and the higher behavior are understood only by exactitude.. Thus pretender after pretender now obfuscates both the problem and its solution.. When we show these "authors" the faults of their pretended authority in either discipline, they give us evasion because they are not the champions of the people they pretend to be.. So, until this work so long ago expressed in its proof of inevitable failure how any practical rate of interest inherently generates usurious sums of debt, none of these multiplying advocates of competing false sciences even proclaimed that contemporary monetary systems are usury.. But even as usury is impossible to unveil by any other course or terms, now, to promote whatever other schemes, competing sites feature titles suggesting integral purposes, but characteristically diluting the hard truths which are indispensable to meaningful perception and progress.. And so, the fancied "authors" of many further books have risen since I first tried to tell the world its captains are not their captains.. Few believed then that we sailed not just a Titanic, but a Titanic which could only meet one fate with its life boats dedicated only to the perpetrators of the course.. But even so, and even as the certain meeting of a fatal obstruction in this case can be known, it can only be known by understanding the terminal course in just the terms which here, still, are laid out for you.. com/pg-synopsis.. html" title="SYNOPSIS MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY REDUCED TO ITS BAREST THREAD (PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy ).. " target="PFMPE" SYNOPSIS MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY REDUCED TO ITS BAREST THREAD (PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy ) /a..

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  • Title: PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy™ [PFMPE™] | TESTIMONIALS
    Descriptive info: PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy WORLD INITIATIVE.. HOME FOREWORD, SITE DIRECTORY.. GLOBAL MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY AMENDMENT INITIATIVES.. Will McPhee former mathematics professor and head of the math staff, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs [1976].. This is all so plausible,.. so important.. Mario Sikorski, Poland [2008].. PFMPE creates nanowaves that do not go away.. Patrick Hedemark [September, 2008].. Real leadership means to correctly define the actual problem.. and then.. to correctly prescribe the actual solution.. You are light years ahead of everyone else crying for monetary reform; the founders too.. How different our country would have been, if the founders had you to author the monetary principles of the Constitution.. If it were possible, I would love to have been a fly on the wall, if you had ever had the chance to meet with Franklin and Jefferson.. The United States would never have had occassion to take its present fall.. Steve Kube [October 1, 2008].. Mike,.. I have been reading your work.. I think you are a genius, but I haven't read half of it really, and haven't entirely absorbed what you teach.. I am impressed.. [He describes converting the whole site to a distributable PDF file which we will soon make available to the public.. I could imagine people getting together in groups to study and discuss it.. People around the country do this with books like A Course In Miracles, and other 'meaty' texts.. At any rate, I think what you teach deserves a broader audience.. The material is just brilliant.. Thanks again for all the intense work you've put into this.. It is obviously your life's work.. I have great respect for what you have here.. I'd love to see much, much more interest in your work around the world.. It deserves it.. Kathy Windsong [June 24, 2007].. I am enjoying learning how you work with [foe in "The New Forum"].. This effort of thoughtful communication answers by deed and example the question I had of how one brings about better outcome probabilities for all of us.. [foe in "The New Forum"] has a following and can also lead others.. I agree with you regarding usury.. It's a destructive selfish system which spirals to intentionally pit ever more of humanity against one.. Individuals in such a culture are trained actively to get something out of someone else through ever more impersonal proxies instead of working to give value, service and personal kindness to other individuals.. It is sometimes perhaps fair to take a little interest in small loans among friends, but not to build a system intent on flipping money or slipping through the changing loopholes without paying for something.. I keep thinking of the lines, "I will make you fishers of men.. " As I watch the culture today with fresh eyes, these words have a gruesome ring.. Everyone is trained to think of themselves as a fisher of men which oddly entrains this culture built on predation instead of nurturing or helping.. One can say one never has enough money.. Or one can realize that this is a trap designed to keep people fueling the behaviors of predation indefinitely.. Meanwhile life clocks tick on and people rarely realize they have lived only a little.. Scaling back wants works wonders if one wants personal freedom in a wealthy culture.. But this only goes so far, since it seems the corporate work culture also doesn't support anything less than full time work.. With best regards and thanks for your intelligence expressed.. If [foe in "The New Forum"] will take to heart, the wish  ...   doing the right and good thing making this thoughtful accumulation of research readily available.. Best regards always,.. Steve Igrunz.. Joyce Banks [BigIdeasForObama, June 5, 2008].. Love you, Mike.. You're the one who's been doing the good, HARD work.. Patricia Ricciatti Lenyre [Canada, September 27, 2008].. That's why we need people like you to decipher the lies.. Craig Alan Feinstein [June 3, 2008].. I have read many articles on your website.. I have been looking for the answer as to why our world is the way it is, and what is the solution to all of the problems for some time.. I think your website gives the clearest answer that I have found to my question.. I remember when I was a kid and compare it to now.. I have seen the world become more and more stressful and dangerous with time.. The core reason for this is that everyone is competing with everyone else to pay off the debts and there is not enough money to go around to do this.. Jim Eldon [December 10, 2008].. Your work is extraordinary and is providing me with the economics education I thought I'd never get.. December 15, 2008.. You're right about the corruption of the term "sound money.. " Thanks for the definition.. It's interesting to note that, at this level of resolution of the conception, MPE is as much a principle of.. ethics.. as of economics.. the right to non-intervention.. I'm going to meditate on this for awhile.. It's beautiful.. December 30, 2008 response to Ellen Hodgson Brown.. As I wrote to Mike privately awhile ago, the essence of his solution, mathematically perfected economy , is at once an economic principle and an ethical one.. The principle is that of non-intervention; a principle which is found at the heart of Democratic Theory.. His conception appears to my mind as an economic analog to the conception of civil liberties which seeks to guarantee for each individual all those freedoms which are consistent with the same guarantee for every other individual.. In its economic manifestation it can be stated as follows (Mike's definition of MPE ): It is every prospective debtor's right to issue their promise to pay, free of extrinsic manipulation, adulteration, or exploitation of that promise, or the natural opportunity to make good on it.. From this perspective it should be abundantly clear that bankers as legally sanctioned usurers and faux creditors have no place in a democratic society.. They are neither desirable nor necessary.. They should be no more welcome than slave owners, political dictators or murderers.. They have no right to insinuate themselves into economic relations as the only legal arbiters of debt and credit.. But having done so, they have impaired every other freedom inherent to the democratic ideal and continue to prevent a truly free market economy from taking shape.. Ron Boyer [June 28, 2008, 12:13 PM].. COPYRIGHT 1979 to present by mike montagne and PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy.. WARNING TO OUR MANY PLAGIARISTS: ANYONE FAILING TO CREDIT ORIGINAL MATERIAL FROM THESE PAGES OR FURTHER ORIGINAL THESES OF THIS AUTHOR, POTENTIALLY PRETENDING *ANY* OF THESE ANALYSES ARE THEIR OWN, EVEN IN OSTENSIBLY SIMPLIFIED FORM (THE MEANS AND FACT OF ORIGINAL DEVELOPMENT OF WHICH IS THE MATTER AT HAND), RISKS LIABILITY FOR ALL CONSEQUENCES THEREOF, INCLUDING PUNITIVE DAMAGES.. TRADEMARKS: PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy , [COUNTRY] For Mathematically Perfected Economy , mathematic perfection of economy , Mathematically Perfected Economy , Mathematically Perfected Currency , MPE , and PFMPE are trademarks of mike montagne and PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy , perfecteconomy.. com, perfecteconomy.. org..

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    Descriptive info: IF I WERE PRESIDENT HOW TO ARREST MONETARY COLLAPSE IN A DAY.. The best any of these guys can offer you is a deck chair on the Titanic.. E.. L.. Ward.. (2007, regarding the monetary integrity of the presidential candidates).. Patricia Ricciatti Lenyre, Canada, writing to mike montagne.. ANSWER TO 1996 MSNBC QUESTION (PUBLISHED BY MSNBC):.. "ARE POLITICAL REPORTERS POLITICALLY BIASED?".. "Unless there is an editor or reporter with a perfectly neutral work-focus and style of presentation, then ALL reporters and editors are politically biased.. "Bias however, is no sensitive issue where a mature audience is apt to detect bias and account for it.. The damaging aspect of 'news' coverage is its non-focus on imperative issues and qualifiable solution; and that so many citizens of all countries of the world hold to so many irrelevant snippets as if they can be served by them.. "For some 20 years for instance, the prospect of a 'balanced budget' occasionally draws some focus.. But, in the news, and in politics, never have we seen an exhaustive proof of whether it is even mathematically possible to balance the budget under current and ever-worsening conditions.. If however, world politics will ever see the solution of ever-mounting debt, and a solution of the ever greater costs of ever mounting debt, inevitably this will be through the eyes of a mathematic expression equivalent to conclusive, mathematic proof.. "Do the people even want to see or hear this, or administer to issues in conclusive terms?.. Only their focus on such a scope will tell.. But certainly no news-service offers the inevitable argument.. "In any event, the impertinence of the audience befits the impertinence of submitted material.. If they had no equally impertinent audience.. all impertinent material, and all impertinent politicians, would be equally vanished.. "Just something to consider, as we plunge ever deeper into insoluble debt.. AYN RAND.. "When force is the standard, the murderer wins over the pickpocket, and then that society vanishes in a spread of ruins and slaughter.. Do you wish to know whether that day is coming?.. Watch Money.. Money is a barometer of a society's virtue.. When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion when you see that in order to produce, you need permission from men who produce nothing when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors when you see men get richer by graft and pull than by work, and your laws don't protect you against them, but protect them against you when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice you may know that our society is doomed.. Money is so noble a medium that it does not compete with guns and it does not make terms with brutality.. It will not permit a country to survive as half-property, half-loot.. HOW TO ARREST WORLD WIDE MONETARY COLLAPSE IN A DAY, AND ESTABLISH REAL, SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY IN LITTLE LONGER.. Tuesday, October 14, 2008.. BACKGROUND AN EXPLANATION OF USURY AND USURPATION FOR JOE SIXPACK, HOLY HOUSEWIFE, AND THE WATCHING, EVER ANGRIER WORLD.. We left not a fox, but only a rat at the hen house.. Like the gaudy titles by which phonies of every kind attempt to insulate so many deceptions today, the names given to the recent emergency legislation play to a world whom their authors hope will never grasp, understand, or heed a proposition or fact of.. real, integral solution.. All of the purposed names given to this transgression together will never lend credibility to those who can never prove the pretentious things that panderers will assert, yet which can only hinge entirely upon the legislation's wholly devoid integrity.. Instead of proving pander, this infamous extension of theft from the people will provide a future icon of today's delinquent, self-interested clowns, dupes, and shills, who meant together to profess to us falsely, to rule us by keeping the truth from us forever if possible, and to steal from us with such unwise and blatant abandon, so long as we remain so ignorant.. But this day was bound to come not just from the excesses of so many usurpers and perpetrators of fraud.. No matter the ways of dipping, or the names which takers give to them, the well of unearned taking itself sucks everything else dry.. Superficial furtherances of the crime of course may indeed pick away at what else can be stolen from the pool of wealth further depriving true producers of just reward for production, with the glee of participation granting free reign for the underlying drain to work the primary means of our demise, which is multiplication of indebtedness.. But still, all dependent forms of unearned taking inevitably succumb too to the omnipotent, primary obligation to service a sum of debt multiplied perpetually and purposely by the very nature of the imposed currency.. All of us succumb then to an alpha taker, more immense, more unduly powerful, more entrenched, and even more unassented than however many dippings from its irreversible drainage.. While any further unearned taking then could itself otherwise engender terminal failure, the alpha well is the ultimate ruin of all.. We can readily understand this, as the instrument of the process is in fact endowed with few elementary powers, because just such few, comprehensible irregularities are necessary to its insurmountable purposes.. The well that drains all other things can prevent or allow us from drinking from it, and it can regulate the rate at which it multiplies a sum of debt which ever moreso sucks the life out of everything.. But regardless even of presumably minimal rates of multiplication which might ostensibly justify the purpose of unearned taking, the process is ultimately terminal, and manifests its final stages of failure at inherently escalating rates.. How so?.. To whatever degree we are compelled to maintain a vital circulation by re-borrowing principal and interest as subsequent sums of debt, the sum of debt increases irreversibly by ever greater increments of ever greater periodic interest on an ever greater sum of debt.. As principal is re-borrowed, it is impossible to pay down the sum of debt; and it is impossible to sustain the vital circulation without further borrowing.. Whatever interest we must re-borrow thus increases the sum of debt, escalating the onset of terminal failure.. So long as we maintain the vital circulation so, the process is irreversible.. All the while, ever more of the obligated circulation is inherently dedicated to servicing debt, leaving ever less of the circulation to sustain the industry which is obligated to do so.. All of us can readily understand the singular possible outcome of this process.. Being the primary obligation, these takings consume all other taking.. Whether further thieves dip from the alpha well, we succumb to a system which in fact was engineered and imposed upon us for the very purpose of multiplying debt in proportion to the obligated circulation.. Such a system therefore can only expire at a maximum practical lifespan, at which it imposes upon its unwitting subjects a terminal sum of debt.. When the music stops playing, no chairs are left, because they have all been taken by inherent, escalating dispossession, which of course ultimately results in complete dispossession.. When the music stops, all the players trying to sit can only fall down.. By only subverting the nature of currency, the central bank ultimately makes itself the real owner of all the chairs.. You yourself are headed there, until a prevailing majority of us understand solution.. If you are not ready to do so, you are part of the problem.. Otherwise, you won't mind my repeating the few principles which deliver the fact of solution to the present, or perhaps to any heedful posterity.. According to this thesis that such pretended economies ultimately engender unsurvivable sums of terminal debt, the purported bailout can only reasonably hope to let some of the bad guys out of town.. "with whole skins,".. as Congressman Louis T.. McFadden put it,.. reporting to Congress on June 10, 1932 from the midst of the first Great Depression.. The events and causes of then however, were no different and no greater mystery than their present reiteration.. And so in fact, because the species of perpetrators and necessary methods of perpetration have no truly different manifestations, Mr.. McFadden actually reported something further that we can only find even more familiar that as the curtain dropped then too as an inevitable consequence of the same, terminal multiplication of indebtedness, the very perpetrators not only "got out with whole skins," they.. "left the people of the United States to pay the piper.. More correctly, as the final curtain fell, to save themselves at the end of that lifespan as well, the very perpetrators left the people with a further measure of debt, beyond the terminal sums of debt which the perpetrators had already imposed, and beyond therefore what had been proven by the events of the moment, was already such an excessive, insoluble sum of debt as the people already could not even afford to service.. Yet as I have said, this is the very nature and purpose of the system, even if the final act, in attempting to preserve the system for all this, is something like a murderer going through the motions of killing the victim again, after the fact.. So it is not at all surprising that even in the end, consistent with that intrinsic purpose, the perpetrators seek to preserve their takings and even the means of those takings, by a coup de grace which sustains only the pattern of taking as if perpetual multiplication of artificial sums of debt is natural, normal, or just.. But obviously then, nothing could be further from solution than the present farce of a bailout.. We only know from the facade of it what we are up against, should the people of the world storm their capitols, armed even with the only prescription for absolute solution.. So indeed, in the present replay of the scantly described, terminal cycle of taking, there is no mystery why the term "bailout" suggests that fools allow the perpetrators to prove for a while longer what they can never prove.. They say to you, save the banks, that the banks can continue to serve you.. But they mean, save the subverted form of "money" which can only multiply debt into terminal sums of insoluble debt.. You are not faced with terminal failure because some of the outer institutions which steal from you are failing, having "invested" in the success the multiplication of debt denies you.. You are at the brink of world-wide failure because even despite all the artificial means of sustention which can be tried, the alpha well ultimately succeeds in a vaster drainage, achieved by generating the terminal sums of debt everywhere around us.. The very perpetrators say to you now, take on the bad debts of these banks of every river draining into the alpha well, so that the banks might still for some little while even remain capable of giving you your own little remaining money.. But your money is gone already, only because they have "invested" it in the water rushing into the alpha well.. The perpetrators of course want, forever if possible, to preserve their gargantuan parasite.. Once the present lifespan is concluded, they would like to remain the publishers of that same kind of currency which can only convey all the wealth we produce to them, leaving us again and again in the wake of inevitable failure.. To sway the kind of fool who will never know better, they will give each further manifestation of that illegitimate currency a different name; they will tell us it is a new, better currency; they will assure us they have somehow prevented further failure.. But they will never tell us how, because it will be the same currency still having the singularly terminal power to multiply debt in proportion to a vital circulation.. The parasite can never afford to tell you how, because there is no how in retaining the process by which they intend to profit illimitably, and unjustifiably.. On the contrary then, not only is it completely unnecessary to save the parasite; we only ensure failure by its preservation.. Moreover, we certainly preserve the parasite by retaining the institutions which embody the very processes which can only engender our present problems.. Our quest instead is to overrule those institutions and their bogus advocates, that we can solve the few rudimentary crimes imposed upon us.. Of course then, for leaving the very rats which steal so in charge of the hen house.. preserving the parasite which can only multiply debt all the further, is all the purported bailout even pretends to do.. To understand this means of multiplying debt therefore, is to hold both solution and renegade government by the only grip which can set the hen house straight.. Which do you keep? And which do you eradicate?.. If the perpetrators did not know the choice we should make, they would not prepare for what we have not yet done.. Yet if there were any police force or military or government which could hope to prevail in further preserving  ...   existing only so long as necessary to set up accounting infrastructures, and to refinance debt under mathematically perfected economy.. Meanwhile, there is no deflation; no need to borrow further to maintain a vital circulation; and we immediately prosper to whatever further degree we are relieved of servicing the existent sums of artificially multiplied debt.. HOW TO AVOID "CAPITALIZATION" OF (STEALING) THE LIQUIDITY SUDDENLY REALIZED.. To avoid theft of the liquidity which would suddenly be realized:.. Prices would be frozen.. Commodities traders would be eliminated from the chain of purchase.. Products would be directly delivered to markets by natural processes of distribution, without unearned taking.. Commodities traders would be paid for their existing assets with a separate currency, temporarily at least dedicated to unearned taking.. Just settlement of their unearned wealth would be settled later.. Having relieved not only the pressures of escalation, but the whole weight of servicing existent debt, no reason persists for bona fide industry to raise prices; and, granted such substantial further liquidity under existing price states, industry would immediately be free to sustain and generate further employment, while sustaining profit margins substantially beyond what was previously possible if and only if truly free markets are liberated from predation.. "REPAYMENT" OF ARTIFICIAL DEBTS TO THE CENTRAL BANK(S).. To resolve all debt to the unassented and unlawful central bank(s), I would scribble onto a piece of paper,.. "Will pay to the bearer upon demand, infinity.. This.. like.. irredeemable promise to pay would be offered with a cordial invitation to challenge this resolution of all debt in a fitting court of law (manned of course and accountable to the people), where on behalf of the people we would argue:.. that inherently no private entity has any right deprivable from any other private entity or person to issue irredeemable promises to pay ("Federal Reserve Notes");.. that therefore on the one hand, the paper I have submitted satisfies the purported obligations;.. or on the other hand, there is no legal basis whatever for the purported debts;.. and most of all, that as the implementation of interest inherently multiplies debt in proportion to an obligated circulation, the imposed currency cannot constitute lawful obligations to "repay" debts which ultimately are purposely made insoluble by the very artificial conditions imposed upon the arrangement.. This of course would not resolve whatever assets have been acquired by equally/potentially illegitimate, unlawful means.. For now, like the resolution of assets acquired by commodities traders, I leave it to the people ultimately to determine whether they want to go after these assets, or whether we shall just call termination of all this good enough.. But should these banks or any advocate of the currency they have imposed upon us make any substantial effort from this time forth to obstruct or even discourage us from solution, I recommend instead not only to recover the assets/profits which have been dispossessed from us, but to try all persisting advocates for crimes against humanity these being explicitly, whatever perpetuation of damages is suffered since these systems were imposed.. RAMIFICATIONS.. These measures, necessarily carried out before the onset of fatal deflation, arrest further failure within a day, with the additional liquidity immediately established being capable of sustaining multiples of present industry.. Those who delay implementation of this proposition therefore are responsible for the consequences this measure would avoid 10,000 homes daily going into foreclosure, vast further dispossession, inevitable further failures of industry, and so forth.. As the present arguments sufficiently demonstrate, all of said detrimental consequences can be arrested in less than a day.. ESTABLISHING AN EMERGENCY, TRIAL IMPLEMENTATION OF MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY.. As soon as possible, to restore and sustain the industry we are capable of, an initial implementation of mathematically perfected economy is established under emergency conditions.. Once electronic infrastructures are established to maintain the people's accounts, that initial implementation comprises:.. refinancing of all private debt without interest, with schedules of payment being the rate of consumption or depreciation (which are to be understood to be equivalent);.. a general, de-escalated formula for depreciation shall be used for the initial implementation.. Specialized formulas may be implemented thereafter;.. the remaining value of the related property shall be the refinanced sum, as determined by the general formula for depreciation;.. any payments so far made beyond the depreciation so far incurred and up to the full remaining value of the property shall be considered accumulated equity, counted against the balance of the remaining debt;.. equity in all property as determined by the general formula for depreciation can be financed likewise;.. thus the whole effective circulation is equal to the whole value of related wealth; and the remaining circulation is always equal to and redeemable in the very remaining value of the represented wealth, with this itself eliminating any cause or need for ostensible alternate monetary standards;.. debts which have been paid, in principal and interest both, to the extent of the remaining value of the property, shall be considered fulfilled;.. further financing for further production shall be made available under the same terms;.. private savings are converted into the new currency;.. otherwise, MPE currency is not interchangeable with the former Federal Reserve Note;.. mathematically perfected economy divorces itself from the previous, imposed system;.. to restore sustainable conditions with regard to retirement, the accounts of all working-age people are eventually to be credited with a facsimile of what they would have saved and could therefore have lived on should they have benefitted from mathematically perfected economy their whole working lives;.. To replace social programs which are unsustainable as a consequence of unfunded near term federal liabilities, a mandatory savings program is implemented in which the private individual takes an interest in preservation of the value of the currency (which is sustained by MPE ), and by which the individual is compelled to save some portion of their income over working years, which they may spend in retirement.. For example, if for the purposes of calculation, working years are taken as the years 20 through 60, and savings are taken to necessarily account for 20 years thereafter, compulsive savings of 1/3 of income may be enforced across the 40 years to render the same standard of living across the latter 20.. The ultimate terms of such a program are to be determined in the final implementation of MPE as agreed by the public.. All people beyond the age of 20 then are to be credited so much, to establish a sustainable condition akin to what would have existed in mathematically perfected economy all this while.. These savings of course are to serve in lieu of inherently unsustainable "social security.. Sustainable conditions are thus immediately established; illimitable further prosperity is readily funded; and all this costs us nothing.. Under mathematically perfected economy then, a $100,000 home with a hundred year lifespan for instance would be financed at the overall rate of $1,000 per year or $83.. 33 per month, with the initial/general formula for depreciation dictating higher rates of payment in the initial phases of the debt, and substantially lower payments in the latter phases.. The emergency implementation of mathematically perfected economy serves as a proving or trial period, after which the subject populace may determine to retain or reject the proposition, optionally returning to the conditions formerly imposed by the previous system, or electing to adopt any other potential solution.. The time required to implement this trial depends upon development or adaptation of existing hardware and software technology to maintain the necessary accounts.. Roughly a month of operation under emergency deflation prevention measures might be required before the necessary infrastructure can be developed/adapted, so that this perpetually sustainable trial phase of mathematically perfected economy can begin, for whatever duration the people elect to preserve it.. PERMANENTLY ESTABLISHING MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY.. Should the public elect to retain mathematically perfected economy after the emergency trial, its ultimate implementation is determined in regard to specialized rates of depreciation, scope of financed wealth, and potential relationships with other programs.. It can be said that no risk is involved, because in all respects, emergency or otherwise,.. by eliminating the vast costs and destructive consequences of "interest," these provisions generally engender as much as a dozen times the liquidity possible under the conditions of interest-bearing systems particularly of course, prior to the present and ensuing phases of failure.. Ostensible "foreign" debt of the people shall be collected from the sellers of the debt in the currency of which the debts were issued.. SUMMARY.. No one will ever stand for your liberation from usury so long as you, the people, fail to master the problem and its solution.. When, and only when you will settle for nothing but the latter, none of the foes of justifiable economy can afford to stand against you.. It is your obligation then to broadcast this proposition of solution if you so see fit.. We have no candidate to serve us.. None apparently dare respond; and yet we have a critical election just weeks away.. But if each of us immediately sent this proposition of solution to our entire address books, the entire country could be prepared to vote for solution in only days.. Shame on us then, if we can do no better.. This page can be copied and pasted into an email; or the permalink to its online instance may be sent; and/or its zip (compressed) file can be distributed freely; or the link to download the compressed distributable may be sent.. The recommended procedure is to send this page copied into a text email, complete with the following permalink to the page.. Please see the distribution instructions below for further information.. Many articles at the PFMPE web site (perfecteconomy.. com) answer virtually any further conceivable question or issue.. This of course is a serious appeal.. Usury is not only terminal; its perpetuation requires usurpation, and that usurpation largely explains the undesirable world as it is.. You will have no representation so long as there is apathy toward privatized currencies, which obviously have been imposed upon us for the very purpose of the multiplication of unearned profit which is responsible for the specter of world wide monetary failure before us.. In the introductory quotes with which I began this page, Ayn Rand tells us that.. "Whenever destroyers appear among men, they start by destroying money.. I translate this and the rest to mean,.. "they start by imposing interest to multiply debt upon the circulation, for money free from that multiplication is mankind's only protection from those men, and so, it is the only possible harbor of unsubverted moral existence.. At present, while 10,000 homes a day are going into foreclosure, the media those men own suppresses the truth, saying such remarkable, ongoing events and all the related evidence not just of depression, but of utter world-wide failure are only fueling "fears" of a severe recession.. On the contrary, no distortion could be more conducive itself to engendering failure, because it asks us to remain ignorant of all the things we can no longer afford apathy.. Before putting this matter to rest then, let us consider the opposite, positive case of Rand's postulate:.. When we are ready to deliver ourselves from oppression,.. necessarily.. , we will so understand first and foremost that "interest" can only multiply debt upon the obligated circulation, that no just person will refrain for a moment from assimilating the opposing, vital principle.. A succeeding republic of course must meet necessary minimal standards, first for deserving, and then for enforcing representation.. A truly positive people are not deterred from unity and purpose by a handful of usurers and whatever panderers, generations, or classes tie themselves to purse strings at so much cost to all the rest; they are not discouraged by anything from the good and due things people can readily achieve.. Especially, they do not settle for less than ideals, when the ideal can be handed to them.. Here that ideal is.. America used to be such a place; and no one in history has to look far to find that out.. RESPONSE TO CONSTITUTION S DEFENDERS FOR OBAMA POST.. DISTRIBUTION:.. Except for profit making ventures or entities otherwise granted explicit permission to publish this copyright material, this article may be distributed or reprinted in whole only, from and including any quotes preceding its title, through and inclusive of the following permalink(s), by email or otherwise.. Visitors may also download our entire directory of regular/main site articles from our downloads page:.. com/pg-free-pfmpe-downloads.. If you want to save your country, we encourage personal distribution of this material to all conducive recipients of your personal address books.. Of course, you may also send only the following permalink:.. DISCUSS THIS ARTICLE IN THE PFMPE FORUM:.. com/f/viewtopic.. php?f=76 t=61.. [END PERMALINK(S)].. DOWNLOAD THIS PAGE (420 Kb, ZIPPED WINDOWS FORMAT).. zipped-if-i-were-president-win.. zip.. DOWNLOAD THIS WHOLE SITE FOR SAFE KEEPING (~6 Mb).. zipped-people-for-perfect-economy-site.. com/pppppageURL.. com/pppppageURL" title="IF I WERE PRESIDENT.. HOW TO ARREST WORLD WIDE MONETARY COLLAPSE IN A DAY, AND ESTABLISH REAL, SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY IN LITTLE LONGER (PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy ).. " target="PFMPE" IF I WERE PRESIDENT.. br / br / HOW TO ARREST WORLD WIDE MONETARY COLLAPSE IN A DAY, AND ESTABLISH REAL, SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY IN LITTLE LONGER (PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy ) /a..

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