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  • Title: Robot Entertainment
    Descriptive info: .. Navigation.. Robot Entertainment.. GAMES.. Orcs Must Die! 2.. Hero Academy.. Game Guide.. Orcs Must Die!.. COMMUNITY.. Forums.. Facebook.. Studio Page.. Orcs Must Die! Series Page.. Hero Academy Page.. Twitter.. Studio.. Orcs Must Die! Series.. YouTube.. Support.. Newsletter Sign-Up.. BLOG.. STUDIO.. Developer Profiles.. Contact.. Press Site.. CAREERS.. STORE.. Buy Games.. Merchandise.. Join the Community.. Join our player community to swap  ...   for Help?.. Are you having trouble with a Robot Entertainment game? Check out our support page for FAQs and contact links.. Subscribe to our Newsletter.. Be the first to know when we announce new games or offer special deals, and get an inside look at how we create our games.. Terms of Use.. Privacy Policy.. Copyright ©2013 Robot Entertainment, Inc™..

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  • Title: Robot Entertainment Games | Robot Entertainment
    Descriptive info: Robot Entertainment Games.. thrusts players and their friends back into battle against a terrifying mob of orcs and other monsters.. More Info.. Welcome to the.. Hero Academy!.. ™ Teams have gathered from all over the world to engage in friendly contests before seeking adventure in the wider world beyond the Academy’s walls.. Orcs Must Die!™.. is a white-knuckle blend of action and strategy that challenges players to defend fortresses under siege..

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  • Title: Orcs Must Die! 2 | Robot Entertainment
    Descriptive info: Buy Orcs Must Die! 2.. (Steam, Windows) Co-op action strategy for PC!.. $14.. 99.. Buy Orcs Must Die! 2 Complete Pack.. (Steam, Windows) Includes Orcs Must Die! 2, Fire Water Booster Pack, Family Ties Booster Pack, and Are We There Yeti Booster Pack.. $24.. Buy Orcs Must Die! 2 Complete Pack (Two Pack).. (Steam, Windows) Includes codes for two (2) Steam copies of the Orcs Must Die! 2 Complete Pack.. $39.. Booster Packs.. Fire and Water.. $4.. 99.. Family Ties.. Are We There Yeti?.. Trailer.. About the Game.. Orcs Must Die! 2 thrusts players and their friends back into battle against a terrifying mob of orcs and other monsters.. With a redesigned spellbook, players will have a broader range of options to build a deadly arsenal of defenses.. Investing hard-earned skulls in an enormous new upgrade system will allow players to cater to their favorite methods of burning, grinding, tossing, or dismembering orcs.. Orcs Must Die! 2 begins days after the ending of the original game.. With the rifts closed and the magical Order dead, the War Mage finds himself suddenly thrust into a new battle against the mindless orc mob.. He has a powerful, if questionable, new companion in the Sorceress, an ex-War Mage responsible for the destruction  ...   an all new assortment of magical trinkets.. SCORING SYSTEM LEADERBOARDS.. Compete with your friends for supremacy on single-player and co-op leaderboards!.. STORY-BASED CAMPAIGN.. Pick up where the original game left off with a brand new story-based campaign that you can play in Single-Player or Co-Op!.. MASSIVE UPGRADE SYSTEM.. With more than 225 persistent trap and weapon upgrades to unlock, you can build an arsenal perfectly suited to your slaying style.. OVER 20 DEADLY ENEMIES.. Face an army of vile new creatures like Earth Elementals, Trolls, and Bile Bats.. And they’ve brought all of your favorite trap-fodder from the original Orcs Must Die! along with them!.. EXTENSIVE REPLAYABILITY.. Multiple game modes, “Nightmare” difficulty, and an enormous skull-ranking system provide hours of replayability.. Bonus Levels.. UNLOCK CLASSIC MODE.. As a special bonus, players who own the original Orcs Must Die! on Steam will automatically unlock 10 of the game s levels for Co-Op play in Orcs Must Die! 2 for free!.. $9.. PC Minimum Requirements.. OS:.. Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.. Processor:.. 2GHz Dual Core.. Memory:.. 2 GB RAM.. Graphics:.. NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or ATI Radeon x1950 or better with 256MB VRAM.. DirectX®:.. dx90c.. Hard Drive:.. 5 GB HD space.. A.. dditional:.. Broadband Internet Connection recommended for co-op play..

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  • Title: Hero Academy | Robot Entertainment
    Descriptive info: Buy Hero Academy.. (Steam, Windows/Mac) Includes the core game, Council and TF2 teams, 17 Council avatars, and 18 TF2 avatars.. Buy Hero Academy 2-Pack.. (Steam, Windows/Mac) Includes two codes for Hero Academy each with the core game, Council and TF2 teams, 17 Council avatars, and 18 TF2 avatars.. $7.. Buy Hero Academy Gold Pack.. (Steam, Windows/Mac) – Includes Hero Academy, Hero Academy – Dark Elves Pack, Hero Academy – Dwarves Pack, Hero Academy – Tribe Pack, Hero Academy – Uniform Colors, Hero Academy – Shaolin Team Pack, Hero Academy – Challenge Pack.. $16.. Uniform Colors.. $0.. Challenge Pack.. Dark Elves Pack.. Dwarves Pack.. Tribe Pack.. Shaolin Pack.. $3.. Test your skills in this light-hearted battle between friends! Diverse teams have gathered to engage in friendly contests on the Academy playfields.. Will your team emerge triumphant? The Academy extends a warm greeting to all players – whether they’re already heroes, or simply  ...   can attack without mercy, while tactics game buffs will love the strategic cat-and-mouse gameplay.. MULTIPLAYER ON THE GO!.. Challenge friends to one-on-one battles via online multiplayer.. ASYNCHRONOUS STRATEGY.. Play a heated bout in twenty minutes or across a full day, whenever you have a few moments!.. HEROIC VISUALS.. Colorful fantasy graphics highlight each character and the board’s boost tiles.. VICIOUS VARIETY.. Each team features unique units with a broad range of strengths and magical abilities.. EXCLUSIVE TF2 TEAM.. An exclusive new team featuring characters, upgrades, and abilities from.. Team Fortress 2.. ! You can only unlock this team via Steam, but once unlocked you can use them anywhere that you play.. OS:.. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.. Video Card:.. Graphics: DX11 DX10 video cards, minimum resolution 1280 x 800.. DirectX®:.. 10.. 300MB HD space.. Broadband Internet Connection recommended.. Hero Academy does not officially support Windows Surface.. Mac Minimum Requirements.. Snow Leopard..

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  • Title: Hero Academy Game Guide | Robot Entertainment
    Descriptive info: Hero Academy Game Guide.. Contents.. The Basics.. Starting a Game.. How to Win.. How to Play.. Equipment and Spells.. The Playfield.. Undo.. Knocking Out and Stomping.. Reinforcements View.. Damage Types and Resistance.. Customizing Your Game.. Additional User Interface Tips.. Heroic Teams Units.. The Council.. The Dark Elves.. The Dwarves.. The Tribe.. Team Fortress.. Shaolin.. Advanced Concepts.. General Tips.. Strategy: The Council.. Strategy: The Dark Elves.. Strategy: The Dwarves.. Strategy: The Tribe.. Strategy: Team Fortress.. Strategy: Shaolin.. Glossary of Terms.. From the main menu, select Play to bring up the games list.. The button at the upper right with the plus symbol will let you create a game with a particular opponent.. Enter your opponent’s Hero Academy user name, or search for a random opponent.. If you’d rather start a quick game with a random opponent, just tap the button next to the the create game button.. You can also challenge your Facebook friends! Tap the Facebook icon next to “Challenge Friends” to connect your Facebook and Hero Academy accounts and see which of your friends are playing Hero Academy.. ^.. Back to Top.. The goal in a Hero Academy match is to destroy all of your opponent’s crystals or defeat all of the heroes on his team.. At the start of the game, a random set of six heroes, equipment, and spells from your reinforcements will appear on the rack at the bottom of the screen.. Each turn, you get five Action Points to deploy your team onto the field, give them equipment, move, and attack.. The player that created the game will deploy his team on the left side of the field.. To deploy heroes, tap them on the rack to select them, then tap them in one of your deploy zones.. To move a deployed hero, tap him to select him.. The squares that he can reach with a single Action Point will light up blue.. Tap where you’d like him to move, or tap an empty square to cancel.. When a hero is selected, enemies he can target will have a red spinning circle highlighting them.. Tap the enemy to attack.. Similarly, if you select a healing or buffing hero, friendly heroes that the healer can assist will have a green spinning circle highlighting them.. If you ever need help understanding what a hero or piece of equipment does, or what any of the squares on the playfield are for, tap the “?” in the upper right corner, then tap any of the ? symbols that appear on the board for more information.. Once you have used all five Action Points, tap the checkmark at the lower right of the screen to submit your turn.. If you want to add equipment like swords or scrolls to a hero, simply tap the equipment on your rack and then tap the hero that you want to equip.. Some equipment is permanent, such as swords.. Others, such as the scroll, only apply to the hero’s next attack or heal.. Check the ingame help for more details.. To use a spell like the Council’s Inferno, tap it, then tap where you want to target it.. Inferno and the Dark Elf Soul Harvest can be targeted anywhere on the board.. The playfield features several important premium squares.. The deploy zones are the only squares where you can bring new heroes on to the playfield from your reinforcements.. The assault boost squares increase the damage that all your heroes do to the crystals.. A power boost square increases the power of any hero standing on it, while a defense boost square increase the hero’s defense.. At any time before submitting your turn, you can undo and try again.. Just tap the Action Point wheel in the lower left corner to undo all your actions.. The best players experiment with different strategies each turn to find the best combination of actions.. When heroes lose all their hitpoints, they are knocked out and fall down on the playfield.. Be sure to heal the hero on your next turn, or they will be removed from play entirely.. If you knock out an enemy hero, you can spend an additional Action Point to “stomp” on him and remove him from the playfield before your opponent ever gets a chance to heal him!.. To see the reinforcements available to either you or your opponent, tap one of the player portraits, then tap the reinforcements number to bring up the reinforcements view.. As a shortcut to the reinforcements view, you may tap and hold on a player portrait.. There are two types of damage in the game – Physical and Magical.. Similarly, there are two types of resistances in the game – one against Physical damage, and one against Magical.. HERO.. DAMAGE.. RESISTANCE.. Physical.. Magical.. Knight.. 200.. 20%.. Archer.. 300.. Cleric.. Wizard.. 10%.. Ninja.. 200 range.. Double Melee.. Void Monk.. Impaler.. Priestess.. Necromancer.. Wraith.. 250.. Paladin.. Gunner.. Engineer.. Grenadier.. Annihilator.. Warrior.. Axe Thrower.. Shaman.. Witch.. Chieftain.. Heavy.. Soldier.. Pyro.. Demoman.. Scout.. 100.. Medic.. Sniper.. Spy.. Monk.. Windblade.. Poisoner.. Taoist.. Shadow.. From the main menu, tap the “Customize” button to purchase heroic teams, avatars, custom uniform colors, and more!.. The Customize menu is also where you make your selection of avatar and team uniform colors (once purchased).. For avatars, you may select any avatar from the packs you’ve purchased, or the basic pack that you get for free for purchasing a heroic team.. For custom uniform colors, you will need to select both a home and an away color.. Your home uniform color is used for games that you initiate, while your away color will be used for challenges you accept from others.. Purchase a new heroic team such as the Dark Elves and ads disappear!.. Check out the Hero Academy news feed! While on the games list, tap the “!” button in the upper left.. Want to send a chat to your opponent? From within a game, tap the speech bubble in the upper right.. To swap out heroes or equipment on your rack, tap to select them, then tap the reinforcements door at the lower left.. When you submit your turn, those heroes will be added back to your reinforcements, and you’ll get replacement heroes and equipment for the next turn.. Tap and hold on an empty square will show you the health of all heroes, icons that indicate what the heroes have equipped, and the health percentage of the crystals.. Tap your portrait or your opponent’s portrait at the top of the screen to see the player’s profile.. When you bring up a player’s profile, you’ll be able to see how many reinforcements they have in reserve and on their rack.. HEROIC TEAMS AND UNITS.. COUNCIL.. Strong Alchemy – Team Bonus.. The Council’s clerics are excellent healers, and heal knocked-out heroes for extra hitpoints.. Potions can revive knocked-out units.. Save potions for quick emergency revives, especially for a hero with lots of equipment.. Knight (Fighter).. Sturdy fighter; knocks back enemy heroes when he attacks.. Very difficult to kill, especially if equipped with a shield and helmet.. Use knights to deny critical board positions to opponents, or knock enemies off important squares.. Archer (Shooter).. High-damage shooter with a long attack range.. Gets larger benefit from sword equipment and sword tiles.. Useful to attack distant enemies; rely on hit-and-run attacks to keep her safe.. Wizard (Caster).. Caster hero that can target enemy groups with chain lightning.. Lightning is unpredictable, but can hit up to three enemies.. Use against packed groups of enemies, and supplement his power with swords and scrolls.. Cleric (Support).. Support hero who can effectively heal damaged and knocked-out allies.. Both attacks and heals at range.. Use clerics to back up other strong or valuable heroes.. Ninja (Super Unit).. Unique super unit that can swap places with an ally.. Can attack  ...   knocked-out hero back to the tile rack.. Costs no AP to use!.. Save respawn for your better heroes, but remember that they lose upgrades when respawned.. SHAOLIN.. Combination Strike – Team Bonus.. When multiple Shaolin heroes attack the same target, they do more damage.. While they do not have a single high-damage hero, their combo attacks can be devastating.. Position your heroes to take advantage of combo opportunities when the enemy advances.. Monk (Fighter).. Front-line warrior who can reduce a single enemy’s maximum health.. Tough to knock out; can stand toe-to-toe with enemy heroes.. Target the enemy’s high-health heroes to get the most benefit from the monk’s ability.. Windblade (Shooter).. Ranged hero that chains her attacks to three enemies at once.. Effective against enemies in tight clusters.. Use to apply combo points to multiple enemies at once, then finish the job with other heroes.. Poisoner (Caster).. Long-range caster with a deadly debuff.. Reduces her target’s defense and resist.. Use to weaken enemies at range, or to finish a combo from a distance.. Taoist (Support).. Healer hero that can remove debuffs from allies or buffs from enemies.. Best when supporting other heroes from the backfield.. Ranged attack also makes the taoist effective in combos.. Shadow (Super Unit).. High-mobility ranged attacker that can raise enemies to fight on his side.. His weakness is low-damage attacks; keep him safe until the time is right to strike.. Converting an enemy super-unit such as a ninja or annihilator can easily win the game.. Bamboo (Blocker).. Deploy the bamboo anywhere on the board to block a square and enemy line of sight.. Can be placed on boost squares and gains their benefit, including assault boosts.. Bamboo can also be used to remote-stomp knocked-out enemies!.. Dragon.. High-damage spell that can affect up to four enemies in a row.. Most damage is done to the original target.. Use against high-value enemy heroes, or a group of heroes next to each other in a single row.. ADVANCED CONCEPTS.. Controlling assault boost squares is often the key to victory.. Place strong heroes on the assault tiles and force your opponent to deal with them.. You can’t move heroes on to your opponent’s deploy zones.. If your opponent knocks out one of your heroes on your deploy zone, you can deploy one of your own heroes on top of the knocked-out hero on the next turn, provided you don’t mind sacrificing the knocked-out hero.. A Dark Elf necromancer can raise a phantom on your deploy zone, but you can auto-stomp the phantom by deploying a hero on top of him.. If you’re having trouble getting to the enemy’s crystal, don’t be afraid to switch strategies; killing all of his heroes is another way to win.. Use the ninja’s teleport ability to swap places with frontline heroes for a quick hit-and-run attack.. Save an Action Point to retreat him to the rear at the end of your turn.. Control assault boost squares with your knights.. Add shields and helmets to make the knights virtually indestructible.. Save your swords for hard-hitting heroes like archers, wizards, and the ninja.. Keep an eye out for groups of enemies.. Engage the groups with wizards or archers, then drop a last-minute Inferno to remove any knocked-out heroes at range.. Nurture the wraith – he’s fragile until he consumes several knocked-out heroes.. Bait your enemy into attacking your weaker heroes, then let your wraith consume his own team!.. The necromancer’s long range can dominate the battlefield.. Keep him on a power boost tile and let the enemy come to you.. Use the priestess to debuff the most dangerous enemies.. Save your Soul Harvest spells for the perfect opportunity; it will heal all of your knocked-out heroes at once!.. If your enemy clusters heroes together, punish him! Attack with grenadiers, gunners, or the annihilator and spread the damage around.. Engineer shields absorb an entire attack.. Use them to protect fragile heroes like the annihilator or add a shield to a crystal.. Remember the dwarven team bonus works on assault squares as well.. Place an engineer on an assault square and then attack enemy crystals with other heroes for big bonus damage!.. Use axe throwers to whittle down full-strength enemies, then send in the warriors to finish them off.. Save your chieftain for a powerful strike when the enemy has a lot of heroes on the board.. Position shamans far to the rear, and create a chain of heroes to the front lines.. Team Fortress has a wide variety of heroes; don’t rely on getting exactly what you expect, and be prepared to change your strategy.. Be aggressive and push forward; you have more heroes available as reinforcements than other teams, and can afford to sacrifice some.. Use your engineers to give ammo to as many heroes as you can; it’ll pay off in the long run.. Combine your no-AP-cost abilities for monster turns, and take as many as seven or eight actions to throw your opponent off-balance!.. Combo attacks provide your best offensive punch.. Combine attacks whenever possible.. Weaken fully geared enemies with the monk and poisoner to keep them in check.. Pre-apply combo potions for devastating attacks – getting a x4 or x5 combo on a crystal can be devastating.. The shadow can also revive your fallen allies, but beware – their equipment will be removed!.. 4.. GLOSSARY OF TERMS.. Hero.. One of your units.. Place them on the playfield to attack the enemy, defend your crystals, or heal and improve your other heroes.. Crystal.. Each team has one or more crystals to protect.. If all of a team’s crystals are destroyed, they lose!.. Health.. Your heroes have a health value, represented by a green bar on their info screen.. If they run out of health, they’re knocked out!.. Power.. Heroes have a power value, which indicates how much damage they’ll do when they attack or how much they can heal their allies.. Damage can be either magical or physical.. Physical attacks are reduced by a target’s defense rating.. Defense is shown on a hero’s info screen next to the small icon of a shield.. Magical attacks are reduced by a target’s resistrating.. Resist is shown on a hero’s info screen next to the small icon of a helmet.. Power Boost.. A square on the playfield that increases a hero’s power as long as he’s standing on it.. Defense Boost.. A square on the playfield that increases a hero’s defense as long as he’s standing on it.. Resist Boost.. A square on the playfield that increases a hero’s resist as long as he’s standing on it.. Assault Boost.. As long as one of your heroes stands on an assault boost square, ALL of your attacks against enemy crystals are at increased power.. Knocked Out.. When a hero loses all his health, he’s knocked out! He’ll fall down and you’ll see stars circling him.. Revive.. A team’s healers can often revive knocked-out heroes, waking them up for battle.. Stomping.. If one of your opponent’s heroes is knocked out, move one of your heroes on top of him to stomp him and remove him from the game.. Melee.. Some heroes, such as knights, can only attack at melee range – a single square up, down, left, or right.. Other heroes, such as archers, have a weaker attack when they’re attacking an adjacent enemy.. AoE.. Area of effect.. Some attacks have a large AoE, such as the Council’s Inferno spell, which affects a 3 3 area.. Buff.. A bonus to a hero’s abilities.. For instance, a scroll grants a large buff to a hero’s power, and a Dark Elf potion adds a buff to a hero’s maximum health.. Debuff.. A reduction of a hero’s abilities.. For example, the Dark Elf priestess can cast a weakness debuff on her enemies, reducing the power of their next attack..

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  • Title: Orcs Must Die! | Robot Entertainment
    Descriptive info: Buy Orcs Must Die!.. (Steam, Windows) Single-player action strategy for PC!.. Buy Orcs Must Die! Game of the Year Edition.. (Steam, Windows) Includes Orcs Must Die!, Artifacts of Power Booster Pack, and Lost Adventures Booster Pack.. $12.. Artifacts of Power.. $1.. Lost Adventures.. $2.. Videos.. Orcs Must Die! challenges players to defend fortresses under siege.. With a wide variety of traps and weapons to choose from, Orcs Must Die! dares players to find the best ways to hack, launch, flatten, gibletize, and incinerate an endless army of filthy orcs and their vile allies.. Orcs Must Die! features a vibrant look, addictive gameplay, and a blatant disregard for  ...   and 11 other villainous monsters.. CUSTOMIZE YOUR DEFENSES.. Upgrade your traps, spells and weapons to cater the game to your personal play style.. NIGHTMARE MODE.. Expertly wield your wits and your weapons through the story-driven campaign and unlock a brutal “Nightmare” campaign.. KILL ORCS YOUR WAY.. Choose from a selection of 6 weapons and magic spells and 17 traps that hack, launch, flatten, gibletize, and incinerate your enemies.. C-C-C-COMBO!.. Cleverly combine your traps and spells for Combos to earn higher scores on the leaderboards.. ENDLESS REPLAYABILITY.. Replay fortresses endlessly, combining different defenses and tactics every time!.. NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or ATI Radeon x1950 or better with 256MB VRAM..

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  • Title: Newsletter Sign-Up | Robot Entertainment
    Descriptive info: * indicates required.. Email Address.. *.. First Name.. Last Name.. Email Format.. html.. text.. mobile.. View previous campaigns.. Close.. Search for:.. Recent Posts.. Wade s Wish.. Robot Entertainment Anniversary Sale!.. Hero Academy Wins Best Mobile Game at DICE Awards!.. Shaolin Team Now Available For Hero Academy!.. Are We There Yeti?! New Booster Pack for OMD2!.. Archives.. July 2013.. March 2013.. February 2013.. November 2012.. October 2012.. Categories.. Echo Prime.. OMD..

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  • Title: The Robot Blog | Robot Entertainment
    Descriptive info: Posted on.. July 1, 2013.. by.. Robot.. in.. Leave a comment.. Every day is a good day to work at Robot Entertainment, but today was particularly special.. A few weeks ago, we were contacted by Make-A-Wish North Texas about a young boy named Wade Sharp.. Wade has Osteogenesis Imperfecta, more commonly known as brittle bone disease.. Continue Reading.. March 1, 2013.. ,.. Robot Entertainment is turning four years old this weekend! Spend the weekend celebrating with us by picking up a ton of our games and DLC for 75% off! If you have been waiting to complete your Robot Entertainment collection, this is the weekend to do it!.. February 11, 2013.. Last week, the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences held their 16th annual D.. I.. C.. E.. Awards in Las Vegas.. The DICE Awards are an opportunity for the games industry to come together and acknowledge the great work of their peers.. November 14, 2012.. The exciting new Shaolin heroic team is now  ...   the “Are We There Yeti?” Booster Pack for Orcs Must Die! 2.. Announced today by Robot Entertainment, the new booster pack gives players three enormous new frozen cavern levels to defend.. New OMD2 Patch and Free Halloween Costumes!.. October 23, 2012.. Today we ve released a new OMD2 patch and along with it we ve thrown in some free Halloween-themed character costumes for you!.. Mystical New Shaolin Team is Set to Challenge the Hero Academy!.. October 22, 2012.. Robot Entertainment has announced that a new Shaolin team will be enrolling at the Hero Academy in November.. New details offer players a first look at the unique abilities of the combo-focused team.. Monday Morning Meeting! October 8, 2012.. October 8, 2012.. Hey! Remember these Monday Morning Meeting posts! If you re one of the many new Heroes or War Mages that joined the Robot family over the Summer of Shipping So Many Games™ then you may not have been around the last time we did these..

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  • Title: Our Studio | Robot Entertainment
    Descriptive info: Our Studio.. Based in Plano, Texas, Robot Entertainment is a world-class independent game development studio founded in 2009 by veterans of Ensemble Studios.. With a team that has proven experience and expertise in creating games that appeal to massive audiences, Robot Entertainment is focused on developing titles that set new standards for their respective genres as well as groundbreaking original intellectual properties.. The studio most recently launched the critically acclaimed.. Hero Academy.. and.. 2.. MEET THE BOTS.. Lizette Lizard Atkinson.. Office Manager.. Lizette came into the game industry after burning out in her previous career as a Corporate Event Planner.. She should have known games were her destiny, since her dad owned a video game arcade.. Lizette has happily taken on a slew of new responsibilities, such as facilities management, payroll, human resources, accounting and a mountain of other random responsibilities, including babysitting a bunch of guys.. When not at work, she spends time with her husband and two beautiful girls.. Lizette graduated from Texas Tech, so she ll leave you with a reminder to Get Your Guns Up!.. Eric Best.. Programmer.. AKA YoYo |Evil Eric|Hateweaver; TI 99/4a + Masters in CS + (10 years of game industry code grinding / 5 shipped titles on 4 platforms) == Network|Live|ranty game programmer.. Michael “virtuallyrandom” Bosley.. Michael’s video gaming career started off by going to Iraq.. Twice.. After that, he realized he had enough of being shot at, came back, left his military contracting job and went to school at the Guildhall@SMU in Plano Texas.. After working at Edge of Reality and Obsidian, he became a robot on May 1, 2012 and is loving every minute of it.. Won iwon35 Choi.. Concept Artist.. Won was born in Seoul, Korea, and moved to the States when he was 13.. After a short stint in Cincinnati, Ohio, he ended up in Texas.. As a teenager, he was fascinated by drawing and playing video games, so it was only natural that he would find his way into the game industry.. His career includes positions at Rogue Entertainment, Monolith, Gearbox, and Ensemble.. Won has now joined the other art-bots in the yellow pod at Robot, and can often be found drawing something interesting during meetings.. Stephen Clayburn.. Stephen spent ten years of writing credit card processing client / server code before making the leap to the game industry.. When he s not at the office, he enjoys cooking and playing video games.. A fan of all genres of games, he counts Ultima 7, Fallout, GTA, and World of Warcraft among his favorites.. Stephen has two beautiful daughters and a wonderfully supportive wife who puts up with him working all the time.. Brad Crowbot Crow.. Art Director.. Brad is a Texas native who graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas in 1995.. He loves FPS games, and enjoys tearing apart his co-workers in epic lunchtime Battlefield 2 matches.. Brad s hobbies include art and exercise, and he loves spending time with his family and friends.. A sci-fi junkie, Brad enjoyed the process of being turned into a robot (perhaps a little too much).. Jake D_Dawg Dotson.. IT Infrastructure Administrator.. From workstations to servers to networks, Jake uses the can-do attitude he honed in the U.. S.. Marine Corps to deliver world-class IT services and support.. Outside of work, Jake is a loving husband and father, dedicated friend, and selfless community volunteer.. In his spare time he roots for the Cowboys and shoots his AR15 sometimes simultaneously.. His favorite saying is Hey, y all watch this! Hold my beer.. Rob Xemu Fermier.. Lead Programmer.. Rob has been making games professionally since 1994 s System Shock, and unprofessionally since 1979 s Space Combat Game in Third-Grade Notebook.. He has a degree in Computer Science from MIT, and loves programming and designing games of all kinds.. Determining his favorite game would be nearly impossible, but a short list of contenders would include Star Control 2, Chrono Trigger, GTA San Andreas, and Civilization.. Ian M.. Fischer.. Design Director.. Fischer dabbled in several different callings before it dawned on him that, no matter what he was getting paid to do, he always spent his time scribbling away at game designs.. He simplified in 1997, joining Ensemble Studios to work on the original Age of Empires as a scenario designer.. Two years later he earned his first lead designer credit on the sequel, The Age of Kings.. Ian is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with dual-major bachelor degrees in Political Science and English Writing.. As a SAR swimmer in the Navy he once rescued a wayward SLQ-48 minehunting robot and later became a founding member of Robot Entertainment.. Coincidence?.. Christopher Forseth.. Chris graduated from NDSU with a dual major in mathematics and computer science.. Just out of school, he worked at Volition developing networking systems for Red Faction Guerrilla, Saints Row 2, and Saints Row 3.. Afterwards, he came to Robot where he worked on OMD2 networking and does general programming for various Robot projects.. Joe Gillum.. Designer.. Joe abandoned his B.. in Molecular Biology from Penn State to seek a career in games.. So far, it s been worth it he s been churning out games for almost eight years now, including Age of Mythology and its expansion, Age of Empires 3, and Halo Wars.. Originally a Pittsburgh-area native, Joe is waiting for global cooling to kick in and turn Dallas into a temperate zone.. Tony Goodman.. Director.. Tony attended the University of Texas at Austin for two years before striking out on his own.. In 1989, he founded Ensemble Corporation, a systems consulting firm specializing in building custom enterprise systems.. Ensemble Corporation was acquired by U.. Web in 1996.. Tony then founded game developer Ensemble Studios, the firm responsible for the hit video game franchise Age of Empires.. Ensemble Studios was acquired by Microsoft in 2001.. Most recently Tony co-founded Robot Entertainment, a video game developer focused on bringing shared world experiences to the mass market.. Bryan bimbosoup Hehmann.. 3D Artist.. After graduating from the Art Institute of Dallas, Bryan entered the game industry in 1998, joining several of his former classmates at Ensemble Studios and eventually landing at Robot.. While at Ensemble, he worked on the Age of Empires series and Halo Wars.. Bryan s favorite games include Battlefield, Myst, and World of Warcraft.. He also has an unhealthy addiction to Magic the Gathering Online.. Lance Hoke.. Producer.. Lance claims to have a BBA in MIS/Management from Texas Tech University.. Game credits suggest he might have been an Art Producer for seven years at Ensemble Studios on projects including Age of Mythology, AOM: The Titans, Age of Empires III, AOE3: Warchiefs, and Halo Wars.. At Robot, he fills the role of Lead Producer on an unannounced project, where his tireless efforts inspire us all.. Lance also claims to have  ...   In his free time, Chris enjoys being with his family, playing xbox and working on art projects that will probably never get finished.. Dusty Monk.. Dusty started some fifteen years ago (more by now, but let s not keep counting, shall we?) working at Midway Home Entertainment in San Diego, where he worked on Hydro Thunder, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, and others.. In 2000 he went to work for Ensemble Studios, and stayed there until the studio was closed in 2009.. While there he had the opportunity to work on some outstanding titles, including Age of Mythology, Age of Empires III, and Halo Wars.. For the past three years he’s been an independent developer, founding Windstorm Studios, and shipping the retro sci-fi vehicle action game Atomic City Adventures The Case of the Black Dragon.. These days Dusty finds himself working at Robot Entertainment, developing great games like Orcs Must Die! and Hero Academy.. Shovaen Shoop Patel.. Shovaen began his love affair with games of all types (video, card, sports, board, etc.. ) at an early age with ancient consoles, 80s Macs, and chess.. He earned a Computer Science degree from Georgia Tech, worked as a consultant at Ariba, and attended The Guildhall at SMU prior to robotification.. Shovaen is an avid Tampa sports fan, with the obvious exception of his beloved Yellow Jackets.. Roy Royster Rabey.. IT Director.. Roy, who originally hails from New Orleans, has a B.. in Computer Science and over three decades of IT experience.. He has been focusing that experience in the video game development industry since joining Ensemble Studios in 1998.. Roy was fascinated by robots at a very young age and being a bit of an electronics hobbyist has built several of them.. He has enjoyed his recent transformation from meager human into elite robot and is excited to work side-by-side with fellow robots to alter the landscape of entertainment history.. Roy promises to use his new robot powers for good and not evil.. Chris Rippy.. Chris entered the video game world in 1994, doing sound design and scenarios for the original Age of Empires.. Since then, he has moved into production, and was most recently the Producer for Orcs Must Die! Chris is a big fan of pizza and sandwiches.. Harter Ryan.. COO.. Harter s journey to Robot took a serpentine path; he started as an avid board war gamer and RPG player in his teenage years and worked as a programmer in the oil industry in the late 1980 s and 1990 s before finally ending up at Ensemble Studios in 1997.. While at ES, Harter was the Lead Producer on Age of Empires II, and Executive Producer on Age3 and Halo Wars.. His education at the University of Oklahoma, marriage to an awesome wife for twenty years, and two wonderful kids have all helped him reach this stage in his life with his sanity (mostly) intact.. Duane Saint Santos.. Duane graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas in 1995, and has been in the game industry for over thirteen years.. He joined Ensemble Studios in 1996, and worked on several titles before being turned into a robot in 2009.. Of all the games he s worked on, Age of Empires II is still his favorite.. He also loves MMOs and also enjoys shooting people in FPS games.. Paul sPankyAce Slusser.. Paul has several associate degrees which never quite added up to the B.. A.. in Computer Science he wanted.. Conquering his hatred of math through art, Paul graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas in spring of 1999 and was quickly hired by Ensemble Studios.. He has been fortunate enough to work on several titles, including Age of Empires 2, Age of Mythology, Age of Empires 3, and Halo Wars.. Paul s responsibilities include creating buildings, random maps, scenarios, home cities and resupplying the soda machine.. Chris Stark.. Chris has a double degree in computer science and software engineering, and a Master s in computer science.. A veteran of Ritual Entertainment and Ensemble Studios, Chris loves a good game of WoW, Halo, Quake, or Starcraft; he s also been known to get outside for some bike riding, hiking, or gardening.. Chris s workstation will be featured on the 24-hour StarkCam(TM) coming soon!.. Nate N8 Stefan.. After graduating from Sheridan College in 2001, Nate started working at Ensemble.. When the studio closed, he joined up with Robot Entertainment.. Nate loves to draw and is always searching for new ways to become a better artist.. Marcin Szymanski.. Marcin was originally going to become a doctor; he even attended medical school for a year after majoring in Genetics, but switched to Computer Science and soon joined Ensemble Studios.. His favorite game is Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but he s also played enough Final Fantasy XI and World of Warcraft to equip his characters in the coolest-looking armor.. Marcin enjoys fast cars, live music, comedy, and eating, which he tries to do at least several times a day.. Charles Tinney.. Animator.. Charles has been working as an animator for more than ten years.. OH BOY!.. Bart Rice_and_Eggs Tiongson.. Bart graduated from the Fine Arts program at Centennial College and the Classical Animation program at Sheridan College in the temperate sunbelt of Ontario, Canada.. He joined Ensemble Studios in 2000, and was turned into a robot on March 1, 2009.. Bart s hobbies include family, friends, drawing, painting, music, film, travel, food, drink, basketball, sun, ocean rinse and repeat.. Sashank Veligati.. Sashank grew up playing N64, Tribes, and Starcraft, while wanting to make video games all his life.. Unfortunately, he accidentally got his Electrical Engineering degree from Duke University before he realized this.. Recovering, he attended the Guildhall at SMU for Game Development and joined Robot in January 2012.. Nowadays, Sashank attempts to act like an adult, socialize with non-programmers, and wear shoes.. When not working, he can often be found playing Starcraft, tennis, or go.. Rob Grimm2012 Walden.. Rob, a 1996 graduate of the Art Institute of Dallas, has been in the game industry for fifteen years.. His previous projects include Halo Wars, Age of Empires 3, and Spy Hunter.. Terry Wallace.. Born in Scotland, Terry came to the US when he was 10.. After time in CA most recently Las Vegas, NV, Terry took a position in Texas in the credit card industry.. Glad to finally be in the gaming industry, Terry is happy to be a Robot.. He enjoys reading (esp.. sci-fi), computer games and two cats who think they are human.. Terry and his wife are enchanted with their long-awaited baby girl born in July 2010.. Sung Yi.. Sung Yi started in the game industry in 1999 and now found a new home at Robot Entertainment (Awesome!).. Proud Father of two beautiful kids.. Living the life to the fullest at home and work..

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