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  • Title: Real Estate 4 Ransom
    Descriptive info: .. Real Estate 4 Ransom.. from.. on.. Vimeo.. About the film.. Screenings.. Featured Experts.. Resources.. About Us.. Contact.. Sign Up Support.. Buy the Film.. References.. Script.. This site was designed and developed by.. Spire Software..

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  • Title: About the film | Real Estate 4 Ransom
    Descriptive info: is a documentary about global property speculation and its impact on the economy.. considers the changing motivations behind property investment and challenges the notion that the Global Financial Crisis was caused by bank lending alone.. Real Estate 4 Ransom was selected as.. the #2 film of 2012 by the well respected Films for Action website.. View the script.. with links to references.. Shot over 5 years, the film focuses an economics lens on many of the big picture issues world politics are grappling to deal with.. The 40 min documentary looks at whether genuine freedom has been delivered by the democratic system.. We investigate the inefficiencies of the economic system and the impact this  ...   did real estate play in the crashing of the global economy?.. Co-Directors Karl Fitzgerald and Gavin Emmanuel have crafted a documentary which features high profile economists, international guests, local homebuyers and renters, all who discuss their take on the state of Australia’s economy.. Animations, music and a little humour are used to make economics interesting.. Read Karl Fitzgerald s latest op-ed s:.. Economic Rights As Human Rights.. Locking in the Locked Out Generations.. R4R precis.. (written for a recent festival).. We thank the vimeo community for being so supportive in allowing us to incorporate some of the footage you can see from our.. vimeo favourites page.. Not all likes are included in the film..

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  • Title: Screenings | Real Estate 4 Ransom
    Descriptive info: Our film is now live online.. is a non-commercial documentary and as such we welcome inquiries to host screenings of the film, big or small.. If you are involved in a community group, NGO or school and would like to screen the film with a Q A from Co-Director Producer Karl Fitzgerald, please email.. access@realestate4ransom.. com.. We have a selection of.. promotional resources.. available for download if you would like to get the PR ball rolling.. Check the latest clip taken from the film:.. Watch the official trailer.. Prank iphone vid..

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  • Title: Featured Experts | Real Estate 4 Ransom
    Descriptive info: Experts featured in Real Estate 4 Ransom.. MICHAEL HUDSON.. / Wall Street Financial Analyst, Distinguished Research Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, President of The Institute for the Study of Long-Term Economic Trends (ISLET).. “Today’s neo-liberals say a free market is free for predators.. It’s free for monopolists, free for land speculators, free for bankers to extract as much income from wages and industry as possible.. “The logical thing for Australia to do would be to tax this mineral wealth which actually should be looked at as the wealth of the entire nation.. ”.. ALANNA HARTZOK.. (M.. A).. / Alanna Hartzok, M.. A, United Nations ECOSOC NGO Representative for the International Union for Land Value Taxation and Co-Director of the Earth Rights Institute.. “Taxation policy is very important because taxation is the ability to create or destroy.. The tax system we currently have should be thrown out and scrapped, because it is destroying more than it s creating.. It s called true cost economics, where the cost of producing wealth, the cost to our rivers, our air, our weather, is all captured back in the price of what s produced.. DAVID COLLYER.. / Campaign Manager,.. Prosper Australia.. “Many workers carry the burden of a large mortgage for most of their  ...   125 taxes that choke off production tending to build up property bubbles with irregularity that burst every 18 years or so.. Had Australia captured one half its land rent since 1972, our GDP would now be $2 Trillion not $1Trillion.. Every single Australian, man woman and child would be $35,000 per head better off.. FRANK DE JONG.. / Canadian Politician, Environmentalist and activist.. Former leader of the Ontario Green Party from 1994-2010.. “We need to pose the question, how can we possibly share the earth equitably? For that we need a market mechanism, an economic mechanism of earthsharing, so that the people who use and abuse nature compensate the rest of us.. This will make sure that our planet is preserved for future generations and for other species.. DR TERRY DWYER.. / Australian National University Fellow, B.. A (Hons) B.. Ec (Hons) (Syd.. ) M.. A Ph.. D (Harvard), Dip.. Law (Syd.. ) FTIA, Crawford School of Economics and Management, Australian National University.. “We should make sure that our labour and efforts are untaxed and that the free ride is enjoyed by us all collectively through the community, instead of making sure valuable natural resources end up in the hands of a select few who grow fat on the labour of others..

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  • Title: Resources | Real Estate 4 Ransom
    Descriptive info: We encourage you to share information on any of the themes raised in the film with your friends and supporters.. Please download more information on the themes raised in the film as well as promotional materials to host your own screening:.. Press Kit.. :.. Features Director interview, featured experts in the film, behind the scenes information.. Media Kit.. (PDF, 512KB).. Discussion Guide:.. Discussion Guide.. (PDF, 128KB).. (DOCX file, 208KB).. Promotional images:.. Official Poster.. featuring white space to write details of your screening  ...   Wasted.. Poster (Web res, B W, JPEG, 128KB) (.. A3 PDF.. , 672 KB).. If You Owned All The Money In The World.. Poster (Web res, B W, JPEG, 96KB) (.. A3 PDF version.. ).. Your Taxes Fund the Infrastructure That Makes My Land More Valuable.. Cartoon (Web res, B W, JPEG, 124KB) (.. , 721KB).. Who Made the Earth?.. (PDF, A3 poster, 1.. 6MB) Great poster for Occupy Wall St mob!.. Logos.. Logo.. (B W, JPEG, 1MB).. (Red White, JPEG, 1.. 5MB)..

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  • Title: About Us | Real Estate 4 Ransom
    Descriptive info: is a documentary by.. , a not for profit organization devoted to economic justice for all Australians.. Co-Directors.. Gavin Emmanuel.. and Karl Fitzgerald (pictured, left) have crafted a 40 minute documentary which features high profile economists, international guests, local homebuyers and renters, all who discuss their take on the state of Australia’s economy.. This film project was inspired by the desire for a modern take on the adage that the earth’s worth will naturally increase as communities develop.. Karl has  ...   passion for making economics interesting.. He runs a weekly radio show called the.. Renegade Economists.. , discussing economic issues and interviewing key figures from the community.. Gavin has been a camera operator, editor and independent producer for over twenty years.. Having compiled an array of private and commercial work, he has also had a prominent role in the production of a number of music videos and short films.. Check the.. screening page.. for details on where you can see the film..

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  • Title: Contact | Real Estate 4 Ransom
    Descriptive info: We look forward to hearing from you.. Karl Fitzgerald.. Email:.. Level 1/ 27 Hardware Lane, Melbourne, 3000.. Ph: 03 9670 2754..

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  • Title: Buy the Film | Real Estate 4 Ransom
    Descriptive info: Buy Real Estate 4 Ransom DVD.. The physical DVD has an eco cover (no plastic).. Perfect to hand onto friends or organise your own home screening.. Encoded as a PAL DVD.. Price:.. $15.. 00.. Stream Real Estate 4 Ransom.. As world economies plummet yet again, Real Estate 4 Ransom outlines an alternative to such speculative madness.. Global property bubbles have forced us all  ...   that, with tax havens a favoured option for the wealthy.. The result - we are taxing the wrong things, causing more problems whilst bankrupting once proud economies.. A systemic change is essential if we are to avoid these damaging boom-bust-bailouts.. This option is better suited to watching at home.. It is a lower resolution and will therefore require fewer resources to view.. $10..

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  • Title: References | Real Estate 4 Ransom
    Descriptive info: Some background to the statistics in the film:.. Bought Sold $300 milion.. Bought Sold for $90 million.. in ten years (Exford Farm).. Taken from the.. 2008 I Want to Live Here report.. See the.. 2009.. and.. 2010.. reports for more on the role of speculative vacancies.. Dr Gavin Putland of.. the LVRG produced..  ...   the Riches of Oz report.. (pdf), p26.. More workings from Unlocking the Riches.. Make sure you visit.. Bryan s blog.. Additional Reading:.. Alanna Hartzok.. Democracy, Earth Rights and the Next Economy.. Michael Hudson.. On the Great Russian Ripoff.. Terry Dwyer.. Solving the Efficient Tax Problem.. Fred Harrison.. Boom Bust 2010.. (Shepheard Walwyn, 2005)..

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  • Title: Script | Real Estate 4 Ransom
    Descriptive info: SUPER: If you had all the money in the world and I owned all the land, what would I charge you for your first night s rent?.. NARRATOR: We were all brought up to believe the harder we work, the more we make.. But this is simply not true.. SUPER: Bought $810,000 Sold $30 million.. Bought $8m.. Sold $13m.. Bought $920,000 (1979) Sold $300m (2010).. NARRATOR: Every year, the world loses highly educated people, to an industry, gambling on price fluctuations.. Doctors, lawyers and engineers can make more money buying and selling real estate, than doing what they were trained to do.. Speculation plays on the perception of scarcity, where there is just not enough supply to meet the demand, forcing prices up.. Eventually the bubble bursts The economy takes a dive.. Families are kicked out of their homes.. Insiders are bailed out.. And so the cycle of speculation begins again.. Today s economic model allows this behaviour to sneak in the back door, while brushing its many adverse effects, under the rug.. SUPER: Opening Credit Sequence Prosper Australia Presents, a Foreground Media production, Real Estate 4 Ransom, Why does land cost the earth? Script Karl Fitzgerald, David Collyer, Gavin Emmanuel.. Narrator Rachel Maher.. Executive Producer Karl Fitzgerald.. Directors Gavin Emmanuel, Karl Fitzgerald.. 2:31 Land, is the most precious physical resource we have.. As populations increase and communities develop, land prices rise, as if by magic.. Location, location, location.. Land speculators know that demand for special places, delivers easy profits, in the long run.. But most economists deny there is such a thing as a free lunch.. SUPER: Speculator s Wet Dream (sign on empty block s fence).. TERRY DWYER: Most of us would like to have something for nothing, but the truth is, we can t have that.. So what we should do is to make sure that our labour and our efforts are untaxed and that the free ride is enjoyed by us all collectively through the community instead of making sure that valuable natural resources end up in the hands of a select few who can grow fat on the labour of others.. NARRATOR: Over the past sixty years, the rich and powerful, have changed tax laws to benefit themselves, by switching taxes away from land and onto wages, food and services.. Professor Michael Hudson, is a Classically trained economist.. (University of Missouri) : The largest asset in every economy is land, followed by buildings, followed by public infrastructure.. So what people imagine are industrial economies have remained basically land economies.. SUPER: Quote Land monopoly is not the only monopoly, but it is by far the greatest of monopolies it is a perpetual monopoly, and it is the mother of all other forms of monopoly.. (1909) Winston Churchill 1874-1965.. NARRATOR: A property might rent for seventeen thousand dollars, a year.. But, the same property can increase in value, that is generate capital gains, of thirty thousand dollars per year.. The same house could make its owner one hundred and twenty thousand dollars in a single year if sold at the peak of the Australian property bubble.. The wealthiest investors may have hundreds of properties on their books.. If investors hold ten or twenty percent of these properties vacant, it actually works to their advantage.. Less property is available to buy or rent.. Scarcity is enforced.. Rents are raised.. High rents also mean business owners have less to allocate for wages, research and business expansion.. This in turn, stifles the creative, entrepreneurial spirit of capitalism.. We must recognise, that it is the system, not the land speculator, at the heart of the problem.. SUPER: Quote (Landlords) grow richer, as it were in their sleep, without working, risking, or economizing.. JOHN STUART MILL Philosopher Economist (1806-1873).. NARRATOR: A person who works two jobs, gets taxed for their second job.. But someone who owns two properties is subsidised with negative gearing.. DAVID COLLYER (Prosper Australia): Negative Gearing is the practice of allowing tax payers to offset the cost of holding a property against their other income.. It means that tax payers overall are subsidising this small group.. This is investment strategy versus a shelter strategy.. ANDREW AND RENAEE (prospective homebuyers): The desirability of owning a home, from an asset perspective, I mean, we are competing against people who already have lots of houses, who already have that kind of capital, and that wealth behind them and we just can t compete against them in auctions, we can t compete against them in the kinds of areas that we have lived for most of our lives, and that we want to continue living in or bring up our daughter in.. NARRATOR: We all have a right to a roof over our heads.. Yet 2008 saw a powerful campaign by the Australian property lobby to convince the public of a housing shortage.. They claimed a 0.. 9% vacancy rate in Melbourne s CBD.. Surprisingly,.. a seven per cent vacancy rate existed.. The appearance of scarcity makes buyers and renters desperate.. This publicity campaign not only forced rents upwards, but forced population and suburbs outwards.. This is known as Urban sprawl and is supposed to make houses more affordable.. However sprawl has many adverse effects.. Stockland, Australia s largest property developer, stated in its 2006 annual report that its Highlands development would sell just 400 properties per year over the next 18 years.. In the 50 s and 60 s all 7200 of these land sites would have been sold off in days.. In those times land was for development, not held for ransom to maximise profit.. 7:59 DAVID COLLYER (Prosper Australia): For example, in Croydon New South Wales, a vendor s had his property on the market for 1000 days, he has raised his price 10%.. He can do this because there are so few costs to him holding the property and holding it out for the very person who overpays.. There are no barriers to him doing this.. This is a clear, clear case of real estate for ransom.. NARRATOR: Distorted supply can also be seen in the market for apartments.. During a boom, speculators can make higher capital gains from building luxury apartments as opposed to building affordable housing.. LIANA LUCCA-POPE (renter): I have been to house inspections where it s a disgusting house, where there you can see the outside from inside, where there is holes everywhere, where it smells, and I can see young families or single mothers with small children looking at these houses and going, yes, I can live here.. DAVID COLLYER (Prosper Australia): Builders prefer to put up luxury apartments and houses because the profit margins are better, even though the market is screaming for basic housing rather than luxury housing.. NARRATOR: Currently, over.. four thousand luxury penthouses lie vacant in six New York City neighbourhoods.. SUPER: Advertisement (in the USA) Have you ever dreamed of owning your own property? Trade in that wall for this modest one bedroom studio,(a motor home) perfect for fixed incomes, and look at the convenience!.. SUPER: Quote Whenever there are in any country uncultivated lands and unemployed poor, it is clear that the laws of property have been so far extended as to violate their natural right.. Thomas Jefferson, US President 1743-1826.. 9:52 NARRATOR: In the United States, fifteen million Americans are unemployed, homelessness has increased by fifty percent in many cities, and forty-three million people receive food stamps.. In May 2010, there were still nine thousand vacant homes in Las Vegas, yet thousands were left living in tent cities.. Local banks crashed because home owners couldn t afford to pay their mortgages.. Land prices and their mortgage repayments simply became too high for the reality of their wages.. MICHAEL HUDSON: Today, one quarter of US real estate is in negative equity.. About 50% of Latvian real estate is in negative equity.. That means that the mortgage is higher than the market price.. NARRATOR: Many say that the Global Financial Crisis was caused by Wall St.. It s fun kicking banks, but there was a deeper issue at play.. Derivatives were developed to transfer the risks in the property bubble away from Wall St and onto the people.. ALAN GREENSPAN (Chairmen Federal Reserve 1987-2006): Those of us who have looked to the self interest of lending institutions to protect shareholders equity, myself especially, are in a state of shocked disbelief.. NARRATOR: These essentially worthless pieces of paper were an insurance policy for the finance industry s lending.. Banks willingly threw money at anybody who could sign their name.. Unsuspecting investors around the world were sold the derivatives to get Wall St off the hook.. The property bubble would not have occurred if there was an automatic stabiliser.. Bad tax laws were the catalyst for the Global Financial Crisis.. 11:52 MICHAEL HUDSON: A free market to Adam Smith and the Physiocrats and John Stuart Mill, was a market free of rentier income and today s neo-liberals say a free market is free for predators.. It s free for monopolists, free for land speculators, free for bankers to extract as much income from wages and industry as possible.. Today a free market means an extractive economy in which wealth flows from the bottom of the pyramid to the top of the economic pyramid.. And today as a result of the breaking of the bubble economy, the wealthiest 1% of Americans own an estimated 2/3 of all of the returns to wealth.. This is more unequal than at any point ever since statistics had begun to  ...   buildings depreciate.. The correct term should be land bubble.. Why has our language and our tax system become so distorted? Quite simply, because land cannot be moved to a tax haven! This is why the true value of the earth has been hidden.. The adverse effects of distorted taxation can be seen on a global scale.. China and India have staggering economic growth rates.. Their consumption of mineral resources has ramped up, delivering massive profits to mining companies.. Those nations supplying the resources often come off second best.. Nigeria is the world s 6th largest oil exporter.. Yet its people are now poorer than in 1980.. Environmental destruction reduces the ability of local communities to even care for themselves.. This is neo-colonisation.. Consequently, nations struggle to pay for health and education.. For over 50 years, the International Monetary Fund has been established to rescue such nations.. But the IMF has strict conditions.. Compound interest rates and demands for privatisation of public utilities quickly follow.. Low taxation of mining profits is a transfer of wealth from the common good to those that simply dig minerals up.. This leads directly to the failure of nations.. 25:47 BRYAN KAVANAGH: World economies are where they are now because we ve allowed companies and individuals to privatise our publicly-generated land and resource rentals.. SUPER: QUOTE The meek shall inherit the earth, but not it s mineral rights.. John Paul Getty, Oil Baron, 1892-1976.. (Leader Ontario Greens): We need to pose the question, how can we possibly share the earth equitably? For that we need a market mechanism, an economic mechanism of earthsharing, so that the people who use and abuse nature compensate the rest of us At the same time this will make sure that our planet is preserved for future generations and for other species.. ALANNA HARTZOK (Earth Rights Institute): Its called true cost economics, where the cost of producing wealth, the cost to our rivers, our air, our weather, is all captured back in the price of what s produced.. NARRATOR: Once a resource is exploited, it is gone.. Forever.. 26:48 MICHAEL HUDSON: The logical thing for Australia to do would be to tax this mineral wealth which actually should be looked at as the wealth of the entire nation.. TERRY DWYER: The less that Rio Tinto or BHP pay for Australian resources the more ordinary Australians will have to pay in tax.. Because if other people aren t paying the rent, somebody else will be asked to pick up the bill.. SUPER: Poster Your taxes fund the infrastructure that makes my land more valuable.. NARRATOR: The same economic principles that give land owners a distinct advantage, also apply to the infrastructure we all need to live day to day.. Most of our once public utilities, are now privatized into powerful monopolies.. Water and electricity supplies, private toll roads, television and phone networks are all forms of government granted monopoly.. These are all unique assets of permanent and rising value and should directly benefit the public.. Should corporations own these unique assets, these natural monopolies? Governments tend to auction off these resources at low one-off prices in exchange for campaign funds.. Those lobbying to create private monopolies are able to undermine community interests at every turn.. The power of monopoly has even stretched as far as the fundamental building blocks of life the science of the human body.. Gene BRCA1 has been locked up by Myriad Technologies, forcing women to pay 3000 dollars for a breast cancer screening that should cost 400 dollars.. Even our DNA can be held for ransom.. 28:53 MICHAEL HUDSON: Successful economies are mixed economies.. Every society since Sumar and Babylonia, in antiquity, have been a mixed economy.. And the alternative to Russian communism is not the free market economy, and debt peonage, it s a mixed economy where the tax system basically does not fall on labour and industry, but minimises prices by being levied on what John Stuart Mill called the unearned increment , the rise in land value.. NARRATOR: Sun Yat-Sen was the godfather of modern China.. He was a.. strong advocate for the use of land value tax.. to help deliver equality.. In the nineteen seventies, Hong Kong powered its way forward by raising nearly thirty per cent of tax revenue through land rents.. TERRY DWYER: The reason Hong Kong can afford a 15 or 16% tax rate on labour and capitol, which made it super competitive as a place for business, and brought in lots of people was because a third of its revenue was coming from land revenues, from leases and rates.. NARRATOR: Less taxes were needed overall, and this delivered greater spending power directly to its citizens.. We could go further than Hong Kong and remove more of the taxes that are choking us.. MICHAEL HUDSON: You tax the free lunch.. You tax land rent, subsoil mineral rent, monopoly rent and all returns to privilege including the banking privilege of creating credit and loading the economy down with credit card fees and financial fees and late fees.. NARRATOR: Billions are made in industries where scarcity is the prime driver of profit.. These huge profits should be shared with the community, helping to maximise our opportunities and unleash our full potential.. BRYAN KAVANAGH: Had Australia captured one half its land rent since Nineteen seventy two, our GDP would now be $2 trillion not $1 trillion.. Every single Australian, man woman and child would be thirty five thousand dollars per head better off.. FRANK DE JONG: There is no possible way to divi up the earth equitably without a system of tax shifting.. NARRATOR: The first to go should be payroll tax.. Why penalise business for employing people? Next, would be income tax.. FRANK DE JONG: When you have a job you shouldn t be paying taxes.. You shouldn t be paying taxes to have a successful business.. FRANCIS MATHIAS (small business owner): A managing director, instead of spending time on business, he spends lots of time on collecting taxes, he is actually a collector on behalf of the government.. NARRATOR: In Hong Kong, minimum wage earners pay only two per cent income tax.. The country s top tax rate is only seventeen per cent.. This is made possible by a significant property tax.. 32:13 BRYAN KAVANAGH: This switch from taxes to rent would allow us to abolish one hundred and twenty five taxes.. These are the taxes that choke off production tending to build up property bubbles that burst with regularity about every eighteen years or so.. NARRATOR: Sales tax on goods and services could also be removed.. A 10% sales tax on a one dollar ice cream is 10c.. We all pay the same ten cents whether we earn $20,000 or $20 million.. Under a land tax system, when you ve paid your rent, you ve paid your tax.. It s that simple.. The repeated booms and busts in land prices show us how sorely we need a systems stabiliser.. To be effective, land tax needs to be set between six and ten percent, paid yearly.. Private ownership still applies.. However vacant or badly used locations become a cost burden to their owners.. Real estate would soon be sold, rented or used for a productive purpose.. And finally, land valuations must occur every year.. Sharing the rising value of land with the Community who helped create that value, is the most effective way for governments to ensure fairness.. SUPER: Quote Our goal should be a tax of 100% or close to 100% on the rents associated with those natural resources Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize winning economist.. NARRATOR: With a simpler tax system, entrepreneurs and creatives have a better chance to start their own business and succeed.. LIANA LUCCA-POPE (renter): My husband works five days a week, and then as a small business owner he has to do all the paper work, the data entry, all of that stuff, and that probably takes up at least one of his two days off.. NARRATOR: Genuine property developers would also flourish, where they have easier access to land and no income tax, payroll, company or sales tax.. Land rents would move to reflect the earning capacity of the property not what the speculator can extort from the market.. The resulting lower housing costs means less stress on families and more stable home environments.. This is the recipe for a golden age, an era of innovation, of prosperity lifting millions of people from the mire of poverty and dependence.. SUPER: QUOTE The equal right of all men to the use of land is as clear as their equal right to breathe the air it is a right proclaimed by the fact of their existence.. Henry George, Economist 1839-1897.. NARRATOR: As this generation emerges from the rubble of collapsed dreams and crippling debt, the big question is how do we stop this from happening again ? All sorts of excuses will be offered to try and derail this urgently needed economic reform.. Surely, we won t wait for the next eighteen year boom and bust cycle? Or the one after that? Taxing land, not labour or business, is a clear path to prosperity and freedom.. The harnessing of economic rent for the common good, is as essential to economics as gravity is to physics.. Our system has been rigged so that real estate can be held for ransom.. We can change our thinking.. We can change the way we are taxed.. We can free the land.. SUPER: End Credits www.. realestate4ransom.. com/faq..

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  • Title: Sign Up & Support | Real Estate 4 Ransom
    Descriptive info: Sign up for updates.. Learn more about the film s progress, screenings and economic updates by.. signing up to our mailing list.. Our.. R4R facebook group.. is also of interest, as is the.. Renegade Economists podcast.. Support our cause.. Isn t it a little odd that we spend our lives chasing the elusive dollar but so few understand how the economic system works?.. We welcome all supporters who can devote time,  ...   learn how you can be involved and play a part in the future of our economic system, we would.. love to hear from you.. Donate.. We are a not for profit organization and all donations are deposited into a trust which funds research and public outreach programs.. If you are interested in donating and would like more information on how your donation will make a difference, please contact us or.. Donate here..

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