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  • Title: Ridgeview Publishing Company's Catalog of Philosophical Works
    Descriptive info: .. Author.. Title.. Wilfrid Sellars.. Philosophical Perspectives.. Philosophical Issues.. North American Kant Society.. Philosopher's Annual.. How to Order.. Contact Us.. Home.. This website contains the listings for all Ridgeview Publishing Company titles in philosophy.. Each book is listed by author or by series.. The table of contents for each book is shown.. Prices shown on this site  ...   general, it is NOT possible to obtain the discounted prices on this site through a bookstore of any sort.. These prices are available only to those who order DIRECTLY from Ridgeview Publishing Company.. Ridgeview Publishing Company is a member of.. JSTOR.. P.. O.. Box 686.. Atascadero,.. California.. 93423.. (805) 466-7252.. Website designed and maintained by.. eVision Designs..

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  • Title: Find philosophical works by author
    Descriptive info: Philosopher's Annual.. Table of Contents for Publications Alphabetized by Author.. Please click on an underlined letter below by author's last name.. A.. B.. C.. D.. E.. F.. G.. H.. I.. J.. K.. L.. M.. N.. O.. Q.. R.. S.. T.. U.. V.. W.. X.. Y.. Z.. KANT AND PRE-KANTIAN THEMES: Lectures by Wilfrid Sellars.. Edited by Pedro Amaral.. Contents (Chapters only).. 1.. Introductory Remarks to the Class.. 2.. Adverbial Theories of Sensing.. 3.. Act-Content.. 4.. Thinking and Representables.. 5.. More on Transcendental Idealism.. 6.. Intuition and Space.. 7.. Intuition and Sensation.. 8.. Space, Time, and Relations.. 9.. Appearance and the In Itself.. 10.. Why Have the In Itself?.. 11.. Categories and Intuition in the Schematism and Transcendental Deduction.. 12.. Judging; Objective Validity and Association.. 13.. Time and Experience of Change.. 14.. Kant on the Experience of Change.. 15.. Space, the Form of Outer Sense, and the σ dimension.. 16.. The Analogies.. 17.. Some Questions.. Appendices.. Descartes.. Locke.. Historical Setting in the Spinoza Lecture: love, the intellect, and individual immortality by Pedro Amaral.. Spinoza.. Leibniz.. Aristotelian Philosophies of Mind.. The Philosophical Works of Wilfrid Sellars.. Hardback.. (ISBN 0-924922-84-2).. Discounted price: $30.. 00.. Paperback.. (ISBN 0-924922-34-6).. Discounted price: $16.. 00.. PDF file (KPT-PDF).. PDF price: $10.. The Metaphysics of Epistemology.. : Lectures by Wilfrid Sellars.. Edited by Pedro V.. Amaral.. Wilfrid Sellars gave these lectures on the metaphysics of epistemology during the fall of 1975.. Considerable effort has been taken to preserve the pictures drawn during discussion.. Without them, the lectures would be qualitatively different.. As Sellars once remarked, The traditional way of looking at things was in terms of a picture and I mean picture.. literally.. because, as Wittgenstein correctly emphasizes, philosophers of different persuasions are hypnotized by different pictures.. Literally.. pictures, little diagrams that they draw in the margins of their manuscripts which may not even get into the heart of the text.. But, you can read a philosopher s work, and pretty soon you can illustrate it.. I have always been very candid: you can illustrate what I say because I provide the illustrations.. Lecture 1: Objects of Knowlege.. What is involved in Knowing?.. Types of Knowing.. Basic Facts.. Types of Existence.. Thinkables and Meanings.. Seeing.. Seeing and Believing.. Veridical and Mistaken Perception.. Objects.. Qualities: Types and Divisions.. Summary.. Lecture 2: Perception and Reality.. Private Worlds.. Phenomenalism.. Conditional Private Experience.. Theory of Appearing.. Perception and Spontaneous Belief.. Apprehension or Sensation.. Recognition As.. An Example: Pain.. Sensation and Belief.. Lecture 3: Facts and Representation.. Occurent Beliefs.. Experience As.. Facts.. Attributes.. Second-order Attributes and Facts.. Necessity.. The A Priori and Necessity.. Lecture 4: Rationalism and Empiricism.. Rationalism.. Causality and C-Entailment.. Mild Rationalism and Induction.. Concept Empiricism.. Representation.. Lecture 5: Meaning.. The Domain of Meanings.. Thinking and Verbal Behaviorism.. Lecture 6: Knowledge and Representation.. The Evident.. Getting to The Indirectly Evident.. Critical Cognitivism.. Knowledge.. Thoughts: Verbal Behaviorism.. (ISBN 0-917930-94-0).. Discounted price: $25.. (ISBN 0-917930-54-1).. Discounted price: $13.. Rationalism, Empiricism, and Pragmatism: An Introduction.. Bruce Aune.. Descartes and Rationalism.. II.. Hume and Empiricism.. III.. Contemporary Empiricism.. IV.. Pragmatism and A Priori Knowledge.. Pragmatism and Empirical Knowledge.. Paperback.. (ISBN 0-924922-37-0).. Discounted price: $10.. Knowledge, Mind, and Nature.. Introduction.. Does Knowledge have an Indubitable Foundation?.. Meaning and Immediate Experience.. Language and Avowals.. Inner States and Outer Criteria.. VI.. Sense Impressions.. VII.. Common-Sense Colors and Theoretical Science.. VIII.. Thinking.. IX.. Mind and Body.. Conclusion.. Hardback.. (ISBN 0-917930-27-4).. Discounted price: $18.. (ISBN 0-917930-07-x).. Discounted price: $ 9.. Logic, Bivalence, and Denotation (2nd ed.. ).. Ermanno Bencivenga, Karel Lambert and Bas C.. van Fraassen.. The second edition of.. Logic, Bivalence, and Denotation.. has been rewritten and corrected.. In addition, an appendix with natural deduction rules for free logic has been added.. (The paperback of the second edition is being offered at a special price to accommodate those philosophers who purchased the paperback of the first edition.. 1: Appraisal of Reasoning 2: The Formal Approach 3:Validity and Other Logical Notions.. The Logic of Statements.. 1: Statements 2: The Official Idiom and Symbolic Paraphrase 3: Tableaux 4*: Truthvalue Gaps.. The Logic of Singular Terms and Predicates.. 1: The Revised Official Idiom and Symbolic Paraphrase 2: Tableaux 3: Identity 4*: Non-Denoting Singular Terms.. The Logic of Analyzed Terms: Definite Descriptions.. 1: Definite Descriptions 2: Extension of the Official Idiom and Symbolic Paraphrase 3: Tableaux 4*: Non-Denoting Descriptions.. Metalogic.. 1: Logic and Metalogic 2: Induction 3: The Soundness of Tableaux in the Logic of Statements 4: The Completeness of Tableaux in the Logic of Statements 5: The Soundness of Tableaux in the Standard Logic of Singular Terms and Predicates 6: The Completeness of Tableaux in the Standard Logic of Singular Terms and Predicates 7*: Soundness and Completeness of Free Tableaux 8: Remarks on Identity and Descriptions.. *: Applications of Free Logic.. 1: Mathematics 2: Logical Necessity 3: Nonextensional Discourse 4: Presuppositions 5: Abstract Individuals.. Appendix: Natural Deduction.. (ISBN 0-924922-54-0).. Discounted price: $20.. (ISBN 0-924922-04-4).. The paperback of the second edition is being offered at a special price to accommodate those philosophers who purchased the paperback of the first edition.. Discounted price: $7.. John Dewey.. Richard J.. Bernstein.. Philosophy as Criticism.. From Hegel to Darwin.. The Shaping of a Social Reformer.. Experience: The Philosophical Perspective.. The Reconstruction of Experience.. Experience and Nature.. Qualitative Immediacy.. Inquiry.. Science and Valuation.. The Community, the Individual, and the Educative Process.. The Artistic, the Esthetic, and the Religious.. Retrospective and Prospective.. (ISBN 0-917930-35-5).. Out-of-print.. (ISBN 0-917930-15-0).. Reduction in the Abstract Sciences.. Daniel A.. Bonevac.. Foreward by Wilfrid Sellars.. Reduction and Abstract Objects:.. The Dilemma; 2.. Ontological Reduction.. Philosophical Analysis and Construction:.. Logicism; 2.. The Philosophy of Logical Atomism; 3.. Constructionalism; 4.. Formalization.. Intertheoretic Explanation:.. The Derivational Model; 2.. The Counterfactual Model; 3.. The Model-theoretic Model; 4.. The Explanatory Model.. Reduction and Interpretability:.. Consistency and Undecidability Proofs; 2.. Formal Results on Reducibility.. Intertheoretic Identifications:.. Multiple Reductions; 2.. Intertheoretic Identifications; 3.. The Semantics of Intertheoretic Sentences.. Relative Identity Considered:.. The Relative-identity Thesis; 2.. The Argument from the Possibility of Revision; 3.. The Logic of Identity; 4.. Reconstructing Class Identity Theory.. Pythagoreanism and Proxy Functions:.. Neo-Pythagoreanism and the Löwenheim-Skolem Theorem; 2.. Axiomatic Theories; 3.. Reduction and Epistemology.. Interpretation and Ontology: 1.. A Criterion of Ontological Commitment; 2.. Ontological Commitment and Reduction; 3.. A Reformulation of Ontological Questions.. (ISBN 0-915145-14-6).. Ethical Theory in the Last Quarter of the Twentieth Century.. Edited by Norman E.. Bowie.. Charles L.. Stevenson.. , Value-Judgments: Their Implicit Generality.. William K.. Frankena.. , Moral-Point-of-View Theories.. Brandt.. , Problems of Contemporary Utilitarianism: Real and Alleged.. Melden.. , On Moral Rights.. Bibliography.. (ISBN 0-915145-34-0).. THE TABLE OF JUDGMENTS: CRITIQUE OF PURE REASON A67-76;B92-101.. Volume 4 of the North American Kant Society Studies in Philosophy.. Reinhard Brandt (translated by Eric Watkins).. Translator s note.. The Completeness of the Table of Judgments in Recent Literature.. The Systematic Idea of the Table.. On the Genesis of the Table.. On the History of the Interpretation of the.. Critique of Pure Reason.. Appendix.. List of Reflexionen Cited.. Index.. (ISBN 0-924922-74-5).. Discounted price: $24.. (ISBN 0-924922-24-9).. Discounted price: $12.. Circularity, Definition, and Truth.. Edited by André Chapuis and Anil Gupta.. Aldo Antonelli.. , Virtuous Circles: From Fixed Points to Revision Rules.. Elke Brendel.. , Circularity and the Debate Between Deflationist and Substantive Theories of Truth.. André Chapuis.. , Rationality and Circularity.. Haim Gaifman.. , Pointers to Propositions.. Anil Gupta.. , On Circular Concepts.. Volker Halbach.. , Disquotationalism Fortified.. Robert Koons.. , Circularity and Hierarchy.. Adam Kovach.. , Truth as a Value Concept.. Philip Kremer.. , On the Semantics for Languages with their own Truth Predicates.. Byeong Deok Lee.. , The Paradox of the Surprise Examination Revisited.. Vann McGee.. , The Analysis of.. x.. is true as For any.. p.. , if.. =.. ,.. then.. Francesco Orilia.. , Belief Revision and the Alethic Paradoxes.. Gregg Rosenberg.. , Circularity and the Sorites.. Richard Schantz.. , Truth, Correspondence, and Reference: How Deflationists diverge from Tarski.. Keith Simmons.. , Three Paradoxes: Circles and Singularities.. Brian Skyrms.. , Truth Dynamics.. Achille Varzi.. and.. Roberto Casati.. , True and False: An Exchange.. Mark Wilson.. , Inference and Correlational Truth.. Index.. (ISBN 81-85636-43-5).. Realism and the Background of Phenomenology.. Edited by R.. Chisholm.. Franz Brentano.. , The Distinction Between Mental and Physical Phenomena.. , Presentation and Judgment Form Two Distinct Fundamental Classes.. , Genuine and Fictitious Objects.. Alexius Meinong.. , The Theory of Objects.. Edmund Husserl.. , Phenomenology.. Edmund Husserl,.. Phenomenology and Anthropology.. Prichard.. , Appearances and Reality.. Holt, W.. Marvin, W.. Montague, R.. Perry, W.. Pitkin, and E.. Spaulding.. , Introduction to The New Realism.. Samuel Alexander.. , The Basis of Realism.. Bertrand Russell.. , The Ultimate Constituents of Matter.. Arthur C.. Lovejoy.. , A Temporalistic Realism.. Moore.. , A Defence of Common Sense.. (ISBN 0-917930-34-7).. (ISBN 0-917930-14-2).. MINDS, IDEAS, AND OBJECTS: Essays on the Theory of Representation in Modern Philosophy.. Volume 2 of the North American Kant Society Studies in Philosophy.. Volume 2.. Edited by Phillip D.. Cummins and Guenter Zoeller.. Introduction by Phillip D.. Cummins.. Jean-Marie Beyssade.. , Descartes on Material Falsity.. Peter Markie.. , Descartes on the Awareness of Substance.. Tad M.. Schmaltz.. , Sensation, Occasionalism, and Descartes' Causal Principles.. Thomas Lennon.. , Malebranche's Argument for Ideas and its Systematic Importance.. Steven Nadler.. , Intentionality in the Arnauld-Malebranche Debate.. Martha Brandt Bolton.. , The Idea-Theoretic Basis of Locke s Anti-Essentialist Doctrine of Nominal Essence.. Ian Tipton.. , Ideas and Objects : Locke on Perceiving Things.. Margaret Atherton.. , Ideas in the Mind, Qualities in Bodies: Some Distinctive Features of Locke s Account of Primary and Secondary Qualities.. Geneviève Brykman.. , Locke on Private Language.. Margaret D.. Wilson.. , Confused versus Distinct Perception in Leibniz: Consciousness, Representation, and God s Mind.. Kenneth P.. Winkler.. , Ideas, Sentiments, and Qualities.. Bertil Belfrage.. , The Constructivism of Berkeley's.. New Theory of Vision.. Charles J.. McCracken.. , Berkeley on the Relation of Ideas to the Mind.. Georges Dicker.. , Berkeley on the Immediate Perception of Objects.. Robert McKim.. , Berkeley on Private Ideas and Public Objects.. Daniel Flage.. Relative Ideas and Notions.. Fred Wilson.. , Association, Ideas, and Images in Hume.. Ralf Meerbote.. , Space and Time and Objects in Space and Time: Another Aspect of Kant s Transcendental Idealism.. James Van Cleve.. , The Argument from Geometry, Transcendental Idealism, and Kant s Two Worlds.. Manfred Baum.. , Kant on Pure Intuition.. Richard E.. Aquila.. , The Subject as Appearance and as Thing in Itself in the.. : Reflections in the Light of the Role of Imagination in Apprehension.. Hoke Robinson.. , Kant on Embodiment.. Guenter Zoeller.. , The Austrian Way of Ideas: Contents and Objects of Presentations in the Brentano School.. (ISBN 0-924922-63-x).. (ISBN 0-924922-13-3).. LOGIC AND THE WORKINGS OF THE MIND: The Logic of Ideas and Faculty Psychology in Early Modern Philosophy.. Volume 5 of the North American Kant Society Studies in Philosophy.. Edited by.. Patricia A.. Easton.. Lorne Falkenstein and Patricia A.. Easton,.. preface.. Frederick S.. Michael.. , Why Logic Became Epistemology: Gassendi, Port Royal and the Reformation of Logic.. Gary Hatfield.. , The Workings of the Intellect: Mind and Psychology.. Jennifer Ashworth.. , Petrus Fonseca on Objective Concepts and the Analogy of Being.. Elmar J.. Kremer.. , Arnauld on the Nature of Ideas as a Topic in Logic: The.. Port-Royal Logic.. On True and False Ideas.. Emily Michael.. , Francis Hutcheson s.. Logicae Compendium.. and the Glasgow School of Logic.. Jill Vance Buroker.. , The Priority of Thought to Language in Cartesian Philosophy.. , Berkeley's Metaphysics and Ramist Logic.. Charles Echelbarger.. , Hume and the Logicians.. David Owen.. , Hume on Demonstration.. Patricia Kitcher.. , Kant on Logic and Self-Consciouness.. Francois Duchesneau.. , Leibniz and the Model for Contingent Truths.. Phillip D.. Cummins.. , Hume on Possible Objects and Impossible Ideas.. Manfred Kuehn.. , The Wolffian Background of Kant s Transcendental Deduction.. Catherine Wilson.. , Between Medicina Mentis and Medical Materialism.. Eric Palmer.. , Descartes's.. Rules.. and the Workings of the Mind.. Louis E.. Loeb.. , Causal Inference, Associationism, and Skepticism in Part III of Book I of Hume s.. Treatise.. Robert E.. Butts.. , Kant's Dialectic and the Logic of Illusion.. Anthony Lariviere and Thomas Teufel.. , Bibliography.. (ISBN 0-924922-77-x).. (ISBN 0-924922-27-3).. Kant: Disputed Questions (Second Edition).. Edited with an Introduction and New Translations by Moltke S.. Gram.. Part 1.. The Patchwork Thesis.. Hans Vaihinger, The Transcendental Deduction of the Categories in the First Edition of the Critique of Pure Reason.. Paton, Is the Transcendental Deduction a Patchwork?.. Part II.. Kant and the  ...   X:.. Social Space and Multi-postionality.. Epilogue:.. Two Forms of Self-Knowledge.. Appendix to Ch.. Meta-Awareness and the Specious Present.. Bibliography.. (ISBN 0-924922-35-4).. Foundations and Applications of Inductive Probability.. Rosenkrantz.. CH.. Comparing Inductive Methods.. : 1.. The problem of induction; 2.. Reichenbach s vindication ; 3.. Carnap s Continuum; 4.. Instances.. 1*.. Probability Theory.. Probability spaces; 2.. Combinatorics; 3.. Random variables; 4.. Limit Theorems.. Coherence.. The Dutch book argument; 2.. Admissibility implies coherence; 3.. Assessing degrees of belief.. Conditioning.. Coherent conditioning; 2.. Valid conditioning; 3.. Bayes' formula; 4.. Confirmation; 5.. Efficient conditioning; 6.. Jeffrey conditioning.. Objective Probability.. Laplace; 2.. Invariant distributions; 3.. Minimal belief change; 4.. Frequency, propensity and exchangeability.. 4*.. Uninformative Priors.. Finding invariant distributions; 2.. Improper priors; 3.. Characterizing cross entropy.. The Logic of Inquiry.. Heuristics; 2.. Simplicity and support; 3.. The value of information.. Theory Appraisal.. Generalized Bayes formula; 2.. Truthlikeness; 4.. Why experiment?.. Inductive Generalization.. Confirmation vs.. instance confirmation; 2.. Strong generalizations.. Indeterminate Probabilities.. Qualitative probability; 2.. Upper and lower probability; 3.. Dempster s rule.. (ISBN 0-917930-23-1).. (ISBN 0-917930-03-7).. Relevant Logics and Their Rivals I: The basic philosophical and semantical theory.. Richard Routley with Robert K.. Meyer, Val Plumwood and Ross T.. Brady.. -The Implication Connection, and the Ensuring Inadequacy of Irrelevant Logics Such as Classical and Modal Logics.. -Derivability, Deducibility, and the Core of Entailment.. -The Shape of the First Degree Logical and Semantical Theory, and Competing Profiles for Higher Degree Logics.. -The Semantics of Entailment and Sufficiency Conditionals' Relevant Affixing Systems with Normal Conjunction, Disjunction and Negation, and Their Extensions.. -Further Investigation of Relevant Affixing Systems and Their Parts.. -Relevant Logics with Normal Negations or Disjunctions, and Their more Famous Irrelevant Extensions: Incompleteness and Inconsistency Continued.. -Non-Normal Relevant Systems and Their Modal Extensions and Implicational Systems Containing the Principles of Factor and Summation.. -Multiplying Connectives, and Multiply Intensional Logics I.. Systemic Connectives.. -Multiply Intentional Logics II.. Relevant Neighbourhood Connectives.. -Implication, Entailment, and Necessity.. -The Integration of Logical Methods.. Operational Semantics and Alternative Proof-Theoretic and Semantical Formulations of Relevant Affixing Logics and Affixing Rivals.. -The Algebraic Analysis of Relevant Affixing Systems.. -The More general Semantical Theory of Implication and Conditionality I.. Nonaffixing Replacement Systems and Nonsufficiency Connections.. -The More General Theory of Implication and Conditionality II.. Non-replacement Relevant Systems and the Logic of Notions of the Order of Propositional Identity.. -Throwing Away the Classical Ladder.. (ISBN 0-917930-80-0).. (ISBN 0-917930-66-5).. Logic and Art: Essays in Honor of Nelson Goodman.. Edited by Richard Rudner and Israel Scheffler.. Science Mind.. SMART, Space-Time Individuals.. BERNARD R.. GRUNSTRA, Empirical and Conventional Elements in Certain Numerical Laws.. ROBERT J.. ACKERMANN, The Consequences.. COLIN MURRAY TURBAYNE, Metaphors for the Mind.. HILARY PUTNAM, Other Minds.. JEROME S.. BRUNER, Origins of Problem Solving Strategies in Skill Acquisition.. Art Representation.. GOMBRICH, The What and the How : Perspective Representation and the Phenomenal World.. MARX W.. WARTOFSKY, Pictures, Representation, and the Understanding.. RICHARD RUDNER, On Seeing What We Shall See.. Logic Language.. ALONZO CHURCH, Axioms for Functional Calculi of Higher Order.. QUINE, Algebraic Logic and Predicate Functors.. MARTIN, On Pragmatics, the Meta-Theory of Science, and Subjective Intensions.. ISRAEL SCHEFFLER, Ambiguity: An Inscriptional Approach.. JOSEPH S.. ULLIAN, A Remark on Deductive Principles.. Implication Modality.. CHARLES L.. STEVENSON, If-iculties.. MORTON WHITE, On What Could Have Happened.. Writings of Nelson Goodman.. (ISBN 0-672-51639-x).. Frege's Puzzle.. Nathan Salmon.. Preface.. Errata and Alterations.. Frege's Puzzle and the Naive Theory.. 1 Frege's Puzzle and Information Content 1.. 2 The Naive Theory.. Frege's Puzzle and the Modified Naive Theory.. 1 The Singly Modified Naive Theory 2.. 2 The Doubly Modified Naive Theory.. The Theories of Russell and Frege.. 1 Russell 3.. 2 Frege.. The Structure of Frege's Puzzle.. 1 Compositionality 4.. 2 Frege's Law 4.. 3 Challenging Questions.. A Budget of Nonsolutions to Frege's Puzzle.. 1 Conceptual Theories 5.. 2 Contextual Theories 5.. 3 Verbal Theories 5.. 4 Frege's Strategy Generalized.. The Crux of Frege's Puzzle.. 1 The Minor Premise 6.. 2 Substitutivity.. 7.. More Puzzles.. 1 The New Frege Puzzle 7.. 2 Elmer's Befuddlement.. Resolution of the Puzzles.. 1 Attitudes and Recognition Failure 8.. 2 Propositional Attitudes and Recognition Failure 8.. 3 Resolution 8.. 4 Why We Speak the Way We Do.. The Orthodox Theory versus the Modified Naive Theory.. 1 Semantics and Elmer's Befuddlement 9.. 2 Quantifying In 9.. 3 Propositional-Attitude Attributions 9.. 4 Concluding Remarks.. Appendix A Kripke's Puzzle.. Appendix B Analyticity and A Priority.. Appendix C Propositional Semantics.. Notes; Bibliography; Index of Theses; Subject Index.. (ISBN 0-924922-55-9).. (ISBN 0-924922-05-2).. Properties as Processes: A Synoptic Study of Wilfrid Sellars Nominalism.. Johanna Seibt.. PART I: NOMINALISM AND PROPERTY TALK.. 1:.. One dogma of Quineianism 1.. 0 Introduction; 1.. 1 Quantificational Nominalism; 1.. 2 Something Revisited.. 2:.. Reductional Nominalism 2.. 0 Introduction; 2.. 1 Naive Nominalism; 2.. 2 The Sellarsian AST-Reduction; 2.. 3 Role Semantics; 2.. 4 Inter-linguistic Classifications and the Indeterminacy of Translation.. 3:.. Achievements of Role-Semantics 3.. 0 Introduction; 3.. 1 Intra-linguistic Relationships; 3.. 2 Mastering Platonist Challenges.. 4:.. Epistemological Nominalism 4.. 0 Introduction; 4.. 1 Verbal Behaviorism: Anti-Mentalist Acquisition of Language; 4.. 2 Psychological Nominalism: Anti-Foundationalist Aquisition of Knowledge; 4.. 3 Methodological Behaviorism: Anti-Reductionist Theory of the Mental.. PART II: NOMINALISM AND THE USAGE OF PREDICATES.. 5:.. Nexus, Plexus, Paradox 5.. 0 Introduction; 5.. 1 Having Predicates for a Subject; 5.. 2 Nexus Regress.. 6:.. Predication as Articulation 6.. 0 Introduction; 6.. 1 The Dispensability of Predicates; 6.. 2 What Price Predication?.. PART III: NATURALISM AND THE REALITY OF PROPERTIES.. 7:.. Linguistic Representation 7.. 0 Introduction; 7.. 1 Picturing Objects; 7.. 2 Pictures, Maps and Print-Outs; 7.. 3 Three Objections Against the Picture-Theory.. : Empirical Truth 8.. 0 Introduction; 8.. 1 Truth-Bearers and Picture-Makers; 8.. 2 The Archimedian Point.. 9:.. Scientific Image and the Reality of Properties 9.. 0 Introduction; 9.. 1 Philosophy Between Images; 9.. 2 Properties as Processes: A Project.. (ISBN 0-917930-99-1).. Paperback:.. (ISBN 0-917930-59-2).. Science and Metaphysics.. Wilfrid Sellars.. Variations on Kantian Themes.. Sensibility and Understanding.. Appearances and Things In Themselves 1.. Material Things.. The Conceptual and The Real 1.. Intentionality.. The Conceptual and The Real 2.. Truth.. The Conceptual and The Real 3.. Picturing.. Appearances and Things In Themselves 2.. Persons.. Objectivity, Intersubjectivity and The Moral Point of View.. Appendix: Inner Sense.. Index; Corrections.. (ISBN 0-924922-61-3).. Discounted price: $34.. (ISBN 0-924922-11-7).. PDF file (SM-PDF).. Science, Perception, and Reality.. Philosophy and the Scientific Image of Man.. Being and Being Known.. The Language of Theories.. Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind.. Truth and Correspondence.. Naming and Saying.. Grammar and Existence: A Preface to Ontology.. Particulars.. Is There a Synthetic A Priori?.. Some Reflections on Language Games.. (ISBN 0-924922-50-8).. (ISBN 0-924922-00-1).. PDF file (SPR-PDF).. Naturalism and Ontology.. In Praise of Something.. The Quest for Properties or When is a Sort Not a Sort.. The Importance of Being Dispensable.. Meaning and Ontology.. After Meaning.. Appendix: Correspondence with Michael Loux.. (ISBN 0-917930-36-3).. (ISBN 0-917930-16-9).. PDF file (NAO-PDF).. Philosophical Perspectives: History of Philosophy.. The Soul as Craftsman.. Vlastos and The Third Man (with A Rejoinder ).. Aristotle s Metaphysics: An Interpretation.. Substance and Form in Aristotle.. Raw Materials, Subjects and Substrata.. Meditations Liebnitziennes.. (ISBN 0-917930-24-x).. (ISBN 0-917930-04-5).. PDF file (PPHP-PDF).. PDF price: $8.. Philosophical Perspectives: Metaphysics and Epistemology.. Physical Realism.. The Intentional Realism of Everett Hall.. Abstract Entities.. Classes as Abstract Entities and the Russell Paradox.. The Paradox of Analysis: A Neo-Fregean Approach.. Notes on Intentionality.. Theoretical Explanation.. Scientific Realism of Irenic Instrumentalism.. The Identity Approach to the Mind-Body Problem.. Science and Ethics.. Hardback N/A.. (ISBN 0-917930-25-8).. (ISBN 0-917930-05-3).. PDF file (PPME-PDF).. KANT S TRANSCENDENTAL METAPHYSICS: Sellars Cassirer Lectures Notes and Other Essays.. Edited and introduced by Jeffrey F.. Sicha.. CONTENTS (main sections of the introduction and Sellars essays).. INTRODUCTION.. Prologue: On reading Kant and Sellars.. The problem in general terms.. An example.. A small point.. A special case.. A Look at the surface.. Transcendental Idealism.. Some distinctions: ings versus eds.. Back to Transcendental Idealism: Appearances as Representables.. Things in Themselves.. A Little Lower Layer.. Concepts and Intuitions.. Sellars Account of Intuitions.. A Transcendental Logic: The Categories.. Into the Heart.. What does Kant Believe about Sensory States?.. What should Kant Believe about Sensory States?.. Nothing of Him that doth Fade,.. but doth Suffer a Sea-change.. into Something Rich and Strange.. More Kantian Advantages from a Sellarsian Aesthetic.. Thinkers and Perceivers in Themselves and as Part of Nature.. Transcendental Idealism again.. SELLARS ESSAYS.. Ontology, the A Priori and Kant.. Some Remarks on Kant s Theory of Experience.. Metaphysics and the Concept of a Person.. On Knowing the Better and Doing the Worse.. Toward a Theory of the Categories.. this I or he or it (the thing) which thinks.. Berkeley and Descartes: Reflections on the Theory of Ideas.. Kant s Transcendental Idealism.. The Role of Imagination in Kant s Theory of Experience.. Some Reflections on Perceptual Consciousness.. On Accepting First Principles.. Sellars Cassirer Lectures Notes.. The Philosophical Works of Wilfrid Sellars.. (ISBN 0-924922-89-3).. (ISBN 0-924922-39-7).. PDF file (KTM-PDF).. Pure Pragmatics Possible Worlds: The Early Essays of Wilfrid Sellars.. Edited, with an introductory essay by J.. The main sections of the editor s introduction:.. Opening Remarks.. Some Fundamental Themes.. Naturalism.. Knowledge About.. The Pure Theory of Empirically Meaningful Languages.. Pure Syntax.. Pure Semantics.. Pure Pragmatics.. Possible Worlds.. Sellars essays.. Pure Pragmatics and Epistemology.. Epistemology and the New Way of Words.. Realism and the New Way of Words.. Concepts as involving Laws and Inconceivable without Them.. Language, Rules and Behavior.. On the Logic of Complex Particulars.. Quotation Marks, Sentences, and Propositions.. A Semantical Solution of the Mind-Body Problem.. Inference and Meaning.. (ISBN 0-917930-26-6).. (ISBN 0-917930-06-1).. PDF file (PPPW-PDF).. Hegel: The Difference Between the Fichtean and Schellingian Systems of Philosophy.. Translated, edited and with an introductory essay by J.. Surber.. Biographical Sketch.. Hegel s Turning Point: The.. Differentzschrift.. and Hegel s Mature System.. Translator s Preface.. Chronological Table.. Biographical Notes.. The Difference between the Fictean and Schellingian Systems of Philosophy.. (ISBN 0-917930-32-0).. (ISBN 0-917930-12-6).. Agent, Language, and the Structure of the World:.. Essays Presented to Hector-Neri Castañeda with his replies edited by James E.. Tomberlin.. ALVIN PLANTINGA, Hector-Neri Castañeda: A Personal Statement.. The Essays.. Human Cognition: Meaning, Belief, and Objects.. JOHN PERRY, Castañeda on He and I.. ALVIN PLANGINGA, Guise Theory.. TYLER BURGE, Russell's Problem and Intentional Identity.. ROMANE CLARK, Predication Theory: Guised and Disguised.. ERNEST SOSA, Consciousness of the Self and of the Present.. Human Action: Intention and Obligation.. MICHAEL BRATMAN, Castañeda's Theory of Thought and Action.. MYLES BRAND, Intending and Believing.. WILFRID SELLARS, Conditional Promises and Conditional Intentions (Including a Reply to Castañeda).. BRUCE AUNE, Castañeda on Believing and Intending.. JAMES E.. TOMBERLIN, Contrary-to-Duty Imperatives and Castañeda's System of Deontic Logic.. Human Knowledge: Probability, Evidence, and Privacy.. KEITH LEHRER, Coherence and Indexicality in Knowledge.. CARL GINET, Castañeda on Private Language.. RODERICK M.. CHISHOLM, Confirmation as an Epistemic Category Knowledge and Self: A Correspondence Between Robert M.. Adams and Hector-Neri Castañeda.. HECTOR-NERI CASTAÑEDA'S REPLIES.. HECTOR-NERI CASTAÑEDA: A Bibliography.. (ISBN 0-915145-55-3).. Philosophical Perspectives.. An Annual.. Edited by James E.. Click here for complete listing with table of contents.. See Philosophical Perspectives page.. Philosophical Issues series.. Enrique Villanueva.. See Philosophical Issues page.. Mind, Value, and Culture: Essays in Honor of E.. Adams.. Edited by David Weissbord.. David Weissbord.. Part I: The Derangement of the Western Mind.. The Humanities and the Modern Mind.. Warren Nord.. ; E.. Adams and the Modern Mind: A Philosophical.. Rencontre.. Jay Rosenberg.. ; Voyage to Syracuse: Adams-Schiller-Emerson.. Richard Smyth.. Part II: Categories, Categorial Analysis, and Value Realism.. A Categorial Analysis of Predication: The Moral of Bradley's Regress.. Romane Clark.. ; Categorial Analysis and the Logical Grammar of the Mind.. ; For Whom is the Real Existence of Values a Problem: Or, An Attempt to Show that the Obvious is Plausible.. William Poteat.. Part III: Meaning, the Mental, and the Language of Appearing.. Adams on the Mind: Mind as Meaning and as Agent.. Richard Hall.. ; Philosophical Ins and Outs.. Virgil Aldrich.. ; Are We Losing Our Minds.. Ronald Hall.. ; Ideas of Representation.. Lycan.. ; A Modern Inquiry Into the Physical Property of Colors.. Richard Grandy.. Part IV: Ethics, Religion, and the Humanities.. Are There Any Natural Rights?.. Alan Gewirth.. ; Patriotism and Liberal Morality.. Marcia Baron.. ; Why Darwin is Important for Ethics.. James Rachels.. ; Vaticinal Visions and Pegagogical Prescriptions.. Michael Hooker.. ; Religion as Cultural Artifact.. Laurence Thomas.. Part V: Rejoinder.. Where I Stand: Response to the Essays.. Maynard Adams.. Appendix ; Curriculum Vitae of E.. Maynard Adams.. (ISBN 0-917930-96-7).. (ISBN 0-917930-41-x).. Return to top of page..

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  • Title: Philosophical works by title
    Descriptive info: Philosophical Works Listed by Title in Aphabetical Order.. Title (click on title name for purchase to see table of contents).. Author/Editor.. PDF.. A Theory of Counterfactuals.. Kvart.. 20.. Agent, Language, and the Structure of the World.. N/A.. An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science.. (3rd ed).. Lambert Brittan.. Lang.. Chapuis Gupta.. 25.. Bowie.. Falsification and Belief.. McKinnon.. Foundations Applications of Inductive Probability.. Frege's Puzzle.. Salmon.. Hegel: Difference Between Fichtean Schellingian Systems of Philosophy.. Surber.. Bernstein.. Kant and Pre-Kantian Themes: Lectures by Wilfrid Sellars.. Amaral.. 30.. Kant: Disputed Questions.. Gram.. Kant's Transcendental Metaphysics: Sellars' Cassirer Lectures Notes and Other Essays.. Sicha.. 22.. 34.. Knowledge, Mind and Nature.. Aune.. 18.. Logic and Art.. Rudner Scheffler.. Logic, Bivalence and Denotation.. (2nd ed.. ).. Bencivenga, et al.. Mind, Value, and Culture.. Weissbord.. Naturalism Ontology..  ...   of the Liar.. Philosophical Issues: volumes 1 - 9.. (price for each volume is given).. Villanueva.. Philosophical Perspectives: Metaphysics Epistemology.. Philosophical Perspectives: volumes 1 - 9.. Properties as Processes: a Synoptic Study of Wilfrid Sellars' Nominalism.. Seibt.. Pure Pragmatics Possible Worlds: Early Essays of W.. Rationalism, Empiricism, and Pragmatism.. Realism and the Background of Phenomenology.. Bonevac.. none.. Relevant Logics and Their Rivals, 1.. Routley.. Science and Metaphysics: Variations on Kantian Themes.. The Good Life.. Louzecky Flannery.. Self, Language and World: Problems from Kant, Sellars, and Rosenberg.. O'Shea Rubenstein.. The Maribor Papers in Naturalized Semantics.. Jutronic.. The Metaphysics of Epistemology: Lectures by Wilfrid Sellars.. The Philosopher's Annual.. (the price is shown for each volume).. Volume:.. XI.. XII.. XIV.. XV.. XVI.. XVII.. XVIII.. XIX.. XX.. XXI.. Theories and Observation in Science.. Grandy..

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  • Title: Works by Wilfrid Sellars
    Descriptive info: Philosophical Works by Wilfrid Sellars.. SCIENCE AND METAPHYSICS.. by Wilfrid Sellars.. (ISBN 0-924922-61-3).. (ISBN 0-924922-11-7).. SCIENCE, PERCEPTION, AND REALITY.. (ISBN 0-924922-50-8).. (ISBN 0-924922-00-1).. Nothing of Him that doth Fade, but doth Suffer a Sea-change into Something Rich and Strange.. THE METAPHYSICS OF EPISTEMOLOGY.. : Lectures by Wilfrid Sellars.. Not in PDF.. NATURALISM AND ONTOLOGY.. (ISBN 0-917930-36-3).. PHILOSOPHICAL PERSPECTIVES: History of Philosophy.. (ISBN 0-917930-24-x).. PHILOSOPHICAL PERSPECTIVES: Metaphysics and Epistemology.. Not in Hardback.. PURE PRAGMATICS POSSIBLE WORLDS: The Early Essays of Wilfrid Sellars.. (ISBN 0-917930-26-6)..

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  • Title: Philosophical Perspectives edited by James Tomberlin
    Descriptive info: Volumes of Philosophical Perspectives.. Volumes Available from Ridgeview.. 1, Metaphysics, 1987.. 2, Epistemology, 1988.. 3, Philosophy of Mind and Action Theory, 1989.. 4, Action Theory and Philosophy of Mind, 1990.. 5, Philosophy of Religion, 1991.. 6, Ethics, 1992.. 7, Language and Logic, 1993.. 8, Logic and Language, 1994.. 9, AI, Connectionism, and Philosophical Psychology, 1995.. Volume 1.. FELICIA ACKERMAN, An Argument for a Modified Russellian Principle of Acquaintance.. BRUCE AUNE, Conceptual Relativism.. GEORGE BEALER, The Philosophical Limits of Scientific Essentialism.. JONATHAN BENNETT, Event Causation: The Counterfactual Analysis.. HECTOR-NERI CASTAÑEDA, Self Consciousness, Demonstrative Reference, and the Self-Ascription View of Believing.. ROMANE CLARK, Objects of Consciousness: The Non-Relational Theory of Sensing.. WILLIAM G.. LYCAN, Phenomenal Objects: A Backhanded Defense.. TERENCE PARSONS, Entities Without Identity.. ALVIN PLANTINGA, Two Concepts of Modality: Model Realism and Modal Reductionism.. JOHN POLLOCK, How to Build a Person: The Physical Basis for Mentality.. JAY F.. ROSENBERG, Phenomenological Ontology Revisited: A Bergmannian Retrospective.. NATHAN U.. SALMON, Existence.. STEPHEN SCHIFFER, The Fido - Fido Theory of Belief.. ERNEST SOSA, Subjects Among Other Things.. PETER VAN INWAGEN, When are Objects Parts?.. NICHOLAS WOLTERSTORFF, Are Concept-Users World-Makers?.. (ISBN 0-917930-86-x).. (ISBN 0-917930-46-0).. Volume 2.. WILLIAM P.. ALSTON, The Deontological Conception of Epistemic Justification.. ROBERT AUDI, Foundationalism, Coherentism, and Epistemological Dogmatism.. HECTOR-NERI CASTAÑEDA, Knowledge and Epistemic Obligation.. CHISHOLM, The Evidence of the Senses.. ROMANE CLARK, Vicious Infinite Regress Arguments.. STEWART COHEN, How to be a Fallibilist.. RICHARD FELDMAN, Epistemic Obligations.. RICHARD FUMERTON, The Internalism/Externalism Controversy.. ALVIN I.. GOLDMAN, Strong and Weak Justification.. RISTO HILPINEN, Knowledge and Conditionals.. JAEGWON KIM, What is Naturalized Epistemology ?.. KEITH LEHRER, Coherence, Justification, and Chisholm.. ALVIN PLANTINGA, Positive Epistemic Status and Proper Function.. JOHN L.. POLLOCK, The Building of Oscar.. WILFRID SELLARS, On Accepting First Principles.. SYDNEY SHOEMAKER, On Knowing One's Own Mind.. BRIAN SKYRMS, Deliberational Dynamics and the Foundations of Bayesian Game Theory.. ERNEST SOSA, Knowledge in Context, Skepticism in Doubt.. MARSHALL SWAIN, Alston's Internalistic Externalism.. (ISBN 0-917930-87-8).. (ISBN 0-917930-47-9).. Volume 3.. FRED DRETSKE, Reasons and Causes.. CARL GINET, Reasons Explanation of Action: An Incompatibilist Account.. TERENCE HORGAN, Mental Quasation.. JAEGWON KIM, Mechanism, Purpose, and Explanatory Exclusion.. BRIAN McLAUGHLIN, Type Epiphenomenalism and the Anomalism of the Mental.. GEOFFREY SAYRE-McCORD, Functional Explanations and Reasons as Causes.. LYNNE RUDDER BAKER, On a Causal Theory of Content.. STEVEN E.. BO R, Neo-Fregean Thoughts.. PAUL CHURCHLAND, Folk Psychology and the Explanation of Human Behavior.. NATHAN SALMON, Illogical Belief.. ROBERT STALNAKER, On What's in the Head.. HOWARD WETTSTEIN, Turning the Tables on Frege or How is it that Hesperus is Hesperus is Trivial?.. TAKASHI YAGISAWA, The Reverse Frege Puzzle.. MARK JOHNSTON, Fission and the Facts.. PETER VAN INWAGEN, When is the Will Free?.. MYLES BRAND, Proximate Causation of Action.. MICHAEL BRATMAN, Intention and Personal Policies.. RAIMO TUOMELA, Actions by Collectives.. MICHAEL DEVITT and KIM STERELNY, Linguistics: What's Wrong with The Right View.. GRAEME FORBES, Biosemantics and the Normative Properties of Thought.. JENNIFER HORNSBY, Semantic Innocence and Psychological Understanding.. SCOTT SOAMES, Semantics and Semantic Competence.. (ISBN 0-917930-88-6).. (ISBN 0-917930-48-7).. Volume 4.. ANNETTE C.. BAIER, What Emotions Are About.. GILBERT HARMAN, The Intrinsic Quality of Experience.. NED BLOCK, Inverted Earth.. BRIAN LOAR, Phenomenal States.. LYCAN, What Is the Subjectivity of the Mental?.. BRIAN O'SHAUGHNESSY, The Appearance of a Material Object.. STEPHEN SCHIFFER, Physicalism.. SYDNEY SHOEMAKER, First-Person Access.. JAMES VAN CLEVE, Mind-Dust or Magic? Panpsychism Versus Emergence.. ROBERT AUDI, An Internalist Conception of Rational Action.. BRUCE AUNE, Action, Inference, Belief, and Intention.. HECTOR-NERI CASTAÑEDA, Practical Thinking, Reasons for Doing, and Intentional Action: The Thinking of Doing and the Doing of Thinking.. FRED FELDMAN, A Simpler Solution to the Paradoxes of Deontic Logic.. PATRICIA SMITH CHURCHLAND and TERRENCE J.. SEJNOWSKI, Neural Representation and Neural Computation.. JOHN HAUGELAND, The Intentionality All-Stars.. BERNARD W.. KOBES, Individualism and Artificial Intelligence.. JOHN POLLOCK, Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence.. WILLIAM RAMSEY, STEPHEN STICH, and JOSEPH GARON, Connectionism, Eliminativism and the Future of Folk Psychology.. FELICIA ACKERMAN, Analysis, Language, and Concepts: The Second Paradox of Analysis.. CHISHOLM, Referring to  ...   THOMAS E.. HILL, JR.. , A Kantian Perspective on Moral Rules.. CHRISTINE M.. KORSGAARD, Creating the Kingdom of Ends: Reciprocity and Responsibility in Personal Relations.. JEAN HAMPTON, Hobbes and Ethical Naturalism.. MICHAEL SLOTE, Ethics Naturalized.. SAMUEL SCHEFFLER, Prerogatives Without Restrictions.. WALTER SINNOTT-ARMSTRONG, An Argument for Consequentialism.. JOHN MARTIN FISCHER and MARK RAVIZZA, When The Will is Free.. IRWIN, Who Discovered The Will?.. ELEONORE STUMP, God's Obligations.. QUINN, The Primacy of God's Will in Christian Ethics.. (ISBN 0-924922-58-3).. (ISBN 0-917930-08-7).. Volume 7.. The First Philosophical Perspectives Lecture.. : ERNEST SOSA, Epistemology, Realism, and Truth.. GEORGE BEALER, A Solution to Frege's Puzzle.. CHRISTOPHER MENZEL, The Proper Treatment of Predication in Fine-Grained Intensional Logic.. STEPHEN NEALE, Term Limits.. NATHAN SALMON, Analyticity and Apriority.. TAKASHI YAGISAWA, A Semantic Solution to Frege's Puzzle.. KEITH S.. DONNELLAN, There Is a Word for That Kind of Thing: An Investigation of Two Thought Experiments.. JAMES HIGGINBOTHAM, Grammatical Form and Logical Form.. GENOVEVA MARTI, The Source of Intensionality.. MARK RICHARD, Articulated Terms.. STEPHEN SCHIFFER, Actual-Language Relations.. SIMON BLACKBURN, Circles, Finks, Smells and Biconditionals.. MICHAEL DEVITT, A Critique of the Case for Semantic Holism.. MARK JOHNSTON, Verificationism as Philosophical Narcissism.. MICHAEL DUNN, Star and Perp: Two Treatments of Negation.. ANIL GUPTA, Minimalism.. STEPHEN YABLO, Hop, Skip and Jump: the Agonistic Conception of Truth.. ANTHONY APPIAH, Only-Ifs.. LYCAN, MPP, RIP.. M.. ARMSTRONG, A World of States of Affairs.. TERENCE PARSONS, On Denoting Propositions and Facts.. W.. FITCH, Non Denoting.. MICHAEL JUBIEN, Proper Names.. ROSENBERG, Another Look at Proper Names.. (ISBN 0-924922-65-6).. (ISBN 0-917930-15-x).. Volume 8.. The Second Philosophical Perspectives Lecture.. : KIT FINE, Essence and Modality.. LYNNE RUDDER BAKER, Content and Context.. PAUL BOGHOSSIAN, The Transparency of Mental Content.. BRIAN LOAR, Self-interpretation and the Constitution of Reference.. RUTH GARRETT MILLIKAN, On Unclear and Indistinct Ideas.. JERRY FODOR and ERNEST LEPORE, Is Radical Interpretation Possible?.. DONALD DAVIDSON, Radical Interpretation Interpreted.. FELICIA ACKERMAN, Roots and Consequences of Vagueness.. DAVID COWLES, On van Inwagen's Defense of Vague Identity.. TERENCE HORGAN, Robust Vagueness and the Forced-March Sorites Paradox.. MICHAEL TYE, Sorites Paradoxes and the Semantics of Vagueness.. PETER VAN INWAGEN, Composition as Identity.. JEFFREY C.. KING, Anaphora and Operators.. SCOTT SOAMES, Attitudes and Anaphora.. TOMIS KAPITAN, Exports and Imports: Anaphora in Attitudinal Ascriptions.. THOMAS McKAY, Names, Causal Chains, and De Re Beliefs.. MICHAEL McKINSEY, Individuating Beliefs.. JON BARWISE and JERRY SELIGMAN, The Rights and Wrongs of Natural Regularity.. NUEL BELNAP and MITCHELL GREEN, Indeterminism and the Thin Red Line.. MARVIN BELZER and BARRY LOEWER, Hector Meets 3-D: A Diaphilosophical Epic.. GRAEME FORBES, A New Riddle of Existence.. BERNARD LINSKY AND EDWARD ZALTA, In Defense of the Simplest Quantified Modal Logic.. TOMBERLIN and FRANK McGUINNESS, Troubles with Actualism.. (ISBN 0-924922-66-4).. (ISBN 0-917930-16-8).. Volume 9.. The Third Philosophical Perspectives Lecture.. : WILLIAM G.. LYCAN, Consciousness as Internal Monitoring, I.. POLLOCK, Practical Reasoning in Oscar.. WILLIAM J.. RAPAPORT, Understanding Understanding: Syntactic Semantics and Computational Cognition.. ANDY CLARK, Moving Minds: Situating Content in the Service of Real-time.. ROBERT CUMMINS, Connectionism and the Rationale Constraint on Cognitive Explanation TERENCE HORGAN and JOHN TIENSON, Connectionism and the Commitments of Folk Psychology.. MARTIN DAVIES, Two Notions of Implicit Rules.. RUTH GARRETT MILLIKAN, Pushmi-Pullyu Representations.. GEORGES REY, A Not Merely Empirical Argument for a Language of Thought.. MICHAEL TYE, A Representational Theory of Pains and Their Phenomenal Character.. COLIN McGINN, Consciousness Evaded: Comments on Dennett.. KIM STERELNY, Basic Minds.. ROBERT VAN GULICK, How Should We Understand the Relation Between Intentionality and Phenomenal Consciousness?.. KOBES, Telic Higher-Order Thoughts and Moore's Paradox.. DAVID M.. ROSENTHAL, Moore's Paradox and Consciousness.. FELICIA ACKERMAN, The Concept of Manipulativeness.. BOËR, Propositional Attitudes and Compositional Semantics.. MARK CRIMMINS, Contextuality, Reflexivity, Iteration, Logic.. DERK PEREBOOM, Conceptual Structure and the Individuation of Content.. LOUISE ANTONY, Law and Order in Psychology.. DAVID BRAUN, Causally Relevant Properties.. STEPHEN YABLO, Singling Out Properties.. Corrections to Hop, Skip, and Jump: the Agonistic Conception of Truth by Stephen Yablo which appeared in.. Philosophical Perspectives, 7, Language and Logic, 1993.. (ISBN 0-924922-73-7).. (ISBN 0-917930-23-0)..

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  • Title: Sociedad Filosófica Ibero Americana
    Descriptive info: SOFIA.. Sociedad Filosófica Ibero Americana.. A series edited by Enrique Villanueva.. Concepts.. (Philosophical Issues, 9, 1998).. ENRIQUE VILLANUEVA, Preface.. JERRY FODOR, There are No Recognitional Concepts; Not Even RED.. PAUL HORWICH, Concept Constitution.. RICHARD GRANDY, Recognitional Concepts and Compositionality.. TERRY HORGAN, Recognitional Concepts and the Compositionality of Concept Possession.. RUTH GARRET MILLIKAN, A More Plausible Kind of Recognitional Concept.. CHRISTOPHER PEACOCKE, Implicit Conceptions, Understanding, and Rationality.. STEPHEN SCHIFFER, Doubts about Implicit Conceptions.. GEORGES REY, What Implicit Conceptions are Unlikely to Do.. ERIC MARGOLIS, Implicit Conceptions and the Phenomenon of Abandoned Principles.. JOSEFA TORIBIO, The Implicit Conception of Implicit Conceptions.. CHRISTOPHER PEACOCKE, Implicit Conceptions, the.. A Priori.. , and the Identity of Concepts.. JAMES HIGGINBOTHAM, Conceptual Competence.. GENOVEVA MARTI, The Significance of the Distinction between Concept Mastery and Concept Possession.. PIERRE JACOB, Conceptual Competence and Inadequate Conceptions.. JOSEP MACIA, On Concepts and Conceptions.. MAITE EZCURDIA, The Concept-Conception Distinction.. JAMES HIGGINBOTHAM, Responses to Commentators.. PAUL BOGHOSSIAN, What the Externalist Can Know.. BRIAN LOAR, Is There a Good Epistemical Argument against Concept-Externalism?.. STEPHEN YABLO, Self-Knowledge Semantic-Luck.. JOSEP E.. CORBI, A Challenge to Boghossian s Incompatibilist Argument.. CARLOS J.. MOYA, Boghossian s.. Reductio.. of Compatibilism.. PAUL BOGHOSSIAN, Replies to Commentators.. GEORGE BEALER, A Theory of Concepts and Concept Possession.. JAEGWON KIM, Bealer s Intuitions on Concept Possession.. TOMBERLIN, Concepts and Ontology: A Query for Bealer.. DAVID SOSA, Getting Clear on the Concept.. ELEONORA ORLANDO, Some Critical Remarks on an Explanation of Concept Possession.. GEORGE BEALER, Concept Possession.. ROBERT STALNAKER, What Might Nonconceptual Content Be?.. STEPHEN NEALE, Grain and Content.. JUAN JOSE ACERO, Non-Conceptual Content, Subject-Centered Information and the Naturalistic Demand.. MARIO GOMEZ-TORRENTE, Report of an Unsuccessful Search for Nonconceptual Content.. DAVID PINEDA, Information and Content.. ROBERT STALNAKER, Replies to Comments.. (ISBN 0-924922-80-x).. (ISBN 0-924922-30-3).. Truth.. (Philosophical Issues, 8, 1997).. ENRIQUE VILLANUEVA, Preface.. SCOTT SOAMES, The Truth about Deflationism.. MANUEL GARCIA-CARPINTERO, On an Incorrect Understanding of Tarskian Truth Definitions.. MARK RICHARD, Deflating Truth.. SCOTT SOAMES, Reply to Garcia-Carpintero and Richard.. PAUL HORWICH, Deflationary Truth and the Problem of Aboutness.. HUW PRICE, What Should a Deflationist About Truth Say About Meaning?.. ALBERTO VOLTOLINI, Intentionality Deflated?.. ADAM KOVACH, Stretching the Truth: Inflated Claims about Deflated Truth and Reference.. PAUL HORWICH, Response to comments.. ROBERT BRANDOM, From Truth to Semantics: A Path through.. Making it Explicit.. TOMBERLIN, Quantification: Objectual or Substitutional?.. DANIELLE MACBETH, Brandom on Inference and the Expressive Role of Logic.. MARK LANCE, The Significance of Anaphoric Theories of Truth and Reference.. ROBERT BRANDOM, Replies to Tomberlin, Macbeth, and Lance.. TIMOTHY WILLIAMSON, Imagination, Stipulation and Vagueness.. TERRY HORGAN, Deep Ignorance, Brute Supervenience and the Problem of the Many.. MARIO GOMEZ-TORRENTE, Two Problems for an Epistemicist View of Vagueness.. MICHAEL TYE, On the Epistemic View of Vagueness.. TIMOTHY WILLIAMSON, Reply to commentators.. GEOFFREY SAYRE-MCCORD, `Good' on Twin Earth.. JAEGWON KIM, Moral Kinds and Natural Kinds: What's the Difference for a Naturalist?.. ERNEST SOSA, Water, Drink, and Moral Kinds.. GEOFFREY SAYRE-MCCORD, Replies to comments.. MICHAEL DEVITT, Precis of.. Coming to our Senses: A Naturalistic Program for Semantic Localism.. DAVID SOSA, Meaningful Explanation.. KEN TAYLOR, Same Believers.. MICHAEL DEVITT, A Priori Convictions About Psychology: A Response to Sosa and Taylor.. VAN MCGEE, Revision.. DONALD A.. MARTIN, Revision and its Rivals.. ANIL GUPTA, Definition and Revision: A response to McGee and Martin.. (ISBN 0-924922-78-8).. (ISBN 0-924922-28-1).. Perception.. (Philosophical Issues, 7, 1996).. GILBERT HARMAN, Explaining Objective Color in Terms of Subjective Experience.. NED BLOCK, Mental Paint and Mental Latex.. MICHAEL TYE, Orgasms Again.. SIDNEY SHOEMAKER, Colors, Subjective Relations and Qualia.. ERNEST SOSA, Is Color Psychological or Biological? Or Both?.. GILBERT HARMAN, Qualia and Color Concepts.. WILLIAM LYCAN, Layered Perceptual Representation.. ROBERT STALNAKER, On a Defense of the Hegemony of Representation.. JAMES TOMBERLIN, Perception and Possibilia.. MICHAEL TYE, Perceptual Experience is a Many-Layered Thing.. WILLIAM LYCAN, Replies to Tomberlin, Tye, Stalnaker and Block.. FRED DRETSKE, Phenomenal Externalism.. JAEGWON  ...   Rationality.. (Philosophical Issues, 5, 1994).. RICHARD FOLEY, The Epistemology of Sosa.. RICHARD FUMERTON, Sosa's Epistemology.. ERNEST SOSA, Virtue Perspectivism: A Response to Foley and Fumerton.. JAEGWON KIM, Explanatory Knowledge and Metaphysical Dependence.. PETER RAILTON, Truth, Reason, and the Regulation of Belief.. ALLAN GIBBARD, Meaning and Normativity.. PAUL BOGHOSSIAN, Analyticity and Conceptual Truth.. PAUL HORWICH, What Is It Like to Be a Deflationary Theory of Meaning.. STEPHEN SCHIFFER, The Language-of-Thought Relation and Its Implications.. MANUEL GARCIA-CARPINTERO, Two Varieties of Disquotationalism.. MARTIN DAVIES, The Mental Simulation Debate.. GEORGE GRAHAM and TERRY HORGAN, Southern Fundamentalism and the End of Philosophy.. TOMBERLIN, Whither Southern Fundamentalism? A Query for Graham and Horgan.. JOAO P.. MONTEIRO, Chance, Induction, and Rationality.. MARCELO SABATES, Problems for Kitcher's Account of Explanation.. (ISBN 0-924922-69-9).. (ISBN 0-924922-19-2).. Naturalism and Normativity.. (Philosophical Issues, 4, 1993).. ENRIQUE VILLANUEVA, Introduction.. SIMON BLACKBURN, Gibbard on Normative Logic.. PAUL BOGHOSSIAN, Sense, Reference and Rule Following.. MARTIN DAVIES, Aims and Claims of Externalist Arguments.. ALLAN GIBBARD, Precis of.. Wise Choices.. and Replies to Railton and Blackburn.. RICHARD HARE, Objective Prescriptions.. JAMES HIGGINBOTHAM, McGinn's Logicisms.. TERENCE HORGAN, Semantic Normativity, Metaphysical Naturalism and Meta-semantic Irrealism.. PAUL HORWICH, Meaning and Metaphilosophy.. JERROLD KATZ, Replies to Horwich and Boghossian.. JAEGWON KIM, Naturalism and Semantic Normativity.. JUAN RODRÍGUEZ LARRETA, Against Naturalization of Epistemology.. BRIAN LOAR, Can We Confirm Supervenient Properties?.. BARRY LOEWER, The Value of Truth.. KIRK LUDWIG, Externalism, Naturalism and Method.. COLIN MCGINN, Logic, Mind and Mathematics.. PETER RAILTON, Noncognitivism about Rationality: Benefits, Costs and Alternatives.. STEPHEN SCHIFFER, On Loar's Confirmation of Supervenient Properties.. ERNEST SOSA, Normative Epistemology and Naturalist Externalism.. TOMBERLIN, Singular Terms, Quantification and Ontology (I).. (ISBN 0-924922-67-2).. (ISBN 0-924922-17-6).. Science and Knowledge.. (Philosophical Issues, 3, 1993).. JERRY FODOR and ERNIE LEPORE, Why Meaning (Probably) Isn't Conceptual Role.. NED BLOCK, Holism, Hyper-analyticity and Hyper-compositionality.. PAUL BOGHOSSIAN, Does Inferential Role Semantics Rest on a Mistake?.. STEPHEN SCHIFFER, Belief Ascription and a Paradox of Meaning.. PAUL HORWICH, Scientific Conceptions of Language and their Philosophical Import.. PAUL BOGHOSSIAN, Cognitive Science and the Analytic/Synthetic Distinction: Comments on Horwich.. JORGE RODRÍGUEZ M.. , On the Logical Form of Propositions: Problems for Vanderveken's New Theory of Propositions.. JAEGWON KIM, Mental Causation in a Physical World.. ERNEST SOSA, The Truth of Modest Realism.. RICHARD JEFFREY, Take Back the Day! Jon Dorling's Bayesian Solution to the Duhem Problem.. RICHARD FOLEY, What is to be said for Simplicity.. STEPHEN STICH and SHAUN NICHOLS, Folk Psychology: Simulation or Tacit Theory?.. ALVIN GOLDMAN, Epistemic Folkways and Scientific Epistemology.. JOSEPH CORBÍ, In Defense of Normative Scientific Epistemology.. JAVIER RODRÍGUEZ A.. , Epistemic Aims and Values in W.. Quine's Naturalized Epistemology.. (ISBN 0-924922-64-8).. (ISBN 0-924922-14-1).. Rationality in Epistemology.. (Philosophical Issues, 2, 1992).. PAUL A.. BOGHOSSIAN, Externalism and Inference.. STEPHEN SCHIFFER, Boghossian on Externalism and Inference.. BOGHOSSIAN, Reply to Schiffer.. ALVIN PLANTINGA, Justification in the 20th Century.. ERNEST SOSA, Generic Reliabilism and Virtue Epistemology.. JONATHAN DANCY,Externalism for Internalists.. JAMES HIGGINBOTHAM, Skepticism Naturalized.. RICHARD FOLEY, Can Metaphysics Solve the Problem of Skepticism?.. RICHARD FUMERTON, Skepticism and Reasoning to the Best Explanation.. KEITH LEHRER, Knowledge, Coherence, and Skepticism.. RICHARD JEFFREY, Radical Probabilism (Prospectus for a User's Manual).. PAUL HORWICH, Bayesian Problem-Solving and the Dispensibility of Truth.. BRIAN SKYRMS, Coherence, Probability and Induction.. RAYMUNDO MORADO, Models for Belief Revision.. MICHAEL GHINS, Scientific Realism and Invariance.. (ISBN 0-924922-59-1).. (ISBN 0-924922-09-5).. Consciousness.. (Philosophical Issues, 1, 1991).. ROSENTHAL, The Independence of Consciousness and Sensory Quality.. DANIEL C.. DENNETT, Lovely and Suspect Qualities.. JOHN R.. SEARLE, Consciousness, Unconsciousness and Intentionality.. ARMSTRONG, Searle's Neo-Cartesian Theory of Consciousness.. GEORGES REY, Sensations in a Language of Thought.. JOHN I.. BIRO, Consciousness and Subjectivity.. BRIAN O'SHAUGHNESSY, The Anatomy of Consciousness.. ERNEST SOSA, Between Internalism and Externalism.. DONALD DAVIDSON, What is Present to the Mind?.. AKEEL BILGRAMI, Thought and Its Objects.. TOMBERLIN, Belief, Self-Ascription, and Ontology.. LYNN PASQUARELLA, Chisholm's Intentional Criterion of Property-Identity and De Se Belief.. (ISBN 0-924922-51-6).. (ISBN 0-924922-01-x)..

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  • Title: North American Kant Society Studies in Philosophy
    Descriptive info: North American Kant Society Publications.. North American Kant Society Studies in Philosophy (Volumes 1-5).. KANT S AESTHETICS.. Volume 1 of the North American Kant Society Studies in Philosophy.. Edited and Introduced by Ralf Meerbote.. (ISBN 0-924922-56-7).. (ISBN 0-924922-06-0).. (ISBN 0-924922-63-x).. (ISBN 0-924922-13-3).. THE TABLE OF JUDGMENTS: CRITIQUE OF PURE REASON A67-76; B92-101.. Reinhard Brandt (translated by Eric Watkins).. (ISBN 0-924922-74-5).. Volume 5 of the North American Kant Society Studies in Philosophy..

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  • Title: Volumes of Philosopher's Annual
    Descriptive info: Volumes of the Philosopher's Annual.. Volume III - 1980.. Robert Merrihew Adams.. , Primitive Thisness and Primitive Identity;.. Arthur W.. Collins.. , Could Our Beliefs be Representations in our Brains?;.. Ian Hacking.. , What is Logic?;.. Stephen Leeds.. , Semantic Primitives an Learnability;.. David Lewis.. , Attitudes De Dicto and De Se;.. Graham Nerlich.. , Is Curvature Intrinsic to Physical Space?;.. Derek Parfit.. , Is Common-Sense Morality Self-Defeating?;.. John Perry.. , The Problem of the Essential Indexical;.. John Searle.. , What is an Intentional State?;.. John Simmons.. , The Principle of Fair Play.. (ISBN 0-917930-38-x).. (ISBN 0-917930-18-5).. Discounted price: $5.. Volume IV - 1981.. Patricia Smith Churchland.. , A Perspective on Mind-Brain Research;.. Davies.. , The Expression of Emotion in Music;.. Joel Feinberg.. , Legal Moralism and Freefloating Evils;.. Peter Hylton.. , Russell's Substitutional Theory;.. Philip Kitcher.. , A Priori Knowledge;.. Ruth Barcan Marcus.. , Moral Dilemmas and Consistency;.. Thomas Carson Mark.. , On Works of Virtuosity;.. Iikka Niiniluoto.. , Scientific Progress;.. , Models and Reality;.. Sydney Shoemaker.. , Causality and Properties.. (ISBN 0-917930-75-4).. (ISBN 0-917930-61-4).. Volume V - 1982.. (out of print).. (ISBN 0-917930-77-0).. (ISBN 0-917930-63-0).. Out-of-print.. Volume VI - 1983.. Altham.. , Ethics of Risk;.. Ned Block.. , Mental Pictures and Cognitive Science;.. John Dupre.. , The Disunity of Science;.. Philippa Foot.. , Moral Realism and Moral Dilemma;.. , New Work for a Theory of Universals;.. Alexander Nehamas.. , How One Becomes What One Is;.. Joseph Owens.. , Functionalism and Propositional Attitudes;.. Rudavsky.. , Divine Omniscience and Future Contingents in Gersonides;.. Cheyney C.. Ryan.. , Self-Defense, Pacifism, and the Possibility of Killing;.. Holly Smith.. , Culpable Ignorance.. (ISBN 0-917930-82-7).. (ISBN 0-917930-68-1).. Volume VII - 1984.. George Boolos.. , To be is to be the Value of a Variable (Or to be Some Values of Some Variables);.. Robert Brandom.. , Reference Explained Away;.. Jerry Fodor.. , Observation Reconsidered;.. Frank Jackson.. , Weakness of Will;.. Kane.. , The Modal Ontological Argument;.. , 1953 and all that.. A Tale of Two Sciences;.. Warren Quinn.. , Abortion: Identity and Loss;.. Peter Railton.. , Alienation, Consequentialism, and the Demands of Morality;.. Judy Jarvis Thomson.. , Remarks on Causation and Liability;.. Bas van Fraassen.. , Belief and the Will.. (ISBN 0-917930-83-5).. (ISBN 0-917930-69-x).. Volume VIII - 1985.. , Involuntary Sins;.. Arthur E.. Falk.. , Ifs and Newcombs;.. Kit Fine.. , Natural Deduction and Arbitrary Objects;.. Michael Friedman.. , Kant's Theory of Geometry;.. Tamara Horowitz.. , A Priori Truth;.. Frances Myrna Kamm.. , Supererogation and Obligation;.. , Narrow Taxonomy and Wide Functionalism;.. Adrian M.. Piper.. , Two Conceptions of the Self;.. Thomas G.. Ricketts.. , Frege, The Tractatus, and the Logocentric Predicament;.. Scott Soames.. , Lost Innocence.. (ISBN 0-917930-90-8).. (ISBN 0-917930-70-3).. Volume IX - 1986.. Tyler Burge.. , Intellectual Norms and Foundations of Mind;.. Linda Burns.. , Vagueness and Coherence;.. , The Metaphysical Foundations of Newtonian Science;.. John Kekes.. , Moral Intuition;.. Ruth Garrett Millikan.. , Metaphysical Anti-Realism?.. Alan Nelson.. , New Individualistic Foundations for Economics;.. Philip Pettit.. , Free Riding and Foul Dealing;.. Philip L.. Quinn.. , Christian Atonement and Kantian Justification;.. , Moral Realism;.. Eleanore Stump.. , Dante's Hell, Aquinas' Moral Theory, and the Love of God.. (ISBN 0-917930-91-6).. (ISBN 0-917930-71-1).. Volume X - 1987.. Allen Buchanan.. , Justice and Charity;.. , Carnap's.. Aufbau.. Reconsidered;.. Terence Horgan.. , Supervenient Qualia;.. Philip Kitcher and Wesley Salmon.. , Van Fraassen on Explanation;.. Christopher Menzel.. , Theism, Platonism, and the Metaphysics of Mathematics;.. Thomas Nagel.. , Moral Conflict and Political Legitimacy;.. John Pollock.. , Defeasible Reasoning;.. , Indeterminacy, Empiricism, and the First Person;.. Ernest Sosa.. , Serious Philosophy and Freedom of Spirit;.. Stephen Yablo.. , Identity, Essence, and Indiscernibility.. (ISBN 0-917930-92-4).. (ISBN 0-917930-72-x).. Volume XI, 1988.. Jonathan Bennett.. , Farewell to the Phlogiston Theory of Conditionals;.. John Bigelow, Brian Ellis,  ...   , Creating the Kingdom of Ends: Reciprocity and Responsibility;.. Patrick Maher.. , Diachronic Rationality;.. Sarah Stebbins.. , A Minimal Theory of Truth;.. David Velleman.. , The Guise of the Good;.. , Frege: The Royal Road from Geometry;.. , Mental Causation.. (ISBN 0-924922-68-0).. (ISBN 0-924922-18-4).. Volume XVI, 1993.. Peter Clark.. , Logicism, The Continuum, and Anti-Realism;.. Alan Donagan.. , Moral Dilemmas, Genuine and Spurious: A Comparative Anatomy;.. Jeffrey C.. King.. , Intentional Identity Generalized;.. , The Evolution of Human Altruism;.. William E.. Mann.. , Hope;.. Martha C.. Nussbaum.. , Equity and Mercy;.. , Logical Atoms and Combinatorial Possibility;.. , Mathematics and Indispensability;.. Barry Taylor.. , On Natural Properties in Metaphysics;.. Robert Van Gulick.. , Understanding the Phenomenal Mind: Are We All just Armadillos?.. (ISBN 0-924922-71-0).. (ISBN 0-924922-21-4).. Volume XVII, 1994.. Peter Achinstein,.. Jean Perrin and Molecular Reality;.. Lynne Rudder Baker,.. Attitudes as Nonentities;.. Jonathan Bennett,.. Descartes s Theory of Modality;.. David O.. Brink,.. Moral Conflict and Its Structure;.. Walter Edelberg,.. Propositions, Circumstances, Objects;.. Kit Fine,.. Essence and Modality;.. Michael Friedman,.. Geometry, Convention, and the Relativized A Priori: Reichenbach, Schlick, and Carnap;.. Huw Price,.. A Neglected Route to Realism about Quantum Mechanics;.. Brian Skyrms,.. Sex and Justice;.. Peter van Inwagen,.. Not by Confusion of Substance, but by Unity of Person.. (ISBN 0-924922-76-1).. (ISBN 0-924922-26-5).. Volume XVIII, 1995.. Simon Blackburn.. , Practical Tortoise Raising;.. , On A Confusion About a Function of Consciousness;.. Keith DeRose.. , Solving the Skeptical Problem;.. John Andrew Fisher.. , Is There a Problem of Indiscernible Counterparts?;.. Paul Guyer.. , The Possibility of the Categorical Imperative;.. Valerie Gray Hardcastle.. , Philosophy of Psychology Meets the Semantic View;.. Christopher Read Hitchcock.. , The Mishap at Reichenbach Fall: Singular vs General Causation;.. Horty and Nuel Belnap.. , The Deliberative Stit: A Study of Action, Omission, Ability and Obligation;.. Jamie Tappenden.. , Extending Knowledge and Fruitful Concepts : Fregean Themes in the Foundations of Mathematics;.. Leif Wenar.. , Political Liberalism: An Internal Critique.. (ISBN 0-924922-79-6).. (ISBN 0-924922-29-x).. Volume XIX, 1996.. Kathleen Akins.. , Of Sensory Systems and the Aboutness of Mental States;.. Blanchette.. , Frege and Hilbert on Consistency;.. James Bohman.. , The Moral Costs of Political Pluralism: The Dilemmas of Difference and Equality in Arendt s Reflections on Little Rock ;.. Hilary Bok.. , Acting Without Choosing;.. Ronald Dworkin.. , Objectivity and Truth: You d Better Believe It;.. , Elusive Knowledge;.. John O Leary-Hawthorne and J.. Cover.. , Haecceitism and Anti-Haecceitism in Leibniz s Philosophy;.. Roy Sorensen.. , Modal Bloopers: Why Believable Impossibilities are Necessary;.. , Self to Self;.. Frank Veltman.. , Defaults in Update Semantics.. (ISBN 0-924922-83-4).. (ISBN 0-924922-31-1).. Volume XX, 1997.. Robert Adams.. , Things in Themselves;.. Cohen.. , Where the Action Is: On the Site of Distributive Justice;.. Janice Daurio.. , Sidgwick on Moral Theories and Common Sense Morality;.. Jelle Gerbrandy and Willem Groeneveld.. , Reasoning about Information Change;.. Raymond Geuss.. , Nietzsche and Morality;.. Jean Hampton.. , The Wisdom of the Egoist: The Moral and Political Implications of Valuing the Self;.. , Naming the Colors;.. , Reasons and Motivation;.. Chris Swoyer.. , Complex Predicates and Conversion Principles;.. Achille C.. Varzi.. , Boundaries, Continuity and Contact.. (ISBN 0-924922-82-6).. (ISBN 0-924922-32-x).. Volume XXI, 1998.. Susan J.. Brison.. , The Autonomy Defense of Free Speech;.. , Reason and the First Person;.. Andy Clark.. David J.. Chalmers.. , The Extended Mind;.. Clark Glymour.. , What Went Wrong? Reflections on Science by Observation and.. The Bell Curve.. ;.. Robert Gooding-Williams.. , Race, Multiculturalism and Democracy;.. Samuel Levey.. , Leibniz on Mathematics and the Actually Infinte Division of Matter;.. Lisa Shabel.. , Kant on the Symbolic Construction of Mathematical Concepts;.. , The Modal Argument: Wide Scope and Rigidified Descriptions;.. Judith Jarvis Thomson.. , The Statue and the Clay;.. Christopher Woodard.. , Egalitarianism, Responsibility and Desert.. (ISBN 0-924922-33-8)..

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    Descriptive info: Information for Ordering.. Orders from individuals:.. Orders from individuals must be PREPAID.. Make checks payable to Ridgeview Publishing Company.. We accept checks only in US dollars.. Credit card payment is available on our web site utilizing the secure Pay Pal shopping cart.. Most foreign currency is accepted and converted to US dollars using Pay Pal at no extra charge.. California residents.. must add 7.. 25% tax to the price of the books.. Orders for PDFs:.. Some Ridgeview books are now available in PDF.. We supply PDFs as attachments to emails (.. not.. on disks).. Once you have paid and PayPal notifies us of your payment, we will confirm your email address.. Then, we will send the PDF as an attachment to an email.. On electronically sent PDF files, there are no shipping charges and no sales tax for California residents.. As a consequence.. , online orders for PDFs.. cannot.. be mixed with online orders for books.. To order both books and PDFs ONLINE.. ,  ...   93423, by fax to (805)466-7252, or by email to.. info@ridgeviewpublishing.. com.. Inside the United States.. , our standard shipping is by United States Postal Service Media Mail, 7 to 10 days.. Shipping charge for the first book is $4.. 00 and each additional book is $1.. Outside the United States,.. our standard shipping is by United States Postal Service Global Priority Mail, 7 to 10 days.. Shipping charge for the first book: US $12.. Each additional book: US $4.. Expedited and foreign shipping.. should be requested by writing to Ridgeview Publishing Company or emailing to.. The exact charges in these cases depend on the location to which the books are to be sent and the speed of delivery.. Click here to download our order form.. We respect your privacy!.. Information submitted will only be used for the purpose of processing your book order.. * You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and print the order form.. Click here.. to securely download for FREE..

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