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  • Title: Stop, You're Killing Me!
    Descriptive info: .. AUTHORS:.. A.. -.. B.. C.. D.. E.. F.. G.. H.. I.. J.. K.. L.. M.. N.. O.. P.. Q.. R.. S.. T.. U.. V.. W.. X.. Y.. Z.. CHARACTERS:.. nln.. #.. New Additions.. New Hardcovers.. New Paperbacks.. New Large Print.. New Audio.. Book Awards.. Book Reviews.. Location Index.. Job Index.. Historical Index.. Diversity Index.. Genre Index.. Read-Alikes.. About this Site.. FAQ.. Newsletter.. Giveaway.. SYKM Store.. Contact Us.. Home.. Anthony Award Winning Website.. Stop, You re Killing Me!.. is a resource for lovers of mystery, crime, thriller, spy, and suspense books.. We list over 4200 authors, with chronological lists of their books (over 47,000 titles), both series (4900+) and non-series.. Use the alphabetical author and character links above.. or the special indexes in the left column.. And it s perfectly fine with us if you print our pages for your private use, especially for a trip to your local library or bookstore.. Let your friends know about.. SYKM Flyer.. New characters and authors added to.. can be found on our.. What s New.. page.. New and future books are listed on.. Hardcover Releases.. ,.. Paperback Releases.. Large Print Releases.. , or.. Audio Releases.. Twice a month we have a.. Book Giveaway.. Mystery/Thriller Awards.. Agatha Awards.. The Malice Domestic fans give these awards to honor the traditional mystery books best typified by the works of Agatha Christie.. Anthony Awards.. The Anthony Awards are given at each annual Bouchercon World Mystery Convention with the winners selected by attendees.. The award is named for the late Anthony Boucher (William Anthony Parker White), well-known writer and critic from the San Francisco Chronicle and New York Times, who helped found the Mystery Writers of America.. Arthur Ellis Awards.. The Crime Writers of Canada present the Arthur Ellis Awards (named after the.. nom de travail.. of Canada s official hangman) to recognize excellence in Canadian crime writing.. Barry Awards.. The Barry Awards, voted on by the readers of.. Deadly Pleasures.. , are presented at the annual  ...   to an unpublished author for a first mystery novel set in the Southwest.. Left Coast Crime Awards.. Left Coast Crime Awards are given at each annual Left Coast Crime Convention.. The Lefty Award is presented to the most humorous mystery, and The Bruce Alexander Memorial Mystery Award is presented to the best historical mystery.. Two other 2014 awards are The Squid (for best mystery set within the United States) and The Calamari (for best mystery set anywhere else in the world).. Macavity Awards.. The Macavity Award is named for the mystery cat of T.. S.. Eliot (Old Possum s Book of Practical Cats).. Each year the members of Mystery Readers International nominate and vote for their favorite mysteries.. Ned Kelly Awards.. The Ned Kelly Awards (named for a notorious Australian outlaw of the 19th century) are presented by the Crime Writers Association of Australia (CWAA) to recognize and promote excellence in Australian crime writing.. Nero Award.. The Nero Award is presented annually by The Wolfe Pack for the best American Mystery written in the tradition of Rex Stout s Nero Wolfe stories.. Shamus Awards.. The Shamus Awards are awarded by the Private Eye Writers of America (PWA).. The PWA defines a private eye as any mystery protagonist who is a professional investigator, but not a police officer or government agent.. Thriller Awards.. The Thriller Awards are presented by the International Thriller Writers at the annual ThrillerFest conference.. Mystery Award Index.. The.. newsletter is published twice a month and includes new authors and characters added to our website, announcements of new hardcover and paperback book publications, and information about occasional book giveaways.. To subscribe to the newsletter, fill out the form below.. Subscribe Now!.. Your Name:.. Your E-mail Address:.. To change your email address, fill in the form with your new address and then.. the old address you would like removed.. Follow.. on Twitter.. Magazines.. References.. Search SYKM.. Contact Lucinda Surber or Stan Ulrich.. Copyright 1998 2013 Stop, You re Killing Me!..

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  • Title: SYKM Authors -A-
    Descriptive info: -A-.. Avery Aames.. Ben Aaronovitch.. Edward S.. Aarons.. Will B.. Kieran Abbey.. Sparkle Abbey.. Anthony Abbot.. Jeff Abbott.. John Abbott.. Megan Abbott.. Victoria Abbott.. Kenneth Abel.. Alex Abella.. Barbara Abercrombie.. Lynn Abercrombie.. Mark Abernethy.. Keith Ablow.. Peter Abrahams.. Alvin Abram.. L.. Abramo.. Peter Abresch.. Richard K.. Abshire.. Mario Acevedo.. Rick Acker.. Hal Ackerman.. Gilbert Adair.. Robin Adair.. Suzanne Adair.. Paul Adam.. D.. Adams.. Alina Adams.. Cleve F.. Deborah Adams.. Douglas Adams.. Ellery Adams.. Harold Adams.. Jane Adams.. Max Adams.. Riley Adams.. Will Adams.. Isaac Adamson.. Lydia Adamson.. Mary Jo (M.. J.. ) Adamson.. Thomas Adcock.. Elizabeth Adler.. Warren Adler.. Jussi Adler-Olsen.. Jerry Ahern.. X.. Ahmad.. Robert Aiello.. Ginny Aiken.. Harriet Ainsworth.. Catherine Aird.. Rennie Airth.. Boris Akunin.. Glynn Marsh Alam.. Isabella Alan.. Marvin Albert.. Neil Albert.. Susan Wittig Albert.. Martha Albrand.. Letha Albright.. Alfred Alcorn.. Laura Alden.. Alderman.. Peter Alding.. Nathan Aldyne.. Richard Aleas.. Bruce Alexander.. David Alexander.. [1907-1973].. Gary Alexander.. Hannah Alexander.. Lawrence Alexander.. Patrick Alexander.. Tasha Alexander.. Annamaria Alfieri.. Alice Alfonsi Marc Cerasini.. Barbara Allan.. Dennis Allan.. Stella Allan.. Paula Allardyce.. Ted Allbeury.. Esri Allbritten.. Michael Allegretto.. Conrad Allen.. Garrison Allen.. Irene Allen.. Jack Allen..  ...   Jeffrey Anderson.. Kevin J.. Anderson.. Lin Anderson.. Sheryl J.. Christine Andreae.. Donna Andrews.. Lori Andrews.. Mary Kay Andrews.. Robert Andrews.. Russell Andrews.. Sarah Andrews.. Val Andrews.. Jeff Andrus.. Barbra Annino.. David Anthony.. Evelyn Anthony.. Meredith Anthony.. Michael David Anthony.. Jennifer Apodaca.. Lisa Appignanesi.. Anna Apostolou.. Connie Archer.. Geoffrey Archer.. Jeffrey Archer.. Miles Archer.. William Ard.. Charles Ardai.. William Arden.. Tom Ardies.. William Ardin.. Robert Arellano.. Anne Argula.. Jakob Arjouni.. Lucy Arlington.. John Armistead.. Campbell Armstrong.. Charlotte Armstrong.. David Armstrong.. Kelley Armstrong.. Lori G.. Armstrong.. Robert E.. Vivien Armstrong.. Arnaldur Indridason.. Árni Thórarinsson.. Catherine Arnold.. Margot Arnold.. Jake Arnott.. Suzanne Arruda.. Emily Arsenault.. Mark Arsenault.. Wayne Arthurson.. Reed Arvin.. Maureen Ash.. Clifford Ashdown.. Gordon Ashe.. Jeffrey Ashford.. Lindsay Ashford.. Albert Ashforth.. David Ashton.. Jenn Ashworth.. Isaac Asimov.. Pieter Aspe.. Tony Aspler.. Richard Asplin.. Josh Aterovis.. Nancy Atherton.. Ace Atkins.. Leo Atkins.. Deborah Turrell Atkinson.. Kate Atkinson.. Michael Atkinson.. Philip Atlee.. Sarah Atwell.. Margaret Atwood.. Russell Atwood.. Brigitte Aubert.. Rosemary Aubert.. Pierre Audemars.. Sandi Ault.. Paul Auster.. Alex Auswaks.. Michael Avallone.. Sarajane Avidon.. Bunty Avieson.. Lori Avocato.. Leo Axler.. Esmahan Aykol.. Steve Aylett.. Michael Ayoob.. C.. Ayres.. Noreen Ayres..

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  • Title: SYKM Authors -B-
    Descriptive info: -B-.. Baantjer.. Jacqueline Babbin.. Marian Babson.. William Babula.. Kathleen Bacus.. Joseph Badal.. George Bagby.. Desmond Bagley.. Tilly Bagshawe.. Arthur W.. Bahr.. Elizabeth Bailey.. Frankie Y.. Bailey.. Jo Bailey.. Michele Bailey.. Donald Bain.. Beryl Bainbridge.. Asa Baker.. Deb Baker.. John Baker.. Keith Baker.. Nikki Baker.. Sam Baker.. Samm Sinclair Baker.. Shannon Baker.. David Baldacci.. Donna Ball.. John Ball.. Lisa Ballantyne.. G.. Ballard.. Mignon F.. John Ballem.. Bill S.. Ballinger.. Sandra Balzo.. Franklin Bandy.. Robert Banfelder.. William Bankier.. Daniel Banko.. Carla Banks.. Carolyn Banks.. Iain Banks.. Oliver Banks.. Ray Banks.. Russell Banks.. F.. Banks.. Jo Bannister.. John Banville.. Vincent Banville.. Christine Barber.. Jay Barbette.. Maggie Barbieri.. Linwood Barclay.. Tessa Barclay.. Burl Barer.. James Barlow.. Jack Barnao.. Robert Barnard.. Dallas Barnes.. Julian Barnes.. Linda Barnes.. Trevor Barnes.. James Barnett.. James Barney.. Aileen Baron.. Hyacinthe Baron.. Nevada Barr.. Richard Barre.. Dean Barrett.. Kathleen Anne Barrett.. Lorna Barrett.. Margaret Barrett.. Neal Barrett Jr.. Robert G.. Barrett.. Ella Barrick.. James Barrington.. Stephanie Barron.. Dave Barry.. Max Barry.. Richard Barth.. Nancy Bartholomew.. Joan Bartlett.. Bartlett.. Lorraine Bartlett.. Beverly Barton.. Dan Barton.. George Bartram.. Lenny Bartulin.. Jefferson Bass.. Milton Bass.. Bernard Bastable.. Colin Bateman.. Karen Grigsby Bates.. Quentin Bates.. Jack Batten.. Brett Battles.. Belinda Bauer.. Sydney Bauer.. Nina Bawden.. Roger Bax.. George Baxt.. Cynthia Baxter.. Louis Bayard.. William Bayer.. Josh Bazell.. Gregory Bean.. Harrison T.. Beardsley.. Pamela Beason.. Beaton.. Simon Beaufort.. Carrie Bebris.. Jessica Beck.. K.. Beck.. Robert Beck.. Elizabeth Becka.. James Becker.. Simon Beckett.. Jean Bedford.. Rose Beecham.. Alan Beechey.. Francis Beeding.. Mike Befeler.. Larry Beinhart.. Sophie Belfort.. Laura Belgrave.. Albert Bell.. David Bell.. James Scott Bell.. Josephine Bell.. Nancy Bell.. Pauline Bell.. Ted Bell.. George Bellairs.. Josie Belle.. René Belletto.. Hilaire Belloc.. Dick Belsky.. Christopher Belton.. Richard Belzer.. Tonino Benacquista.. John Benedict.. Laura Benedict.. Pinckney Benedict.. Benison.. Carol Lea Benjamin.. James R.. Benn.. Tom Benn.. Jenna Bennett.. Margot Bennett.. Robert Jackson Bennett.. Ronan Bennett.. Charles Benoit.. Ron Janet Benrey.. Raymond Benson.. Bentley.. Jennie Bentley.. Kenneth Benton.. Viken Berberian.. Evelyn Berckman.. Alex Berenson.. Laurien Berenson.. Karen Bergreen.. Anthony Berkeley.. Ira Berkowitz.. David Berlinski.. Jay Bernard.. Robert Bernard.. Karin Berne.. Suzanne Berne.. Lou Berney.. William Bernhardt.. Carole Berry.. Jedediah Berry.. Linda Berry.. Steve Berry.. Mark Bertrand.. David Best.. Alfred Bester.. Lauren Beukes.. Margaret Bevege.. Bhabra.. Jack Bickham.. Cordelia Frances Biddle.. Anthony Bidulka.. Michael  ...   Bond.. Patrick Bone.. Kyril Bonfiglioli.. Glen Bonham.. Hilary Bonner.. Martin Booth.. Stephen Booth.. Paul Boray.. Kate Borden.. Todd Borg.. Miriam Borgenicht.. Judith Yates Borger.. Lisa Bork.. James O.. Born.. Borthwick.. B.. (Della) Borton.. Douglas Borton.. Malcolm Bosse.. Joan Boswell.. Anthony Boucher.. Laurent Boulanger.. Melissa Bourbon.. Sam Bourne.. Mark Bouton.. Jane Bow.. Gail Bowen.. Michael Bowen.. Peter Bowen.. Rhys Bowen.. Elisabeth Bowers.. David Bowker.. Robert J.. Bowman.. Jane Bowyer.. Box.. Edgar Box.. Noah Boyd.. Paula Boyd.. William Boyd.. Rick Boyer.. Susan M.. Boyer.. Eleanor Boylan.. Alistair Boyle.. Gerry Boyle.. Michael Bracken.. Lisa Brackmann.. James Bradberry.. Ray Bradbury.. Tom Bradby.. Laura Bradford.. Mike Bradford.. Alan Bradley.. Laura Bradley.. Mel Bradshaw.. Jacklyn Brady.. John Brady.. Liz Brady.. Rachel Brady.. Malcolm Braly.. Pamela Branch.. Christianna Brand.. Michael Brandman.. Ali Brandon.. Jay Brandon.. Ruth Brandon.. Gyles Brandreth.. Kathy Brandt.. Mary Branham.. Sandra Brannan.. Bill Branon.. James Brant.. William Brashler.. Lilian Jackson Braun.. Braun.. Gary Braver.. Freda Bream.. Herbert Brean.. Don Bredes.. Jon L.. Breen.. Allison Brennan.. Carol Brennan.. William Breton.. Alex Brett.. John Michael Brett.. Michael Brett.. Simon Brett.. Barbara Bretton.. Gil Brewer.. Steve Brewer.. David Brierley.. Elizabeth Bright.. Emily Brightwell.. Toni Brill.. Mary Bringle.. Thomas Gately Briody.. Andrew Britton.. Vickie Britton.. Tony Broadbent.. Suzanne Brockmann.. Brod.. William Brodrick.. Frances Brody.. Jan Brogan.. Brooke.. Carl Brookins.. Christopher Brookmyre.. Kirsty Brooks.. Larry Brooks.. Grace Brophy.. Daniel Broun.. Carter Brown.. Dale Brown.. Dan Brown.. Duffy Brown.. Fredric Brown.. Lizbie Brown.. Molly Brown.. A.. Brown.. Rita Mae Brown.. Sandra Brown.. Steve Brown.. Howard Browne.. Marshall Browne.. Robert Gregory Browne.. Browne.. Sinclair Browning.. James Brownley.. Alison Bruce.. Leo Bruce.. Maggie Bruce.. Ken Bruen.. Anthony Bruno.. Don Bruns.. Bill Bryan.. Kate Bryan.. Michael Bryan.. Mollie Cox Bryan.. John Buchan.. Edna Buchanan.. Patrick Buchanan.. Carla Buckley.. Fiona Buckley.. William F.. Buckley Jr.. Leslie Ann Budewitz.. Luisa Buehler.. Joe Buff.. W.. Buffa.. Carole Buggé.. Richard Bulliet.. Robin Burcell.. Pat Burden.. John Burdett.. Lucy Burdette.. Alafair Burke.. Declan Burke.. James Lee Burke.. Jan Burke.. Thomas Burke.. Burley.. Mark Burnell.. Caroline Burnes.. R.. Burnett.. Rex Burns.. Anne Burton.. Mary Burton.. Miles Burton.. Milton T.. Burton.. Roger Busby.. Siân Busby.. Frederick Busch.. Christopher Bush.. Nancy Bush.. Jim Butcher.. Gwendoline Butler.. Robert Olen Butler.. Michael Butterworth.. Button.. Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli.. Ellen Byerrum.. Barbara Ninde Byfield.. Max Byrd.. Tanya Byrne.. James Byrom..

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  • Title: SYKM Authors -C-
    Descriptive info: -C-.. Meg Cabot.. Elizabeth Cadell.. Mary Cahill.. Carol Cail.. Alan Caillou.. Chelsea Cain.. James M.. Cain.. Paul Cain.. Tom Cain.. Hamilton T.. Caine.. Leslie Caine.. James Calder.. Laura Caldwell.. Susanna Calkins.. Liam Callanan.. Kate Calloway.. Candy Calvert.. Henry Calvin.. Austin S.. Camacho.. Bill Cameron.. Dana Cameron.. Kenneth Cameron.. Lindy Cameron.. Andrea Camilleri.. Aifric Campbell.. Ann Campbell.. Chester D.. Campbell.. Gordon Campbell.. Karen Campbell.. Robert Campbell.. Alexander Campion.. Anne Canadeo.. Dorothy Cannell.. Stephen J.. Cannell.. Victor Canning.. Taffy Cannon.. Rebecca Cantrell.. Thomas Caplan.. Diane Capri.. Lorenzo Carcaterra.. Mike Carey.. JoAnna Carl.. Lillian Stewart Carl.. Marjorie Carleton.. Kate Carlisle.. Philip Carlo.. Patricia Carlon.. Massimo Carlotto.. Alyse Carlson.. Carlson.. Harry Carmichael.. Haggai Carmon.. Carol Carnac.. David Carnoy.. Gianrico Carofiglio.. Carpenter.. Sally Carpenter.. H.. Z.. Carr.. Alex Carr.. Caleb Carr.. Carol K.. Glyn Carr.. John Dickson Carr.. Lauren Carr.. Philippa Carr.. Philip J.. Carraher.. Jennifer Lee Carrell.. Donna Carrick.. Warren Carrier.. Tori Carrington.. Grace Carroll.. Carroll.. Terry Carroll.. Rosalind Carson.. Alan Carter.. Charlotte Carter.. Maureen Carter.. Nick Carter.. Paula Carter.. Sammi Carter.. Stephen L.. Carter.. Caroline Carver.. Carver.. Tania Carver.. Heron Carvic.. Rayo Casablanca.. Dave Case.. John Case.. Donis Casey.. Elizabeth Lynn Casey.. Jane Casey.. Kathryn Casey.. Dixie Cash.. Wiley Cash.. Vera Caspary.. Michael Cassutt.. Holli Castillo.. Linda Castillo.. Jayne Castle.. Richard Castle.. Michael Castleman.. Mark de Castrique.. Joy Castro.. Bailey Cates.. Sarah Caudwell.. William J.. Caunitz.. Thomas B.. Cavanagh.. Chris Cavender.. Carol Caverly.. Henry Cecil.. Marie Celine.. Marc Cerasini Alice Alfonsi.. Karen Rose Cercone.. Michael Chabon.. Challinor.. Joanna Challis.. Mary Challis.. Simon Challis.. Christopher Chambers.. Peter Chambers.. David Champion.. Cassandra Chan.. Jessie Chandler.. Raymond Chandler.. Henry Chang.. Leonard Chang.. Elizabeth Chaplin.. Sally Chapman.. Helen Chappell.. Joelle Charbonneau.. Hampton Charles.. Kate Charles.. Nora Charles.. Paul Charles.. Leslie Charteris.. Charlie Charters.. Jerome Charyn.. Elaine Raco Chase.. Erika Chase.. James Hadley Chase.. Philip Chase.. Thomas Chastain.. Daniel Chavarria.. Elliott Chaze.. Suzanne Chazin.. Susan Taylor Chehak.. Sean Chercover.. George Chesbro.. Marion Chesney.. Jacques Chessex.. Peter Chester.. Chesterton.. Peter Cheyney.. Lee Child.. Lincoln Child.. Laura Childs.. Chisholm.. Meg (Margaret) Chittenden.. Sam  ...   David Cole.. Emma Cole.. Julian Cole.. Martina Cole.. Meredith Cole.. Evelyn Coleman.. Reed Farrel Coleman.. Manning Coles.. Eoin Colfer.. Chris Collett.. Barbara Colley.. Deryn Collier.. Barbara Collins.. Kate Collins.. Max Allan Collins.. Michael Collins.. (Dennis Lynds).. Natalie R.. Collins.. Wilkie Collins.. Jennifer Colt.. (Barbara) Comfort.. Jodi Compton.. Arthur Conan Doyle.. Susan Conant.. Jessica Conant-Park.. Richard Condon.. Edward Conlon.. Joe Connelly.. Michael Connelly.. Connington.. John Connolly.. Sheila Connolly.. Alex Connor.. Beverly Connor.. John Connor.. Nancy Connor.. Rose Connors.. Joseph Conrad.. Patrick Conrad.. Albert (Al) Conroy.. Constantine.. Sara Conway.. Simon Conway.. Kent Conwell.. Alan Cook.. Bob Cook.. Bruce (Alexander) Cook.. Bruce Cook.. Glen Cook.. Cook.. Judith Cook.. Robin Cook.. Thomas H.. Troy Cook.. E.. Cooke.. Cameron Cooke.. Lesley Cookman.. Deborah Coonts.. Stephen Coonts.. Brian Cooper.. Cooper.. Mike Cooper.. Natasha Cooper.. Susan Rogers Cooper.. Robert Coover.. Rick Copp.. Basil Copper.. Copperman.. David Corbett.. Gary Corby.. Tom Corcoran.. Michael Cordy.. Douglas Corleone.. Edwin Corley.. Elizabeth Corley.. Michael Cormany.. Patricia Cornwell.. Lucha Corpi.. Boyd Correll.. John Corrigan.. John Joyce Corrington.. Peter Corris.. Amy Corwin.. Corwin.. Miles Corwin.. Desmond Cory.. Elizabeth Cosin.. Shelley Costa.. Gordon Cotler.. Colin Cotterill.. Eileen Coughlan.. Coughlin.. Catherine Coulter.. Courtier.. Caroline Cousins.. Mat Coward.. Cox.. Michael Cox.. George Harmon Coxe.. Cleo Coyle.. Matt Coyle.. Michael Craft.. Alisa Craig.. Daniel Edward Craig.. David Craig.. Elizabeth Spann Craig.. James Craig.. Philip R.. Craig.. Robert Crais.. Rebecca Cramer.. Cheryl Crane.. Frances Crane.. Hamilton Crane.. Dean Crawford.. Isis Crawford.. Max Crawford.. Robert Crawford.. David Cray.. John Creasey.. Adam Creed.. John Creed.. Camilla T.. Crespi.. Gina Cresse.. Jasmine Cresswell.. Lesley Crewe.. Michael Crichton.. Robert Crichton.. Bill Crider.. William Crisp.. Edmund Crispin.. David Cristofano.. Rupert Croft-Cooke.. Freeman Wills Crofts.. Deborah Crombie.. Elsie Cromwell.. Ellen Crosby.. Amanda Cross.. James Cross.. David A.. Crossman.. Blake Crouch.. Donna Fletcher Crow.. John Crowe.. Ann Crowleigh.. Laura Crum.. James Crumley.. Lonnie Cruse.. Jennifer Crusie.. Daniel da Cruz.. Carol Culver.. Charles Cumming.. V.. Cunningham.. Thomas Rendell Curran.. Jack Curtis.. Peter Curtis.. Richard Curtis.. Sandy Curtis.. Ursula Curtiss.. Clare Curzon.. Clive Cussler.. Judith Cutler.. Ron (Roland) Cutler.. Stan Cutler..

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  • Title: SYKM Authors -D-
    Descriptive info: -D-.. Mary Daheim.. Arne Dahl.. O.. Dahl.. Don Dahler.. Catherine Dain.. Celia Dale.. John Dale.. Sarah D Almeida.. Carroll John Daly.. Elizabeth Daly.. Barbara D Amato.. Don D Ammassa.. Jeanne M.. Dams.. Shirley Damsgaard.. Freeman Dana.. John Dandola.. Jordan Dane.. Cindy Daniel.. David Daniel.. Glyn Daniel.. Casey Daniels.. Harold R.. Daniels.. Claire Daniels.. Philip Daniels.. Gloria Dank.. Denise Danks.. Frederic Dannay.. William R.. Dantz.. Emma Darcy.. Christopher Darden.. Lila Dare.. John Darnton.. Elizabeth Darrell.. Evelyn David.. James F.. David.. Leif Davidsen.. Diane Mott Davidson.. Eileen Davidson.. Hilary Davidson.. Lionel Davidson.. Freda Davies.. Martin Davies.. Robertson Davies.. Carol Anne Davis.. Cindy Davis.. Dee Davis.. Dorothy Salisbury Davis.. Gordon Davis.. Madison Davis.. Kaye Davis.. Kenn Davis.. Krista Davis.. Kyra Davis.. Lindsey Davis.. Marc Davis.. Mildred Davis.. Nageeba Davis.. Patrick A.. Davis.. Thomas D.. Val Davis.. Tim Davys.. Cecil Dawkins.. David Laing Dawson.. Janet Dawson.. Dianne Day.. Marele Day.. Marlis Day.. Babs Deal.. William DeAndrea.. Anna Dean.. Jason Dean.. Dean.. Norman Deane.. Elizabeth Dearl.. Jeffery Deaver.. David Debin.. Hal Debrett.. John DeCure.. Ed Dee.. Dicey Deere.. Marie Dees.. Jim DeFelice.. Maurizio de Giovanni.. Len Deighton.. Peter de Jonge.. Carl Dekker.. Ted Dekker.. Michael Delahaye.. Anders de la Motte.. Kathleen Delaney.. Vicki Delany.. Michael de Larrabeiti.. Lillian De La Torre.. Jana DeLeon.. Barbara Delinsky..  ...   Dobson.. William Dobson.. Stephen Dobyns.. David Dodge.. James L.. Docherty.. Richard Doetsch.. Paul (P.. C) Doherty.. Paul Doiron.. Harry Dolan.. Gaylord Dold.. Hildegarde Dolson.. Dominic.. Anabel Donald.. (Don) Donaldson.. Claire Donally.. Philip Donlay.. Deborah Donnelly.. John Donohue.. Felicia Donovan.. Truly Donovan.. Margaret Doody.. Mike Doogan.. Richard Dooling.. Jerome Doolittle.. Nadine Doolittle.. Sean Doolittle.. William Doonan.. Renate Dorrestein.. Tim Dorsey.. James D.. Doss.. Vicki Doudera.. Louise Doughty.. Carole Nelson Douglas.. John Douglas.. John E.. Douglas.. Lauren Wright Douglas.. Michael Douglas.. Donald McNutt Douglass.. Ruth Downie.. David Downing.. Tim Downs.. Peter Doyle.. Alison Drake.. Rebecca Drake.. Nick Drake.. Shannon Drake.. Sarah Dreher.. Davis Dresser.. Eileen Dreyer.. Lee Driver.. Jeremy Dronfield.. Joan Druett.. Charles Drummond.. Ivor Drummond.. Jack Drummond.. Joan M.. Drury.. Alex Dryden.. Dublin.. Brendan DuBois.. Peter Duchin.. Jack Du Brul.. Karen Dudley.. Trevor Dudley-Smith.. David Duffy.. Margaret Duffy.. Maureen Duffy.. Stella Duffy.. Robert Dugoni.. Ann Dukthas.. Margaret Dumas.. Daphne du Maurier.. David Dun.. Peter Dunant.. Sarah Dunant.. Sophie Dunbar.. Tony Dunbar.. Alice Duncan.. Dave Duncan.. Elizabeth J.. Duncan.. Rod Duncan.. Sharon Duncan.. Glenn Duncan.. Patricia Duncker.. Wayne D.. Dundee.. Tracy Dunham.. Jan Dunlap.. Susan Dunlap.. Helen Dunmore.. Alan Dunn.. Carola Dunn.. Matthew Dunn.. Sharon Dunn.. Dorothy Dunnett.. Kaitlyn Dunnett.. John Dunning.. Jeremy Duns.. Francis Durbridge.. Liam Durcan.. Laura Durham.. Michael Allen Dymmoch..

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  • Title: SYKM Authors -E-
    Descriptive info: -E-.. Jack Early.. Daniel Easterman.. Sam Eastland.. Don Easton.. Michael C.. Eberhardt.. Mignon G.. Eberhart.. Wessel Ebersohn.. Glen Ebisch.. Marjorie Eccles.. Umberto Eco.. Eddenden.. Paul Eddy.. Dorothy Eden.. Les Edgerton.. Rosemary Edghill.. Robert Edric.. Grace F.. Edwards.. Martin Edwards.. Ruth Dudley Edwards.. Åke Edwardson.. Jennifer Egan.. Lesley Egan.. Clive Egleton.. Anthony Eglin.. Peggy Ehrhart.. Jack Ehrlich.. Kit Ehrman.. Selma Eichler.. Bill Eidson.. Barry Eisler.. Kerstin Ekman.. Robert Elegant.. Gerald Elias.. Aaron Elkins.. Charlotte Elkins.. Stanley Ellin.. Richard Ellington.. Bruce Elliott.. Lance Elliot.. David Ellis.. Kate Ellis.. Robert Ellis.. Ron Ellis..  ...   Howard Engel.. Enger.. Leif Enger.. Lin Enger.. Thomas Enger.. Paul Engleman.. Englert.. Brenda English.. Elizabeth Engstrom.. Michael Ennis.. John Enright.. Ephron.. Hallie Ephron.. Tom Epperson.. Paul E.. Erdman.. Erickson.. Walter Ericson.. Kjell Eriksson.. Kathleen Ernst.. Margaret Erskine.. Barry Estabrook.. Loren D.. Estleman.. Jen Estes.. Olive Etchells.. Helen Eustis.. Janet Evanovich.. Christy Evans.. Elaine Evans.. Eric C.. Evans.. Geraldine Evans.. Jimmie Ruth Evans.. Jon Evans.. Liz Evans.. Mary Anna Evans.. Penelope Evans.. Stanley Evans.. Stephanie Jaye Evans.. Brian Evenson.. Crabbe Evers.. David Everson.. Percival Everett.. Robert Eversz.. Chris Ewan.. Elizabeth Eyre..

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  • Title: SYKM Authors -F-
    Descriptive info: -F-.. Monika Fagerholm.. Fagyas.. Terence Faherty.. Warren Fahy.. Roger Fairbairn.. Nancy Fairbanks.. Linda Fairstein.. Colin Falconer.. Giorgio Faletti.. Richard Falkirk.. Ann C.. Fallon.. Martin Fallon.. Diane Fanning.. Jerrilyn Farmer.. Christopher Farnsworth.. Gillian B.. Farrell.. Henry Farrell.. John Farris.. John Farrow.. Howard Fast.. Julius Fast.. Robert Fate.. Sebastian Faulks.. Christa Faust.. Ron Faust.. Quinn Fawcett.. Adam Fawer.. Fawkes.. Kim Fay.. Lyndsay Faye.. Kenneth Fearing.. Connie Feddersen.. John R.. Feegel.. Dean Feldmeyer.. Ruth Fenisong.. Tony Fennelly.. Elizabeth Fenwick.. Caryl Férey.. Frances Ferguson.. Trevor Ferguson.. Will Ferguson.. Zoë Ferraris.. Ferrars.. Robert Ferrigno.. Gordon Ferris.. Monica Ferris.. Dan Fesperman.. Jasper Fforde.. Fickling.. Chrystle Fiedler.. Jacqueline Fiedler.. Joy Fielding.. Tricia Fields.. Sharon Fiffer.. Christy Fifield.. Charles Finch.. Joseph Finder.. Timothy Findley.. Peter Heath Fine.. Gerrie Ferris Finger.. David Fingerman.. Honora Finkelstein Susan Smily.. Patricia Finney.. Jane Finnis.. Bruno Fischer.. Robert L.. Fish.. Steve Fisher.. Dorsey Fiske.. Barbara Fister.. Conor Fitzgerald.. Bill Fitzhugh.. Flo Fitzpatrick.. Judy Fitzwater.. Anthony Flacco.. John A.. Flanagan.. Richard Flanagan.. Scott Flander.. Sean Flannery.. Fleischman.. Ian Fleming.. Irene Fleming.. Joan Fleming.. Oliver  ...   Jeffrey Ford.. Leslie Ford.. Susan Ford.. Chris Forman.. Steven M.. Forman.. Forrest.. Katherine V.. Richard Forrest.. Rebecca Forster.. Frederick Forsyth.. Karin Fossum.. Norm Foster.. Sara Foster.. Christopher Fowler.. Earlene Fowler.. Jimmy Fox.. Kathryn Fox.. Barbara Fradkin.. Clare Francis.. Dick Francis.. Dorothy Francis.. Felix Francis.. Joan Francis.. Ruth Francisco.. John Francome.. Valerie Frankel.. Ariana Franklin.. Eugene Franklin.. Tom Franklin.. Michael Frase.. Anthea Fraser.. Antonia Fraser.. Sara Fraser.. Anne Frasier.. Andrew Frazer.. Margaret Frazer.. Robert Caine Frazer.. Sunny Frazier.. Shelly Fredman.. Jack Fredrickson.. Freedman.. Nicolas Freeling.. Brian Freeman.. Gwen Freeman.. Mary Freeman.. Austin Freeman.. Brian Freemantle.. Celia Fremlin.. Christy Tillery French.. Judith E.. French.. Linda French.. Nicci French.. Roy French.. Tana French.. Jamie Freveletti.. James N.. Frey.. Stephen Frey.. Shelley Freydont.. Daniel Friedman.. Kinky Friedman.. Mickey Friedman.. Philip Friedman.. Agnete Friis.. Inger Frimansson.. Susan Froetschel.. David Frome.. Sara Hoskinson Frommer.. Mark Frost.. Scott Frost.. Leonardo Padura Fuentes.. David Fuller.. Roger Fuller.. Timothy Fuller.. David Fulmer.. Eileen Fulton.. Nakamura Fuminori.. Ruthe Furie.. Nicola Furlong.. Alan Furst.. Dale Furutani.. Jim Fusilli.. Jacques Futrelle.. Frances Fyfield..

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  • Title: SYKM Authors -G-
    Descriptive info: -G-.. Diana Gabaldon.. Tom Gabbay.. Émile Gaboriau.. Reg Gadney.. Rick Gadziola.. Ed Gaffney.. Leighton Gage.. Gager.. Maurice Gagnon.. Michelle Gagnon.. Sarah Gainham.. Leonce Gaiter.. Nick Gaitano.. Gillian Galbraith.. Yasmine Galenorn.. Bente Gallagher.. Stephen Gallagher.. Menna Gallie.. John Galligan.. Kate Gallison.. Joseph R.. Garber.. Eric Garcia.. Carolina Garcia-Aguilera.. Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza.. Meg Gardiner.. Ashley Gardner.. Erle Stanley Gardner.. John Gardner.. Lisa Gardner.. Brian Garfield.. William Garner.. Randall Garrett.. Benjamin Garrick.. Andrew Garve.. Julie Garwood.. Joe Gash.. Jonathan Gash.. Dimitri Gat.. Matt Gattzden.. William Campbell Gault.. Paul L.. Gaus.. Tim Gautreaux.. Rick Gavin.. William Gay.. Alison Gaylin.. Louise Gaylord.. Brad Geagley.. Gearino.. Susan Geason.. Barbara Reichmuth Geisler.. Roberta Gellis.. Ira Genberg.. Michael Genelin.. Sulari Gentill.. Christine Gentry.. Anne George.. Elizabeth George.. Kathleen George.. Kaye George.. Nelson George.. Sara George.. Philippe Georget.. Daryl Wood Gerber.. Carin Gerhardsen.. Shane Gericke.. Tess Gerritsen.. Peter Gethers.. David Gethin.. Brent Ghelfi.. Leah Giarratano.. Tony Gibbs.. William Gibson.. Thomas Gifford.. Anthony Gilbert.. Harriett Gilbert.. Michael Gilbert.. Kenneth Giles.. Anton Gill.. Gill.. Bartholomew Gill.. Dorothy Gilman.. Noreen Gilpatrick.. John Gilstrap.. Mark Gimenez.. Alicia Giménez-Bartlett.. Debra Ginsberg.. Sibella Giorello.. Danielle Girard.. Jaqueline Girdner.. Giroux.. Victor Gischler.. Michele Giuttari.. Joseph Glass.. Leslie Glass.. Matthew Glass.. Hal Glatzer.. Friedrich Glauser.. Melissa Glazer.. Joseph Mark Glazner.. Janet Gleeson.. Jeanne Glidewell.. Alan Glynn.. Ken Goddard.. Robert Goddard.. John Godey.. Ellen Godfrey.. Christine  ...   James Grady.. Bruce Graeme.. David Graeme.. Roderick Graeme.. Grafton.. Sue Grafton.. Barbara Graham.. Caroline Graham.. Graham.. Heather Graham.. James Graham.. Mark Graham.. Winston Graham.. Sara Gran.. Jean-Christophe Grangé.. Ann Granger.. Bill Granger.. Pip Granger.. Ambrose Grant.. Andrew Grant.. [1968-].. Andrew Grant.. (Grant Shanks).. Anne Underwood Grant.. Barry Grant.. Ellie Grant.. Helen Grant.. Linda Grant.. Maxwell Grant.. Teresa Grant.. Tracy Grant.. Lesley Grant-Adamson.. Jan Grape.. Sarah Graves.. Alex Gray.. Dulcie Gray.. Gallagher Gray.. John MacLachlan Gray.. Malcolm Gray.. Russell Gray.. Stephen Gray.. Mark Greaney.. Thomas Greanias.. Chuck Greaves.. Camilla Grebe.. Alex Grecian.. Andrew M.. Greeley.. Alan Green.. Anna Katharine Green.. Chloe Green.. Christine Green.. Edith Piñero Green.. George Dawes Green.. James Green.. Kate Green.. Norman Green.. Tim Green.. Graham Greene.. Linda Greenlaw.. Stephen Greenleaf.. Greenwood.. John Greenwood.. Kerry Greenwood.. Robert Greer.. Michael Gregorio.. Susanna Gregory.. Gregson.. Lois Greiman.. Paul Grescoe.. Dorien Grey.. Leonard Gribble.. Jackie Griffey.. Annie Griffin.. Bill Griffin.. Terrell Griffin.. Laura Griffin.. Griffin.. Nicola Griffith.. Elly Griffiths.. Terry Griggs.. Kate Grilley.. Martha Grimes.. Terris McMahan Grimes.. Charlotte Grimshaw.. Lucretia Grindle.. James Grippando.. John Grisham.. Wayne Grogan.. Andrew Gross.. Paul Grossman.. Beth Groundwater.. Frank Gruber.. Michael Gruber.. Bryan Gruley.. Heather Gudenkauf.. Judith Guest.. Fred Guilhaus.. Patricia Guiver.. Robert van Gulik.. Elizabeth Gunn.. Sally Gunning.. Batya Gur.. David Gurr.. Patricia Gussin.. Beth Gutcheon.. Allan Guthrie.. Amy Gutman.. Peter Guttridge..

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  • Title: SYKM Authors -H-
    Descriptive info: -H-.. Derek Haas.. Wolf Haas.. Micah S.. Hackler.. Haddad.. Jane Haddam.. Lisa Haddock.. Joan Hadley.. Margaret Haffner.. David Hagberg.. Jean Hager.. William Haggard.. Isidore Haiblum.. Brian Haig.. P.. Hailey.. Carolyn Haines.. Kathryn Miller Haines.. Rebecca M.. Hale.. Adam Hall.. Angus Hall.. Geoffrey Holiday Hall.. Gregory Hall.. James W.. Hall.. Linda Hall.. Malinda M.. Mary Bowen Hall.. Matthew Hall.. Oakley Hall.. Parnell Hall.. Patricia Hall.. Robert Lee Hall.. Russ Hall.. Tarquin Hall.. William H.. Hallahan.. Brett Halliday.. (all Shayne books by all authors).. (Davis Dresser).. (Robert Terrall).. Gemma Halliday.. Michael Halliday.. Timothy Hallinan.. Lorie Ham.. Barbara Hambly.. Barbara Hamilton.. Denise Hamilton.. Donald Hamilton.. Ian Hamilton.. Laurell K.. Hamilton.. Lyn Hamilton.. Steve Hamilton.. Victoria Hamilton.. Lotte Søren Hammer.. Petra Hammesfahr.. Dashiell Hammett.. Gerald Hammond.. June Hampson.. Lynette Hampton.. Janice Hamrick.. Penny Hancock.. Elizabeth Hand.. Ron Handberg.. David Handler.. Lauren Haney.. Sophie Hannah.. Ezra Hannon.. Irene Hannon.. Derek Hansen.. Jim Michael Hansen.. Joseph Hansen.. Ron Hansen.. Rick Hanson.. Palma Harcourt.. Paul Harding.. Mollie Hardwick.. Phil Hardwick.. Cyril Hare.. Harlick.. Terry Harknett.. Brian Harper.. David Harper.. Karen Harper.. Paul Harper.. Richard Harper.. Tom Harper.. Jonathan Harrington.. Joyce Harrington.. Patricia Harrington.. William Harrington.. Charlaine Harris.. Harris.. Fred Harris.. Joanne Harris.. Lee Harris.. Oliver Harris.. Robert Harris.. Rosemary Harris.. Tessa Harris.. Thomas Harris.. Colin Harrison.. Cora Harrison.. Harry Harrison.. Jamie Harrison.. Janis Harrison.. Jim Harrison.. Mike Harrison.. Ray Harrison.. Will Harriss.. Cynthia Harrod-Eagles.. Donald Harstad.. Carolyn Hart.. Ellen Hart.. Erin Hart.. Jeanne Hart.. John Hart.. Roy Hart.. Hartley.. Honor Hartman.. Gini Hartzmark.. Clay Harvey.. James Neal Harvey.. John Harvey.. Michael Harvey.. Patricia Harwin.. John Harwood.. Seth Harwood.. Michael Haskins.. Chris Haslam.. Nicholas Hasluck.. Graham Hastings.. Robin Hathaway.. Illona Haus.. Peter Hautman.. Steven F.. Havill.. Richard Hawke.. Simon Hawke.. Sam Hawken.. Robert Hawkes.. Anne Hawking.. James Hawkins.. Hawley.. Hayden.. Mo Hayder.. Hayes.. Jonathan Hayes.. James Hayman.. Haymon.. Conrad Haynes.. Dana  ...   Hearn Hill.. Brenda Hill.. Christopher Hill.. Joe Hill.. John Spencer Hill.. Kaye C.. Hill.. Marion Moore Hill.. Reginald Hill.. Russell Hill.. Sasscer Hill.. Susan Hill.. Suzette A.. Mischa Hiller.. Anne Hillerman.. Tony Hillerman.. Kathleen Hills.. David Hiltbran.. John Buxton Hilton.. Matt Hilton.. James Hime.. Chester Himes.. Charlotte Hinger.. Rolando Hinojosa.. Naomi A.. Hintze.. Naomi Hirahara.. Reece Hirsch.. Alfred Hitchcock.. Jane Stanton Hitchcock.. William Hjortsberg.. Tami Hoag.. Roger Hobbs.. Edward D.. Hoch.. Steve Hockensmith.. Anne Hocking.. Ken Hodgson.. Peter Høeg.. Alice Hoffman.. Cara Hoffman.. Jilliane Hoffman.. William Hoffman.. Chuck Hogan.. Sara Sue Hoklotubbe.. Charles Hogarth.. Teri Holbrook.. Craig Holden.. Isabelle Holland.. Jane Holleman.. Lee Hollis.. Timothy Holme.. Holmes.. Rupert Holmes.. Joyce Holms.. Holt.. Anne Holt.. Hazel Holt.. Victoria Holt.. Hugh Holton.. Susan Holtzer.. Donald Honig.. Evelyn Hood.. William Hood.. Kay Hooper.. Brian A.. Hopkins.. George Hopley.. Ruby Horansky.. Stephen Horn.. Geoffrey Horne.. Doug Hornig.. Wendy Hornsby.. Anthony Horowitz.. Renee B.. Horowitz.. Jørn Lier Horst.. Royal Horton.. Lesley Horton.. Sydney Hosier.. David Hosp.. Carolyn Hougan.. Jim Hougan.. Hough.. Geoffrey Household.. David Housewright.. Eve Houston.. Victoria Houston.. Joan Hall Hovey.. Linda Howard.. Melodie Johnson Howe.. Dorothy Howell.. Katherine Howell.. Lis Howell.. Brendan Howley.. Richard Hoyt.. Tom Hron.. Hubbard.. Anna Lee Huber.. Maria Hudgins.. Harriet Hudson.. Jeffery Hudson.. Frederick D.. Huebner.. Tanya Huff.. Dave Hugelschaffer.. Roy Huggins.. Charlotte Hughes.. Colin Hughes.. Declan Hughes.. Dorothy B.. Hughes.. Mary Ellen Hughes.. Linda Joffe Hull.. Richard Hull.. Hulland.. Fergus Hume.. Humphreys.. Vicky Hunnings.. Harry Hunsicker.. Alaric Hunt.. Andrew Hunt.. Ayn Hunt.. David Hunt.. Howard Hunt.. James Patrick Hunt.. Kyle Hunt.. Morgan Hunt.. Alan Hunter.. Ellen Elizabeth Hunter.. Evan Hunter.. Fred Hunter.. Gary Hunter.. Gwen Hunter.. Jack D.. Hunter.. Maddy Hunter.. Stephen Hunter.. Graham Hurley.. Gregg Hurwitz.. Charlie Huston.. Ewart Hutton.. John Hutton.. Elspeth Huxley.. Elise Hyatt.. Anthony Hyde.. Christopher Hyde.. Eleanor Hyde.. Adrian Hyland.. Tom Hyman.. Noel Hynd.. Julie Hyzy..

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  • Title: SYKM Authors -I-
    Descriptive info: -I-.. Takis Judy Iakovou.. Jack Iams.. Iceberg Slim.. Ed Ifkovic.. David Ignatius.. Francis Iles.. Greg Iles.. Peter Inchbald.. Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson.. India Ink.. Michael Innes.. Roy Innes.. William Irish.. Elizabeth Ironside.. Robert Irvine.. Karen Irving.. Susan Isaacs.. Jane Isenberg.. Kazuo Ishiguro.. Roberta Isleib.. Graham Ison.. Judith K.. Ivie.. Claude Izner.. Eugene Izzi.. Jean-Claude Izzo..

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  • Title: SYKM Authors -J-
    Descriptive info: -J-.. Clarence Jackson.. Hialeah Jackson.. Jon A.. Jackson.. Lee Jackson.. Lisa Jackson.. Loretta Jackson.. Marian J.. Shirley Jackson.. Jonnie Jacobs.. Nancy Baker Jacobs.. Alan Jacobson.. Sue Ann Jaffarian.. Jody Jaffe.. Michele Jaffe.. Michael Jahn.. Ryan David Jahn.. Jane Jakeman.. John Jakes.. Bill James.. Brèni James.. Darrell James.. Dean James.. Miranda James.. James.. Peter James.. Russell James.. Steven James.. Wendy James.. Hanna Jameson.. Jance.. Diane Janes.. Robert Janes.. Trish Janeshutz.. Anna Jansson.. Sebastien Japrisot.. Quintin Jardine.. Nancy Lynn Jarvis.. William Jaspersohn.. Charlotte Jay.. Michael Jecks.. William Jefferies.. Paul Jeffers.. Jefferson.. Roderic Jeffries.. Emyl Jenkins.. Geoffrey Jenkins.. Jerry Jenkins.. Rebecca Jenkins..  ...   Sarah Jio.. Michael Joens.. Matti Joensuu.. Iris Johansen.. Roy Johansen.. Cathie John.. Katherine John.. Veronica Parker Johns.. Barbara Johnson.. Bett Reece Johnson.. Claire M.. Johnson.. Craig Johnson.. Dolores Johnson.. Richard Johnson.. Dorothy Johnston.. Linda O.. Johnston.. Paul Johnston.. William A.. William Johnston.. Seppo Jokinen.. Chris Morgan Jones.. Craig Jones.. Jones.. Darynda Jones.. Sydney Jones.. Merry Jones.. Solomon Jones.. Stan Jones.. Susanna Jones.. Tamara Siler Jones.. Tobias Jones.. Weyman Jones.. Christopher Bonn Jonnes.. Jordan.. Chris Jordan.. Jennifer Jordan.. Jennifer L.. Christine T.. Jorgensen.. Alison Joseph.. Joshi.. Morag Joss.. Joyce.. Alan Judd.. Bob Judd.. Daniel Judson.. William Judson.. Christian Jungersen.. Mari Jungstedt..

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