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    Descriptive info: .. It is with deep regret that I have to inform you that the Sovereign Independent has now run its course and due to, among other things, lack of interest, support and financing we have had no choice but to cease publication of this newspaper.. Over the last few years, although we have had phenomenal success against all odds, having printed hundreds of thousands of copies of the Sovereign Independent for distribution throughout Ireland and the Uk, and have woken up and educated many, we have also had much opposition.. Surprisingly much of this has come particularly from the alternative fringe and so-called "Sovereign Movement"- including hate-mail, profane names and personal insults and character assassinations against myself, colleagues and supporters of the Sovereign Independent through certain online virtual conspiracy "radio" shows and websites etc.. My name and personal details have been published on Facebook as well as my private text messages - both genuine and fake.. Unfortunately, some members of my family have witnessed this abuse, which has been embarrassing to say the least.. It is very difficult to carry on when individuals who are supposed to  ...   world.. I would be surprised if they do not "kick me while I am down", as it were, when this web-page circulates, which will corroborate my case even more.. In any case, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank those of you who have supported the Sovereign Independent over the years, by helping to finance the paper, distribution and submission of articles.. I particularly would like to thank those who have been colleagues of mine, without whom this paper would never have existed in the first place.. It has been an interesting and sobering experience over the last five years but most good things rarely last forever.. To those individuals, and there has been many of them, I sincerely apologise for the cessation of this newspaper.. Over the last five years I have met many people who have become valuable and trusted personal friends of mine and will remain so.. I, myself, will be concentrating my efforts and time into looking after, and spending time with, my family and loved ones through the difficult times ahead.. Thank you, and God bless.. Dave Derby - Editor..

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