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  • Title: Turning Pages
    Descriptive info: .. Saturday, October 12, 2013 07:31:08 AM.. Copyright 2000-2012 Turning Pages.. http://www.. turning-pages.. com/.. Site Map.. Contact us..

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  • Title: Contact--the Movie
    Descriptive info: Contact.. is the property of.. Warner Bros.. This is a NON-PROFIT, UNOFFICIAL fan site maintained.. for the purpose of film commentary and criticism only.. No trademark or copyright infringement intended..

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  • Title: Turning Pages -- Al's Mafalda Page
    Descriptive info: (c) Quino.. Español.. /.. English.. Mafalda.. is the best-known creation of the brilliant Argentine cartoonist.. Quino.. (Joaquín Salvador Lavado, b.. July 17, 1932, in Mendoza).. Quino is one of the few cartoonists who combines a rich sense of humor with sharp social commentary.. Disclaimer and Copyright Notice.. Mafalda and  ...   This is an unofficial, nonprofit fan site, not affiliated with, or authorized by Quino.. No infringement of copyright is intended.. Design and original content are Copyright (c) 2005 Turning Pages.. The.. Official Quino Home Page.. can be found at.. clubcultura.. com/clubhumor/quinoweb/.. Awarded by.. World Place.. , January 1998.. com/mafalda/..

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  • Title: Al's X-Files Page: Episode Guide, Who's Who, Writers, Directors, and more.
    Descriptive info: Info.. Stuff.. alt.. tv.. x-files.. Schedule.. WWW forum.. See also.. Disclaimer:.. The X-Files.. TM.. and.. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.. These are UNOFFICIAL and non-profit fan pages intended for informational, commentary and criticism purposes only, under the.. fair use.. section of the.. Copyright Law.. No copyright or trademarks infringement intended..

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  • Title: The X-Files 101: Episode guide, Who's Who, Writers, Directors, and more
    Descriptive info: version.. X.. September 1999 - present.. x.. Contents.. Acknowledgments.. Introduction.. x.. Who's Who.. Episode Guide.. Fight the Future.. The Big Picture.. Writers.. Directors.. Q A.. AppendiX.. Glossary.. Related Sites.. IndeX.. text version.. (about 200 KB).. Disclaimer and Legal Notice.. and its related companies.. All rights reserved..  ...   prohibited.. This web site, its operator(s), and any content contained on this site relating to The X-Files are not authorized by Fox.. These are unofficial and non-profit fan pages intended for informational, commentary and criticism purposes only, under the.. section of.. No copyright or trademark infringement intended..

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  • Title: Stacey - Caterconn Memorial Website | front page
    Descriptive info: July 1967 - December 1998.. Please forgive the mess as we move into our new digs.. This will house the Stacey-Carterconn Memorial Website as we get it completed.. We aren't quite ready for visitors yet, but when we are, you'll see that this paragraph is gone.. In the meantime, if you have any comments, suggestions or just want to say 'hello' the email address is on the bottom of every page.. Stacey.. how can we sum it up in a short introduction? Either you knew her or you didn't.. If you didn't, well.. you missed out.. Why not check  ...   liking, or you might find it tacky and in poor taste.. But that doesn't really matter anymore.. We can't bring her back, so here we celebrate her life, and remember her just as she was: someone very dear to us, and who would have been the first one LMAO!!! and ROTFLMAO!!! at this entire site.. Main index.. Bannner, pop-up, ad free.. mirror site.. donated by Al Ruffinelli.. - Guestbook -.. Sign.. ||.. View.. main.. || current ||.. links.. misc.. faq.. mirror.. ||.. This website was done by:.. Stacy-Carterconn Memorial WebsiteTeam.. In memory of.. Stacey.. web site comments to.. stacey_carterconn@yahoo.. com..

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  • Title: The Carter Connection / The Chris Carter Home Page
    Descriptive info: Read the.. META-DISCLAIMER.. The main misconception of me is that I'm some.. kind of sci-fi maven.. People would be surprised.. to learn that I'm really the guy next door, not a.. paranoid, kook or crank.. Chris Carter.. He somehow understands where people are.. vulnerable and has an acute sense of what makes.. us afraid and what we are fearful of.. This web site is dedicated to Chris Carter, whose.. genius I admire, creativity I marvel and killer smile.. well, let's just say I wouldn't mind if he.. were.. the.. guy next door!.. Surf this site.. Index.. The Chris Carter  ...   -----Episode Guides/Reviews.. -----Fan Fiction/Parody/Romantics.. -----Fun/Games/Quiz.. -----Movie.. -----Non-English/Area Specific.. -----Online Mags - Features.. -----Pics/Sounds.. -----X-Links/Rings.. --AOL.. --The Biz.. --Desktop.. --Forums.. --Players.. -----Various Players.. -----David Duchovny/Mulder.. -----Gillian Anderson/Scully.. -----Lance Henriksen/Frank Black.. -----Brad Dourif.. -----Mitch Pileggi.. -----Nicholas Lea.. -----Agent Pendrell.. -----William B.. Davis.. --Stores/Merchandise.. --Related Sites.. -----Millennium related.. -----X-Files Related.. -----The Truth Is Out There.. Miscellaneous.. Disclaimer/Info.. this site was created by.. Stacey O.. - march/1997 ---.. this site was last updated - dec/1998.. Disclaimer.. :.. The X-Files.. , and.. MillenniuM.. are registered trademarks and protected by copyright by.. Twentieth Century FOX.. ,.. Ten Thirteen Productions.. All commercial, non-personal use is strictly prohibited..

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  • Title: Turning Pages -- Site map
    Descriptive info: General Table of Contents.. (the movie).. (English).. (Español).. (mirror).. Stacey--The Carterconn Memorial Website.. The X-Files 101.. Contact Form.. (Feedback).. Detailed Table of Contents.. Ellie.. The Signal.. The Message.. The Machine.. The Journey.. The Truth.. Credits and Links.. Comments.. FX.. Discussion.. 1997.. 1998.. 1999.. 2000.. 2001.. 2002.. 2003.. In English:.. Characters.. Books.. Gallery.. Mini-FAQ.. Wallpaper.. Icons.. In Spanish:.. Personajes.. Libros.. Galería.. Papel Tapiz.. Iconos.. Sus Comentarios.. Comentarios Anteriores.. Más Mafalda.. [mirror].. Meta-Disclaimer.. Site Info.. Site map.. Stacey - Carterconn Memorial Website.. best of.. afterthoughts.. Sign the Guestbook.. (at Geocities).. View the Guestbook.. X-Files Short Episode Guide.. Season 1.. Season 2.. Season 3.. Season 4.. Season 5.. Season 6.. Season 7.. X-Files Quick Reference--HTML.. X-Files Quick Reference--TEXT.. Season 8 scam.. X-Files Links.. The X-Files EXPO in Vallejo..  ...   the infamous alt.. x-files stats.. Ode to alt.. Second ode to alt.. x-files Al FAQ.. x-files Al Quiz.. x-files recipe.. Addicted to Al.. Mambo #X.. Scully's Tech Support.. upcoming episodes.. on fX.. XF Schedule.. from Fox.. The X-Files in Syndication.. Misc.. x-files 20 questions.. x-files FAQ.. Text Version (about 200 k).. Who's Who--Mulders.. Who's Who--Scullys.. Who's Who--Friends.. Who's Who--Foes.. Who's Who--FBI.. Who's Who--Others.. Who's Who--XF Crew.. Episode Guide Plus.. ( 100 KB).. EG: Season 1.. EG: Season 2.. EG: Season 3.. EG: Season 4.. EG: Season 5.. EG: Season 6.. EG: Season 7.. Episode Credits.. Credits: Season 1.. Conspirators.. BP: Season 1.. BP: Season 2.. BP: Season 3.. BP: Season 4.. BP: Season 5.. BP: Season 6.. BP: Season 7.. Guest Cast.. (Feedback; comments, questions)..

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  • Title: Turning Pages: Feedback/Comentarios
    Descriptive info: Your Name / Su Nombre.. Your e-mail / Su direccion.. Subject / Asunto.. Your comments or questions / Sus comentarios o preguntas:.. Attention: In order to filter out spammers using this form,.. you must type in the following phrase EXACTLY, without the quotes:.. Atencion: Para evitar abusos de este formulario, debe.. escribir la frase siguiente EXACTAMENTE, menos las comillas:.. this is not spam..

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  • Title: Contact [Ellie]
    Descriptive info: Ellie:.. CQ.. This is W-9 GFO here.. Come back.. This is W-9 GFO.. Is anybody out there? I'm not getting anything.. Ted:.. Small moves, Ellie, small moves.. Voice:.. Copy W-9 GFO.. K-4 WLD here.. What do I say?.. Just be yourself.. Where are you, K-4 WLD? Come back.. Pensacola, over.. Pensacola.. Where's Pensacola?.. I'll give you a hint: Orange juice.. Copy that, K-4 WLD.. How's the weather down there in Florida?.. Could we talk to China?.. On a really, really clear day.. Could we talk to the Moon?.. Well, if it's a big enough radio, I don't see why not.. Could we talk to Jupiter? Or.. what's the one after that? Don't tell me.. I'll give you a hint: Hula hoops.. Saturn.. Could we talk to Saturn?.. Uh-hum.. Dad, could we talk to mom?.. I don't think even the biggest radio could reach that far.. Dad, do you think there's people on other planets?.. I don't know, Sparks.. But I guess I'd say.. if it is just us.. it seems like an awful waste of space.. I'm gonna need a bigger antenna.. --Ellie.. I think it's great that you listen.. Most people don't do that anymore.. --Kent.. Kent:.. And Dr.. Arroway here will be spending her precious telescope time listening for.. uh.. listening for.. hummm.. Little Green Men.. Palmer:.. Nice to meet you, Ellie.. What are you studying up there?.. Well, the usual.. Nebulae, quasars, pulsars, stuff like that.. What are you writing?.. The usual.. Nouns, adverbs, adjectives.. Still waiting for ET  ...   there wasn't, it would be an awful waste of space.. I know you can't see it now, but I'm doing you a favor.. That's great.. You're far too promising a scientist to be wasting your gifts on this nonsense.. Look, I don't consider what could potentially be the most important discovery of the human race nonsense, ok? There's 400 billion stars.. And only two probabilities.. One, there.. is.. intelligent life out there but it's so far away you'll never contact it in your lifetime, and two.. You're making a decision.. Two.. , there's nothing out there but noble gases and carbon compounds, and you're wasting your time.. In the meantime, you won't be published, you won't be taken seriously, and your career will be over before it's begun.. So what?.. It's.. my.. life!.. You wanna hear something really nutty? I heard of a couple guys who wanna build something called an.. airplane.. You know, you get people to go in, and fly around like birds.. It's ridiculous, right? And what about breaking the sound barrier, or rockets to the moon, or atomic energy, or a mission to Mars? Science fiction, right? Look, all I'm asking is for you to just have the tiniest bit of vision.. You know, to just sit back for one minute and look at the big picture.. To take a chance on something that just might end up being the most profoundly impactful moment for humanity, for the history.. of history.. |.. This is an UNOFFICIAL fan site..

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  • Title: Contact [The Signal]
    Descriptive info: Why don't they just speak English?.. --New Mexico Senator.. Kitz:.. Your having sent this announcement all over the world may well constitute a breach of national security.. This isn't a person-to-person call.. You can't possibly think that a civilization sending this kind of message would intend it just for Americans.. The broadcast of the '36 Olympics was the first television transmission of any power that went into space.. That they recorded it and sent it back is simply a way of saying 'hello, we heard you.. '..

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    Archived pages: 385