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  • Title: Internet Theatre Database
    Descriptive info: .. Search.. Show.. Person.. Theatre.. Song Title.. Character/Role.. Production Role.. More search options.. On this date.. Opened:.. 1.. Marlowe.. 2.. Hurry, Harry.. 3.. Jesus Christ Superstar.. 4.. Call Me Madam.. Closed:.. Simply Heavenly.. Mask and Gown.. The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby.. Your Arms Too Short to Box With God.. Full Listing.. Login.. You are currently not logged in.. On the Boards.. Broadway.. Off-Broadway.. National Tours.. Regional.. About ITDb.. ITDb About/FAQ.. Copyright info.. Advertising info.. Submission info.. Staff Support.. ITDb Poll.. Sitemap.. What is your favorite theatre website?.. Playbill.. com.. Internet Broadway Database.. Internet Theatre Database.. Other.. The Internet Theatre Database.. By the fans for the fans.. Welcome to our new release.. We are working to provide you with even more of what you want.. Please have a look around.. We appreciate any.. feedback.. Voting and user comments are now available! Tell us what are your favorites and duds.. Welcome to the.. un.. official history of theatre as provided by you and your fellow theatre fans.. A lot has changed at ITDb since our last update.. After a lot of time and effort, we have decided to completely open up our database to anyone and everyone! We hope that means that all theatre will be represented and given its just emphasis.. We are actively looking for people willing to give a few hours a week to help maintain and update this site and its information.. If you wish to take part either send e-mail to.. staff-support@theatredb.. com.. or check out the.. Staff pages.. to see how we are organized.. Where We've  ...   us you head shot and resume and we will make sure that it gets into our database (after verifying its accuracy, of course).. Send requests to.. resume@theatredb.. Found an Error.. We are aware that errors are in our database.. We are trying to fix the typos and the omissions, but you are our best source of information.. If you find an error, just click on the.. Errors/Additions.. (coming soon, for now send an e-mail to.. theatre@theatredb.. ) link and make the necessary corrections/additions.. This should greatly increase the accuracy and fill the gaps.. Or, volunteer for our.. staff.. and really make a difference.. Free Database/Free Advertising.. The information in this database is (and will be) free for all to use.. Also, on our.. downloads page.. we will periodically dump our database free to all who wish to download it and use for whatever you wish (noncommercial use only please).. Since this information is being provided by you, we feel that you should have free access to it for your needs.. This applies solely to the factual information contained in the database.. Any reviews or user supplied comments are authorized only for use within the Internet Theatre Database and cannot be reproduced without our and the authors permission.. In addition, we now support totally free advertising! That's right no more paid adds and jewelry stores.. If you wish to advertise with us, check out our.. Advertising page.. on what we will and will not accept and drop us a line at.. advertising@theatredb.. The.. Internet Theatre Database.. Copyright.. 1999-2007 Keith Scollick.. All Right Reserved..

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  • Title: ITDb Search
    Descriptive info: Found an error?.. Are we missing something?.. Errors/Additions Page.. Search the Internet Theatre Database.. Need some tips?.. Show:.. Exact.. Fuzzy.. Person:.. Theatre:.. Season:.. (Enter start year of season).. Off-Broadway.. Note:.. Seasons are arbitrarily defined as beginning June 1 and ending May 31 the following year.. Character/Role:.. Song Title:.. Current & Upcoming:.. On This Date:.. Month.. Day.. January.. February.. March.. April.. May.. June.. July.. August.. September.. October.. November.. December.. Search Tips.. In general, you can type in all or part of what you are looking for (.. i.. e.. typing.. the phantom.. will yield.. The Phantom of the Opera.. )..  ...   last.. ,.. first.. format is not supported.. Only.. first middle last.. format is supported (first and middle are optional, but all must be seperated by spaces).. A search will return all possible matches that fit the search unless there is only one match in which case that page is returned.. Theatre building searches are based upon the physical location of the building as opposed to the name (.. e.. g.. a search on the Helen Hayes Theatre will produce two results because the original Helen Hayes was torn down and the Little Theatre was then renamed to the Helen Hayes)..

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  • Title: ITDb: Show Query:
    Descriptive info: Show Information.. Scenes.. Musical Numbers.. Cast Information.. Original.. Current.. Replacements.. Full Cast.. Other Information.. Awards.. Links.. Related Shows.. Schedule.. Reviews.. External Reviews.. User Comments.. Voting.. (.. -.. ).. Type:.. Place:.. Previews:.. *.. Performances:.. Running Time:.. An.. *.. means that the value is either not known or has different published values.. User Rating:.. 10.. 00/10 (1 vote).. Artistic/Production Staff.. Full Artistic/Production Staff.. Original Cast.. Full Original Cast.. User Comments.. I have seen this show and would like to.. comment.. on it..

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  • Title: ITDb: On this Date October 12
    Descriptive info: On This Date October 12.. Shows.. Patti LuPone on Broadway.. (1995).. Mixed Emotions.. (1993).. Mastergate.. (1989).. (1981).. 5.. (1972).. 6.. (1971).. 7.. Conduct Unbecoming.. (1970).. 8.. Entertaining Mr.. Sloane.. (1965).. 9.. (1950).. Jubilee.. (1935).. (1986).. Today, I am a fountain pen.. (1980).. The Flip Side.. (1968).. Festa Italiana.. (1966).. Miss Lonely Hearts.. (1957).. Four Winds.. Mr.. Peebles and Mr.. Hooker.. (1946)..

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  • Title: ITDb Login
    Descriptive info: Please enter your username and password below:.. Username:.. Password:.. Not Register?.. Sign up here..

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  • Title: ITDb: Current show on Broadway
    Descriptive info: Current and Upcoming Show on Broadway.. Show Type.. Opening Soon (next 60 days).. None.. In Previews.. Officially Open and Running.. 42nd Street.. Ford Center for the Performing Arts.. Revival/Musical.. Aida.. Palace Theatre.. Musical.. Amour.. Music Box Theatre.. Play, Comedy.. Barabra Cook in Mostly Sondheim.. Vivian Beaumont Theatre.. Concert.. Beauty and the Beast.. Lunt-Fontanne Theatre.. Cabaret.. Studio 54.. Kit Kat Klub.. Chicago.. Sam S.. Shubert Theatre.. Richard Rodgers Theatre.. Contact.. Dance.. Dance of the Vampires.. Minskoff Theatre.. Flower Drum Song.. Virginia Theatre.. 11.. Fortune's Fool.. 12.. Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune.. Belasco Theatre.. 13.. Hairspray.. Neil Simon Theatre.. 14.. I'm Not Rappaport.. Booth Theatre.. Revival/Play, Comedy.. 15.. Into  ...   the Square.. Play.. 20.. Morning's at Seven.. Lyceum Theatre.. 21.. Movin' Out.. 22.. Oklahoma!.. Gershwin Theatre.. 23.. Private Lives.. 24.. Proof.. Walter Kerr Theatre.. Non-musical.. 25.. Rent.. Nederlander Theatre.. 26.. The Boys From Syracuse.. American Airlines Theatre.. 27.. The Full Monty.. Eugene O'Neill Theatre.. 28.. The Goat of Who Is Sylvia?.. John Golden Theatre.. Play, Drama.. 29.. The Graduate.. Plymouth Theatre.. 30.. The Lion King.. New Amsterdam Theatre.. 31.. The Man Who Had All the Luck.. 32.. Majestic Theatre.. 33.. The Producers.. St.. James Theatre.. 34.. The Tale of the Allergist's Wife.. Ethel Barrymore Theatre.. 35.. Thoroughly Modern Millie.. Marquis Theatre.. 36.. Topdog/Underdog.. Ambassador Theatre.. 37.. Urinetown.. Henry Miller's Theatre..

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  • Title: ITDb: Frequently Asked Questions
    Descriptive info: Internet Theatre Database FAQ.. Our Mission.. The Internet Theatre Database is to provide all aspects of theatre information free of charge.. Who are you?.. This question is asked more times than not, and we have been a bit hestitant to answer.. But, with our recent changes we feel you should get a clear picture of who we are.. The ITDb is the work of Keith Scollick.. For more information about him check out.. his page.. Why are we doing this?.. Ever since the.. Internet Movie Database.. was developed, we've been waiting for someone to do the same thing for theatre.. Finally, we stopped waiting and decided to do it ourselves.. You do know about the Internet Broadway Database?.. Yes.. We are happy that Broadway can be offically documented and commend the League for their efforts.. We at ITDb hope to go a bit further and include all realms of professional theatre as well as document the living history of theatre.. What do you mean by living history of theatre?.. As an art form, theatre is more than who did what or who played what in a show.. It is as much about the experience of seeing or being involved in the show that makes theatre special.. At ITDb we want to capture those moments, and we would like you to supply it.. Using our User Comments section, please tell us what it was like for you.. This keeps the show living long after it has closed.. What's this association with Talkin' Broadway?.. Their.. site and our's have formed an association in an effort to provide the best possible information together.. Each site will continue to be independently owned and operated.. But now, you can find the facts here and read.. their.. excellent articles.. We ultimately hope the benefit of this association is your's.. Where is the information for.. We are slowly building the information in the database.. We have basic information (opened, closed, performances,.. etc.. on most Broadway shows since 1975, and most Broadway musicals for the past 50+ years.. Complete cast and production lists exist for only select years (this takes a longer amount of time).. Can I help?.. Most certainly! We have a.. page describing the  ...   on.. Where's London, Off-Broadway, National Tours, Regional Theatre?.. We had to start somewhere.. Broadway information is easier to come by.. So, it makes a logical place to start.. The database is designed to integrate other theatre locations.. We have started to add Off-Broadway and Regional Theatre.. For now, we are stickly with U.. S.. professional theatre, but hope to expand with international versions.. Why don't you have images, logos, pictures,.. ?.. We are trying.. Unfortunately, our efforts to get the necessary permission to display show logos and images as well as theatre seating charts have met with resistance.. Currently, we don't have the money to pay a licensing fee.. Our suggestion is for you to let places like Playbill and Ticketmaster know how you feel, and maybe we can persuade them into allowing this to occur.. When we have proper permission we will include this art into our pages.. Until that time, we will not violate copyrights.. Where's [enter your favorite missing feature]?.. We couldn't do everything right off the bat, or we would never get done.. How we proceed from here is mainly up to you.. Send.. us.. feedback of what you want, and we'll get a good feel about where to go from here.. How do I do.. ?.. We've setup some basic searches based upon what we think most people will want.. As time grows, we'll add more advanced searches.. feedback as to what you want.. I have a special request.. As time permits, we can accommodate special requests (.. research projects, publications,.. You call yourselves ITDb, yet your URL is theatredb.. You caught us.. We were slow on the uptake, and itdb.. com was taken.. So, we've gone with theatredb.. com and theaterdb.. Is is theatredb.. com or theaterdb.. com?.. Either will work.. As to "re" vs.. "er", that's a philosophical debate we don't want to get into.. We use "re" throughout the site to be consistent.. Can I advertise on your site?.. We'd be glad if you did.. See our.. advertiser's page.. for details.. What is the copyright on the data?.. Please check our.. copyright statement.. Can I display your pages on my site (or in publications)?.. Can I link to your site?..

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  • Title: ITDb Copyright Statement
    Descriptive info: Copyright Statement.. All information in this site is © 1999-2002 by Keith Scollick and all parties associated with the.. Reproduction, distribution or transmission by any means without the prior permission of an authorized member of the Internet Theatre Database is prohibited.. All rights reserved.. Use and distribution or data by e-mail, BBS, Web site,.. is encouraged though we ask that you reference the.. and provide a link to.. http://www.. theatredb.. The data provided can be used freely for any all purposes provided they fall within the following guidlines:.. No fee is charged (implicit or explicit) for the use and distribution of this data.. The  ...   (in whole or part) from this site must contain explicit reference to the.. and.. User comments and other reviews contained on this site are the property of.. CANNOT.. be redistributed or republished with authorized written consent.. The data is provided as is with no guarantee as to the accuracy of any information contained unless otherwise explicitly stated.. Links outside of the theatredb.. com domain should not be considered as an endorsement by the Internet Theatre Database (unless explicitly set as such).. All material on said sites are outside the pervue of the Internet Theatre Database, and we accept no responsibility for any information contained therein..

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  • Title: ITDb: Advertise for Free
    Descriptive info: Free Advertising on the Internet Theatre Database.. Yes, you read that right.. Advertising on the Internet Theatre Database is FREE!.. Got a show, got a web site - let the Internet Theatre Database get the word out to theatre lovers everywhere.. We at ITDb are  ...   can reach them, too.. Advertise with us and get the word out.. The only limitation we put on advertising is that it is theatre related.. No more jewerly stores and other unrelated ads.. Please send e-mail to.. on how to get your ads on our site..

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  • Title: ITDb: Submission Guidelines
    Descriptive info: Submission Guidelines.. We've added a new.. Excel 97 template.. ! Please try it out.. We're happy you made it here.. If we were to try to enter all this data by ourselves, we would never get done.. So, this is where you can help us.. If you've seen a show, have a.. , or just know of things we've missed or haven't put in yet, drop.. a line.. While we will take any information in any (electronic) format you give us, there are even better ways to get your valuable data in quicker.. Just follow the template guidelines below, and it will take.. no time to get it into the database.. But, remember one important thing, please tell.. the source of  ...   [job]||first middle last.. Actors [role]||first middle last||[start date]||[end date]||[under].. Not all information is needed.. Couple of gotchas in our formating.. names that have spaces in them should be enclosed in "".. place is Broadway, London,.. show type should be Musical, Non-musical, or something similar.. include under only if actor's role was an understudy.. Here's a simple example.. A Delicate Balance||04/21/1996 9/29/1996||Plymouth Theatre 27||186 Broadway||Revival/Non-musical Production Presented by||"Lincoln Center Theater" By||Edward Albee Director||Gerald Gutierrez Sets||John Lee Beatty Costumes||Jane Greenwood Lighting||Pat Collins Sound||"Aural Fixation" General Manager||Steven C.. Callahan Stage Manager||Michael Brunner Stage Manager||Richard Hester Press||Susan Chicoine Press||Merle Debuskey Press||Philip Rinaldi Actors Agnes||Rosemary Harris Tobias||George Grizzard Claire||Elaine Stritch Harry||John Carter Edna||Elizabeth Wilson Julia||Mary Beth Hurt Edna||Rosemary Murphy Agnes/Edna||Patricia Kilgarriff||||||under Tobias/Harry||William Cain||||||under Claire/Edna||Barbara Andres||||||under ||Charlotte Maier||||||under..

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  • Title: ITDb Staff Support
    Descriptive info: As a completely independent run site, we need your help.. The Internet Theatre Database is a volunteer group of individuals committed to archiving and catalogizing professional theatre.. This is a large task and any help is appreciated.. To get things going, we have listed the following positions that need to be filled.. You don't have to be a database or web programming guru (if you are, so  ...   features will come at a much slower rate.. If you wish to volunteer or get more information, please send an e-mail to.. Position.. E-mail.. Founder.. Keith Scollick.. keith@theatredb.. Broadway Play Specialist.. Open.. Broadway Musical Specialist.. Glen J.. Beck.. musicals@theatredb.. Off-Broadway Specialist.. obr@theatredb.. Regional Theatre Specialist.. National Tour Specialist.. Current show Specialist.. Actor Specialist.. Artistic/Production Staff Specialist.. Theatre (buildings) Specialst.. Lead Programmer (Web and otherwise).. Database Specialist.. Content Editor..

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