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  • Title: TheImage.com HomePage
    Descriptive info: .. What am I?.. my first Apple ibook.. it should go on sale in December in.. the Apple bookstore.. 100+ items in the same category.. as my.. CloseUp Gallery.. Agates and Jaspers - by ron gibbs.. only about 50 copies remain and it.. will be sold out.. Thanks everyone!.. theimagebooks.. com.. Macworld 2002 Presentation.. 3D Animation an Introduction.. Download.. This stuffit archive contains.. a mini-WEB site with the presentation.. (~2.. 9 MB).. Mineral Gallery.. Property data on 172 minerals and 866.. photos.. Some minerals have photos.. from multiple locals.. Gemstone Gallery.. Property data of 20+ different gem minerals,.. and 150+ photographs of 50+ gemstone.. colors and variations.. Gemstone Gallery II.. Expanded information and 700+ new photos.. greatly expanded info on agates jaspers.. also on synthetics (inlcuding animations!).. 57 closeup images of parts of things.. try to look at the image and guess.. what it might be.. (Answers too).. Digital Photography.. 30 pages and  ...   to Faceting.. 20+ pages on Faceting, historical look,.. equipment, laps, rough, terminology,.. and an abbreviated step by step guide.. Geology 101 - notes.. based on the book The Dynamic Earth.. notes on many chapters and topics.. (added Nov 2005).. Bibliography.. Minerals Gemstones.. A listing of the reference books I use to get.. physical property data and historical facts.. for the mineral and gemstone pages.. Gifology.. The study of GIF! Many aspects of the GIF file.. discussed in detail, including animation!.. MIAMUG.. The mid-Michigan, tri-cities Macintosh Club.. Now with its own site!.. WEB Master's Page.. Philosophy, links, and the usual run of the mill!.. Please send Questions or Comments using e-mail to.. the webmaster.. All images are Copyright 1996- 2007 theImage.. com unless otherwise noted for useage polices please see.. guide lines.. Cheerwine is a TradeMark of the Carolina Beverage Corporation.. All pages were created on Macintosh Computers,.. using Adobe PhotoShop, BBEdit, and Adobe GoLive..

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  • Title: Closeup TOC
    Descriptive info: Click on any image above to begin at that point.. CloseUp Gallery Explanation.. This gallery contains images which were created by focusing on a small portion of a larger object.. The images show a part of the whole, but never all of it.. They are representative of an area that is unique to the object or its class.. The first two photos provide enough information to identify the object.. The third photo is the "answer" and clearly shows the identity of the object.. The.. first image.. is (in my opinion)  ...   second.. The second image was taken from the same object, and is the.. "HINT" image.. The "HINT" image may be the same area as the first, but shot at a different angle.. Or it may be a shot from a different part of the object.. The "HINT" image is then used to click through to the final object , and provides the identity.. The first image is automatically displayed, putting the mouse over the first reveals the hint.. Clicking down on the hint reveals the answer.. First Image.. HINT.. ANSWER..

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  • Title: Minerals by Name
    Descriptive info: [MineralName].. (#photos).. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. v5.. 6.. acanthite.. (3).. aegirine.. (7).. analcime.. (2).. andalusite.. andradite.. anglesite.. (6).. anhydrite.. ankerite.. annabergite.. antimony.. apatite.. apophyllite.. (4).. aragonite.. arsenopyrite.. artinite.. atacamite.. augite.. autunite.. azurite.. (16).. babingtonite.. barite.. (8).. bastnasite.. benitoite.. beryl.. bismuth.. bixbyite.. (5).. boleite.. boltwoodite.. bornite.. boulangerite.. bournonite.. brazilianite.. brochantite.. brookite.. calcite.. (25).. carnotite.. cassiterite.. cavansite.. cerussite.. chalcocite.. chalcopyrite.. chalcotrichite.. chlorargyrite.. chrysoberyl.. chrysocolla.. cinnabar.. (10).. clinoclase.. collinsite.. cornetite.. cornubite.. corundum.. creedite.. crocoite.. cryptomelane.. cubanite.. cuprite.. cuprosklodowskite.. cyanotrichite.. cylindrite.. danburite.. datolite.. diopside.. dioptase.. (9).. dolomite.. (11).. enargite.. eosphorite.. epidote.. erythrite.. ettringite.. eudialyte.. feldspar.. (14).. ferberite..  ...   kinoite.. koettigite.. kutnohorite.. kyanite.. latrappite.. laumontite.. lazulite.. legrandite.. libethenite.. limonite.. magnesite.. magnetite.. malachite.. marcasite.. mesolite.. mica.. (21).. millerite.. mimetite.. molybdenite.. murmanite.. natrolite.. neptunite.. nontronite.. okenite.. olivenite.. olivine.. opal.. (18).. orpiment.. phurcalite.. piemontite.. prehnite.. pseudobrookite.. purpurite.. pyrargyrite.. pyrite.. pyrolusite.. pyromorphite.. quartz.. rhodizite.. rhodochrosite.. rosasite.. roselite.. rutile.. salammoniac.. scheelite.. scholzite.. scolecite.. siderite.. siegenite.. silver.. skutterudite.. smithsonite.. (13).. spangolite.. spessartite.. sphalerite.. spinel.. staurolite.. stibnite.. stilbite.. sillimanite.. strengite.. strontianite.. sulfur.. svanbergite.. tetrahedrite.. titanite.. topaz.. torbernite.. tourmaline.. uranophane.. uvarovite.. uvite.. vanadinite.. variscite.. vesuvianite.. vivianite.. wardite.. wavellite.. willemite.. wulfenite.. (19).. zoisite.. 172.. Minerals.. Photos Copyright 2002.. theImage.. 866.. Photographs..

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  • Title: Gemstone Home Page
    Descriptive info: NEW.. Mineral Gemstone Books.. NEW.. :.. Gemstones Part 2.. posted Nov 2008.. Andalusite.. Peridot.. Tanzanite.. Apatite.. Quartz.. Caringorm.. Amethyst.. Citrine.. Amatrene.. Dentritic.. Tourmalated.. Rutilated.. Agate.. Fire Agate.. Onyx.. Bloodstone.. Carneilian.. Aventurine.. Sardonyx.. Topaz.. Clear.. Imperial.. Blue.. Root beer.. Rutillated.. Beryl.. Yellow.. Green.. Cordierite.. Feldspar.. Orthoclase.. Labradorite.. Sunstone.. Moonstone.. Tourmaline.. Indicolite.. Rubellite.. Orange.. Watermelon.. Bi Tri color.. Fluorite.. Garnet.. Almandine.. Pyrope.. Rhodinite.. Spessartine.. Tsavorite.. Malaysian.. Sapphire.. Lavender.. Green.. Turquoise.. Morenci.. Lapis.. Scapolite.. Synthetics.. Cubic Zirconia.. Spinel.. Corundum.. Strontium Titanate.. Fiberlite.. Linde.. Chatham.. Malachite.. Opal.. Solid.. Brazilian.. Triplets.. Slocum Stone.. Sugilite.. Zircon..

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  • Title: gemstoneII
    Descriptive info: theimage.. how to facet.. Old Gemstones.. cabochon creation.. There are more than 700 new photos and animations (synthetics) in this expanded gem section.. More than 70 jaspers and agates have been identified and photographed.. I will be visiting Quartzsite Tucson in 2008, look for a few updaes upon my return.. andalusite.. amorphous.. obsidian.. amber.. moldavite.. beryl.. aquamarine.. bixbite.. emerald.. heliodor.. goeshite.. morganite.. charoite.. chrysocolla.. corundum.. ruby.. sapphire.. danburite.. amazonite.. labradorite..  ...   (technique).. jade.. kunzite.. lapis.. malachite.. opal.. peridot.. psilomaine.. quartz.. macrocrystalline.. amethyst.. ametrine.. caringorm.. citrine.. included.. rock crystal.. rose.. microcrystalline.. agate.. aventurine.. jasper.. petrified fossil.. prase.. tiger eye.. rhodonite.. scapolite.. spinel.. sugilite.. synthetic.. crab fire agate.. cubic zirconia.. fiber optic.. glass.. lapis lazuli.. linde star.. strontium titanate.. sugalite.. victoria stone.. blue topaz.. guerro topaz.. imperial topaz.. rutilated topaz.. white topaz.. bicolor.. dravite.. green.. indicolite.. peach.. rubelite.. yellow.. watermellon.. turquoise.. zircon.. tanzanite.. thulite..

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  • Title: TOC
    Descriptive info: Table of Contents.. What follows are the subject headings for this document.. The purpose of this document is to introduce you to Digital Photography, contrast it with traditional techniques, and describe how the photographs in the WEB site have been created.. I hope you will begin the process of experimenting with a digital camera, and developing new techniques to shot what ever your favourite topical subject matter might be.. The digital camera will free you from many of the concerns you may have had with traditional photography.. The film is fundamentally free, the turn around time is minutes not days, and with a computer and a little software you have a darkroom on your desktop.. ).. Traditional film.. - resolution vs.. Digital resolution.. - characteristics - film speed / shutter /  ...   to point.. 10.. - Image Size vs.. Storage (file size).. 11.. - JPEG compression.. 12.. - JPEG Optimization - Transform sharpen filters.. 13.. - Blur filters categories.. 14.. - Image Work-Up (Photoshop).. 15.. - Image Work-Up (Print vs.. WEB).. 16.. WEB ) - Part II.. 17.. Scanning.. - Linear Arrays - Schematic.. 18.. - Why higher resolutions?.. 19.. - Dynamic Range - other considerations.. 20.. Kodak PhotoCD.. - Resolution and quality.. 21.. Taking Photographs.. - Microscope old set-up.. 22.. - Microscope new set-up.. 23.. - Two lights Misc tools.. 24.. - Macro Flash Tricks Techniques.. 25.. - Jewelry the Bowl!.. 26.. - Gemstones the Bowl.. 27.. - Gemstones Part II.. 28.. Enhancing Photographs.. - Graded Backgrounds.. 29.. Summary of gemstone.. lighting - Summary of Photography Document.. 30.. Gallery (some example images)..

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  • Title: Introduction
    Descriptive info: Desktop Closeup Photography - Updated Presentation.. com 2007.. Home Page.. Table of Contents (TOC).. The following are the slides I am currently using in presentations to Rock Gem clubs on various aspects of digital photography These slides have additional text added to aid them in standing alone for use on the WEB.. I have had several requests to post this information for further review after my presentations.. (So here it finally is.. ) There is some repeat material from my previous section on Digital Photography, but most of this is updated information.. Fewer words - more pictures and.. You will also find several animations that are between 5MB and about 14MB, they are all in QuickTime format so the Quicktime player or equivalent will be needed to view them.. (You can obtain a quicktime player for Macintosh or Windows machines from.. Apple.. ) None of the animations are narrated as I do this during the live presentations.. I think most are self evident and can be understood without the narration.. Press the slide number to go to that slide.. Slide #.. Title or Subject.. Animation.. Slide Show with examples of close-up work - emphasis on table top work.. 4 MB.. Fundamental differences in exposure calculation.. Traditional photographic nomenclature - does it all mean the same in digital?.. Film resolution - how it is calculated.. Really simplified camera.. 6 MB.. How the f-stop value is calculated - the true rule of double and halve.. f - 1.. 42421.. 2 MB.. The IRIS as light valve.. 7a.. Cirlces of confusion I -  ...   other tools.. It's all done with mirrors,.. and paper, and foil, and other stuff.. A gemstone holder.. My first light chamber - the bowl revealed.. Why use a light chamber.. Add a simple light box.. Modify the bowl.. Metallic results from the bowl.. Gemstones and the bowl - minerals and the bowl.. A few final results via the bowl.. Ott not Ott - when is white actually white and why?.. Color Temperature - the chart - The best light bulbs.. The color of light - where to get those grayscale cards.. 31.. Camera white balance is a necessity not a feature.. 32.. Ultra simple - 3 ways to do one step color correction.. 33.. Jeffry Scovil - master of mineral photography - the book.. 34.. Simplified Scovil setup.. 35.. The Scovil results (well a least the type of results).. 36.. Ways to hold the best light bulbs.. 37.. Display stands and more backgrounds.. 38.. The photo cube - it packs flat and softens light.. 39.. Bigger is better - the cube again.. 40.. Some cube results.. 41.. Supporting gemstones on a larger scale.. 42.. Supporting cabochons.. 43.. Not supporting cabochons.. 44.. White with metallic high-lights - a real pain to light.. 45.. Floating a mineral sample.. 46.. Expensive backgrounds done on the cheap.. 47.. Gemstone - special lighting - improve the sparkle.. 48.. Connecting a digital camera to a third ocular scope.. 49.. Microscope camera adapters (from astronomy).. 50.. Problems with a Nikon D70 the microscope.. 51.. Using mini-TV cameras with a microscope.. 52.. References and other links of interest..

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  • Title: Def: Faceting
    Descriptive info: I was asked this year to give an introduction to faceting class at the Michigan Geology and Gemological Society seminar weekend.. While I do not consider myself to be a "big" faceter (actually on a per pound basis I guess I am), I do enjoy cutting an occasional piece of rough.. So I decided to use my other hobbies 3D Animation and digital photography to tell the story.. I am not a fan of any current presentation software on the market (PowerPoint in particular) so I have taken to using the WEB to put together presentations and provide resource material to others.. This also allows me to get double use of the material.. Let me say, in way of an introduction, that this will take you through the general steps of faceting a gemstone, but it is NOT designed to be an all inclusive class.. It is designed to increase your awareness of specific techniques used in gem cutting, and give you a "little glimpse" at the art of faceting.. It might make you more appreciative of all the work that goes on in creating a faceted gemstone.. For additional and often more in depth information see the last page with reference links to some sites on the WEB, reference books, and other places of interest.. ) Definitions.. I used to know what faceting was, but it may be changing and  ...   two gears.. can facet most stones 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 sided and still counting.. ) 96 Index Gear.. ) More stuff.. Other gears and gizmos.. ) The Generic Machine.. What does a faceting machine look like, and how does it operate.. is it really rocket science?.. 9a) Controls?.. What the various knobs, screws, protractors, and other "gizzes" do.. 9b) Cutting laps.. How many is enough, the art of scratching a stone.. ) Step by step - 1.. Get the rough, get a diagram, and DOP it up!.. 10a.. ) Refractive Index.. Helping align the stone on the DOP and finding out whats inside of the rough.. Using smelly things to help you get the best alignement.. ) Step by step - 2.. Cut a facet (maybe grind one is more accurate), then do it again, and again, and.. ) Step by step - 3.. Ready to polish a facet, find out the real secrets to polishing, and then it's time to use the "transfer block".. ) Step by step - 4.. Realigning the stone, and cutting the top half!.. ) Step by step - 5.. We save the tough part for last, polishing the table (not your coffee table).. 14a) Faceting Diagrams.. There are two kinds of diagrams, they read a little different.. ) Help!.. Hey! I show you were to get it, I don't necessarily supply it..

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  • Title: Untitled Page
    Descriptive info: com     Notes on Basic Geology.. The following are notes I created in 2002-2003 to aid in a class on geology.. They are based on the text book the Dynamic Earth (information below).. Notes created information organization based on the book:.. The Dynamic Earth.. - an introduction to physical geology.. Brian Skinner.. Stephen C.. Porter..   (.. further book information here.. also look at www.. wiley.. com for additional resource information.. Return  ...   to Physical Geology.. Overview of Physical Geology.. Atoms, Elements, Minerals - basic chemistry.. Volcanoes Magma - Igenous Rocks.. Weathering - understanding the sedimentation processes.. Sedimentary Rocks.. Metamorphic Rocks.. Mass wasting - floods, landslides, flows, etc.. Water Above the Ground - Rivers, Streams, Drainage.. Water Below the Ground - Ground Water.. Glaciers and their Role in Geology.. Oceans Lakes.. Wind the Deserts.. Time Deformation.. 8 15.. Earth Quakes.. Global Techtonics.. Total 106 pages..

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  • Title: Bibliography
    Descriptive info: I have been requested to post the list of books from which I collect the information for most of these pages.. The following is a partial list of my library of mineral and gemstone books collected over many years.. These are the references I use the most, although I do have others.. I have supplied the ISBN number where possible, and the price I paid for the book, but a few have been owned for 20 years, and I am sure they maybe out-of-print and/or more expensive now.. I also included a scanned image of the front cover in case you, like me, remembers the cover better than the title.. Keep in mind covers sometimes change too.. The question arrises, what is the ultimate beginners book? Humm, I have two favorites along mineralogy lines, and one favorite for gemstones.. My favorite mineralogy books are.. "Minerals of the World".. , and.. "Minerals,Identifying, classifying, and Collecting Them".. I lean a bit toward good photos (duh!), and these are good, relatively inexpensive books with really quality photographs.. The.. "Audubon".. book is probably the most comprehensive for physical property data, and comes in a close second.. In the gemstone arena, there is only one:.. "Gemstones of the World".. , excellent photos and good physical data.. I have loaned out at least three copies of the book and never got them back.. (It must be good, no you can't borrow my last copy.. get your own!).. The listing is in no particular order!.. Title:.. Minerals of the World.. Authors:.. Walter Schumann.. Publisher:.. Sterling Publishing Co.. Inc.. , New York 1992.. ISBN:.. 0-8069-8570-4.. List Price:.. $19.. 95.. Size:.. 25" x 8".. Pages:.. 224.. Comments:.. The minerals are arranged by Streak and then hardness.. The photographs are clean an well done.. The information is typically done in about 1/3 of a page with most pertinent mineralogical data supplied.. Environmental data is perhaps the weakest.. There are often two or more photo examples per mineral.. There are just over 500 minerals identified.. Looking up minerals requires extensive use of the index unless you know the streak color and hardness.. Top of page.. Gemstones of the World.. , New York 1977.. 0-8069-3088-8.. $24.. 256.. The gemstones are not organized in any particular way.. (Maybe by value?) The information provided is excellent and the photographs offer several good images of each material.. There are well over 1000 photos of different specimens and all are well lighted and clear.. Each material averages about 1/2- 1.. 5 pages of written information.. There is no price or value information provided except a general reference to values within a series of like materials.. Rocks and Minerals.. Chris Pellant.. Eyewitness Handbooks.. Dorling Kindersley Inc.. New York 1992.. 1-56458-061-x.. $17.. 75" x 8.. 5".. 255.. The minerals are arranged by their chemistry, native elements, oxides, sulfides, carbonates, etc.. Once into a category there appears to be no rhyme nor reason as to the ordering.. This book too is best used via the index.. The photos are clear and often have annotations pointing out additional features.. There is usually only one example per material.. There are about 500 minerals covered in the book.. The collection includes a variety of rock types at the end.. A diagnostic test is added for each mineral.. It makes a reasonable field guide for identification, but very weak in locals and historical data.. Gem Stones.. Cally Hall.. New York 1994.. 1-56458-498-4.. 160.. Page 38 contains a color key which is somewhat useful for indexing later descriptions.. The section on Cut stones is in no particular order, and once again the index is needed to find most things quickly.. The photos are good and most materials have more than one example.. The book covers about 130 varieties of gemstones.. No value information is supplied, not even within groups.. Photos contain many labels and comments.. The Encyclopedia of Gemstones and Minerals.. Martin Holden.. Michael Friedman Publishing Company, Inc.. 1991.. 0-8160-2177-5.. $45.. 00.. Size:.. 9" x 12".. 303.. The minerals are arranged alphabetically.. They are easy to look up by name.. Mineral physical data is given in column sides, and the text is very good at providing historical information and local information.. There is typically one photograph per mineral type, and they are excellent, photo quality and mineral quality.. There are also crystal drawings for many of the specimens showing a favorite habit.. I believe the book is excellent, and interesting reading, although I would like to see additional sample photos for each species described.. The book covers about 225 different minerals.. This is a book that rarely requires the index to find information.. The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Rocks and Minerals.. Charles  ...   materials not always found in other books.. Mineral Reference Manual.. Ernest H.. Nickel Monte C Nichols.. Van Nostrand Reinhold 1991.. 0-442-00344-7.. $16.. 6" x 9".. 250.. Comments:.. An alphabetical list of minerals that has minimal physical information and is cross referenced to one or more mineralogical journals or magazines.. It contains the typical information like chemical formulae, crystallography, hardness and specific gravity.. It is designed to be an up-to-date record of new minerals, with just enough information to aid in their possible diagnostics.. It contains NO photographs of any variety, it is predominantly text only, although there are very rare crystal habit images for selected samples.. There are more than 3500 minerals listed, typically about 15 per page, with very short summaries of information.. The Encyclopedia of Minerals and Gemstones.. Michael O'Donoghue.. Orbis Publishing Ltd.. ,London 1976.. 399-11753-9.. $22.. 50.. 304.. This book is likely out of print now.. The first half of the book is a fundamental text on geology with some information on gemstones and polishing.. It is organized around the idea that the reader is a collector.. The second half of the book is a listing of minerals organized by chemistry.. There are many small photos that are of good quality , but not one for each listing.. The mineralogical data is not complete for every specimen, but it has the formulae, name, and some additional data.. One good feature is a "very short" line that describes methods to clean specimens for display.. As with most of the books, you will spend most of your time in the index tracking down specimen information.. There are several well organized tables of physical properties in the appendix of the book.. Encyclopedia of Minerals 2nd Edition.. Willard L.. Roberts - Thomas J.. Campbell - George R.. Rapp Jr.. Van Nostrand Reinhold 1990.. This edition: Chapman Hall, New York.. 0-412-07831-7.. $125.. 75" x 11.. 980.. Considered by many to be the bible of mineralogy.. The book contains an alphabetical listing of more than 3000 minerals with more than 240 color photos.. The images are excellent quality, and many rare minerals are pictured.. Many are miniatures or micros.. There is less photo coverage of standard specimens and more images are rare or new materials.. The physical property data is good but not as comprehensive as it could be.. Every entry does have one or more references for additional data, and this is excellent.. The book is alphabetical with all images located in a central color section and referenced by number.. It is easy to find a material by name.. The index need rarely be used.. A guide to Minerals, Rocks and Fossils.. W.. R.. Hamilton, A.. Woolley, A.. C.. Bishop.. The Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited 1974.. none listed.. $4.. 98.. 5" x 7.. 75".. 320.. Probably out of print too This book is divided into three parts, with minerals, rocks and fossils.. There are about 220 minerals all with photos, about 90 rocks types with photos, and some 300 fossils with photos.. The minerals are organized by chemical type, oxides, sulfides, etc.. The photos are acceptable quality, but not remarkable.. The information is given on about 1/2 page per material, and contains the basic physical properties and little about occurrence.. It contains almost no associated mineral information.. The section on rocks may actually be more informative with reasonable photos, and small enhancing drawings providing additional information.. Simon Schuster's Guide to Rocks and Minerals.. Martin Prinz, George Harlow, Joseph Peters.. Simon Schuster Inc.. , N.. Y.. 1977-1978.. 0-671-24417-5.. $12.. 5" x 7.. 607.. Newer versions available.. Organized by chemical composition.. Photos are above average typically two minerals per page.. Only one photo of each mineral type.. Good supply of typical mineral data, with a drawing of crystal structure for each mineral.. Includes a section of information called "USES" which talks about the commercial utilization of the mineral or elements forming the mineral.. About 2/3 of book is dedicated to minerals and 1/3 to rocks.. 400+ minerals and about 100 rocks.. The rock photos are excellent.. Simon Schuster's Guide to Gems Precious Stones.. Kennie Lyman.. 1984.. 0-671-60430-9.. 384.. Newer versions probably available.. Gems are not organized in any particular order (a guess to the authors organiization might be by perceived value?) Photos are good for gemstones, and there are often two or more for any given material.. The physical property data takes up about 1 page on average for a mineral type, and then often several more pages describing characteristics of type members.. Data includes optical properties.. Synthetics are covered at the rear of the book.. 450 color photos and more than 100 gemstone materials are covered.. Good value forthe price!.. Minerals Page.. Gemstone Page..

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  • Title: Table of Contents
    Descriptive info: Understanding GIF Files GIF Animation.. Topics.. Description.. (size K-of page graphics).. Link.. GIF General Information.. General file format information, and references (links) to more information.. (12.. 7 K).. 1 page.. GIF Format, RLE Shape Sensitivity.. Explains how RLE (Run Length Encoding) works, and what graphic parameters effect it.. (31.. 4 K).. GIF Transparency.. Probably the easiest of the GIF properties to place in practice, and how some software provides extensions for transparency.. (35.. 9 K).. GIF and Gradients.. How to optimize the use of gradients in a drawing to achieve the smallest GIF file.. (51.. Anti-Aliasing.. Anti-aliasing is a form of gradient, and will increase the size of GIF files, and it can be detrimental to small text on the WEB.. (52.. 2 K).. GIF and the WEB Palette.. What to expect if you force the WEB palette on a continuous tone GIF image.. (39.. 8  ...   started!.. (45.. 3 K ) (40.. 3 K) (32.. 0 K).. 3 page.. Animation.. Animation: definition, examples, and introduction.. (79.. 5 K).. Animation Optimization.. Giving thought to the initial design of an animation can aid in producing compact file sizes.. There are also POST process reduction techniques.. (42.. 3 K) (50.. 4 K) (21.. 5 K) (27.. 4 pages.. GIF Disposal Methods.. The key to getting the results you want, but they only work on certain browsers.. Beware potential problems.. (15.. 5 K) (10 K) (8.. 3 pages.. GIF Timing Looping.. Animation speed, pausing for effect, and looping to help drive the viewer crazy.. 6 K).. GIF Translation Vectors.. (OFFSETS).. Moving small GIFs over a background can save a lot of memory, and makes some animation really easy.. A discussion of OFFSETS.. Updated Last: April 27, 1998.. Page Author:.. theimage1.. Return to.. http://www.. theimage.. com/animation/toc/toc.. html..

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