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  • Title: WACOG - Western Arizona Council of Governments
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Community Services.. Advocacy.. Request for Assistance Forms.. Case Management.. Community Involvement.. Housing Programs.. Housing Counseling.. Homelessness Prevention.. Social Service Block Grant Planning.. Telephone Assistance Program.. Utility Assistance.. Early Childhood.. Program Info.. Content Service Areas.. Child Development Services.. Nutrition Services.. Disabilities Services.. Health Services.. Social Services.. Governance.. Community Partnerships.. Head Start Centers.. Enrollment Application.. Contact Us.. Senior Services.. Services.. Direct Services.. Contracted Services.. Regional Council on Aging.. Senior Centers.. Service Locator.. Transportation.. Message from the Director.. Community Action Agency.. Volunteer Programs.. WACOG Library.. Events Calendar.. News.. Employment.. WACOG Application Process.. Job openings.. Webmail.. Tech Support.. Employee Login.. Site map.. Latest News.. More News.. Annual Report 2011.. Click here to  ...   Founded in 1971, WACOG is a governmental non-profit that is dedicated to serving its local jurisdictions, income challenged households, and vulnerable populations in Yuma, La Paz, and Mohave Counties.. WACOG works on a broad range of issues and programs including: the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Community Services Block Grant (CSBG), Head Start, Health, Low-Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP), Nutrition, Services for Older Americans, Social Service Block Grant (SSBG), Transit and Transportation, Tax and Income Policies, Weatherization Assistance, and Welfare Reform.. Upcoming Events.. May.. 8.. 2013.. Head Start Enrollment.. Read More.. |.. Community Services.. Early Childhood Services.. Senior Services.. Transportation Services.. Employment.. Site Map.. Home.. copyright WACOG.. Site by MGM Design..

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  • Title: Community Services - WACOG - Western Arizona Council of Governments
    Descriptive info: I want to.. Learn about other WACOG services:.. Learn about upcoming events.. Learn about Home Adaption for the elderly.. Become a volunteer.. The operative word for the WACOG Community Services is community.. Perhaps more than any other arm of WACOG, it is this function - with its plethora of services and programs - that wears the most human - and humane - of faces.. Male, female, infant, adult, senior.. anyone who needs assistance and who falls under the eligibility and residency guidelines can receive help from WACOG's Community Services.. Leading the way to reduce the ramifications of  ...   was established to mobilize resources to help families fight the consequences and move out of poverty.. CAP programs and services also assist local residents in identifying and resolving the problems that led to a poverty situation.. The staff additionally provides referral information about other services agencies in the community.. Contact Information.. Mohave County:.. WACOG.. 208 N 4th St.. Kingman, AZ 86401.. Phone: (928) 753-6247.. Fax: (928) 753-7038.. Hours of Operation:.. Monday - Friday.. 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.. Yuma County:.. 224 S 3rd Ave.. Yuma, AZ 85364.. Phone: (928) 782-1886.. Fax: (928) 329-4248.. 8:00 am - 5:00 pm..

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  • Title: Advocacy - WACOG - Western Arizona Council of Governments
    Descriptive info: In 2003 alone, Arizona utilities committed more than $1 million to the cause in complete cooperation with ACAA and its membership.. Western Arizona Council of Governments in conjunction with the Arizona Community Action Association (ACAA) has worked in partnership with all of Arizona's Utility companies to provide weatherization and bill assistance to  ...   Human Services Department advocates, on an as needed basis, on behalf of the Social Services Block Grant, Community Services Block Grant, Weatherization, Housing Rehabilitation, Emergency Assistance, Interagency Collaborations, Grass Roots Community Involvement, Utility Assistance, and any other factors that effect the low-income populace residing within Region IV and the State of Arizona..

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  • Title: Request for Assistance Forms - WACOG - Western Arizona Council of Governments
    Descriptive info: Coming Soon..

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  • Title: Case Management - WACOG - Western Arizona Council of Governments
    Descriptive info: The mission of the WACOG Human Services Department is to be a catalyst for self determination and active participation in the greater community for people in crisis by providing caring social services to community members that require a helping hand up.. This is achieved through the departments Case Management Program that promotes the economic self-sufficiency of low-income people throughout La Paz, Mohave and Yuma Counties.. WACOG staff holistically case manages participating families to determine the most efficient and effective way to obtain the appropriate housing, economic, and/or lifestyle goals as jointly established by the  ...   stabilize themselves out of a crisis situation.. Working together, the family and WACOG work to achieve a collaboration of all available and needed services within the area that the family resides.. Many of the families that participate in this program are working poor parents, elderly, and/or disabled families that are struggling to meet the most basic of needs.. For example, an unexpected medical bill jeopardizes the families ability to pay for food, shelter, and/or utilities.. With a helping hand up, the family can re-stabilize and move forward with their lives with no further assistance..

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  • Title: Community Involvement - WACOG - Western Arizona Council of Governments
    Descriptive info: The Western Arizona Council of Governments.. Human Services Department.. integrates a strong grass roots community involvement effort into its planning and advisory processes.. The Advisory Boards, and the planning network they are a part of, strive to bring the needs of the low-income families together with the social services provided.. This planning process is of vital importance in achieving some realistic goals to assist those individuals and families reach economic self-sufficiency.. Currently, Western Arizona Council of Governments maintains:.. One (1) Region IV Board..  ...   Council (MCAC).. Yuma County Advisory Council (YCAC).. ( The Regional Board and Advisory Councils are tri-partite boards: one-third of the seats are designated for Public/Elected Officials, one-third of the seats are designated for Private/Community Representation, and one-third of the seats are designated for low- income representation.. ).. Utilizing the aforementioned board structure, the WACOG.. attempts to direct the focus and attention of the department based upon community input.. This board structure is also utilized to plan "Locally Planned Social Service Block Grant Funds.. "..

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  • Title: Housing Programs - WACOG - Western Arizona Council of Governments
    Descriptive info: Davis Bacon Guidance.. Davis Bacon Poster.. Cerified Payroll Form.. Fringe Benefits Certification Form.. Labor Standards Certification Form.. Payroll Example Form.. Sample Deduction Authorization Form.. Statement and Acknowledgement Form..

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  • Title: Housing Counseling - WACOG - Western Arizona Council of Governments
    Descriptive info: A Hand Up - Housing Counseling Program.. The U.. S.. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved WACOG as a Local Housing Counseling Agency.. WACOG provides counseling in the areas of Mortgage Delinquency/Default Resolution, Financial Management (Budget and Credit), Post-Purchase Non-Delinquency and Reverse Mortgage.. The Home Affordable Modification program (HAMP) is a federal program which helps eligible homeowners with loan modifications on their mortgage debt.. The program was created to help millions of struggling homeowners at risk of foreclosure to work with lenders to lower their monthly mortgage payment..  ...   HAMP may lower your mortgage payment to 31% of your verifiable gross income.. Are you delinquent on mortgage payments?.. Are you facing foreclosure?.. Have you suffered a financial hardship that is making it difficult to stay in your home?.. If you answer "Yes" to any of these questions, you may qualify for a loan modification.. Please download and complete the PDF documents below.. Call Sherri Tate (English) at 928-217-7161 or Regina Gonzalez (Spanish) at 928-217-7160 for an appointment.. Counseling is confidential and free of charge.. New RMA.. Appointment Checklist.. 4506T..

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  • Title: Homelessness Prevention - WACOG - Western Arizona Council of Governments
    Descriptive info: EXAMPLE:.. A male 18-year-old Yuma County resident was attending school in Tucson when his father had a heart attack.. The son immediately returned home to take care of his family's needs.. Besides the son, the father was the sole supporter of a sixteen-year-old daughter as well.. The 18-year-old son took charge of the household since his father was comatose.. The son was unable to access the father's bank accounts and within a couple of weeks the family had not only received an eviction notice but also a utility disconnect notice.. WACOG prevented the family from becoming homeless and assured the family would continue to have utilities.. Case management is utilized to assist low-income households that are in a crisis situation and unable to meet basic needs as a result of:.. A separation of the family that resulted from domestic violence.. Loss of income.. Unforeseen circumstances that increased expenditures making it difficult to meet the following months budgeted expenditures.. A  ...   a family toward economic self-sufficiency.. To do this, a family may require assistance with an immediate crisis that cannot be met by a family's own income or resources.. In this situation, case management becomes the process by which emergency services are delivered.. For those households eligible, appropriate services and/or benefits are identified, planned, obtained, provided, recorded, monitored, terminated and follow-up provided where and when appropriate.. Yuma County.. Call in day the 2nd Monday of every month from 8:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 5:00pm.. (928)782-3462.. La Paz County.. Please call.. 1-877-829-2284.. Monday - Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.. Please leave a message with you full name and telephone number and a Case Manager will return you phone call within 2 business days to set up an appointment.. Appointments will be schedule the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month.. Mohave County.. Social Services Interagency Council of Lake Havasu City.. 1940 Mesquite Ave.. Suite I.. Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403.. 1-888-453-5802..

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  • Title: Social Service Block Grant Planning - WACOG - Western Arizona Council of Governments
    Descriptive info: Locally planned SSBG funding is determined by Tripartite County Advisory Councils and the Region Community Action Board (CAB).. Each Council and Board is structured so that 1/3 of the seats are designated for public, private/community, and low-income representation.. Through the utilization of statistical information, needs assessment findings, special reports, and various social service progress reports, the County Advisory Councils work throughout the year to establish suitable planning levels for needed services in each of the appropriate counties.. Once the County Advisory Councils has approved the planned SSBG funding for each County, the Region IV Community Action Board reviews the plan to ensure the integrity and intent of the plan is being met and must ultimately approve the Region IV Locally Planned SSBG Plan prior to submittal to the State of Arizona.. SSBG locally planned services are directed toward one or more of the following federal goals:.. To achieve or maintain economic self-support in order to prevent, reduce, or eliminate dependency;.. To achieve or maintain self-sufficiency, including reduction or prevention of dependency;.. To prevent or remedy neglect, abuse, or exploitation of children and adults unable to protect their own interests in preserving, rehabilitating or reuniting families.. To prevent or reduce inappropriate institutional care by providing for community-based care, home-based care, or other forms of less intensive care.. To secure referral or admission for institutional care when other forms of care are not appropriate, and provide services to individuals in institutions Services provided with SSBG funds are directed toward the Elderly, Physically Disabled, Adults/Families/ Children, the Developmentally Disabled, or a combination of these groups.. Locally planned SSBG services are provided through local service delivery systems to augment State Services in response to local needs.. Arizona's six Councils of Governments (COGs) provide the primary planning for this portion of the SSBG service delivery system.. Planning is accomplished by identifying regional priorities, by coordinating planning with other planning entities, and by providing local citizen involvement.. Regional Funding allocations are based on population and poverty levels.. The planning network established for Community Services is utilized  ...   to the Management and Executive Board for final approval.. After final approval is obtained, the plan is submitted to DES and the State Social Service Block Grant Project Control Manager incorporates the Region IV plan into the State Title XX Social Service Block Grant Plan.. The State Title XX Social Service Plan determines what locally planned services will be provided in each area of the State.. The Department of Economic Security is the administering agency for the SSBG funds and the appropriate division within DES will be allocated the funds for the locally determined services.. If a local Community Council identified that the children born with learning disabilities were to be in need of early intervention strategies, they could recommend to the County Advisory Council that this identified need be prioritized as a social service need.. The Advisory Council would rank this needed service, identify the target group as Developmentally Disabled Children, define the service intent, and recommend a percentage of the locally planned SSBG funding be spent on this service.. The actual funding would be given to the Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).. The Department of Developmental Disabilities would provide this service by contracting with a local agency.. In the process to obtain this service, DDD would be required to advertise for an agency to provide this service and any interested parties would then submit a Request for Proposal (RFP).. Within the RFP packet, each individual agency would explain exactly how they intended to provide the service that the Advisory Council determined to be needed.. The WACOG Human Services Department Director then approves these Summary Sheets and the contract for service would be awarded to a local provider agency.. Local providers are requested to submit an expenditure report to the local Advisory Councils on a quarterly basis so that the Councils stay advised to the usage of funds and the success of their planning.. The Department of Developmental Disabilities, as the administering department, would monitor the contract and assure that the provider agency is delivering the service as agreed..

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  • Title: Telephone Assistance Program - WACOG - Western Arizona Council of Governments
    Descriptive info: The Department of Economic Security, Corporation Commission, and US West Communications jointly administer a program in the State of Arizona, which provides for telephone assistance for low-income persons with a medical need.. The application process for La Paz, Mohave, and Yuma Counties is conducted jointly by Western Arizona Council of Governments and the Department of Economic Security.. The program provides for the monthly basic rate and assistance with installation costs if needed..

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  • Archived pages: 73