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  • Title: Walker Tracker - walking programs for corporations and organizations
    Descriptive info: .. Log into your program:.. Login help.. X.. PROGRAMS.. HOW IT WORKS.. PARTNERS.. STATS.. ABOUT.. CONTACT.. BLOG.. LOGIN.. What we do.. A worry free walking program for corporations and organizations.. An employee engagement tool for changing your wellness culture.. A social and challenge framework built to engage and inspire you.. Expertise and Support.. You’ll love our software.. But we’re more than software.. We've run hundreds of programs for tens of thousands of employees.. When you walk with us, you get our team and our expertise on your side.. Engaging Social.. Keep your employees motivated by keeping them interested.. Our program runs on a game-like social platform, which increases use and boosts the fun factor.. Customizable.. Every company is different.. We don’t ask you to squeeze yourself into start dates or team sizes.. Pick when you start, how far you walk, and how long your walking program runs.. Toggle our features on or off.. Walk a walk that's relevant to you.. See what they say.. Eva LaBonte.. Clean Water Services.. A Worry-Free Walking Program for Companies and Organizations.. Downloads:.. Wellness Program ROI.. How to start a company walking program.. Corporations Organizations.. Our Programs.. Our clients include family businesses, Fortune 500 companies, schools, colleges, government, and non-profits.. Walking programs work.. They save money, reduce absenteeism, and improve morale.. Walker Tracker can make your walking program.. 1) Easy.. 2) Fun.. 3) Cost effective.. See Walker Tracker in Action.. How it works.. Learn how we can power your walking or wellness program!.. See our process for running a first-rate walking program, complete with employee statistics and reporting.. Individuals.. Not affiliated with a corporate or organization wellness program? Check out our walking program for individuals and register here:.. Community Walker Tracker.. Interested in experiencing one of our programs?.. Contact us and let's chat.. This is the best walking program ever.. Mary Kopp, Hertz Wellness Administrator.. I thought it was great! It was a good way to get moving — it's so easy to sit at your desk all day and forget to get up.. It's also nice to see people taking walks around the building (both inside out).. American Greetings participant.. I loved that it factored in reality — it was not only for traditional steppers and it gave a calculation for all my programs - yoga, weight training and use of my wheelchair! THANK YOU!.. Fallon Community Health Plan participant.. I think it was an excellent program and just made you aware how much or little you walked.. With having a desk job, it made me aware that I needed to walk more after work and during lunch.. Bruce Power participant.. This program gave me the energy and motivation  ...   and it also provided the opportunity to communicate about something other than work.. friendly internal competition!.. Building, tracking and giving points was quite simple and made it easy to see how I was doing with keeping up my fitness over time.. I liked being able to see my own and my teams stats and then be able to message each other for encouragement.. I would definitely participate in a similar activity in the future.. I work out almost daily already, but I find that the challenge gives me that extra push when I'm tired don't feel like working out.. Tracking my daily exercise is a motivator, since others can view our exercise blogs, and I also don't want to let my team down.. I lost weight and was sleeping better.. Having my teammates to compete against really helped me to achieve those added steps to meet my goal.. I wish the program was longer.. Knowing that I was a part of a team and would ruin the team average if I did not participate helped me to be active.. I have always been a walker.. This made me accountable.. I loved it.. I hope we do it, again, real soon.. This was a great way to increase my physical activity.. I found myself going the extra mile to do an activity so I could meet my goal and/or beat the steps I walked the previous day.. It was a fun way to start a positive habit.. Just loved this challenge! Enjoyed the team work effort.. We had all levels of walkers on our team, we all encouraged each other.. Most of us are still wearing our pedometers and keeping track.. Can't wait for the next challenge.. Hertz LAX participant.. Thank you for this opportunity, you made it fun! I was motivated to get outside more and derive the benefit from the fresh air as well as the walking.. I lost 10 lbs.. From this experience, I was able to jump start my exercise regiment with ease, and then the awareness of my food intake kicked in.. It serves as a silent coach because the thought of it always urges me on.. Embassy Freetown participant.. The walking program was a great way to immediately feel a part of the AG team.. They went out of their way to make sure the interns and new hires could and would be included.. It definitely was a way to bond with new co-workers while motivating all of us to stay healthy.. Great program, feel much better, lost 15 lbs, I haven't stopped.. I needed the push and some direction/motivation and this came at a great time.. 2012 Walker Tracker..

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  • Title: Walker Tracker - Login Help
    Descriptive info: Login Help.. Your Walker Tracker cookies have been cleared, so if you were having trouble logging in before, you might try again now.. We're sorry that you're experiencing trouble accessing Walker Tracker.. Some possible reasons for this could be:.. Incorrect password.. Your username and password are included in the welcome email that you received when you signed up.. If you no longer remember your password, try.. requesting a new password.. When you reset your password, an email will be sent to the address registered in your account.. The email contains two steps: First click on the link to activate your new password, then use the new password provided in the email to log in.. Incorrect username.. Please check to make sure that you're logging in with the username that you signed up with.. Also note: You can sign in with the email address you signed up with and your password if you've forgotten your username.. If you've forgotten your username, you can recover it by clicking on the '.. Forgot password/username.. ?'  ...   Note: This page will have attempted to reset your Walker Tracker cookies, so you might try logging in now to see if it works.. Web Browsers.. What's a web browser?.. This website will help:.. whatbrowser.. org.. Try logging into your Walker Tracker account with a different browser (if this works, there may be some security settings in the first browser that are preventing the site from working).. Here are a few recommended browsers links.. Firefox.. Safari.. Google Chrome.. Internet Explorer.. Updating your browser can improve both your experience on Walker Tracker, as well as your whole Internet experience.. Browsers we support are:.. Firefox 2.. 0+.. IE 6.. 0*, 7.. 0 and 8.. 0.. Opera 9.. Safari 3.. Google Chrome.. * We are phasing out support for IE 6, and strongly encourage you to try another web browser.. See Microsoft's own.. effort to migrate people off of IE 6.. Javascript.. Both Javascript and Cookies are required to use Walker Tracker.. Please make sure they're turned on in your browser (Most likely they are)..

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  • Title: Walking Programs - Walker Tracker
    Descriptive info: Custom Challenge.. Long Term Engagement.. Small Business.. Pedometers.. The Ultimate Wellness Challenge.. Watch our Corporate Custom Challenges in Action!.. Tell us how long you want your challenge to be—four weeks, eight weeks, twelve weeks, or anywhere between.. You’ll work with a dedicated account manager to craft a wellness challenge that gets your employees moving for health.. We can track multiple activities (not just walking), and our communication tools makes it easy to keep employee motivation high.. Distinct, private URL.. Custom, branded portal.. Flexible team building.. Engaging social platform.. Robust communication tools.. Incentive program management.. Data reporting and analysis.. Build Daily Activity into Your Company Culture.. Use our challenges to spearhead your wellness initiative.. Our data reporting ensures visibility into program participation, while our communication tools makes it easy to reach your wellness program participants.. Our versatile technology can track multiple activities (not just walking), and you can run as many competitions as you’d like over the course of a year.. Engaging social platform.. Incentive program management.. The Challenge, a  ...   in your company for one flat price.. Easy to launch same-day setup, with template welcome emails and one-step registration for all walkers.. Easy to compete monthly challenges throughout the year.. Easy to track participant data provided in monthly report.. Contact us today.. to talk about our special small business program.. Watch The Challenge in Action!.. A good pedometer makes all the difference.. If you need them, we can provide pedometers we've tested over the long haul.. A good pedometer makes everything run (or walk) smoothly, and can increase participation in your walking program.. Pedometer features to look for:.. Durability.. 7 day memory.. An accelerometer.. Thoughtful, durable design.. Flexible Return Policy.. Estimating your walking program participation is hard.. That's why we provide a flexible return policy.. Order pedometers for your program, and we'll take back what you don't use.. New! Wireless Pedometers.. Upload your step data automatically! Walker Tracker now integrates with the Pebble wireless pedometer.. Contact us.. for more information.. GETTING STARTED IS EASY:.. Contact Us and Let's Chat..

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  • Title: Partners and Resellers - Walker Tracker
    Descriptive info: Benefits Brokers.. Wellness Consultants.. Your business is changing.. If your clients aren't asking about wellness, they will be soon.. You need a wellness partner who understands your business, who knows that your clients are the most important thing to you, and who will help you craft and launch challenges tailored to your clients' specific needs.. For qualified brokers, we offer a white label platform for you to use as your own.. Or, become a reseller and partner with us for the benefit of your clients health.. Beef up your product portfolio by offering the Walker Tracker platform, and know that you're getting a world-class wellness program built for your clients needs.. Our value proposition is  ...   Customizable maps.. Full data reporting.. Dedicated account representative.. User support.. Add walking to your wellness.. In your business, you’re looking to provide the best solutions for your clients at the best value.. You’re also looking to collect the best data so you can have crystal-clear visibility into ROI and program efficacy.. You need to work with partners who you trust, and who will give you what you need and what your clients want.. Our platform is hands down the most robust, flexible, and scalable in the market.. We've spent years testing our technology, and proving it with real clients.. We’ve walked with hundreds of thousands of walkers.. We want to walk with you.. BECOME A PARTNER/RESELLER:..

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  • Title: Stats - Walker Tracker
    Descriptive info: Return on Investment.. /.. Total Lives Saved.. A few stats on Return on Investment.. $5.. 81.. Return on Investment of every wellness dollar spent, according to the American Journal of Health Promotion, which conducted an analysis of 56 wellness studies to arrive at an ROI average.. This ROI figure is much higher than the $3 or $4 that most wellness ROI studies have claimed.. 27 %.. Percent reduction in sick leave absenteeism at companies with work site health promotions.. 40 %.. Percent of health care costs due to lost productivity associated with poor health.. $117 Billion.. Cost of worker compensation and wage replacement due to illness.. 40.. 5 %.. Percent of employees who said that they stayed at their jobs because of the wellness benefits their employers offer, according to a Principal Financial Group survey.. 26 %.. Percent of employees participating in a wellness program who reported missing fewer days of work.. Tweet.. Calculation.. Sources.. Collected from Wikipedia: The Health Benefits of Walking.. "Sustained walking sessions  ...   pressure.. Walking also increases bone health, especially strengthening the hip bone, and lowering the more harmful low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, and raises the more useful good high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol.. Studies have found that walking can also prevent dementia and Alzheimer's.. ".. From.. Wikipedia: Health Benefits of Walking.. Click to see sources.. Close.. Dollars We've Saved our Clients.. From numerous studies on the cost of obesity.. The direct yearly medical cost of being obese in the U.. S.. is $1,723 per obese person.. Being overweight is a bargain at $266.. According to the CDC (.. source.. ) 33.. 8% of U.. adults are obese, an.. additional.. 34.. 4% of U.. adults are overweight.. Direct medical cost of overweight and obesity in the USA: a quantitative systematic review.. in.. Obesity Reviews.. Elephants Lost (.. 12,000 pounds each!.. ).. Elephants: They sure are heavy!.. Walking is a fantastic way to lose weight.. Calories burned while walking.. Elephants are the heaviest land animal on the planet.. Elephants at Wikipedia..

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  • Title: About Walker Tracker
    Descriptive info: Who We Are.. We're a small, bright team in Portland, Oregon, and we're proud of what we do.. We work on the second floor of a building built in the 1920s.. We come from engineering, literary and community health backgrounds, and all of us have a passion for health.. We've powered the wellness campaigns for cities and universities, Fortune 100 companies and non-profits.. We have walkers in 77 countries.. We're always changing and learning more.. If you want to partner with us,.. we'd love to hear it.. What We Believe.. We're trying to change the world.. We're  ...   the sidewalks and trails.. We believe in Pearson's Law:.. “That which is measured improves.. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.. ”.. We're doing it one step at a time.. Get up, stand up, and walk.. We believe in the democracy of walking.. We believe that just about everyone could be happier, healthier, saner, smarter, faster, tougher and better looking by just adding a few extra minutes per day of walking.. And we believe that with our knowledge and the technology we offer, we can transform the culture of your company.. Walker Tracker office, August 1939..

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  • Title: Contact Walker Tracker
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. We'd love to hear from you.. Please select the subject matter below:.. Tell me more about:.. Select.. Custom Corporate Programs.. The Challenge (for groups under 100).. Reseller and Broker Programs.. Government or nonprofit programs.. School (staff or students) programs.. I just have a  ...   select.. up to 100.. 100 - 300.. 300 - 1000.. 1,000 - 5,000.. 5,000 - 10,000.. 10,000 or more.. Carrier / Plan Administrator.. We'd love to know how you heard about us:.. Message.. Word Test.. Please type the word:.. yellow.. This helps us fight spam (thanks!)..

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  • Title: Walker Tracker Blog | walking programs, pedometer reviews, step tracking, and pedestrian exploration — walking as the default activity
    Descriptive info: Post navigation.. Older posts.. Walking Back to Happiness.. Posted on.. July 25, 2013.. by.. Allisa Cherry.. Reply.. The sum of the whole is this: walk and be happy; walk and be healthy.. The best way to lengthen out our days is to walk steadily and with a purpose.. -Charles Dickens.. During a huge life change, which was causing stress, which was in turn causing insomnia, which was in turn causing depression, I confessed to my doctor that I was getting desperate and was willing to try anything to get some sleep.. My doctor very pragmatically, somewhat drily, recommended that I start taking a 45 minute walk every day.. So easy-peasy I thought he must be pulling my leg.. But he insisted that a brisk and, in his words, “mindful” walk would reset my brain.. He didn’t get into all the sciencey business about increasing the brain’s production of endorphins and its analgesic effect on pain or that odd sense of well-being in the mind serotonin can provoke.. He just said “Walk.. And pay attention while you’re walking.. ”.. Boy, was that sound advice.. I’ve noticed since, that while every walk is a little different, when I walk at work a three stage pattern has emerged.. First, my brain natters on nervously about a million small things: emails I need to answer, scheduling changes, follow-up conversations I need to have, the prioritization of every task before me, my calendar.. Next, I shift into longer thoughts and untangle larger problems.. I’m able to have what sounds more and more like a productive conversation with myself.. I feel a little more confident and much less worried.. And finally, and this is why I walk on my lunch hour, I stop fretting about work all together, my head clears and I return, dare I say it, happier.. As it turns out, a happy brain is a creative and productive thing.. There is so much out there on positive psychology and the effects it has on a company’s success that I was overwhelmed when I started looking into it.. Happy people collaborate better, stay calmer in a crisis, are more creative, more motivated, less inclined to make errors that are the end result of worrying about making errors.. And the end results are quantifiable not just anecdotal.. In an article for the Harvard Business Review blog, Shawn Anchor cited a 2008 study by Gallup Healthways that shows that employees who score low in “life satisfaction,” stay home an average of 1.. 25 more days a month than those employees who score high.. That’s 15 days of lost productivity! Other research at gallup indicates retail companies with a high “employee life satisfaction” are able to increase revenue by up to $21 PER SQUARE FEET.. This is all important bottom line stuff for managers and leaders to address.. But the most relevant bottom line for the individual is that we do better when we feel better.. And we feel better when we get out and walk.. Anchor, S.. Positive Intelligence.. Retrieved from.. http://hbr.. org/2012/01/positive-intelligence/ar/1.. (by guest blogger/newsletterist Allisa Cherry).. Posted in.. the joy of walking.. ,.. Walking for health.. |.. Leave a reply.. New for admins: The Challenge Dashboard.. July 24, 2013.. Ben.. We ve been looking for a way to give administrators a great snapshot of their challenges in-progress, as well as a way for them to compare all their past challenges against each other (and even, against other Walker Tracker programs anonymously, of course).. Our motto is: That which measures, improves.. And having real-time feedback about the state of your challenge will definitely give you the data you need for improvement.. We also wanted something you could easily print-out and post on the wall to say: Hey look! This is how we re doing so far!.. And so today, in beta, we re introducing the Challenge Dashboard.. Find it in your statistics panel! Again: This is in beta, but we re excited about it, and would love to hear what you think.. Walker Tracker site news.. June Featured Admin from Kathmandu.. July 1, 2013.. taylor.. We have walkers all over the world! This month I wanted to highlight an international program.. Not only is their program administrator inspiring and encouraging them to walk, but they also had a really fun and motivating goal in this last challenge.. The American Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal competed against the embassy in Warsaw, Poland to trek from one embassy to the other! Below is the interview with Karen Mera, the admin from The American Embassy in Kathmandu.. You originally came to us from Freetown, Sierra Leone.. How has it been different the second time around (running the program with Kathmandu)? Was it easier since you already knew how it works?.. Yes, it was easier, and I was able to use my experience in Freetown to do new things in Kathmandu.. We also were able to get more participants here in Kathmandu where the Embassy is bigger and people are more active.. 2.. Why did you decide to start a walking program?.. I was looking for ways to get my patients moving and have fun at the same time.. Walking is possible for almost everyone, so these programs can reach a big audience.. What has been the most difficult part?.. It’s all been quite easy, with Walker Tracker designing the website, maps, etc.. Probably most difficult is getting participants to give back their pedometers at the end of each competition.. Many want to keep tracking  ...   s.. Study underscores effectiveness of wellness programs.. ROI walking programs.. May Featured Admin: Kerry Davis from PAXmwr.. May 2, 2013.. The Navy at Patuxent River is one of our first customers and they have been using the site for years.. It wouldn’t be the success that it is without the leadership and enthusiasm of Kerry Davis.. 1.. Why did you want to start a walking program?.. I was inspired at the ACSM Health/Fitness Summit in 2008 (I can’t remember the year for sure!).. They featured several programs which were geared toward just getting people MOVING, even if it is just adding steps to their daily lives.. I knew that there were a lot of very busy people in my community, who did not have the time to get away from work for a lunchtime workout.. I also knew there were a lot of people who would be intimidated to come to the gym or to take a group fitness class.. So, I wanted to create a program that would cater to both of these populations, where they could do all of the walking on their own time and in a comfortable location to them.. What has been the most difficult part? How did you overcome that?.. The most difficult part has been deciding what prizes to give! I have many repeat participants, so I like to have different prizes for them, and it is hard to know how many prizes to have on hand at the beginning of the program.. 3.. How about the most successful and fun part?.. It is so exciting to talk to the participants who have really made a change in their lives because of programs like this.. One lady was very competitive, and she told me that she would walk in place at her desk while checking e-mails so that she could keep getting steps! Others have told me about decreasing medications, and weight loss! Small changes really can make a big difference in your life.. 4.. Use the WalkerTracker website! The very first time that I used the website for a walking program, I had 325 participants.. It was very overwhelming because I did not know how to use the website to collect the data.. Ben contacted me because he saw how many people had just signed up for the website, and my programs have been MUCH easier to run since!.. 5.. Favorite part about Walker Tracker?.. My favorite part is really the people in the background.. Taylor and Ben and others have done an amazing job helping me set up the website to reach the goals that I have set for each program.. As far as the website itself goes, I like the step converter.. I also like that the participants can choose their level of involvement.. Some will get really into it and post pictures and comments, and others simply want to enter steps in each day.. 6.. Any other comments.. My participants have really enjoyed the maps.. We are getting ready to try the points system for the first time, so I look forward to that! Thank you so much for everything!.. corporate walking program.. Two new features for administrators.. April 13, 2013.. We have two new features to announce:.. Better Statistics Downloads.. We know that getting data out of the system is vital for incentives programs and to measure the efficacy of your own initiatives.. As of today we make that even easier for you.. We ve always had statistics downloads, but the data you get is much more relevant with the newly revamped page.. Measure a number of new metrics: Most improved, highest diligence, who received the most points, overall participation, etc.. We also allow you to download your custom questions (see below!).. Questions!.. I m excited to see how our administrators use this one.. Want to roll your own health risk assessment? Want to periodically check in on how your walkers feel? Need to know what t-shirt size everyone wears? We ve created a questions interface that allows you to ask anything you like, and have the questions appear in registration or during the course of the program.. Not only that, you re able to award points for the answering of the question, which allows you to tie the questions into your incentives program.. Let us know what you think!.. Happy National Walking Day!.. April 3, 2013.. What a great day.. Here in Portland it genuinely feels like spring.. I think I ll go take a walk right now.. Hope to see you out there!.. Walker Tracker runs pedometer-based, online walking programs for organizations, corporations and municipalities.. See.. walking program for organizations and corporations.. for more info.. Our programs are fun, engaging and have tremendous results.. Want to try it as an individual? Walker Tracker's community site is a free, fun pedometer step-tracking site and walking community.. start tracking your steps now.. Follow @walkertracker.. Search.. Links.. @walkertracker on Twitter.. Corporate Walking Programs.. Walker Tracker on Facebook.. Categories.. Select Category.. 12 things you can do with Walker Tracker (6).. corporate walking program (11).. corporate wellness program (10).. Diabetes (2).. graphs (3).. health (17).. Pebble (1).. Pedometers (7).. private levels (4).. ROI walking programs (2).. studies related to walking (11).. the joy of walking (5).. Uncategorized (35).. Walker Tracker API (1).. Walker Tracker site news (41).. Walking Tech (9).. Walking Challenge (2).. Walking Communities (7).. Walking for fun (4).. Walking for health (11).. walking program funding and grants (12).. Walking Programs ROI (3).. walking spaces (6)..

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  • Title: How our programs work - Walker Tracker
    Descriptive info: Step 1: Set-up.. Step 2: Announce.. Step 3: Register.. Step 4: Launch!.. Step 5: Reward.. Step 6: Be a Hero.. Set-up.. Setting up your program is fast and painless.. Our wellness advocates will work with you to craft your walking program to your specifications.. Pick your own start and end dates, route, activity list, and competition name.. Send us your logo, and we'll custom brand your site for you.. Announce.. Employee communication is an important part of your company program.. We provide email templates and tools to make announcements easy.. Our welcome kits and custom posters  ...   group.. Individual walkers sign in to your customized portal, get their own account, and can start logging activities the same day.. Launch!.. Ready.. Set.. Walk! Our team is on-hand to make sure everything goes smoothly, providing both employee and administrator support.. Reward.. Incentives increase participation, but it's sometimes difficult to determine who to award.. We manage your incentive program with proprietary metrics to encourage and reward long-term lifestyle change.. Be a Hero.. View key statistics and reports to help determine ROI and measure total company performance.. Healthier employees?.. Check.. Lower healthcare costs?.. Fun?.. Double triple check..

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    Descriptive info: Back.. About.. Blog.. Login.. Sign up to start tracking your steps.. Enter your username and password below.. Username.. Password.. Register.. Forgot password?..

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  • Title: Walker Tracker - Request New Password
    Descriptive info: Request new password.. To receive an email with your.. username.. and a.. new password.. , please enter your email address below.. For more help, please see our.. page..

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