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  • Title: - LinesMarine.Web
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Our business.. Ocean transportation.. Fleet.. Environment.. Job opportunities.. News.. Contact.. Log in.. Wallenius Lines AB.. Wallenius Marine AB.. P.. O.. Box 17086.. S-104 62 STOCKHOLM,.. SWEDEN.. Phone: +46 8 772 05 00.. Street address: Swedenborgsgatan 19..

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  • Title: RSS Feeds - LinesMarine.Web
    Descriptive info: RSS Feeds.. What is RSS?.. RSS is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated content such as blog entries, news headlines, and podcasts in a standardised format.. An RSS document (which is called a "feed," "web feed," or "channel") contains either a summary of content from an associated web site or the full text.. RSS makes it possible for people to keep up with web sites in an automated manner that can be piped into special programs or filtered displays.. The benefit of RSS is the aggregation of content from multiple web sources in one place.. RSS content can be read using software called an "RSS reader," "feed reader," or an "aggregator," which can be web-based or desktop-based.. A standardized XML file format allows the information to be published once and viewed by  ...   regularly for new content, downloads any updates that it finds, and provides a user interface to monitor and read the feeds.. In Internet Explorer 7.. 0, Firefox, Safari och Opera a RSS-reader is included.. If you use Internet Explorer 6.. 0, you need to install a RSS-reader.. One example of a web based RSS-reader:.. Google Reader.. RSS-readers to download:.. Feedreader (freeware).. SharpReader (freeware).. NewzCrawler.. Yop find our RSS-feeders in the upper right corner on this page, or at "Press" and "Presentations" on this website.. Is it ok to use the RSS-feeders of the Wallenius website on my web?.. Yes, if you only display to the header and link to the article at www.. walleniuslines.. com or www.. walleniusmarine.. com.. It is not allowed to use the logos of Wallenius Lines or Wallenius Marine without permission.. Environmental reports..

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  • Title: Our business - LinesMarine.Web
    Descriptive info: Together with our international partners, Norwegian Wilh.. Wilhelmsen ASA and Japanese Nippon Yusen Kaisha, we form one of the world’s leading shipping and logistics Groups.. Through a number of subsidiaries and associated companies, Wallenius offers global transportation and integrated logistics solutions - from factory to dealer and anything in between - to car manufacturers and other rolling cargo producers.. Wallenius and its partners control a fleet of 160 vessels,  ...   These 160 vessels are operated by our commercially operating subsidiaries: Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, EUKOR Car Carriers, American Shipping and Logistics Group and United European Car Carriers.. Wallenius Marine is responsible for management and design of the Wallenius-owned fleet.. One of our most important goals is to continuously reduce our impact on the environment – with a vision to develop a completely emission-free vessel.. Our companies.. Company history.. Photographer: Tord-Erik Andresen..

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  • Title: Ocean transportation - LinesMarine.Web
    Descriptive info: The transportation services are performed by our joint ventures which are well positioned with a broad base of customers and comprehensive global coverage.. The whole fleet operates in some 40 routes all over the world, with the main trades being Asia to Europe and the U.. S, Oceania, the Atlantic and the Pacific.. WalleniusWilhelmsen Logistics.. Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, WWL, is a world leading shipping and logistics company which offers integrated logistics solutions, including ocean- and land-based transportation and terminal and technical services.. WWL operates some 60 vessels and transports some 5.. 1 million vehicles all in all, 1.. 9 million by sea and almost 3.. 2 on land.. EUKOR  ...   4.. 4 million cars worldwide, utilising a global network of offices and agents.. American Shipping and Logistics Group.. American Shipping Logistics Group, ASL, are headquartered in the U.. S and consist of liner service operating companies, ship owning companies and logistics services companies.. The primary operating companies in the ASL Group are.. American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier.. , which operates nine US-flagged vessels and.. American Auto Logistics.. , a door-to-door logistics solution provider.. United European Car Carriers.. UECC provides short-sea traffic and logistics operations covering the whole of Europe, partly between the company’s own terminals.. UECC was acquired in 1991 and transports approximately 1.. 3 million vehicles annually.. Cargo segments..

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  • Title: Our fleet - LinesMarine.Web
    Descriptive info: Our fleet.. Together with subsidiaries and partners, Wallenius operates a fleet of about 160 vessels.. Of these, Wallenius owns or charters around 35.. Ship design for safety.. Our crews.. Movie of Mark V.. Fleet over time.. Vessel data:.. TOSCA.. Owner:.. Wallenius Lines Singapore.. Management:.. Wallenius Marine Singapore.. Flag:.. SNG.. Ship Type:.. PCTC.. Capacity car (RT43):.. 6500.. Capacity car/trucks:.. Length (m):.. 199.. 9.. Beam (m):.. 32.. 26.. Draft (m):.. 11.. Deadweight (m/t):.. 22,585.. Gross tonnage:.. 61,106.. Main engine/Power (kW):.. Delivered:.. 2013..  ...   Wallenius Lines Singapore.. Wallenius Marine Singapore.. SNG.. PARSIFAL.. Wallenius Lines.. SALOME.. FIGARO.. Wallenius Marine.. SWE.. CARMEN.. BESS.. Sedona Car Line's (Panama) S:A.. Excel Marine, Japan.. PAN.. PORGY.. OBERON.. ANIARA.. FEDORA.. FIDELIO.. FAUST.. MORNING CHORUS.. External.. AIDA.. OTELLO.. UNDINE.. MIGNON.. MANON.. ELEKTRA.. BOHEME.. SSC Pisces Pte Ltd.. SSC SHIP MANAGEMENT PTE.. LTD.. DON QUIJOTE.. DON PASQUALE.. DON CARLOS.. DON JUAN.. TURANDOT.. ASIAN EMPEROR.. ASIAN KING.. ASIAN VISION.. FALSTAFF.. TRISTAN.. ISOLDE.. AEGEAN BREEZE.. ARABIAN BREEZE.. ASIAN BREEZE.. BALTIC BREEZE.. MEDEA.. MADAME BUTTERFLY..

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  • Title: Environmental Responsibility – the Wallenius Way - LinesMarine.Web
    Descriptive info: Strategy.. Targets.. Challenges.. Solutions.. Results and statistics.. Legislation.. Environmental Responsibility – the Wallenius Way.. All transportation affects the environment in some way, shipping is no exception.. However, shipping.. is an energy-efficient means of moving cargo: fuel consumption is lower per transported unit and the infrastructural impact on the environment is also small.. Wallenius has identified five main areas of environmental impact from shipping: carbon dioxide, sulphur content in fuels, nitrogen oxides, toxic anti-fouling and ballast water.. Carbon dioxide.. contributes to climate change, high levels of.. sulphur.. in marine fuels contribute to acidification, and.. nitrogen oxides.. in exhaust gases contribute to acidification as well as eutrophication.. Toxic substances in.. antifouling coatings.. affect the marine species and the use of.. ballast water.. transfers organisms between the world's oceans which may disturb the biodiversity.. These five areas are Wallenius’ highest priority.. We have ongoing projects aiming to reduce the environmental impact of our activities.. The formalisation  ...   of the first shipping companies in the world to certify the EMS according to ISO 14001.. Our philosophy is to work with upstream solutions, which means that we tackle the source of the problem and creates a solution before it becomes an issue.. For example, we look to reduce the creation of emissions rather than treating them afterwards.. We are determined to be in the forefront of environmental efforts and our ambition is to show others what is possible and how we together can reduce the environmental impact of shipping.. We are convinced that maritime emissions can be reduced relatively easily.. Howerver, in order to ensure that shipping can be developed into the sustainable means of transport that it has the potential to be, it is of course of the highest importance that all parties cooperate and act on these issues.. Read more about our targets.. Back to top.. Environmental Responsibility.. Vision.. Environmental Policy..

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  • Title: Job opportunities - LinesMarine.Web
    Descriptive info: To apply for a position, choose the position you are interested in below, and click on "Send application"..

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  • Title: 2013 - LinesMarine.Web
    Descriptive info: Wallenius Lines orders Post Panamax vessels.. Wallenius Lines and Tianjin Xingang Shipyard in China have finalized and signed a contract to build two Post Panamax vessels for delivery in 2015 and 2016.. “We believe in a strong market for our segment of shipping, and are pleased to have concluded the negotiations with Tianjin Xingang Shipyard in China for two state of the art Post Panamax car carriers with the option to build another two vessels, Anders Boman, President, Wallenius Lines comments.. The vessels will be 200 m long with a  ...   optimized hull design and a number of energy saving features will ensure the efficient operation and low environmental impact.. Tianjin Xingang Shipyard is located in Tianjin City and is part of CSIC, the government Northern Shipyard Group of China.. The vessels will be operated by Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, owned 50% by Wallenius Lines.. For more info, please contact:.. Cecilia Kolga, Head of Corporate Communication Wallenius Lines.. Phone + 46 8 772 05 06.. Date: 2013-06-25.. (2013-06-25).. m/v TOSCA now part of the Wallenius-fleet.. (2013-03-15).. 2012.. 2011.. 2010.. 2009.. 2008.. 2007..

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  • Title: Contact - LinesMarine.Web
    Descriptive info: Wallenius Lines AB.. S-104 62 STOCKHOLM.. SWEDEN.. Wallenius Marine AB.. Phone, Switchboard:.. +46 8 772 05 00.. Fax: +46 8 640 68 54.. Fax: +46 8 640 27 95.. E-mail:.. info@walleniuslines.. info@walleniusmarine.. Street address:.. Swedenborgsgatan 19.. Cecilia Kolga.. ,.. Vice President Corporate Communications.. Phone: +46 8 772 05 06.. Anna Modig.. Communication Manager.. Phone: +46 8 772 05 59.. Web related issues:.. E-mail Wallenius webgroup.. Head office..

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  • Title: Log in - LinesMarine.Web
    Descriptive info: Welcome to our service for external access for our co-workers!.. For office co-workers:.. Use your ordinary user name and password, which you normally use to log in to your office computer.. Sea personnel with a personal e-mail address Wallenius Marine:.. Use the account name and password you use to read your e-mail.. Veterans, board members and sea personnel without a personal e-mail address Wallenius Marine:.. Use the personal account name and password you got from Service Desk.. Click on the link below to log in:.. Intranet.. Webmail.. Want to change password? Go to Webmail or Intranet (links above) and register your new password.. NOTE! Tougher demands on passwords:.. Passwords should  ...   of the following 4 chategories: lower-case letters,.. upper-case letters, numbers and other signs (such as % #?=).. c.. Should be exchanged every three months.. d.. Should not contain userID, first name or last name of the user.. Forgot your password?.. Click here, please.. Looking for sailing lists, vessel schedules?.. Use this link to sailing lists, schedules.. Sea personnel without a personal e-mail address Wallenius Marine, personal account name and password, please contact your Captain for further information.. Veterans and board members without personal account name and password, please contact.. maria.. mikko@soyagroup.. If you have any further questions about this service, please contact Service Desk, tel: +46-8-772 06 66 or e-mail:.. servicedesk@soyagroup..

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  • Title: Environmental Responsibility – the Wallenius Way - LinesMarine.Web
    Descriptive info: Evaluation of Training Course.. However, to ensure that shipping can develop into the sustainable means of transport that it has the potential to be, this is naturally dependant on all parties working on these issues..

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