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  • Title: Waitukubuli Trail | The Caribbean's 1st Long Distance Hiking Trail
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to navigation.. Waitkubuli National Trail.. Welcome to the Website of the Waitukubuli National Trail.. It is with great pleasure that the Trail Management Unit of the Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry extends a warm welcome to users of the Waitukubuli National Trail, and visitors to Dominica.. Through the special support of the Waitukubuli Ecological Foundation, financial support of the European Union, the Regional Council of Martinique and the Government of Dominica, we have developed the Caribbean’s first long distance walking trail, and invite you to experience it with us.. The Trail opens up and showcases the best of Dominica – culture/heritage, local lifestyles, and our island’s rugged terrain and wild  ...   visitors and non-residents are also required to purchase a Trail Pass to access/hike the Waitukubuli National Trail.. Passes are available within close proximity to the Ports of Entry, the Forestry and Wildlife Division, the Waitukubuli Trail Headquarters in Pont Casse and various others vendors across the island in proximity to the trail segments.. Come.. ‘Discover Nature for Heritage Development’.. Let’s all hike the Nature Isle!.. Facebook.. Latest Video.. Home.. Segments.. Segment 1.. Segment 2.. Segment 3.. Segment 4.. Segment 5.. Segment 6.. Segment 7.. Segment 8.. Segment 9.. Segment 10.. Segment 11.. Segment 12.. Segment 13.. Segment 14.. Maps.. Segment 3B.. Resources.. Documents.. F.. A.. Q.. Newsletters.. Photo Gallery.. Segment 1 Photos.. Multimedia.. Links.. Contact.. Back to top..

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  • Title: Resources | Waitukubuli National Trail
    Descriptive info: How to Plan a Hike in Dominica.. Hiker Registration Form.. WNT Accommodation List.. Hiking Safety Tips..

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  • Title: Documents | Waitukubuli National Trail
    Descriptive info: Commitment Form for Friends of WNT.. Adopt a segment Form..

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  • Title: Segment 1 | Waitukubuli National Trail
    Descriptive info: Scotts Head to Soufriere Estate.. “This trail located in a crater and with evidence of sulphur deposits, helps us to understand the true volcanic nature of Dominica.. ” Vegetation Type: Dry Forest, CultivationDistance: 7km or 4 miles.. Estimated Walking time: 4hrs.. Climb: 460 metres or 1,518 ft.. Type of hike: Moderate.. Areas of interest:.. Morne RougeMorne Crabier.. Old French Quarter.. Soufriere Sulphur Springs.. Old road to Tete Morne.. Sulphur deposit.. View of Martinique.. Aloe production.. Scotts Head Peninsula.. Soufriere/Scotts Head Marine Reserve.. Optional route to Palmiste Ridge.. Bois Cotlette ruins.. [Show as slideshow]..

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  • Title: Segment 2 | Waitukubuli National Trail
    Descriptive info: Soufriere Estate to Bellevue Chopin.. This trail with an old slave route, old estates and historic buildings reminds us of Dominica’s history of a plantation society and the era of colonization.. Vegetation Type: Dry Forest, Cultivation.. Distance: 11 km or 7 miles.. Climb: 520 metres or 1,700 ft.. Estimated Walking time: 6hrs.. Old slave routeSulphur springsTraditional livingPalmiste Ridge (optional).. Livestock small agricultural farming.. Charcoal production.. Historic buildings (Palmiste to Bois Cotlette Route)..

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  • Title: Segment 3 | Waitukubuli National Trail
    Descriptive info: Bellevue Chopin to Wotten Waven.. Journeying this trail, one can enjoy a therapeutic bath in our famous hot springs, our clear waters and the fragrance and beauty of an assortment of fl owering plants on arriving in Giraudel.. Vegetation Type: Rain Forest, Cultivation.. Distance: 15 km or 9 miles.. Climb: 549 metres or 1,800 ft.. Sulphur Springs.. Main rivers.. Small farmers.. Giraudel Flower Show related activities.. Rasta community in close proximity.. Morne Anglais hike.. View of Roseau.. View of Trafalgar Falls..

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  • Title: Segment 4 | Waitukubuli National Trail
    Descriptive info: Wotten Waven to Pond Casse.. This trail off ers views of several mountains, encounters of natural attractions and.. reminds us of Dominica’s rugged nature and rich heritage.. Distance: 12 km or 7.. 5 miles.. Estimated Walking time: 6 hrs.. Climb: 700 metres or 2,300 ft.. Type of hike: moderate hike /nature lovers.. Areas of interest:.. View of Morne MicotrinMorne Watt.. Morne Jaune.. Morne Nichols.. Morne Anglais.. Morne Trois Pitons.. Sulphur Spings (optional).. Boiling Lake (optional).. Freshwater Lake (optional).. Middleham Falls (optional).. Stinking Hole (optional).. Chemin Letang Historic Trail (optional).. Trafalgar Falls (optional).. Boeri Lake trail (optional)..

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  • Title: Segment 5 | Waitukubuli National Trail
    Descriptive info: Pont Casse to Castle Bruce.. This trail nestled within the Morne Trois Pitons World Heritage Site, features the long standing contributions of our indigenous people, the struggles of a resilient people and the value of our forest and water resources.. Vegetation Type: Rain Forest, Cultivation Coastal Forest.. Climb: 533 miles or 1,750 ft.. Type of hike: Moderate, family hike.. Old road (Carib trace).. Emerald Pool facility.. Castle Bruce Swamp.. Forest station nursery.. Neg Maron Headquarters.. Savanne David.. Castle Bruce Village.. Jaco Cave.. Morne Turner (Morne Neg Maron).. Creole Gardens.. Spanny Falls (optional)..

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  • Title: Segment 6 | Waitukubuli National Trail
    Descriptive info: Castle Bruce to Hatten Garden.. The trail off ers each a chance to experience the life and history of the indigenous people.. of Dominica and enjoy a number of picturesque coastal sceneries.. Vegetation Type: Dry Littoral Woodland Scrub Forest.. Estimated walking time: 7 hrs.. Climb: 152 mitres or 500 ft.. Type of hike: moderate.. Old Colonial RoadCarib Territory.. Kalinago Barana Aute (Carib Model Village).. Old church.. Viewpoints.. Carib arts craft.. Carib Council.. Horseback ridge (optional)..

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  • Title: Segment 7 | Waitukubuli National Trail
    Descriptive info: Hatten Garden to First Camp.. As many others, this trail emphasizes that Dominica is clean, green and serene, ideal for relaxation and tranquility.. Distance: 12.. 6 km or 7.. Climb: 381 mitres or 1,250 ft.. Type of hike: Moderate/nature lovers.. Agricultural landsNatural forestMelville Hall AirportView of Marie Galante River Crossings.. View of Hatten Garden.. Congorie Hole.. River crossings and streams.. [Gallery not found]..

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  • Title: Segment 8 | Waitukubuli National Trail
    Descriptive info: First Camp to Petite Macoucherie.. A long and challenging trail from east to west for adventure, hunting, research and discovery.. Vegetation Type: Mature rainforest with Mountain Thicket Elfin Woodland Ecosystem.. Distance: 10 km or 6 miles.. Estimated walking time: 9 hrs.. Climb: 1,005 mitres or 3,300 ft.. Type of hike: Very Difficult (strong hikers who are well trained).. Primary forest.. Parrots.. Wild Pigs.. Bird watching.. Potential area for researchers in Botany..

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