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  • Title: Waacs Design & Consultancy - Innovation, Product Design, User Experience Design, Interface Design, Product Development, Industrial Design, Structural Packaging Design, Dutch Design, Designstudio
    Descriptive info: .. Waacs Design & Consultancy.. +31/104126999.. My Waacs.. Search.. About.. Products.. Packaging.. User experience.. News.. Senseo coffeemaker.. Slendertone Bottom Toner.. Pritt MyStyle.. Fruit Lab juice bottle.. PUSH packaging.. Karvan Cévitam Shaped Can.. Medisana TargetScale UI.. Microsoft Windows Vista user experience.. Infracentrum RandstadRail.. 7/24/2013.. Creative Cube Summer Drinks.. Last Friday a week of hard work ended with the Creative Cube Summer Drinks at our rooftop terrace.. Hot sunny weather with a great sunset, cool drinks, delicious BBQ, groovy tunes and beautiful happy people from 0to9, June PR, Metro DC, User Intelligence, Zicht Online and Waacs made the party co.. 6/11/2013.. Alpe d'HuZes.. Thursday June 6th former Waacs team member Jochem van Karstanje cycled four times to the top of the  ...   for Midea.. Waacs is proud to to announce that it started a cooperation with the kitchen appliance division of Midea in Shunde, China.. Founded in 1968, Midea is now one of the largest white household appliance production bases and export bases in China.. Worldwide Midea is one of the top 5 biggest manufacture.. Tags.. Microsoft.. stationery.. industrial design.. design.. braces.. Senseo.. wins.. barbecue.. kitchen.. Prize.. international.. My Grip.. BBQ.. cooking.. water care.. interior.. Alessi.. magazine.. award.. PUSH.. signature design.. smart.. coffee.. Medisana.. awarded.. CADAC.. usability.. Rotterdam.. sustainability.. ergonomic.. packaging design.. Textile.. user experience.. Bruynzeel.. Best.. Velda.. pond.. concept design.. R&D.. cooking accessories.. Innovation.. Newsletter.. Dutch Design.. product design.. soft goods.. interior design.. turnover increase.. nominated.. medical.. Join our mailinglist?..

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  • Title: Waacs Design & Consultancy - Innovation, Product Design, User Experience Design, Interface Design, Product Development, Industrial Design, Structural Packaging Design, Dutch Design, Designstudio
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  • Title: About Waacs, team, studio, vision, design process (Waacs Design & Consultancy)
    Descriptive info: Contact Waacs.. Small team with big ideas.. Chinese partners.. Careers.. Clients.. 24/07/2013.. 11/06/2013.. 01/03/2012.. Marcel.. Holbeinhuis.. Coolsingel.. studio..

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  • Title: Product design, consumer products, innovation, industrial design (Waacs Design & Consultancy)
    Descriptive info: Fusion Volcano wok burner.. Red Dot design Award.. Electrical muscle stimulation garment.. Livit FHeB.. Flexible Hyper Extension Brace.. Shake it baby!.. industrial product design.. Bruynzeel My Grip.. school pen design.. YouBeGreen.. energy monitoring.. hardware design.. Cadac Braai Style.. smart BBQ accessories.. product range design.. industrial design innovation.. Velda 2-Stream UV-C.. Cadac Meridian gas BBQ.. product platform design.. Douwe Egberts..  ...   Velda cross-flow.. pond filter system.. Alessi magazine holder.. conceptual product design.. PUSH medical braces.. award winning design.. Rotterdams Handwerk.. oven mitten.. social-tech design.. Auping Klamboo.. Microsoft webcam.. concept designs.. Velda pond skimmer.. BraaiMaxx outdoor kitchen.. PSB Braces.. kitchen accessories.. BraaiMaxx.. Livit.. Pritt.. ProRail.. coffeemaker.. YouBeGreen.. Meridian.. accessories.. Business.. brace design.. Henkel.. gas.. school pen.. outdoor.. context mapping.. iF award..

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  • Title: Structural packaging design, packaging innovation, iconic packaging design (Waacs Design & Consultancy)
    Descriptive info: structural packaging design.. Karvan Cévitam.. Shaped Can.. packaging innovation.. Vescom Textile Binder.. customer relation packaging.. Edet dispenser pouch.. ergonomic packaging design.. Friesche Vlag.. coffee milk.. portion pack design.. BNO Dutch Design book.. Interlocking book covers.. Abee salad packaging.. Gsus underwear & accessories packagings.. creative packaging design.. signature packaging design.. Talens Pencil Box.. Fruit Lab.. personal care.. Edet.. Gsus..

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  • Title: User experience design, user interface design, user interaction design (Waacs Design & Consultancy)
    Descriptive info: User-interface design.. YouBeGreen energy consumption monitoring.. interaction design.. User experience public design.. Sprunk-Jansen shop display.. Gsus instore concept.. Visual Brand Identity.. connected.. healthcare.. VitaDock.. Damen.. TargetScale.. health..

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  • Title: News, product introductions, design releases (Waacs Design & Consultancy)
    Descriptive info: Design Classic.. 21 Years of Waacs history.. Design Tool.. Augmented Reality.. Newsletter Spring 2013.. Design Classified.. Ceramic Cable lights.. Discovery Channel at Waacs.. HotTug boat.. Floating Combi Filter.. Spoga-Gafa novelty 2012.. Tech Life gadget of the month.. Singapore magazine features Medisana TargetScale.. Featured in De Volkskrant.. Waacs anniversary party.. 20 years of design.. Design Machine at ZigZagCity.. Live Design Event.. Finish of Rotterdam Marathon 2012.. View from the Waacs studio.. Medisana  ...   has moved to Coolsingel.. PICNIC 2011.. Notworking Camping Edition.. Waacs Newsletter 7.. Spreading love at Oerol.. 25 years of Push Braces.. Hollands Glorie - Bruynzeel My Grip.. Intelligent Industrial Design.. The future of Motel Mozaïque.. New team members.. Breakthrough discovery with Velda Fish Feeder Pro.. Exiting new projects.. Dutch Classics.. Page:.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. PICNIC.. Braaistyle.. Dutch Design Awards.. Milan.. city.. Oerol.. Creative Cube.. Healthy.. brace.. sustainable.. television.. Japan..

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  • Title: Newsletter Spring 2013 (Waacs Design & Consultancy)
    Descriptive info: Period: Spring 2013.. Design award: Atag Fusion Volcano.. Waacs proudly announces that the Atag Fusion Volcano wok burner was one of the price winners of a Red Dot Design Award this year.. (read more).. Design classic: 21 Years of Waacs history.. This month Waacs celebrates 21 year of design history.. The dutch word 'waaks' stands for alert, watchful and vigilant.. Waacs was founded during the early 1990s recession, it prospered during the burst of the dot com bubble in 2000 and is again thriving in the current chilly financial climate.. When the going gets tough the tough get going.. This is a salute to original founders of the studio back in 1992.. From left to right: Dienand Christe, Joost Alferink, Marcel Wanders and Joost van  ...   a ceramic oven.. Waacs designer Patrick Hartog took advantage of this expansion and started experimenting with ceramic and slip casting.. If you no longer wish to recieve this mailing, you can unsubscribe.. here.. or let us know by sending an email to more[at]waacs.. nl.. The dutch word 'waaks' stands for alert, watchful and v.. Design Award.. Waacs proudly announces that the Atag Fusion Volcano wok burner was one of the price winners of a Red Dot Desi.. While the technology has existed for many years on desktop and laptop machines there did not appear to be a wa.. Even when Patrick Hartog is working full time as an industrial designer he finds time to experiment with ceram.. -.. Links.. www.. atag.. be/content/38/78/ATAG-v.. gorenjegroup.. com/en/44229?ai.. nl/nieuws/61/ATAG-wint-.. Projects..

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  • Title: Senseo coffeemaker, industrial design innovation (Waacs Design & Consultancy)
    Descriptive info: Client: Sara Lee | Douwe Egberts.. Period: 2001.. When a noun becomes a verb, an idea becomes a legend Marketers would have you believe it's a science.. That a product's success can be measured in advance.. That it's formulaic.. But success is a result of passion.. And there's no methodology of the heart (thankfully).. Every new product begins with a motivation.. A coffee machine designed to reinvigorate the consumer market and increase profit margins.. The idea phase follows, and this is where passion plays a critical role.. Undertaking to design a new machine that functions flawlessly and is cost-efficient to produce, Waacs aimed to breathe new life into this standard kitchen appliance.. Everyone secretly yearns for a butler.. The signature bowed  ...   Europe by storm, surpassing all expectations.. Now it's on its way to the USA.. Consumers call it Senseo.. They call the frothy brew Senseo, too.. As in, Can I make you a Senseo? That's passion, too.. Consumer passion.. The mainstay of success.. Limited Edition Delft Blue.. Senseo design sketch.. Original block model.. Le design qui fait vendre.. WAACS in FEM Business.. Dutch Design success in the USA.. Made in Holland.. Luxemburg Lecture.. Best Dutch Design.. WAACS designs exhibited in Spain.. Ideas from Rotterdam.. Senseo now part of Stedelijk Museum collection.. Senseo nominated for EFFIE.. Senseo product of the year 2003.. Senseo headlines NRC.. Senseo in Japanese.. senseo.. at.. de.. design.. nl/designnl/368.. 458.. 2.. be.. fr.. reuters.. com/article/2012/01/.. com.. saralee-de.. nl.. philips.. dk..

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  • Title: Slendertone Bottom Toner, Electrical muscle stimulation garment (Waacs Design & Consultancy)
    Descriptive info: Client: Biomedical Research, Galway Ireland.. Period: 2011.. The Slendertone Bottom garment has been ergonomically designed by Waacs and incorporates four EMR stimulation areas into a comfortable shorts garment, fitting most sizes.. Idea Cards with first sketches.. Concept design.. Ergonomic design.. Production specifications.. Slendertone Bottom garment.. en.. wikipedia.. org/wiki/Electrical..

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  • Title: Pritt MyStyle, product platform design (Waacs Design & Consultancy)
    Descriptive info: Client: Pritt / Henkel.. Period: 2008.. The 80's are back again.. Some things come back and some things just never go away.. In this age of mobiles, PDAs, digital books, and paperless offices, do you still use pen and paper? Who doesn't? As long as we've got fingers, we'll scribble and jot, and inevitably cross-out and correct.. But this doesn't mean we have to white-out like grandpa used to! The Pritt MyStyle correction rollers have contemporized analog correction by combining the clean efficiency of a digital backspace with the feel of a gadget all this without batteries! Aware that neither good style nor good fun will ever go obsolete, Waacs created three designs to match every taste, each with  ...   the Mohawk you never dared don, keep writing in pen, and touch up your text with a confidence that's here to stay.. MyStyle I-tool.. The practical I-tool can be capped and carried in your pocket.. MyStyle D-lux.. The business-formal D-lux embodies elegance in a classic, tapered pen-shape.. MyStyle B-fun.. The whimsical B-fun birdie swings and sways atop your desk.. MyStyle refill cartridge.. The smart refill cartridge fits into all three different Pritt MyStyle designs.. Packaging Gift Box.. It is not just a correction roller, but a tool or accessory.. Waacs developed a luxuruous packaging gift box th.. MyStyle case in Items #4.. Pritt My Style wins Red Dot Design Award.. pritt-mystyle.. com/en-INT/.. red-dot.. org/2821.. html?&cHash=.. henkel.. prittworld.. com/.. bright.. nl/fouten-corrigeren-..

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