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  • Title: Free Wallpapers. Wallpapers-TLC. Free Screensavers & Walls for your Desktop + Backgrounds.
    Descriptive info: .. FREE WALLPAPERS.. C A T E G O R I E S.. LATEST Wallpapers.. TOP TEN Wallpapers.. NATURE Wallpapers.. HOLIDAYS Wallpapers.. FANTASY-3 Wallpapers.. FANTASY-2 Wallpapers.. FANTASY-1 Wallpapers.. ANIMATED Wallpapers.. VAMPIRES Wallpapers.. FAIRIES Wallpapers.. CELEBS Wallpapers.. iPHONE Wallpapers.. P U Z Z L E S.. VERTICAL iPAD Wallpapers.. WIDESCREEN Wallpapers.. PATRIOTIC Wallpapers.. CHILDREN Wallpapers.. MOVIES Wallpapers.. CARS Wallpapers.. ART Wallpapers.. S C R E E N S A V E R S.. F A I R I E S - N E W.. A N I M A T I O N S.. C H R I S T M A S.. AIRBRUSH ART.. LINKS.. BIO.. H O M E P A G E.. Contact Webmaster:.. WALLPAPERS | WALLS |WALL PAPERS.. ART-TLC has been making.. Free Screensavers and Wallpapers.. since 1997.. Savers and Walls.. are only on ART-TLC sites unless linked to by link exchange.. Bookmark our sites, for latest.. Wallpapers.. are images, made in graphic programs, with a midi/MP3 file installed into.. Screensaver.. program.. No additions to.. Savers.. or.. Walls.. are site's content.. Fun Savers.. Our.. Wallpapers are family  ...   NEW.. PUZZLE Wallpapers.. Free walls.. in several.. categories.. for your.. Click on.. Free Wallpaper.. menu at left or images below to enter.. Bookmark and come back often for.. Free Wallpapers.. and.. Screensavers.. DOWNLOAD NOW.. FREE WALLPAPERS by WALLPAPERS-TLC Copyright of ART-TLC 1998-2013.. Our Privacy Policy.. Our walls fit iPad!.. TERMS OF USE.. free screensavers.. free wallpapers.. are Freeware but not Public Domain.. You may link to any page on this site.. It is.. PROHIBITED.. to link directly to the download file, or copy these files to your server or on a CD.. All files are protected by copyright and cannot be sold or redistributed in any form.. LINK PARTNERS.. iPhone WALLS.. iPad WALLS.. FREESAVER.. COM.. Free WALLPAPERS.. SCREENSAVERS-TLC.. FAIRIES.. VAMPIRES.. CHRISTMAS.. ART-TLC.. ANIMATED Backgrounds.. JOBLO MOVIE WALLS.. QUALITY SAVERS.. Free CHRISTMAS SAVERS.. CHRISTMAS Screensavers.. ZETTWEB.. XR THEME.. RAYM'S PHOTOSITE.. WALLPAPERS BOX.. WALLPAPERS FREE.. WEBDESIGN.. ART-TLC = Free Screensavers and Wallpapers since 1997.. A.. new iphone site.. has just gone up and our Wallpapers on Wallpapers-TLC site fit iPad.. Thanks for your support over the years.. All downloads have are Norton Secured!..

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  • Title: Free LATEST Wallpapers
    Descriptive info: Our free screensavers and free wallpapers are Freeware but not Public Domain.. FREE LATEST WALLPAPERS.. Click on the thumbnails below to see wallpaper galleries.. Click on the corresponding links.. If the links don't show your resolution, use the nearest option and then select 'center' or 'stretch' in Display Properties.. If you can not see images.. CLICK HERE!.. 12 Dark Forest Creatures.. 16 Warrior Girls.. 12 Angelic Fae.. 15 Cat Adventures.. 12 Pet Pals.. 15 Can't Forget Marilyn.. 12 Sexy 3D Models.. 13 Blue Santa Christmas Cards.. 7 Littlest Angel.. 14 It's A Small World.. 11 Vampira.. 8 Hallow's Eve.. 15 Dangerous Beauties.. 12 Forest Jewels Fairy.. 16 It's Raining Men.. 15 Castaways Story Book.. 15 Bikini Season 2.. 30 Bubble Scapes.. 15 Blue Forest.. 15 Imagine.. 12 Absolutely Strange.. NEW Vertical iPad Walls.. 16 Awesome Unicorns.. 12 Adorable Little Fairies.. 17 A Spell is Broken (Children).. iPhone Walls!.. 15 Early Morning Snow.. 13  ...   18 MagikUnicorn.. 12 Cowgirls & Aliens.. 12 Alternate World.. 31 Pawn Stars.. 12 Battle Dress.. 12 Bikini Season.. 15 Computer Generated Still lifes.. 12 Assailants of the Past.. 15 Balloon Adventure Storybook.. 54 Astral Nebulae.. 14 Another Realm.. 30 Celebrate With Fireworks.. 14 Eric Northman (True Blood).. 4 Alter Ego.. 5 Apparition of a Vampire.. 12 Steampunk Fairies.. 12 Girls & Wheels.. 13 Warrior Women.. 12 3D Angelina Jolie.. 20 Snow Scenes.. 30 Snow Globe Scenes.. 13 Vampire Nights.. 9 New Kim Kardashian.. Pop Star.. 12 Mouse Mischief.. 12 Heavenly Angels.. 15 Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood).. 9 Castles.. 12 Sorcery.. 12 Black Widow.. 12 On The Beach.. 12 Traditional Fairies.. 10 Creatures.. 12 Ladies of the Light.. 12 Moonlight Reflections.. 12 Fantasy Women.. 12 Fairies of Mystic Waters.. 12 Vampires Immortal.. 11 Kim Kardashian.. In Memorium.. SNICKERS.. 1/29/1997 - 4/17/2011.. New WideScreen Wallpapers.. Download Patriotic Wallpaper.. Download animated background!.. Download 'Water Dolls 2' Screensaver..

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  • Title: Free TOP TEN Wallpapers
    Descriptive info: FREE TOP TEN WALLPAPERS.. Click on the thumbnails below to see download each wallpaper.. Updated 6/1/12.. 15 Sookie Stackhouse - True blood.. 15 BARBIE DOLLS.. 12 3D Angelinal Jolie.. 20 vampiress.. 15 Medieval Fantasy.. 12 Imaginary Worlds.. 12 Dragon Fantasy.. 12 Adriana Lima.. 18 Fairy Fire.. 14 Witchy Woman.. 24 Fantasy Reflections.. 12 Horses on Snowy Mountain.. 10 Playboy Bunnies..

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  • Title: Free Nature Wallpapers
    Descriptive info: FREE NATURE WALLPAPERS.. Click on the thumbnails below to see wallpapers galleries.. 800 x 600.. 9 Snowy Winter.. 19 HAWAII.. 10 Let It Snow.. 4 groups of Flowers.. 14 Sea Scapes.. 12 Old Wind Mills.. 3 Dream Nature.. 9 Lost Island.. 14 Columbus Zoo.. 9 Vacation with Nature.. 9 By  ...   24 Autumn Leaves.. 16 Ice Storm.. 19 Expert Tree Removal.. 13 Golf At Troxhammar.. 12 Girl on a Swing.. 19 Views of Paris.. 11 Streets of Paris.. 13 Apples.. 12 Mushroom Visitors.. 12 Wildlife and Snow.. 12 Snakes Alive.. 12 My Pets.. 12 Cowgirls.. 12 Look Up Images.. 13 Ice Scapes..

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  • Title: Free Holiday Wallpapers
    Descriptive info: FREE HOLIDAY WALLPAPER.. 12 Happy New Year.. 16 Valentine.. 7 St.. Patrick.. 3 groups of EASTER.. 5 Religious.. 14 July 4th Fireworks.. 8 Halloween.. 8 Skulls.. 2 Lightning.. 7 Spider (Halloween).. 13 Witchy Woman.. 12 Vampire Closeups.. 12 Magic Spells.. 7 Thanksgiving.. 1 Holiday Dinner.. 15 Christmas.. 14 Trees.. 12 Snowy Winter.. 6 Cookies and Milk for Santa.. 20 Snow Globe Collection.. 12 Christmas Scenes.. 12 Christmas Joy.. 12 Snow Fairies.. 12 Snow Princess..

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  • Title: Free Fantasy 3 Wallpapers
    Descriptive info: FREE FANTASY WALLPAPERS.. 12 Lonely Girls.. 12 Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood).. 16 Ice Scapes.. MORE FREE FANTASY WALLPAPERS..

    Original link path: /wallsfantasy3.html
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  • Title: Free Fantasy 2 Wallpapers
    Descriptive info: 21 Lady of the Nile.. 12 Dragon Slayer.. 12 Land of Enchantment.. 12 Playing in the Fountain.. 12 Fun in the Sun.. 12 Tiny Fairies.. 12 Fairies Petite.. 12 BUMP in the Night.. 12 Fancy Fairies.. 12 Mythical Crystal Orb.. 12 Mice are Cute.. 12 Majestic Women.. 12 Fairy Nymph.. 12 Mirrors & Reflections.. 12 Mermaid Fantasy.. 12 Robots & Transformers.. 12 Super Heros.. 12 Itsy Bitsy Fairies.. 16 grouparrowsoftime..

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  • Title: Free Fantasy 1 Wallpapers
    Descriptive info: These Walls were first walls made; to veiw newest Fantasy Walls,.. 12 CRYSTALS.. 13 Fantasy Fairies.. 11 Fantasy Ruins.. 10 Mythical Mirror.. 4 HANDS.. 8 Fantasy Bubbles.. 7 Glass Mountains.. 6 Glass Fantasy.. 8 SKULLS.. 11 Objects Fantasy.. 19 Chrome Ball Fantasy.. 9 SNOW.. 9 Planes in Space.. 9 Alien Dwellings.. 12 Other Worlds.. 15 Mythical Places.. 11 Fairies Galore.. 10 Magic Fairies.. 13 Reptile Warriors.. 11 Fairy Bubbles.. 16 Warrior Princess.. 12 Sea of Love Mermaids.. 12 Unicorns of Spring.. 15 Snow Globe Collection.. 12 Girl on a Chair.. 15 Gaze Into My Crystal Ball.. 12 Empress Warrior..

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  • Title: Free Animated wallpapers and screensavers by Art-TLC ,Animated - original wallpaper for your desktop.Free desktop wallpapers.
    Descriptive info: A site owned by.. ART-TLC.. other sites have: Airbrush Art, Free Art Animations,Buttons, Free Arrows, Free Email Animations, Free Animated Backgrounds, Free Text Link Animations, Free Backgrounds, Free Animated Wallpapers, Free Wallpapers, Free Screen Savers, and Free Animated Screensavers.. WALLPAPERS, WALLPAPERS, WALLPAPER, AND MORE WALLPAPERS!.. Wallpapers-TLC.. offers original free wallpapers in several categories for your desktop.. Click on categories at left or thumbnails below to enter.. New wallpapers or wallpaper added daily, so bookmark and come back often! If you can not see images.. Free Original Animated Wallpaper by ART-TLC.. All wallpaper on this page are originals made by and copyright to ART-TLC.. These are freeware wallpapers for personal use  ...   -> Background (in desktop properties) to find the new image.. See more on.. AnimatedWallpapers-TLC.. com!.. To download screensavers with these wallpaper animations, click on.. Girls On Water.. ,.. Sunset On Water.. , and.. Blue Lagoon.. 500 x 375.. 540 x 405.. 600 x 450.. ATTENTION WEBMASTERS.. These screensavers and wallpapers are Freeware but not Public Domain.. You may to link to this page, but it is PROHIBITED to copy these files to your server or on a CD.. All files are protected by copyright and can not be sold or redistributed in any form.. Back to Wallpaper Categories.. Back to ART-TLC Animation categories.. OTHER TEXT LINKS has moved to Links page!..

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  • Title: VAMPIRE Wallpapers
    Descriptive info: FREE VAMPIRE WALLPAPERS.. 21 Moonlight.. 13 Queen of the Damned.. 14 Van Helsing.. VAMPIRE SCREENSAVERS.. ANIMATED VAMPIRE WALLPAPERS..

    Original link path: /wallsvampire.html
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  • Title: Free Fairy Wallpapers
    Descriptive info: New Fairy Gardens!.. FREE FAIRY WALLPAPERS.. New Fairy Site!..

    Original link path: /wallsfairy.html
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  • Archived pages: 239