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  • Title: Walking Men
    Descriptive info: .. Walking men.. a design bureau.. News.. walk.. this.. way.. 1 site par jour.. the.. Bits & Bobs Blog.. Nice to meet you.. It's your story.. 25.. 10.. New responsive website for our master storytellers friends DoubleDouble.. View site.. +.. Reaching for the top.. 07.. New website for TreeTop Asset Management.. Les voyages forment la jeunesse.. 11.. 09.. Brand new website for WEP.. New B2B sites for Mobistar.. 18.. 06.. Our biggest, fastest, most ambitious website EVER.. 6 months of hard work, 2193 completed to-dos, 2206 online discussions.. 4 brand new websites.. 1 very happy client.. Enough said.. Local democracy in action.. 01.. 03.. Full redesign for the website of the Parliament of the Brussels Region.. Blow!.. 23.. 01.. "May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face.. ".. Happy b'day, Walking Men.. Tap Into Your Beer.. 09.. There are thousands of taste components contributing to undertones and aftertastes, different scents and "mouthfeel".. Same same but different.. 13.. 12.. 2012.. Walking Men has moved!.. 12 Place Jardin Aux Fleurs, 1000 Brussels.. World Wild Web.. 04.. New website for the Wildvertising agency: Communication is a jungle.. Essuyer les plâtres.. 14.. Still waiting for the dust to settle.. Shouldn't be too long now.. Passionate about glass design.. 12.. Discover the unique Glastetik Glass Collection, by AGC.. Maison Mathis is online.. 03.. Now the world will discover the true taste of Belgium's finest food.. Work in progress.. 08.. Our new den is almost ready.. Can't wait.. Afterwork shopping.. 05.. 07.. Downtown Brussels shops unite every Thursday night.. The estate just got real.. 28.. Walking Men is now King of the Castle.. "What we were able to collect is what the bear did not eat.. 05.. Supersec launches its new ecommerce website.. Both an honor and a privilege.. 02.. We have rebuilt the website of the Croix-Rouge de Belgique from the ground up.. The contest is over.. Hundreds of designers competed in the Studio to re-invent the iconic Duvel glass and be featured in the Duvel Collection.. 2001 - 2012.. Happy eleventh, Walking Men!.. Now it's YOUR turn to shine!.. 11.. 2011.. In the Studio, graphic designers compete to re-invent the iconic Duvel glass for the Duvel Collection.. This is happening on our watch.. Today we can help fight the famine in East Africa.. by eating for Africa.. Do it like a Belgian.. 29.. Discover Creneau's gorgeous Belgian Beer Cafés all over the world and dine in style, while drinking in moderation.. Master of our domain.. 26.. From bits & clicks to bricks & mortar: stay tuned.. Aspect Consulting.. 17.. New website for the strategic European corporate communications agency based in Brussels, with offices in London, Paris and Hamburg.. WM FTW.. 2010 has been our best business year since 2006, and our 2nd best EVER! Great clients, great team!.. Shop till you drop:.. 06.. Afterwork Shopping! Downtown Brussels shops now open until 8PM on Thursdays.. We're happy to help.. Bruxelles ma belle.. 04.. Complete redesign for the official portal of the Brussels-Capital Region.. Corporate Social Responsibility.. Mobistar to embed CSR at all levels of the company and across all activity areas.. Royal Park Investments.. ".. to maximize recoveries on the assets in the portfolio within the constraints of limitation of downside risk.. Vincent Kompany.. Manchester City centre-back official website.. ROTF.. New site for RELAY's exclusive furniture lifting technique.. Follow the White Rabbit.. to get the hottest cool deals at Belgian Sky Shops.. Where we are is the place  ...   during the last 12 months.. Du pain, du vin,.. And a new website for Boursin.. Invest with passion.. New website for Chabert Invest.. R.. I.. P.. Jacko.. Billie Jean and Dirty Diana are lonely now.. Blue screen.. A little video extravanganza for the live performance of The Weathermen in Antwerpen.. Straight to the heart:.. 27.. New mini site for La Ligue Cardiologique to bring the focus on high blood pressure self-care.. Leeeeeeeeoooooooooooo.. Sing along to help Rudi find his mojo back.. 03:25 - 3460g - 530mm.. Introducing Milo R.. Seca > Jet > Lukoil.. The new Lukoil Belgium site is online.. Blue Stone at its best:.. 31.. New prestige brochure for Pierre Bleue Belge.. Anheuser-Busch InBev:.. Introducing the new corporate site of one of the world's top 5 consumer product companies.. Extra premium content.. We designed the cover of the latest issue of Inside magazine: Top 50 Web Agencies.. Be a bimbo and shut up:.. 19.. "Stéréotype toi-même" booklet for the Communauté Française to help teens turn the TV off and decide for themselves.. Walking Men turns 8 today:.. Huit ans, c'est un cycle.. Cheers!.. Drawing by numbers.. We designed the cover of the latest issue of Inside magazine: Gamevertising.. Already 154.. 613 ecards.. 08.. sent on behalf of GE employees everywhere in the world.. Mobistar wishes you.. 2008.. a very communicative new year.. And now, the Corporate website.. We're thrilled to help Mobistar speak for itself.. What we have to say about it.. 15.. Our very own Katelijne speaks out in PUB magazine.. Anheuser-Busch InBev.. We've spent a wonderful weekend working on introducing the new company to the world.. Walk this way.. Walking Men is featured in über magazine The Word.. dCorner.. The first belgian Kartell e-shop is now live.. After two months of madness,.. the Mobistar iPhone online store is still a massive success.. Bigger, better, more.. The new walkingmen.. com is live.. Du pain, du vin.. and a small online quiz for Boursin (with WarmRed).. Another little chick.. Manu and Valérie share Zoé with the world!.. Shop 'til you drop.. Mobistar unveils the iPhone3G online store.. Welcome to.. a better swift.. Fashion movies strike.. in a new portfolio site for Please Pictures.. The best phone in the world.. 10.. iPhone3G, only by Mobistar.. 2009, year of the BD Comics strip.. Brussels is getting ready.. E.. S.. C.. T.. Respect16 and serve great beer responsibly.. Resolved to be the Best.. InBev's Annual Report 2007 is out.. Need help to succeed in Brussels?.. We redesigned EcoSubsiBru for The Brussels Enterprise Agency.. Anheuser-Busch InBev,.. one of the world's top 5 consumer product companies.. Code warrior.. Mattias is scripting with us now.. Une forme olympique.. New ecards for GE to announce Beijing 08.. On s'appelle tous Van Piperzeel.. New agency, new site.. Roaming made simple.. New pricing tool for Mobistar roaming.. Magic number.. Walking Men turns 7 today.. Manu, le retour.. Another fantastic addition to the team.. The World's Leading Brewer.. 21.. 2007.. New corporate site for InBev.. Make it a hundred.. Over 100.. 000 Flash ecards sent for GE.. 50.. 000 and counting.. Our ecards for GE are a blast, for the third year in a row.. Anything goes.. Daan invites his audience to collectively pick the tracklist for The Close Up Tour.. Luna has a sister.. The world (and Walking Men) welcomes Maya!.. Céline is in da house.. Visit us and you'll meet our new office manager.. Ladies and gentlemen.. The brand new business website of Mobistar is launched..

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  • Title: Walking Men
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  • Title: 1 site par jour
    Descriptive info: (Un)Subscribe to.. Get In / Out.. You don't pick 2641 daily websites without making a few enemies.. 19 November 2013.. "Great tools inspire great ideas.. Pencil is the most natural and expressive tool for getting ideas on Paper.. Advanced technology meets beautiful design to keep you in the flow, without needing to switch tools.. With Erase, Blend, and adaptive Palm Rejection, Pencil puts creative possibility in your hands.. ".. [Source: NoahWM].. www.. fiftythree.. com/pencil.. 18 November 2013.. "July 1, 1958 is remembered as Inundation Day in the region near Cornwall, Ontario.. At 08:00 a controlled explosion tore open a cofferdam and four days later an area that had been home to 7,500 people disappeared under the waves of Lake St.. Lawrence, part of the newly created St.. Lawrence Seaway.. [Source: FredWM].. sunkenvillages.. ca/.. 15 November 2013.. "Zoom from the edge of the universe to the quantum foam of spacetime and learn about everything in between.. [Source: EL.. G].. htwins.. net/scale2/.. 14 November 2013.. "Vitamins is a design and invention studio based in London.. We work in the spaces between science, technology, business and wonder.. vitaminsdesign.. com/.. 13 November 2013.. "Né en 1965, Frederic NOY est un photographe indépendant représenté et distribué par l´agence Cosmos.. Son travail principalement centré sur l´Afrique décrit un continent en construction.. Sa démarche photographique basée sur une approche documentaire privilégie la chronique comme mode narratif.. Successivement basé en Tanzanie, au Nigeria, au Soudan, au Tchad et maintenant en Ouganda, ses récits photographiques s´attardent sur les creux de l´actualité, sur des histoires anodines, délaissées et sur l´existence de populations prises dans l´engrenage de conflits ou socialement exclues et stigmatisées.. En Tanzanie où il apprend le swahili, son travail sur la vie en milieu rural puis sur la jeunesse en milieu urbain durant la transition entre socialisme et capitalisme fait l´objet de deux livres - Tanzanie entre tradition et modernité (Syros), Avoir 20 ans à Dar Es Salaam (Alternatives).. Au Nigeria, il s'intéresse à la résistance sociale face à la pression religieuse dans les états Charia du Nord, puis partage l´existence de communautés dans le Delta du Niger.. Au Soudan, il réalise un triptyque d´histoires inattendues dans la région du Darfour, puis documente les migrations nomades et les retours de déplacés, conséquences de la Guerre Civile.. Au Tchad, il produit plusieurs sujets sur le Wide Wild East frontalier du Darfour et effectue de nombreux séjours dans la région sahélienne du Kanem où il s´interesse aux conséquences du changement climatique.. En mars 2011, il part en Lybie et est un des seuls journalistes à documenter la vie des émigrés économiques noirs africains terrés à Benghazi, en butte aux exactions d´une partie de la population.. fredericnoy.. 12 November 2013.. "Resn are a team of lovers and fighters driven by a singular vision: To infect minds with gooey interactive experiences that will amaze and stupefy.. resn.. co.. nz/.. 08 November 2013.. ART+COM has been working on the future of new media since 1988.. We design and develop innovative media installations, environments and architecture.. [Source: KIKK2013].. artcom.. de/en/home/.. 07 November 2013.. "Les Éditions Volumiques sont un studio d´invention, conception et développement de nouveaux types de jeux et jouets, basés sur la mise en relation du tangible et du digital.. volumique.. com/v2/.. 05 November 2013.. "Share what you know by giving Helpouts: Helpouts is a new way to share knowledge and expertise over live video.. Connect with customers in a one-on-one video call.. https://helpouts.. google.. 31 October 2013.. Messieurs, à vos moustaches!.. movember.. 29 October 2013.. The WebGL Globe is an open platform for geographic data visualization.. chromeexperiments.. com/globe.. 24 October 2013.. You know who they are - Now you know what to call them behind their backs.. [Source: GeertD].. workwankers.. 21 October 2013.. "Karla vit avec ses parents et sa sœur dans une ferme en Mecklembourg-Poméranie au nord est de l´Allemagne.. Quand j'ai rencontré ses parents, Julie et Ivo, ils venaient de se mettre en couple.. Julie est très vite tombée enceinte de Karla, et ils ont décidé de partir s'installer à la campagne, dans une vieille ferme toute décrépie.. Ni hippies ni cultivateurs, ils veulent vivre plus simplement, au plus près de la nature.. Le matin, Karla va récupérer un oeuf au poulailler pour son petit déjeuner.. Elle le place contre son oreille pour vérifier qu´il n´y a pas de poussin à l'intérieur.. " Le photographe allemand Marcus Reichmann a suivi cette famille pendant plus de deux ans.. marcusreichmann.. com/stories/album/aplacetobe?p=1.. 18 October 2013.. "MADE FROM COOL makes use of extraordinary sartorial superpowers.. jackjones.. com/made-from-cool/.. 16 October 2013.. Only 22 days left.. before the KIKK wave strikes! "KIKK is an international festival of creativity in digital cultures that explores the economic and artistic implications of new technologies.. Our beacons are washed away and this is continually speeding up more and more.. The trend nowadays consists of no-trend: always moving on change.. We must adapt to this, anticipate, continually.. The economic atmosphere is no exception to this: the companies who survive are those who manage to integrate these new principles and create opportunities of them.. The KIKK was born within this context.. It is profiled as a panel of the best offerings  ...   sparked a pendulum-mania across Europe and the United States, and crowds were attracted to observe so-called "Foucault pendulums" in major cities on both sides of the Atlantic.. 16 September 2013.. "We are a global network of culture jammers and creatives working to change the way information flows, the way corporations wield power, and the way meaning is produced in our society.. adbusters.. org/.. 11 September 2013.. Florense n'est pas l'Ikea du Brésil.. florense.. br/en/.. 10 September 2013.. "Fotostock offers online the growing archives of the photographer Michel Piccaya, thousand of photos covering famous travel destinations, scenics, landmarks, landscapes, leisure, world cultures & much more !".. fotostock.. fr/.. 09 September 2013.. "Frederik Buyckx.. Born in Antwerp on 8 October, 1984.. First finished a Master program in Advertising Design at Sint-Lucas Antwerp in 2007 with internships at TBWA/Brussels and Duval Guillaume New York.. Currently doing a Master program in Photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent.. Working since 2011 as a freelance photographer for the Belgian newspaper De Standaard.. Work has been published in: National Geographic Magazine(NL), The New York Times Style Magazine(USA), The Sunday Times Magazine(UK), The New Times Magazine(RUS), Vice.. com(UK/FR/BE/ES), PDN Magazine(USA), De Standaard Newspaper and Magazine(BE), NRC Handelsblad (NL), De Morgen Newspaper(BE),.. frederikbuyckx.. 06 September 2013.. "Diddo is an artist and designer whose work spans the spectrum from engaging conceptual art to intriguing product design.. To date, Diddo's conceptual art projects have appeared in many publications around the world, such as Wired, Financial Times, Vogue, Suddeutsche Zeitung, Rolling Stone, Business Week, Juxtapoz and Playboy.. Along the way, he has aroused the curiosity of creators and tastemakers, receiving requests from the likes of Sasha Baron Cohen, Kanye West and Lady Gaga.. He finds inspiration in examining the space between what we think and what we allow others to think for us.. His work is an attempt to define the border between perception and reality, and the process, which turns image into icon.. In 'Designer Gasmasks' for example, Diddo orchestrates the shotgun marriage between the Military Industrial Complex, and the farcical self-centrism of high fashion.. "Gasmasks plucks the strings of the satirically subversive; prodding the basest motivators in all of us, and artfully allowing us to simultaneously feel both disgust and material yearning.. " He shows us things we don't want to want, but we do.. Diddo was born on the luckiest day since the sixth century (7-7-'77).. ".. [Source: thecureforNoahWM].. bydiddo.. 04 September 2013.. Unity + Three.. js = An HTML5 game by HelloEnjoy.. hellorun.. helloenjoy.. 03 September 2013.. "Bad love meets rock & roll in this headphone-blowing audio experience created by Philips & You Need To Hear This for Swiss Lips and their new track Carolyn.. It's an interactive music video that's also a video game.. Playing the game remixes the song, so every decision you make during gameplay counts.. Some things make the track sound amazing and some things don't, so be selective when you're playing.. Oh, and of course the entire experience sounds much better with Philips headphones.. remixcarolyn.. 29 August 2013.. "Riding the New Silk Road The network of routes known as the Silk Road connected Asia and Europe for centuries before fading in importance in the 1400s.. Now, Hewlett-Packard has revived the route as a faster, overland alternative to shipping electronics from China to European markets by sea.. A look at one section of the modern-day route, now more commonly traveled by train instead of by camel.. nytimes.. com/newsgraphics/2013/07/21/silk-road/.. 28 August 2013.. Erik Ravelo was born in Havana (Cuba) in 1978.. He studied in the Accademia Nacional de Bellas Artes S.. Alejandro in Havana where he specialized in painting.. He began his career as a junior art director at Agulla & Baccetti, a Buenos Aires based advertising agency and worked there from 1997 to 2002.. In 2002 he was invited to join Fabrica's Visual Communication team.. He produced multiple projects at Fabrica most notably a pro-social series commissioned by the World Health Organization, "Violence", "Road Safety" and "World No Tobacco Day".. After working at the Armando Testa advertising agency in Torino, in 2007 he returned to Fabrica where he is currently Creative Director-.. erikravelo.. info/.. 27 August 2013.. "burn is an evolving journal for emerging photographers.. burn is curated by magnum photographer david alan harvey.. burnmagazine.. 22 August 2013.. "Unleash your inner explorer - Trek with Google Maps and experience views from around the world".. com/maps/about/behind-the-scenes/streetview/treks/.. 20 August 2013.. "Why aren't there more _______ women included? This is the most common question we get.. We would love the project to be more diverse! There is a lack of women of color, no transgender women, few women of Asian or Middle Eastern heritage and many other shortfalls that need to be addressed.. The hardest part for us is that the project is 100% volunteer, so I do not see the women until I show up at their door.. We're doing our best to encourage all types of women, but we need volunteers of all backgrounds and walks of life to make the project more complete.. If you know someone who might be interested, please encourage them to visit our participation page.. thenuproject..

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  • Title: Contact Walking Men
    Descriptive info: Contact.. Satelite.. Hello World.. Walking Men.. Place du jardin aux fleurs.. Bloemenhofplein.. Bruxelles.. 1000.. Brussel.. Belgique.. +32 2 412 02 52.. info@walkingmen.. N 50° 84.. 8100.. E 4° 34.. 3313..

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