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  • Title: Walker Hi-Tech - High Purity, High Pressure, 3A Sanitary equipment and service - New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Texas
    Descriptive info: .. High Purity.. OVERVIEW.. Filters.. Gas Purifier.. Instrumentation.. Regulators.. Tubing Fittings.. Vacuum.. Valves.. PFA-FEP Tubing.. Orbital Weld/Tube Prep.. High Pressure.. Gas Booster Pumps.. Pressure Regulators.. Custom Manifolds-Fabrication.. Valves-Fittings-Tubing.. Ball Valves.. Gauges.. Air Actuated Valves.. Flanges-Pipe-Weld Fittings.. Flexible Hoses.. Sanitary 3A.. CIP Systems.. Cleaning Technology.. Filters Strainers.. Fittings Tube.. Heat Exchangers.. Homogenizer.. Hose.. Lubricants.. Pumps.. Systems Projects.. Washdown.. Home.. Contact Us.. Call 505-797-4478.. Walker Hi-Tech, Inc.. , has been providing stainless steel fluid system component sales, support and services to its  ...   principles of world class customer service.. We are committed to providing only the best in products, service and support.. We service multiple industries including 3A Food, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Bio-Pharmaceutical, Aerospace and Energy, Industrial and Chemical.. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff is available to provide counsel, information and training for the product lines we represent.. Please browse our site at your leisure.. We welcome your questions and hope to be of assistance.. website design by.. Azure Communications, Inc.. Albuquerque, New Mexico..

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  • Title: Walker Hi-Tech - High Purity Applications - Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado
    Descriptive info: HIGH PURITY.. Walker Hi-Tech.. provides service and equipment for the semiconductor, solar, and laboratory industries including design, equipment specification, manifolds, gas sticks, custom fabricated components, system integration and project management.. By representing the leading manufacturers in the High Purity Industry, we are able to provide superior customer support.. Our experienced staff can help identify the correct equipment for your application and locate critical parts necessary to keep your facility running.. We believe in.. training.. as a tool to better support our customers.. Participating in continual product education ensures our staff is equipped to help you troubleshoot  ...   Ball Valves, Face Seal and Compression Fittings, and Complimentary Gauges, Filters, Purifiers, etc.. Walker Hi-Tech's UHP experience is supported by the expertise of leading equipment manufacturers such as.. Carten Controls, Tescom, Evans Components, HIS, and TEM Filter Company.. The innovation and resources from these companies are vast and can meet the demands facing today's process manufacturer.. Let us work with you to ensure process and project success.. Diaphragm Valves.. Vacuum Components.. Gas Filters.. Gas Purifiers.. Gauges/ Transmitters.. Tube Fittings/Face Seal Fittings.. Tubing.. Hoses.. PFA Tubing/FEP Tubing.. Gas Sticks.. Gas Cabinets.. Tool Rentals.. Tube Prep Tools, Bits, Blades..

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  • Title: Walker Hi-Tech - High Purity Filters - T.E.M - AZ NM CO TX
    Descriptive info: HIGH PURITY FILTERS.. TEM filters.. were first produced in 1973.. The first filters used an unbindered glass fiber media before PTFE membranes became available.. This product was extremely successful with all process gases.. In 1986, Ewald Associates purchased the TEM product line and set out to maximize the designs.. Having improved the housing design, interior finish, introduced electropolishing, and eliminated fiber migration, we set out for new products.. PTFE membrane based products were introduced shortly there after.. The emphasis for the TEM design was proper support of the PTFE media and economy of housing design.. Our efforts in stainless steel and nickel medias were focused on sintered fiber designs.. The superior flow characteristics of sintered fiber over sintered powder made the choice obvious.. The flow  ...   requirements.. TEM Filter products have become a real and meaningful alternative to Pall®, Mott®, and Millipore® products.. Featured Products.. Filters for the Solar Industry.. We offer three sizes of economically priced filters with relaxed specifications for the process gases used in the Solar Industry.. Please look for the PV Series Filters under the literature down loads.. Surface Mount Sandwich Filter.. This unique filter for surface mount gas delivery systems is designed to be placed under another component.. Placing under a valve or regulator eliminates one substrate.. This effectively shortens the system and reduces its cost.. High Flow Filters.. TEM Filter offers a wide range of economically priced High Flow Filters in both stainless steel and nickel mediums that will meet your budget and exceed your expectations..

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  • Title: Walker Hi-Tech - ARM Gas Purifier, Industrial Solutions - NM, TX, AZ, CO
    Descriptive info: GAS PURIFIER.. ARM Incorporated, located along the Rocky Mountain Front Range within Colorado, USA, is a privately held corporation founded in 1998.. Its mission is to provide superior gas purifier products and services.. Asa a manufacturing company, ARM strives to provide gas purifiers with the proper technology needed.. for today's high-tech industrial sectors.. Companies located across the globe find out products to be extremely beneficial to their needs.. Customer satisfaction, innovation and quality of product and service are the basis of ARM's success.. Although ARM is a relatively new company, it has combined engineering experience totaling more than 40 years in the Industrial Purifier Products manufacturing industry.. Thousands of purifier products have been supplied to its Customers that include some of the largest companies around the world.. All ARM products are manufactured with quality measures in place for consistent high-end results.. Its standard operating procedures include materials tracking for source traceability.. Class 100 Clean Room manufacturing environments are utilized throughout to ensure product performance.. ARM constantly makes plans to  ...   Purifiers.. Features:.. Flow Rates of 3-60 Nm3/hr.. Pressure to 20.. 5 MPa.. Multi-tool usage.. OEM Factory Replacement Vessels.. Some units portable.. All metal HP UHP construction.. Options:.. Isolation Valves.. Sub-Micron Particle Filtration.. Skid Mount or Painted Enclosure.. Full Electronic Packages.. Component Sets with Vessel.. Variety of Connections.. Factory Service and Support.. Weld and Area Purifiers are the solutions Multi-Tool and/or Area Gas purification.. ARM provides standard as well as custom designed products and services, from stand-alone vessels to fully automated units with facility interface capabilities.. • Vessel and Purifier System Component Replacement.. • Vessel Activation and Regeneration.. • Instrumentation Service and Upgrades.. • Purification Media Stabilizing and Recharging.. • Helium Leak Detection and Reporting.. • Component and System Analytical Services.. Point of Use.. Products for lower flow usage, at the Tool, where impurities need to be removed for critical applications.. The most simple form is a stand-alone purifier vessel operating at ambient or elevated temperatures.. Vessel regeneration and/or replacement are periodically required.. Standard and Custom designed product solutions available..

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  • Title: Walker Hi-Tech - High Purity Instrumentation - WIKA - AZ CO NM TX
    Descriptive info: HIGH PURITY INSTRUMENTATION.. Pressure, Temperature and Level Measurement.. WIKA, a family-run company founded in 1946, is world market leader in pressure, temperature, and level measurement instrumentation.. Today, WIKA's worldwide network employs more than 7,300 highly qualified and motivated professionals with immense know-how and technical proficiency.. This is supplemented by our commitment to customer service and quality management to provide comprehensive solutions to improve production processes.. WIKA Stands for  ...   and safety standards have even found their way into the standardization systems of many countries around the world.. International Manufacturing and Utilization.. Engineering centers and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Germany, Brazil, China, India, Canada, Switzerland and South Africa deliver more than 43 million quality products in more than 100 countries every year.. Approximately 350 million WIKA pressure and temperature measurement devices are used throughout the world..

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  • Title: Walker Hi-Tech - High Purity Regulators & Valves - Tescom
    Descriptive info: HIGH PURITY REGULATORS VALVES.. The.. TESCOM.. brand delivers a wide range of standard and custom engineered regulators, valves and systems for a diverse world market.. You can count on expert application and customer support ranging from high tech complex projects to simple industrial applications.. Close collaboration between worldwide design and manufacturing groups ensure the usage of state-of-the-art production technologies to provide the innovation and highest quality product that TESCOM customers have come to expect.. Pressure Reducing.. Multi-Purpose.. Emerson offers a broad range of versatile TESCOM multi-purpose regulators that operate in a variety of process / specialty gas and liquid applications.. High Purity Gases.. TESCOM regulators are designed to meet high gas purity needs for Semiconductor, Photovoltaic, Nanotechnology, Flat Panel Display and Pharmaceutical Bioprocess applications.. Medical Gases.. TESCOM medical gas regulators are designed to be used in breathing gas, anesthetics and diagnostic applications in the medical and healthcare industries.. Relief / Backpressure.. TESCOM™ backpressure regulators maintain desired upstream pressure by varying the flow in response to changes in upstream pressure.. Pressure relief valves provide overpressure protection in case of unexpected pressure buildup.. 26-1700 Series Regulator.. TESCOM 26-1700 Series regulator controls pressures up to 15000 PSIG [1034 bar] and is suitable for gas or liquid service.. 26-2500 Series Regulator.. TESCOM  ...   and process control industries.. The 46,000 square foot (4,273 square meters) Elk River facility is equipped with state-of-the-art CNC equipment, conventional lathes and mills, UHP welding and internal electropolishing and a class 100 environment for welding with class 10 clean room assembly capabilities.. Tescom implements a Total Quality Management system including ISO 9001:2000 and METI/KHK certifications.. Our European design and manufacturing facility in Selmsdorf, Germany offers our full product line and specializes in pressure control components, assemblies and systems for the Laboratory market and exclusively for the European Medical market.. Product lines include speciality regulators, valves and systems for precise control of low to medium pressure fluids (primarily gases) that may be at high pressure, corrosive, toxic and/or lethal.. Applications require high cleanliness level, low leakage rates and special performance characteristics.. The 34,724 square foot (3226 square meters) Selmsdorf facility utilizes state-of-the-art CNC equipment, special metal finishing processes prior to assembly and test and a class 100 environment welding with class 10 clean room assembly capabilities.. The Selmsdorf facility follows the Tescom Total Quality Management system including EN ISO 9001, EN ISO13485 and GOST certifications.. In addition, this facility is certified as a medical device manufacturer to Part II directive 93/42/E6 medical products and executes risk management to EN14971..

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  • Title: Walker Hi-Tech - High Purity Tubing and Fitting - Cardinal UHP - NM, TX, AZ, CO
    Descriptive info: HIGH PURITY TUBING FITTINGS.. Ham-Let.. - The highest standards of cleanness, leak-proof and corrosion resistance are typical to the continuously growing semiconductor industry.. The highly toxic and flammable gasses which are used in the manufacturing process of flash memory, logic processors, photo voltaic cells and many other semiconductor based products, guide the industry to set a wide range of standards for the gas and liquid flow control components.. Ham-Let offers world-class, ISO quality compression fittings, UHP face seal fittings, UHP weld fittings and complimentary valves for each fitting application.. Let-Lok.. -.. Two ferrule compression fittings.. for use in precision instrumentation, processing, sampling, and a wide range of industrial use.. Let-Lok is known throughout the world as a leader in quality, innovation, and world class production for just-in-time supply.. HTC.. UHP face seal fittings and butt weld fittings.. set the standard for the semiconductor, solar, UHP gas delivery system industry for cleanliness, purity and weld quality.. Coupled with Walker Hi-Tech’s commitment to inventory, we have you covered.. Valves.. - Ham-Let offers a wide range of general industry and UHP valves to complement our wide range of fittings and other fluid system components.. See our catalog for a world of choices.. CARDINAL - THE EXPERTS IN ULTRA HIGH PURITY TUBING AND FITTINGS.. The combination of our experience, ISO 9001:2000 registered quality management system and commitment to customer value make Cardinal the preferred choice for your ultra high purity and specialty service requirements.. TUBING.. Cardinal tubing is widely used in semiconductor, pharmaceutical, medical, food processing, biotechnology, and telecommunication industries because of the high degree of purity and low surface roughness.. We produce  ...   easy validation with on-line MTRs.. FITTINGS.. Fittings are formed from material that meets the same exacting standards as our process tubing.. We begin the process with a heavier wall to offset the thinning that occurs during manufacturing.. Cardinal UHP fittings undergo a thorough preparation process to insure corrosion resistance as well as stringent dimensional specifications for economical installation.. First, welds are mechanically polished, and when required, fittings are electro polished and passivated.. All welds are 100% visually inspected and mass spectrometer helium leak tested to 1x10 -9 cc/sec.. Finally, the fittings are cleaned, capped, and bagged to meet the required specifications.. Tech 10.. Average surface roughness of 32µin / 0.. 80µm Ra.. max.. Non-electropolished high quality 316L and 304L seamless and welded stainless steel.. Controlled sulfur for consistent weldability.. Exceeds CFOS CGA G4.. 1 cleaning.. Fully passivated with nitric acid.. Rinsed with DI water, purged with filtered nitrogen, capped and individually bagged in heat sealed polyethylene.. Used for analyzer sample lines, O2 piping (CFOS), medical gas distribution and vent lines.. Cleaned to ASTM G93-96 Level A.. Contact Walker Hi-Tech, Inc.. for a complete copy of this specification.. Tech 50 / Tech 50CR.. Electro polished to Ra 10µin / 0.. 25µm max with 7µin / 0.. 18µm max option.. Produced from high quality 316L seamless and welded stainless steel.. Produced to meet current ASTM standards.. Subject to numerous quality tests including SEM, ESCA, and optional Auger.. Cleaned with 60°C DI water, purged with heated and filtered nitrogen, capped, individually double bagged and then bulk bagged in an ISO Class 4 clean room.. Used for ultra high purity gas distribution systems..

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  • Title: Walker Hi-Tech - High Purity Vacuum Components - HIS
    Descriptive info: HIGH PURITY VACUUM COMPONENTS.. Hoffman Instrumentation Supply.. Since its inception in 1979, HIS has developed into an internationally recognized manufacturer of high quality vacuum components and fittings.. We are pleased to supply the microelectronics industries, mechanical contractors, universities, and original equipment manufacturers.. The personal pride of HIS employees has resulted in a continued history of customer satisfaction.. We plan to continue and improve our competitive edge as a premium supplier.. KF/ISO Series.. General.. The KF/ISO system of vacuum components is the family of specialty flanges, elbows, tees, crosses, bellows, etc.. having interface dimensions defined by the International Standards Organization.. The flanges are secured by a clamp acting on the outer flange surface.. The ISO sequence goes to 20 (500mm).. The maximum tubing size in the KF sequence is 2 (50mm).. The letters KF often used in describing the system denote the small series.. KF is derived from Kleinflansch , German for small flange.. Modular Component.. KF/ISO components are very modular by design.. There are a large number of interchangeable components available.. HIS supplies approximately 350 different KF/ISO components, including elbows, tees, crosses and valves, and has the capability to manufacture specials to our customers specifications.. CF Series.. HIS manufactures a complete line of  ...   for research and production application.. These valves are the result of a long and careful development program designed to insure product quality, reliability and value.. Every effort has been made to provide a valve family suited to the requirements of various users.. They will function reliably in applications ranging from semiconductor production system with chemical and particulate contamination.. Features.. Long life operation.. Stainless steel welded bellows seal.. Manual and electropneumatic actuation or fail safe operators (closes in the event of air pressure loss).. Bakeable to 200°C intermittently, Viton seal bonnet.. Compact size.. Simple and fast maintenance.. Simple control via solenoid valve with manual override.. Weld Fittings Tubing.. Welding.. All welding is done with cryogenic source inert gas welding methods.. HIS uses ASME qualified welders and ASME procedures designed to provide the best possible welds.. Automatic or semi-automatic positioning fixtures are used on tubing and fittings.. Interior surfaces are smooth, even and uniform.. Tube.. HIS tubing conforms to ASTM A-269, A-262 Practice E requirements unless otherwise specified.. Fittings.. Our fittings conform to ASTM A269 and A270 and can be supplied in 304/304L or 316/316L.. Fittings come with a standard mill finish.. Other finishes available: mechanical polish ID/OD (#7), mechanical polish OD (#5), and electropolished ID..

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  • Title: Walker Hi-Tech - High Purity Valves - Carten Valves - NM TX AZ CO
    Descriptive info: HIGH PURITY VALVES.. Founded in 1970,.. Carten Controls.. has evolved into a global leader in the manufacture of high purity bellows and diaphragm valves earmarked for critical gas and liquid delivery systems.. In addition to a wide array of high integrity valve products, Carten is also becoming a recognized fabricator of integrated gas systems installed in current generation of semiconductor process tools.. With two manufacturing facilities (Cheshire, Ct.. USA and Waterford, Ireland), and stocking locations through independent distribution in the US and East Asia, Carten is capable of serving customer needs on a global basis.. Carten's Mission:.. Our mission  ...   quality products, on time deliveries and competitive prices.. The policy of Carten Controls is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services through on time delivery of defect free products.. Carten Controls quality system shall insure that all products and services provided to our customers meet or exceed all requirements and expectations.. Comprehensive documentation governs Carten Controls quality program.. Procedures, practice, forms, and drawings that affect product quality shall be formally documented and controlled.. All such documents shall be maintained and made easily accessible.. Ultra High Purity Gas Valves for the Semiconductor Industry.. Bellows Valves.. Diaphragm Valves..

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  • Title: Walker Hi-Tech - High Purity equipment and service - New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Texas
    Descriptive info: PFA - FEP TUBING.. Solutions for critical fluid delivery applications.. PFA HP (High Purity) Tubing.. was specifically designed for the challenging environment of semiconductor manufacturing.. The unique molecular structure of PFA HP resin reduces metallic contamination and is designed to provide longer service life in the challenging semiconductor clean room environments.. Features Benefits.. • SEMI F-57 certified material.. • Ultra-low levels of metallic and organic.. extractables.. • Excellent physical properties.. • Excellent surface smoothness.. • Extruded in a controlled environment.. • Double poly bagged and encapsulated.. • Laser Mark Identification.. Key Properties.. • Combines attributes of PTFE and FEP.. • Maintains a mechanical strength at high.. temperatures.. • Superior high purity properties.. • Excellent solvent resistance.. • Low gas permeability.. • Chemically resistant to all common.. Special packaging options:.. • Pre-cut coiled lengths.. • Double poly bagged.. • End capped.. • Clean room packaged.. • Private Labeled.. • Custom Laser Marked.. Physical Properties.. Test Method.. PFA.. Continuous Service Temp Range.. -.. -320 to 500°F.. Hardness, Shore D.. ASTM D2240.. 55 - 64.. Tensile Strength, Ultimate.. ASTM D638.. 3630 - 4100 psi.. Tensile Strength, Yield.. 2180 - 4100 psi.. Elongation at Break.. 300%.. Tensile  ...   400ºF.. The nonstick characteristics of fluoropolymer resins, combined with their low extractable levels and chemically inert nature, make AMETEK tubing ideal for aerospace, automotive, electronics, food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing applications.. Custom configurations and shapes.. Dual, bonded tubing.. Wide range of sizes.. Natural and custom colors.. FEP, PFA, PFA/Hp, UHP-FEP, and TEFZEL® resins available.. Custom packaging and spooling.. TQM quality.. Stocking program for JIT delivery.. Competitive pricing.. Meets ASTM D-3296.. Heat Transfer Area.. PHYSICAL.. PROPERTIES.. RESIN TYPE.. FEP.. PFA.. PFA HP.. TEFZEL® 280.. Ultimate Tensile.. Strength, psi.. (ASTM D-638).. 3,000 (73ºF).. 4,000 (73ºF).. 2,000 (482ºF).. 6,700 (73ºF).. Ultimate.. Elongation, %.. 300 (73ºF).. 500 (482ºF).. Coefficient of.. Friction (Dynamic).. 30 (Avg.. ).. 25 (Avg.. 23 (Avg.. psi x 103.. (ASTM D-790).. 90 (73ºF).. 10 (482ºF).. 170.. Impact Strength.. Notched Izod.. (ft.. lb.. /in.. (ASTM D-256).. no break.. (73ºF).. 2.. 9 (-65ºF).. 2 (-320ºF).. Continuous Use.. Temperature, ºF.. 400.. 500.. 302.. Specific Gravity.. (STTM D-792).. 12 - 2.. 17.. 70.. Dielectric Strength.. (ASTM D-149).. Short term Volts/Mil.. 2,000.. 000.. 1,800.. Dielectric Constant.. (ASTM D-150).. 10.. 03.. 5.. Melting Point, ºF.. 582.. 280.. AMETEK Fluoropolymer Tubing:.. Download full specifications and documentation PDF here..

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  • Title: Walker Hi-Tech - Orbital Welding Equipment Repairs and Rentals - New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Texas
    Descriptive info: ORBITAL WELDING EQUIPMENT RENTALS REPAIRS.. Walker Hi-Tech.. is pleased to offer orbital welding services as part of our overall solution.. Orbital welding has become the standard for the large majority of high purity applications, and our process piping contractors are learning to embrace this technology.. Our technicians have been trained on, and have extensive experience with, Arc Machines (AMI) Orbital Welding Systems.. Arc Machines, Inc.. ,.. is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of orbital welding equipment.. AMI systems are well known for their quality, durability and functionality.. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of precision, highly automated, stable welding systems including welding power sources, control systems, electromechanical torch manipulation devices (weld heads) and arc-zone vision systems.. With over 3000 customer relationships all over the world, AMI sells to leading companies in a wide variety of industries, including Aerospace, Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology, Nuclear, and a wide array of other industries.. Tube and Pipe Cutting and Prep Tools.. GF Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machines.. Square, burr-free and cold machining process.. Deformation-free clamping system for tubes and pipes.. Optimum preparation for the automated welding process.. Sturdy design with powerful drive.. Unique and automated orbital cutting process.. GF 4 (AVM/MVM).. New era - even higher standards!.. Having set the benchmark for pipe cutting and beveling machines for over 40 years, our new range of machines takes us even further forward.. The new GF 4, GF 4 AVM and GF 4 MVM are now available!.. Weight reduction for ease of movement.. Optional feed module AVM or MVM for an automated or manual cutting process.. Integrated laser pointer to determine the cut off point.. Extended speed range (65-215 rpm), ideal for the cutting of high-performance materials (Hastelloy, P91, etc.. Swivel cable with a quick-disconnect coupler for easy and quick replacement of power cables.. A new ergonomically-designed motor handle for a safer and more comfortable operating position, which also enables easier cutting of elbows.. The new saw blade guard protects against flying chips and comes with a measuring port 1 multifunctional tool for all adjustments on the machine.. 2 position aluminum clamping jaws to reduce chatter and enable smaller length of pipe to be machined.. Locking mechanism prevents unauthorized usage and theft.. Feed versions:.. GF 4AVM*.. Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine.. with automatic feed module AVM.. The intelligent AVM controls the feed and the cutting process is automated.. Cutting and beveling high-alloy steel (stainless steel),  ...   saving, light weight and portable machine for a mobile and secure application.. Modular design, ensuring compatibility within the RPG series.. The special adaptor clamping shell allows the RPG 2.. 5 to be used with the clamping shells for the RPG 1.. 5 machines.. Machines have a removable bench stand (mains versions only).. Machine with rotating/removable drive.. Very short design (cordless versions).. Improved features in the cordless versions thanks to lithium ion technology:.. Motor with high performance and small size.. No memory effect.. Single cell monitoring in the cordless pack.. Electronic overload protection with integrated temperature monitor.. Robust cordless packs with capacity display.. Minimal self-discharge.. Environmentally friendly.. AIR COOLED technology for short charging times and a long service life.. RPG ONE (Cordless), RPG 1.. 5 (Cordless), RPG 2.. 5 (Cordless).. Designed for burr-free squareing and beveling of thin-walled stainless steel tubes and micro fittings.. For the required, high quality tube end preparation for obrital welding.. Machine comes with:.. 1 Tube Squareing Machine RPG ONE, RPG 1.. 5 or RPG 2.. 1 Durable storage and shipping case.. 2 Rechargeable batteries, 1 Batter charger (for Cordless versions only).. 1 Tool holder (Code 790 037 152).. 1 Multifunctional tool (Code 790 038 314).. 1 Adapter clamping shell (Code 790 030 094, only for RPG 2.. 5).. 1 Tool Set.. Bench stand for cordless machines optional available (Code 790 037 169).. Technical Data.. RPG ONE.. RPG ONE Cordless.. RPG 1.. 5 Cordless.. RPG 2.. Built-in Electronic Variable Cutting Speed (rpm).. 150-380.. 0-400.. 145-540.. speed 9-52.. speed 27-153.. speed 0-25.. speed 0-85.. Power (W).. 1010.. Voltage of Rechargeable Battery (V).. 18.. Pre-Ground Tungsten Electrodes.. Diamond Ground Products supplies pre-ground tungsten electrodes for Orbitals, Plasma, Tube Mills, and Mech TIG.. Pre-Ground Tungsten Electrodes for:.. Increased weld quality and consistency! Keep your welders more productive!.. Diamond Ground Products longitudinally prepared Pre-Ground Electrodes are made to your exact specifications and offer improved arc starting and stability, greater longevity, and consistent welds at economical prices.. TYPICAL HAND GROUND.. DGP STANDARD FINISH.. DGP POLISHED FINISH.. Inconsistent finish.. Incorrectly ground.. Peer arc starting and stability.. Reduced electrode life.. Risk tungsten inclusion and potential X--ray defect.. Involves potentially hazardous hand grinding.. Extremely consistent finish.. Correctly diamond ground longitudianllly.. Excellent electrode life.. Exceeds all standards set by automatic welding manufacturers.. Maximum electrode life.. Ideal for high purity welding.. Extremely consistent finish.. Diamond ground and polished longitudinally.. Excellent arc starting and stability.. Lowest shedding surface..

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