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  • Title: Waldo the Clown and Professor Steve
    Descriptive info: .. Teaching Reaching All Ages through the Amazing Power of Visuals.. Programs Workshops for Churches, Public Schools, Libraries, Day-Care Centers any groups wanting Quality Entertainment that is both Fun Educational.. All About Waldo Professor Steve.. What I Believe.. Programs Workshops Available.. Library Summer Reading Program 2014.. FAQs.. Upward Awards Night Information.. Vacation Bible School Information.. Letters Comments From Others.. Pictures.. Pricing.. Waldo's Clown Supplies.. Object Lessons.. E-Mail Me!.. Waldo the Clown on facebook.. Professor Steve on facebook.. Click here for my current brochure (PDF).. The Waldo the Clown Professor Steve Promo Video Experience.. Click here to  ...   All Ages!.. You say You Want Stuff to Do?.. Click on the ticket to enter Waldo's Circus O' Fun!.. Three rings of circus clown-related puzzles games for all ages.. Like science? Click on the exercising brain to enter.. Professor Steve's Amazing Laboratory!.. Science-related puzzles, games online activities await!.. THE VAULT.. Click on the vault door for all the posters, graphics clipart you could ever want for your upcoming event!.. (only authorized individuals may enter).. Waldo the Clown.. Professor Steve.. WALDOtheCLOWN.. Professor Steve's Amazing World of Science.. 1405 Brooke Dr.. ; Lebanon, Indiana 46052.. (765) 482-0875.. waldotheclown@hotmail.. com..

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  • Title: All About Waldo & Professor Steve
    Descriptive info: All About WALDO PROFESSOR STEVE.. For church religious groups,.. click here.. For public schools libraries,.. Back to Home Page..

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  • Title: What I Believe
    Descriptive info: Education.. Education is an ever-changing lifelong process and people need to view themselves as life-long learners.. Learning values and ethics is an important part of a student's education.. Education learning comes from excitement.. Excitement comes from visual teaching methods.. When the teacher is excited about what he is teaching, the students become excited about what is being taught.. Religion.. Jesus Christ is the one only Son of God who died for our sins arose from the dead.. I Corinthians 15:1-8, John 3:16.. The Bible is the inspired Word of God - a lamp unto our feet a light unto our path.. II Timothy 3:16, Psalm 119:105.. Every person has worth as a creation of God, but all have sinned fall short of the glory of God.. Romans 3:23.. Forgiveness of sins the promise of eternal life are available to those who trust Jesus Christ as their Savior Lord.. John 3:16.. Salvation is found in Jesus Christ alone, for no one comes to God the Father except through Him.. Acts 4:12, John 14:6.. Those accepting Christ should repent of sin,  ...   Clowning the use of clowning skills (juggling, balloon sculpturing, magic effects, story telling, etc.. ) can be an amazingly effective way of teaching ideas concepts.. Not everyone is afraid of clowns.. It is not the scary movies books that have caused some to fear clowns.. It is all those people out there calling themselves clowns who look sloppy, act improperly have no idea how to work with others, especially kids.. They are the ones who have hurt it for the rest of us.. Science.. Science without religion is lame.. Religion without science is blind - Albert Einstein.. Science should be the most exciting subject that a student has in school.. There is not reason why anyone should not like science.. Science becomes fun when you take what you have learned from a book physically do something with it.. Creativity.. Imagination is more important than knowledge - Albert Einstein.. Everyone has a creative side.. People who say they are not creative just haven't developed that part of their brain.. Creativity can be learned, or at least faked in the beginning..

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  • Title: Programs and Workshops Available
    Descriptive info: For church religious programs,.. For public school library programs,.. For workshop information,..

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  • Title: Science of Halloween
    Descriptive info: Professor Steve's Science of Halloween Show.. Searching for a fun event with a spooky theme this Halloween? Look no further! Professor Steve's Science of Halloween Show will demonstrate teach your group amazing science, all tied in to the Halloween season.. Witness the high-tech way of launching toilet paper, not with your arm, but with a  ...   trick-or-treat bags.. Learn the history of Frankenstein as we produce 500,000 volts of electricity from a Tesla Coil.. These other amazing science experiments await.. Available in both a Christian format (for church groups) a secular format (for schools, libraries, etc.. ).. Great for all ages!.. For more information, prices available dates, contact Professor Steve.. (765)482-0875..

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  • Title: Library Summer Reading Program 2012
    Descriptive info: FIZZ, BOOM, READ @ YOUR LIBRARY.. with.. Professor Steve.. Professor Steve's Fantastic Reactions Show.. The perfect program for 2014's Summer Reading Theme! NOTHING BUT REACTIONS! Watch in amazement as you your group experience things that Fizz Flash Go Boom Change Color, and then learn the science behind it all.. Great for all ages! Let Professor Steve show your group  ...   ideas or more information? Give me a call or email me anytime.. We are big fans of yours and know that we can always count on you for quality, affordable, entertaining and educational programs.. We also pass your contact information along to anyone who asks for possible school or church programs.. Margaret.. Korenski.. Vigo Co.. Public Library; Terre Haute, IN..

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  • Title: FAQs
    Descriptive info: What makes Waldo the Clown Professor Steve a ministry ?.. In both cases, it is the content the structure of the programs that make what I do a ministry.. As Waldo, I am able to use the tools of a clown to teach the concepts found in the Bible in a very visual a very effective way.. As Professor Steve, I am able to use scientific demonstrations to show how the world around us works how God fits in the picture.. Everything that Waldo Professor Steve do helps to point the audience members, both young old, toward an understanding of God s awesome power love.. What do you offer Public Schools Libraries?.. Public schools Libraries will get the same effective teaching, minus the talk of God the Bible.. Waldo will visually present programs dealing with friendship, self-esteem, respect of others, other topic dealing with Character Education.. Professor Steve will teach demonstrate how fun exciting science can be.. And with both Waldo Professor Steve, classroom workshops are always an option.. What can I expect in a Waldo the Clown a Professor Steve program?.. You can expect an exciting presentation that is always (1) age-appropriate, (2) rich in content teaching, (3) structured visualized so that it is easily remembered.. Is all of this just for kids?.. Not at all.. Waldo presents many programs that involve everyone in the church, as well as programs involving just the adults.. Waldo s messages are definitely not just for kids.. And as for Professor Steve, adults as well as kids (even very young kids) are captivated by the science experiments demonstrated in front of them.. Besides programs, do you have anything especially for Junior High High School youth?.. Workshops are great for older youth.. They are not only fun, they teach the youth new exciting ways to share Christ with others.. Also, Steve is available to help you start a clown ministry group, something that works exceptionally well for older youth looking for a new different kind of outreach group.. How  ...   high in content extremely fun for everyone involved.. Whatever you plans may be, Waldo the Clown Professor Steve are both at your service, for one day, several days or the entire week.. As a featured guest or as your mission for the week, they can help to make your VBS extra special.. For more information,.. Do you ever work with groups at Church Camp?.. I work with many different camps each every summer.. I can provide you your campers with both programs workshops, am available for one-day visits, multiple days, or even the entire week (many times as the camp mission).. Both Waldo Professor Steve are great ways to add something special to the whole camp experience.. When are Waldo, Professor Steve Steve Walden available to come share with us?.. This is a full-time ministry.. That means we are available when you need us, seven days a week.. Can Waldo Professor Steve help with promotional materials?.. I can provide you with an entire packet of promotional materials including posters, clip art, activity pages for the kids, bulletin inserts, background information, press releases, pictures.. How much does it cost to have Waldo, Professor Steve or Steve Walden come to our church?.. One of my goals has always been to be affordable for all churches, regardless of their size.. To accomplish this, prices for programs workshops are always based upon the average attendance of the congregation.. Your group, no matter how big or small, will be able to afford Waldo the Clown Professor Steve.. How can I learn more about Waldo the Clown or Professor Steve's Amazing World of Science?.. Since you are here on my site, you are on the right track.. Be sure to call, write or send me an email if you have any questions (my email address is down below).. I can also provide you with my Promo Video (.. ), my brochure, references, letters of recommendation, newspaper articles, pictures, prices, other assorted goodies.. Just let me know what you need.. Thank you!..

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  • Title: Upward Awards Night
    Descriptive info: Officially Sanctioned by Upward!.. Are you ready for an Upward Event that is fun, unique, interactive proclaims Jesus throughout? Then you are ready for one of Professor Steve's Amazing Sports Science Shows! These are programs that work great for all ages, revolve around your Upward sport of choice use science to, not only teach how to be successful at sports, but to be successful in life.. The shows are written to go 45 minutes, but can be shortened to fit your needs schedule.. The cost to book Professor Steve as the speaker for an Upward Event is $750.. 00 plus travel costs.. For additional information, please don't hesitate to email or call.. Thank you for your consideration!.. Professor Steve's Science of Basketball Show.. Let Professor Steve dazzle your kids adults with basketball-related experiments demonstrations as we  ...   science of soccer show.. Do your Upward activities center around the soccer ball? Then Professor Steve's Science of Soccer Show is just what you are looking for.. Very similar to the basketball program, except we will dazzle your young soccer players their families with a scientific exploration of their game.. Get ready to have fun with science, learn about the game of soccer discover how God makes us a winner in our lives.. professor steve's science of football show.. Hey Football Players! Line up get ready for Professor Steve's Science of Football Show ! Witness amazing science demonstrations, learn how to be the best football player you can be see how God, our Father Coach, can help you win over anything life throws at you.. Coming Soon: Upward Programs with Waldo.. (call or email for more info)..

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  • Title: VBS Info
    Descriptive info: Click here for Waldo's Greatest Show on Heaven Earth VBS.. Click here for Professor Steve's Super Science Spectacular.. The Greatest Show on Heaven Earth VBS.. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! CHILDREN OF ALL AGES! You say you are looking for a great Vacation Bible School program that the kids will be drawn to like flies to cotton candy? Then check out The Greatest Show on Heaven Earth , an exciting action-packed program featuring the ministry of Waldo the Clown.. Kids of all ages will have a great time learning about Jesus the Bible through Waldo's use of juggling, balloon sculpturing, illusions, amazing feats of clowning skill.. And, because every teaching is visualized, the kids will remember the lessons long after VBS week is over.. At The Greatest Show on Heaven Earth, Jesus is always the main attraction.. Exciting, high-content age appropriate lessons.. An overall theme that draws in both church non-church kids.. Three exciting weeks to choose from: Bible Basics , God's Love Powerful People of the Bible.. Allows you to offer a VBS program that nobody else in your town is using.. Waldo is with you the entire week teaches the lessons each day through a big, fun exciting show, filled with juggling, balloon sculpturing, illusions amazing feats of clowning skill.. Your teachers serve to reinforce what was already presented.. Works equally well for both large churches with many volunteer workers small churches with few workers.. Everything needed for a great circus week is provided, including music, lesson plans, youth worksheets, decorating ideas, clipart, snack ideas, craft ideas, detailed checklists (to ensure that nothing is left undone).. Priced affordably for churches of every size.. PROGRAMS AVAILABLE.. Bible Basics.. Day 1 =.. All About the Bible - 2 Timothy.. 3:16.. The Bible is a special book.. It is the only book God ever wrote, it is always true it tells us about ourselves like no other book can.. In this program, Waldo will share illustrate t.. hree of the reasons we should spend time with our Bible.. Day 2 = Jesus, Our Very Best Friend - John.. 15:15.. Jesus is Lord (the Boss) Savior (the only one who can save us from our sins).. He is also the best friend we will ever have.. In fact, we can learn what real friendship is all about by looking at how Jesus treats us.. If we follow His example, we will always have good friends in our lives.. In this program, Waldo will present to your group three things that we need to do for our friends (because Jesus does these three things for us).. Day 3 = God Thinks You re Special! - John.. God thinks that you I are special!.. We are so special to God that He was willing to give up His only Son for our benefit.. But His love doesn't stop.. there.. In this program, Waldo will teach your group three things that.. God does for us, just because we are special to Him.. Day 4 = Love - John.. 13:34.. -35.. There are many people in the world that talk about love, but really have no idea of what real love is all about.. Real love, the kind that Jesus talks about the kind that lasts, has nothing to do with feelings.. It has everything to do with how we treat others.. In this program, Waldo will share illustrate what real love is all about.. Day 5 = God Believes In Us! - Romans 5:6-8.. There are lots of good reasons to believe in God.. One of the best reasons to believe in God is because He, the Creator of all things, believes in us.. God.. is our biggest supporter.. He loves us!.. And nothing can ever change that fact.. Jesus teaches us just how special we are to God, plus how we should be living.. as a result, in three of his parables.. In this program, Waldo will teach about those parables how they reveal God's relationship to us.. God's Love.. The Love of God - Romans.. 8:38.. -39.. God s love is amazing!.. No matter what we do, God continues to love us.. The problem is that sometimes we, by our actions, separate ourselves from that love.. In this program, Waldo will teach your group.. three things that we do that can actually separate us from God so we can avoid them in the future.. Day 2 = The Armor of God - Ephesians.. 6:11.. We are in a war!.. As soldiers fighting for God, we are constantly attacked by the Devil.. We need help.. God provides the help we need to fight this spiritual war with spiritual armor.. That armor is very real very strong.. It works just like the armor worn by a soldier fighting any war.. And like a soldier s armor, spiritual armor has certain characteristics.. In this program, Waldo will teach your group the power of spiritual armor the importance of having it on at all times.. Day 3 = Stuff Only Jesus Can Do - John 14:6.. There are people out there who can do amazing things.. Athletes who can.. run faster jump higher than most people.. Actors who can make you cry.. with their words actions.. People who set world records.. But as amazing.. as these people are, there is One who can do truly amazing things.. Jesus,.. our Lord our Savior, can do things that nobody else in the world can do.. In this program, Waldo will show visualize three amazing things that only Jesus can do, then wrap everything up by presenting the entire death, burial resurrection story in a way that will be understood by all.. Day 4 = Growing As a Christian - I Peter 2:2.. When a person becomes a Christian, he or she is born again.. They are spiritual babies , ready to begin a wonderful exciting life serving Jesus.. And just like any baby, they have growing up to do.. How do we tell if a spiritual baby is growing?.. In this program, Waldo will teach.. three signs of.. spiritual maturity that indicate if we are growing like we should.. Day 5 = Why Do We Need Jesus? - John 6:35.. Why did we have VBS?.. Why do I need Jesus as my Lord my Savior?.. Why do I need to tell others about Jesus?.. The answer is the same for all.. three questions.. Because you I need what Jesus has to offer.. In this program, Waldo will share why we need Jesus, what He has to offer us why we need to be sharing Jesus with our  ...   (utilizing four different red green lasers, five different lighting effects 2 smoke machines).. Outta Sight!.. Day 4 = Professor Steve s Reasons to Say No Show - Genesis.. 1:26.. -27.. Our bodies are amazing!.. They are a wonderful combination of muscles, organs.. systems that work both separately in conjunction with one another.. God has given us a great gift in our bodies.. It is sad when we do things to our bodies that hurt them, slow them down or even destroy them.. In this program, Professor Steve explores the world of biology demonstrates what things like smoking, drinking, drugs junk food do to our bodies.. Your kids will not just hear about the dangers effects of harmful substances--they will actually see the gross results.. Day 5 = Professor Steve s Crazy Kitchen Laboratory Show - Genesis.. 1:29.. -30.. Food is amazing!.. Every time you walk into the kitchen (the place where food lives), you are entering a world of science.. Kitchens are laboratories, filled with chemicals, measuring devices things just waiting to be experimented with.. God could have made food boring one-dimensional.. Instead He made it filled with color, taste aroma.. It shows the creativity of God.. In this program, Professor Steve teaches the science of air pressure, friction electricity, using things that you find in the kitchen.. You will witness amazing things, including the power of.. alka-seltzer rockets the awesomeness of.. FrankenPickle.. Bring your appetites (for knowledge) feed your brain on what the Professor is serving up.. Our Five Amazing Senses.. Day 1 = Professor Steve s Unseen Forces Show (Touch) - Psalm 104:31-32.. There are powerful forces at work all around us every moment of every day.. These forces can t be seen, but they can definitely be felt as they push pull us around.. The earth, the universe all of us living on this planet exist because of these unseen forces.. God is smart God is powerful God is creative.. The unseen forces He created keep the planets aligned in their place.. Unseen forces hold us on an earth that is spinning at approximately 800 miles per hour keep us from flying off into space.. In this program, Professor Steve deals with the unseen forces that control us the world around us such as air pressure, gravity, inertia centripetal force.. You have felt their power--now learn what they are all about.. Day 2 = Prof.. Steve s Super Sweet Soda Pop Show (Taste) - Psalm 119:103.. We love our soda pop!.. The average American drinks over 50 gallons (577 cans) of soda a year.. That means that we are consuming over 50 pounds of sugar a year, which in turn produces about 25 pounds of weight gain each year.. Soft drinks are the biggest source of calories in the American diet (which contributes to the fact that two out of three of us are overweight or obese).. Soft drinks are a big part of our lives our diets, so lets embrace them learn about science from them.. In this program, Professor Steve uses full cans, empty cans, the liquid contained within the cans, to learn about air pressure, our health, burping, buoyancy reactions.. Drink in amazing demonstrations such as the Incredible Can Crush the Magnificent Mentos Fountain.. Cheers!.. Day 3 = Professor Steve s Optical Illusion Show (Sight) - Psalm.. 19:14.. It has been said that seeing is believing.. Actually, that statement is incorrect.. Because of the way our eyes brain are made constructed, we can t always trust our eyes.. The world is full of things that are not what they seem.. Jesus knew this.. He spoke repeatedly about not totally trusting what you see.. He told us in Matthew 24:24 that false Christs false prophets will arise show great signs wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.. God gave us five senses so we wouldn t have to trust totally in just one.. In this program, Professor Steve combines his favorite optical illusions with some of his favorite magic tricks.. The result is a very fun interactive way of learning about how why optical illusions work.. You will rub your eyes in disbelief as you witness an audience member getting a sword pushed through their head, Professor Steve's head inflating deflating like a balloon other seemingly impossible sights.. Seeing is not always believing!.. Day 4 = Professor Steve s Science of the Circus Show (Smell) - 2 Cor.. 2:14.. The Circus!.. What an amazing place!.. Just hearing the word Circus brings to mind images of fun excitement acts of death-defying skill.. From the moment you enter the tent or the arena, all five senses are stimulated with amazing sounds, sights smells.. Smells, you ask?.. Yes, smells.. Good smells coming from the food venders.. Bad smells coming from the elephants.. The smell of victory!.. The smell of fear!.. All mixed together to form the smell of the circus.. In this show, your group will watch in amazement as Professor Steve uses science to explain how things in the circus are possible.. Cringe as Professor Steve sits on the dreaded stool of nails! Salivate as Professor Steve explains the chemistry of cotton candy! Laugh as Professor Steve teaches about clowns the mathematics of juggling! And cheer as Professor Steve uses science to walk across a 10' tightrope.. Day 5 = Prof.. Steve s Super Sonic Sound Show (Hearing) - Matthew.. 7:24.. Our sense of hearing is one of the most important senses we possess.. We rely on the ears God gave us every moment of every day to help keep us safe, for communicating with others for the enjoyment of things like music, movies television.. But our sense of hearing is also the most delicate of all the senses.. We can do irreparable.. harm to our ears if we aren t careful (watch those iPod volume settings!).. The Bible talks more about using our ears than it does any other sense (for example, Proverbs.. 12:15.. ; Matthew.. ; Mark.. 4:20.. ; John.. 5:24.. ; James.. 1:19.. ; Rev.. 1:3).. With that much emphasis on listening hearing, it is important to understand what sound is all about.. In this program, Professor Steve establishes the fact that sound = vibration (both at the point of origin then in our heads), then proceeds to cause a multitude of things to vibrate bring forth sound.. Put your fingers in your ears as we fill the air with sounds from vibrating glasses, metal rods, guitar strings, steel pipes, etc.. , then push sound to the max as we shatter a wine glass.. You heard me!..

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  • Title: Letters and Comments
    Descriptive info: Letters Comments from Others.. For click listen audio recommendations,.. For letters of recommendation,.. For newspaper articles,..

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  • Title: Pictures
    Descriptive info: Pictures! You asked for them.. Here they are.. Clicking on the following links will fill your eyes ears with the beauty that is Waldo the Clown Professor Steve.. Enjoy!.. Click here for Waldo (Church Edition).. Click here for Waldo (School Library Edition).. Click here for Professor Steve (Church Edition).. Click here for Professor Steve (School Library Edition)..

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