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  • Title: Web Comics - Argon Zark! The original Interactive WebComic!
    Descriptive info: .. The.. first.. long form webcomic.. Serving the finest in pixel based comics since 1995!.. News Info.. What's New.. About Argon Zark!.. The Characters.. Zark Stuff.. The Argon Zark! Book.. T-Shirts Stuff.. Support Argon Zark!.. Tools Links.. Tools I Use.. Books I Use.. Comics Links.. Other Links.. Other Stuff.. Link to Argon Zark!.. Frequent Questions.. Awards.. Reviews.. Easter Eggs.. The Author.. Dinosaur Cartoons!.. About the Author.. Z-Mail.. The Webcomic.. Current Story.. Go to the beginning of the current.. Argon Zark!.. story.. Latest Page.. Go to the most recent page in the current story.. Previous Page.. Catch up on the previous page in case  ...   The Zarkive.. A special.. thank you.. section for those who have purchaced the.. hard copy or otherwise helped support the site.. ARGON ZARK! is TM Copyright 1995-2013.. by Charles A.. Parker.. All rights reserved.. News.. DinoMixer!.. DinoMixer.. is a.. dinosaur mix and match iPhone app.. with dinosaur art by Charley Parker, creator of.. and.. Dinosaur Cartoons.. Mix and match heads bodies and tails of 10 of your favorite dinosaurs to make up to 1,000 different crazy mixed up dinosaurs! Only 99 !.. See more on the.. DinoMixer web site!.. lines and colors.. is my weblog devoted to drawing, comics, illustration and more.. More news..

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  • Title: Online comics - ARGON ZARK! Book 2
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  • Title: Argon Zark! News
    Descriptive info: Home.. The Webcomic.. Current Comic (Book 2).. First Comic (Book 1).. Page Locator.. The Zarkive (Extras!).. News Info.. About.. Zark Stuff.. Book.. T-Shirts Weird Stuff.. Tools Links.. Link to.. The Author.. Adventures Into Digital Comics.. A.. trailer.. is available online for the film.. written and directed by Sébastien Dumesnil.. I was not at the convention during which most of the films interviews took place, but I was one of the early round of long-distance intervews that were conducted in support of the film.. Here is my.. interview.. about.. and digital comics in conjunction with the film.. A History of Webcomics.. T Campbell's.. new.. features several mentions of Argon Zark! and new artwork, including a chapter heading I did specifically for the book.. The book reproduces pages 56 and 57 from the webcomic and a new pencil drawing of Argon, Zeta and Cybert.. It's an in-depth look at the origins and development of webcomics from the "Stone Age" when.. and a few others were scattered about the vast empty plain of prehsistoric cyberspace, to the huge metropolis of current webcomics.. Chapter heading for A History of Webcomics.. The Artistic History of Webcomics.. This issue of.. The Webcomics Examiner.. has an in-depth article on The Artistic History of Webcomics, that includes extensive discussion of.. and its place in the history of the artistic style and development of webcomics.. The issue also features a fun cover image of Argon and Zeta as interpreted by 3-d comics artist.. Joe Zabel.. , creator of the.. Trespassers.. mysteries.. I've created a new weblog called.. ,.. devoted to drawing, comics, illustration, cartoons, digital art, and more.. techniques featured extensively in new book,.. Steven Withrow's.. Webcomics: Tools Techniques for Digital Cartooning.. is very much a how-to book and includes a full 8-page tutorial for a Zark page as well as my column on "Thoughts about creating and publishing a web comic".. The book conmtains 12 full 8-page tutorials: from myself, Cat Garza, Jenn Manley Lee, Shaenon Garrity, Drew Weing, Ursula Vernon, Amy Kim Ganter, John Allison, Justine Shaw, D.. Merlin Goodbrey, Brendan Cahill, and Nick Bertozzi.. Webcomics.. is published by Barron's.. You can.. order Webcomics.. from Amazon.. com.. Changes and additions to Zarkive.. In celebration of the 10th anniversary, the entire.. first Argon Zark! webcomic.. has been brought out of the Zarkive and made available again.. New sketches and page pencils have been added to the.. Zarkive.. as part of my thank you to those who have supported the site by purchasing.. the book.. or other.. AZ stuff.. The Zarkive now includes AZ character sketches, page "pencils", unpublished AZ art and unpublished (non-Zark) comics from my dim and distant past.. I'll keep adding when I can.. hard copy.. Argon Zark!.. is celebrating its.. 11th anniversary!.. The first page was posted on June 27, 1995.. As of June 27, 2005 the strip has been on the Web continuously for 11 years!.. was the first long-form comic strip created specifically to be published on the Web.. Although preceded on the Internet by.. Where the Buffalo Roam.. By Hans Bjordahl, a college newspaper strip that was made available for distribution through Usenet downloads prior to the advent  ...   and comics artists.. Argon Zark!, and art from the strip are highlighted on pages 6, 17, 60 and 142.. Digital Cartoons.. Another recent book on digital cartooning that features.. Toon Art: The Graphic Art of Digital Cartooning.. by Steven Withrow, (Watson-Guptill $29.. 95).. An overview of the current state of digital cartooning, it showcases many of the top digital cartoonists and comics artists working today, including a two page spread on.. , as well as a brief overview of some of my techniques in the "Pixel-based Painting" section and a quote on the future of digital comics.. The book also includes tips and techniques, although its real strength is as a showcase of some of the best digital cartooning and comics art out there.. A beautiful book.. Toon Art.. I've added a new animated drawing tutorial on.. How to Draw Cartoon Dinosaurs.. to my.. site.. New web documentary on.. organ and tissue donation.. :.. The Gift of a Lifetime.. In addition to being an illustrator and Flash animator, I'm a kidney transplant recipient.. I was privileged to work on this project.. Go to.. Understanding Donation.. and click on "The Interactive Body" to see my part of the project, a series of interactive Flash animations on the.. organs and tissues that can be transplanted.. The Interactive Body.. My.. book can be ordered.. online direct.. (along with the.. book), from.. Amazon.. , or from your local.. independent bookstore.. or local.. Barnes Noble.. bookstore.. Galactic Geographic.. !.. is still avaialble!.. This is a stunningly beautiful and mind-expanding foray into speculation about life on other worlds, packaged as a remarkable artifact.. Imagine having your friends drop by and notice this interesting book on your table, that turns out to be a.. coffee-table book from the future!.. An absolute treat!.. The Galactic Geographic series originally ran in Heavy Metal magazine years ago, and is currently running there again.. It was created by my favorite off-world artist, Karl Kofoed, who I am also happy to count as a long-time friend.. Paper Tiger has done a wonderful job of bringing the work to print with great fidelity to the original art, and that's really saying something!.. You can get it.. direct from the author.. or from.. Don't miss it!.. The Galactic Geographic.. As of April, 2005:.. page has been updated.. Tools I Use page.. New model for Online Comics.. Working on an online comic at their own expense.. is a common situation for most web based cartoonists and comic artists.. However, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon in the form of.. Scott McCloud's.. pioneering micropayment experiment.. You can read his excellent and thoughtful comic,.. The Right Number.. online for only 25.. If this works it may pave the way for real independent content on the Web.. Content that costs the user a minimal amount, but provides the creator with enough income to continue creating.. If I had a quarter for every individual who has read an.. story online, I could probably do this full time.. The Argon Zark! story isn't currently set up in a way to utilize this method, but there are other ways you can help.. support the site..

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  • Title: About Argon Zark!
    Descriptive info: Argon Zark! Book.. Books I Recommend.. Argon Zark! debuted in June of 1995 and was the first continuing comic created specifically for distribution on the Web.. , a single panel cartoon that was originally created for small newspapers and later migrated to the Net, Argon Zark! was the first comic created exclusively to be published on the World Wide Web, and represents the beginning of webcomics as we know them today.. Argon Zark! is an all-digital virtual comic book.. created entirely on the computer and designed to be viewed over the Internet.. It is a free humor/adventure/sci-fi comic story about a slightly eccentric computer genius (read:.. geek.. ), his companions and some unusual, uh.. aquaintences.. The comic is designed to take advantage of the RGB  ...   have just discovered Argon Zark!,.. start with the.. first page of Book 2.. (page 50).. It isn't necessary to have read Book 1 in order to enjoy Book 2.. Book 2 is much more interactive than Book 1.. If you have read the Argon Zark! book,.. and are visiting the site for the first time, you might want to start with the onlne version of.. Book 1.. In addition to the story presented in the book, there are some imagemaps, animations (more so toward the second half of the story) and a few, um.. , other surprises if you look for them.. about Argon Zark! over the past 10 years.. Meet the characters.. Start the latest story.. The hard copy!.. The current story.. First story..

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  • Title: Argon Zark! - The Characters
    Descriptive info: Argon Zark.. Inventor, techie, accidental genius, geek.. Argon has invented.. Personal Transport Protocol.. or PTP, which allows him and his companions to be.. physically.. transported across the Internet.. Zeta Fairlight.. Entrepeneur, adventurer, part-time delivery driver.. Originally Argon's travelling companion by accident, now an enthusiastic participant in the adventure.. Cybert.. Argon's.. Personal Digital Assistant.. A robot of many talents.. Unfortunately, reliable.. speech recognition.. is not one of them.. Cybert is the mechanism by which our intrepid travellers navigate through the Net.. The 9 or 10 Guys Who Secretly Run Everything.. Or is it 13 guys? They are seen here as.. avatars.. in the.. Virtual  ...   hyper-rich megalomaniacs past or present is purely intentional.. A new member of The 9 or 10 Guys who Secretly Run Everything , he has a simple ambition:.. to run everything!.. The C E O.. CEO of.. The 9 or 10 Guys.. and also of.. GreedCo.. No one is quite sure who (or.. what.. ) he is.. Also no one is quite sure if CEO might just stand for something like.. Completely Evil Ogre.. One thing for sure, he ain't Mr.. Nice Guy.. And more to come.. but why spoil the surprises?.. Return to top.. Go to page 1 of the new Argon Zark! story..

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  • Title: Argon Zark! - The Hard Copy
    Descriptive info: Book 1 Excerpt.. Order Online via Paypal.. Order direct, but pay by credit card through the PayPal system, or through your PayPal account, for $6.. 95 (plus $2 shipping).. You don't need a PayPal account to order by credit card.. Order online from.. (If you've read it,.. write a review.. for Amazon.. ).. Read an.. 8-page excerpt.. Order other cool.. Argon Zark! stuff.. (T-shirts, mouse pads and who knows what else).. The Deluxe, Portable, Cordless Argon Zark! Souvenir Dead-tree Edition.. comes complete with cover, pages and ink.. The product has been prepared with amazing precision so that each page is.. exactly  ...   individually? $50.. 00? $100.. 00? By buying all 64 pages together you save big time $$$!!!.. Order now and receive the back cover absolutely free!.. No electricity required!.. No waiting for the server to connect!.. No download time!.. No software conflicts!.. No RAM requirements!.. Won't crash or freeze!.. Lightweight, portable, bendable, tactile!.. Take it on the bus, train, trolley or airship!.. Read it under the covers with a flashlight!.. Printed in glorious high-resolition and.. Zarkcolor.. The first complete.. story!.. Additional pages!.. Plus the.. How I do it.. section, and more!.. 64 full-color pages of complete weirdness!.. All for just $6.. 95! Wow!..

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  • Title: Argon Zark! -T-shirt and Cool Stuff
    Descriptive info: Zark.. presents the Argon Zark.. Argon Zark! T-Shirts.. The perfect attire for formal Web-surfing, spam trashing, game twitching, and Comdex party crashing.. Argon Zark! T-shirts are now available in multiple designs in full color on a 100% cotton white heavyweight Hanes Beefy-T shirt.. The image is 10 x 9 on the front of the shirt.. Argon Zark! Mouse  ...   you may simply have a pleasant mouse-over experience.. Good for.. My mousepad is weirder than your mousepad.. contests at the office.. Argon Zark! mouse pads are available in multiple designs on a sturdy cloth-top rubber-backed mousepad.. Can also be used as a coaster for really big drinks or a throw rug for really small rooms.. Questions or comments? Write..

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  • Title: Support Argon Zark!
    Descriptive info: "Wow, this is cool! I wish you would update more often.. ".. This is a pretty common reaction to.. As you might be able to tell,.. is a labor of love.. If I could, I would rather work on the comic than almost anything else, but I obviously don't have that luxury.. I have to spend most of my time on work that helps pay the bills.. If you'd like to help support.. , and allow me to devote more time to creating new pages, here are some things you can do:.. Buy the.. Not only do you get a pretty cool book, you get access to.. The Zarkive.. , containing unpublished comics and other weird stuff.. Buy an.. Argon Zark! T-shirt or mousepad.. You get cool stuff, get to confuse your friends and get access to the Zarkive.. Use this link to shop at.. It links to Amazon through their affiliate program so that a small percentage of their profit is returned to me for having referred you to their store.. Use the links provided to shop at Amazon.. for any of the books I recommend on the.. page, or any of the software I  ...   click on "Write a Review" under ".. Product Details.. ".. Tell your friends about Argon Zark!.. and your cousin and your brother and the guy in the computer store.. Tell everybody.. Tell your favorite blog writer, online magazines, review sites, award sites, newsgroups, and wherever else you can think of.. Tell your local newspaper about Zark! and online comics and how it would make a great feature.. Link to the site.. On your personal site, blog or whatever you have.. Not only will you help promote the site directly with your own link, but additional links help with search engine rankings.. Admittedly, the current array of.. link graphics.. isn't very strong, but I'll be working on that.. Please set all links to:.. http://www.. zark.. Thanks!.. To those of you who have helped support the site, both now and over the years it's been running, my thanks!.. As a thank you, I've created.. , a password-protected archive of unpublished comics, images and other stuff, open to those who have bought Zark stuff or helped promote the site in some other way.. I'll be adding more as time goes on.. -Charley.. Questions or comments?.. Write me.. T-shirt.. mousepad..

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  • Title: Argon Zark! - Tools I Use
    Descriptive info: is created directly on the computer with the following toys.. er, I mean.. tools.. In addition to links and information about the software and hardware, I've included links to some relevant resources of tips and tutorials.. Last updated:.. September, 2008.. Hardware.. Apple MacPro 2.. 8 GHx Quad-Core Intel Xeon.. What can I say, it's noce to have a high-end machine.. Just so you don't think it's necessary to have high-end equipment to do this kind of work, bear in mind that the first 30 or so pages of the first story were done on a faithful little Quadra 610 with 16 megs of RAM, 250 MB drive, a 25MHZ processor and a 15 Sony monitor less computing power than an iPhone.. Matrx Systems.. I buy my hardware, and most of my software, from an Apple VAR (Value Added Reseller).. You might find slightly cheaper prices online or in a computer chain store, but if you find a good VAR, the advantages far outweigh the small difference in price.. I'm in the Philadelphia area and I deal with Doug White of Matrx Systems.. Wacom Intuos.. 6x8 pressure-sensitive graphics tablet.. T No trees were killed during the creation of the.. webcomic.. The entire comic is drawn directly on the computer with my trusty Wacom.. Their name comes from Wa , Japanese for harmony, and Com for computer, meaning a tool that puts one in harmony with a computer.. Aptly named.. Model: The.. Graphire.. is inexpensive and good enough for most tasks.. I carry a 4x5 Graphire around with my Powerbook.. For more serious work, like actually drawing.. and doing digital illustration, I use an 6x8.. Intuos.. The Intuos has more features, but the main difference is levels of pressure sensitivity.. You wouldn't notice the difference unless you were actually drawing in Painter or Photoshop.. If you're just applying color or want more precise control than a mouse, but are not really "drawing" or "painting" in the sense of creating digital art similar to the way you would with traditional media, the Graphire is probably good enough.. Size is a matter of choice.. 4x5 is adequate for most tasks and convenient to carry around, but for drawing I like the 6x8.. I've used bigger but haven't found them to be much better than 6x8 (this is a matter of taste, of course).. I've been using a Wacom tablets for over 14 years and I'm so used to them that drawing without looking at my hand is not an issue, but I have been looking at the new 12'.. Cintiq.. Top.. Graphics software.. Painter X.. If I have a single favorite computer graphics application, this is it.. Rembrandt would have loved it.. Does nifty stuff that even Photoshop can't.. I actually draw the strip in Painter, its drawing tools and response to the pressure-sensitive tablet can't be beat.. This is an amazing program with an uncanny ability to emulate traditional drawing and painting tools, and then take those tools into the digital beyond.. Cool stuff.. They offer a.. free trial version.. Amazon's listing:.. Mac Windows.. Adobe Photoshop CS3.. Still the King Jumpjumping graphics app.. Because of its unequaled selection tools, transparent layers and terrific filter suite, I do most of my image manipulation, compositing and special effects in Photoshop.. and most of it's.. backgrounds.. were done in Bryce.. -->.. Inexpensive Alternatives.. Once again I'll stress that, although it's nice to have access to the best tools, it's not necessary to use high-end tools to do good work.. Painter Essential 4.. A stripped-down version of Painter with most of the cool drawing tools (about $99).. If you like the program and decide you want the full version , the upgrade only costs the difference between the two, so you don't lose anything by trying the smaller version first.. If you don't have a pressure sensitive tablet, you can frequently get Painter Essentials bundled with an inexpensive 4x5 Wacom for not much more than the cost of the tablet alone.. Color It.. For an inexpensive alternative to Photoshop for the Mac, try Color It from Microfrontier, a very powerful little image editor that's a steal at $60.. Comic book fonts.. I don't actually know of a current source for the font I use but these are close and the best I'm aware of.. Blambot Comic Fonts.. I've just come across this outfit recently.. I haven't had a chance to use their fonts yet, but they look pretty good.. They have a wide selection of.. comic book fonts.. , some of which are.. free.. for use by independent publishers and for non-profit use.. The Pro fonts are very reasonable ($20 - $30) and the free ones are, of course, free.. Check out their.. license.. WhizBang.. A less expensive alternative is from Studio Daedalus at $35.. They even have an older, more limited version (1.. 2) for $24.. ComicCraft/Active Images.. The folks at ComicCraft make a number of.. balloon lettering fonts.. that are used professionally in the comic book industry.. These are expensive but very good.. ComicCrazy is their most versatile (and wildly expensive)  ...   do really good basic tutorials and also have lots of advanced stuff.. WebReference.. The works.. WebReview.. more good reference, great stuff on Style Sheets.. Devhead.. The works, from ZDNet.. Web Developer's Virtual Library.. Just that.. Lots of good information and links to other resources, pretty well organized.. A List Apart.. Online news and forum of ideas for Web designers.. Web Developer's Journal.. News, information and opinion.. Web Developer Channel.. Internet.. com's listing of lots of associated sites, some of which are listed individually above.. A huge amount of information is accessible from this point.. Cascading Style Sheets.. Style Sheets.. If you want an idea of how powerful CSS is, spend some contemplative time in the delightful.. CSS Zen Garden.. Click through the "Select a design" links.. Every page you see is a version of the very same HTML page, controlled by different style sheets.. Even the images (the pages do use different images) are called from the style sheets as background images.. Amazing.. The CSS is there for you to see and learn from.. This is a little advanced so you may want to get a grasp of the basics first.. Good stuff, including an.. overview.. of the CSS specification, and a definitive listing of.. CSS browser compatibility.. Essential, since the big problem with CSS, (As well as HTML, JavaScript and everything else on the Web, is wonky implementation on the part of the browsers.. I keep an offline version of the browser compatibility chart for quick reference.. Features Mulder's excellent.. CSS tutorial.. Part of their HTML resources and tutorials.. House of Style.. Good info about CSS from the authors of the StyleMaster CSS editor for Mac (See above in.. software.. ).. W3C style sheets.. Info from the horses mouth, also very useful are their.. testing pages.. in which you can see how CSS declarations actually work (or not) in the browsers.. RealWorld Adobe GoLive.. is a site in support of the excellent book by the same name.. The site is informative in its own right and you can actually download the book in PDF form or read it online in HTML.. Here is the.. CSS section.. , which, while specific to GoLive, is also a nice short introduction to CSS.. JavaScript.. Thou's JavaScript Tutorial.. Part of HotWired's Webmonkey site.. Doc JavaScript.. Columns and tips from.. webreference.. JavaScript Directory.. From.. developer.. , columns and canned scripts.. ScriptHead.. Part of ZDNet's.. DevHead.. IRT.. org.. I go searching here when I can't answer a question quickly elsewhere.. They have huge lists of FAQs that cover a lot of territory.. Coolnerds JavaScript.. Reference, links and canned scripts.. Timothy's JavaScript Examples.. Lots of canned scripts.. JavaScript guide.. Netscape's own reference (They should know, they created JavaScript.. ).. Web Graphics.. Lynda Weinman.. Lynda has become the most recognized expert on Web graphics.. This site is largely in support of her many.. books.. , but also informative in its own right.. The Bandwidth Conservation Society.. Excellent information on keeping web graphics small.. GIF.. com's Web graphics resources.. Doc Ozone.. Great general information on web graphics, including transparency, lighting effects, buttons, tiled backgrounds and more, in the.. Hands On.. tutorials.. His site itself is a prime example of creative (and somewhat enigmatic) web design.. Flash Animation.. I teach a course in Macromedia Flash at the Delaware College of Art and Design.. I have a class site that includes an extensive list of.. Flash Resources.. Comic Book Art Techniques.. Draw!.. This is a newsstand magazine with an accompanying website.. The magazine chocked full of tutorials, articles and artwork from comics pros about all aspects of comic book art and illustration.. The contributors really know their stuff and so does the editor, Mike Manley, a long-time comics pro himself.. The magazine is well-designed, lavishly illustrated and always full of great techniques.. ComicColors.. A wonderful site with contributions from a number of people.. Tips and tutorials on comic book coloring, penciling, inking, lettering and writing.. Also includes galleries a message board, links to resources and more.. The Drawing Board.. Tips, techniques, tutorials, articles, advice, interviews and other resources for pencilers, inkers, writers, colorists, letterers, etc.. Part of the.. Figma.. site which also includes.. 4-Color Review.. The Launchpad.. , a webzine for aspiring comic creators.. Comic Book Art Tips.. Professional pencilling and inking techniques from Gerry Alanguilan.. Creating Comics.. A good list of links to sites about writing, pencilling, inking, coloring, submitting, promoting and publishing comics, much more extensive than I can give here.. Comic Book Inking Survey.. Larry Dempsey's Comic Book Inking Survey.. Questions asked of over 200 comic book inkers, plus tips, techniques and more.. Wahoo.. (ComicBookWebsites.. com) a comic book sites search engine.. Here is their list of sites devoted to.. creating comics.. Draw Comics.. Interviews articles, gallery and more.. Joe Kubert's World of Cartooning.. An offshoot of the school in New Jersey that is dedicated to teaching comic book art.. They also have correspondence courses.. Software.. Graphics Software.. Comic Book Fonts.. Web Authoring.. CSS Editors.. Web Graphics.. GIF Animation.. Flash Animation.. Painter.. Web Design HTML.. CSS.. Web graphics.. Flash.. Art techniques.. Comic Art..

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  • Title: Argon Zark! - Books I Use
    Descriptive info: About the books.. I try to give a little information about the.. to create Argon Zark!, but the most essential tool is information itself.. Most of what I know about computer graphics and the Internet came out books like these, my own investigation of what's out there on the Web and a lot of experimentation.. About the links.. I've taken these books I recommend off of the.. Tools.. page, placed them here on their own page and created links to.. Amazon's.. listings that will allow you to purchase them directly.. Or you can simply go in and read Amazon's descriptions and reviews of the books if you want further information.. I've also given enough information that you can go to your local independent bookseller, if you prefer, and purchase the books through them.. If you do buy any of these books from Amazon.. com by clicking on the links I've provided, I'll get a percentage of the sale, which helps support the.. com search box.. at the bottom of the page has the same result.. So does simply entering the Amazon site through this link to.. com by way of.. if you have any questions.. Books that feature.. techniques and artwork.. by Charley Parker.. ArcLight Publishing $6.. 95 ISBN 0-9660-5320-6.. OK, how can I list books that include Argon Zark! art and techniques without the main one? The How does he.. do.. that anyway? chapter describes the creation of a typical Argon Zark page (page 41) from sketching the pencils in Painter, rendering a 3-D background in Bryce, applying some fun filters with Kai's Power Tools and compositing the whole glorious mess in Photoshop.. And of course at $6.. 95 it's less than 1/7th the cost of most of the others and it comes complete with the first whole Argon Zark! adventure! Plus, sales of the book help keep this Web site going.. by Steven Withrow.. Watson-Guptill $29.. 95 ISBN 0823053784.. The book also includes tips and techniques, although it is more of a showcase than a how-to.. by Leo Hartas.. Barron's $21.. 95 ISBN 0-7641-2662-8.. The titles below are out-of-date in terms of the software version they are for.. However, the Zark techniques are still good if you're interested.. Painter 5 Studio Secrets.. by Adele Droblas Greenberg and Seth Greenberg.. IDG Books $49.. 99 ISBN 0-7645-4038-6.. Like most of the books in IDG's Studio Secrets series, it's filled with great techniques and stunning artwork.. Argon Zark! is featured extensively with several pages and multiple images describing techniques for two different Zark pages.. The book features Zark stuff on pages 106-108 and 130-134.. Photoshop and Illustrator Synergy Studio Secrets.. By Jennifer Alspach.. 99 ISBN 0-7645-3134-4.. Another in the IDG Studio Secrets series, this one delves into the use of Photoshop in conjunction with Illustrator and other applications.. In my case it's Painter, Kai's Power Tools and Bryce.. Argon Zark! art and techniques featured on pages 223-229.. Official Kai's Power Tools Studio Secrets.. By Ted Alspach and Steven Frank.. IDG Books $44.. 99 ISBN 0-7645-4002-5.. Also in the IDG Studio Secrets series, this book cracks open some of the essential coolness in KPT 3, Bryce, Vector Effects, FInal Effects, Convolver and Kai's Power Goo.. Argon Zark! is featured on pages 141-143.. Designing Interactive Digital Media.. By Nicholas V.. Iuppa, Nick Iuppa, Nicholas V.. Luppa.. Focal Press $39.. 95 ISBN 0-2408-0287-X.. This is actually serves as a textbook for just that: designing interactive digital media.. The author covers the design of interactive instruction and entertainment from CD-ROM to the net.. Although the book is in black white, the accompanying CD-ROM is in glorious color.. Argon Zark! is featured on page 149, and more extensively on the CD-ROM.. Web Site Graphics: Color, The Best Work from the Web.. by Jeff Carlson, Toby Malina Glenn Fleishman.. Rockport Publishers $15.. 99 ISBN 1-56496-516-3.. Showcases selected sites that utilize color to advantage.. Features a page on the Zark site.. Painter 8 Wow! Book.. by Cher Threinen-Pendarvis.. Peachpit Press $49.. 99.. Beautifully produced and packed with excellent tips and tutorials.. The Wow! series is consistently excellent.. They do a good job of laying out the basics in a concise way and then go on to specific projects that explore techniques in more detail.. The Photoshop 7 Wow! Book.. by Jack Davis.. Peachpit Press $44.. 95.. Holding up the tradition of the Wow! books.. Cool stuff arranged by project and a good overview of the basics.. Lots of colorful illustrations of the techniques with step by step instructions.. Photoshop 7 Bible.. by Deke McClelland.. IDG Books $39.. Good book on Photoshop.. Largely in black and white with chunky color sections and a CD-ROM, this thick-as-a-phone-book monster is packed throughout with the real goods, Deke the geek knows his stuff.. Also has a good usable index (never to be underestimated in a computer graphics manual) and a Godzilla-size ton 'O Photoshop knowhow.. Illustrator.. Illustrator 10 for Windows and Macintosh.. by Elane Weinmann and Peter Lourekas.. Peachpit Press $24.. Like most of the Visual Quickstart series, concise, informative, easy to reference and a great place to start.. This volume seems to actually be one of the best in the VQ series, more detailed and very well written.. An excellent reference.. The Illustrator 10 Wow! Book.. by Sharon Steuer.. The WOW! books have a reputation for combining clear step-by-step techniques with beautiful illustrations.. This one is a perfect example.. As with all WOW! books there is s section of concise introductions to the basics followed by more elaborate explanations in the form of individual examples that are broken down into steps.. Web design techniques.. Web Site Design.. Learning Web Design: A Beginners Guide to HTML, Graphics and Beyond.. by Jennifer Niederst.. O'Reilly; $40.. A good place to start for beginners.. Gives you a solid foundation in the basics of how thw Web works, the web design process, HTML, preparing web graphics and more.. Doesn't go into CSS very far, but that's a little more advanced anyway.. If you want to get started, this is a good introduction.. If you decide to go further, learn more about CSS (style sheets).. Web Design Essentials (Professional Studio Techniques).. by Maria Guidice, Anita Denis.. MacMillan $40.. Another good place to start for essential techniques.. Focused on Adobe products (Photoshop, Illustrator, GoLive, Livemotion).. Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability.. by Steve Krug..  ...   but I've used these books to learn enough to create the.. shopping cart.. for the Argon Zark and Dinosaur Cartoons books.. PHP for the World Wide Web.. A Visual Quickstart Guide by Larry Ullman.. Peachpit Press $19.. Like most of the Visual Quickstart guides, this is concise and informative.. It's easy to look up individual procedures without wading through pages and pages of text.. PHP and MySQL Web Development.. by Luke Welling and Laura Thompson.. SAMS $49.. You have to be willing to go through the tutorials, but if you do, you get a solid grounding in PHP and MySQL fundamentals.. Essential PHP for Web Professionals.. by Christopher Cosentino.. Prentice Hall $ 29.. Short, tutorial based introduction to PHP.. Good place to start.. Macromedia Flash MX for Windows and Macintosh.. , Visual Quickstart Guide.. By Katherine Ulrich.. $24.. 99 Peachpit Press.. Level: Introductory.. This is a good introduction and an excellent quick reference.. It's easy to look up individual topics, which are arranged in short sections.. The text is succinct, but detailed enough to be genuinely useful.. Flash MX Savvy (With CD-ROM).. By Ethan Watrall, Norbert Herber.. $50.. 00 Sybex.. Level: Introductory to intermediate.. This is the best overall book I've seen on Flash MX.. Unfortunately, it doesn't exist in a Flash 5 edition.. I was tempted to class this as "introductory to advanced", except that some of the others make a better introduction and the Flash Bible still covers more detail.. Flash MX: Graphics, Animation Interactivity (with CD-ROM).. By James L.. Mohler.. $41.. 95 Delmar Learning.. This book is well organized, well written and insightful in terms of quirks and nuances that can save you trouble.. My only reservation is that the book is heavily dependent on the accompanying CD-ROM; without it many of the sections would not be very useful.. More advanced than the Foundation book, this falls somewhere between that and the Flash 5 Bible.. It's more project dependent than the Visual Quickstart book, but better organized than the Foundation and Bible books.. If you just want a quick reference, use the Visual Quickstart Guide.. Flash MX Bible (with CD-ROM).. By Robert Reinhardt, Snow Dowd.. $49.. 99 John Wiley Sons.. Level: Introductory to advanced.. I wish this book was organized and written a little better, but it's probably the most in-depth resource I've found on Flash.. It covers topics and details that the others don't.. I class it as introductory because it does include good introductory sections, but this is really overkill as an introductory book.. This is the book I'll use to look up difficult problems and unusual topics, but it's not as easy to use as some others.. New Masters of Flash.. by Yugo Nakamura and others.. Friends of Ed $59.. Beautiful exposition of various projects by Flash gurus with step by step instructions on how they did it.. Pretty cool.. Animation.. Effective Web Animation.. by J.. Scott Hamlin.. Addison-Wesley Pub Co $44.. A good cross section of web animation techniques.. Cartoon Animation.. by Preston Blair.. Walter Foster Pub $24.. Traditional cell animation techniques by a master.. Don't be put off by the dated appearance of some of the drawings.. This guy knows his stuff.. He was responsible for the amazing "Dancing Hippos" sequence in Disney's Fantasia, among other things.. Comics Storytelling.. Comics and Sequential Art.. by Will Eisner.. Will Eisner is one of the true geniuses of comic art.. This is his how to book about comics as a medium of expression.. Along with Scott McCloud's.. Understanding Comics.. and Eisner's.. Graphic Storytelling.. , it's the essential goods on what comics are all about.. Brilliant.. Anyone interested in doing comics or really knowing something about the medium would appreciate all of these books.. The height of Eisner's work, and one of the heights of comics art, was.. The Spirit.. , essentially an 8 page comic book distributed as a newspaper supplement in the 40's and 50's.. Don't let yourself be put off by what may seem at first to be an old fashioned comics style, this is the real thing.. Sort of an updated companion to Comics and Sequential Art, he focuses here on the #1 skill in doing effective comics.. No, it's not drawing, or even writing.. It's how words and images are employed.. together.. to.. tell a story,.. which is what comics (and film, for that matter) are really all about.. by Scott McCloud.. is a fun, fascinating, and highly perceptive look at the nature of the medium, told in comics form.. He deconstructs the essence of what comics are and how they work, but I think the book goes well beyond that into the relationship of words and pictures, our perception of time and the fascinating mental process of closure.. If you know someone who thinks that comics are by nature juvenile and silly, try lending them this one.. I find a strong relationship between the words and pictures in sequence telling a story aspect of comics and the words and pictures linked together in paths conveying information nature of the Web, so I recommend this book to anyone interested in the Web, even though it never even mentions computers.. Drawing.. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.. by Betty Edwards.. JP Tarcher $15.. I'm a firm proponent of the idea that drawing is a skill that can be learned, and not something magical limited only to those with talent.. I think I know what I'm talking about here because I think I have just enough talent to know what it is.. I'll tell you though that I've had to work hard to develop my drawing skills.. This book is for anyone who has doubts about their ability to draw, or who wants to sharpen their drawing skills.. Look for an older copy in the library and check out the before and after drawings by people who have taken her classes.. You'll be impressed.. She goes right to the core of what makes realistic drawing happen: learning to actually.. see.. what's in front of you instead of what your brain wants you to.. think.. you see.. If you're willing to follow her exercises and let go of your preconceptions, this course of study can work wonders.. I can't recommend it highly enough.. com Search Box.. enter keywords.. Zark Techniques.. Computer Graphics.. Web Design.. CSS dHTML.. Comics Storytelling.. Search Box.. Last updated.. July 2003..

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  • Title: Argon Zark! - Comics Links
    Descriptive info: Links to some comics related stuff on the net that I find interesting or worthwhile.. News of interest:.. , a new film from Sebastien Dumesnil and.. Top Two Three Films.. , chronicles the decline of print comic books in the 90's and the rise of digital and web comics as a viable alternative.. The supporting site features a growing list of.. interviews.. with traditional and digital comics creators.. It's worth checking back often.. Here's a page where they post.. news.. of the latest interviews and status of the film.. Last updated: June, 2005.. Here's some cool comics by friends of mine:.. Action Planet Comics.. Mike Manley, longtime artist on Batman and dozens of other top books from DC, Marvel and Dark Horse, is now producing his own comics.. Features the beautiful.. G.. I.. R.. L.. Patrol.. online comic.. Mike is also the creator of.. Monsterman.. and the editor of the terrific.. Draw.. magazine.. MetaCops!.. Where else can Albert Einstein, Jayne Mansfield and Nicola Tesla meet multi-eyed, brain-in-a-bubble aliens than in this intelligent, witty, time-and-reality-twisting gem by Link Yaco and.. John Heebink.. , creator of.. Doll and Creature.. Wrathbone and Bitchula.. Not exactly a web comic, but a print comic that's been very well adapted to the web by careful selection and arrangement of the panels in a monitor-friendly format.. Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet.. Peter Zale's wonderful office/computer related daily strip.. Dilbert territory, but with a Gary Trudeau/Berkely Breathed sensibility.. I've been recommending this strip for years.. At first it was a Net-only strip, but a terrific collection called.. Techies Unite!.. has been published by McGraw-Hill and he strip has been picked up for newspaper syndication by Tribune Media Services! Write, call or email your local paper and tell them you want to see.. on the comics page every day.. Not only will you get a great strip, you'll help to promote the Net as a breeding ground for new newspaper comics! And don't miss the rest of the.. Peter Zale.. Of Historical Significance.. These first three entries are of particular interest because of their place in the history of webcomics.. By Hans Bjordahl.. This is of special historical significance.. may be the first continuing comic created specifically for distribution on the Web (the first "true" webcomic), but.. Where the Buffalo Roam.. is the first comic on the.. It was a college comic strip that was made available for distribution through Usenet downloads.. before the Web even existed.. and later migrated to the Web.. Hans is replaying the archive of the strip and.. collections.. are also available.. This is a web cartoon that also predates.. Originally syndicated to underground news papers, it was brought to the web in September of 1993.. Fun is a single-panel gag catroon somewhat in the line of.. The Far Side.. , created, and still drawn after all these years, by David Farley.. The latest cartoon is.. here.. Kevin Kell.. In September of 1995, barely three months after.. debuted, syndicated cartoonist Bill Holbrook, creator of.. On the Fastrack.. (King Features), began posting.. Kevin and Kell.. , a Web-only anthropomorphic ("funny animal") comic in newspaper strip format.. Unlike (*ahem!*) certain other web cartoonists, Bill has kept a regular schedule ever since.. I'm not normally a fan of the anthropomorphic genre in comics (with the notable and bizarre exception of.. Sam Max.. ), but Kevin and Kell is professionally done and very well drawn.. Holbrook is one of the better draftsmen working in syndicated comics today.. The site contains an extensive archive of past strips.. Print.. Webcomics and more webcomics.. This is just a scattered sampling of things I've come across.. One of these days I'll try to organize this a better.. If you know of something particularly fascinating in this category that you think I might like,.. let me know.. ZOT! online comic.. Scott McCloud's made-for-the-web installment of his classic character.. Beautiful stuff.. Scott has other.. online comics.. on his own site.. scottmccloud.. , where he's created a playground for his experiments with layout, panel design, storytelling and whatever other boundaries of the medium he can push.. Scott is also one of the pioneers of offering online comics supported by.. micropayments.. with his story.. (not for children).. This is a great experiment and is hopefully paving the way for an economic model that will make it possible for online comic creators to make some money for their efforts, and be able to devote more of their time to creating comics instead of making a living elsewhere and trying to create part time.. Mike Manley's terrific online comic.. Unfortunately not being updated at the moment, but the pages that are up are beautiful.. Mike's use of color is particularly outstanding here.. Bolt City.. Home to several.. by Kazu Kibuishi, including the wonderful, not to be missed,.. copper.. Kazu is also my favorite contributor to.. Flight.. , a print collection of work by some very talented new comics artists, many of whom are primarily web comics creators.. Flight #1.. is in print and available from may comic shops or from Amazon, as is.. Flight 2.. preview.. of.. is online at.. Graphic Novel Review.. Astounding Space Thrills.. by Steve Conley.. Sci-fi adventure with a good dose of humor.. Steve has been producing it for a while as a print comic (inked in Adobe Illustrator, which I find, well.. astounding), he is now doing.. daily.. color strips (which I also find astounding).. You can actually have these strips e-mailed to you or arrange to have them on your Web page.. You might want to start at.. the beginning.. Also check out the AST.. Flash animation strip.. iComics.. Electric Sheep.. Several adventurous experiments in online comics format and content, including.. Delta thrives.. The Spiders.. and many.. others.. by Patrick Farley.. Very well done.. Not for children.. Demian 5.. Home of several wonderfully experimental online comics, including the wordless and engrossing.. When I Am King.. Some, including.. , are available in their entirety, others have a free preview and are available complete for a modest fee.. Buzzboy.. by John Gallagher.. An online comic, in daily strip format, that captures some of the fun and innocence of 60's adventure comics.. Drawn in broad, cartoony style and peppered with comics, movie and pop culture references, Buzzboy chronicles the adventures of "The World's Most Upbeat Hero".. Dicebox.. by Jenn Manley Lee.. Well written, nicely drawn and rendered in emotionally effective color palettes, You can read the first 40 pages of this this character driven sci-fi story for free.. Once you're hooked, you can jump over to.. Girlamatic.. , where an inexpensive subscription will give you access to newer chapters and updates, as well as 2 dozen other web comics.. Nowhere Girl.. Emotional, involving, thoughtful and artfully done.. Beekeeper Cartoon Amusements.. by Jason Little, featuring Shutterbug Follies, the full-length edition of Bee's first story, as well as.. other comics.. Wonderfully done and offered either as a page-by-page click-through or as one continuous scrolling page (2.. 4 mb).. Trespassers Online Comics.. by Joe Zabel.. Joe is a comics artist who worked with Harvey Pekar on American Splendor.. He truned to digital art and has been one of the more successful proponents of 3-d rendered comics.. Unlike many who try to use 3-d software to create comics, Joe knows how to use the medium to best effect.. His characters have real character.. His settings, eye for realism and attention to detail sometimes make the strip look like screen captures form a movie.. is a series of mystery graphic novels, part text, part art, in varying proportions.. The link above is to an archived story.. current stories.. are on the.. Modern Tales.. subscription site and are more completely comics in format.. Here is.. Joe's blog.. Alpha-Shade.. Written by Christopher Brudios and drawn by brother Joseph Brudlos.. Nicely drawn webcomic starts out in WW-I style war situations and works its way to recognizable current times.. Not quite sure how it ties together yet.. Start here.. Deus ex Machina.. by Gareth Hinds.. An interesting exploration of intelligence, machine and otherwise.. The story flows along through several graphic styles without losing its continuity or focus.. Part of.. TheComic.. Capt'n Eli.. by Jay Piscopo.. An unexpected treat.. An engaging sci-fi adventure comic in the tradition of Johnny Quest, featuring high-tech submarines, flying mini-subs, time travel and lost civilizations.. It's a well-paced, coherent story carried by solid drawing mixed with imaginative 3-d modeling and a very effective use of color and special effects.. The fact that a comic of this quality is apparently in service of promoting a specialty root-beer company is kind of like finding a complete classic Fantastic Four comic in your shredded wheat box.. Artbomb.. This site for a supplier of print.. graphic novels.. also features several online comics, including Superidol by Warren Ellis and Coleen Doran.. ArcMage.. Duncan Eagleson's exploration of the worlds of magic, stage and real.. Beautifully done with nice touches of animation.. He is one of the few who take advantage of the screen and doesn't feel limited to a printed page format.. He also plays with rendering styles and drawings that utilize the page color as part of the image.. Bugbots, The Mansect Rebellion.. by Gerry Mooney and Vicky Mooney.. A brash and colorful online comic book about characters that are part human and part insect, with insect-like vehicles and technology.. Professionally done with drawings that sometimes have a Kirby-like energy and sense of visual fun.. In Issue 4, they are experimenting with JavaScript mouseovers that pop up the dialog and change the image.. This promises to be great fun.. Like.. , the site is best viewed with a recent browser.. The Gifted.. Stephen Rice's dark and sometimes violent online graphic novel.. Straightforward comic pages format.. Updated monthly.. Duncan's Kingdom.. Well written and nicely drawn adventure fantasy, written by Gene Yang and drawn (in rich, bold, chiaroscuro black and white) by.. Derek Kirk Kim.. , creator of several other.. Headcase.. Wordless sci-fi comic by Sam Chivers with a Flash-based interface.. Makeshift Miracle.. by Jim Zubkavich.. A complete 172 page graphic novel for 99 cents.. Read the first 15 pages and let the story get you involved an then read the whole thing through a simple.. Bitpass.. account.. It's simple and easy.. You don't think twice about dropping $3.. 00 on a 24-page installment of a print comic, but you're hesitating at 99 cents for a complete online graphic novel? Get over it and move into the 21st century.. See my comments at the.. top of the page.. Magic Inkwell Comic Strip Theatre.. (Check the.. Cyber Strips.. Cayetano Garza keeps poking at the edges of the comics medium to see what's behind the next corner.. He conducts his experiments onto the nature of comics and electronicomics with a whimsical homage to the strips of the early part of the century (particularly the magical.. Krazy Kat.. - see my listing under.. Artists.. Sluggy Freelance.. A deliriously loopy, over-the-top daily strip by Pete Abrams that ranges from Star Trek and Tomb Raider parodies to college life and time travel.. Features Bun-bun, the psychotic killer rabbit, an out-of-work Alien, a vampire baker and others too strange  ...   and Korean manhwa.. Manga Manwha.. English language sites devoted to comics from Asia.. I'm no expert, but here are a few sites to start with.. Manga Reviewer.. Reviews and previews of manga, bios of creators, links and forums.. MangaNews.. net.. Manga news, releases, info on publishers and creators, forums and a long list of links to "scanlators", unofficial translations of Japanese comics.. Manga Life.. Reviews, news and features.. Comics on the Radio.. Fanboy Radio.. From KTCU in Ft.. Wotrth Texas.. A talk radio show devoted to the comics industry in general.. Sindicated to the web through.. Cosmiclandscapes.. 'Nuff Said.. Comic book radio show on WBAI New York.. Unfortunately no longer on a regular schedule.. CHeck the site for the next broadcast.. They did an interview with yours truly in.. November of '98.. Sites devoted to Comic Artists, Writers and Print Comics.. This isn't any kind of comprehensive listing, just references to a bunch of artists and comics I happen to like.. I'll add interesting things as I stumble across them.. Moebius.. Otherwise known as Jean Giraud.. A lot of people have asked me if I have a favorite comics artist.. Moebius is at the top of the list.. This guy has more imagination in his little finger than 100 superhero artists put together.. The link above is to Moebius Arcana, part of the.. Starwatcher.. site (which is a great reference on.. French Comics.. in general), informative, but not well organized.. French Moebius site.. is much nicer, if smaller.. Dark Horse Comics.. produced some nice (but inexplicably small) collections of his stuff not too long ago ago.. See if you can find some of the softbound Marvel/Epic collections from a few years ago, or the hardbacks that have come out in the last couple of years like.. Fusion, Metallic Memories.. Chaos.. Check.. Mars Import.. or.. Bud Plant's Catalog.. Here's a nice.. HotWired article.. Jack Kirby.. Just to make a liar of myself (and point out that I actually do like superhero comics), here's the guy that practically invented the dynamics of modern superhero comics.. Another guy with imagination coming out of his ears, and another one of my favorites.. Amazingly prolific, King Kirby's career spanned the Golden and Silver ages of comics.. Look for his Marvel comics stuff from the 60's and DC work from the 70's.. A lot of the credit given to Stan Lee for reinventing comics in the 60's should go to Kirby.. The link is to.. The Kirby Collector.. , a magazine devoted to collecting Jacks art.. Sam Max, Freelance Police!.. by Steve Purcell.. My favorite funny animal comic book, and I do mean.. funny.. and I do mean.. animal!.. Where.. does.. he keep that gun, anyway? Unfortunately the comics are being overshadowed by the animated TV show.. Here's an actual.. Sam Max comic.. that happens to be up on.. The Adventurer.. Lucasarts.. George Herriman's enchanted and enchanting newspaper strip from the early part of the century.. Timeless.. I don't know how to describe this, and many people may find it difficult to relate to, but if you can get into it it's pure magic.. Little Nemo in Slumberland.. Also from the early 1900's, an astonishing, perception-stretching work of surreal adventure and fantasy.. Winsor McCay.. was a pioneer comic strip artist and the father of Cartoon animation with his animated version of.. Little Nemo.. and the famous.. Gertie the Dinosaur.. Unfortunately neither of these sites contains enough of the strip for you to get a feel for it.. The link to Little Nemo (above) gives reference to where you can get reprint books.. The link for Winsor McCay has more graphics.. It's also worth checking your local library.. Amazing stuff.. Harvey Kurtzman.. The brilliant comic genius behind the original.. Mad.. comics of the late '50s.. Not to be confused with the pathetic shell that's served as.. magazine for the past 20 years (with the notable exception of.. Mort Drucker's.. always wonderful drawings).. Also responsible for.. Help.. , where he employed both Gilbert Shelton and Terry Gilliam, and Little Annie Fanny in Playboy.. This guy played a vital role in twisting my sense of humor into its present state of idyllic dementia, along with.. Will Elder.. Possibly the funniest comics artist to ever stalk the pages of a comic book.. This guy's drawings make me laugh even without longtime collaborator Kurtzman's words.. Together they're a knockout punch to the funnybone.. Wally Wood.. Another Mad Comics alumni, who also did a lot of wonderful work for the notorious EC Comics in the 50's.. This guy was amazing and did the coolest 50's style spaceships and machinery you'll ever want to see.. He also continued to do beautiful tone-board work for Mad when it became a black and white magazine.. Along with Al Williamson and Frank Frazetta, Woody taught the rest of the comics artists how to do cool sci-fi and adventure comics.. His stuff had a depth and tactile dimensional feel to it that was never matched.. A successor to Hal Foster's sense of solid realism, but applied to the fantastic.. Wonderful eye candy.. I'm still looking for a good link to another page about him.. Anybody know of one?.. I'm also looking for good pages about Hal Foster and Alex Raymond.. Hal Foster.. Probably, the finest draughtsman in comics with the possible exception of Alex Raymond (below).. The creator of Prince Valiant and the original artist on the Tarzan newspaper strip.. Alex Raymond.. For my money, the finest draughtsman in comics when it came to drawing the human form.. His figures are liquid and alive.. He was the creator of Flash Gordon and Rip Kirby.. More.. Unfortunately there isn't a specific page devoted to this book, as far as I know.. The above link is to the Amazon.. com page which contains a description and some reviews.. own page has a brief listing of UC and some of his.. other work.. On the surface,.. But I think the book goes well beyond that into the relationship of words and pictures, our perception of time and the fascinating mental process of closure.. I find a strong relationship between the words and pictures in sequence telling a story aspect of comics and the words and pictures linked together in paths conveying information nature of the Web, so I've always recommended this book to anyone interested in the Web, even though it never even mentions computers.. In his newest book,.. Reinventing Comics.. , he takes on the origins and development of comics as a mass medium and its potential and future possibilities.. As usual, his explorations dig well beyond the surface of the topic and delve into such things as the relationship of art to commerce and the contact between an artist and the audience that experiences the art.. , this is an essay written in comics form.. His ability to communicate this way is so elegant that you may not notice that.. he's basically reinventing this aspect of the comics medium as he goes along.. He's not.. illustrating.. written words, as others might do, he's using carefully crafted.. iconographic.. images that add additional levels of meaning to the narrative!.. A good portion of this book is devoted to the new possibilities opened up for the comics medium by the advent of computer graphics and the Net.. He gives a nice mention of.. in the process.. In his previous book,.. The New Adventures of Abraham Lincoln.. , Scott dives directly into computer comics with a playful mix of 3-D rendering and iconographic drawing that I think Argon Zark! readers will find appealing.. is available at most good.. comic book stores.. , and many bookstores.. Also, look for recent compilations of his delightful early work,.. Zot! Volume 1.. Zot! Book 2 Volume 2.. Great stuff.. See the listing for his online work under.. Online Strips and Experiments.. This is essentially his how to book.. Along with.. Anyone interested in doing comics or really knowing something about the medium should have both of these books.. Zippy the Pinhead.. Bill Griffith's hilarious, bizarre, thought-provoking daily strip.. How it ever got into into the newspapers, I'll never know.. It's only in a handful, though, so my faith in American Mediocrity is largely unshaken.. Also don't miss.. The Zippy Filter.. World Wide Woodring.. Jim Woodring's surreal, sometimes disturbing comics.. Check out Jim or Frank.. Not for everyone, but captivating if it appeals to you at all.. Alum Falls, Ohio.. Damon Rarey's quiet, unassuming slice-of-life stories about teenage life in the 1950s, affectionately told in comics form.. Rarey's father, George, was an accomplished cartoonist who chronicled his World War II experiences in the Army Air Corps in a series of cartoon.. Sketchbook Journals.. Rarey senior's drawings carry delightful echoes of many of the best cartoonists and illustrators of the period.. Reflux.. Ground breaking CD-ROM comic with some interesting ideas about interactivity.. Instead of alternate endings or storylines (which bores me to tears), they offer alternate points of view to the same story and additional levels of background information on the characters and story.. Mixes animated panels, morphing and even video with traditional comic art.. comics related indexes and listings.. AAA Aardvark WraithSpace Comix Index.. A huge listing, well produced and seemingly up-to-date.. Includes brief descriptions.. One of the best.. Alternative Comics: A WWW Guide.. Because it focuses on alternative comics (which is where the good stuff is anyway) this isn't quite as extensive as the biggest lists.. It's one of my favorites, though, because of the brief but thoughtful reviews.. Excellent.. Stuart's Comic Strip Connection.. Huge listing, well-indexed by several categories, with descriptions.. Great resource, even if he does give Argon the short end.. Yahoo-Entertainment:Comics and Animation.. Huge searchable listing with descriptions.. Pretty well up-to-date.. The Comics Media Archives.. No descriptions, but a large, up-to-date alphabetical list.. The Comics Hotlist.. An extensive list, no descriptions, arranged according to daily, weekly, and monthly updates.. Jonah Weiland's Comic Book Resources.. A news and reviews site with an extensive collection of links, devoted primarily to print comics.. Cyber Comics.. Short but sweet, a fast, condensed listing of web comics, arranged by frequency and presented three ways.. No descriptions.. Periodic Table of Webcomics.. Links to webcomics aranged as a periodic table, by Kevin Pease, creator of the webcomic.. Absurd Notions.. Comix 'n Stuff!.. Christian Cosas' mega list is pretty much the grandaddy of web comics listings.. I'm not sure if it's being updated these days, though.. His New Stuff page is a year old now.. A2Z Entertainment and Leisure, Comics and Cartoons.. A Lycos/Point listing, with descriptions.. Small but growing.. Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index.. Great source for web presence of Syndicated and Editorial cartoonists.. Also has a good list of.. web cartoonists.. , (including yours truly).. Resources.. New Comic Book Releases List.. Wanna know what paper comics are due out this week?.. Master List of Comic Book Stores.. Wanna know where to buy 'em?.. You can also search.. Bud Plant's Incredible Catalog.. The catalog is good resource for interesting and hard-to-find comic related items.. Online comic store, often good with hard-to-find items.. Friends.. Subscription Based.. Blogs Zines.. World Comics.. Manga Manwha.. Artists and Writers.. Comics Indexes..

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